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vĂŠcu. Independent Artists.

January 2011

Marianne Larochelle





Cover Photo | Marianne Larochelle Model | Penelope

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38 Sugar & Fluff Design House 50 Lightness of Being Vivenne Mok


62 Shaina Mote Fashion Designer

vĂŠcu. Independent Artists.

PUBLISHER Coleman Media Group


Nina Egli | Fashion Designer Toujours Toi-Family Affairs Shaina Mote | Fashion Designer Shaina Mote Collection Aasim, Tarek, Andrea Sugar Fluff Design House Jan & Earl | Founders Poppytalk Handmade

Ryan Shantz GoodSociety Cate Parr Illustrator Artist Gina & Anahata Katkin Papaya Mixed Media Artists Graphic Spaces Elza | Another Magical Day Custom Art Dolls

photographer Vivienne Mok

Vivienne Mok Photographer


a y a p pa . is our credo n o d n a b A Creative

ART Art Panel Print $16

JOURNAL Musings Large $15

GICLEE Carpe Diem - 14x14

Giclee $48

TINS Thank You Post

Card Tins $14

In 2003 PAPAYA! was founded by Gina & Anahata Katkin. A mother/daughter team armed with a vision of Creative Abandon and a heap of determination. PAPAYA! started with just 20 blank greeting card designs in a southern California dining room. Many of the designs originated from Anahata’s handmade art journals and were adapted for print. Knowing they wanted to share a visual perspective of global culture, brave imagery, and powerful color, PAPAYA! was born. Today, PAPAYA! is celebrated all over the world by retailers and fans alike. PAPAYA! is now a thriving manufacturer enjoying a constant stream of new ideas, inspirations, materials, and added artists. To view the entire collection go to


handmade poppytalk

A showcase to buy and sell handmade goods from emerging design talent around the world.


Custom Love Equation $34

k l a t y p pop e d a m hand

NEST PRETTY THINGS Bella Headband $24


THE PAPER THEIVES 2011 Bunny Calendar $25

oppytalk Handmade is a curated online

marketplace to showcase, buy and sell handmade

goods of emerging design talent from around the world. Our market provides emerging designers and artists an opportunity to connect with consumers,

retail buyers, stylists, personal shoppers and the

press. It was launched after we noticed how difficult

it was to find good designed work within the sea


Teal Marquee Pillows $25

of online shops. We are a design-oriented team

dedicated to showcasing and promoting emerging design talent. Our blog, Poppytalk is our voice.

We are proud to be “the original curated marketplace” (having come up with the concept

first) and are proud to be number one for bringing the best results to it’s participants! Now in our

second year, we are dedicated to supporting emerging artists by giving them a “fair” and

best option to have their work seen online. View more handmade artists at

KATE ENDLE Collage $25


Earl Jan & k Founders tal Poppy

“Think of our marketplace like a launching pad to brand new products or a new shop.”

MARKET WORKS We rent out “virtual tables” (much

like an art/craft market) to artists/ designers for a one month period (or more) where all items on

these “virtual tables” are linked to each artists online shop (e.g.

etsy, dawanda, big cartel, etc.). Each artist then sells directly to

the buyers our site sends to their

virtual table at our market and subsequently their own online site.

One can think of our marketplace like a launching pad to brand new

products or a new shop. Perhaps you are a new designer/artist/

shop and you wish to introduce your



shop to our audience. Or maybe you are an established artist and

you wish to introduce a new

series of your work through us. Jan’s 5 Tips 1 Remain as original as possible; stay true to yourself.   2  Participate in and support a community of like-minded people/makers. 3  Think of more than one way to make a living with your craft/ idea, get creative.


The Storm Scarf $88

4 Make/think of something new to make/create every month; stay current or better yet, stay ahead! 5  Dream big!

GIVING BACK “GoodSociety is a community of free thinking individuals who live for the greater good. We band together to inspire noble living, effect social change, and we prefer to do it in style. We are a fully sustainable, fully organic clothing company who cares about the world around us.

