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August 2011

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August 2011

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Contributors Vivienne Mok Photographer

Arianna Vargas Organized Interiors Sarah Louise Johnson Photographer Shelley & Paula Illustrator & Crafts Nicole Corbett Photographer Abbey-Jade Birden Photographer Pauline Darley Photographer

Independent Artists.

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ALANA RUAS Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Whistles Arlette Leopard Belt Quay Eyewear Flip Up Sunglasses

“I like to dress according to my feelings at the moment, with the music that I’m listening...”

ASOS Cottle Canvas Shopper

“Procurei sempre me vestir de acordo com os meus sentimentos, com a música que estou ouvindo, a fase, o momento que estou vivendo … por isso estou sempre mudando e procurando sempre dar o melhor de mim. E como desde”

ASOS Binoccular Pendant Necklace

Lowie Big Bow Waist Belt




Louise Gray Sun Pendant Necklace

Fluid lines and flirty shapes

Matt Bernson

The name “Cortez” might ring a few bells for you history buffs. Often involving the conquering of something or someone, we decided to stick to the theme when designing this stunner. With the zip up the back, three bold (ornamental) buckles, a cushioned insole and the industrious canvas/leather combination, this 3.5” heel will never hold you back. So what if your conquest is just getting from place to place and looking good while doing it?

Jessie White’s dynamic label rose from a love of art and fashion along with the desire to create something original and unique. After being formally trained Jessie used her knowledge of fashion to produce vintage-inspired and somewhat geometric garments that feel experimental with a distinctive flair. Shakuhachi focuses on femininity without compromising on functionality and wearability.

Lizzie Dress This summery slip dress is at once easy and elegant. The delicate straps are a golden and cotton braid with a softly fluttered ruffle finishing the top. www.

The Carlotta Sandal The flirty fabric and statement jewels are sure to make the most brightest pedicure gleem with joy.

Gentle Fawn is a contemporary and imaginative line of clothing that speaks for people who follow their own paths in life. The style is clean and modern, with details that give each piece of clothing distinctiveness.

wicked little fox



A seamless blend of sophistication with the perfect amount of downtown New York edge


fleur wood


DECLUTTER Basic Your HOME Decluttering Strategies that will turn your space into an organized clutter- free haven.

with Arianna Vargas of Arianna Belle Organized Interiors

Arianna is a 25-year old gal from sunny Southern Califonia with a passion for decor and organization. She belives that the two are are complementary to one another and explores this in her daily blog Arianna Belle Organized Interiors, which frequently features stylish storage, beautifully organized spaces, and inspiring interiors. Arianna has outlined the basic steps she likes to take to decluttering and organizing most spaces.



hink about how you want the space to feel and function. Write it down. How do you currently feel in the space (i.e. frustrated, anxious, claustrophobic)? How do you want to feel (i.e. peaceful, relaxed, comfortable)? Imagine the quality of life you want to live. This will help you in the editing process by giving you a criteria to judge whether or not a particular item helps or interferes with your vision and how you want to feel in the space. Determine what dedicated function(s) you want the space to serve. Do you want it to be used as a place to rest? work? eat? play? prepare? Do you want it to be used as a place for storage? If so, what type of storage? linens? files? food? This will help you edit out things that don’t belong. Get inspired. This is where all the beautiful images featured in your favorite blogs and magazines come in handy. Use them to get motivated and excited about how you could make your space look.

DEFINEDefine Your Vision Your VISION

SET UPSet up workspace YourWORKSPACE Clear some space and designate areas, boxes and/or bags, for piles your items will be sorted into:

Trash -Use a trash bag for items you don’t want and don’t fit into any of the above four categories. Think items with stains, rust, mildew, etc

Donate -You can donate just about anything that still has a useful life -there’s probably someone out there that would be happy to have it. See my Guide to Donating Your Clutter

Repair -This is for items you want to keep but need to be fixed, mended, etc.



