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Chief Scouts Desk Presentations of Chief Scout Awards 18th/19th Fermoy Scout Group 22nd May 2009


recently visited the 18th / 19th Fermoy Scout Group, where I was a Scout in my youth and later became a leader there. I was presented with an Eagle to commemorate my election to Chief Scout as I used to sign off as Eagle when I was a Scouter.

Eolann Sheehan, Ciara Campion, Amy Mansell with Chief Scout Michael John Shinnick having just received their Chief Scout Awards.

Amy Mansell with Chief Scout Michael John Shinnick after receiving her Chief Scout Award

Eagle PL Oliver Critch, and APL Adam Creagh presenting an Eagle figureen to Michael John Shinnick to mark his time as a Scout with Fermoy Scout Troop

Eolann Sheehan pictured with Chief Scout Michael John Shinnick after receiving his Chief Scout Award.

Chief Scouts Desk Presentations of Chief Scout Awards 1st Celbridge Scout Group 19th June 2009

The Chief Scout, Michael John Shinnick, presents Chief Scouts Award to Christopher MoriartyPearson.

Celbridge Scout Group play host to the Chief Scout, Michael John Shinnick.

Many Scouts and Scouters around the country are eager to begin working with the new Youth Programme; however there is a tremendous amount of wok still to be done to make sure our programme reflects the decisions of National Council and is the best it can be. So please do not attempt to implement it just yet, our youth members deserve the best programme possible. The programme will be launched in April 2010, with the full weight of support behind Scout Groups and Scout Counties to ensure that the Youth Programme is sucessful. In the meantime, there is plenty we can be doing to prepare; see the programme pages of this issue of In de Out for more information.

Notice Board

Conference for Group Leaders and Commissioners 17th - 18th October 2009 Green Isle Hotel, Dublin

Upcoming Programme Working Weekends (Larch Hill) July Working WeekendFri 10- Sun 12 July 2009 August Working WeekendFri 14- Sun 16 Aug 2009 September Working WeekendFri 18- Sun 20 Sep 2009 October Working WeekendFri 23- Sun 25 Oct 2009

tition winner In de Out Compe Cork FrankfieldPeter Varian - 74th s prize from the Grange recieving hi el John Shinnick Chief Scout, Micha ding, Manager and Margaret Goul venture Store of the Outdoor Ad in Cork.

vid Barry

Photo Courtesy of Da

November Working WeekendFri 6- Sun 8 Nov 2009 December Working WeekendFri 4- Sun 6 Dec 2009

The following is a schedule of meetings of NARC up to June 2010. All meetings will take place in Larch Hill 18th September ‘09 8pm 31st October ‘09 11am 28th November ‘0911am 23rd January ‘10 11am 6th March ‘10 11am 24th April ‘10 11am 12th June ‘10 11am

Beaver Scouts



Beaver Scouts can have many fun adventures on their bikes. Some other programme ideas are shown below. Have fun and be safe.


y inspiration for this article came from supporting the National Bike Week. This is on from the 14th 21st June 2009 and is the first year that we have a national bike week. Perhaps you could contact the local bicycle club and check out if they have something on that you could join in with or visit the website


Safety Check and maintenance.

Check that each Beaver Scout’s bike is road-worthy by inspecting tires, brakes, handlebars and chain. Beaver Scouts can bring their bike to the meeting. If you want you can brink in a parent who is good with bikes or a bicycle mechanic who will do the safety audit.


Helmet Inspection

Each Beaver Scout’s helmet should fit snugly, and come mid-way down the forehead. Check to be sure that the chin strap is tight enough and that it fastens properly, and that there are no cracks in the inner shell or outer helmet.

Zig-Zag Course

Create a course using chalk, tape or paint to create a zig-zag path between 30 and 50 feet long with four or five 90-degree turns along the way. The edges should be about three feet apart. Deduct 1 point each time a kid’s wheel touches a side.

Slow Race

Lay out a course that is either a long straight line or a loop that brings riders back to the start. Two Beaver Scouts at a time should compete, pairing kids of approx riding ability. The object of this event is to be last, i.e., ride slowest. Ten points are awarded for the “winner” (slowest rider) with a deduction of one point for each time a foot touches the ground. Give the second place person six points, with the same one-point deduction for each time he or she touches the ground. This develops balance and bike handling ability.


Figure Eight

Lay out a fairly tight figure eight path i.e., two thirty-foot circles that barely touch each other. Add additional markings so that the path this figure eight creates is two feet wide. Have each Beaver Scout ride the figure eight three times as slow or fast as they want. Deduct 1 point each time a kid’s wheel touches a side.


Stop on a coin

Create a single straight line, about twenty five feet long. One end is the start, the other end is the finish line, which you should mark clearly with a bold line, along with additional shorter markings every four inches a total of two feet in front of and behind it. Have the kids begin at the start line, and ride toward the finish, aiming to stop pedaling and apply their brakes so that their front wheel ends up squarely on the main finish line. Deduct one point for each four inch marking that the rider stops in front of or behind the target finish line.

Beaver Scouts 7.

Long Roll

Find a spot that is either flat or goes slightly uphill. Create a start line and a mid line about 25 feet past that. Direct your Beaver Scouts to start pedaling at the first line and pedal like mad until they reach the next point, where they must begin coasting. The object of this event is to roll as far as they can, scoring more points the farther they go before touching the ground.


Visit a Local tourist spot

Get the entire Beaver Scout colony to cycle to a local park or beach , somewhere that may be just outside walking distance and stop and enjoy a picnic or have a midnight feast.


Paper Boy

This is a fun event that allows kids to play at being a newspaper delivery boy. For this you’ll need is five to ten targets (clothes baskets, large tubs, trash, bins etc.) and an equal number of rolled newspapers, plus a bag that can be slung over a shoulder to hold the papers. Lay the targets out one after another in a course, and have the Beaver Scouts cycle the “route” trying to throw a newspaper from the bike in each target. You can award points based on successful deliveries,

i.e., putting the newspaper on target. Naturally, you should feel free to modify the rules, awarding more points for difficult targets, etc., whatever you need to do to make it fit your particular situation.


