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Program Planning Guide Your resource for planning the Ideal Year of Scouting

2019 – 2020 Council Program Planning Guide Welcome to the 2019 – 2020 Program Planning Guide. It is our sincere hope that this guide, along with web-based resources, will be helpful in providing your Scouts and families with the best experience Scouting can offer. The Chester County Council continually looks to improve the tools volunteers can access to better prepare adult leaders to deliver a program that progresses each year. Please involve your Unit Commissioner in the Program Planning process, as they have been trained to help you evaluate all the steps necessary for a successful program year in Scouting.

Table of Contents

18) Camping

3) Annual Program Planning

21) Scoutbook

6) Communications – Stay Informed!

23) Training

7) Council Calendars: June 2019 – August 2020

25) NYLT / Wood Badge

11) District Calendars: June 2019 – August 2020

27) Unit Fundraising

14) Membership

29) PARC

15) Re-Chartering

30) Council Special Events

17) Council Activities

32) Outdoor Adventure Store

Visit our Council Website at: Council Service Center and Outdoor Adventure Store 226 Exton Square Parkway Exton, PA 19341 610-696-2900 or 2

Annual Program Planning Your Unit’s Annual Program Plan = Satisfied Scouts and Families and A Lifelong Love of Scouting A common element of strong Scouting units is they all have a good annual program planned a year in advance that is shared with families in the form of a calendar. This helps to attract new Scouts and families to your unit and, if done right, generates more buy-in and engagement from your Scouting families. Ideally, a unit’s program planning happens in June or July of the calendar year. Before the planning meeting, the Committee Chair and the key unit leader (Cubmaster / Scoutmaster / Advisor) should gather the following: • • • • • •

• •

Key school dates (major events, breaks, holidays, etc.) Community event dates Your chartered organization’s important dates Personal dates that may affect your unit’s activities District and Council dates Family Talent Survey sheets from all parents Last year’s unit annual plan Journey to Excellence Scorecard / Information

To maximize the efficiency of your planning, the following people should attend the conference: • • • • • •

All unit committee members All unit leaders Chartered Organization Representative Unit Commissioner Parents that you think might be helpful Den Chiefs Youth Leaders such as SPL, ASPL, Patrol Leaders or President or Vice Presidents

Step 1: Take all dates collected and put them in the unit’s master calendar. Step 2: Before you begin rounding out the master calendar with things you want to do, review what the unit did last year. You might want to write what you came up with on a flip chart or dry erase board. Ask yourself questions like: What events went well? What events didn’t go so well? Did we earn the Journey to Excellence Gold Award? How was meeting attendance? What camping trips did we take? Did we sell camp cards and popcorn? Ask as many questions as you want, but don’t spend too much time on this, as the key issue is planning the upcoming year. Just use the research to help guide what you might want to keep, replace, or improve. 3

Step 3: Do some brainstorming on activities your unit may want to do. These could be things as trips, trainings, celebrations, or service projects. Remember the brainstorming rule, which is anybody can suggest anything without critique or criticism. Feedback and analysis come later, after all the ideas have been captured. Involve your youth, even at a Pack level, to have them tell you what they find interesting! Once finished, take a vote on the activities to include on the calendar. Step 4: By now, the calendar should be taking shape. It should include school and community dates, holidays, some personal conflict dates, activities, and district and council dates. Now assign the person who will be responsible for each event. Remember that good planning and preparation will lead to satisfied Scouts and families. Step 5: Review your annual plan to ensure you have captured everything. Once you feel comfortable, publish or email your plan to each family. Sharing the annual plan with your families could be the most important step. It shows everything that the unit is doing and should also help explain how fundraising is a key part of making these plans happen. Step 6: Annual Program Planning is an ongoing process. Review the plan each month at your committee meeting and make sure you stay on track. Recruit chairs and volunteers to help one another and make assignments as needed. A great plan leads to a great Scouting year!


