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ON COVER, LEFT TO RIGHT: Anthony Clarizio, Amy Azoulay, John Barli, Kay Ayers, Jose Cruz, Scott Monnett, Nick Banks, Janna Magette, Maliyah and Oliana

AT UNITED WAY OF NORTH CENTRAL FLORIDA, we have been changing lives since 1957. Over the years, our footprint has expanded from beyond Alachua County to the five surrounding counties in the region—Bradford, Dixie, Gilchrist, Levy and Union, making us the largest single private funder of health and human services in the community. In the nearly six decades since, we have raised more than $91 million dollars and grown an investment portfolio of impact-based programs that produce targeted outcomes in improving education and health, and closing the gap on income disparity. Roughly 70 percent of the monies we raise support these focus areas while 30 percent of every dollar raised is committed to supporting immediate needs such as food, shelter and safety. The most significant part of these dollars is they are leveraged by the agencies who receive our grants that, when combined, yield an average 3-to-1 match. That means every dollar invested in the Community Investment Fund, $3 in state and federal grants also go out to the community. Certainly, that is a return-on-investment to be proud of, and one last year, helped to push the UWNCFL’s total regional impact to more than $10 million dollars. In 2015, the UWNCFL received the highest rating of Four Stars from Charity Navigator, America’s largest independent charity evaluator that provides ratings of the Financial Health and Accountability & Transparency of thousands of non-profits. We also launched the nation’s only Small Business Partnership Program, a special donor program that allows business owners to contribute at a leadership level with every donation going to the Community Investment Fund. It is for these reasons and more, your United Way ranks among the top 16% of more than 1,200 United Ways in the United States of America. Throughout this annual report, you will read stories from the people who were served by agencies receiving United Way funding. Many of these people were helped during our last funding cycle. In 2016, we will enter our second three-year funding cycle, awarding grants to local agencies whose programs best meet and exceed

the needs in our targeted focus areas. The process is competitive, but the results are beyond rewarding. Every funded program is expected to report its data quarterly to us so we can track the results of each funded initiative and keep track of what is working, and what is not. It is a highly-accountable model based on data but built on relationships and trust. As a community, we’ve learned we can only get ahead when we know and trust each other. The UWNCFL could not be more proud of the partnership we have formed with our funded impact partner agencies and their leadership. The work demonstrated in the following pages would not be possible without the tremendous commitment of our partners and donors to changing the lives of the people who need us most, our neighbors and friends in North Central Florida. Thank you for your continued support of the United Way of North Central Florida. And a special thank you for letting Change Live Here!

Kay Ayers

Chair, Board of Directors

Deborah Bowie President & CEO

WHY UNITED WAY? United Way of North Central Florida builds solutions and makes community connections that change lives — for the better.

THE IMPACT MODEL United Way of North Central Florida is an impact-based United Way agency and is ranked among the top 16 percent of over 1,200 United Ways in the United States of America. The impact model is a results-driven model that focuses our agency’s work on specific areas of need in the community with targeted outcomes and measurable results. Our impact strategy stretches across the areas of Education, Health, Income and Immediate Needs with targeted outcomes in each area of investment. This model produces results two-fold – through internal program building with Community Impact Initiatives and external partner funding with the Community Investment Fund.

COMMUNITY IMPACT INITIATIVES We address areas of need in the community where gaps of service or capacity-building is needed by building partnerships and leveraging grants and other resources to create internal initiatives aimed at targeted outcomes in our Impact Strategy. Once sustainability is reached, initiatives are often transitioned to United Way Impact Partners for continued operation, and eventually funded on a long-term basis through the Community Investment Fund. Depending on the needs of the community, each year of Community Impact Initiatives may look a little different, allowing for us to remain adaptive with the ebb and flow of the changing community conditions.

COMMUNITY INVESTMENT FUND We convene experts who bring skills and resources needed to create lasting impact, known as our Community Investment Council. Our Community Investment Council oversees the Community Investment Fund process from initial grant application to program funding. All of our programs in the areas of Education, Health and Income are funded on a three-year basis, while immediate needs programs are funded on a one-year basis. A total of 70 percent of our funding goes towards Education, Health, and Income. 30 percent goes towards Immediate Needs. Along with the community impact initiatives, each program funded in the Community Investment Fund provides long-term results in a targeted area of our Impact Strategy.

EDUCATION, INCOME, HEALTH & IMMEDIATE NEEDS EDUCATION GOAL: Increase high school graduation rate to 90 percent by 2018. Success by 6 is our primary education strategy. By focusing on programs to strengthen families and prepare children to learn, Success By 6 creates a new generation of students who can thrive in school and life. INCOME GOAL: Reduce domestic impediments to education created by poverty (i.e. hunger, homelessness). HEALTH GOAL: Children and adults are healthy and safe in their home, community and schools, and have increased access to dental and medical care. IMMEDIATE NEEDS GOAL: Respond to community’s needs including food, shelter, utility payment assistance and other immediate needs





$174,749 2-1-1 SERVICES

$3,140,604 UNITED WAY’S 2014–2015 COMMUNITY IMPACT



MAKING AN IMPACT United Way of North Central Florida leverages local funds invested with federal and state dollars into our community in order to provide free programs to benefit residents. When you donate to United Way, your dollars go farther. For every $1 donated, we are able to get $3 worth of impact. That’s a real return on investment!


One of your dollars is leveraged to equal three dollars of impact!

CONNECTING THE COMMUNITY 2-1-1 is a free service provided by United Way of North Central Florida connecting the community to critical health and social service resources.












