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Message from the Provincial Commissioner First of all I have to say what a year! Last year was a very interesting and busy one at provincial and at national level. Again last year your county Réachra increased the number of young people and leaders that weekly get a scouting experience. This year the total youth membership was 1376 compared to 1316 a jump of 70 new members and leader wise we have 193 with 97 leaders pending. Hopefully when this yearʼs census comes around we will have moved the pending leaders into official leaders thus bringing the number of leaders to a whopping 290.

groups as much as possible and this year we have been running with some new ideas. We have a programme workshop evening which we are taking around the province and which has been very successful with providing new ideas for programme for all sections in an interactive way. I know that some of your leaders have attended and have enjoyed the experience. This year also we are having an event for each section where qualifiers come forward from the counties. Also this year we are having a standing camp for groups that are not going on annual camp.

Last year many groups from Reachra took part in the Jamboree and what an experience that was. The province provided a lot of staff to help run the jamboree but also made sure that there were enough leaders to take their groups along and to take part in a wonderful camp. Within the province we had nearly all groups take part and the newgrange subcamp was packed with all our groups. Some groups where lucky enough to get beavers cubs and scouts to attend but many cub groups in the province were disappointed when rain stopped play on the 2nd cub camp. Itʼs with great credit that most groups made sure that the cubs got a camping experience later on in the year. I want to thank our camp chief Christy Mc Cann who is a member of your county for the great work that he did in running the camp. IT WAS GREAT!!

Training this year has been exceptional with 816 leaders taking part in training thatʼs out of a total pool of 965. Reachra have been to the fore front of this with people attending but also with various trainers running the courses.

You are lucky here in Reachra to have such an active County. The full team here whether it is in Training, programme etc give excellent opportunities for both Leaders and scouts. Camping and the out of doors are what people join scouting for and you certainly serve that up here in Reachra. This county is also unique for the amount of Sea Scout groups that are in it. I suppose with the Geographical situation of this county lying along the east coast it is ideal for all the brilliant water activities that go on here. You must be the envy of so many counties that you can partake in both great outdoor activities as camping and Water. A province needs the support from the various counties in it and Iʼm lucky to have so many good people from Reachra County who help at provincial level. I donʼt want to name people but I would like to mention your Co Commissioner James who also acts as my provincial Secretary. The Province aim to help your county and

We now have 2 Full time people working in the Province, Gerry Hickey and James Fox. Feel free to contact them anytime if you have any issues or need help in any area. They will be only to glad to help you out if they can. This year scouting Ireland has some important decisions to make. One on the age ranges and Names. I would urge all groups to attend National Council and to help form the new programme. Also this year is a year of elections at national level with the Chief Scout, National Secretary, Chief Commissioner (Adult Resources) along with two ordinary positions available. As you are aware one of your own is going forward for Chief Scout, Christy Mc Cann, and it would be remiss of me not to wish Christy the best of luck and urge you all to support him with nominations and votes which Iʼm sure you will. I wish Reachra County the best of luck for the next 12 months, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the scouters who make sure that a great programme is given to all our members each week. I would also like to say a big word of thanks to the great County Team that you have in place. I encourage you to keep up this important work for which I also hope you are enjoying as much as me. Until next year Safe scouting and have fun. Yours in Scouting,

Jimmy Cunningham Provincial Commissioner North Eastern Province

County Commissioner’s Report Whenever we gather in the name of Scouting, we inevitably quickly review each occasion with simple questions like ʻDid you enjoy yourself?ʼ or ʻDid you learn something from the event?ʼ. Recently, we had about two hundred Cubs from the County on our Founders Day Hike and when asked at the end ʻDid you enjoy yourself?ʼ the answer was a resounding ʻYESʼ every time. Iʼm sure the snowy pathways and slides had a lot to do with this though! In answer to the question ʻDid you learn something from the event?ʼ it isnʼt always easy for Cub or a Scout or a Beaver or a Venture to answer right away, but perhaps on the occasion of the Cub Hike it was easier for the Leaders to answer ʻYes!ʼ. I know I did and thereʼs rarely an event which takes place that I donʼt come away having learned something. Thatʼs the thing that for many people is hard to grasp about Scouting, but by learning something from our experiences helps us to create better programme as we go forward. Itʼs something that is at the heart of the new programme but really itʼs something we are and should be doing anyway. Undoubtedly the highlight of the year was Jamboree 2008. I was very proud to see such a high involvement from Scouts and Scouters from Réachra at the Jamboree, be it as participants, staff or as part of the organising team. It was an event which has left lasting memories for everyone and still every conversation about events and programme still refers to something which ʻwe did on the Jamboreeʼ! Of course there was great disappointment that many of our Cubs were unable to join us for the second part of the Jamboree, but the once in 150 year weather we experienced meant it wasnʼt to be. We should be very proud of the talents we have within our County that were on display at the Jamboree in areas such as Programme, Celebrations, Water Activities, Administration and Sub Camps. It is up to us to continue to harness those talents to provide a Scout Programme second to none within our County. Following on from the Jamboree, the County Management Committee set about developing the County Development Plan for the next three years.

