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Castle Saunderson hosts the youth and Adult Forum Founders Day Celebration in Derry and the Mansion House Year of World Scout Friendships launched Chief Scout awards Ceremony held in Larch hill And lots lots more!

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In this issue... Founders Day ‘13 Up for an MPC ONE Programme Resources New Scout Group Urban Challenge

Cub Scouts Page 24

Quote of the Month

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“Show me a poorly uniformed troop and I’ll show you a poorly uniformed leader.” Baden Powell


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ny in emo e in r e c ds ac Awar s take pl o t c u o S ard f Sc hief Chie burgh aw l C a r l u ts Edin naug gura u Scou the I Duke of a e r w n u a t I en hs the 13 V . Also in Marc sce and arch Hill. e d h n t 2 i s d rday s of L h Ga ts an he award Marion u o c Satu iation wit rounding te t S d r c e 24 achieved ment an ward. Ka ief h t e asso autiful su er d lop Ch ts a e day w ia and ha r of Deve residen and the e the b h t P r on he rite ecto ards uests ted the c urphy dir Gaisce-T OE) aw G l a i D e l Spec ad comp John T M ager from inburgh( h n s a o of Ed t Ma wh ew e c c k e n u j a o D r d atten owran P tor of the G c e Irwin pson Dir Thom It was then time to present the various awards. The Chief Scout Scout Michael John Shinnick patron Awards-Scouts and the Bronze of the Chief Scout Awards was Gaisce Awards were first up. The also on hand to see all the Youth citations were read out by the Chief members receiving their Awards.

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The day was opened with Pat O Sullibheann (NSRAP) who gave the opening thought. This was followed by an address by the Chief Scout who explained how the Chief Scout Award came to align itself alongside the Criteria of both the Gaisce and the DOE. The Chief Commissioner (Youth Programme) Ian Davy then made a presentation of a framed set of all the Chief Scout Awards along with both the Gaisce and DOE awards to the Chief Scout.


Commissioner (Youth Programme) and the awards were presented by Conor Mc Keon Programme Commissioner (Scouts) along with John T Murphy from Gaisce. There was great excitement in the hall as each name was announced. Then it was time for the Chief Scout awards-Venture Scouts and the Silver Gaisce awards to be presented. The citations were read out by the Chief Commissioner (Youth Programme) and the awards were presented by Ruth Wylie Programme Commissioner (Venture Scouts) along with John T Murphy from Gaisce. Finally the Chief Scout made a presentation to both Gaisce and DOE for their commitment and Cooperation in this project. It was then onto refreshments for all the Youth Members their Mentors and the many parents who attended on the day. To View all the images from the day click on the link below

To view a presentation put together by the Communications team which was played on the day and would be a very good video to use to promote the Chief Scouts Award in your Section then Click on the Video link below.

Chief Scout Award Ceremony


The Youth Programme and Adult Resources Forum grow and develop ; the branches are the groups extending from the tree, and the leaves our youth members, young vibrant and unique in their own way. The life cycle of the tree throughout the seasons marks the life cycle of our members. The forum provided the delegates with workshops and discussion groups presented by external sources such as Saad Kian from World Bureau in Geneva, Sean Coughlan, Entrepreneurs Ireland, Our International Scout Centre at Castle Saunderson saw the influx of over 80 Provincial and County Commissioners and their teams from around the country gather together for the Youth Programme and Adult resources Forum over the weekend of the 8th to 10th February 2013. The forum hoped to assist the Provinces and Counties to identify and develop solutions in order that they can provide continued support to Scout Groups in terms of Youth Programme and Adult resources. The symbolic framework around


the weekend was Growing Solid Supports over Time and Irish Trees were used as the basis for this framework. The concept of the organisation being likened to a tree was developed by a scout Richard Murray (North Eastern Province Youth Rep) who saw the tree as an example of how Scouting Ireland works today. The roots being the National Teams feeding the trunk and providing nourishment to allow it to continue to grow, the trunk being the Provinces and counties providing the support in order that the groups have a firm standing to

Catherine Tyrrell, Accenture and James Doorley from NYCI. They presented topics around the fundamentals of scouting, our Product, team building and it’s importance in the continuing supports and active citizenship. Workshops included communication , adults in Scouting, one programme and training. During the course of the weekend a resource booklet was produced giving the delegates an overview of sessions and their outcomes. Castle Saunderson proved to be an excellent venue for the forum and to mark the occasion the delegates planted 11 Alders on the site to mark the 1st forum of its kind. Thanks to the organising team for their vision and enthusiasm in its planning.. A first venture for Youth Programme and Adult Resources working together as a team – The success of the Forum will surely mean that this Forum won’t be an orphan – so watch this space….. To view the resource booklet from the Forum Click here

Whole Health Programme Resources and other substances and the threat of bullying and conflict.

The Whole Health concept should be seen as an encompassing idea that centres round the whole or complete health idea; this includes body, mind, diet and fitness. A young person will go through many changes in life and these changes are not easy to handle. Feelings and anxieties can be heightened and the changes in their bodies can also be a worry or concern. Developing appropriate relationships, friendships and moving from childhood to teenage friends can be interesting and also difficult for young people. In the background, of course, all the external troubles and temptations are ever present - alcohol, drugs


An Adult Scouter can become a solid constant in the life of a Youth Member. There will be many opportunities for you to help and guide these young people in a gentle and caring way. Not in the role of a counsellor but with a view to enabling them, supporting them and directing them to resources and external support / agencies as and if required. This handbook presents some of the considerations that Adult Scouters should be aware of. It provides guidance, support and some programme ideas. The idea is to use this handbook as a background aid and reference, every situation will be different and if we keep young people in our focus, and your desire to help and support them on their personal journey you can do some worthwhile work in assisting them in their development.

While this subject matter is not per say part of the prescribed Personal Progression Scheme, it is still a vital part of our programme objectives contained within the SPICES. I would ask you to always try and use opportunities within the programme to address the issues explored in this handbook - involve everyone, let them talk, discuss and discover in a safe environment among friends (remembering to work as a complete Scouter team within the Programme Section). Through this handbook and your continued involvement with young

people you can help them along the journey to adulthood. To download or View the Resource Click on the Link Below I wish you every success with your Programme Section and your continued leadership of young people Ian Davy Chief Commissioner – Youth Programme

ur in yo e z i rgan special d an o n ial, y c a u h yo ted b gos. Soc r t r a o u h p t o lo up ts S in even hat are s SPICES l E a i c t C l. pe the ce SPI are s d Provin orating d Spiritua s e p v r n i n itiat ty a al a inco ne In p, Coun badges, Emotion o L u ix er, The n, Gro are s Charact io t e e in c r e e , l h S a T eopl u . p t s c g e e l n you badg al, Intel olve e event. ic v s n y i h P You r th tive. l idea fo a i t i n fina ne I idea a Lo ing the The n u r to oos ecide s and ch d u • Yo ng idea ti selec

• The event must be based in the outdoors and be exciting, challenging, fun and adventurous. • The event is planned using the Plan, Do and Review method. So, everyone is involved, a plan is agreed, jobs are distributed, key review parameters are agreed before the event, SPICE areas and opportunities are also identified. • The Event happens. • Afterwards the event is reviewed, using agreed parameters and


knowledge learnt can be used to enhance the personal journeys of young people and improve the running of future events. All events will have a strong SPICE element depending on the activity you choose. An orienteering event for example, with have a high physical content but it will also have intellectual, social and spiritual elements that can be explored. So, firstly you choose the badge that you want to pursue, then choose an activity or design an event to explore this SPICE area. Then, working with the young people in your section, explore the other SPICE opportunities that can be included to make your activity or event a more rounded experience. To download this resource booklet click on the link below.