For more information on tailoring services please call 610-696-2900. 5

Communications – Stay Informed! Council Website: In 2019 we are launching our new website. There are a lot of valuable resources and links available on the council website,, to keep your unit in-the-know! The Council website is loaded with resources every volunteer leader needs to deliver a top-notch, safe, and fun-filled program. Be sure to check out your district’s webpage for upcoming trainings, events, and news you can use. You will also find special promotions for Scouting activities and other area events. Another helpful website is the National BSA website which can be found at Here you will find many national resources like Program Updates, Membership Tools, the Guide to Safe Scouting, and the Guide to Advancement.

Facebook and Newsletters The Chester County Council has many great ways to stay connected with Scouting. Please “Follow, Like and Share” posts and information. For even more specific information to the area you live in, make sure you follow your district’s Facebook page and subscribe to the district newsletter. Council Facebook Page

Council YouTube Channel

Council LinkedIn Page

Council Instagram Page

Horseshoe Scout Reservation Facebook

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CCC Events and Newsletter Contact to receive our bi-monthly newsletter. E-newsletters are administered through a host called Constant Contact.


2019 – 2020 Council Calendar This calendar includes Council-wide Committee Meetings, Popcorn, Trainings, Camping and Special Activity dates. Please refer to District pages for District Events and meetings. July 2019

24-Council Activities Meeting

18-PARC Meeting

1-3-Camp Xtreme

19-Executive Board Meeting

1-6-HSR Scouts BSA Week #2

25-Council Advancement Committee Meeting

1-6-Camp Ware Scouts BSA

28-4-HSR Scouts BSA Week #6

25-Activities Committee Meeting

21-CCCBSA Faith March

31-4 -Camp Ware Webelos Overnight 26-Advancement Committee Meeting Camp 5-7-Camp Ware Cub & Webelos Over27-29-OA Lodge Fellowship Weekend August 2019 night Camp 30-Rosh Hashana 1-Executive Committee Meeting 7-13-HSR Scouts BSA Week #3 October 2019 1-3-Camp Ware Cub & Webelos Over7-OA Lodge Meeting 1-Philmont Advisors Meeting night Camp 8-12-Oakbourne Cub Scout Day Camp 4-Sporting Clays Invitational 4-8-HSR Scouting Out the Trades 10-13-Camp Ware Webelos Overnight Camp 5-Webelos College 4-Independence Day

11-13-Camp Ware Cub & Webelos Overnight Camp 13-OA Vigil

14-20-HSR Scouts BSA Week #4 15-19-Jarvis Cub Scout Day Camp 16-Council Membership Meeting 16-Council Commissioner Meeting 17–21-Camp Ware Webelos Overnight Camp 18-21-Camp Ware Cub & Webelos Overnight Camp

18-Council Camping Committee Meeting 21-HSR Scouts BSA Week #5 22-26-Kerr Cub Scout Day Camp

4-OA Lodge meeting

6-OA Lodge Meeting

4-HSR Scouts BSA Week #7

9-Yom Kippur

18-Camp Horseshoe and Ware Week- 11-NRA Certified Instructor Course end Online Registration Opens 14-Columbus Day 20-Council Membership Meeting 15-Membership Committee Meeting 20-Council Commissioner Meeting 15-Council Commissioner Meeting 21–PARC Meeting 16-PARC Meeting 22-Advancement Committee Meeting 17-Conservation Committee Meeting 28-Activities Committee Meeting 18-Popcorn returns (Full Case Only) September 2019 22-Activities Committee Meeting 2-Labor Day 23-Council Budget Committee 6-Popcorn Show & Sell Order Pick Up 24-Council Advancement Committee 8-OA Lodge Meeting 25-27-CCCBSA 100th Anniversary 16-Program Committee Meeting Camporee

24-28-Camp Ware Webelos Overnight 17-HSRAA Board Meeting Camp 17-Council Membership Meeting 25-28-Camp Ware Cub & Webelos 17-Council Commissioner Meeting Overnight Camp 7