Balance Beam

Draw one main line about 30 to 50 feet long, with two smaller lines approximately three inches on either side of it. This will give you a path six inches wide that your riders should follow. Have each Beaver Scout ride the course, following the center line from one end to the other as slow or fast as they want. Deduct 1 point each time a Beaver Scout’s wheel touches a side. The key to this is to be flexible, knowing that everyone of these events can be modified to fit your setting. Don’t worry about the points or scoring but it can add to the fun. Another idea is to run these events as Beaver Scouts against the leaders, you may be surprised at the results. Cycling is a great activity that will help our Beaver Scouts to get out and about during the summer. These ideas can also be adapted for Skateboarding, roller skates etc.


Cub Scouts

ope that you got a chance to try out some of the outdoor activities that were in the last magazine. While you are out and about enjoying the sunshine why not try some backwoods cooking? Make sure that you have an adult with you to help with the fire! Here are some recipes that you might like to try, they are mighty tasty! If you would like to put something into Cub Scout Corner that you, your six or your pack have done, or some photos from your Cub Scout camp … please send them to Annette Byrne Programme Commissioner Cub Scouts or I can be contacted on 087-619 3126 Happy cooking ! Annette & the Cub Scout Programme Team

Basic Dough Mixture Flour 4 cups Butter 1 cup Water 2 cups (enough to make into a dough) When you have this mix prepared you can make lots of different things – you could make the mixture in the den before you head out on your trip and bring it with you in a sandwich bag. Here are some things that you can make with the dough mixture:

Damper Take an egg sized portion of the mixture and flatten in the palm of your hand (about ¼ inch thick) Place it on a hot dry stone or pan on the fire When one side is golden – flip over onto the other side Your damper will take about 5 minutes to cook and will rise to about ¾ inches Cut it in half, add butter and jam and EAT. Using the same dough mixture you can make Dough

Twists (Sticks) First cut a straight green stick one inch thick, peel it and then heat it over your fire until all the sap comes out of your stick Take an egg size portion of the dough mixture and flatten it out into a strip about ¾ inch thick and 1 inch wide and make it long enough to fit onto your stick! Wind the strip around your stick cook over the embers of your fire, turning it until all sides are a golden brown.

Another recipe for the dough mixture is

Ember Bread

take a large fistful of dough and make it into an oval shape about 3 inches thick rake the embers of your fire aside until you can see the hot earth place the raw dough onto the hot earth and them cover the dough with the embers the outside will burn slightly but if you cut the burnt bits off you will be left with a lovely loaf of bread! After trying all of the recipes above if you still have some dough mixture left you can add some sugar and milk to make a batter and make Flap jacks Heat a pan over your fire and melt a little fat or butter in it Pour in some of the batter mixture to cover the end of your pan The mixture will bubble and brown in the pan – when it is golden flip it over When both sides are golden brown place your flap jacks on a plate and cut into squares ENJOY!!

Cub Scouts Foil Roasted Veggies

Robinson Crusoes

For you Cub Scouts who wont eat your veggies you might be surprised how you will change your mind when the fun of some foil and a campfire are involved. You’re your favourites (you must like a couple, right?) and add a couple others. Wash and prepare the veggies (diced is best) and wrap the veggies with a knob of butter in the foil. Place closed foil wrap onto campfire or camping stove, and cook for 30-45 minutes. YUM

True peanut butter lovers can spread 1 tablespoon of peanut butter onto 2 graham crackers/ digestive biscuits, then sandwich 1 toasted marshmallow between them. For a peanut butter and chocolate combo, add 4 thin squares of chocolate.

Campfire Foil Fries Peel and wash some potatoes and cut into chunks. Lay out a sheet of foil and spray the foil with oil (you could use the reduced calorie oil spray), and spray cut potatoes lightly. Place in center of large piece of foil, and sprinkle seasoning on top. Close and roast over fire or stove for 45 minutes.

Foil Apple Cobbler Take sheet of foil and spray with a small amount of oil. Place several diced apples inside, and add granola. For fun, toss in some caramel or chocolate chips or spinkle with cinnamon Close and roast for 20-30 minutes.

Chocolate Dream The only way to make this s’more even more chocolaty would be to dip the entire treat in chocolate sauce. Sandwich a toasted marshmallow between 4 thin squares of chocolate and 2 chocolate-covered graham crackers /digestive biscuits .

Mighty Mints These s’mores have an added zing from the mint. Chocolate mints tend to be thin, so they melt exceptionally well. Toast the marshmallow, then sandwich it between 2 thin chocolate mints and 2 graham crackers/digestives

Sophisticates For a jazzy s’more, sandwich the toasted marshmallow between 2 chocolate-covered biscuits or cookies.

Foil Family Pot Roast Dinner Let the Cub Scouts take charge of dinner!. Brown some diced beef for them in a pan first, and then let the spread out a couple large aluminium foil squares. Add the beef, some small roasting potatoes and mini carrots. Toss a packet of onion soup mix, and close. Roast over strong camp fire or stove for 1.5 hours. S’mores are a tradition among young and old campers alike. Challenge your Cub Scouts to invent their own s’mores.

The Classic Everyone can adjust the amounts of chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker or digestive biscuit to match personal taste. The basic s’more method is to toast 1 marshmallow over the coals until it’s brown, then sandwich it between 4 squares of chocolate( or you could use chocolate spread) and 2 graham crackers or digestive biscuits.

Baggy Omelettes Recipe Ingredients: • 2 large eggs • sausage, bacon, or ham • any of your favourite omelette veggies • shredded cheddar cheese • salt and pepper to taste Cooking instructions: Crack eggs in a ziplock bag. Add shredded cheese. Add meat and veggies salt and pepper to taste. Put baggy in a pot of boiling water for about 5 to 10 min. Then just cut bag off and enjoy!

Cub Scouts

Variations/Hints: You can make a western omelette with sausage, cheese and bell peppers, just add salsa or just veggie omelettes or ham and cheese... Just have fun!!

Best Camp Spaghetti Recipe Ingredients: • 1 - 2 lbs minced beef very lean • 1 jar spaghetti/pasta sauce • Parmesan cheese • 8 oz dried spaghetti • Spices as preferred Cooking instructions: Cook the ground beef until browned. Drain and rinse all fat from the beef. Cook the spaghetti and add the pasta sauce to the spaghetti. Add the beef and spices to taste and sprinkle the final spaghetti with the parmesan.