Move to Another Room -This is for items you want to keep but don’t belong in the particular space you’re organizing or could stand to be stored elsewhere because they’re infrequently used (i.e. the Christmas ornaments could be stored in the garage instead of the living room).

“Someone out there would be happy to have it” Recycle -A lot more things are recyclable than most people realize. See my Guide to Recycling Your Clutter Sell -This is for items that have monetary value and you decide it’s worth the time and trouble to list and manage the sale. Set a timeline for this. Put the Sell items in a box labeled with a date a few weeks or months into the future. If you haven’t sold the items by the date you set, donate them instead. Return - This is for items you want to return or exchange at a store or that don’t belong to you and need to be returned to someone.

Keep in the Space -This pile will have subcategories -see step 3. You may or not want to create an Undecided pile. Some people find it useful as it allows them to make the easy decisions first and gain momentum when sorting.

Sort items

HOME DECOR Remove each item from its current spot and decide which of the above listed piles it should go into. Clutter is basically delayed decisions so decluttering means it’s time to make those decisions. Things to consider when making a decision: Does it bring you joy, does it serve a functional purpose and/or does it help you live your best life? If the answer is no, you probably don’t need it in your home. How much physical space do you actually have? How much realistically fits there? Work within your space boundaries and remember that in order to honor something you need to give it space to breathe. Is the item under consideration something you actually use? Are you holding on to it just because maybe, just maybe, you’ll need it some (undefined) day? Live in the present. Is it worth the space it takes up in your house? Remember, you want to live in a home, not a storage facility. Would you replace it if you lost it in a fire? Create logical sub-categories for your Keep items by placing each item next to other like items. If you’re doing your closet for example, some logical categories might be: pants, jeans, shorts, skirts, dressy tops, casual tops, workout clothes, dresses, swimwear, etc. Once you’ve put everything into sorted piles take one more look. Do you see multiples or too much of any one item? Can you edit these out?


ssign a home to everything and use containers and labels where needed.

Wait until you’ve decided where things will “live” before you go out and buy any containers. That way you’ll know the correct sizes to get.

“Reserve the prime space for your most frequently used items.”

Always return items to their designated home. If you bring a new item in, make the time to designate a home for it.

Be conscious not to bring any unnecessary items into your home (i.e. skip on the free gift with purchase you’re never going to use or the souvenir cup from the theme park). If it takes just a few seconds to do something, don’t get into the habit

Place things based on where you’re most likely to use them (i.e. coffee, sugar, your favorite mug, etc. near the coffee machine), and frequency of use. Keep like things together (if you did this already in the sorting step this should be easy!) in containers if it makes sense and put infrequently used items in less accessible areas like way up top, down low, or in the back. Reserve the prime space for your most frequently used items. Think about where you usually leave specific things and consider designating that spot as its “home” if it makes sense. Use containers not only to keep things in their place, but also to make the space aesthetically pleasing (my favorite part!) and help you achieve your overall vision for the space. If it looks great, you’re more likely to maintain it that way.

of waiting until later to do it (i.e. filing a paper, putting junk mail in the recycle bin as soon as you bring it in). Make sure anyone in your household that shares the newly-organized space with you knows how everything is set up and is on board with keeping it clutter-free. As you change and evolve as a person, make sure to re-assess your belongings.




High Quality eclectic mix of art prints, dolls and paper goods. Sweet William is the collaboration of sisters - Shelley Gardner, who lives in Wellington New Zealand, and Paula Mills - based in Melbourne Australia. They live miles apart - but are brought together by their passion for all things creative. Paula’s illustrations are influenced by childhood memories, motherhood, life, love and everything in-between. Shelley uses her love for textiles to create beautiful creations based on Paula’s drawings. Together is the delightful collection that is Sweet William.

“We think about gifts that last awhile - enough disposable living.”


