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Vol. 2 Issue 4 November 2010

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Bear gets Grylled by Hampshire Youth Council Fi Durrant - Hampshire Scout Network Co-Chair

Members of Hampshire Scouting had a very special visit on Sunday 3rd October. Bear Grylls, Chief Scout, arrived by Helicopter at Ferny Crofts ready to meet three groups of young people from Hampshire Scouting. Bear spent some time with the Ferny Crofts Gold Team, being introduced to the centre’s activities and staff. Next he met with members of the Eureka! Jamboree unit for breakfast and a photo opportunity. Finally he visited the first meeting of the Hampshire Scout Youth Council for a question and answer session with explorers and network members, and when asked the most important thing in scouting, answered “you are” (One Romsey explorer was very impressed!).

Network Co-Chair Sam Chapman promoting Inter-net 2011 with Chief Scout, Bear Grylls. New Hampshire Scout Network member (note the Necker) has his own helicopter!

Bear also answered, when asked about the best way of developing the Network section, with “smiley happy people like you” (Sarah Morley of Eastleigh Steamers). Photos courtesy of Pete Rawlinson Photography (Eastleigh Steamers).

In This Issue... Network News - Youth Council - -Vikings Network - - Sharks at Alton Towers - - B-Net out and about -- Intense - - Network babies -Gosport Explorer Belt- - -

Youth Council Success Fi Durrant - Hampshire Scout Network Co-Chair

The Hampshire Scout Youth Council held its first meeting over the 2nd and 3rd October in the new Sky High conservatory at Ferny Crofts. The weekend consisted of different team building games, including casualty simulation from David Stemp, and a bomb disposal activity run by Waterlooville Network. Over the weekend we had visits from members of the County Core Team, and Tim Pike led a very constructive workshop on the 2012 strategy where young people had their say on how Hampshire Scouting could be improved. Sunday saw a speed dating breakfast, with 8 special guests meeting and speaking to the participants about their experiences and answering questions. The youth council held a very productive forum and decided on some changes they would like to see in Hampshire Scouting, and Jenni Anderson from Gilwell gave the young people the chance to feed back some input into who they want for the next chief scout and some potential partnerships for the future. Overall the weekend was very enjoyable, the next one is planned to be held in March 2011. If you want to be a part of this

Fareham Vikings Attack! Kate Williams - Fareham East Vikings Network

Fareham East have been doing more than a spot of extreme ironing recently, (and encouraging others to join in), so far the Testwood Regatta and most of Fareham, Portchester and Portsmouth (and several KFC's) have been hit by this Network.

exciting project or would like more information please contact Fi Durrant, Hampshire Scout Network Co-Chair, on

Even Tall Paul made an appearance!

Keep your extreme ironing photos coming in - we love to see them! Don’t forget that there is a trophy up for grabs for the best extreme ironing over the year!

Sharks at Alton Towers Cookie Ayriss - Gosport Sharks Network

Seven of us from Gosport network made our way half way up the country for this year’s Alton Towers camp!! After a 4 hour car journey we reached our destination, thankfully 3 had gone up earlier so our tents were already up by the time the straggling 4 arrived! When we got there we headed down to the main event marquee where they had a disco going on, but we thought we’d get a reasonably early night as we had a day to spend in the Alton Towers Park to follow! We all rose pretty early for the long day ahead, after a night’s sleep which all I can say was far from warm! Myself and Nadine were proud as we were the first on the whole site to make it to breakfast, at which point Marie was trying to wake us up (if you know us we would normally be the last up!). Then we headed off to the park thinking of a nice easy drive but sat navs are rubbish and ended up taking us the most scenic route possible. But we got there parked up and set off around the park for what was an awesome day! We managed to get on all the rides we wanted to without queuing for too long. We stayed in the park until 8 in the evening as it was scarefest so is open later which meant we also got to do rides in the dark! I would say the highlights of the park were Oblivion, Thirteen and Air! Also the poses for the cameras were a brilliant effort from us as every camera on every ride we attempted to do a different pose, and try not to look scared, including yawning, sleeping and making funny