26- Philmont Advisors Training 31- Silver Beaver Nominations Due

2019 – 2020 Council Calendar This calendar includes Council-wide Committee Meetings, Popcorn, Trainings, Camping and Special Activity dates. Please refer to District pages for District Events and meetings. November 2019

25- Christmas Day

26- Activities Committee Meeting

8- Popcorn Take Order Pick Up

31- New Year’s Eve

8- OA Lodge Leadership Development

January 2020

27- Advancement Committee Meeting

1- New Year’s Day

28-Council Recognition Dinner

9- OA Brotherhood Blitz

11- Merit Badge College Session 1

28- Executive Board Annual Meeting

11- Veterans Day

15- PARC Meeting

March 2020

11- Veteran’s Recognition Breakfast

16- Camping Committee Meeting

1- OA Lodge Meeting

14- Council-wide Roundtable

18- Merit Badge College (snow date) 7- OA Lodge Banquet 11- Day Camp Committee Meeting 20- Martin Luther King Jr. Day

15- Executive Board Meeting 16- Council-wide Re-Charter Day 18- Program Committee Meeting 19- Life to Eagle Seminar 19- HSRAA Board Meeting

21- Membership Committee Meeting 16- Program Committee Meeting 17- Council Commissioner Meeting 21- Council Commissioner meeting 23- Advancement Committee Meeting

19- Membership Committee Meeting 24-26-Klondike Derby

18- PARC Meeting 19- Camping Committee Meeting 20- Executive Board Meeting

19- Council Commissioner Meeting

24- Executive Committee Meeting

25- Activities Committee Meeting

20- PARC Meeting

27- Program Committee Meeting

21- Camping Committee Meeting

29- Activities Committee Meeting

26- Advancement Committee Meeting

21- Advancement Committee Meeting

February 2020

27- Activities Committee Meeting

2- OA Lodge Meeting

28- Thanksgiving Day

8- Merit Badge College Session 2

December 2019

17- President’s Day

13- Executive Committee Meeting

18- Membership Committee Meeting

1- First Aid Meet

17- Membership Committee Meeting 18- Council Commissioner Meeting 17- Council Commissioner Meeting 19- PARC Meeting 18- PARC Meeting 19- Advancement Committee Meeting

20- Conservation Committee Meeting 22- Merit Badge College (snow date)

24- Christmas Eve 8

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2019 – 2020 Council Calendar This calendar includes Council-wide Committee Meetings, Popcorn, Trainings, Camping and Special Activity dates. Please refer to District pages for District Events and meetings. April 2020


4-Council Day of Service

29-31 OA Lodge Service Weekend

27- Advancement Committee Meeting

5- OA Lodge Meeting

June 2020

30- OA Lodge Meeting

10- Good Friday

5- NE Section 6B Conclave

September 2020

12- Easter Sunday

7- OA Lodge Meeting

7- Labor Day

15- PARC Meeting

16- Membership Committee Meeting 10- Popcorn Show & Sell Pick Up 15- Membership Committee Meeting 17- PARC Meeting

17-19-Wood Badge Weekend #1

18- Conservation Committee Meeting 15- Council Commissioner Meeting 23- Activities Committee Meeting 21- Membership Committee Meeting 19- Executive Committee Meeting 24- Advancement Committee 21- Council Commissioner Meeting 21- Father’s Day Meeting 23- Advancement Committee 24- Activities Committee Meeting 25-27-OA Lodge Fellowship Weekend Meeting 25- Advancement Committee 24-26-OA Lodge Service Weekend Meeting 17- Executive Committee Meeting