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wo first t ary in e h t nu g al n durin tings, Ja o i y t s bu ee Na been oth its m City. e v a b h h rry reas NMC 2013 wit ry in De e the a h e a T r f u e r o eb ths ng w mon Hill and F llowi o f e h g th Larc eetin m y uar e Jan h t t s A sines of bu

e Secr

purpose of Launching “The Gathering”, recognizing the founding members of Scouting Ireland 10 years on and the launch of the Year of World Friendship.

NMC Standing Orders

NMC Standing Orders are currently being reviewed by a working group of the NMC

Appointment of Camp Chief at Killaloe Water Activities

National Council 2013

A series of Workshops and Clinics are planned for National Council and will be delivered by the Team Leads of the various Standing Committees along with the International and Communications Commissioners.

National Council Election Policy SID 86/11

It was decided to remove the video presentation portion of the National Council Election Policy SID 86/11

Founder’s Day 2013

Founder’s Day this year will be in the Mansion House, Dublin on Friday 15th February with the



Diarmuid O’Brian was appointed for a second three year term as Camp Chief at the Killaloe Water Activities Centre, congratulations to Diarmuid and continued success in the role.

European and World Committee Protocols

A set protocols were drawn up by the International Commissioner and approved by the NMC and will become effective immediately

NMC and Trust Companies Working Group

This working Group are progressing satisfactorily and continue to move towards the unification of the three Trust Bodies and an interim report will be published prior to National Council

EAP Presentation

This is a initiative to assist both the Volunteer and Staff members to be assisted and supported when conflict may arise from time to time

Scouting Ireland Apparel

A presentation was given by the Communications Commissioner on proposed new designs for Scouting Ireland apparel. This was part of the Communications team plans to seek as much feedback as possible from various bodies. The day before a presentation was given to the National Youth Reps and the Youth Fora. All feedback was taken and will be included in helping to develop this line.

At the February meeting these were the areas of business

National Council 2013

Final details are being put in place by the National Council 2013 Core Team and a full breakdown of the planned event will be included in the April edition of the Inside out Magazine.

Suggested Workshops & Clinics hosted by the Team Leads:

»» »» »» »» »» »» »»

Youth Programme (NYPC) Adult Resources (NARC) Spiritual (NSRAP) Compliance in Scouting Ireland The Scout Foundation International Communications

Suggested Activities hosted by Brian Webster PC, Gillian Waters CC, Noel Leahy and Ducheasa Kelly

»» »» »» »» »» »»

Swimming Gala Water Activities Pitch and Putt Competition Shopping in Sligo Rosses Point Ramblers Vision 2020

Founder’ Day in Errigal Scout County

Members of the NMC attended the Errigal Scout County Dinner and their Founder’s Day Parade in Derry and a great time was had by all.

Conflict Resolution Policy

A working group was set up by the National Secretary and the Chief Commissioner Adult Resources to review the existing Conflict Resolution Policy and Guidelines and the following were approved by the NMC and will be published in the coming weeks: 1. Conflict Guidelines 2. Adults in Scouting Policy


3. 4.

Complaint Procedures Complaints Panel

National Council 2013 Motions

Motions and Resolutions were prepared and will be put to National Council on behalf of the NMC

World Scout Moot

The NMC received an update on the World Scout Moot and wish all those involved with the project success and enjoyment. Sean Farrell NS 5th March 2013.

Founders Day 2013 in the Mansion House This year the founders day celebration took place in the Mansion house in Dublin on the 15th Feb. The night started with a presentation to the original members of the first National Management Committee of Scouting Ireland. With Scouting Ireland now in its 10th year in existence the National Secretary Sean farrell made a small presentation to those members who were able to make it along on the evening. Next it was over to Christy Mc Cann the International Commissioner who proceeded to officially launch the Scouting Ireland Gathering events. In attendance on the night were members of the Gathering 2013 National organising Committee. They spoke highly of the commitment Scouting Ireland were giving to this imitative. A presentation prepared b the communications commissioner was given which detailed the national


initiatives to be undertaken by Scouting Ireland and also listed some of the many Group initiatives taken place all around the country. In association with the Gathering the Chief Commissioner (Youth Programme) Ian Davy proceeded to launch the Scouting Ireland Year of World Friendships which include the unveiling of the New Badge and the criteria required for each youth Member and Scouter needed to complete to attain the Badge. The final act of the night was the Cutting of the Gathering Cake which officially launched the “Scouting Ireland Year of World Friendships� The reception in the mansion house was hosted by the Deputy Lord Mayor of Dublin our own Dermot Lacey who was deputising for the Lord Mayor.

The MC for the evening was Kiernan Gildea who done a great Job of keeping the whole evening flowing. Also special thanks to Jimmy Holmes, Sean Farrell, Christy Mc Cann (International Commissioner ) and Jimmy Cunningham (Communications Commissioner) who helped in putting the evening together. To view more images of this event click on the Link below

Founders day Celebrations in Derry Hundreds of scouts from all over Donegal travelled to Derry to join their counterparts from Derry and Tyrone in Sunday to participate in the Errigal Scout County Founder’s Day parade and service which was part of the Celebration of Scouting weekend. The weekend events included a Celebration dinner in the City hotel on Friday night which was attended by members of the national Management Committee including the Chief Scout, Michael John Shinnick.

For more photos of the weekend events check out the Scouting Ireland Gallery at the link below Over 1350 Scouts attended the parade which went along the streets of Derry coming across the Peace Bridge to the Venue where the service was held. More than 370 scouts from the Northern Ireland Scout Council participated in the parade with their Scouting Ireland colleagues. Donegal was well represented with Scouts from 14 groups from the county (Killybegs, Donegal Town, Stranorlar, Lifford, Raphoe, Letterkenny, Manorcunningham, Newtoncunningham, Muff, Buncrana, Carndonagh, Clonmany, Bocan, Quigley’s Point) attending.


A number of presentations were made at the service, 19th Donegal (Lifford) Beaver Scout Leader Emma McNulty received her Bronze Merit award for the Chief Scout, Michael John Shinnick and three Scouts from 3rd Donegal (Raphoe) received their Chief Scouts Award.

Crean Challenge 2013 Link to all the Images for the Crean Challenge 2013

Full report on this event next month 13

National Adult Resources Committee - NARC

What the Rules Say we do:

Who Are We

Chief Commissioner Adult Resources - Thérèse Bermingham (Chair) National Training Commissioner - Mary Fricker NARC Rep Northern Province - Kieran McCann NARC Rep Western Province - Tommy Flaherty

138. The functions of the National Adult Resources Committee shall include:

NARC Rep Dublin Province - Tom Clarke International Representative - Aidan J Brennan

(a) The co-ordination of Adult Resources in Scouting Ireland on behalf of the National Management Committee; (b) The co-ordination and monitoring of the Training Team; (c) The appraisal and further development of Adult Resources; (d) The provision of resources for the development of Adults in Scouting: (e) Other tasks delegated by the National Management Committee from time to time.

Fellowships and Recharge

- Jake Reid

What we as a committee do:

Training Review Project Manager

- Chris Kearns

Child Protection Officer

- Ruth Hughes

»» Monitor & Co-ordinate training and review the content and application of Scouter Training in conjunction with the Training Commissioner and the Training team. »» We develop and co-ordinate resource’s for Adults in

NARC Rep South- Eastern Province NARC Rep North-Eastern Province

- James Marks

NARC Rep Southern Province

- Chris McSweeney

- Currently Vacant

Manager Support Functions - Joe Marken And one other person who may be appointed by the National Management Committee as recommended by the Chief Commissioner Adult Resources.