Top five reasons local residents called 2-1-1: • 25% Housing Assistance • 18% Utility Assistance • 15% Tax-Prep Assistance • 8% Medical Services • 7% Holiday Assistance • 27% Other

306 178



PRESCRIPTION FOR ACCESSIBILITY The FamilyWize® Prescription Drug Program is offered free of charge to everyone, regardless of income level or insurance coverage and provides affordable access to prescription drugs to help keep families healthy. The goal of FamilyWize® is to reduce the cost of medicine for children, families and individuals living without prescription drug coverage by $1 billion nationally. • In the 2014 fiscal year, the prescription drug discount was used 22,451 times. • Total local savings on prescription drugs of $363,519.





“Give VITA a try. It’s incredibly easy, convenient and it keeps more money in my pocket.” – Lisa Darling, VITA client

LISA DARLING is a Business Assistant in the UF Health

Human Resources department. Her husband Reginald is a retiree who worked for the Alachua County School Board for 18 years. Lisa is a mother, grandmother, wife and minister. She is also a proud native of Gainesville. Darling heard about United Way and the VITA program through her workplace. “I did my taxes myself one year and wasn’t satisfied, so I called VITA. They assisted me and I’ve been coming back ever since,” said Darling. Last year, the Darlings were able to save a little over $1,000 filing together on the advice from one of the tax preparers. With the additional money, they were able to make some necessary repairs and improvements on their home.

an IRS-funded program that provides free tax preparation for low- to moderate-income community members in United Way’s six-county area and is UWNCFL’s sole internal Community Impact income program. VITA has been present at UWNCFL for 5 years, and was part of East Gainesville Development for 9 years prior to that. VITA has successfully leveraged many community resources to provide tax preparation, including a large partnership with UF Levin College of Law, Santa Fe College, Buchholz Academy of Finance and Alachua County Library District, and puts money back in the pockets of local residents. The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is a federal tax credit for low- and moderate-income working people. It encourages and rewards work as well as offsets federal payroll and income taxes. United Way of North Central Florida also provides MyFreeTaxes, a supplemental online tax program that makes free tax software available to the local community. During 2014–15, 181 residents earning $58,000 per year or less used the software.

Receipt of larger Earned Income Tax Credit (EITCs) is linked to: • Higher test scores, particularly in math. Larger EITCs are linked to improved test scores in the year of receipt for both elementary and middle-school students. • Higher high-school graduation rates. Receiving a larger EITC in childhood increases the likelihood that a student will graduate high school or complete his or her general equivalency diploma (GED). • Higher college attendance rates. The larger the EITC a child’s family receives, the more likely he or she will enter college by age 19 or 20.








$2,574,869 + $565,735 $3,140,604



SOMETHING TO SMILE ABOUT SEAL & SMILE is an Oral Health America-sponsored health program that provides children with free dental sealants, fluoride varnish, oral health exams and referrals for dental care to ensure tooth decay does not impede their ability to learn. Seal & Smile is UWNCFL’s sole internal Community Impact health initiative and has been ongoing at UWNCFL for 5 years. This school-based initiative is a partnership between UWNCFL, the University of Florida College of Dentistry, Santa Fe School of Dental Hygiene and Oral Health America. The program began through community response regarding the great need for dental care for lower-income children in Alachua County and was started concurrently with the Weekend Hunger Backpack Program through Community Agency Partnership Program (CAPP) start-up funding. In addition to providing preventative health services to second and sixth grade students in Alachua County, Seal & Smile helps University of Florida dental students and Santa Fe College dental hygiene students complete an education learning component through volunteering their time and services.

“I come from a place where access to care was a problem, and I lost my mother due to limited care, so I’ve always wanted to help others with similar experiences and those who do not have any access at all.” – Stephen Obeng

STEPHEN OBENG and his classmates saw a need and decided to do something about it. He told us, “After my classmates and I raised some money, we decided to do something really good with it. I come from a place where access to care was a problem, and I lost my mother due to limited care, so I’ve always wanted to help others with similar experiences and those who do not have any access at all.” That’s how Super Sealant Saturday came to be. The team wanted this event to help reduce tooth decay for underserved children in the community by providing oral hygiene instructions both to the kids and their parents along with preventative services such as dental sealants and fluoride varnish applications. Parents and children were also educated on various careers like dental assisting, dental hygiene and dentistry. Obeng said, “This was the biggest project I’ve ever headed up, and I learned a great deal. In the end, my class and 215 volunteers provided a great and needed service to the community.” Thank you to Stephen and his classmates!









Students at Terwilliger Elementary School receiving dental exams and dental sealants.




















OPENING UP THE WORLD WITH BOOKS READINGPALS is a strategic education program to help boost reading scores among children in Alachua County. ReadingPals mentors read one-on-one with second and third graders for an hour per week. Throughout the school year, mentors and children form bonds over reading activities. Students keep many of the books they read in order to build home libraries. ReadingPals is made possible through the support of Carol and Barney Barnett, The Children’s Movement and their many local partners.

• ReadingPals on average performed 17 percent better than peers on Discovery Education Assessment in reading. • ReadingPals students improved their average score by 12.6 points. Similar peers decreased their average scores by 4.4 points. • United Way of North Central Florida ReadingPals program was rated the number three ReadingPals program in the state for number of reading hours students received.