Plans such as these are developed in conjunction with the rest of the Counties and Teams within the North Eastern Province. Our focus is to be one developing our Leader network through interactive skills experiences and other events. This gave birth to RISE which is the Réachra Interactive Skills Experience. So far we have run two of these events in Dollymount and Donabate. The feedback from the events has been excellent and we have provided workshops on Orienteering, Trangia Cooking, Decorative Knots & Splicing, Games, Primitive Fire Lighting and Wood Carving. It is our intention to keep this momentum up and our County Training Coordinator, George Cathcart, has a plan for RISE which will take us well into 2010. I am now entering my sixth and final year as County Commissioner for Réachra and I come into this year with the same level of enthusiasm and excitement as I did in my first year. A lot has happened in the first five years and there has never been anything that has been insurmountable. We have a good strong County Management Committee and thatʼs thanks to the approach taken by each of the Group Leaders and our Team Leaders who sit at our table. Being a Group Leader is a tough role but they each know that whatever situation presents itself that they will be able to tackle it with support from the County Team and their fellow Group Leaders. ʻTeamʼ is a strong focus in Réachra and one which we will never lose sight of. Finally, I would like to say thank you to everyone in the County for what they do. Be they a Patrol Leader, Sixer, Programme Scouter, Group Leader, Committee Member, co-ordinator, team member or just simply a Scout – you are making a positive contribution to our greater community by doing what you do, so Thank You and keep it up!

Yours in Scouting

James OʼToole County Commissioner

Group Reports for 2008



Sea Scout Group


2008 was a memorable and successful year for 5th Port Dollymount Sea Scout Group. Five of our 7 Sections attended the highlight of the Irish scouting year - the Jamboree at Punchestown. Scouts and Cubs camping together for the first time was a great experience. They all really enjoyed themselves despite the monsoon weather and stayed under canvas right up to break of camp on Saturday 10 August. The official re-opening of the Crowʼs Nest in November, after 4 yearʼs hard work was the high spot of 5th Portʼs year. The day was probably one of the best days weatherwise of the whole year – non stop sunshine, blue skies and calm! It was a great success with the 3rd De La Salle, Waterford Scout Pipe Band, skiff racing, a flyover by the Coastguard helicopter and hundreds of current and past members and friends who joined us. All of the Sections were busy all year with full programmes of activities: Along with their usual meetings, when on fine days they get out for a ramble to the beach for a nature lesson which ends up as a sandcastle building competition, the Beavers have been Easter Egg hunting

Réachra Scout County Annual Report 2008

and squirrel feeding in St Anneʼs Park and took part in the Centenary Picnic in Dublin Zoo where they all fell in love with the baby elephant! The three cub packs participated enthusiastically in the Centenary Badge Challenge and took on such tasks as 100 centenary flags, 100 handprints, 100 marshmallows cooked on an open fire and running a cub night as it might have been run 100 years ago, followed by a ceremonial floating of 100 candles into the lagoon. Badge-work and Arrow-work of course formed the backbone of the programmes. Monday night cubs enjoyed the County hike, pet care, bowling, a cycle hike and sleepover in the den, and a great day out on the Sea Safari, which took them across Dublin Bay and around Dalkey Island on high speed boats. Tuesday cubs went hostelling, hiking and on visits to various places including Tara St Fire Station and Malahide Castle where they had a special visitor – Puc, the Castle ghost! Saturn Pack also had a varied and interesting programme with hiking, ice-skating, a trip on the Viking splash, a visit to Collins barracks for the centenary exhibition and some alternatives to their regular Friday night meeting when

they attended the Celebrity Banisteoir match and they took an active part in the Dublin City Culture night in September. All of the cubs also enjoyed some camping during the year. As sea cubs, of course, water featured in their programmes. All cubs pursued the swimming and rescuer badges with great success and they also had a day of water activities in the lagoon assisted by the Scout Troops, which they really enjoyed. Our two Scout Troops also have had a very successful year. Valkyrie Troop have set themselves the task of walking the full length of the Wicklow Way (not all in one go!) and during 2008, walked from Curtlestown to Moyne, over 4 days. They joined several other Scout Troops in Powerscourt on the Annual Easter Camp and Scouts from both Troops also attended the Jamboree. Skiff rowing features large in the programmes. In May 3 Valkyrie crews joined a large flotilla and braved rain and force 7 squalls to wish the Sea Stallion good luck on its return voyage to Denmark. The two Troops participated in the Long Distance Skiff race across Dublin Bay and up the Liffey to IFSC, a distance of nearly 12 kmʼs. Five teams took part, 3 male and 2 female. Wednesday Troop took first place and Valkyries took 2nd in a very exciting race. As first female team home Valkyries were presented with the Kathleen Ball cup. Wednesday Troops successes include first place in the Fry Cup, 2nd in the Hamill Cup and overall winners at the East Coast Regatta. Their wins on the day included the Dick

Vekins Memorial Cup (formerly the Wood Latimer) and the Under 15 skiff race. Both Troops participated in the Scout Liffey Descent. Twelve Scouts from the Troops were presented with their Chief Scout Awards during 2008. The Ventures, V5, started up officially this year and already have 18 members. Despite only being up and running for a short time they have managed to fit a lot of activities in along with regular fortnightly meetings. Eight of them were at Ventact South in September, four went camping last Easter, one successfully completed the Explorer Belt in Croatia and Slovenia during July and two of them also took part in the Rainbow Challenge in India with two other Scout Groups. It would be impossible to fit everything the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Ventures fit into the year, the above just gives a flavour. All in all a lot of fun was had and a numerous things were learnt on the way. Looking forward to 2009!!

