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April 2011

vĂŠcu Independent Artists.

Spring Issue SPRING ISSUE Natalie J. Watts

p h o t o g r a p h e r


vĂŠcu Independent Artists.

PUBLISHER Coleman Media Group

Delina C. Editor-in-Chief editor@vecumagazine.com Melissa Lee Advertising Account Executive vecumagazine@gmail.com FEATURED CONTRIBUTOR Lorena | Travel Designery traveldesignery.com CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS Natalie J. Watts Photographer Sonja Salinas Illustrator Reverie Daydream Artisan Boutique Nadinoo Hand Crafted Clothing

Amel Kerkeni Photographer Rodney Ray Photographer Darling Clothes Anna Malmberg Photographer

photography Amel Kerkeni

Othelia Grace Vintage Inspired Bridal

Wicked Little Fox wickedlittlefox.com


Reverie Daydream


Inklore Design


Nadinoo Hand Crafted Clothing


11 Little Sonrisa Illustrator 21 Darling Clothes 27 Othelia Grace Vintage Inspired Bridal 31 Anna Malmberg Photographer



47 Travel Designery with Lorena Cover Photo by Natalie J. Watts Model Holly@Storm

Headdress Rachel Reilly, Top Stylist’s




Artisan Boutique www.reverie-daydream.com

Birds and Cages Purse: $70 Circus Boy Card Set: $14

LOVE pillowcases (set):  $48  

Kashgar Travel Journal: $215

Bunny Vase: $42

WILD HONEYSUCKLE - Seasons of Enchantment - Candles $26.00

Two Sparrows Organic Tote: $40

Sugar Cane Tea Soap: 7oz. $10  

Imagine Shea Butter Handcreme : 4.25 ounces   $22


INKLORE DESIGN Handmade Living in a Modern World www.inkloredesign.com

The Simplicity Tea Towel: $16

Linen Coasters - Set of Four: $20

Set of 2 Organic Reusable Produce/Bulk Bags: $20

Garden Apron: $45

Branches Tea Cosie: $45

Quatrefoil Pillow Slip Apple or Chocolate: $42



Beautifully Hand Crafted Clothing



British label Nadinoo has created a whimsical, enchanted world, with the belief that each customer should be able to find the perfect garment. The young label has a dedicated loyal global following. With each piece carefully constructed by hand and made to order, Nadinoo is able to offer an impeccable personalised service. Only the most sumptuous fabrics are used, with silks and cottons from Liberty of London heavily featuring in every collection._ _____________________

Nadia Izruna the designer behind the brand started designing and hand making the first Nadinoo collections in February 2009.  She says: “I liked the idea of hand sewing a garment just for the intended wearer, making it special and unique just for them. The idea of deconstructing the process to be more flexible and engaging for the consumer is a concept I still hope to develop further in future collections.”


Behind the Seams Spring & Summer 2011

little sonrisa

“I paint to make you smile and pull you into the gap between reality and dream.�

April 2011 My name is Sonja aka ... Little Sonrisa and I am a daydreamer. I was born in 1972, just about 20 years too late to fully indulge in the 70s, nonetheless love and peace rule my work. At times I find my painted microcosm pretty weird, but always with a sense of truth and a touch of nostalgia. I am Austrian by birth and American by choice, which perfectly explains the combination of weird and nostalgia, but my work is also influenced by the city I live in. Los Angeles with it’s strong lowbrow movement and bright colors plays an important role in my aesthetic. I paint to make you smile and pull you into the gap between reality and dreams, through which I tell stories about strange worlds and creatures, that speak to the child within. xo, Little Sonrisa




An Eclectic Twist on Vintage Cool www.darlingclothes.com


Prepare to indulge your feminine side with Darling’s

Luxurious textured detailing of lace, crochet, tapestry

gorgeous vintage inspired collection. The London

and embroidery. Flirty ruffles and frills with intricate

based designers launched Darling in August 2008.

embellishments, fun filled polka dots and cute sequin

Their mission is to bring you luxury on a budget,

and pearl details. Darling now sells to over 400

emphasis on English design quality with gorgeous

independent retailers and department stores all over

detailing. Each collection receives the highest of

Europe, Australia, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

praise from buyers and customers alike, and every

For an eclectic twist on vintage cool, Darling has

season, Darling brings a unique collection. Taking

everything for the perfect flirty, feminine wardrobe at

inspiration from sophisticated vintage prints, well cut

affordable prices. How can you go wrong with that?

pieces full of quirky and exquisite details.