29-Activities Committee Meeting

July 2020

May 2020

1-3-Camp Xtreme

3- OA Lodge Meeting

4- Independence Day

1-3-NYLT Weekend #1

5- OA Lodge Meeting

8-10-NYLT Weekend #2

15- PARC Meeting

10- Mother’s Day

16- Camping Committee Meeting

15- Executive Board Meeting

21- Membership Committee Meeting

16-18-Wood Badge Weekend #2

21- Council Commissioner Meeting

18- Program Committee Meeting

29- Executive Board Meeting (HSR)

19- Membership Committee Meeting 29- Activities Committee Meeting 19- Council Commissioner Meeting

August 2020

20- PARC Meeting

18- Membership Committee Meeting

21- Camping Committee Meeting

19- Council Commissioner Meeting

25- Memorial Day

19- PARC Meeting

27- Activities Committee Meeting

26- Activities Committee Meeting

28- Advancement Committee



Diamond Rock District Calendar Includes these school districts: Phoenixville, Tredyffrin–Easttown, Great Valley, West Chester Contact your local District Executive Ian Peltier for more information. | 1.484.883.8984 July 2019

12-DR Roundtable

8-12-Oakbourne Day Camp

April 2020

15-19-Jarvis Day Camp

2-DR District Committee Meeting

August 2019

9-DR District Roundtable

1-DR District Committee Meeting

May 2020

8-DR District Roundtable

7-DR District Committee Meeting

September 2019

June 2020

5-DR District Committee Meeting

4-DR District Committee Meeting

12-DR District Roundtable

11-DR Roundtable

October 2019

July 2020

3-DR District Committee Meeting

6-10-Oakbourne Day Camp

10-DR District Roundtable

13-17-Jarvis Day Camp

November 2019

August 2020

7- DR District Committee Meeting

6-DR District Committee Meeting

16-District Re-charter Day

13-DR Roundtable

December 2019

September 2020

5-DR District Committee Meeting

3-DR District Committee Meeting

12-DR District Roundtable

10-DR District Roundtable

January 2020 2-DR District Committee Meeting

Meeting Times and Locations

9-DR District Roundtable

District Committee

February 2020

7:30 pm East Whiteland Fire Company Station 5 205 Conestoga Road, Frazer, PA 19355

6-DR District Committee Meeting 13-DR District Roundtable March 2020

Roundtable 7:30 pm East Whiteland Fire Company Station 5 205 Conestoga Road, Frazer, PA 19355

5-DR District Committee Meeting 12

Horseshoe Trail District Includes these school districts: Owen J. Roberts, Twin Valley, Downingtown, Coatesville Contact your local District Executive Doug Pinard for more information. | 1.717.572.2498 July 2019

March 2020

Meeting Times & Locations

22-27-Kerr Day Camp

3-HT District Committee Meeting

District Committee

August 2019

10-HT District Roundtable

6-HT District Committee Meeting

April 2020

7:00 pm East Brandywine Twp. 1214 Horseshoe Pike Downingtown, PA 19335

13-HT District Roundtable

7-HT District Committee Meeting

September 2019

14-HT District Roundtable

3-HT District Committee Meeting

25-HT Pinewood Derby

10-HT District Roundtable

May 2020

October 2019

5-HT District Committee Meeting

1-HT District Committee Meeting

12-HT District Roundtable

8-HT District Roundtable

June 2020

November 2019

2-HT District Committee Meeting

5-HT District Committee Meeting

9-HT District Roundtable

16-District Re-charter Day

July 2020

December 2019

20-24-Kerr Day Camp

3-HT District Committee Meeting

August 2020

10-HT District Roundtable

4-HT District Committee Meeting

January 2020

11-HT District Roundtable

7-HT District Committee Meeting

September 2020

14-HT District Roundtable

1-HT District Committee Meeting

February 2020

8-HT District Roundtable

4-HT District Committee Meeting 11-HT District Roundtable


Roundtable 7:00 pm Central Presbyterian Church 100 W Uwchlan Ave. Downingtown, PA 19335