“I wanted to share this passion and hopefully inspire a young reader.” – Mary Ellen Bentham

After retiring, Mary Ellen Bentham, former Radiologic Technologist at UFHealth, wanted to share her love of reading with a child. Bentham’s second student, Dayla, an energetic, excited, smart (not to mention adorable) child, was matched with her at the beginning of second grade. Bentham and Dayla could be seen each Tuesday reading books together, Dayla wiggling in her chair tracing the words as she read them to her mentor.

Not unlike many children enrolled in ReadingPals, Bentham explained, “Dayla’s biggest struggle was staying on task.”

Together they read more than 15 books in the year, many of which Dayla took home. “Dayla’s favorite books were about animals. She especially liked to do the quizzes and games [in the back of the books]. She liked the challenge of the games.”

Reading with a mentor positively affects students. In the 2014–15 school year, ReadingPals students did 17 percent better on their reading assessment.*

Studies show when children struggle to stay on task, their test scores suffer. If a child struggles in reading, that only adds to the challenge.

*Discovery Education Assessment in reading used. Peers included students in same grade, school, and free/reduced lunch program status.




THE CHECK & CONNECT program is a result of a $150,000 contribution from a


private donor. Check & Connect provides drop-out prevention specialists in three Alachua County high schools with the greatest population of youth considered at risk of dropping out: Gainesville, Eastside and Hawthorne High Schools. Each Check & Connect specialist connects as a mentor and counselor with up to 35–40 students and their families to provide social services referrals and family strengthening assistance. Through the generous donation of a private local donor, 101 Check & Connect students have also received laptops. The laptops helped the students gain skills and knowledge related to goal setting, Microsoft software, career exploration and online job applications.



Check & Connect builds relationships with eligible students and their families to improve attendance, engage with learning and invest in their future by making progress towards graduation.



“It’s the baby steps in building student confidence, the ability to advocate for themselves and connecting students with information and resources.” – Libby Hartwell, Hawthorne High School Principal



LIBBY HARTWELL, Principal at Hawthorne High School believes in the Check and Connect program. She shared with us the story of a student, who two years ago, was suspended from school for a few days.


Hartwell said, “In an effort to keep the student from falling behind, Barbara Brady, a Check & Connect Specialist, met her at the public library to work with her and to take assignments to and from her teachers. This student will be graduating this year, largely in part to the interest that Ms. Brady has continued to take in this student.”


Hartwell continued, “Very recently, one of our eleventh grade students was in Ms. Brady’s office. She told me that both of them were in tears because this young man was on the A/B honor roll for the very first time since he had been in high school. This is just one example of the small victories that we see through this program. It’s the baby steps in building student confidence, the ability to advocate for themselves and connecting students with information and resources. Ms. Brady’s office is on one of the busier hallways in our school. It is the perfect location for students to drop by for a quick word of encouragement or getting supplies if needed.”





ONE COMMUNITY, MANY PARTNERS Community Impact Partner Agencies are invited to apply for United Way funding through the Community Investment Process. The Community Investment Process is led by a group of community volunteers that use results-driven data to determine how the funds will be invested.

The Community Investment Council bases its funding decisions on the agencies’ ability to improve on the indicators of at least one strategy under a particular goal. All of the programs funded by the Community Investment Fund focus on one of our main areas, education,

income, health and immediate needs. The United Way of North Central Florida Community Investment Fund is made up of the donations that are not designated to individual 501(c)(3) agencies. Below is a chart showing the grant-funded programs during the 2013–2016 investment cycle.



Early Learning Coalition - (Success by 6) Gilchrist Pre K - (Success by 6) Child Abuse Prevention - (Success by 6)

Early Learning Coalition Gilchrist County School Board Healthy Families

HIPPY - (Success by 6) Comprehensive Youth Development

Gainesville HIPPY, Inc.* Boys & Girls Club of Alachua County, Inc.

Family Partners Micanopy Tutoring ACHIEVE

Children’s Home Society Friends of the Micanopy Library Girls Place, Inc.

Kids Count After School

Kids Count Alachua County, Inc.

Dental Home for Low Income HEALTH Positive Behavior Weekend Hunger Backpack Program

ACORN Clinic ACORN Clinic The ARC of Alachua County Catholic Charities Bureau, Inc.

Reducing Trauma to Abused Children-Forensic MSCC Lunch Bunch Bridges to Prosperity Food Program Transitional Housing

Child Advocacy Center, Inc. IWI Catholic Charities Bureau, Inc. The Salvation Army St. Francis House, Inc.

Emergency Assistance FAITHH Interface Al’z Place

Catholic Charities Bureau, Inc. Catholic Charities Bureau, Inc. CDS Family & Behavioral Health Services, Inc. Eldercare of Alachua County, Inc.

Community Care

Eldercare of Alachua County, Inc.

OAA - Meals on Wheels Emergency Shelter

Eldercare of Alachua County, Inc. Peaceful Paths

Emergency Food and Shelter

St. Francis House, Inc.