OTHELIA GRACE Vintage Inspired Bridal Accessories www.otheliagrace.com

Alexandra Headband $94

Phina Clutch Bag $79

Turtle Bracelet $69

Zara Brooch $62



martine } los angeles

dada } milan

zuzi } prague

melanie } paris

mayo } hong kong

alyce} perth

rachel } chicago

aileen} manila


ANNA MALMBERG Paris, France www.anna.elle.se

If you ask Anna Malmberg where the mystery and the loneliness within her photographs came from, she will probaby reply that she received the aesthetic from her childhood. Growing up in a charming old house in the North of Sweden, surrounded by forests and lakes. When she turned 14, her artist parents built her a dark room, where she started to develop her experimentations as a photographer. At the age of 18 Anna received a photo scholarship and moved to Stockholm. Where she started her photo studies at GFU, continued with photogravure at Biskops-Arno and photocommunication at Bilder Nordic School of Photography at Berghs. During that time she had the pleasure to assist Lennart Nilsson among other great photographers. She began to branch out on her own in the art and fashion industry, with several exhibitions in Sweden and Taiwan. After 10 years in Stockholm Anna moved to Paris in 2010.




Day-Tripping in Tuscany

It wasn’t too long ago that I was in Florence for the week and the most pressing issue on my mind was where to go for a day-trip. Well, needless to say, things are juuust a little different in New York, but that doesn’t keep me from always having a Tuscan mind-set, where everything is beautiful, relaxed, and super tasty! I’ve saved it all in my mind you see, for moments like this, when I can just sit back and share a tale or two...

Enjoy! Lorena

Day-Tripping DAY ONE


My sister and I spent an afternoon (albeit a rainy one) within the medieval walls and cobblestone streets of a little Tuscan town called Lucca. Never heard of it? Well, when it was suggested to me I hadn’t either, the name reminded me of an old song from the 90’s by Susan Vega called ‘My name is Luca’. Yes, too ancient for many to remember, I know, but I have the memory of an elephant! So don’t mind me... We walked around the winding little streets of the town, popping in and out of the charming shops and boutiques, and ending it all with nice, full bellies after having a yummy pasta dinner at a local trattoria. Soon enough, it was time to head back to Florence, and plan for our next day trip...but where to go?...hmmm..

Day-Tripping DAY TWO


Ok, I don’t drink but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a little bit of wine-tasting! I love the art and cultivation of wines and just the whole food culture that surrounds it. And I’ve always loved the designs that go on liquor bottles so naturally, we decided to take our next day trip to Chianti. We visited a spectacular vineyard (which I unfortunately ,cannot remember the name of), set in a castle-like structure and surrounded by miles and miles of grapes, dee-licious! I should have snatched a few while no one was looking, but no matter, we had tons of cheeses and then went for a walk in the town where we had some of Caffe Lepanto’s exceptional gelato. I went with raspberry :-)

Dress: Anthony Franco Lace Shirt: Anthony Franco Shoes: Guiseppe Zanotti Necklace: Charler Albert Earrings: Anu by Jeanne Bauer

Desert HEAT photography Rodney Ray RodneyRayPhotography.com producer Lu Zhang model Natasha@ LA Models makeup Annette@Intro Artist Agency hair Ian Martin Putter@Joseph Martin Salon wardrobe Alejandro Peraza@AlejandroStyles.com assistant: Denise de la Rama

Dress: Cesar Arellanes Wrap Bracelets: Anu by Jeanne Bauer Shoes: VINCINI

Leather Harness: Cesar Arellanes Bolero Jacket with Train: Ella Zahlan

Dress: Cesar Arellanes Shoes: Guiseppe Zanotti Necklace: Charles Albert Cuff: Charles Albert

Dress: Aidan Mattox Leather Harness: Cesar Arellanes Shoes: Guiseppe Zanotti Earrings: Marianna Harutunian Cuff: The Passionate Collector

Arm-piece: Marianna Harutunian Head-piece: Cesar Arellanes

observateur dans les bois photography & styling Natalie J Watts www.nataliejwatts.com makeup Angela Deviatova hair Dean Andrews photography assistant Loraine Ross model Holly@Storm

Neckpiece - Rachel Reilly

Dress - Facets of Avalon

Corset & Skirt - Jan Billings/ Facets of Avalon

Floral headpiece - Dean Andrews, Top - stylist’s own

Dress - Facets of Avalon

Heart of Gold

photography Amel Kerkeni www.amelkerkeni.com

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VECU Magazine April 2011  

Independent Artists

VECU Magazine April 2011  

Independent Artists

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