»» »» »»

Scouting such as Group Leader manuals, Equality policies, Adult Recruitment & retention tools, Quality Scout Experience (QSE) and conflict management policies etc. and bring them to the National Management Committee for approval. We oversee various Adult events such as Recharge. We work with the National Youth Program Committee in various ways such as joint conferences, Whole Health Policy etc. Various other rolee as delegated by the National Management Committee

What the members also do outside the National Adult Resource Committee itself: Chief Commissioner Adult Resources »» Member of the National Council »» Member of the National Management Committee »» Member of the National Team for Policy Implementation and Co-ordination »» Chairperson of the National

Adult Resources Committee »» Member of the National Awards Committee »» Chairperson of the National Child Protection Management Team »» Deal with appointments in accordance with the Rules of the Association.

»» Act as a liaison between the International team and the National Adult Resources Committee »» The International Rep also keeps up to date with international publications for review by National Adult Resource Committee.

International Rep »» Serve as a member of the International Team

Provincial Adult Resources Rep »» Member of the Provincial Management Support Team


»» To act as liaison between the relevant Province and National Adult Resource Committee. »» To support the implementation of Scouting Ireland’s policies and procedures including Adults in Scouting and Conflict Resolution. »» To represent the relevant needs views and priorities of the Province to the National Adult Resources Committee. »» To work with relevant Provincial Training Coordinators to support adults in the Province. »» To help and liaise with his/her Provincial Commissioner »» To aid the Provincial Commissioner, where requested, in dealing with Conflict within the Province - this means that the Provincial Commissioner may request the Provincial Adult Resources Rep to help a group or County in dealing with a conflict and its resolution in conjunction with the relevant County Commissioner. »» To aid the CCAR with various items as required.

Some questions answered Q. What happens to policies or resources developed by NARC? A. All go to the National Management Committee for discussion and approval or otherwise. Only the National Management Committee can issue policies. Q. If there is a dispute in my Group can I go straight to the Provincial Adult Resources Rep? A. No. All disputes/conflict should be dealt with locally first of all. The procedure is to try to solve the issues at Group level first of all, then if not solved to the County Commissioner, then to the Provincial Commissioner and then to the Chief Commissioner Adult Resources. The County Commissioner may request from the Provincial Commissioner that the Provincial Adult Resources Rep get involved and help him/her in resolving the issue.

Q Does the National Adult Resource Committee get involved in Scouter Training? A. NARC takes an overview of training and monitors the work of the Training Team. The training team actually develop the training and provide same through the Provinces. Q. Does the National Adult Resource Committee review Child Protection cases? A. No that is the role of the National Child Protection Management Team. The Chief Commissioner Adult Resources sits on this committee along with the Chief Commissioner Youth Programme, the Child Protection Officer, the CEO and one other member as recommended by the National Team for Policy Implementation and Coordination.


Q. Who do I contact for support or advice?

Scouter Support Line

A. Along with the Support Staff who you can contact at any time, there is a group that meets in Larch Hill every Monday night that are available on the phone or in person who are there give you some advice should you need it. This service is available from 19:00 – 21:00 and the team can be contacted on 01 495 6300 during these hours.

Dear Scouter,

Remember, the members of the National Adult Resources Committee are there to help you the Scouter.

Every Monday night a telephone and “drop in” support service is available in Larch Hill from 19.00 to 21.00. This service is available on the Scouting Ireland regular telephone line 01 4956300. This scouter support is an initiative of the National Adult Resources Committee, and offers support to Scouters in particular Group Leaders who wish to some help, guidance, and or maybe clarification on their role. The service will be provided by other volunteers who have relevant experience as Group Leaders and County Commissioners. You may just need to find a form or document or have a chat, we are there to listen. The out of hours service for child protection issues and concerns remain unchanged the numbers are in the Republic of Ireland 01 5547840 and in Northern Ireland 028 95680080 This new service is for all other issues in relation to your role as an adult scouter from recruitment, retention training to retirement, I hope you find this of value. Yours in Scouting, Thérèse Bermingham Chief Commissioner (Adult Resources)


Pa book


013 nce 2 ld. i s e or ctiv la e ally a ver the w r e r I n o e all s be ting e ha age from e us. g a Scou p ok Lik he p ce bo likes on t low and a F e 300 nk b eland ng Ir e over 2, on the li i t u o Sc av lick ow h n? C We n ow join i n Why

ace nd F


ial a soc e t a ltiv for oup g is to cu se a hike r G s t t l utin ani cou nd Adu our S lts in Sco be to org dships a n. It r y o n i f s uld ctio adu ults frien Hike a hike for afdsupportindgoing this wy oto developand for refle a g to on . ay of od w nisin reati hers spec Orga portant a lly good w n be a go s for rec any of ot time ie p a a and vity An im t. One re he hills c pportunit the com , t n e i t d o c gnific rous act care a aspe A hike in provide ature an m u e n n . vent d are d du them ork. It ca ppreciate relan e any ad nning an I n w i a la ills Lik team lp us to the h nspiring. o good p e d h n n a s i ca nd ide isk, ntrys plifting a ent of r u o c m u be ike. open e ele The there can out som joyable h t th n spen is not wi a safe, e g r hikin quired fo e are r This short article sets out some pointers which you may find useful.

Leadership & First Aid

Things can change rapidly in the hills and your group must be ready to respond to the unexpected. Positive and sometimes urgent leadership actions may be required in the event of a sudden change of circumstances such as unanticipated difficult terrain, weather deterioration, personal accident or injury.


to maximise the possibility of a good day on the hills it is best to agree a purpose for the day and to ensure that all of the participants understand that purpose before they set out. People have many reasons for walking in the hills such as;

One person should act as walk leader; they should lead the planning and take charge on the day. They should be an experienced walker and have good navigation skills. Your group should also include someone qualified in First Aid in the out of door. If you don’t have someone with the relevant walking experience or First Aid training in your Scout Group you might borrow one from a neighbouring Scout Group or a local walking club or First Aid organisation.

Individual interests

Each person may be looking for something different form their day out. To avoid disappointment and

• To go for a nice walk in the open air • To take in some pleasant scenery • To practice hill skills, including navigation • To get & stay fit • To get away from the normal pressures • To study wildlife and/or take photos • To get to a specific feature such as a hilltop, lake, holy place, ruin, etc. Each of these purposes may lead to a difference in pace as well as different choice of primary and backup routes. It is important that the hike leader understands what each walker wants from the outing and agrees an achievable set of goals for the day so as to avoid conflicting pressures developing during the walk.

Individual Fitness

There are likely to be varying levels of fitness and of hillwalking experience in your group. It is important that all members of the group can take part in the hike safely and within the limits of their fitness. So the primary route, alternative routes and any escape routes must be suitable for your specific group.