*Program funded in 2013, 2014 and partially in 2015


Alachua Bradford







EDUCATION GIRLS PLACE ACHIEVE is an acronym for Academic Counseling and Help Increasing Educational Victories Everyday, a Girls Place program initiated in 2013 with funding from the United Way of North Central Florida. ACHIEVE provides homework assistance, one-onone tutoring, mentoring, field trips, enhanced education in reading and math, and social growth. Executive Director, Janna Magette told us, “We had a first grader, who was in danger all year of being held back. Her school had red-flagged her as ‘not meeting promotion requirements.’ We ended up getting a visit from her mother, who came to us in tears asking us to help her daughter with school. We knew that little girl needed a great mentor so we paired her with someone who was hard-working, showed enthusiasm to work with her and most of all, was compassionate. She began to meet with our girl twice a week for at least hour-long sessions and in no time, we started noticing that she was doing better with her work and she was showing new enthusiasm for school. One of her teachers let us know that she was proud of her hard work and success after Rachel’s reading grade rose one letter and her math grade rose two grades. She finished the first grade, still a bit behind, but still on the rise!” “92 percent of girls in ACHIEVE tested, have moved one or more reading levels. Collectively they’ve moved 26 levels.” – Janna Magette, Executive Director, Girls Place

BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB OF ALACHUA COUNTY The four Boys and Girls Clubs of Alachua County are community based organizations that provide young people with fun, safe and constructive environments after school and during the summer. United Way of North Central Florida funds the Comprehensive Youth Development program at the club. Jose Cruz’s children participate in the funded program. “Being a single father of six kids, both my finances and time allotted for my children are at a minimum,” said Jose Cruz. “I work two jobs and attend school to try to do better for their future. I appreciate the blessing the Boys & Girls Club has given me. With five of my kids being members, I am never worried about their safety. As important, all of them have excelled academically with four of them making the A-B Honor Roll this past nine weeks. There is no way I could have had my kids achieve their success without the Boys & Girls Club. It is my children’s second home.”

Boys and Girls Club of Alachua County President/CPO, Scott Monnett with service recipient, Jose Cruz.






“The mission of Catholic Charities is to provide services to anyone in need, regardless of race or religion; to advocate justice, human dignity and quality of life; and to call all people to join in these efforts,” – John Barli, Regional Director, Catholic Charities.

Catholic Charities created “Bridges to Prosperity,” a three-part program that is funded by a grant awarded by United Way of North Central Florida, that helps look at poverty as a personal and social issue. Part one begins with financial fitness: a four week course designed to help find extra dollars every month to save, create a spending plan and avoid falling into money and credit traps. Part two is a 15-week course “Getting Ahead in a Just Getting by World.” This part digs deeper into the causes of poverty and its impacts on the community and the individual. They work with the client to establish objectives and goals to help them become self-sufficient. Part three involves matching the graduates up with community allies to work together toward the goals set out in part two. John Barli, Regional Director of Catholic Charities told us, “We had a

woman come in who had just gone through a divorce and was starting over with her four young children living in a small apartment. She took our Financial Fitness class and learned that ‘it’s better to sacrifice short term to have a gain in the long term.’ She became a full-time student at Santa Fe College who made the Dean’s List every semester while still finding the time to volunteer at her church and children’s school. She was able to pay off a loan in order to purchase a foreclosed house, and tells us that her mortgage is less than the rent for the apartment. She said, ‘I was able to make the right financial choices and make my money work for me and the kids.’” Barli continues, “knowing the benefit now, she is grateful she attended the Financial Fitness and Bridges to Prosperity classes and has encouraged people she knows to attend.”


IMMEDIATE NEEDS ElderCare of Alachua County offers congregate meal sites and home-delivered meals for seniors. United Way of North Central Florida funds Meals on Wheels, as well as two other programs through ElderCare. Meals on Wheels delivers hot meals to homebound elderly men and women everyday. In addition to receiving a nutritional meal, an added benefit to home meal deliveries is the personal contact provided by the volunteer who delivers the meal. For some people, that volunteer is the only person they will speak to all day. ElderCare director, Anthony Clarizio shared with us, “One of our clients is ‘Gwen,’ an 86 year old lifelong resident of Alachua who still lives in her own home in the small commu-


nity. She is very alert and oriented but also has health problems physically that make it very hard for her to get around and have put her at an increased risk for falls. She has two children living nearby that help her, but both are in their 60s and have health problems of their own. Gwen was set up with an Emergency Alert response unit, Meals on Wheels and Home Making services that have allowed her to be able to feel safe in her home due to her risk of falls. The programs have really helped lighten the family’s load. She was so happy to get the help and to feel more independent. She also no longer feels as if she was being a burden to her family or lives with the fear of having to leave her home.”

“ElderCare’s mission is to be an advocate for the elderly and provide services that will build capacity, maximize independence and enrich the quality of life for the seniors in our area,” – Anthony Clarizio, Executive Director, ElderCare of Alachua County.




Child Advocacy Center has worked collaboratively with the United Way of North Central Florida to help abused children heal since 2001, shortly after the inception of the Center. During the past 15 years the United Way has supported the Forensic Interviewing Program at the Center which ensures that each child that has been alleged to have been abused has a childfriendly place to go to talk about what happened. The support from the United Way also ensures that these services are available to children day or night, weekends and holidays and anytime the crisis of child maltreatment is being investigated.

“My best day at the Center is when a child says, ‘I love this place! When can I come back?’ which means that the child felt safe and cared for enough during their interview that they are open to therapeutic services with our therapy team after the investigation is over,” – Sherry Kitchens, EdS LMFT, President/CEO, Child Advocacy Center, Inc.

The Child Advocacy Center coordinates the team of professionals that need information or a statement from a child in order to determine what follow up is needed to make sure that children in the family are safe. Sometimes after an interview with

a child, information is provided to the team that leads to an arrest of the perpetrator, or determination of a safe placement, or even services that the child may need to help them with the healing process. The team of professionals—child protection investigators, detectives from law enforcement, advocates, therapists, guardian ad litem, assistant state attorneys—watch the interview in real time through a closed circuit television. The team can call in questions to the interviewer to ensure that the interviewer maintains rapport with the child throughout the interview, but the team also gets the critical information that they need to maximize their efforts to keep the child safe. The team of professionals also meet with non-offending caregivers which enables them to join with the caregiver working to keep their child safe.