faces which were all achieved! After a good day we all headed back to the car park via monorail... where we all got to sit in with the driver, this topped off a good day as he was very chatty and friendly and made us all laugh. We eventually got back to the camp site where another disco was in store for us, but this time fancy dress! So we all got into our fancy dress gear which was... Geeks/ school uniform! There were some great fancy dress effort form many of the networks including Lego police men, power rangers, old people and a walking wardrobe. Everyone looked fantastic. Unfortunately we knew we were in for another cold night and long drive ahead. So after another fantastic night meeting many people from other Networks, including Merseyside and Peak district we headed off to bed! Well most of us, I myself was up until about 4 chatting - thank goodness I didn’t have to drive us home! We all got up Sunday morning bright and early and seemed to be first to leave the site, as we by far had the furthest to travel home. So we didn’t even get breakfast as they weren’t starting it until 10! After a brilliant weekend we all made it home safe and sound (and very tired) glad to be back down south where it is that little bit warmer! I would like to thank Marie, Trevor, Kayleigh, Nadine, Jenni, Miles, the organisers and everyone we met for giving us a fantastic weekend we all really enjoyed ourselves but next time I think a hot water bottle may be a good idea!

Gosport Sharks Network with their latest recruit...

B-Net Go-Karts and Cinema...

Hampshire Network get Intense!

David “Macca” Macintosh - Basingstoke Network (B-Net)

Rachael Haley - Waterlooville Black Sheep Network

On September 19th, 20 Network and Explorers from Basingstoke congregated at the Andover Go Kart track and took part in the 2nd annual Go Karting championship. The event was a massive success and will run once again next year.

Intense 2010 was held at Woodhouse Park over what looked to be dull weekend in September however the weather managed to hold off leading the way for even more outdoor activities. This year it was a nautical theme leading to a chance for everyone to let their hair down and get dress up.

Despite everyone's best efforts and some shocking driving from certain racers, Will Scott managed retain his title as BNet Go Karting champion, by winning this year's event. Ed Scott once again found the podium, but didn't quite have enough to topple his younger brother from the top. Breaking up the 2009 dominance by the Scott Family, Ben Pescud drove superbly throughout the heats and came in 3rd in the final.

Popular events included laser tag, bungee run, zorb collision course and lots, lots more! The assault course was also a popular base with everyone getting covered in mud but having fun. On the Sunday the famous Piano bash took place with different networks working against each other to smash apart a piano and then to post the pieces through a post box.

Recently, BNet took 12 movie enthusiasts to the Cinema and took full advantage of the 2for1 run by Orange. After much deliberation, we decided upon a film called 'Life as we know it'. Despite Katherine Heigl’s best efforts and keeping the lads entertain, I'm afraid BNET gave this movie a 1 out of 5. Stay tuned for more film reviews from BNet. Along with these two activities, BNet also ran two meetings for a scout group and an explorer group, as well as had a night hike and a few social meets down the pub. Coming up, we have a fireworks night, fondue, pub quiz and a swim/spa session. If you want to find out more about Basingstoke Scout Network, please contact us: E: Facebook: Basingstoke Scout Network Call/Text - Rob Scott on 077 3310 8008 or David Macintosh on 078 4324 4055

A great weekend enjoyed by all roll on next year.

Congratulations - 2 new network babies! Congratulations to Amiee and Philip Coles of Romsey Pirates Network on the birth of their baby girl Ashleigh Marie Coles, born on Monday 4th October, weighing 7lb 4oz. Congratulations also to Neil Chapman of Gosport Sharks Network, and his fiancée Laura Kittredge on the birth of their baby girl Beatrix Amelia-May, born on Saturday 23rd October.

(Left) Beatrix Ashleigh (Right)

County Kudu 2010

What do you think? Fi Durrant - Hampshire Scout Network Co-Chair

This year’s County Kudu competition took place over the night of the 30th October, around Burley in the New Forest. 16 teams entered, and completed the course with times ranging between 6 hours and 10.5 hours. The competition was organised by last year’s winners, the Romsey Pirates, and set around a pirate theme this year; highlights of the activities included “boarding the enemy” and “cannon gun run”. Teams were awarded scores out of “pieces of eight” and after a couple of hours sleep and a breakfast, the groups gathered to hear the results. The winning team this year was Andover Explorers (team “oi oi sailor”), and were followed by network members from Silchester (members of B-Net). Thanks must go to all the leaders, participants, and Romsey district for supporting this event.