Yours in Scouting

Therese Kelly & Siobhan Ball Group Leaders

Réachra Scout County Annual Report 2008



Sea Scout Group


2008 has been yet again another successful year in scouting within Malahide. We have a youth membership of 380 with the addition of 97 Adult members, which forms two Beaver teams, three Cub Packs, three Sea Scout Troops and the new addition of a Venture Unit. Our aim is to continue to provide a high standard of quality programmes, and a strong emphasis in creating challenging and fun activities for our scouts. We will continue to support the evolving proposed New Programme although we have opted out of the Pilot Scheme. We plan to implement the final draft of the New Programme in the near future, in conjunction with the Sea Scouting programme. All of our sections have been part of the Local, county, Provincial, and National events throughout the year. These include Beaver days, the Theresa Redmond Trophy, The Baldoyle Panto and Beaver Overnights. Pack Holidayʼs where held in Tanagh Centre & Larch Hill. The troops attended Peak and Sionnach Adventures, the Swimming Gala, the Rowing Regatta and Sailing Regattas in Dunlaoghaire, the Hamill and Fry Cups, Annual Expeditions to South Cork, Graignamanagh and

Réachra Scout County Annual Report 2008

Jamboree ʼ08 and the Triathlon, to name but a few. The big event of 2008 for the group was Jamboree ʼ08, the International Jamboree held at Punchestown, Co. Kildare. We had a large contingent of 120 members taking part in all aspects of the Jamboree with Beavers attending the Beaver day, the Cubs, Scouts and Venture Scouts camping and participating in the wide and varied programme, with Venture scouts and leaders being part of staff on Subcamps, H20, First Aid, Site Build and Programme. Although the weather played a significant role in the event it did not dampen the fun, enthusiasm or the memories each scout and indeed scouter took home with them. In 2009 the group will celebrate 90yrs of Scouting within the community of Malahide. We have a calendar of events happening throughout the year involving scouts and scouters past and present. Events for the first quarter include a Quiz Night on 5th March, a Founderʼs Day Hike & Camp being held in Larch Hill and the Group Photograph happening in front of Malahide Castle during April. Our plans for many exciting events

throughout 2009 are being headed up by Kevin Rowan and we are looking forward to our year long celebration. We would like to extend an invitation to our friends in Reachra to join in our events and activities. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our Scouters, both working in the sections and as part of the executive team, who continue to give their valuable time with unequivocal dedication. Their strong commitment to scouting in Malahide means the group has grown and can continue to grow and serve the young people in our local community. A special thanks to Ivor Guyette (Monday Pack Akela) who stepped down from his position due to work commitments, James OʼToole (County Commissioner) for the generosity of his time and help throughout the year and of course our Provincial Support Officer, Gerry Hickey who continues to support 9th Port.

Yours in Sea Scouting

Lo Klinkenbergh Group Leader

Réachra Scout County Annual Report 2008


DUBLIN Scout Group


2008 has come and gone for Mafikeng in a very short space of time it would seem, but when you look back it seems so much longer with the amount of work which has gone on over the past year. We still have a thriving Cub pack, Scout Troop and Venture Unit however some what consolidated a little from last year. The leader team within Mafikeng Scout Group now has many younger leaders who are all beginning to partake in leadership training and also some who are only just receiving warrants. Many of the leaders are involved in more than one section within the group and this year has seen a strain on this leader team as Mafikeng based most of its yearly program around Jamboree 2008. In 2008 the Cub pack were very active, some of the activities included a day trip to the Scout Easter Camp in Powerscourt, overnights in the Scout hall and the annual Christmas outing to ice skating in Smithfield. We also took part in the Theresa Redmond Trophy in June which actually turned out to be survival of the fittest as Larch Hill was subject to severe weather conditions for the weekend. However we all survived but not sure if the same could be said of our equipment.

Réachra Scout County Annual Report 2008

The Scout Troop in 2008 was again active basing most of their program around Jamboree 2008. As I was heavily involved in the Jamboree, the Scout Troop would be attending without me with other leaders so training was of utmost importance. They had a number of activities including Troop Day Hikes, Easter Camp, Patrol Overnights, Activity Training Days and of course Jamboree 2008. The Ventures also had an active year in 2008 and the older ventures were involved at a staff level for Jamboree 2008 and also helped to run the sections within the group throughout the year. The younger ventures attended Jamboree 2008 along with scout troop. The annual Leader / Venture hike up Lugnaquilla also took place over Christmas and was attended by over 20 members of the group.