Tell us a bit about Sweet William and how the collaboration works? Sweet William is made up of my sister, Shelley Gardner (NewZealand) and myself, Paula Mills (Melbourne, Australia). A series of events set Sweet William in motion. Both of us had moved from South Africa to new countries more or less at the same time. Shelley had started selling at a few craft markets in New Zealand and I was illustrating in Australia. We collaborated on a design together and it was such a lovely exercise, that we decided to try and make it an ongoing partnership and Sweet William was born. Initially we set a goal of raising enough money to pay for our plane tickets to see each other, we reached that goal and it has become much more than that for us now. The backbone of Sweet William is the illustrations that I draw, Shelley is the maker, turning the illustrations into other items such as softies or our Mini Camille doll in her matchbox house. Both of us are creative in our own separate ways but this is a perfect outlet for that creativity, we can converge our ideas and skills and connect with each other despite the distance. Why the name Sweet William? “Sweet William� was a big, fluffy Persian cat we had as a pet while growing up, but the flower Sweet William represents friendship too, so we felt the name had both meaning and a sense nostalgia.

What are some of your early illustration memories? My very first memory is of painting a bright yellow sun besides a swimming pool; I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. I had very encouraging art teacher in primary school and I grew up in a creative environment in many beautiful parts of the world. What things have you learned about your craft since then? Drawing comes with practice! I have to keep drawing and keep doing new work. What inspires your style of illustration? An eclectic mix of many things: flea markets, anything vintage, magazines, books, art, interacting with other makers; reading blogs, other illustrators, street art; etc. etc. Nature is an endless place of wonder, inspiration and creation. Formal training? Not really - I did a short course in commercial art in Cape Town and started my career as a junior art director in advertising at the age of 20! I then went onto work as an art director in London for 8 years. Traveled the globe, had babies and found myself dabbling in freelance graphic design. I was soon led back to my paints and pens and have at last, found my home in illustrating. I am currently doing a part time drawing course at the Victorian College of Arts. Plans for the future? We are hoping to expand our Sweet William stationary range. I love what I do and hope to keep on doing it for as long as I can.

HAUTE CHOCOLAT photographer Nicole Corbett photographic assistant Jack Younger model(s) Olivia F. @ Chic Management Alex @ Chic Management fashion stylist Shannon Meddings @ Lizard Management makeup & hair artist Felicia Yong @ Network Agency using Nars makeup & hair assistant Joel Babicci

{Left} Gabrielle Shirt, Stolen Girlfriends Club, Tease Shorts, Flannel. {Right} Harlequin Dress, Aurelio Costarella

Pat a Cake Crop Top, Alice Mccall Instill Tunic, Flannel

Instill Tunic, Flannel, Slip Skirt, Yummie Tummie

{Left} Chameleon Dress, Carl Kapp {Right} Chameleon Top, Carl Kapp

Dress, Dolce & Gabbana

Shell Bust Gown , Aurelio Costarella, Baroque Bracelet, Cerrone



VINTAGE LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON 10 Ways To Keep Love Alive by Alanna Webb

Life is what happens when you're not looking, right? Keep your love alive even while coping with the busiest of sched ules by picking up a few good habits, making the most of the time you have together Don’t leave home without it!

Kiss your partner before leaving home. Add a hug while you’re at it! Two minutes that start your day off right. And, don’t forget to kiss them when you come home!

Keep that date!

If you don’t have a regular date night every week, create one. Don’t lose your identity as a couple.

Conserve energy.

Shower together and save water. Plus, this is even better than looking in a mirror for keeping those unwanted pounds off.

Give each other a break.

When you come home, give each other 30 minutes to unwind quietly and leave work behind.

Return to the table.

Eat dinner at the table without TV as a distraction. Play soft music, and really enjoy dinner together.

Don’t let chores get in the way.

Try to break up chores so you don’t end up trying to do everything on the weekend.

Wanna do lunch?

Have lunch together once a week. Especially if you have children, this will provide time together without interuptions. On days you can’t lunch together, use this time to get some of your errands done.

Prepare the night before.