Octoraro District Calendar Includes these school districts: Octorara, Oxford, Unionville-Chadds Ford, Kennett, Avon Grove Contact your local District Executive Amanda Ackerly for more information. | 1.267.398.6810 August 2019

April 2020

6-OC District Committee Meeting

2-OC District Committee Meeting

Meeting Times and Locations

13-OC District Roundtable

9-OC District Roundtable

District Committee

September 2019

May 2020

3-OC District Committee Meeting

7-OC District Committee Meeting

7:30 pm Christian Life Center, 125 Saginaw Road, Lincoln University, PA

10-OC District Roundtable

12-OC District Roundtable

October 2019

June 2020

1-OC District Committee Meeting

4-OC District Committee Meeting

8-OC District Roundtable

11-OC District Roundtable

November 2019

22-26-Nixon Day Camp

5– OC District Committee Meeting

August 2020

16-District Re-charter Day

6-OC District Committee Meeting

December 2019

13-OC District Roundtable

3-OC District Committee Meeting

September 2020

10-OC District Roundtable

3-OC District Committee Meeting

January 2020

10-OC District Roundtable

Roundtable 7:30 pm Christian Life Center, 125 Saginaw Road, Lincoln University, PA

7-OC District Committee Meeting 14-OC District Roundtable

February 2020 4-OC District Committee Meeting 11-OC District Roundtable March 2020 3-OC District Committee Meeting 10-OC District Roundtable


Rocket into Scouting Recruitment Campaign Every youth that joins in the fall will receive a rocket at the Join Scouting Night. The new Scouts and their families will also be invited to attend a local launch event in October. These events will be located around the council to provide easy access for families. Time table: August and September: Join Scouting Nights are held at schools and other community locations. October: Youth that joined in August, September and October attend launch days around the council. They will receive the rocket engine at the launch event. Youth will be encouraged via email and social media to bring a friend to the launch event. If their friend completes an application, they will be provided a free rocket, an engine and a lunch ticket. They will also participate in the launch event.

• • • •

Participating Pack All new youth members receive a rocket upon joining No cost to attend launch day Free lunch at event Packs may purchase rockets, engines and launch pads at council cost ($5.00 rockets / engines to support their own scheduled rocket launch event) Non-Participating Pack $25.00 per person to attend launch day. Includes rocket, engine and lunch ticket.

Questions about participating? Contact for more information

For more information on membership please email:


Re-chartering Re-chartering is an essential part of Scouting’s program year. It is the process by which we reaffirm the chartered partner relationship. It is the time of year that units verify and update information about Scouts and Scouters and that units and their Commissioners review and celebrate the unit’s progress. How Does Re-chartering Work? October Roundtable: Re-charter Packets are distributed to each unit and the District conducts a Re-charter Training. Each packet will include: 1) information on how the unit can access the Internet Re-chartering system, 2) information on the unit’s status of Background Checks that must be obtained for re-charter, 3) information on what to bring to your District’s Re-charter day, and information on how to complete your unit’s Journey to Excellence form for 2019. Commissioner and District Executive Assistance (October – November): Whether new to the re-chartering process or an experienced leader, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance in completing your charter. It is much easier to get all the help that you need for a complete re-charter in October and November than it is in December. Complete Re-charter Process in Internet Re-chartering System: The Internet Re-chartering System allows you to make changes to your unit roster including those Scouts and adults that should be registered as well as their key contact information. The Internet Re-chartering System opens at the beginning of November and closes in December. Once completed, print out the completed charter. Turn Your Charter in at Your District’s Re-charter Day/Night: Your district has scheduled a Re-charter Turn-in Day where district volunteers from all the different committees will be on hand. As they review your Journey to Excellence for 2019, they will be getting you started on your 2020 journey. Units should come to the event not only with their charter, but also with dates to schedule your unit’s Summer Camp presentation and Friends of Scouting presentation (these should be different dates.) Make sure you bring along any of the missing items (clearances, applications, etc.) that your unit needs to complete the re-charter process. Before you leave, all the items will be reviewed. Review: Once your charter has been turned in, it will go through a second review process and be checked for any missing items before it is posted. If there is anything missing, you will be contacted right away. We recommend getting all these missing pieces turned in by December 15th so that your unit doesn’t have to worry about tracking down paperwork during the holiday season. Incomplete charters will be considered “Dropped Units” after December 31st. Some units ask: “Why do we have to go through the re-chartering process every year?” Granting a charter is a way to make certain that each unit maintains a strong relationship with their chartered partner and that units have the help and support they need. Units that do not complete the process on time are considered “Dropped Units”. Though the process may seem like a lot of paperwork, it is critical that units know that a charter that is not completed on time may result in: •