Scout Dinners Recipe Ingredients: • Hamburger patty (bought or home made) • Potato (sliced) • Baby carrots • Onions • Spices • Tinfoil Cooking instructions: Wrap 1 hamburger patty, 1 sliced potato, lots of baby carrots, part of a sliced onion and salt/pepper in heavy duty tinfoil. Place in the red hot coals of your camp fire for about 30 minutes. Dinner is now served!

Mini Pizzas Recipe Ingredients: • One or two packages of english muffins (2 muffins per person = 4 mini pizzas) • Squeeze bottle of pizza sauce / tomato puree • Package of shredded pizza cheeses / grated

cheese Package or two of pepperoni slices (four or five slices per pizza)

Cooking instructions: Heat grill on camp stove and coat with a light amount of cooking oil. Cut english muffins in half and lightly grill inside surfaces. Turn muffins halves over, add pizza sauce, pepperoni and shredded cheese. Leave on grill until cheese is melted and then serve.

Dinner In A Can Recipe Ingredients: • 1 thin boneless pork chop per person • baby carrots • potatoes (red so you don’t have to peel them) • onions • little bit of oil • tin can (large if possible) • tin foil Cooking instructions: Wash all the vegetables. Clean the cans thoroughly, then put a little bit of butter/oil in the bottom of each can. Brown each pork chop over the fire After each pork chop is browned, put 1-(depending on the size) in the bottom of each can. Add baby carrots, diced potatoes, and onions. Put a little bit of butter in each can, cover with foil then place it in the fire (coals) for about 20-40 minutes. Stirring every now and then.

Orange-peel Muffins Recipe Ingredients: • Orange half (with insides scooped out) • Pre made muffin batter Cooking instructions: Pour the muffin batter into the orange half about half way. Wrap with aluminium foil. Put in campfire for 2-5 minutes. Take out with metal rod, and let cool for a while. Then, enjoy.

Calling all... Budding Cartoonists and Creators...


he Communications Team are looking for budding cartoonists to help develop some new identities for Scouting Ireland. We are looking for caricatures or cartoons that relate to each section that you feel embody the essence of A) A younger Scouting youth member (e.g. Beaver Scout / Cub Scout / Young Scout) B) An older Scouting youth member (e.g. PL / WL / Venture Scout / Rover Scout) C) A Scouter So put on your thinking and creative caps and send us in your submissions. All thoughts and ideas are most welcome. Send your drawings/sketches by email to or in printed format to: Communications Team, Scouting Ireland National Office, Larch Hill, Dublin 16

And don’t forget to include your name, section, group and contact details Entries must be received no later than 5pm on Friday 17th July. Please remember to give your creations a name. The winning submissions will receive a prize and also have the privilege of having their work used in Scouting Ireland publications and print work. For more information please contact Neil Mahony on 01-4956300 or email

Sea Scouts Intermediate Oars Charge Cert Course held in Malahide


ecently 8 Watch leaders from Malahide Sea Scouts completed their Intermediate Oars Charge Cert course held in Malahide. The course began in middle of March, and the Theory part was held on 7 successive Sunday nights, covering Water safety, Boating Rules, Parts of a Boat, Maintenance and Repair, Safety and Emergency Equipment Rules of the road at Sea, Anchoring, Ropework, Whipping and Splicing. The practical part of the course was completed over the weekend 20th/21st June in Malahide Estuary using the East Coast Skiff. All passed and will be presented with their Intermediate oars badge and certificate before departure to Annual Expedition “Moving Camp on the River Shannon�.

Sea Scouts Live Surface-to-air firing practices, at the Gormanston Air Defence Range from 29 June to 3 July 09. Any Sea Scouts planning a coastal cruise between Skerries and the River Boyne from 29 June to 2 July, should study Marine Notice No. 27/09 – <> The Range will be active from 08:00 to 18:00 hours on each of the 4 days. The danger area is described in detail in the Marine Notice. For the periods whilst the Range is active the sea zone within the danger area is excluded to all vessels. A Naval Service vessel will enforce the exclusion zone. The exclusion zone ‘D1’ is indicated on British Admiralty Chart No. 44. An unofficial sketch map is attached below to indicate the approximate area. All vessels must remain outside the exclusion zone whilst the Range is active, and are recommended to monitor the Radio Navigation Warnings broadcast during the firing period.


Programme Developement

rogramme Commissioner for Programme Development, Pauline Lucas, lets you know what’s been happening in programme development, as well as giving you some key information for the coming months and answering some buring questions about our new Youth Programe.

Upcoming Working Weekends (Larch Hill) July Working Weekend- Fri 10- Sun 12 July 2009 August Working Weekend- Fri 14- Sun 16 Aug 2009 September Working Weekend- Fri 18- Sun 20 Sep 2009 October Working Weekend- Fri 23- Sun 25 Oct 2009 November Working Weekend- Fri 6- Sun 8 Nov 2009 December Working Weekend- Fri 4- Sun 6 Dec 2009

One Programme One Website The Youth Programme website is to be re-launched on 21st June in a brand new format aimed at providing Scouts and Scouters with all the information they need about our Youth Programme. No doubt we’ll all have questions about our new Youth Programme. The website will be essential reading for all in the coming months. As well as updates on programme development, which will be ready to use in April 2010, it will offer handy tips and hints for Scouts and Scouters eager to do something on the new Youth Programme before implementation.

June Working Weekend The June working weekend took place in a beautifully sunny Larch Hill on the 12-14 June. Adults and young people from around the country came together to drive forward the work on our new Youth Programme. Some of the great work done is highlighted below:

Section Handbooks

Working Weekends – Join in! Just email us! The working weekends continue to be a great success, with Scouts and Scouters from around the country coming together to work on our Youth Programme. If any Scout or Scouter is planning to come along to Larch Hill and join the work, they need to email before they come. Given the amount of work to get through, newcomers are very welcome but can only be accommodated if they let us know IN ADVANCE that they are coming. (This will also ensure that you get a bed and dinner, so it’s well worth a quick email!)

There was much progress on the section handbooks over the weekend. Most sections have outlined their content and layout and are now working on the finer details of the handbooks. The Scout and Venture Scout reps continue to have a great input into the work.

Personal Progression Scheme This Working Group is finalising the list of Personal Challenges in each section and brainstorming with some imaginative ideas for engaging youth members with Personal Challenges. They will be working closely with the Section Handbooks Working Groups to make sure the Personal Challenges are relevant and easy to understand for all.