Personal Gear

Many of the adults in your group may not be used to hiking and so may not have all of the gear which would be required for advanced hiking. The following items are essential: • Walking shoes or boots, soles should firm for ankle support with good thread for grip on slippery terrain • Waterproof, breathable jacket & trousers to protect you from the wind and rain • Warm hat & gloves to protect your extremities in exposed conditions


Group Gear

• Non-cotton clothing, cotton holds the moisture and can lead to problems including hypothermia • Head torch, in case your groups is still on the hill after dusk, especially important in Winter months • Rucksack, to carry it all, use a waterproof liner also as rucksacks do not keep out the rain

The hike leader should ensure that the following gear is carried by the group on the day:

The following items are desirable: • • •

Gaiters, to help keep water and organic matter out of your boots Waterproof, breathable 3 Season walking boots Spare socks, in case of accident

Food & Drink

Each person should carry enough food and drink for themself for the day as well as a little over in case they are out longer than anticipated. Suitable food and drink includes: • Carbohydrate: Bread, warps, pasta, etc. This provides energy • Protein: Meat, fish, cheese. This helps to maintain muscle function • Sugar: It is useful to bring some

• •

food that contains good levels of sugar to restore blood-sugar levels after strenuous effort Water: The body loses lots of water through perspiration while hiking, it is important to replace this to avoid the effects of dehydration Hot drink: May be carried in a thermos flask as a pick-me-up in cold, wet conditions

The following are best avoided: • •

Carbonated (fizzy drinks), these have a dehydrating effect Relying on any one type of food from the above list

• First Aid kit, suitable for hiking conditions and carried by the qualified First Aider(s) • Group Shelter, lightweight shelter for 6, 8 or 12 people, to provide short term shelter from hail, driven rain or in the event of injury • Map & Compass, carried by experienced navigator(s) • GPS as a backup to map & compass in case of extreme conditions

Route Planning

Plan a route that takes account of individual interests and fitness levels as well as the weather forecast and anticipated underfoot conditions on the day. Expected wind direction and speed will also affect route choice, it’s no fun slogging uphill with a strong wind in your face or doing a long ridge walk with a low winter’s sun right in your eyes the whole way. Use a suitable estimating aid such as Naismith’s Rule or a mapping software package to calculate travel duration. Remember to allow for breaks, an average of 15 minutes per hour is good. Also aim to be off the hills at least one hour before sundown to avoid an unplanned descent in the dark. Identify suitable points along the route where the walkers can leave the hills and cut the day short if the need arises due to unplanned events such as disimproving weather or underfoot


conditions or in the case of very slow progress. These are called Escape points and the hike leader should plan suitable routes (Escape Routes) from each of these points back to transport.

Staying Safe

Sometimes things do not go as expected on a hike. Progress may be slower than expected, weather conditions may deteriorate, the terrain may prove more challenging than expected, someone may fall ill, etc. So it is important to have

planned some route adjustments (escape routes) that will shorten the distance and/or enable the group to get off the hill at points along the planned route. Some simple precautions in case things go wrong: The hike leader should: • Carry a fully charged mobile phone and encourage others in the group to do likewise • Leave a description of the route with some at home (base contact) so your intended route is clear • Tell that person what time you expect to return and by what time they should consider you “overdue” • Provide that person with mobile phone numbers for the group, more than one, maybe all • Contact the home contact person as soon as the group is safely off the hills to let them know that all is well The home contact person should: • If your group fail to return or to call them by the designated time, attempt to contact first the hike leader and if that fails anyone else in the group to find out if they are in trouble

• If contact can’t be made by an agreed time they should call 112, ask for Mountain Rescue, provide the route description and report the group as overdue


After the hike it is advisable to review the experience (Remember Plan-Do-Review…) this will help you to understand what went well and what could be improved for next time. It is also a good idea to share the experience with others who did not manage to attend, posting a few well-chosen photos with a short account of the outing on Facebook or website may be a good way of doing this. This may encourage others to attend the next hike and can serve as useful talking point for group members.

So go on and enjoy it

With a little thought and planning there are almost limitless options for quality days in the hills in Ireland. So get the group together, pick a route that suits the group and the expected weather and get out there and enjoy it.

Scouting Ireland Twitter Page Scouting Irelands presence of Twitter goes from strength. We now have over 3,500 followers.


If you are not following us as yet then please click on the link below click follow for instant updates and news and all that is going on in Scouting Ireland and Beyond! Below is a sample of some recent tweets

Some Tweets

Garda Vetting legislation

Scout Halls exempt from Property Tax

Further to our letter to you on 6th September 2012 re incoming Garda Vetting legislation in the Republic, please note that the law was enacted on 26th December and will be coming fully into force on 1st March. The Act states as follows: Part 3, 12, (1) A relevant organisation shall not employ (whether under contract of employment or otherwise) any person to undertake relevant work or activities ‌‌.. Unless the organisation receives a vetting disclosure from the National Vetting Bureau in respect of that person. A person who contravenes subsection (1) above shall be guilty of an offence. In preparation for the above Act, the National Secretary advised on the 6th September that no adult applying for membership after 28th September 2012 should commence involvement with young people unless they have received written confirmation of their membership including vetting from National Office. Your group should already be compliant if you followed the 6th September letter i.e. new volunteers after 28th September should not be commencing any involvement with young people until vetting and membership are confirmed by National Office. To view the official letter click on the link below


The Minister for finance Michael Noonan announced that Scout Halls will be exempt from the new property tax due to come into force in July. The Chief Scout Michael John Shinnick said it was very welcome news and will be appreciated by all the groups around the country.


Welcome to Cubs Corner, In this month’s edition we are going to take a look at ways that we can protect our environment, in particular we will take a look at Earth Day and what it means.

About Earth Day

Earth Day began on April 22, 1970 and has been an important day ever since. It’s a day to reflect on our planet, our environment and what we can do to help keep them healthy. From the beginning, children and schools were approached to support the formation and continuation of this special day. And this makes sense! Children have the most important stake in keeping our planet healthy.

So What Did Earth Day Accomplish?

The first “Earth Day” took place in the USA and after the first earth day in 1970 here’s what happened:


The Environmental Protection Agency was established later in 1970 The Clean Air Act of 1970 was passed By 1973, such landmarks as the Clean Water Act, the Endangered Species Act, and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act were passed. Since then other countries have accomplished similar achievements. But this is one of those jobs that are never complete. Global warming and other issues never even thought of in 1970 are now common themes on the news. In 1990 The UN Earth Summit took place in Rio de Janeiro. The Earth Summit was the largest collection of national political leaders ever to meet in one place. It made some important steps toward addressing climate change and preserving biodiversity. More than a dozen countries established eco-labeling programs to help people choose environmentally friendly goods and services.

CARE, the international relief agency, set out new environmental goals for itself in the 1990s that include planting 500,000,000 trees worldwide. But there are still lots to do!

What Can You Do?

All these big “news stories” are great, but what does that really have to do with you and me? I mean, we’re not part of the U.N. or anything but we are part of a worldwide organisation that cares about nature and the outdoors.

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You can start with things like using recycled items in your programme. You can learn about your local areas recycling programme. Help at home and in the den with sort the recycling. Encourage others to recycle Why not let others know what you’ve done! Write a letter to your local County Councillor and let them know how much you care about the environment and what work you’ve put in to improve it.

There’s nothing more inspiring than seeing people put thought into action! But the most important part is to be aware and make others aware every day of the year! Earth Day takes place on the 22nd April again this year ….. for the past couple of years countries have marked this day but switching out all lights The amount of energy that is saved by this single action is HUGE – make sure that, wherever you are, the lights are switched off at the appointed time on the 22nd April!

Why not take the opportunity to turn recycled items into treasure and learn about conservation at the same time? Using items that would normally go in the rubbish or recycling bin, build artistic masterpieces of your own design. It’s amazing what some recycled bottles and paper can do when combined with glue and a little imagination. Have a gallery opening at your pack meeting with all your art displayed. Or take part in a conservation project with your pack, there are lots of things that you can do to “reduce, reuse and recycle” waste. Discuss with your pack and leaders what you could do to put the 3 R’s into practice to help your community and how this would impact on the world environment.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Waste, and how we choose to handle it, affects our world’s environment -that’s YOUR environment, everything that surrounds you including the air, water, land, plants, and man-made things.


And since by now you probably know that you need a healthy environment for your own health and happiness, you can understand why effective waste management is so important to YOU and everyone else. The waste we create has to be carefully controlled to be sure that it does not harm your environment and your health.