Our Community Impact Partners meet high standards of effectiveness and efficiency while delivering lasting change and quantifiable services.

ACORN Clinic Alachua County 4H Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mid-Florida Boys & Girls Club of Alachua County, Inc. Catholic Charities Bureau, Inc. CDS Family & Behavioral Health Services, Inc. Child Advocacy Center, Inc. Childhood Development Services of Ocala Children’s Home Society Early Learning Coalition of Alachua County ElderCare of Alachua County, Inc. Friends of the Micanopy Library Gilchrist County School Board Girls Place, Inc. Healthy Families Alachua Institute for Workforce Innovation


Kids Count in Alachua County, Inc. North Florida YMCA, Inc. PACE Center for Girls Partnership for Strong Families Peaceful Paths Domestic Abuse Network, Inc. Reichert House St. Francis House, Inc. Suwannee River AHEC The ARC of Alachua County, Inc. The Education Foundation The Guardian Foundation The Salvation Army Three Rivers Legal Services, Inc. VETSPACE, Inc.


INITIATIVES THAT INSPIRE ACTION VOLUNTEER SELECT is a new way to form connections between individuals and nonprofits in an effort to enhance community involvement and eradicate poverty. The website matches volunteers to agencies with available opportunities, tracks volunteer hours, allows agencies to post events, and features a new open nonprofit Board Member positions section. This past year, the University of Florida Center for Leadership and Service began to use Volunteer Select as their sole volunteer opportunity website.

AMERICORPS VISTA and United Way formed a partnership to help make the community a better place. AmeriCorps VISTA members help the United Way staff with various projects such as Book Nooks, ReadingPals and Volunteer Select. These VISTAs work full-time at the United Way office for an entire year and become fully entrenched with the community and its needs.

TOYS FOR TOTS in Alachua County is a local initiative in partnership with United Way of North Central Florida, SWAG Resource Center, and the US Marine Corps. Last year, United Way provided over 3,500 brand new toys to 455 local children in need.

THE BOOK NOOK project is an initiative led by United Way of North Central Florida that encourages reading by providing free books to children and adults through bookshelves placed across the community. Last year, over 50 Book Nooks were stocked in Alachua County with thousands of donated books.

Students from The Center for Leadership & Service at the University of Florida, which provides educational programs, workshops and conferences; coordinates community service, leadership and service learning opportunities for students; develops reciprocal relationship with the community in order to best serve all parties; and serves as a resource for faculty and staff on these topics.






GET INVOLVED, VOLUNTEER Thank you volunteers! United Way of North Central Florida cannot do our work without YOU! Throughout the year, United Way has volunteer opportunities that give individuals, groups and organizations an opportunity to give back, engage and have fun.

TOP LEFT Nationwide staff members volunteering at Boys and Girls Club during Day of Action. TOP RIGHT Volunteers weatherizing Rawlings Elementary School during Day of Action. MIDDLE Publix employees donating school supplies during their 85th anniversary volunteer event. BOTTOM Volunteers painting the parking lot at Sidney Lanier Center during Day of Action.


9,219 3,798 614 +3,320 16,951




GIVING BACK BY NETWORKING United Way of North Central Florida provides leadership donors with valueadded ways to engage in community and network with others that Live United and advocate for the common good.

UNITED WAY OF NORTH CENTRAL FLORIDA’S WOMEN’S LEADERSHIP COUNCIL (WLC) The WLC is a movement of women that are Leadership Donors to United Way and are uniting to create opportunities for a better life for all. The women of WLC focus on Education, Income and Health— the building blocks for a good life. They also work closely with the ReadingPals Initiative. To get involved in Women’s Leadership Council, please visit www.unitedwayncfl.org/about-wlc.

2014–2015 Women’s Leadership Council Executive Committee WLC Steering Committee Jennifer Blades, AvMed Sarah Carlson, University of Florida, MBA Laura Gunter, TD Bank Kathryn Lancaster, Edward Jones Andrea McClintoc, Enterprise Holdings Julieanne McGuinness, Express Employment Professionals Alexandra Roque, University of Florida, IFAS Carre Saunders, University of Florida Debbie Sorgi, COX Media Communications Theresa Spurling-Wood, Alachua County Public Schools

UNITED WAY OF NORTH CENTRAL FLORIDA’S EMERGING LEADERS UNITED Emerging Leaders United (ELU) is a group of community-focused, up-and-coming professionals between the ages of 24–44 making positive and long-lasting change in North Central Florida. ELU connects members to United Way and the community through professional development, educational opportunities and volunteering/networking events.

2014–2015 Emerging Leaders United Steering Committee Paulette Alvarez, Nationwide Insurance Jared Beasley, Enterprise Holdings Cat Ferris, Nationwide Insurance Dr. Melissa Johnson, University of Florida Honors College Kat Kitching, Enterprise Holdings Ivelisse Munoz, Alachua County Sheriff’s Office Jeanette Porro-Gough, AvMed Kim Slone, Enterprise Holdings

To get involved in Emerging Leaders United, please visit www.unitedwayncfl.org/emergingleadersunited



CAMPAIGN 2014–15

CHANGING LIVES STARTS AT WORK Workplace Campaigns currently generate nearly 60 percent of United Way of North Central Florida’s revenue.