The outlook for 2009 is for Mafikeng is get as many younger leaders trained up so that they can help with the development of the group. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the leaders for their tireless work in the group over the past year. I would also like to give a special thanks to the ventures within our group who helped me to complete many tasks for Jamboree 2008 over many long and tiring weekends. Without their help I would not have been able to help as much as I did with the Jamboree, both prior to, during and after the Jamboree. We look forward to an exciting and challenging year of Scouting in Mafikeng throughout 2009.

Yours in Scouting

Cathal Yates Group Leader (Acting)

Réachra Scout County Annual Report 2008


DUBLIN Sea Scout Group

7th Port Howth

2008 was a busy year for the group with all sections having an active year on land and water. This year also saw growth in the group with the addition of a second cub pack in the Group, and the re-forming of a Parents and Friends group. The Beaver activities during 2008 included a “Pirate Adventure Hike and Slumber Night” - which retraced the steps of Granuaile the Pirate Queen, who is part of the history of Howth Castle. During their regular meetings the Beavers had fun with their “Leaf Projects” learning about nature , and their local community project, which included joining a Christmas parade through Howth to help light the Christmas tree. The Beavers are also learning to work together with “team games” helping to foster co-operation and teamwork. Our Monday Cub Pack brought all of their scouting skills together to spend their Summer Camp “Under Canvas” in Powerscourt during July, and despite the weather, the camp was enjoyed by all. During the year the pack had number of “outdoor meetings” using the beach beside the den for ball games, wide games, nature walks and exploring. Day hikes througout the year completed the outdoor program. Inside the Den, the Cubs were busy cooking, knotting, bandaging , singing and generally having a good time. Arrow badges earned during the year were presented at the group investiture when 12 Beavers made their way into the Cub pack. The older cubs completed a two month intensive program during Sept and Oct to get ready for joining the Sea Scout section - and 10 cubs moved up to the Scouts in early November. During November, we also started a new cub pack, to cope with the huge waiting list, and we recruited 5 new leaders to set up this pack, the pack has now had their first outdoor activity - and is getting ready for an investiture of cubs and leaders. The new cubs have been enjoying the games , getting used to the promise and law and dividing into their sixes - ready to join the rest of the group for an active scouting year in 09.

Réachra Scout County Annual Report 2008

Our Scout troop had a full year of land and water activities. The troop meets two nights a week during the boating season to get more time on the water in the Skiff and Canoes. Water activities included rowing trips to Irelands eye as well as canoe training and BP 18 rowing. The troop hosted the Hamil Cup in Howth at the end of the summer and had some good fun (as well as competition) with the other troops at this annual Sea Scout event. Watch Leader training was a great success spending two days on the Jeanie Johnson. Summer camp was to a Sea Scout Internation Camp in Slovakia with 400 participants from all over the world - with activites including white water rafting and rock climbing. The troop also entered two teams in the annual “Commando Course” challenge in January - braving freezing tempratures, mud and exaustion to complete a gruelling course.

The Venturer group continues to thrive - and this summer the Venturers got back into the boating habit - rowing to Irelands eye to be attacked by Sea-Gulls, rescuing our flooded Skiff after a squall in Howth Harbour. Camping in Powerscourt was part of the staple diet of outdoor activities. More “sedate” nights involved fire extingusher drills on the beach, BBQʼs and even supergluing two pairs of runners together - while the Venturers were still wearing them. As part of their growing importance in

the troop - several of the Venturers have been helping out in Cubs and Beavers and it is a great resource to the group to have the energy and enthusiasm of our Venturers in every section. As a Group - we have been rebuilding our Parents and Friends Support Group - with a couple of activities during the year - including a vast “clear out” of the junk on the boat deck - filling a large skip and leaving the boat deck in working order for the busy boating season. Our Group held its first (and hopefully annual) Treasure Trail and BBQ in the Den (and around Howth Harbour) with more than 80 people participating in some way. We hope to complete a few more Den “upkeep” projects during 09. Last but not least - we also want to congratulate our two of our Leaders, Stephen (Cubs) and Fionnuala (Beavers) on the birth of their daughter Aoife. We hear that Aoife is already on the waiting list for the Beavers and hope to welcome her into the colony in 2015.

Yours in Scouting

Barry Twohig Group Leader

Réachra Scout County Annual Report 2008


DUBLIN Scout Group


For yet another year the numbers in 35th have continued to grow with more and more young people in the area coming through our door. Our busy beavers went on many activities including the old favourites of the Pantomime and the Easter Egg Hunt . They had a fantastic day at the County Hike in Deer Park and felt like “big scouts” returning from such a long hike! The team attended two national events. The Centenary Picnic at Dublin Zoo and Santa Day in Larch Hill and on both occasions they came back to base with smiling faces. Other activities during the year included a visit to Sea Life in Bray, Sports Day and Chestnut Hunt in St Anneʼs Park and 10 pin Bowling. I would like to congratulate our Beaver Leader, Liz Batty, on the birth of baby Philip and to thank her for providing our future members! The Cub Pack numbers have increased this year with regular attendance of 20 cubs every week. Did the cubs go to the pantomime? OH YES THEY DID. Did they have a terrible time? OH NO THEY DIDNʼT! Other activities during the year included the most exciting County Hike in Glendalough , Disney on Ice, and the Centerary National Cub Party in Ardgillan Park. The cubs had three activities away this year. The Theresa Redmond County