• • •

Loss of a unit’s ability to use internet advancement and purchase recognitions. The National Council deactivates units that are not re-chartered and the only way to restore access is for the unit to compete the re-charter process. This is especially critical in the Scouts BSA program if the Scout is trying to finish the Trail to Eagle. A lapse in Boy’s Life subscriptions. A unit’s loss of insurance coverage for Scouts and leaders. Potentially, a unit’s loss of tenure.

For more information on the re-charter process please contact:



Council Activities Faith March: We will be offering an opportunity for Scouts to learn about various religions that make up Chester County and the world. It will be held in the Borough of West Chester on Saturday, September 21, 2019. Everyone that participates will earn the Reverent segment of our 100th Anniversary patch. For more information on the Faith March please contact:

100th Anniversary Camporee: In 2019 we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of Chester County Council. To celebrate we have many events. The largest of the events will be the 100th Anniversary Camporee in October at Hibernia Park.

Scouts BSA , Venturing, and Arrow of Light Webelos Come join your fellow Scouts starting at 6:00 p.m. on October 25 - 27 as we celebrate with a Jamboree style weekend of camping, activities and fun. Activities include fishing, archery, trail riding / mountain biking, an obstacle course, and various merit badges. We will wrap up Saturday night with a spectacular arena show.

Cub Scouts (Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear and Webelos 1) All current and prospective Cub Scouts and their parents are invited to attend! This year the C5 event (Chester County Council Cub Camporee) moves to Hibernia as part of the 100th Anniversary Camporee. C5 at the Camporee will include games, activities, outdoor learning, team-building, crafts, and camping sleepover. Cub Scouts check in and tent setup is from 11a.m. - 1 p.m. on Saturday, October 26, 2019 (please eat lunch before arrival) and activities will take place from 1-6 p.m. Dinner will be served Saturday, followed by evening arena show and a camp out. Breakfast will be served the next morning.

For more information and to register please visit:

Cache to Eagle: During the 100th Anniversary Celebration, don't miss the new Chester County Council Cache to Eagle Geocache series! New to Geocaching? Learn more at Cache to Eagle is a series of 13 caches spotlighting Chester County Eagle projects. Find all 13 (including the Cache at the new Council Service Center) to earn your Cache to Eagle 100th Anniversary patch. Don't forget to complete your Geocaching Merit Badge in the process!

For more information on council activities contact:




Cub Scout Day Camp Our day camps provide children with positive and fun experiences that build character, new friendships and a sense of belonging that will last beyond the summer. Sessions are led by experienced and nationally trained staff. We also partner with local organizations to bring additional program opportunities to your child. For more information on Day Camp please contact:

Camp Xtreme Camp Xtreme is an exciting chance for Scouts BSA to have a lot of fun while learning new skills. Scouts can earn up to FOUR merit badges, but most importantly, they’ll have TONS OF FUN! This camp will include several options to select from (each Scout can choose up to two water-based activities):

Water-Based Activities (Pick up to two) Rowing MB / Canoeing MB / Small Boat Sailing MB / Kayaking MB & Stand– up Paddle Boarding Award Land-Based Activities (Pick at least two) A variety of land-based activities will be available and published in January 2020.