JULY 1, 2014 – JUNE 30, 2015 (2014 CAMPAIGN YEAR) $100,000 AND MORE


Publix Super Markets, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $618,000

Alachua County Tax Collector . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $8,955

Shands HealthCare. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $314,612

United Way of North Central Florida . . . . . . . . . . . . . $8,011

Nationwide Insurance. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $250,487

Alachua County Library District. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $7,750


Macy’s. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $7,663

RTI Surgical Biologics. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $79,922 Enterprise Holdings. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $79,836 AvMed Health Plans. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $64,934 GRU. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $59,771

Florida Blue. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $7,000 TD Bank . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $6,581 SiVance, LLC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $6,397 Koss-Olinger . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $6,343 ALICO Nursery. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $6,056


VyStar. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $5,603

Alachua County Public Schools. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $48,836

Target Stores, #0687 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $5,361

City of Gainesville . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $35,955

Dillard’s. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $5,337

Campus USA Credit Union. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $35,606

Bear Archery. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $5,273

UPS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $29,530

WCJB-TV20. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $5,000

Wells Fargo. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $29,001

Dollar General. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $5,000

Santa Fe College . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $25,993

JCPenney. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $4,806


Early Learning Coalition of Alachua. . . . . . . . . . . . . $4,779

Infinite Energy. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $21,278 Enterprise Rent-A-Car. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $21,067 North Florida Regional Medical Center. . . . . . . . . . . $18,000 Florida Food Service. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $15,600 Bank of America. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $15,494 O2B Kids! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $14,622 M & S Bank. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $11,736 Saliwanchik, Lloyd & Eisenschenk. . . . . . . . . . . . . . $11,678 Duke Energy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $10,438 NORDSTROM. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $10,433 Alachua County Administration. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $10,415

Belk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $4,698 The Gainesville Sun. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $4,316 Gainesville Catholic Charities . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $4,102 Regions Bank. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $3,942 Water and Air Research. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $3,700 FedEx. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $3,618 Alachua County Clerk of Circuit Court . . . . . . . . . . . . $3,301 North Central Florida Planning Council. . . . . . . . . . . . $3,198 Peaceful Paths. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $3,124


TOP 50


CAMPAIGN 2014–15

BRINGING US TOGETHER Throughout the year, United Way hosts many different events focusing on our donors. Some feature our workplace campaigns, while others are focused on fundraising. Thank you to everyone who has joined us in Living United!

The team from UF Health Shands at the Employee Campaign Coordinator Breakfast

Our Hearts Unite speaker, Debbie Sorgi (middle) with event attendees

Our number one campaign, Publix, at the Campaign Finale with their award

Our CEO/Community Leader Breakfast speakers Susan Davenport and Byron Young with Deborah Bowie and United Way Board Chair, Kay Ayers

Small Business Partners from ServPro and Sweetwater Branch Inn enjoying the Leadership Reception

John Spence with the United Way of North Central Florida team



CAMPAIGN 2014–15

SALUTING OUR GENEROUS DONORS TOCQUEVILLE SOCIETY MEMBERS GIFTS OF $10,000 AND ABOVE French aristocrat Alexis Charles-Henri Clerel De Tocqueville was 26 years old when he came to America in 1831. As a keen observer of American society, he recognized, applauded and immortalized the voluntary spirit that lives in America’s heart. His observations formed the basis for Democracy in America, a book describing this new country and its people. United Way’s Tocqueville Society was created to honor the goodwill and community leadership that inspired De Tocqueville’s writings more than 175 years ago. The Tocqueville Society honors leaders locally and nationally who exemplify that spirit through their high level of personal giving to United Way. Our local society is a growing community of individuals and families who make an outstanding difference through influential leadership, outstanding volunteerism and selfless giving. Today, the Tocqueville Society is one of the world’s most prestigious institutions for individuals who are passionate about improving peoples’ lives and strengthening communities. United Way donors who give $10,000 or more annually are members of the Tocqueville Society and are recognized both locally and nationally. United Way of North Central Florida is pleased to present our local Tocqueville Donors and recognize this exemplary level of commitment with deep gratitude and sincere appreciation: Kay and David Ayers

Ken & Linda McGurn

Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Gallagher

John Verne McKenzie & Janet McKenzie

David Guzick & Donna Giles

Paul & Evelyn McKnight

Sam & Deborah Goforth

Mr. Jeffrey Robertson

Tim and Laura Goldfarb

Visit www.unitedwayncfl.org, mail a check or money order, or call 352-331-2800 to provide a credit card or debit card number for a recurring gift to: United Way of North Central Florida, 6031 NW 1st Place, Gainesville, FL 32607. Remember us in your estate planning to leave a lasting legacy.