Réachra Scout County Annual Report 2008

Camp in Larch Hill. This to the organisers may have seemed like a complete washout but once again 35th came back to base with beaming smiles! They also went hostelling in Glendalough and were thankfully one of the cub packs who got to attend Jamboree 2008. This was a fantastic opportunity for our cubs who had the time of their lives. Ice Skating in the RDS in December finished off their year nicely. Once again 35th Grange scout troop has had a very busy and successful year. The scout troop started the new year off with a short hike to ʻAn Spincʼ overlooking the lakes of Glendalough in early January 2008. This certainly shook off any cobwebs left from the Christmas season. This was followed by a trip to the Dracula Experience which they combined with rock-climbing in Westwood for an action packed afternoon. In March they held an overnight in Howth scout den which was used to brush up on scout skills, and again many thanks to Howth Sea Scouts for the continued use of their Den. Then came the annual Easter Camp and for a change in 2008 the troop decided to spend the Easter weekend hostelling in Carlingford, Co. Louth. This was the first time in many years the scout troop did not camp in Powerscourt for Easter and they know they were truly missed!! Donʼt fret too much because as it currently stands they will be up

to their usual mischief for Easter 2009 on their usual Sanford site in Powerscourt. The troop had many other activities including a hike up Djouce and needless to say there were a few stiff legs after that one, a visit to the ʻ100 years of Scoutingʼ exhibition in Collins Barracks a hostel weekend in Aurora House, Glencree Co. Wicklow at the end of June, a stroll up Bray Head , orienteering day in Howth and the annual Patrol Challenge weekend in November. Along with most of the county their summer camp last year was spent in Punchestown participating in Jamboree 2008. This really was a wonderful scouting experience which was thoroughly enjoyed by our scout troop and it left them with some very fond memories and great stories to tell in the years to come. Commiserations to our scout Stephen Hatton who was selected as one of the three scouts at the Jamboree to perform his mime to “Torn” in the final of “Jamboreeʼs Got Talent”, but as you all know due to the awful weather conditions it did not go ahead. Well done Stephen for getting to the final. The scout troop is busy planning events for scouting in 2009 and would like to wish the very best of luck to the scouts preparing and planning for the Chief Scouts Award this year. Our troop currently has 18 active scout members and four active scout leaders. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the leaders in 35th for their dedication and for providing a wonderful programme in all sections and to wish all our fellow scouters in the County all the best for 2009.

Yours in Scouting

Rosanne Whelan Group Leader

Réachra Scout County Annual Report 2008


DUBLIN Scout Group


The past year has been a very successful year for our Group. The numbers in our Beaver Team have remained steady and our Cub and Scout sections are thriving. The prospects for the future are good with a waiting list for Cubs. Revenue to the Group is still strong despite the downturn with dance groups, a youth club and child care adding to our income. Apart from that itʼs familiarising young children with a Scout surrounding in our Den which in turn may entice their parents to bring them to our meetings, the times of which will just happen to be on our wall for them to see. Our den is also rented to another Scout Group who are a joy to be associated with.

Réachra Scout County Annual Report 2008

Jamboree was the buzz word for our Group in 2008 and we are very busy preparing for this yearʼs Summer Camp which of course was in Punchestown. The camp, despite the weather, was fantastic fun and it brought out great camaraderie which the testing conditions demanded. It was great to see Scouts from all over the world smile through the floods and build a bridge! Our Cub Pack as usual has many activities planned for the coming year and has a job to match the year just past, but with the dedicated leadership this section has always marched on. There is a waiting list and the Leaders are only allowing new children to join if their parents join to help. The Beaver Team has had a busy year with number of Beavers swimming up to Cubs. We had our normal programme but with the help of one of our parents we were able to add arts and crafts to our programme.

We had our visits to the zoo, cinema and pantomime but the highlight had to be our visit to Jamboree 2008. While it was a very wet day, a good time was had by all. The Scout Troop prepared for the Jamboree in what was a final year in the Troop for some of the Scouts who have now moved on to Ventures. Their experience in Scouting from events such as being part of the World Jamboree Contingent in 2007 gave the younger Scouts a big learning year so that they can take the reins in the Troop for the future. Which brings me to close with a repeat of what has been proven to me over and over; that is a happy group is not gained through finance of membership numbers, but by good programming by dedicated Leaders. This makes my job as Group Leader an easy one! Yours in Scouting

Les Duffy Group Leader

Réachra Scout County Annual Report 2008



Sea Scout Group

14th PORT DONABATE Overall things are going very well we have moved to the new a programme and a variation (no oldest section) of the pilot ages as it works for out group and we would have had issues with getting enough leaders for each of the section otherwise. We have finished the first phase of the renovation work on the den which is FAB and we are looking forward to the rest of the work being done but as that is only cosmetic and we now have a den that not only has heat but can keep it in thanks to 4 inches of insulation we are not going to complain. We currently have a mix of sections which includes beavers, trackers, explorers, discovery, (4 older venture age that donʼt do much but we like them to stay around).