What exactly is “waste”?

Simply speaking, waste is anything discarded, rejected, no longer in use, abandoned, or otherwise released into the environment in a manner (or quantity) that could have an impact on that environment.

How can you help?

You can help by learning about and PRACTICING the three R’s of waste management: Reduce, reuse, and recycle! Practicing all three of these activities every day is not only important for a healthy environment, but it can also be fun too. So let’s take a minute right now to learn more about waste and waste management, so you can become a key player in making our world a safe and healthy place. Just about anything in your den, home (or office or school, etc.) that cannot be reused CAN be recycled into something else. You’d be amazed what can be done with a recycled product ...a recycled soda bottle, for example, can be made into T-shirts, combs, or hundreds of other plastic goods that can be used for many years. Even your brand new computer case might be made from ordinary recycled plastics. And paper products can take on different forms as well -- an old phone book or coloring book might become one of your school books or a composition notebook.

Your recycling mission is not impossible! In fact, it is very simple: Don’t throw away anything that can be recycled! Here is a list of things you should always recycle (or reuse!) ... • Acid Batteries • Tin Cans • Building Materials • Cardboard • Chemicals • Electronic equipment • Glass (particularly bottles and jars) • Lead • Magazines • Metal • Newspaper • Oil • Paint • Paper • Plastic Bags • Plastic Bottles • Steel Cans • Tires • White Goods (Appliances) • Wood • Writing/Copy Paper

Some of the items listed above will require special handling procedures and special recycling places or events. Just ask your local recycling office for assistance and information.


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2012 e g n e hall se nix C low) plea been e e o h he P e link be t. It has o amm r t of t r g opt t a en (se o p n m r a e s u t c i a c P s t use e do eg. web oops plate from the cros in th which tr events ( ope Scou m e t evel plate gital mme e ma load ok di for down ables th igital tem c progra outs to d y. The o b en log ad ecifi ble e sc toda The vaila s a docm ample of ecord sp ncourag couts of a w to r ld e he s is no aving it a s an ex a mme ps). I wou ctive to t s a e r l e t g b no ila m pro tra e ava t of their r troop ca an be at mad c r s pa les o hese use a mme cyc logs as t l ra prog wn digita o their

tal L i g i D

template available is in three parts, plan, do and review which underpins our scout programme and allow us to learn from our individual or troop experiences. Conor McKeon Programme Commissioner (Scouts)


hip ders oice a e l v th a you ower and r a s g r n i t e o p a f t Lead uters in faciplile find theaibr it that rolesciously t u o co con inh peo b Sc sist S t young hip and nce and u s a C o s s ed t assi nflue ader The esign kshop to role of le ware of i d s eir i nd th he pack ess wor into the coming a skills. a s p i x h e n T e p e dt ng eople unity an nity awar n fully ste s about b influenci p d g n a i oun mu mm ey ca o use rship elp y t their co heir com h so th e. Leade d when t n a t nefi . mc n ing lifetim ng how a rogra ere to be s as hold on good p s s i omm ene l sph elve decid awar persona e thems ing the c d n o se heir serv hip a ders beyond t n begin t place in a e l A a ir rship uts c d the leade Cub Sco t and fin . s world orld in tru w and

ack P p i h

Sixers and Seconders, by their very nature, have automatic leadership opportunities i.e. they are given the opportunity to guide their Six. By becoming a member of a Cub Pack the Cub Scout develops / enhances a realisation that their participation and interaction with each other brings certain responsibilities. By working in small groups (Six) each Cub Scout should be given the opportunity to lead and take responsibility. “I am not only going to be a leader but I am a leader now because I am influencing people every day.�


The National Sunrise Hike This pack is designed to encourage and recognize Groups who continue to hold Annual Sunrise Hikes and to introduce the initiative to those Groups who would like to introduce the Sunrise Hike into their programme. It has practical information and programme ideas as a support. We ask that your Cub Scouts forward a short paragraph with details of your Sunrise Hike and photos if possible as part of the application for the Sunrise Hike Badge.

Introducing CampOne 2013 – first in a series of big camps to take place over the next five years at the five National Scout Centres – starting with Larch Hill as they celebrate 75 years of camping.  Troops welcome  Patrols with adult Scouters welcome  Lone Patrols welcome Dates: 24th to 28th July 2013 3 full days of Scout programme provided Book online Contact: Cost per Scout - €75 - includes programme, camping fees and camp souvenirs *Cost does not include food and transport to and from Larch Hill

Book Now! Limited Places

To make a booking for this camp click here

in lster U r o ber ext ptem May of n M e S n n ght i ter in for a p nnau or Leins o u C s in pril OU ntain ster in A u o Are Y m ra un n ove of the in the about M u r d t n ven eke ach ow a we year? H nal E nge in e o y i t c a n a Fa his is a N tain r ber t PC) nt moun a M ( Octo r form ? enge a differe e l r l h t a a e e l h l y in tog we it C hich have as ursu Sunday) P w t n i n a e o ev yt unt you . each nd craic A Mo nd (Frida ach year r o f a e e fun adge week rovinces n a b erience, i a p g r fou exp ants rticip ed). The a p l t essfu ustra Succ nd (as ill o diam

participate as a team on an MPC. Scouts - see if you can get three of your fellow Scouts and one of your Scouters together and prepare and participate as a team on an MPC. Then get out and do a bit of practice.

PC ?

as the sights you see, all come together to form a great weekend in the mountains. MPC Teams are comprised of four Scouts aged 13 years or older and a Scouter. The team must be completely self sufficient and prepared for a physically challenging weekend. The events tend to take place in the higher, more remote and challenging mountain ranges, so teams need to “be prepared”. More information on preparing


for an MPC, previous routes and lots of other stuff can be found at the MPC Team website www.mpcteam. ie Participants are not required to hold a One Programme – Adventure (Hill Walking) Skills Award. However, the experience and skills gained by participating on a MPC will allow you to be assessed for such an award.

Still interested ?

Scouters - see if you get can four Scouts together and prepare and

Bookings for an MPC can be made to: (you can use this email address too, if you have any queries regarding an MPC). The fee per MPC is €40.00 per team. Events are limited to 20 teams and due to demand, only one team per troop can be accommodated. Dates for the next four events are: Munster MPC - 11th to 13th April 2013 Leinster MPC - 9th to 11th May 2013 Connaught MPC - 19th to 21st of September 2013 Ulster MPC - 17th to 19th of October 2013


International News


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he y to t y will a d w a r i it o n the he major cky r Dublin, o o r e e t! ile t n th s tim s to onth sium, wh lin Airpor tion “Dow ll the way -ra.” m a e a po rma Dub g in And k-fol-lol-d y sin cout Sym pproach cent info its a m c and you opean S e will a st re Wha e of n r mo f WOSM r a o u m l f o E p / s t r h i e at 5t .ne egion o en th is wh nline ion’s This ean Reg ublin wh uropak-o ropean R D p u e Euro s view of posium. re the E i e m h h t y ://s nt w get k http ajor eve c e h m C t this abou

member associations will discuss the main areas of Regional work for the next couple of years and get ready for the 14th European Guide and Scout Conference in Berlin later this year.