We believe in simple living,


contagious giving and

Womens Slim Phinney $109

y t e i c o s good

freedom for all.”


to someone in need. That’s ¼ of our profits, not an actual

Our certified organic denim begins with approximately 1000

quarter. That would be cheap.

independent farmers in India. These farmers are taught


sustainable farming practices that are pesticide and fertilizer

Our passion is to create a line that makes a lasting

free. This is one of the many stories of our denim that we love.

difference. Fashion evolves and our fine organic denim

It’s Good to Give It’s better to give than to receive. But there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of both.  For every pair of jeans purchased, Goodsociety will give a quarter

eventually wears out. It’s the projects that we give to can have a lasting impact on individuals and generations. Giving profits is exciting to us, but getting a chance to spend time working with the people and organizations we support really allows us to see and feel the impact that is happening.

Our Journey A few years ago Ryan Shantz, Goodsociety’s Main Good Guy, came across a children’s home in the Himalayan

The vision is simple, to give people the ability to have an impact through a simple everyday decision. We love our denim and we love to be apart of helping others. We

mountains of northern India. “The children there were incredible! Despite having almost nothing, they loved life and made the most of what they had.” Today Goodsociety has been helping to support this home along with other

know that there are a lot of other amazing people in the world that want to give back as well, which is why we are working to create a way for each person to

projects that value the idea that there is enough in this world

be included in making a difference. Artist, musician,

to go around and that loving others is an end unto itself. It

involved in volunteering, or just love bantering around

was through stories like this, with the Goodsociety

ideas in the pub, everybody can share the story and

team, that we found a group of passionate individuals

everybody can be involved in the movement of spreading

wanting to make a difference. Our decision, to give a quarter

good. Join us in making a difference and knowing that we

of anything we make away.

can do more when we work together.

“love. will. do good” View the entire collection at


Womens Slim Phinney $109


Cate the Great

Illustrator Cate Parr


Toujours Toi – Family Affairs

i o t s r u toujo s r i a f f a family The fall winter 10 collection is darkly romantic and a little mystical with a muted colour palette ; inspired by the snow-covered valleys and rich velvet details seen in Roman Polanski’s 1967 film “Fearless Vampire Killers”. The heroine of Moon River is holed up in a mountain house made of wood - simple and honest, in a pristinely beautiful setting with snow and mountains all around. Sitting at the kitchen table with a fire going, tea, cake and a fat cat by her side, reflecting on the ocean voyages she’s taken and enjoying the peace and beauty of being in nature. Her wardrobe reflects each place and moment: the sea represented by the Overboard coat, Siren Song dress, then the Homeward dress and the mountains, the Willow shirt, Juniper jacket and Snow and Honey dress. Fluid fabrics: chiffon, crepe, gabardine and jersey are mixed with solid pieces in wool, twill and velvet. Toujours Toi – Family Affairs is manufactured in New York City

photography Philipp Mueller hair & make-up Nicola@stylecouncil model Nat@option styling Nina Egli assistant styling Eva B端hler

Together, Nina and Kaya Egli form Family Affairs. A mother and daughter, they draw on their combined experience in fashion and design. Kaya Egli opened her first store selling her own designs and vintage clothing at the age of 20 in Marseille. She went on to become the in house designer for The Beatles iconic Apple shop in London. Nina Egli, already with her own line of jewelry Toujours Toi, made a natural progression into ready to wear, and a transatlantic design partnership evolved; with Nina based in New York and Kaya in Switzerland. From New York, Nina gathers and sends packages of visual inspiration: essence, fabrics, colours, and shapes, across the seas to Kaya and the process begins to take shape. Then delving into Kaya’s archives they pull designs, which they adjust and refine to create the bone structure of each piece.


another ay d l a c i g ma “I am the inventor of magic things and traveler in this beautiful world.” -Elza One of a Kind Art Dolls

View the entire collection at

THE KISS Art Doll $250




Pair $130



ur finely handcrafted Woodland Bookends are an adorable family heirloom piece perfect for any room. Our unique mixed wood composition brings richness, warmth and modern playful style to any environment. Each body is laser cut from walnut, then precisely inlayed with birch and okoume hardwoods. Bodies are attached to 1/2� thick northern hard maple with rounded corners and no exposed metal fasteners. Multiple coats of shellac, hand sanding, more shellac and a final beeswax buffing after assembly, all combine to achieve a level of distinct smoothness and softness never expected from wood. Bottoms are lined with protective cork and branded with a birthdate and our signature Graphic Spaces mark of excellence.