Réachra Scout County Annual Report 2008

Beavers The Beavers were very busy as usual getting lots of badge work done and thinking up some excellent activities for the year. Activities included hiking, quizzes, slumber night and taking part in the Centenary badge challenge by building 100 sandcastles on the beach (there was the usual paparazzi around and they ended up in the paper but all managed to enjoy none the less.

learning new activities. They are also ensuring that there are lots of link activities with the other sections (essential to make the boating programme work well). The summer camp they are planning is looking spectacular and we are expecting great things.

Discovery Tracker This section has 6 new Patrols, named after different animals which you canʼt miss when you go into the Den! Programme includes an introduction to the aims of the new programme, along with hiking, Panto, games, arts and crafts and lots of out door activities. There are lots more links between the sections (much of which centres around food and chocolate!).

Definitely a new programme for the older section. All meeting have been held outside the den (maybe they donʼt like the new renovations!). each meeting includes building a shelter, lighting a fire by Sparks, making Hot Chocolate. Then figuring out what they are going to get up to for the next few activities. As you can guess the MPSE is having a huge influence this primitive scouting is really grasping the imagination!


Yours in Scouting

Another large section that is keeping very busy. Programme including lots of boat work and swimming as well as some nights in the den on badge work and

Diane Dignam Group Leader

Réachra Scout County Annual Report 2008


Baile Átha Cliath

Scoil Neasain

Bhuel, seo linn arís, tuilleadh den rud céanna mar is ghnáthach don tráth seo ! Cad is féidir liom a rá nach bhfuil ráite cheana ? Weʼre still here after many years and still operating through the medium of the Irish language, however, as we end our 32st year of existence in 2008 we have ceased all activities indefinitely due to a lack of leaders. For over a year now we have been making do with just one leader assisted by Parents and friends on a week by week basis and have decided enough is enough ! For the moment anyway ..........

Champa Samhraidh but due to a drop of rain that was cancelled on us. Having remained in operation with the expectation of the Cubs participating in the Jamboree ní ró shásta a bhí daoine, ach sin an saol ! Dʼéirigh linn Campa Samhraidh dʼár gcuid féin a reachtáil lastigh de dhá lá agus bhain na Macaoimh an-taitneamh as – agus ní raibh aon bháisteach againn ! After camp we closed for the remainder of the Summer as usual except that this year closure started our ʻcessation of all activities indefinitelyʼ and we will remain closed indefinitely.

Faigh amach faoi imeachtaí an Ghasra thíos.

Leadership Gasra Macaoimh At the start of the year 2008, bhí foireann ceannaireachta againn de dhuine amháin, mé féin, agus ní raibh aon athrú ar sin i rith na bliana. Bhí meán de thart ar twelve Cubs suas go dtí an Campa Samhraidh. The pack were not very active during the year given our lack of leaders. We almost took part in some County events but promised helpers didnʼt materialise at the last minute. Bhí ar intinn againn dul chuig Jamboree2008 mar

Réachra Scout County Annual Report 2008

(Departing from my normal habit of bilingualism, this section is purposely in English only.) Since last Summer 2007, having only one registered leader, we have been surviving week to week only with the help of parents & friends. The annual Census this year (December 2008) has been returned in the usual way showing only one leader in the Group for the third year in a row. It was decided on an “indefinite cessation of all activities” after Summer Camp (this plan having been due for implementation after Christmas 2007 but

then deferred) if things hadnʼt inproved. There has been no change in the leadership situation and therefore, as of September 2008, the Gasra Macaoimh of 66ú Grúpa Átha Cliath (Scoil Neasáin) has ceased all activities indefinitely. This means that the Group naw has no Section operating at all and will remain in this state indefinitely, even if this leads to the eventual winding-up and closure of the Group after almost 33 years of Scouting through Irish.

Yours in Scouting

Rónán Ó Scolaí Ceannaire Grúpa

Réachra Scout County Annual Report 2008


DUBLIN Scout Group


2008 has been another successful year within the 73rd Dublin (Raheny) Group. Our membership has increased especially with the Scout Group doubling their numbers to form a major and important part of the Group. We continue to run with 1 Beaver Colony, 1 Cub Scout Pack and 1 Scout Troop. I should report that the proposed sale and redevelopment of the Scout Den site will now not go ahead due to various reasons too long to mention. But we are happy to remain at our present ʻhomeʼ. Our Beaver Colony has been busy beavering away with their arts & crafts, Paw badges and trips to the park etc. Since September they have been following some of the new program doing the Tracker ʻcamping badgeʼ which they seem to enjoy. Their highlight was to see Santa Claus up in Larch Hill at Christmas. They enjoyed this immensely. We lost Ger Clancy (Section Leader) in May. I wish to thank him for all his hard work as he enjoys his year off in Australia. Hopefully, we will see him again in September 2009. Annemarie McElhinney has taken over the helm and I know