More details in next months issue



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ry d Ma n a ) rces t mm o esou he recen R C t l u g t d r e n A h ( f nc C is ni ioner to annou MC) of enewal o s s i Trai N r m ( d d m an ing ittee f Co ease Chie er are pl nt Comm ive review d in train er m sion ens Lead eme volve ngha ermi Commis al Manag compreh s been in a Group B e g a n a es is Ther r - Trainin the Natio r to lead . Chris h ow and n d e e Frick tment by ct Manag ing Irelan 12 years t in r e appo s as Proj for Scou d for ove g n n n r a i l a Ire Ke rain dult t ing in the a in Scout s adult lin. b in Du

The Aim of the review is to: “undertake a review of Scouter Training using the Adults in Scouting World Policy as reference, with the underlining principles of providing adult leadership training that is flexible and accessible, which acknowledges previous skills and focuses on the actual role specific to each Scouter� (Ref: General Motion 13, National Council 2012) . The review will entail a lot of work with the end of 2015 set as the date for it to have produced a revised training scheme. The Training Commissioner will support the Project Manager during the review period and may also adjust / improve the current training scheme based on participant feedback and/ or changing needs.


The first stage in the review is a period of consultation with the membership. Comments and observations relating to adult training during each Provincial Strategy 2020 workshops have been collated to act as a baseline for the consultation. The National Youth Fora (January 2013) and the participants at the Youth Programme/Adult Resources Forum (February 2013) have contributed to the consultation process so far. It is anticipated that further opportunities for consultation at Provincial level and online will be provided for in the coming weeks with an update on the progress of the Review available for National Council 2013.

ted n i o App r e g ura na d a f Ma n o a t M l n me me ace Ire m point p a a r r e ce th Prog ve No T , noun ation. n tions a a a o c t i s e i n d n ase he orga mmu tourism to L t is ple n Co

the ns i t, is land nager for catio orked in nthusias r e Ire fi i a c l a a M r w u e fo T e has q reviously outdoor ponsible r e No rogramm , v k a r e L P en sp res ove t Co s as Wes y and ha ra is a ke d will be land e r m I Lyon o r n g u ei lly f olo t an Ma rigina nd Psych sectors. vironmen programm o s i a n nt e ra Mau Business velopme natural e No Trac e s e ’ d d v Foo Lea ess eland busin about Ir oping the d n a l e deve ionat pass ing and ag man

the next few years. Leave No Trace Ireland was introduced to Ireland in 2006 with the aim of using this internationally recognised message and educational programme to encourage responsible outdoor recreation throughout the island of Ireland. Built on an ethos of personal responsibility for the environment, the Leave No Trace programme, helps people understand the impact of their activities and make better choices when they use


the outdoors. The programme is now supported and promoted by a growing number of State agencies, local authorities, outdoor education centres, tourism businesses, governing bodies of sport, environmental and outdoor recreation agencies. Cormac MacDonnell (Chairperson, Leave No Trace Ireland) wished Maura every success in her position which comes at a time when more and more people are getting into all forms of recreation in the Irish outdoors and the need to care for the environment and to considerate other people, flora and fauna is becoming ever greater. He also acknowledged and thanked Outdoor

NI for managing the Leave No Trace programme over the past five years and also all the main funders of the programme which include Coillte, FĂĄilte Ireland, Irish Sports Council and the Department of Environment, Community & Local Government for their continued support. Maura has established a new Leave No Trace office in Westport, Co. Mayo and looks forward to working with all Leave No Trace trainers, partner agencies, businesses and outdoor enthusiasts on the further development and promotion of the programme in Ireland.

Further information and contact details Maura Lyons, Programme Manager Phone: +00353 1 9059009 Mobile: +00353 87 9005683 Web:

Participants of the Critical Incident Stress Management weekend course in Larch Hill


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ief e Ch h Hill h t d n s an Larc ioner ilable in gramme Wed s i m va ro om me c e to be a of the P you can m a , r r y e g u t en n an ro Scou elf th conti hat with he p t r s ) t a e m h i e D nig mm . oc er h sday th Progra require t mission 4956300 e n d Com (You e 01 y We f you Ever issioner .30. So i the Chief hone lin 1 m ep Com 9.00 to 2 or indeed gular tel e 1 r s from issioner Ireland g m Com e Scoutin h call t Here is links to some Recent Programme Resources that should assist you with your work locally. Did you know there are Youth Member Variations of the Scout Promise and Law Download them from the link to the right.


Setting up a Rover Scout Crew under ONE Programme Distributed to Group Leaders in December - available upon request from the Programme Unit in SI National Office. This booklet has been produced to assist Scout Groups to establish new Rover Scout Crews. Irrespective of whether a Scout Group is introducing the Rover Scout age range for the first time or they are switching from an older Venture Scout programme to ONE Programme, this booklet will explain what is involved. It also sets out definitively the structure and workings of Rover Scout Crews, and should be used in conjunction with the Rover Scouts Handbook. Download this resource at the link below.

Annual Camp / Expedition Standards Certificate Section Administration Files

Did you get a Certificate from your County Programme Team (CPC) for your 2012 Annual Camp / Expedition? If not contact your County Commissioner / CPC.

Do you need some templates to help you, your Scouts (all Sections) and Scouter Team manage the week to week activities! Most people create templates that work for them, but just in case you don’t have time or would like some examples, the Programme Team have developed some suggested templates to get you started. You can download the zip file from the link below

These were printed and distributed (December ‘12) in booklet form to the County Programme Coordinator (CPC) for each Scout County to administer as all the Camping & Adventures in the Out of Doors, both for Camps / Expeditions on the island of Ireland and abroad.


This booklet is designed to allow the CPC to complete the certificate (perforated A4 certificate) while keeping the stub as a record. These can be awarded for 2012 if the CPC is happy that everything was in order. If you don’t know who your CPC is contact your Group Leader. If you are a CPC / CC and you haven’t received a book of certs please contact the Programme Unit in National Office and they will arrange for one to be sent to you in the post.


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cou S e from r u t uest n q e e r on p a V me le up u b a l i g a n av ber Setti Program m e c ish in De ffice. E stabl er a e s r N o e t O d O th s l a

a he up Le ation oup t Gro ctive of w they are is N r u I G o S c o r h ted t e Unit in sist S . Irrespe st time o amme, t u s b a i r t o r r e t g fi m d o DIs ogramm e r e EP duc gram r or th n pro ONE Pro couting f me to ON the P e e b er as eS am klet h Units und g Ventur out progr o o b This re Scout ntroducin nture Sc i e u Vent Group is n older V t a Scou ing from h c t swi

booklet will explain what is involved. It also sets out definitively the structure and workings of Venture Scout Units, and should be used in conjunction with The Venture Scout Experience and The Venture Scout SPICES Book. Download the resource at the link to the right

You can follow the chief Commisioner on Twitter at the following Link Also check out the facebook page here for more daily updates.

Yours in Scouting, Ian Davy Chief Commissioner (Youth Programme)



s on, a s s e o i drill g ake up th t e a o h ut b 16 t on t l ed, b class of l d i n r a s. A ing s at d o d be ert begin b n a r r te eC inte the Win s for tical the w te Charg me. e r r o u f t in dia rac ram ven and ry and p ning for ay be s Interme ing prog s m t u s t r o o n ve c y, e Boa ar ’s Oa ical trai res s oth, a th unday e ter safet a t e p u y e pr wa sb aS this nging na year ramme i n on rn about d u e r r l l 3 a e g 2 r a ch its pro es a tures le ow in son. The ks class n n e s nd ve ee ea ur a s o w c s t g t h n e u ig co Th oati first e the s ng b competent and carrying out the comi . For the rs. Here u se o r h u f activity in safety. Each scout is l o c ha and e n given a log book and records when o a module is completed and must

nde Mai

boating guidelines. International regulations for prevention of collision at sea, safety and emergency equipment, boat maintenance, repairs, anchoring & mooring, flag etiquette , ship recognition, parts of a boat ,sea traditions ,customs & courtesy , emergency procedures (man over board drill), meteorology, local knowledge, currents, tides, boat drill and rope work. Every year guest’s speakers are invited along to talk on their nautical speciality.A very comprehensive training programme, but the emphasis is always on being


be signed off by the instructor. In April the practical end of the course is covered over a weekend .Here you must be competent in taking charge of a multi-oared rowing boat, taking an active part in a boats crew, coming alongside, disembarking in safety, picking up a mooring buoy, negotiating crowded anchorage, understanding boat trim, reacting to an emergency (loss of a rudder, loss of oar). On completion scouts and ventures are presented with their Oars Intermediate Charge Certificate and a nautical Charge Cert. badge.


