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Photography Victoria Siddle/Styling Victoria Nelmes/Design and art direction Scout Editions

We are Scout Editions, a small design studio based in London. We create paper goods, accessories and homewares inspired by travel and folklore. We enjoy experimenting with different formats and techniques to create unique gifts and collectables. All prints and cards are printed on quality FSC certified paper, UK. Where possible we try our best to produce our products in the UK also using recycled materials and printing with vegetable or water based inks. We also welcome collaborations with brands and stockists. If you’re interested in working with us or like to know more, we’d love to hear from you.

Recycled Cactus Notebook NB0004

Recycled Woodland Notebook NB0003 Pigeon Washi Tape WT0003

Cityscape Washi Tape WT0001

Ladybird Washi Tape WT0002 Recycled Cactus Grid Notebook NB0001 The Plant Family Colouring Postcard Set Includes 6 Postcards A6COL

Recycled Flora Notebook NB0002

Gold Leaf MC00019

Log Cabin MC0004

Squirrel MC00020

Owl MC00011

Pigeon MC00010

Botanics in a bottle MC0005

Bonsai MC0002

Flamingo MC0003

Kokeshi MC0001

Teepee MC0008

Treehouse MC0006

Cityscape MC00012

Sailboat MC0007

Ciao Bella A60001

Bamboo Forest A60002

Terazzo Pink A60003

Cinque Terre A60005

Japanese Water Lilies A60006

Sunrise- Sundown A60007

Merci Beaucoup A60008

Terazzo Peach A60010

Bon Voyage A60011

Kawaii A60012

Gelato A60013

Typewriter MC00014

Mount Fuji A60004

Jellyfish MC00026

Cactus MC0009

Pattern Snail MC00015

Little Shadow MC00017

Golden Hour MC00018

Blue Whale MC00027

Clementine MC00029

Blue Tit MC00030

Green Finch MC00031

Bullfinch MC00032

Lucky Clover MC00033

Christmas Treehouse MC00034

Mallard MC00028

Christmas Pigeon MC00035

Tres Jolie A60009

Paper Shirt Cards Each shirt is riso printed, cut and hand-folded by us.

Prickly Pear Cactus MC00022

Rubber Plant MC00021

Chinese Money Plant MC00023

Swiss Cheese Plant MC00025

Spider Plant MC00024

Earthworm MC00016

Orange Snail MC00013

Box of Mini Cards

Each box set contains 8 mini riso printed cards with envelopes. Box of Adventure 2 Log Cabin, 2 Treehouse, 2 Teepee, 2 Sailboat MCBOX0001

Box of Plants 2 Prickly Pear, 2 Rubber Plant, 2 Money Plant, 2 Spider Plant MCBOX0002

Box of Birds 2 Mallard, 2 Bullfinch, 2 Green Finch, 2 Blue Tit MCBOX0003

Pineapple Paper Shirt C0009

Botanical Paper Shirt C0007

Cherry Paper Shirt C0010

Flamingo Paper Shirt C0008

Penny Pigeon Pin Hard Enamel/20mm PIN0003

Cactus Pin Hard Enamel/34mm PIN0004

Pigeon Pin Hard Enamel/35mm PIN0002

Sailboat Pin Hard Enamel/25mm PIN0019

Gelato Pin Hard Enamel/30mm PIN0020

Oak Leaf Pin Hard Enamel/25mm PIN0010

Acorn Pin Hard Enamel/20mm PIN0011

Clementine Pin Hard Enamel/15mm PIN0012

Lemon Pin Hard Enamel/17mm PIN0013

Cherries Pin Hard Enamel/18mm PIN0018

Lucky Clover Pin Hard Enamel/20mm PIN0015

Tulip Pin Hard Enamel/15mm PIN0016

Palm Leaf Pin Hard Enamel/25mm PIN0017

Cheese Plant Pin Hard Enamel/25mm PIN0021

Pear Pin Hard Enamel/20mm PIN0014

Ladybird Pin Hard Enamel/10mm PIN0007

Tree Buds Pin Hard Enamel/20mm PIN0005

Each pin comes presented on a matching backing card.