View the entire collection at



sugar& fluff



Sugar and Fluff is known for artistic and lively energy with a heartfelt respect for the beauty of the arts and crafts. We’re storytellers, innovators, crafters and graphic designers all tailored to your vision. We are a “power” event design house that has an incredible focus on going above and beyond. Educated in the field of Fine Arts and Graphic Design, our work consists of contrasting elements of tradition, modernity, romance and elegance. We work very closely with a team of design vendors to ensure your dream project becomes a reality. We enjoy creating projects that are beautiful for the eye to see. For the Forky Fork event we wanted to combine all of this years trends…and literally put a fork in it :) We wanted to utilize mustaches, bowties, paper garlands, mason jars, and balloons all in one shoot…and you surprisingly get eye candy for everyone. Look closely and you can see how every detail was put to good use! Event Design and Styling : Sugar and Fluff Photography: Christine Farah Flowers: Floral Occasions Cake: Some Crust Bakery Hair and Make up: Christina Hernandez Invitations: : Sugar and Fluff Balloon Dress: Ashley Taddei on etsy Ice Cream Chandelier: Anna Marie Francesco Vintage Props: Ribbons and Rust Venue: Hold Out Ranch

luffs The F , Andrea Tarek , m i s Aa

“We are confident that our industry is buckling down for newer trends and moving the ‘something old and something new’ into a new frontier.”

sugar& fluff



Our colors were very vibrant and based off of a beautiful bow necklace found at Anthropologie. We also used bow-ties as a major theme in the shoot‌ as you can tell our cake had hand-made bow-ties tapering down! To complete the look, we found some amazing bow-tie rings at a flea market. We were even able to scrounge up a mustache ring! Our bouquet was filled with all kinds of amazingness of color and pretty including some doorknobs and birds. Finally, we managed to find a chandelier with ice cream cones! They were perfect because they matched our color palette to the tee. We even exhausted the balloon idea with a dress made of them! Each balloon was blown up and then popped to give an effect that the dress was popped by a fork.

Lightness Being the


photography Vivienne Mok model Emily


shaina mote

esigner d n o i h s a f

Shaina Mote was born and raised in Los Angeles halfway in the city, halfway in the country on a ranch hidden in the mountains. Childhood was idyllic and creative, weaving baskets from pine needles and crafting boats from the exotic leaves of trees that her dad saved, riding the horses her mother rescued from poor care situations. Not surprisingly, Shaina discovered the art of finding the beauty in items discarded or uncared for. These unusual items such as lost charms or old, worn tee shirts served as her first materials with which she explored jewelry and clothing design. Shaina is a self-taught designer and seamstress, relying on innate ways of constructing that resulted in unusual and one of a kind pieces. After creating individually unique pieces, Shaina began to feel the gears grinding down the creative process. During a stint in Paris, she made a decision to set her sights at a small, local and earth sensitive production of easy, dreamy and vital pieces. Currently, Shaina is working on her namesake collection, Shaina Mote, and living in her hand built house of glass bottles. View the entire collection at

model: milena iliena @ wilhemina photographer: samantha west location: long island sound, new york

eden dress

chevron blouse, sorrel skirt

 foret blouse, stovepipe pants 

river dressÂ

 eden dress, hunter anorak 

velveteen dressÂ

ma vie dans le rose photography Marianne Larochelle models Penelope, Raphaelle, Elizabeth

Wings of the Dove photographer Vivienne Mok model Grace

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Independent Artists.

VECU Magazine  

Independent Artists.