For more information on Camp Xtreme please contact:


Enhance Your Scouting Experience With Scoutbook

Leading young Scouts through the many adventures Scouting has to offer is one of the most fulfilling roles in the organization. But sometimes the act of leading can get lost in the act of reporting, limiting the amount of time spent with Scouts. Scoutbook provides access to valuable tools and resources that will help with the day-to-day management of a unit, giving every leader more of what they need most: TIME.


These days, kids are busy. But parents are busier. With hectic family schedules, staying informed and connected is critical for any parent on-the-go. Fortunately, Scoutbook provides the means to help busy parents keep track of busy Scouts.

The Scouting experience is about learning new things, discovering new talents, and having fun. With customizable profiles and interactive features, Scoutbook puts the excitement of advancement into the hands of the Scout. They can share their success with friends and family as they progress through the program.

Start using Scoutbook today at For more information on advancement please contact:



Trained leaders are essential to the success of our organization. Leader Position Training Information Honoring our commitment to delivering the best possible program to our youth, in Chester County Council we require all direct-contact adult leaders to complete basic training for their position. Untrained direct-contact leaders lose the privilege of serving in that capacity and will be dropped from their unit charters when the unit renews its charter at the end of the year. Your unit can see what training your leaders have completed by using the account of your committee chair, top unit leaders, or chartered organization representative (the unit "key three"). Every youth deserves a trained leader. Thank you for your service and for seeking the training opportunities that will help you better serve our Scouts. For more information, contact the Training team at

Direct contact leader positions are: Lion Leaders


Chartered Organization Representatives

Associate Crew Advisors

Webelos Den Leaders

Tiger Den Leaders

Assistant Scoutmaster


Assistant Webelos Den Leaders

Den Leaders

Crew Advisors

Assistant Cubmasters

Unit Committee Chairs

Assistant Den Leaders

For more information on training please contact:


Training on Select 'My Dashboard' from the main menu, the YPT training portal will be displayed.

* To complete your position specific training, click on Training Center in the submenu. * To view trainings you are required to take, click on Requirements in the submenu. • To view your completed training, click on Completions in the submenu. * To print certificates of your completed trainings, click on the printer icons on the right side of the trainings listed on the Completions page.

Scoutmaster & Assistant Scoutmaster Specific: Online at Available at Camp HSR each week

IOLS: Available at Camp HSR each week

Cub Scout Leader Training: Online at

BALOO: Available at Webelos College October 2019

Den Chief Training: Online at

Youth and Adult Venturing Leader Training; Online at

University of Scouting: October 2020, CCIU 455 Boot Road, Downingtown, PA 19335

Commissioner College: October 2020, CCIU 455 Boot Road, Downingtown, PA 19335

Chartered Organization Training: Available Online at

YPT: Available Online at

For more information on training please contact:


National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) DATES: Runs over two weekends in May 2020 , Part 1: May 1-3 and Part 2: May 8-10 National Youth Leadership Training is an exciting, action-packed program designed for Councils to provide youth members with leadership skills and experiences they can use in their home troops. Scouts participating in NYLT must be nominated by their Scoutmaster. For more information on NYLT please contact:

Wood Badge Dates: Runs over two weekends in 2020 Part 1: April 17-19 and Part 2: May 16-18 In 1919, Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting, directed the first Wood Badge premier training course for Scouters. It was designed so that Scouters could learn the skills and methods of Scouting through “learning by doing”. The course consists of camping, cooking, practicing Scout skills and utilizing the patrol method to organize and develop an enthusiasm and team spirit while accomplishing tasks and challenges placed before them. This fellowship brings out a deep dedication to Scouting’s principles, and a spirit of brotherhood among fellow Scouters. Many past participants consider it “the best management course, ever.” For more information on Wood Badge please contact: 26


2019 Popcorn Sale The Chester County Council is excited to partner with Trails-End Popcorn to help your unit’s fundraising efforts. Visit or email for more information.