Programme Developement Communications The Venture Scout reps were amongst those who gave great input into a discussion on the programme website. The website will be fully re-launched on the 21 June. A monthly communications plan was put together to ensure that Scouts and Scouters around the country will be kept informed of the key points of information on our Youth Programme. Everyone came together to discuss a number of important topics over the weekend:

Youth Leadership The whys and the hows of youth leadership were discussed and a paper was prepared for the National Youth Programme Committee around this important area

will be taking place and if you want one in your area and can round up 20 people or so, let us know and we’ll come visit! Email

WHERE WE ARE NOW WITH THE NEW YOUTH PROGRAMME Summary 1. Support materials and training will be developed for adults by 31 March 2010. 2. The date to begin implementation is April 2010. 3. will keep you up to date on progress and let you know what you can be doing to prepare for our new Youth Programme.

Symbolic Framework Some material on Symbolic Framework which might be suitable for inclusion in the Adult Handbook was explored. Some more work will be required here A Chief Scout’s Award in each section Initial ideas on the make up of the Chief Scout’s Award in each section were worked on and a document capturing this thinking was developed.

Badge Concepts Some guidelines on the use of badges were agreed by the National Youth Programme Committee.

Rover Scout Consultations The Rover Scout Team held two consultation sessions in June to hear the members views and get their reaction to the Rover Scout vision for Scouting Ireland. These sessions took place on SUNDAY, June 21st 2009- Larch Hill 11am til 2pm. and SATURDAY, June 27th 2009- Vmoot, Mount Mellary, Waterford 11am til 12noon. The sessions were open any Venture Scouts, Venture Scout Leaders, Rover Scouts and Scouters aged 18-21 who wanted to have their say in building Scouting Ireland’s Rover Scout section! Further consultations

Core of our New Youth Programme • •

The Youth Programme will include Personal Challenges (SPICES), Adventure Skills and Special Interest Badges Scouters are to be encouraged to take account of the development of each young

Programme Developement • • • •

person, employing flexibility & common sense Recipients of youth programme in Scouting Ireland will be 6-20 Support materials and Scouter training will be ready on 31 March 2010 There will be a nautical training scheme consisting of at least three progressive nautical achievement badges for every Section We will retain the present Lodge, Sixer and Patrol system and names in the relevant Sections

Work now to be done Some of the Working Groups are focused on the following: • Youth HandbooksThe Programme Commissioners and their teams are hard at work on the section handbooks for each section. • Personal Progression Scheme Personal Challenges for each section are being arranged in a user friendly format for Scouts and Scouters. • Symbolic Framework: The identity and image of each section is being developed. • Adventure Skills Adventure Skills for each section are being arranged in a user friendly format for Scouts and Scouters. • Adult Handbooks: Ensuring Scouters will have a useful, relevant reference book to support adults implementing the new Youth Programme from April 2010. • Implementation & Support:Co-ordinate the support of Scouts and Scouters during the implementation process which begins in April 2010. • Communications: Keep Scouts and Scouters informed on the work of the new Youth Programme in a clear, unbiased and timely manner. This work will be overseen by the team leaders of these Working Group and co-ordinated by the Programme

Commissioner (Programme Development), Pauline Lucas.

The Training Commissioner, Fiona McCann, and her team are developing Transition Training for Groups switching to the new Youth Programme after April 2010, as well as reviewing the Woodbadge training scheme and Skills Training modules to line up with the new Youth Programme. Work will also start shortly to develop suitable guidelines, methods and supports for Counties to enable Groups to switch over to the new Youth Programme- ensuring our County Commissioners, County Programme Co-ordinators and Group Leaders are supported to manage the implementation of the Youth Programme.

Some questions asked of us recently Q: Can we start on the new programme now? A: No, please do not start just yet- the new Youth Programme will be launched in April 2010. There is quite a lot of work to be done on Section Handbooks, Adult Handbooks, Transition Training, implementation planning and support arrangements. Attempting to launch into the new Youth Programme without the output from this work is most likely to end in disappointment and probably outright failure, so we do not advise any Group to start just yet. Q: But can I not just download the material from the programme website and tweak it to suit 5 Sections?

Programme Developement A: The materials on the programme website are incomplete and unsuitable for use with the Age Ranges agreed at National Council: • A lot of feedback from Pilot Groups has not been made to the materials currently on the website • They were designed for specific age ranges and are undergoing significant rework to make them suitable for the age ranges decide at National Council • Work was ongoing on them at the time they were uploaded to the programme website, there is quite a bit to add to them for them to be useful to you. Q: Does this mean that there is nothing we can do about the new programme just now? A: There are actually quite a few things you can do; • Review how the Lodge System, Sixes, Patrols and Executive Group work in your Group at

• • • •

present and take steps to implement effective youth led decision making in all Sections. Implement the idea of the Programme Cycle (Plan-Do-Review) via the small team system in each Section Review the use of all aspects of the Scout Method in all Sections and work to improve/maximize the use of each aspect Volunteer to help us to finish the work outlined above (email Watch the programme website for updates, share these with Scouts and Scouters in your group and consider what they mean for you.

Venture Scouts


t this year’s National Youth Forum a new group of Venture Scout Reps were elected. We have been working very closely with the Venture Scout Commissioner towards resolving the motions put forward at the national youth forum. Issues were raised regarding the roles of the Youth Reps, attendance at National Council, the Youth Forum, Youth Programme, Communications/Image, Youth involvement, and issues regarding alcohol and sexual education in scouting. As Reps so far we have attended an NYPC meeting, two working weekend and our own working weekend. This years Reps will be working with Ruth on the Venture Scout handbooks. We have talked about Venture Scouts identity, colours, etc. At our working weekend we decided on the resolutions to the motions brought forward at the forum. We met with the Chief Scout regarding some motions and are now researching further into the resolutions. We met with Jamie Gorman a member of the NMC about motions to be brought forward to national council. We then met with Joe Boland the Communications Commissioner regarding the image of scouting Ireland and forming a link between the PR team, the SMACK team, the Reps and the CC. This is an effort to achieve a better image of scouting and venturing both internally and externally. Also on that weekend we did a survey with Venture Scouts that were in Larch Hill. Another aim we have as Venture Scout Reps is to improve communication between Venture Scouts and the Reps. Each provincial Rep is collecting email addresses for Venture Scouts. We would appreciate it if Venture Scouts could email ventrep@scouts. ie . we would like to make National Council youth friendly, two reps will work with the south eastern province towards these aims. A youth rep will also go to the communications meetings. We hope to attend the group leaders conference in October and speak about youth involvement. We hope to update the Venture Scouts section of the website regularly, and communicate to the Venture Scouts through Inside Out and SMACK. We hope to facilitate the running of more county forums.