OUR LEADERSHIP DONORS PLATINUM LEVEL DONORS ($5,000–$9,999) William Bryson Thomas Clark Jim & Sibet Grantham Brian and Julie Hutchison Mr. James E. Larsen Bradley S. and Marta E. Pollitt William J. & Nancy A. Robinson Randy & Sally Scott Gayle and Bruce C. Wheeler Michael & Betty Wolf Charles Wood and Maureen Keller-Wood

DIAMOND LEVEL DONORS ($2,500–$4,999) Irene Alexaitis Dr. Libby F. Brateman Dr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Cain Andrew and Wendy Wacker Mr. David Currey Jim & Heather Doughton Michael and Vivi Fitzgerald Stephanie Hanson Evan and Priscilla Jones Mr. James Kelly Gerald & Kathryn L. Kidder Scott R. Koons Ed & Laurie Lenhart Dr. Timothy Flynn & Dr. Marian Limacher Lee Wilkinson Marshall Louisea Pittman Wendy & Steven Resnick B.E. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Rose Meredeth Rowe Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sweeney Mr. David J Thoman Steve & Elaine Truluck Ronald Umpleby Tom & JoAnne Young

EMERALD LEVEL DONORS ($1,500–$2,499) Dr. Tammy Bennett Dr. & Mrs. Marvin S. Berk Russ & Arzella Blackburn Scott and Jennifer Blades Ms. Deborah V. Bowie Marina T. Cecchini Mr. Robert J. Chenoweth Mr. and Mrs. James E. Clayton Robert Cook Mr. Joseph R Costa Daniel J Danley Mr. Anthony Edwards Paul E. Folkers Christopher Fuller Corrie R Gardner Jon & Cathy Gardner Lamar Hatcher Jr., D.D.S. Ryan Holland Joel & Nan Islam Mr. Edward Jimenez LouAnn Kapper

CAMPAIGN 2014–15

Dean & Mary Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Kirk E. Klein Ms. D. E. Kley Mr. Alan Kloman Mr. & Mrs. Donald Koons Joyce Krajnovich Kenneth & Rebekah Kurdziel Jeff & Judy Laake John and Skylar Lane The Lanzillotti Family Foundation Carolyn Lukert Carol and Les Magee Mr. Charles S Maule Curtis Maxvill The McClintic Family James McDavid Mrs. Dora E. McDonald Janice Peacock Gregg & Jeanne Perry David & Regina Richardson Richard Steve Richter Steve and Lorraine Ritz Ms. Rebecca Miriam Roberts Lawrence W. Roose Michael Roper Roger Rose Tonya M. Ross Jason Shank Jim Simpson Koven and Ginny Smith Elizabeth S. Sommer Randy & Patricia Stuart Drs. John C. and Rita E. Sutherland Ms. Maureen Tartaglione Scott and Dorothy Thomas Mr. Michael J Timmes Dr. Gordon H. Tremaine Barry and Abby Wagner Colleen and Mark Warring Ms. Nicole A. Wheeldon Jenna White Karen A. Williams James Willis

GOLD DONORS ($1,000–$1,499) Mr. Greg Adams Ms. Linda Salyer Allen Joseph Armstrong Ms. Sherry Augustine Mr. Guy Bair Nick and Kelly Banks Ms. Abbie Barfield Chad Barnes Dimetress Barnwell Ms. Sharon E. Batie Jared S. Beasley David & Diane Beaulieu Mr. Charles E Behl Mr. Joseph E. Belgrade Ivy M. Bell Brad and Debbie Bentley Jerry W. Benton Kathleen V. Black Ms. Amy L. Blanchard Dr. Tina Smith & Dr. Ed Bonahue Catherine S. Bonthron

Charles Brabham Anna Michelle Cox Pete and Sharon Breitinger Mr. Victor L. Brennan Mr. Darryl R. Brown Ms. Robin L. Brown Rhea D. Broyles Devyn Perry Bryant Mr. Robert Bryson Ms. Casey E. Buddle Mr. Anthony F. Buige Mr. Aaron J. Butler Justin C Byrd Ms. Esther Carbon Robert & Heidi Carpentieri Michael Carr Ms. Christine Cassisi Rebecca J. Catalanotto James Chapman Thomas Chmielewski Janet L. Christie Alana & Jason Cole Ms. Donna M. Conquest Jaqueline M. Crews Ms. Leigh A Daley Charles Danley Judy & Steve deMontmollin Dr. Roger Dearing Mr. Robert Deese Curt and Coleen DeGroff Ms. Heather C. Diamond Elizabeth O’Brien Mr. Frank P. Dola Margaret M. Downey Ms. Joan Marie Drane LJ Duncan F. Charles & Dorothy Duryea David & Cassie Fernandez Ms. Cathariya Barbara Ferris Larod Fleming Ms. Emily D. Fourman Mr. and Mrs. Ben O. Franklin Dr. Vilma E. Fuentes Kai L Gallops Judy Geroni Joyce & Denny Gies Harvey Goldstein Dr. John M. Graney Mr. Arthur P. Grant Barbara J. Gregory Ms. Sarah Grimes Mr. and Mrs. W. Scott Griseck Mr. and Mrs. Greg Grooms Marybeth Hammond Mr and Mrs. Thomas J. Hampson David & Megan Hanegan Ms. Randy Harmatz Caroline Hartill Mr. Christian J. Haug Elizabeth M. Hayes Mr. Victor Hazy Dwight Hersey Jr. Ms. Tara Higgins Byron J Hopkins Ray & Rhonda Hoskavich