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on “ i nd t a i r in a e a c a o e y s k ’s 13 As 0 rson rgy to ma d g e 2 p n i ” y b an ne Sail Awards given e and e mmunity embers h t n s e i m o i Ir mitm our t t to our c of our m e. Year l com ing offer e e fi ir u f h r t e bene ntly to on nlaogha had ut nd f o of o o c w S s u in ece is a ch i l, D ears

0y ote whi ities ed r ders ring ntee e as lea fference, recognis Marine H for over 6 ater activ u l o V i l W s w nd .A out. uting s wa and this d Roya year nce. It’s ciety. Thi ds Ball, d for Sco sailing uting Irela e e o o ng ar differ es our s nual Aw olunteer promoti rs of Sc e v v n n i b o A s r n a m p h h tio 7t im me , who lder edica e ISA at th n Lavelle for his d ng and o d a u Eogh nominate rs and yo e g newly formed club. A fair amount bein th memb u o y of preparation was required, and to the practical work was undertaken former Chief Scout and National in summer 1959. Pre-set transits Commissioner for Sea Scouts in the taken from Air Corps aerial survey old Scout Association of Ireland, had photos (by kind permission) were spent his sea scouting years in 5th Port of Dublin (Dollymount) and the 8u Calafort (Monkstown) and now in Dunlaoghaire. One of his earliest volunteering tasks as a Rover Scout in 1959 with the 5th Port, volunteered at the request of Cecil Woodman scout leader and Secretary of Malahide Yacht Club to carry out a Hydro graphic survey in Broadmeadow, Malahide so a decision could be made on the waterside site of the


transferred to 6” OS maps and as Rovers learnt to use a sextant to obtain horizontal angular bearings between pre-chosen fixed points. But of more practical importance, they had the use of an outboard motor – a piece of equipment pretty well unknown to sea scouts at that time. The recordings were so accurate that the Admiralty Charts issued in the UK were amended to include their new findings. A keen yachtsman that has instructed hundreds of our youth members to a very high standard in seamanship. Eoghan ran for many years a popular coastal navigation course recognised by the ISA first at 66 Lower Lesson Street (SAI headquarters) and later out of 8th Port’s den on the East Pier in Dunlaoghaire. Scouting members

and well known yachtsmen gained their experience at his courses and in 1980 included President of Ireland Patrick J Hillary. Always generous with his time to scouting and his knowledge of seamanship which he passed on willingly to all he met. At a recent presentation made to Eoghan on his 80th Birthday it was estimated that over 6,000 members since 1966 have benefited from his contribution. On Saturday night Eoghan was awarded ISA Volunteer of the Year which was presented to him by An Tánaiste Mr. Eamon Gilmore T.D. in front of his family and members of the ISA and Scouting Ireland. We in Scouting send our congratulations on your award and our thanks from all our past and present members. Go raibh maith agat go leor. Kevin Rowan Mar.2013

nce a r u d

n En o t e l hack S e Th ire tion i ogha a b L i 4 1 n Exh pt 20 lding, Du til Se ui : Date on: ti Loca : Time : Cost

B un ur now Terminal to 7pm of fo y l y i m r r a m fa Fe 10 pm , €12 -Sat: Mon 1am to 6 per child ation 1 c Sun: adult, €3 on appli r s t e €5 p discoun p Grou

Would you follow someone to the ends of the earth? 27 men followed Irish explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton to Antarctica along with two fellow Irishmen, Tom Crean and Tim McCarthy. Now you can witness THE most incredible survival story in Polar history through stunning photographs, artifacts and a life boat replica at the Shackleton Endurance Exhibition in the Ferry Terminal Building, Dun Laoghaire.


Originally curated by the American Museum of Natural History in association with the Royal Geographical Society and the Scott Polar Research Institute and supported by New Ireland Assurance, this incredible exhibition is an initiative within the Dun Laoghaire Harbour Company Masterplan. An exceptionally stunning photographic exhibition not to be missed. Tel: 01 236 0544

Successful Scotland Visit for local Venture Scouts Recently 28 Venture Scouts, Rover Scouts and young Leaders from the Lakelands Scout County went to Scotland for 4 days, in order to climb Ben Nevis. At 4400ft (1344m) it is the highest mountain in the British Isles, and one that requires careful planning and preparation before undertaking. The Group that went have undertaken several hill walking/climbing treks recently, last year climbing Carrauntoohil in Kerry and the previous year Mount Snowdon in Wales. Despite the excellent weather for the climb of Ben Nevis, the trek was particularly arduous, taking up to 8 hours to get the whole group up to the top and back down safely. Significant planning went into the climb with map reading, route cards, kit checks, survival equipment and first aid all organised ,issued and discussed the day before the climb. Keith Tuohy, one of the Leaders who had previously climbed Ben Nevis as part of a 4 peaks challenge said it was a great day for the climb and the young people all enjoyed the experience. Some of the Venture Scouts were delighted with the near perfect views from the top of the highest mountain in these Islands. The Group stayed at Auchengillan, a well known Scout Activity Centre outside Glasgow where the opportunity to do a simulated parachute jump from a climbing tower presented itself, under training from the onsite staff of course!. The trip included cultural visits to Edinburgh and Glasgow and some site seeing of the historic parts of the Highlands. The Lakelands Scout County incorporate several Scout Groups from Westmeath and include Ballymahon and Lecarrow in Roscommon, the role of the County being to support and coordinate County Scout activities. County Secretary , Sean Mimnagh, and one of the Leaders on the trek said he was delighted with the attendance and the enthusiasim the young people had for outdoor activities. There were Scouts and Leaders from Delvin, Killucan, Athlone and Ballymahon and Sean said a significant amount of fundraising was done by the Venture Scouts and Rover Scouts themselves to support the event, and in particularly the County were grateful for the support the Scouts received in Athlone on the recent Flag day. Sean said plans for the future included a challenge in Westport and perhaps a trek to climb the Dolomites in Italy in 2014.