The Provincial Reps are: Northern: Stephen Pearson North Eastern: Cathal Heany DSP: Anthony Green South Eastern: Mark Guinan Southern: Shauna O’Brien Western: Roisin Collier

The National Reps are: Becks O’Keeffe Colin Keane Robert McRory-Crowley

World Jamboree 2011 Nature


hat is the 22nd World Scout Jamboree? The 22nd World Scout Jamboree will be held in Sweden in 2011. The theme for the Jamboree is Simply Scouting. In fact, the 22nd World Scout Jamboree Sweden 2011 is Simply Scouting!

... So what does this mean?? It is the answer to every question: What will the Jamboree experience be like? How will I make friends with Scouts from all over the world? How can we learn about global development? How is this all possible? Answer: Simply Scouting!! We like to think that this is the feeling you will get onsite, wherever you are. This is the experience of Scouting in all its variety. This is a fantastic quality programme of activities for all. This is a modern approach to tackling today’s issues in society. This is our Scout Method, our values, our way of working. Simply Scouting - throughout the camp and in every moment of daily life, Scouts will develop new skills and share their knowledge and experiences whilst working towards greater international understanding. Doing what we love best: Simply Scouting! Within the theme of “Simply Scouting”, there are 3 important concepts that will be present in every aspect of the Jamboree: Meetings 22WSJ Sweden will encourage meetings between those from different cultures, religions, countries and contingents. Participants will get to know those who live outside of their own local community and find that strangers can become friends. Meetings will take place everywhere, from module activities to subcamp life, from small camp fires to huge arena events. All aspects of the camp will encourage meetings: the schedule, the programme and even the site design!!

22WSJ Sweden will be close to nature, in fact we will live in the middle of nature for 2 weeks, in an immense field surrounded by trees and woodlands. The Jamboree Programme will use the natural environment as a learning tool, demonstrating both its vulnerability and what individuals can do to better protect the world we live in. Solidarity 22WSJ Sweden will encourage solidarity between Scouts of all ages, and promote the unity between Scout Organisations from around the world. It will also help us see that we share a common responsibility to our world and to each other. The Jamboree will promote respect for other people, emphasising equal rights and peace and at the Jamboree itself, all are equal, independent of any personal characteristics or background.

Scouting Ireland Contingent The Contingent Leader, John Lawlor & his team have been working hard behind the scenes getting operations in place to start the marketing campaign. The Closing date for applications for Troop Staff has now closed and all the people that have applied will be contacted and meetings arranged over the coming weeks. The full marketing campaign will kick off in Mid August when all Scout & Venture Scout sections will be contacted. If you want to be first on the contact list, email your details to worldjam@ . In the mean time, the World Jamboree Contingent team would like to wish everyone a very safe and FUN summer camp.

Adult Resources Larch Hill Reunion 2009


An Chead Buíon Chnoc na Learóige

he Larch Hill Reunion will take place on the weekend of the 18th -20th of September 2009.

The weekend is aimed at all Adult members of Scouting Ireland. It is a chance for Scouters to meet up in an informal setting doing what we do best. .. camping, scouting and having fun!!! This is an ideal opportunity for your Team Members to recharge their batteries before the Scout year kicks fully into gear. Activities will be wide and varied and there will be something to appeal to all our Adult members. Entertainment inclUding music & a BBO will be provided on the Saturday night. The cost for the weekend is €30.00, this includes camping fees, programme activities and entertainment We look forward to you joining us for what promises to be a great weekend.

The following is a schedule of meetings of NARC up to June 2010. All meetings will take place in Larch Hill 18th September ‘09 8pm 31st October ‘09 11am 28th November ‘0911am 23rd January ‘10 11am 6th March ‘10 11am 24th April ‘10 11am 12th June ‘10 11am

Adult Resources

Glenveagh National Park


e are writing to you to highlight the FREE SERVICE We are writing to you to highlight the FREE SERVICE available to you and your group at Glenveagh National Park. As the Nature Education Team we are involved in the introduction of Environmental Science to young and old alike. We run a series of different programmes, all themed around nature and the outdoors. From Guided walks to Woodland or Bogland exploring we can offer a great variety of different nature themed activities for all ages. Also on offer is art and craft sessions, treasure hunts ,scavenger hunts etc. Guided walks can be all day affairs, walking the length of the valley, or across the Lough Insagh Trail. We can offer a variety of themes to explore on these walks, from historical themes, such as the history of St. Colmcille and his connections to the area, or Exploring Irish Native trees etc. Alternativly they can be 1-2 hour short walks concentrating on basic introduction to Nature and Biodiversity or themed such as the Impact of Invasive Species, or Bird Song and their Habitats etc. If you have any ideas for your own group we can work with you in tailoring a day to suit your needs. All of this is FREE OF CHARGE, and we are available weekends as well as during the week. The only things you will need to organise are buses to and from the Park, lunch and suitable clothing. There is a Café and Restaurant at bothe the Castle and Visitors Centre for lunch or snacks. This service is available all year round. Please contact Carol, Leanne or Aengus at this number 074 91 37 698 for any more information or email us at: Check out our website: and click on ‘Nature and Outdoor Learning Programme’ Glenveagh Nature and Education Team.

DePaul Ireland Recruitment Depaul Ireland (Dublin) Summer 2009 Volunteer Recruitment Round


ithin the values of the work of Depaul Ireland lies a holistic approach to each individual with whom we work. This involves providing emotional support in addition to physical and practical services. It is within this structure of support that the work of our volunteer programme is vital.

The volunteer programme was established to enable local individuals to become involved with the work of the organisation. The programme aims to develop the skills of volunteer whilst simultaneously enabling Depaul Ireland to offer a more multifaceted approach to our service. Our Summer part-time volunteer recruitment round is currently under way. The recruitment process includes an information session, group interview, selection and full induction to the organisation and to the volunteer role. If interested, visit our volunteering pages on our web site: If you would like an information pack please email:


telephone Stuart (01) 633 9226 for an Information Pack.