With less than 3 months to go until the World Scout Conference and World Scout Youth Forum, I am keen to hear what you all think about scouting both locally, nationally, and globally. I recently attended a delegation meeting in London with the rest of the UK members who will be attending the Conference in Brazil, and was surprised to hear about the differences in scouting across the world. For example, some countries make scouting part of their national curriculum, and others believe that young people have no place in the decision making of the organisation. In the next couple of months I will gathering information from Networks with the hope to gain an insight into where you feel we are performing, and what matters you wish to be raised on the global platform; this is your chance to have your voices heard globally and nationally. If you have anything you wish to discuss in detail, please do call or email me. T: 077 0839 1137 E:

Gosport Network Explorer Belt Joseph Birch - Gosport Sharks Network

Around Guy Fawkes Night last year I met with Mat, Nadine and Charles to discuss the Explorer Belt. In just four hectic, paper-work filled months we were sat on a plane to Rome armed with challenges set by Scout Groups in Gosport, and our friends in Network and Gosport Fellowship (as it was then). We had concocted a 120 mile expedition starting from the Coliseum in Rome, jutting through the Apennine Mountains and culminating in the historic capital of Abruzzo, L’Aquila. Along the way we would stay with, and get to know, a host of Italian scout groups. Armed with almost no Italian between the four of us, the adventure was made more entertaining by an unseasonable cold snap where we squeezed four into a two man tent to conserve body heat. Not only was it an extremely uncomfortable night, but Nadine spent the night against the side of the tent (cue water seeping in, drenching her sleeping bag and being nearly frozen to death). There are two predominant branches of scouting in Italy, the largest being associated with the Catholic Church (and a much smaller secular organisation). This meant most of the scout huts we slept in were rooms belonging to the church. One such meeting place was held in the giant vaults of a cathedral, these rooms were so cavernous that they had their own indoor basketball court and made multi-storey ‘dens’ for their patrol areas. Another night was spent on the stone floor of a Franciscan Monastery, where we were kindly fed bread, cheese and a can of fish. A quick word on the scouting in Italy, which is still establishing itself after having to go underground during Mussolini’s reign, who made scouting illegal. Often there were only one scout group in a town (our destination city of L’Aquila only had three), however they were always tight families who made us feel very welcome. We were cooked large Italian meals and, in one case, some interesting local wine. They decorated their scout huts with beautiful frescoes, often depicting the Jungle Book, cartoon characters or even Robin Hood – no plain walls here.

Our final destination was the city of L’Aquila. At first glance the area is mesmerising. It is quaint, beautiful and elegant with small winding streets encased by terracotta houses several centuries old. However, this is seen through a ring of steel fencing, barricading the cobbled pathways, protected from falling debris by a maze of scaffolding and troughs to catch roof tiles. For almost exactly a year earlier a devastating earthquake struck the city. The Army watch over the buildings to deter looters, while the fire brigade ferry around people who return to collect possessions. Where once the market stood, the area is now dominated by tents supporting the workers on a never ending building site. The Federation of Italian Scouting acted as an emergency service and played an integral role in providing and coordinating support. From those scouters that arrived on the scene within hours to assist, to those who came and went over the months helping run the tent towns and provide activities for the children of the L’Aquila area. They estimate that almost 90% of all adults in scouting provided assistance in the days and months after the quake, including many of the scouts we had met on our journey. We received fantastic support from scout troops, SAS and Network in Gosport. We had fantastic advice from Ray Noice and John Dohoo at county (just try and leave more than four months planning time). We also gained invaluable help from our friends Gino and Gloria in Italy who put us in contact with scout groups and gave us information we just couldn’t gleam from the internet. More photos, videos and stories of our journey at

County Scout Network Committee and Leaders Meeting th

Sunday 28 November - venue to be confirmed The Chairperson and Leader (or at least one member) from every Network is required and you may ‘bring a friend’. Scout Network members need to have their say via their representative.

Hampshire Scout Network Annual Ball 2010 Saturday 4th December VERY LAST CHANCE we have bought 10 more spaces. 1st come 1st served Lyndhurst Park Hotel, Lyndhurst, New Forest £40 payable to ‘HCSC’ to Chris Scott (Eastleigh Leader) 4 Winchester Road, Lower Upham, Southampton SO32 1HA E:

Network go Panto! Wednesday 15th December Fernham Hall, Fareham We have provisionally booked 30 seats to Aladdin plus we have also secured a “meet and greet” with the previous Chief Scout, Peter Duncan, after the performance. Tickets are only £12 each and can be booked by sending a cheque payable to “HCSC” by the 15th November to: “Network Panto” c/o 19 Rydal Road, Gosport, Hants. PO12 4ES

New Year Get-together Friday 31 December 2010 - Sunday 02 January 2011 Runways End, Aldershot All the usual fun and Disco Book via ‘Tall Paul’ Jon Rowsell (New Forest North Network Leader) E: M: 077 6113 1375

Network Information Packs We have produced and re-vamped a number of Scout Network Factsheets and Forms. One file of Factsheets is for DCs, for DESCs and file for Scout Network Leaders. We plan to finalise and bundle the new Scout Network Membership pack (at long last!, I hear you cry) at the Network New Year Get-together 31 Dec - 02 Jan. Your ideas and suggestions are always very welcome.