Do you start your day stressed out trying to find clothes that are pressed, getting your family’s gear together, etc? Lay out as much as you can the night before so you can actually enjoy breakfast with your partner and family.

Happy Hour.

Meet your partner for happy hour instead of driving home in the middle of rush hour. Enjoy this “mini” date.

Don’t be a slave to the kitchen.

If you are a two-career couple, eat your heavier, more traditional meal at lunch, and eat light at dinner. Not only will this be healthier for you, but it will save you time cooking and cleaning, so you can spend more time doing things you both enjoy.



Tell us a bit about yourself? I am a 17 year old Photographer from the UK. I specialize mainly in Fashion and Portraiture, spend my time photographing lovely people, watching far too much american reality tv and dancing (badly) to Japanese pop music! Are self portraits more challenging than shooting a model? It’s a 50/50 split for me because it’s so much easier directing yourself as opposed to directing a model. I think the hardest part is telling my face what to do! Which I suppose kind of explains why mine is obscured in almost all of my self portraits. Overall they are extremely challenging but that’s my favourite part about them, and the main reason why I started my self portraits was because my work was just lacking something special at the time so I wanted to change it up a bit. They’re a nice little stress reliever too, and it’s such a rush when an idea pops into my head and I run up to my room to set my camera up. What are some of your early photography memories? Gosh I think my very earliest memory of photography when I visited my Auntie’s cottage for a week when I was just 5/6? I was given a little disposable camera to use whilst I was there and I loved it! I also remember one of my very first photo shoots with a small Kodak Digi-cam with my then best-friend, I completely rearranged my room and attached a white bed sheet to the back of my bookcase. I remember being so proud of how the photo’s came out and since then I have been completely in love with photography.


Abbey-Jade Birden

What things have you learned about your craft since then? I’ve learnt that it’s not as easy as I first thought especially trying to put yourself out there as a photographer and gain interest in your work. I’ve also learnt to always stay true to myself and to stop aspiring for my work to be like other photographers work. Finally I’ve learnt that a photo shoot works far better when everyone’s relaxed and enjoying themselves, and that it’s easier to let everyone do their own thing to an extent instead of barking orders out. Or at least that’s just the way I like to work. What inspires your style of photography? Everything! It’s such a cliché thing to say but it’s true, I am inspired by everything around me and sometimes by the weirdest things. I spend so much time on buses going to and from places that it’s hard not to be inspired. I am obviously also inspired by other photographers work and also a lot of art, as my Grandma is an artist so I’ve always been immersed in art whilst growing up. Formal training? I am currently studying a BTEC Extended Diploma in Photography however I am pretty much completely self-taught. Plans for the future? Right now I don’t have a clue, I’m considering going to University after I finish my course but I really would rather be out freelancing or assisting a photographer, I’m currently building up my portfolio to a high standard so I will be able to do either of these things.



by Murissa Shalapata The Wanderfull Traveler Tourists flock to Oahu for the gorgeous beaches, spectacular surfing and snorkeling, however, they do not always have the best taste in food. On Waikiki Beach the Cheesecake Factory and Jimmy Buffet reign as kings on Kalakaua Avenue and culinary delights devoid of liquid cheese and fried batter are far and few between. During my second trip to Oahu I was determined to find something a little bit different in taste and scenery. I was desperate when a kind local, a waiter at the Waikiki P.F. Chang’s, came to my aid and told me of a white beach that was calm and picturesque. The next day, I took my convertible Mustang and headed East on the Kalanianaole Highway towards Kailua and, ultimately, Lanikai Beach. A short forty-five minute drive from Waikiki, I arrived desperately searching for a parking spot along narrow lanes of pricy vacation homes nestled between tall palm trees and manicured lawns. I followed the rush of people heading to the beach with kayaks in hand and after walking through a tight dirt trail in between two tall property fences my “slippers” had reached the white sands and turquoise blue that was promised; beach towels, tanning bodies, wind surfers and kayaks were peppered along the shore, however, it was far from crowded.