Group interviews take place on Monday 6 July at 6.30pm or Tuesday 7 July at 11am

Comeragh Survival Challenge


Dublin Scout Province

he Dublinia Patrol Competition, The Frank Tisdall Challenge, took place over the weekend of 19th – 21st June 2009. Dublinia filled the Melvin filed in Larch Hill with twenty four patrols, about 70 staff (30 of which were Venture Scouts) and of course the catering team.

Scouts hit the field running and started building their camp sites in the early evening, tents & gadgets started popping up very quickly and it was fairly evident it was going to be a tight competition. Work finished at 10.30 and all scouts were treated to a BBQ, courtesy of the County Commissioner, Pat McCartin.

Saturday kicked off the sun was fighting to come out. The patrols were face with four bases to complete. These were iniatitive, Scout Skills, First Aid and Navigation. All bases were centred around the theme of Ernest Shakleton. Patrols took part and gave it their all and then it was cooking time… There was varying degrees of culinary delights on offer and I must pay a special mention to Daniel from the 94th whose banoffey was superb. A big bravo for the catering team that looked after the staff and guest

so well. And of course we were privileged to have the communications Commissioner, Joe Boland in attendance on Saturday. That day was finished off with a great campfire…

The weather on Sunday wasn’t as good with hazy rain hampering taking down the tents… however, everyone got stuck in and we overcame any obstacles. The closing ceremony was held in the mass lawn of Larch Hill and the excitement had built up by then. The overall results were called out then and this is what happened; 1. 91st Raven, 2. 91st Bull, 3. 91st Curlew, 4. 61st Eagle, 5. 91st Wolf. Well done to everyone that took part. Another great event for Dublinia.

Southern Province 3rd Kerry (Milltown) Beaver Scouts Outings

Beaver Scouts visitGortbrack Farm, Ballyseedy, on 22nd May

They also visited Mass Rock, Milltown, on 15th May

For every step taken on a wet and rocky trail, For every reminder note you didn’t forget to mail, For every skinned knee you attended, For every broken heart you mended, For every burnt camping meal you ate, For every late parent for whom you had to wait, For every tearful disappointment you have heard, For every time you could’ve ……..… but didn’t say a word! For every ounce of laughter to a little child you brought, For every midnight giggle your tired ears have caught, For every tear you’ve shed as they’ve grown up through the years, For every one of your Scouts, now full of confidence, not fears, For every song you’ve sung and every song you’ll sing, Thank you Scouting Ireland leader, for everything. Adapted by kind permission from an Irish Girl Guide version originating from WAGGGS Western Hemisphere Region.

North Eastern Province Chief Scout Launches North Eastern New 3year Provincial Development

Also at the recent North Eastern Provincial Support Team Meeting the Chief Scout made a presentation on behalf of the province to the outgoing Provincial Co-Ordinator Pauline Lucas. Pauline has moved on to be the Programme Development Commissioner on the Programme development team. Provincial Commissioner Jimmy Cunningham thanked her for all the work hat she had done with the programme team in the province.


t a PMST meeting held on the 13th of June in Navan the Chief Scout Michael John Shinnick launched the new 3 year development plan for the North Eastern Province. Speaking at the launched Provincial Commissioner Jimmy Cunningham said that “the previous 3 year plan had come to an end and the province over the last few meetings had undergone the production of a new 3 year development plan. What happened was that we devoted a full day of brainstorming on the various elements that make up the Province. We then came up with a list of actions in each of these areas that had to be achieved over the next 3 year timescale. This draft plan was then taken away to the counties by each of the Co Commissioners and they looked at their own county targets and updated their County Plan to be included in the finished version. In this way all counties bought into the plan. The other provincial teams such as the training team and the programme team also agreed their targets and fed this back to the final draft. The final document was agreed at our previous PMST meeting in May and now today it is launched by the Chief scout as our Provincial plan under the heading of “Better Scouting to more young people”. This document is now a working document and each part of the provincial team will use it and review it at all meetings going forward to make sure we achieve our aims. Our provincial Plan fits in and compliments the Scouting Ireland Strategy launched recently at National Council”

Carrickmacross Beaver Scouts love the new Camping guidelines

The 3rd Monaghan Carrickmacross Beaver Scout Section had their end of year Slumber Night last Saturday Night 6th of June in the groups new campsite. These group of 40 Beaver Scouts where making history in the group for been the first to camp overnight under the new rule that lets Beaver Scout camp out. The Beaver Scouts and Leaders Met up at 2.30pm in afternoon in Dun A Ri Car Park just as it started to rain but this did not stop all the Beaver Scouts

North Eastern Province from wanting to get on with the activities. After the worried parents set off for home leaving their Beaver Scouts behind for their first ever overnight camp we set off in the downpour to take part in a treasure hunt. The treasure hunt went through the pathways of the park and along the way the Beaver Scouts had to fine clues and end up with the letters that spelt ‘SLUMBER NIGHT’.

It was now getting dark and the campfire was lit and the Beaver Scouts gathered in for a hour or so of sing songs and scout yells. After that time the Beaver Scouts where itching to get into the tents so off they went to get ready for bed. The Beaver Scouts were very good and slept throughout the night. The first Beaver Scout emerged from the tents at about 7am but the Leaders had beaten them to it as they were up from 6am getting Breakfast ready. After breakfast it was time to take down the tents and pack for home. All the Beaver Scouts where assembled and each Beaver Scout was presented with a “I survived the Beaver Scout slumbernight” tee shirt. At this stage the parents arrived to pick them up. This ended a brilliant first Beaver Scout overnight outdoor camp and all that could be heard from the Beaver Scouts was “when is the next one”!

Crowne Plaza Abseil After this they had a picnic in the park and played fun games in and around the big tree and the shelter. As the rain eased off we hiked back towards the Campsite. On arrival at the Campsite they were all given hot chocolate drinks.The Beaver Scouts then helped pitch the tents with the help of the scouts who were also camping there for the weekend. After the tents where pitched the Beaver Scouts were assigned their tents and they placed all their sleeping gear into the tents. After this they gathered in wood for use in the Campfire later on that night. Others took part in the climbing wall and abseiling down from the tree. This was great and the Beaver Scouts really enjoyed this adventurous activity. At this stage it was time for the dinner which was Pasta with bolognese. The Beaver Scouts lapped this up as the fresh air had made them really hungry. After they did the washing up they had free time where they played games all around the site.