Réachra Scout County Annual Report 2008

sheʼs doing a great job as the Beavers tell me so! Towards the end of the year they had their fancy dress Halloween & Christmas parties were 17 of the Beavers got invested. The Cubs had another adventurous year in 2008. They once again began the year by attending the Baldoyle Christmas Panto followed by the County hike to Glendalough. Then in Easter our Cubs had there first camp in Larch Hill to prepare for the thrilling (but wet!!) Jamboree in August. They also took part in the ʻGiant Sleepoverʼ in June and the ʻNational Trail Dayʼ in autumn. Then after ʻbobbing applesʼ at their Halloween party, they held a ʻCrazy Cub Olympicsʼ in November to finish off the year with a small Christmas party. They had a big change to the section in September with 10 Cub Scouts going to Scouts. However, they are excited to be welcoming some new Beavers coming up in the New Year. The Scout Section from the start of the year was busy in preparation for

the Jamboree in August. They held hikes and hostelling/camping weekends together with their badgework to keep busy. After the wet (VERY WET) Jamboree, they returned after the summer break to go to Glenmalure hostelling. In November, the Scouts achieved their cyclist badge under severe weather conditions. They finished their active year with a Christmas party. Our Venturer representatives (Anne & Jenny) completed the ʻExplorer Beltʼ in the Summer. Well done and congratulations to them both. You did the Group proud ! The Groupʼs highlight of the year was of course, the attendance of both the Cub Scout & Scout Sections at the Jamboree in Punchestown. They all had a ball even with the lousy weather. I would like to finish with thanking all of the Leaders for their continued support, loyalty, commitment and dedication to myself and the younger Scouting members who keep us all on our toes each week. A big thank you also to our parents and friends who continue to support us throughout the year. “There is no teaching compared with example”, BP. Yours in Scouting,

Dave Walsh Group Leader

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DUBLIN Scout Group


Réachra Scout County Annual Report 2008


DUBLIN Scout Group


The Group continues to flourish with more applications being received than the sections can cater for and there is continuing pressure to open new sections to cater for them.

November especially finding our way through the forest around the PSLC. The final trip of 2008 was the Larch Hill Santa Dayʼs. You canʼt beat the real thing when you see it. Cub Section; Wednesdays at the PSLC at 7.30 What a year 2008!, We promoted 8 cubs into Scouts, climbed the second highest peak in Wicklow! And now we have a super-large pack of 38 cubs! A large number in any cub leaderʼs life to handle! Despite this, we completed the following badges: Swimming Level 1 and Level 2, Handyman, Pet Care, Musician, Collector, Book and First Aid Level 1.We also organised our Peak 2008 Challenge, Djouce Mountain in Co. Wicklow. We also took the opportunity to do some field skills on the mountain and cooked a warm meal at the bridge beside war hill. Having completed many of the badges for the Bronze Arrow, most of the pack got this badge during Q2 2008. In addition to this we set

Beaver Colony: Tuesdays at the PSLC at 7.30pm 2008 was as usual a very busy time for Beavers and the leaders (Maeve, Jack, Martin, Kathleen and Luke). The PSLC has turned out to be very successful, although not ideal as a venue. The year started out with our annual visit to the Baldoyle Panto. Both Beavers and leaders enjoyed the night as Aladdin beat off his evil uncle married the princess and lived happily ever after. They had a guided tour of Dublinʼs Zoo, the Beavers enjoyed the Tour guide so much that the leaders and parents had very little to do.! In April we held our meeting in the Artworks Café. This was very popular with 100% attendance and the decorated plate was an excellent souvenir of the evening. May saw the Beaver team collecting sea shells on the Silver Strand, Portmarnock. They also learned about other items that can be found washed up on the beach like Star fish. The shells were used for a craft at the following meeting. In June one of the meetings was held in Malahide Park. The Beavers followed the exercise circuit around the forest. Our annual Olympics were held during June also, in the grounds of the PSLC. September kicked off with as many of the meetings being held outside as possible. The trip to Newbridge House on Sunday 19th October was very successful with a group of 25 beavers and families enjoying the walk even though the weather threatened to spoil the day. There were plenty of vampires and witches at the Halloween party int October. The group enjoyed a night hike in

about planning for the Cub Jamboree at Punchestown. Our Badge Goal was to complete the Silver Arrow before the end of the calendar year so that we would get all Cubs to their Gold Arrow before passing-up to Scouts in 2009-2010. During the 2nd quarter, we focused heavily on field skills, camp skills and continued with our treks with the pack. Since the Jamboree was cancelled we organised for a 4 day stay at Mount Mellory and we had a fantastic time. For any pack that has not gone here, itʼs well worth it! To complete the Silver Badge we needed to complete our First Aid training. We also organised Ice Skating, a fancy dress Halloween party and a Christmas Skit and Comedy Night. What a blast! We finished a very successful year with the silver badge completed