Key Dates July- Attend local popcorn training August 20- Show & Sell Orders Due September 6- Show & Sell Order Pick-up October 18- Take Orders Due October 18- Popcorn Sale Ends October 18- Return Day November 8- Take Order Pick-up November 8- Popcorn Balance Due

Selling Methods Show & Sell- Get permission to sell in front of a retail store or in the local mall. You set up a display with products for people to purchase as they walk by. Have plenty of products on display for people to buy.

Take Order- Go door-to-door with the take order form, which you receive from your leader or council. Your customer chooses the product(s) he or she wishes to buy and writes the order on your form. Parents can also take orders to their work place.

Online- Sell to family and friends who live out of town. You can send emails to your customers asking them to purchase Trails- End products online. Free Shipping for 2019. For more information on popcorn please contact:


Camp Cards Units Earn 50% Commission on All Sales!

The Camp Card Sale is a spring coordinated fundraiser designed to help your Scouts earn their way to summer camp. The “camp card” offers discounts to various businesses throughout the USA.

Key Dates January Roundtables

Camp Card Kick-offs

By February 14

Units register and place orders

March Roundtables

Camp Cards distributed to units and sale begins

May 28

Payments due, unsold cards returned, and prize claim forms due


Scouts enjoy a summer camping adventure! For more information on Camp Cards please contact:

Friends of Scouting Friends of Scouting (FOS) is the Council’s annual giving campaign and provides Scouting’s families, volunteers and friends with the opportunity to financially support local Scouting. The campaign is conducted through unit presentations to families of Scouts at unit meetings during the months of January, February or March. They are most effective when the most families will be in attendance, such as at a Blue and Gold Banquet or a Troop Court of Honor. All units are asked to make a Friends of Scouting presentation part of their annual calendar. Contributions to the campaign are used to provide resources, support and service to all units in the Chester County Council.

For more information on Friends of Scouting please contact: 29

Chester County Council, BSA celebrates its 100th Anniversary this year and has been delivering the mission of the Boy Scouts of America through partnerships with community organizations in Chester County, Pennsylvania, and in the northwestern corner of Cecil County, Maryland. It also starts a new chapter in its long history of providing youth with outdoor fun and adventure while developing leadership skills and learning character-building life lessons. Our new Program, Activity & Resource Campus (PARC) will equip the council with much-needed upgrades and new tools to expand its outreach to local youth and their families while offering a community resource for local citizens, organizations and businesses to utilize. As we near the completion of the final phase of our campaign and plan to begin the construction of PARC, listed below is what an investment in the project will help to provide. For additional information and to donate to PARC please visit

LONG-AWAITED and ESSENTIAL RESOURCES PROVIDED THROUGH A FIRST-CLASS FACILITY ECOLOGY, CONSERVATION and SUSTAINABILITY STEM and SKILLED TRADES BUSINESS and FINANCIAL EDUCATION CITIZENSHIP TRAINING and PUBLIC SAFETY OUTDOOR ADVENTURE and FITNESS COMMUNITY VITALITY PARC will be a community treasure that will enhance the vitality of Chester County. Not only will it offer Scouting’s life-changing youth programs for families, it will offer indoor and outdoor program space for local businesses and community organizations to utilize. PARC is intended to be an asset that enhances the Scouting experience of local youth and the quality of life for local residents in Chester County.




The Chester County Council Service Center and Outdoor Adventure Store is now open! Build an Adventure! We can help supply the gear for your next expedition. Visit the new Chester County Council Outdoor Adventure Store today! We have an expanded line of camp essentials to help you be prepared for the experience of a lifetime!

Featuring new products from ENO, Klymit, and Camp Chef. Patch Sewing and Hemming of pants now available.


The Chester County Council Service Center and Outdoor Adventure Store is located in the Exton Square Mall. The Outdoor Adventure Store is open Monday—Saturday from 10am—7 pm. 33