Fundraiser organised and run by the 1/2/5 Louth was clearly a HUGE success!

Northern Province Errigal Scout County


he Groups in Errigal County are getting ready for their summer camps and slumber nights. 3rd Donegal (Raphoe) Beaver Scouts and 9th Donegal (Newtowncunningham) Beaver Scouts are both camping at different venues on Friday, 19th June. This will make them the first Beaver Scouts in Errigal to camp for their slumbernight.

Shield 1st:Newtowncunningham 2nd:St. Eugenes Cooking:Strabane Log Book:Culmore

Some of the Scouts and Venture Scouts are going overseas again this year for their camps. 3rd Donegal (Raphoe) Scouts and Venture Scouts are going to Norway for 12 days, 9th Donegal (Muff) Scouts and Venture Scouts are going to a Jamboree in Harrogate in Yorkshire and 3rd Tyrone (Strabane) Scouts and Venture Scouts are going to the Isle of Man.

Errigal Cup and Shield (Phoenix qualifier) Over the weekend of 5th/6th/7th June, the Errigal County Cup and Errigal Shield (for younger Scouts) competitions were held in Raphoe.

Errigal Scout County held their recent Errigal Cup and the junior scout competition Errigal Shield in Raphoe. In the senior competition there were only six patrols entered as the event was in the middle of the Leaving certificate exams. But this did not diminish the standard as this was of a very high calibre. After a sun soaked weekend 9th Donegal (Muff) Eagle patrol came out the worthy winners. In the junior competition (Errigal Shield) there were seven patrols, again in this event the numbers were reduced due it being held in the middle of the Junior cert exams. Again the standard was very high with the young 9th Donegal (Newtoncunningham) scouts coming out victorious. In total there were 98 Scouts, 18 Venture Scouts and 25 Scouters involved and a special thank you to Damian Toal and Mandy McCann who travelled from Brian Boru County to adjudicate the competitions.

Cup 1st: Muff 2nd: Strabane Cooking: Newtowncunningham Log Book:St. Eugenes

Strabane Celebrate Their Centenary On 7th June, Strabane Scout Group from Northern Ireland Scout Council celebrated their centenary.

Northern Province 19th Donegal (Lifford/Clonleigh) Scout Group and 3rd Tyrone (Strabane) represented Errigal Scout County at their NISC neighbours 1st Strabane groups Centenary celebrations recently in the border town. The group’s were joined by Errigal County Commissioner, John McQueen and representatives of the Girl Guides and other scout groups from the Tyrone district (NISC) in a parade through the border town leading to a thanks giving service where Chief Commissioner, Ken Gillespie, renewed the Scout promise to all attending. The oration was giving by former Strabane scout Rev. Billy Gibbons who received his King’s Scout award in 1949. After the service all were invited to the nearby Scout hall for refreshments and to browse through the exhibition of old photographs and memorabilia on display. This was also a chance for old scouters to re-acquaint themselves with past members and talk about the old days.

Scouter Awarded MBE Liam Byrne a Leader with 1/2 Down Scout Group has been awarded an MBE for his services to young people in the latest British Honors List. We would like to congratulate Liam who was also recently awarded a Youth Council Northern Ireland Volunteer Award for his 30 years of service to young people, especially those with special needs, this MBE is in addition to that honor and is very well deserved.

Photographed: Liam Byrne MBE and chlidren Liam 3(yrs) and daughter Royse, a Beaver Scout aged 7

Megan makes the “big move” and wins Lottery funding with her writing

Enniskillen Scouts are celebrating after one of their members won a Big Lottery Fund windfall for them from its Big Deal Small Grants Programme. St Michael’s Scout group in Enniskillen received £2,393 towards ‘The Big Move’ project. The name is taken from a submission Twelve-year-old Megan Smith, a pupil at Mount Lourdes Grammar School applied for the grant on behalf of St Michael’s Scouts. She explained: “A number of us in the group were moving from Cub Scouts into Scouts and also moving from primary into secondary school, and it was all very scary. “I was really nervous making those changes. In fact I felt a bit sick on the first few days at my new school. “Now I’ve settled down, I realise I shouldn’t have been so nervous, so a group of us decided to get together and write a booklet with information about moving schools or clubs. “We’ve included information about what the teachers are like, how they are there to help you and a bit about what to expect for the big school – like more subjects! “I feel much more confident now and I’d like other young people in the same position to understand it’s all part of growing up and nothing to be frightened of.” As well as producing the booklet, which will be distributed to other youth groups in the area, the Scout group held a 10-week course to talk about the issues in the publication. The members are also planning a camp later this summer.

South Eastern Province News and Events from around the Province Carlow/Kilkenny Scout County

Bennettsbridge. Fabulous weekend attended by over 140 Cub Scouts from all round the County who never stopped smiling - did I mention the ice-cream?! Submitted by: John Watmore County Commissioner

Waterford Scout County


his years Carlow-Kilkenny Annual Cub Scout Camp was themed as â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Robin Hood and his Merrie Menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; (or should that be people?). It was the June bank holiday weekend and we were blessed with the weather - sun, sun and more sun! Huge thanks to the leaders of Thomastown Scout Group especially Cub Scout leaders Jimmy Beck and Declan Skehan for organizing a brilliant event with the help of all the usual suspects on the County Cub Scout team. There were a great variety of bases on the Saturday along with a hike around Thomastown and along the River Nore.

The evening programme was undertaken in costumes to the camp theme and there were demonstrations by the local model aircraft flying club (how to fly a helicopter any way but the right way up - amazing!), how to open a car like a sardine tin (thanks again to Declan and his colleagues from Thomastown Fire Brigade), ice-cream and a brilliant campfire led by Sean Watmore from

4th Abbeyside Cub Scout section on their investiture and awards night. Congratulations to the 12 new Cub Scouts who where invested on the night.

A picture from the Beaver Scout Day held in Dunhill Community Centre where there was around 150 Beaver Scouts from 12 different sections in attendance. Congrats to those who organised it and those who attended.

South Eastern Province De La Salle Scout Group Pipe Band Drum Corps are Munster Champions

The De La Salle Scout Group Pipe Band travelled to Tralee on Sunday June 21st and competed in the Munster Pipe Band Championships. The Drum Corps took first place in their grade having given an excellent performance when the band competed. This group of young people have being practicing very hard over the last few months and this was a great achievement for them.