On calm days this is the ideal place to snorkel. The coral appears to have a cerebral pattern and is neon green, stretching tall, at times touching the surface. The fish are colourful and become larger the further you venture from shore.

restaurants along Waikiki Beach, Giovanni’s does not serve any white wine or tropical iced drinks to accompany your meal. A local family had sat at the picnic table next to me and pulled out a nice bottle of white wine and beers. I continued This is not on the Kameonly recomhameha Highmended but way towards needed to cool North Shore the spice and hoping to quell tang of the my appetite for “No Refunds” fresh seafood Hot & Spicy and shrimp afShrimp plate. ter swimming Unfortunateamong them. ly, I forgot my The entire island does not take too Pinot Blanc at home and had to use long to circle, but if you are doing the Lemon Butter Shrimp to cool it it right it should take all day due to down, along with a ton of napkins the beautiful beaches, shops and (be prepared to use your fingers). food offered along the way. Both plates were the best shrimp and definitely the best meal I ate on A white sign appeared on the side the island. of the road as a bright light waving me in. It read, “Giovanni’s Shrimp Thoroughly satisfied, I continued Truck,” painted in black paint upon on to see the descending sun while a modest wooden board. The smell sitting on the long stretch of Sunof warm spices and garlic perme- set Beach, spotting Sea Turtles and ated the hot wind and it was under- surfers like stars on a clear Hawaistood why the lines were long. The ian night. source of the intoxicating smell was an old white delivery truck with Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck what appears to be graffiti all over 56-505 it. Upon a closer look the scribbles Kamehameha Highway were signatures and messages of Kahuku, HI praise from previous customers. 96731 Unlike the various resorts and

under the pale-lit sky photographer Sarah Louise Johnson model Georgie @ Profile stylist Lauren Miller makeup Sian Duke using MAC

Travel Designery TRAVEL


Afternoon Delight by Lorena F., Travel Editor

“The late afternoon sun... Those last days of the season when the summer seems to bid farewell with a fading light. One tries to capture as much of the remaining shine as possible before twilight sets in... sitting by the shore or collecting seashells or perhaps watching the sun set behind the horizon and rise again in the early morning. I find that no place captures that aura quite as well as a cozy seaside town like Martha’s Vineyard. As in perfect preparation for the final adieu, fog sets in and a chill obliges you to pull on that light fall sweater. Farewell for now summer... I will see you next year.”

Martha’s Vineyard


End of Summer (abridged) by Shannon Georgia Schaubroeck

“The summer days are fading, as they must. From endless hours to short and fleeting light. The sun seems low, a hazy orange sphere. Now reminiscing sweetly of the days, when endlessly before you, summer lay. And as in the deep, crimson dusk you stir, Your soul joins with the birds in wistful brood, Crying for lost summer days, as in childhood.�


“Initiale” “Initiale” “Initiale” photographer Pauline Darley model Clémentine Levy make up Mademoiselle Mu hair Sophie Haise style Charlotte Laplace

Jean CHEAP MONDAY, shirt ANTIPODIUM, Shoes vintage

sweater MANGO

sweater ZARA


shirt ZARA and skirt vintage

body ASOS and Jean TOPSHOP


oÚ la lumière est photography styling hair make-up Vivienne Mok model Alexa L. @Metropolitan Models

Tutu: Anne Valerie Hash Top: Stylist’s own Shoes: Anne Valerie Hash

Jersey top: American Vintage Tutu: Vivienne Mok

Silk Chiffon Dress: Vivienne Mok Hair Jewel: Pagan Poetry Shoes: Anne Valerie Hash

Strapless bra: Les jupons de Tess Silk chiffon Skirt: Anne Valerie Hash

Tulle embroidered top: Sharon Wauschob

Tulle tutu: Anne Valerie Hash Lace up shoes: Anne Valerie Hash

August 2011 VECU Magazine  

Independent Artists

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