1. Snail Tray/Day Swedish Birch Tray Made In Sweden T0004


2. Swiss Cheese Plant Tea Towel 100% Cotton Made In UK TT0005

3. Rubber Plant Tea Towel 100% Cotton Made In UK TT0003

2. 1.

Songbird Cushion 43cm x 43cm/Made in the UK/Cotton Comes with a duck feather inner cushion. CUSHION002

Snail Tray (Night) 27cm x 20cm Swedish Birch, Made In Sweden T0001

Pigeon Cushion 43cm x 43cm/Made in the UK/Cotton Comes with a duck feather inner cushion. CUSHION003 Owl Cushion 43cm x 43cm/Made in the UK/Cotton Comes with a duck feather inner cushion. CUSHION001

Cactus Tray 32cm x 15cm Swedish Birch, Made In Sweden T0004

Snail Tray (Day) 27cm x 20cm Swedish Birch, Made In Sweden T0001

Rubber Plant Tea Towel 40cm x 68cm Printed in UK TT0003 Chinese Money Plant Tea Towel 40cm x 68cm Printed in UK TT0004


Swiss Cheese Plant Tea Towel 40cm x 68cm Printed in UK TT0005 Clementine Tea Towel 40cm x 68cm Printed in UK TT0006

Pigeon Mug Pink/Green Fine Bone China CMUG0001

Pigeon Mug Yellow/Blue Fine Bone China CMUG0002

Pigeon Mug Orange/Green Fine Bone China CMUG0003

Pigeon Mug Purple/Pink Fine Bone China CMUG004

Mallard Tea Towel 40cm x 68cm Printed in UK TT0007



A2 Lucky Clover Screen Print/2 colour A20002

A2 Seascape Screen Print/5 colour A20006

A2 Spider Plant Screen Print/2 colour with fluro green A20004

A2 Supersize Squirrel Screen Print/3 colour with fluro orange and metallic gold A20003

A2 Supersize Bonsai Screen Print/3 colour A20005

A1 Supersize Songbird Screen Print/4 colour with metallic gold ink A10007

A1 The Plant Family Available in: A1 Giclee Print/A10008 or A3 Riso Print/A30006

A1 Supersize Pigeon Screen Print/5 colour A10006

A2 Supersize Snail Screen Print/2 colour with fluro orange A20001

The Plant Family



A4 Swiss Cheese Plant Riso Print/3 colour A400011

A4 Wren Riso Print/3 colour A40001

A4 Blue Tit Riso Print/4 colour A40002

A4 Owl Riso Print/2 colour A40003

A4 Hummingbird Riso Print/5 colour A40004

A4 Nut Hatch Riso Print/4 colour A40006

A4 Woodpecker Riso Print/3 colour A40007

A4 Spider Plant Riso Print/2 colour A400013

A4 Chinese Money Plant Riso Print/2 colour A400014

Adventure Series

A5 Log Cabin Riso Print/5 colour A50002 A4 Flamingo Riso Print/3 colour A40005

A4 Rubber Plant Riso Print/2 colour A400012

A5 Treehouse Riso Print/4 colour A50003

A5 Teepee Riso Print/4 colour A50004

A5 Lighthouse Riso Print/3 colour A50005

A5 Mallard Riso Print/3 colour A50001

Vintage Typewriter Series

A4 Pigeon Riso Print/3 colour A40008

A4 Songbird Riso Print/3 colour A40009

A4 Penguins Riso Print/3 colour A400010

A5 Olivetti Lettera Riso Print/3 colour A50006

A5 Corona Riso Print/2 colour A50007

A5 Royal Riso Print/3 colour A50008

A5 Olivetti Valentine Riso Print/4 colour A50009

Scout Editions Look Book Summer 2017  
Scout Editions Look Book Summer 2017