Caption Competition - August 2010

Unfortunately we could not use many (well any!) of the captions suggested, but we had a good laugh! Did you guess who it was above sliding down a waterslide during Eastleigh’s recruitment evening? Network Leaders Chris Scott (Eastleigh Steamers) and Amadnda Radford (Southampton Duck).

County Scout Network Polo shits

We have just placed our 4th order for these super yellow Polo great from promoting Network. Only £15 payable to ‘HCSC’ contact to get one E: Text: 077 7228 9061

Your final 2010 tour dates

Month November


Date/s 21

Event i.SCOUT 2 Leaders Day


Network Chairs and Leaders Meeting

04 15

Network Ball ‘10 Network go Panto/meet Peter Duncan New Year Social & Workshop

31 - Jan 02

Location Thornden School, Chandlers Ford Venue TBC

Who’s event Hampshire Scouting

Lyndhurst Park Hotel Fernham Hall, Fareham (£12 each) Runways End, Farnborough

Hants Network Hants Network

Hants Network

Hants Network

Help GNet (Get Network Act!ve) with your 2011 dates at The County Scout Network Committee meeting on 28th November Or text/email your ideas and offers What do YOU want? Driving School - - First Aid Training - - Social Camp - - Quiz Night - - BBQ - - Three Peaks Challenge - ‘Taking The Lead’ Workshop - Can your Network invite other Networks to your Network event? Please do get in Touch with the GNet Act!ve team via the contact details below

FOR MORE DETAILS ON SCOUT NETWORK, PLEASE CONTACT Hampshire Scout Network T/Text: 077 7228 9061 E: W: FACEBOOK: ‘Scout Network Hampshire’ GOOGLE CALENDAR: please ask for a link Scout Network, c/o County Office, Ferny Crofts, Beaulieu, Brockenhurst, Hampshire. SO42 7YQ T: 02380 847847 F: 02380 840789 E: W: Your Co-Chairs represent you and can be contacted directly Sam Chapman E: T: 077 3271 6746 Fiona Durrant E: T: 077 0839 1137

The BIG question………What do you get for your £260? Inter-net 2011 may seem expensive at first glance but once you see what you’re getting for your money we think you’ll agree it’s an absolute bargain!! o o

o o o o o o o o

7 day camp, the first Scout Network weeklong camp in the UK. Gold Standard off-site activities including: Snowboarding, Skiing, Ringoing, Wakeboarding, Sailing, Quad Biking, Indoor Free Falling,Go-Karting, Parascending, Gliding & Horse Riding (subject to change). A 48 hour foreign experience to a major European city, including a surprise activity when you arrive. Evening entertainment…fun, games, live music & entertainment. Competitions with fabulous prizes and a record breaking attempt every day. Your own sub-camp team to make sure you get the most enjoyment out of the week. All your standard onsite activities to keep you entertained. Radio station, Daily Newsletter & podcasts. Onsite facilities include Shops, catering, Internet Café, toilets and hot showers. Inter-net 2011 t-shirt. And memories and new friends that will stay with you for a life time!



After 2 years of editing and putting together NetNews Fi feels it’s time to hang up her electronic pen and pass on to someone new. If you are interested in editing the NetNews (only 4 issues a year) then please contact Fi. To contact the editor E: Copy date for the February issue is the 23rd January

Contact Your Network Representatives Directly Co-Chairs Sam Chapman E: M: 077 3271 6746 Fi Durrant E: M: 077 0839 1137

Contact Us:

Hampshire Scout Network T/Text: 077 7228 9061 E: W:

Facebook: Scout Network Hampshire

Google Calendar: please ask for the link

Scout Network, c/o County Office, Ferny Crofts, Beaulieu, Brockenhurst, Hampshire. SO42 7YQ T: 02380 847847 F: 02380 840789 E: W:

NetNews 2010 4 November  

Scout Network Hampshire newsletter

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