Star Scout Show

The following Packages have been arranged by the National Events team to coincide with the Star Scout Show Package 1 - €18 Per Child €5 per Adult Entry to Dublin Zoo Bus to and From Star Scout Show venue in Drumcondra Scout Show ticket Package 2 - €18 Per Child €25 Per Adult Entry to Croke Park Museum and Sky Walk Scout Show ticket Package 3 - €6 per Child €12 per Adult Scout Show Ticket Places for the Croke Park deal are limited and are on a first come basis so any group wishing to attend need to book as soon as possible through


Ballincollig Scout Group Australian Cub Scout Pack looking to Link I am a cub scout leader here in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and we are planning on helping our cubs work towards their World Friendship badge this year and having previously been a leader in Ireland I was hoping to get some information on scouting in Ireland and maybe link up with a cub pack as well in order for the cubs to communicate with each other and talk about their differing experiences. If you are interested in this contact Programme Commissioner (Cub Scouts) at for more details


On the 10th February the Friday cubs went to Torc mountain overlooking the lakes of Killarney. for many this was their first mountain climb and were rewarded with a glorious view over the lakes.


llen a h C

ne be o nd. o t h oug Icela rean ky en held in ic C c u l n can nge r ose out o of th n Challe andic vol ross thei c e S n o l a c Ice Cre rs a was town s sidy is year ’s cross the stretche as a new s p a o C n ike a ich w Eoin t in th od o Bish cout take par 20 km h ts and fo l river wh s n a w erma ir ten lved uts to opsto Bish Irish Sco nge invo carry the im in a th mme w o lle e ogra es r p t of th f the cha ey had t o got to s ng ou th o s e Sc d challe h t r Part rs where e they al d fo s an ctic s e elope condition he Antar glaci . Of cour ll. v e d a s re as ns t back ence for ion w s to endu conditio t i d e i r t Exp o the scou expe lenge llenges nsight int l a h i n C ent cha m an Crea The n. The ev y give the ll o secti ill hopefu w that

explorers like Tom Crean faced. The expedition aims to promote the idea of working in Patrols with others to achieve common goals. In addition there are personal challenges that each individual must undertake, identifying the goals which they hope to achieve. The Expedition Team assists the scouts with skill development and gives them a great deal of guidance to help with their preparation. Part of the challenge involves the individuals taking ownership of their journey and learning a variety of scouting skills and life skills in the run up to and during the expedition itself. The expedition in Iceland was physically and mentally challenging, however all scouts were able to succeed in achieving the Crean Challenge Expedition Medal. An intensive week symbolically retracing the steps of Tom Cream on our Arctic Expedition is not for the faint hearted. When the participants step off the plane to a below zero chilling wind they needed to use all their skills they have learned from their scout groups and the new skills they have picked up and perfected in training


when it comes to completing the Crean Challenge Expedition. The participants were based out of the Ulfljotsyatn USU scout campsite located in a remote area, east of Reykjavik. Here the participants met 20 Icelandic scouts all embarking on the same expedition. Together they formed four patrols with mixed nationalities. Over the first number of days challenges were set for each patrol, and crossing a major language barrier they must all work together in an effort to complete each task. These challenges included, sledge building, climbing and abseiling, lone patrol hikes and caving. The purpose of these challenges is to encourage teamwork, an element to success and one that was most evident in Tom Creans expeditions. But there was also plenty of time for FUN! Irish and Icelandic scouts hosted cultural evenings, exchange stories, and play games, learning about each other’s different cultures and way of life.

Province News

Carrickmacross Scouts take on a big Pioneering Project The 3rd Monaghan (Carrickmacross) Scouts had a pioneering weekend at their Campsite recently. One of the main projects built on the weekend was a massive pioneering gateway. Well done to the Scouts for aiming high.


1st Mayo Castlebar Scouts It is of five members of the 1st Mayo Castlebar Scouts receiving their Cub Section Chief Scout Award at a presentation in Westport House last Saturday Well done to Cillian Byrnes, Jason High, Tom Baynes, Tim Killeen and Jack Mannion.



NATIONAL TREE WEEK SATURDAY 16TH MARCH @ 10.00 – 14.00 Please join us to commemorate Larch Hill’s 75 th year as a scout centre and help us plant 75 trees.


1 MILLION TREES INITIATIVE SATURDAY 23RD MARCH @ 09.30 – 16.30 For Venture & Rover Scouts. Environmental initiative followed by refreshments & activities

3rd Donegal cubs surfing near Bundoran in Dec – amazing!


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Cub Scout Chief Scout Award presented Ethan Belton of the 1st Mayo Castlebar Scouts recieving his Cub Section Chief Scout Award from Jacqui Mc Cormack Group Leader at a presentation in Westport House on Saturday March second.

Durrow Chief Scout award It was a great day of celebration for the 3rd Laois Durrow Scout Group on the 8th February 2013, when two of our cub scouts Jordan Donohue and Fionn Whelan were presented with their Chief Scout Award in front of an enthusiastic crowd of family, fellow scouts and invited guests. These are the first cubs to receive this award in our group..

Jordan & Fionn took up the chief scout award challenge with great enthusiasm and conquered many challenges. All tasks had to be completed in a minimum of 9 months, marking their final year in cub scouts. The Chief Scout Award is the highest award a Cub Scout can earn and involves a lot of work.

Jordan and Fionn participated in various challenge including a 20km hike in the Slieve Bloom Mountains which had to be completed in less than 8 hours and they finished it in 6 hours which was an achievement in itself, along with the Roscrea Tuesday cubs. We wish you both well as you move on in your scouting journey.


After the closing reflection outgoing commissioner Mr Edward Doyle sprung a surprise on our unsuspecting group leader, as Maureen Campion was presented with her twenty five year service award by Edward Doyle. Another great achievement. Well done Maureen.



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6th Galway Killimor out and about at Horse Riding and City Limits The Killimor Cubs have been out and about recently. One of their trips was to Creagh Equestrian Centre in Ballinasloe on 28/1/13. Amid the pouring rain and hail 16 cubs took part in indoor (thankfully!) horse riding which was overseen by excellent staff. Some of the cub scouts couldn’t wait to get going and others nearly ran a mile (away!). However, all of them got on the horses and had a fantastic time. It was so good that they all want to come back and the owner was inundated with questions - a very good sign! Our next outing took us to City Limits in Oranmore on 2/2/13. 18 cubs took part in Laser Quest and then ran all of their energy off in the Inflatable City. We celebrated an 11th birthday at City Limits and there are some great singers in the pack!


St Finbarr’s Beaver Scouts St Finbarr’s Mixed Beaver Colony, Doyle Road, Cork. Operating since October 2012, for boys and girls, under the leadership of Tess Keane. They are having lots of fun making new friends and learning lots on their Beaver Scout adventure! Recently we visited the fire station in cork city. Beavers had so much fun meeting the firemen, checking out the equipment, learning about the various fire engines, fire safety and they even got a gift of a cork city fire brigade badge and some pens and pencils. They can’t wait to go back and visit again!


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around it. The rest of the evening was spent making snowmen, snow angels and pelting the leaders with snow balls!! On Sunday morning we were up early to pack up, tidy the house and to go home. The cubs had a brilliant time in Larch Hill and we will definitely be back again soon. Many thanks to all of the staff on site who looked after us so well, special thanks to Paul!

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Áine Cashman who was recently presented with the Pat O’ Dowd Memorial Cup for winning the Scout of the Year Award, also included her proud parents Nelius and Siobhán and her brothers Edmond and Denis.


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Great Turnout for Urban Challenge A total of 17 patrols participated in the lee Valley County Urban Challenge last weekend. Starting off at St. Joseph’s School, Mardyke Walk, the patrols had a number of areas to visit and tasks to complete. The challenge took them to Fitzgerald’s Park, University College, St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral, Emmet Place, The Coal Quay and the English Market. At each place the tasks varied and to give an example when the patrols went to University College Cork they were asked to do the following. Complete a sketch Map of the College including the following details. The River, the quad, the buildings and gardens, the Honan Chapel and the different entrances to the college grounds. They were also asked to estimate the height of the Glucksman Art Gallery using any method they knew and to be sure to include the method in their log. They also had to learn a number of facts about the history of the Honan Chapel.


All the patrols made their way to the Togher Scout Centre where they had lunch and continued to complete a log of their adventure. Speaking to Ian Twohig who organised and co-ordinated the event he said “I am really trilled with the turnout and of course the weather was just great. “There was only one troop who did not show which was a pity, I would have loved to have been able to say we had a 100% turnout. “Apart from that they all the patrols who were accompanied by a leader seemed to enjoy the event, which is very pleasing for me”

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