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Troop 2020 Vision First Quarter 2013

Boy Scout Troop 2020

-Jonathan M. Johnson.

Summer Camp 2013 Newsletter

HEALTH AND SAFETY FAIR On January 27, 2013, Troop 2020 held its first Health and Safety Fair. To inform the citizens of our community about healthcare such as first aid or preventive home care such as smoke alarms, Troop 2020 hosted a Health and Safety Fair. The patrols spread out at different locations. The Eagle Patrol stationed themselves at Home Depot off Cascade Road. The Falcon Patrol was at the Kroger in the West End Area. The Scorpion Patrol set up at the Kroger on Cascade Road. Lastly, the Timberwolves Patrol were at Walgreens on Cascade Road. Each patrol was responsible for creating a board to use as a visual aid while presenting their topic to members of the community. The scouts enjoyed the experience as scout Joshua Dent from the Eagle Patrol says, “A lot of people were surprised to see how much I knew about my topic!�

This event doubled as a community service project as well as a patrol competition. Mr. Andrew Stephens, Troop 2020 Committee Chair, hired secret plain-clothed judges to inspect the scouts on their performance at presentation. The scouts were unaware of who the judges were, so they prepared their best presentation for each visitor. At the end of the fair, the scouts presented tokens of appreciation to the mangers of the stores and thanked the managers for allowing the scouts to set up stations in their stores. The managers greatly appreciated the gifts.

Church honored Troop 2020 for their work. We thank Ben Hill United Methodist Church for giving Troop 2020 at home.

SCOUT SUNDAY at BEN HILL On February 10, 2013, Troop 2020 actively participated in the Scout Sunday service at Ben Hill United Methodist Church. Gaven Roberts recited an Old Testament scripture, David Jackson recited a New Testament scripture, and Ryan Cooper recited the litany. The Troop 2020 Scout Band played a musical selection during the event. Members of the band include Christopher Stephens, David Jackson, Matthew Register, Ryan Cooper, Gaven Roberts, and Clayvon Crooms led by adult conductor Mr.Chevon Jackson. Ben Hill United Methodist

WEBELOS II ROUND ROBIN On March 10, 2013, Troop 2020 taught the transitioning Cub Scouts of Pack 2020 Boy Scout skills to help ease their transition from Boy Scouts to Cub Scouts. The Boy Scouts set up stations around the park. At each station, the scouts would learn a specific skill. The Falcon Patrol sponsored this event, so a lot of credit goes to them as well as the leader. At the stations, the older scouts taught the younger scouts skills by using the EDGE teaching method (Explain, Demonstrate, Guide, and Enable). In addition to the scout skills the Cub

Scouts learned, the younger scouts also learned about the Boy Scout leadership system. At the end of the teaching, the scouts played a fun game of flag football, which taught them the important scout skill of teamwork.

America’s Leave No Trace policy. Aside from community service, the scouts were able to participate in a wide range of activities including fishing, hiking, and other outdoor activities. The Lake Lanier Camping Trip’s splendid view made it a great location to kickoff Troop 2020’s 2013 camping season.

TROOP 2020 HOST COMMUNICATION MERIT BADGE CLINIC On January 3, our own Mrs. Alma Cooper held a Communications merit badge session at Ben Hill United Methodist Church. The event was open to all scouts, and extended its reach outside of Troop 2020. We feel that Mrs. Cooper did an outstanding job, as always, representing Troop 2020.

COMMUNITY SERVICE HIGHLIGHTS Troop 2020 at APEC Learning Center Troop 2020 is always helping in its community. On January 19, the scouts helped to pack over 500 plates at APEC Learning Center. The plates went to senior citizens in the community. The scouts that participated were Sean Walton and Joshua Dent. We thank these scouts for representing Troop 2020 at this community service event on Martin Luther King Jr. weekend.

TROOP 2020 LEAVES NO TRACE! On the weekend of March 15 -17, 2013, Troop 2020 went on a camping trip to Lake Lanier Island Resort. This was the first camping trip of 2013, as well as Troop 2020’s first time going to Lake Lanier for camping. Six Scouts went to this special outing. The camping trip’s focus was community service. Our scouts cleaned up the Lake Lanier Beach in the spirit of the Boy Scouts of

Troop 2020 at Outdoor Activity Center On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, several of our scouts participated in a community service event at the Outdoor Activity Center at West End. The scouts that participated were Chancellor Bushell, Ryan Cooper, David Jackson, Adefemi Olateru, Adefola Olateru, and Christopher Stephens. These scouts helped to pull weeds, made compost

piles, and helped to set up picket fences enclosing the center.

Dave-N-Busters gaming center. The Atlanta Area Council recognized top popcorn sellers at their annual Top Seller Popcorn Extravaganza. The scouts that were recognized were Christopher Stephens, Ryan Cooper, and David Jackson. We are proud of our exceptional popcorn sellers.

TROOP 2020 COURT OF HONOR Troop 2020’s first Court of Honor of 2013 took place at Kagez Sports Batting Cage. The service patrol was the Eagles and Master of Ceremony Jeffrey Riddle led the event. The Riddle family catered the event. At the event, we had a total of four rank advancements and four merit badges awarded. After the awards, Ms. Alexis Richbourg from Atlanta Area Council congratulated Troop 2020 for being one of the most active troops in the district. She hopes that we continue to do well and we plan to continue to do well.

SCOUTS IN TROOP 2020 ARE ALWAYS AWARDED FOR THEIR ACHIEVEMENTS TOP-SELLER POPCORN EXTRAVAGANZA Our top popcorn sellers received honors for their salesmanship January 19, 2013 at

SCORPIONS PIZZA PARTY The winners of the Health and Safety Fair were the Scorpion Patrol. The Scorpion Patrol honored with a Patrol Pizza Party at Stevie B’s Pizzeria felt that the pizza party was a great reward for their performance at the fair. We would like to congratulate the scouts for a job well done. The Scorpion Patrol members are listed as follows: Julian Woods (Patrol Leader), Maximus Freightman (Quartermaster), Alphounce Williams, Christopher Stephens, William Reid, Zavon Croom, Chancellor Bushell, and Adefola Olateru.

First Qtr 2013  

Troop 2020 during the first quarter of 2013.