South East Province Staff Contact Details Provincial Support Officer Caroline Healy 0860474310 Group Support Facilitators Caroline Marks 0860491002

Ciara Murray took second place in the Junior Drum Majors competition. This was the first time she had entered this competition and this was a great achievement.

Austin Dempsey 0860433798

The band came third in the overall competition in their grade and received a trophy.

Caroline Marks C/O Roscrea Scout Hall, Abbey Street, Roscrea, Co. Tipperary.

Earlier in the month the band had competed in the Cobh pipe band competition where they won the overall trophy for marching and deportment. This trophy was awarded for how the band looked, behaved and marched on the day and as it was the first time the band had competed in competition in Ireland it was a major achievement.

Training Office:

Western Province


hy CAMPING is the highlight of the scouting year?!? The easiest way to find out... Go on a well planned camp and you are likely to see Scouts and Scouters having the time of their life! They’ll be able to put into practice all the skills they learnt during the weekly meeting and to understand the need to learn these and more! Experience the fun of challenging yourself in the outdoors together with your friends! Relax in your tent and hang out with your mates. Enjoy and join the campfire stories & songs and the sweet woodsmoke....

Mmm . . Savoury Mince in Tortilla Wraps

Leaders of all sections – don’t miss out - go camping with your scouts and have a fantastic time in the great outdoors! Remember: Beaver Scouts are now also allowed on 1-2 nights sleepovers, where circumstances are suitable. Campsites in the Western Province are: Lough Keel, Co. Roscommon ( and Ruan, Co. Clare (Email: Check out the New Campsites Directory 2009 to find Scout Campsites across Ireland

Making the ascent from base camp

The Galway County overnight hike was a resounding success with 3 groups attending, Renmore, St Joseph’s and Claregalway, with over 40 scouts and 10 leaders. The location was just perfect and the weather held up very well. Galway County Scout Coordinator, Sean Harte, would like to thank Ciaran Kennedy from 12th Galway for all his efforts in organising the event.

Back to base camp photos taken by Owen Flynn

Western Province ‘Seisiún na Sionnaine’ The 12th Roscommon (Ballyboro) Venture Scouts are hosting their first weekend activity camp in Lanesborough on 7th, 8th and 9th August. This was previously advertised for 8th, 9th and 10th May but it clashed with too many other events not least of all junior and leaving cert exam preparations. Now the exams are well past us we again invite all Scouts and Venture Scouts to participate in a watery activity weekend (and that’s without the rain). Activities will include kayaking, raft building, sailing and archery. The cost of this weekend will be €70 per participant. Family discounts will apply. If you haven’t got an application form yet and would like to find out more please contact either Anne O’Reilly at 086 8312785 or email Ronan Collier at

VOLVO OCEAN RACE: We provided help with the running of some shore side support events around the Volvo Ocean race as well as running the Scout Display and launch of the Race for environment at the Volvo Stand in the Main race village. This was a great PR show for Scouting and we will be following up with information for groups on the SI website so they can continue to take part in the Race for Environment events.( www. The Galway Stopover (23 May to 6th June 2009) was a key event and it was great that Scouting was represented there. Thanks to the Scouts and leaders from Malahide , Howth, Arklow and local Scouts from 24th Galway, Renmore and other local groups who helped us out also.

Race for Environment Programme

to encourage young people to take action for the environment. The website will be an interactive and fun place for young people where examples of actions can be found. WOSM:s environment programme can be found on the website, there will also be good examples of scout environment projects all over the world. We want to encourage Groups and Sections to sign up and follow the programme at the above site and will continue to promote this. Guy Kilroy who looks after World Scout Foundation work in Ireland had a number of VIP guests on board Green Dragon ( Irish Participating Boat in VOR) on Friday 5th June during the Stopover also. We also Launched our Joint promotion of Sail Training with OYTI at the Galway event with a visit on board Lord rank by the scouts. We are promoting the training Voyages also on our SI website and hope that groups or individual Scouts or leaders will take up the offers. Scouts from Roses Point in Sligo were involved on the voyage to Galway as part of the event also. Support Staff Contact Details Provincial Office: 1Wine Street, Sligo Tel: 071 – 9169363 PSO – Joe Doherty E-mail – Mobile 086-0474305 GSF – Danny Habermann E-mail – Mobile 086-0433794

A website, was created for the project. This website will be a platform that aims

Camping and adventures in the out of doors are real and fundamental parts of Scouting. Scouting Ireland’s youth programme is designed to train young people to explore and enjoy the out of doors with an awareness of their surroundings and an appreciation of the dangers involved. Camps and expeditions have a unique role to play in our programmes and in the lives of our members. These activities are more than just holidays or weekends away. They provide young people with the opportunity to develop skills they have learnt and teach them to live in harmony with others. (from Scouting Ireland’s Policy and Procedures on Camping and Adventures in the Out of Doors)

Western Province CLARE COUNTY CUB SCOUT WATER ACTIVITY DAY On a cold and wet Sunday in May, a record number of 122 Cub Scouts travelled to the National Water Activity Centre in Killaloe from all over Clare to attend the Clare County Cub Scout Water Activity Day organised and hosted by the 5th / 22nd Killaloe scout group. This is always the most popular of all the County events held for Cubs in Clare. Groups in attendance included Killaloe, Ennis, Sixmilebridge, Kilmurry, Clarecastle, Newmarket on Fergus and making their debut at this event – Cratloe. Even the leaders didn’t want to be left out and came with wetsuits in hand! The Cubs were split up into 8 teams, mixing the members of each group together. Activities included canoeing, rowing, motor boat trips, lifeguard relay, teamwork challenge and the all-time favourite – the slippery slope. Part of the attraction of this event is that Cubs are guaranteed to get wet, but due to the wild weather on this day, they were totally saturated. Some of the bases held on land where the ground was already soft, turned into a quagmire. This only added to the excitement, and the Cubs introduced a new element to the day – mud wrestling. The day finished off with drinks and hot dogs for all. Many thanks to all the Clare Cub Scout Leaders for helping out on the day and to Carl Dolan, Commodore of the Water Activity Centre and his Venture Scout support staff. The happy, wet, tired, and mucky Cubs made their way home to parents who when presented with a sopping bag of filthy gear must wonder just what is it that goes on in Killaloe on that day each year! One happy Cub from Sixmilebridge put it: “That was the best Water Day Ever!”

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