Réachra Scout County Annual Report 2008

Scout Section; Tuesday St.Marnockʼs School hall, 7.30pm Since the last report the scout section has had a great scout year. Each month an out of door activity was planned and activated despite some horrendous weather! These are some of the highlights!! A training hike was held at Balrath Woods in February, and a special ʻpancake cookingʼ night was held in March, followed by camping at Portlick and at Easter the group stayed at Arklow scout den. June weekend saw the group camping at Drewstown, along with the Venture Unit where there was bivvying and backwoods cooking. Several new scouts were invested during the trip. Three patrols arranged week end camps at Larch Hill and a beach ʻexperienceʼ was held to compete for the centenary badge with over 200 sandcastles built on the sand!. The big event for the year was the Jamboree at which the group had a total of 75 booked in, but alas the rain prevented the cubs enjoying the experience, but the scout group had a great time. Three new PLʼs were appointed in September as others joined the venture unit and in October a special mid-week activity was held at Tanagh outdoor centre which was a highly successful event. In November a night treasure hunt was held at Howth Demesne and in December ice skating at RDS was the months activity. The year was finished off with a fundraiser bag pack at Dunnes Stores and the presentation of awards including ʻscout of the year to the first female recipient Allana Farrelly. Three PLʼs signed up during the year to participate in the Bronze Gaisce Award.

Venture Section Report 2008. The Venture Section is going from strength to strength. 2008 was a very busy and enjoyable year with many different activities including the following: •

Wicklow Way 50k hikes - March and June.

Fingal County Venture Camp, Lough Dan – March.

Reachra County Camp, Portlick - April.

Backwoods Camping, Co Meath – May.

Paintballing, Bray - June.

Survival Training Course with the Irish Army – July. 4 days in the wild. Bivvying, helicopter ride, survival skills etc.

Jamboree - August

Aran Islands Camping, August.

PL Training Weekend - September. Helping to staff.

Scouts of the World, Cork - October.

Ice-skating - December.

Winter camping Lough Dan – December.

Gaisce Presidents Award; All the Ventures are working on the Presidents Award Most have completed the Bronze Award and are now working on Silver.

Africa: 3 of the Ventures went to South Africa with Portmarnock Community School for 2 weeks in February. There they put their scouting skills to good use while helping to build an orphanage and working with children many of whom has HIV.

Explorer Belt: 4 of the Ventures have registered for the Explorer Belt in Denmark/Sweden in July ʻ09 and are preparing for what should be a great adventure. Your in Scouting

Peter OʼKelly Group leader.

Réachra Scout County Annual Report 2008


DUBLIN Scout Group


Doesnʼt time fly, it seems like a few weeks ago I was writing up a report for 2008, definitely a sign of advancing age! I am delighted to report that 2008 was another good year for scouting in the 132nd, we had an increase in membership of all seven sections with two new Leader Teams in Venturers and Beavers. Alison Hughes and her team of Muireann Costigan and Paul McGoldrick have taken over the reins of our “Early Bird” Colony from Michelle Conville who has moved sections to take over Venturers. Numbers at present in Venturers are between 25 and 30 and they are an active bunch with plenty of activities under their belts so far. Plans for this year include a summer expedition to Spain, obviously some of them were in Punchestown last year!

All sections apart from Beavers had annual camps last year. Birr Outdoor Pursuit Centre and Bell Harbor Adventure Centre were the venues for the Wolf and Lion Cub Packs annual camps and from all accounts a great time was had by all. Canoeing, pier jumping, archery, orienteering, were just some of the activities they got up too plus various day outs to local attractions. The Eagle and Hawk troops headed off to Punchestown for Jamboree 2008 and aside from torrential rain, mudbaths, early shopping runs, stolen wheels, no Aslan, all had a great experience and enjoyed themselves. Our Venturers headed to Austria for their expedition, this was the last one for Venturer Leader, AnnMarie Farrelly, who has stepped down as section leader and our thanks goes to her for all the time she has put in with young people over the years. Aside from annual camps, all sections put the out into scouting with plenty of Hostel and camping weekends, hikes, days out, sleep overs. Most Leaders have completed Child Protection courses and other Woodbadge modules but the overall feeling from all our Leaders is that a weekend format going forward is the best way to deliver training. We have taken on some additional new Leaders which is good news but as we expand we could do with more as some sections are a bit light. Recruitment is a challenge going forward and this is a main element of our Group Development plan. This year sees Cubs, Scouts and Venturers heading off on annual camps to Co. Clare, Lancashire, Somerset, Jersey and Spain, a total of 180 young people and

Réachra Scout County Annual Report 2008

adults. Later on in the year we will be running our annual P/L and Watch Leader training course “The Leadership Experience” in Larch Hill. Last yearʼs course attracted great interest so much so that we could have run two courses, 42 scouts attended from all over the Provinces and enjoyed their experience. My thanks again to our County and Provincial support teams, to my fellow Leaders in the 132nd for their commitment and enthusiasm and to James for his advice and support when needed. Hereʼs to a safe and successful scouting year! Yours in Scouting

Dave Keogh Group Leader

Réachra Scout County Annual Report 2008

Reachra County Annual Report  

Reachra County Annual Report

Reachra County Annual Report  

Reachra County Annual Report