Mr. Brandie L. Hudecek Al & Denise Huggins Clarence B. Hyde Marilyn & Jim Islam Mr. John E. Ives Mr. Anthony L. Johns Bridget Johnston Timothy and Nona Jones Rob Jordheim Marie Kasprow Ted and Debbie Kellermann Aqueela Khuddus Robert J. King Ms. Candice A. King Bill & Mary Koss Gustavo R. Laguna Michael Lawton Mr. Juan P. Ledesma-Solis Christian J. Long Hershel H. Lyons Ms. Janna Theresa Magette Susan Grover Tina and Tim Matsubara Logan McBride Steve and Jennifer McElroy Lynne McLean Davis Diana L. Moore Gregory J Moraski Mr. Brian Joseph Moses Scarlott Mueller Mr. Ray Mullins Sky Murrin Kevin & Lisa Muth Peyton Nappo Bill and Laura Northcutt Justin O Quinn Sandra and Bill Olinger Mr. and Mrs. William D. Olinger III Rick Parent Kathryn Parker Roque Perez Velez Mr. Larry Pitcher Bill & Kem Poe Mr. and Mrs. John Power Mr. Brian V. Powers Randal Pulliam Mr. Todd Eugene Ragland Mrs. Kathy A. Reaves Dr. Kathleen Reilly Philip A. Restuccia Ms. Diana Leigh Richardson Ms. Gloraidy A. Rivera Mr. James Roberts Bradley Rogers George and Pam Rollins Benjamin M Roque Ms. Bilinda Rountree Ms. Teresa H Ruccione Jack Sameck DVM Dr. and Mrs. Jackson N. Sasser Mary C. Sausaman Pete & Yvonne Scammacca Mr. Brian Scarborough Mr. Edward A. Schmidt Mr. Paul Schneider

Mr. Lloyd E. Scoggin Adam Service Betsy & Jim Severance Anne & Joe Shands Robert and Andrea Shaw Mr. Paul Shealy Brian & Wendy Sheehan Ms. Wilma L. Sherlock Dr. Dana L. Shires Jr. Ken Simmons Karen Slevin Anthony Smoak Pascale Spears Theresa A. Spurling-Wood, LEED AP Steve and Karen Stagliano Mr. Matthew C. Steen Mr. Brian Sterling Janet Sweat Mr. William L. Swift Ms. Lonnie E. Tetstone Joseph Tharp Mr. Jeffrey W Thompson Ms. Katie M Tidwell Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Tomlinson Michele and Rick Venick Kathy Viehe & Cindy Flowers Sandra A. Vincent Ms. Alissa Meade Voils Mr. Michael Walsh Lewis and Dana Walton Edward & Kate Wilkinson Ms. Rebecca Ruth Williams Silver Donors ($750–$999) Mrs. Tarin L. Acaron Harley Keith Alltop Mr. Charles W. Anchors Nathan T Ancona Nia M. Anderson Mr. Richard D. Armitage Dr. Lisa R. Armaour Ms. Julie Ann Arnold Mr. Craig W. Bakuzonis Shellie A. Banfield Shawn and Lymaris Barger Ms. Gloria Jeanne Barker John C. Barli Dr. Theresa Beachy Jennifer Satterlee Bender Ms. Jacquelyn Benefield Mr. Peter A. Berry Ms. Janice Bird Kathy Birthisel & Michelle Ortiz Ms. Traci Paulling Black Crystal Blackwell Christie Blakely Jennifer Bonacci Ed Book Mr. Aaron M. Bosshardt Kaleb S Boyce Ms. Vivian Boza Ms. Stacie Lea Branam Ms. Laura J. Bratcher Naima Brown, PhD Mr. Rodney Lorenza Brown Brown L. Stephanie



CAMPAIGN 2014–15

Mr. Robert M. Burgess Loreley Burgos Ms. Stacey C. Burke Mr. William Bush Mr. John H. Byrd Mrs. Anita K. Cacciotti Mrs. Sarah M. Cafarelli Ms. Jo Caldwell Mrs. Meredith Cannon William Cassarly Ms. Kari Cassel Joseph J. Castor Ann M. Christoffersen Ms. Merari Clairmont Jennifer and Anthony Clarizio Ryan C. Clark Mrs. Karen E. Coffey Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Cone Mrs. Margo B. Cook Ms. Margaret Crawford Ms. Ursula P. Crews Ms. Catherine Crowley Mr. James Frederick Cruce Daryl Anne Cummings John A. Cusack Ms. Anne D’Amico Mr. and Mrs. Bernard M. Daquila Don L Davis Dino Deleo Ms. Debra Marshall Deloach Mr. John P. Dickerson Markus Dietrich and Ginny Linder Joann Dorval Amanda R Douglass Adrian & Patricia Dovell Mrs. Patricia L. Dugan Ms. Kimberley Dyle Ms. Kimberly A Eatmon Mr. and Mrs. Richard I Eddie Chauncey and Rose Fagler Ms. Geza T Farkas Mr. Alan P. Fehlner Alexander L. Feinstein Ms. Cynthia Firestine Mr. Arthur J. Florio Susie L Flynn Mr. Reginald L. Ford Jr. Melvin & Marlene Foster Dennis Fuller Mark Gardner Ms. Angela L. Georgalis Kenneth Gerds Gerri & Ira Gessner Virginia L. Gibson Danny and Karen Gilliland Mr. Todd Goede Mrs. Joey A. Goodman Ms. Ana M. Green Julie Grizzle Guy Grover Mr. and Mrs. John Wayne Hamblet


Fred Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Hamlett Ms. Diana S. Handros Simone Harbert Ms. Debbie L. Hicks Jill Harper Ms. Ceann M. Harris Ms. Natalie A. Harris Adam Hart Mr. Troy R. Hart Donna M. Hazellief Michelle Hernandez Josh and Jenny Highlander Dianne Hope Mr. Ervin L. Horton Jr. Mr. Wiley Horton Jennifer L. Hunt Mr. Robert K. Hutchinson Mr. Jesse K. Irby Ms. Kelly Jean M. Jacobitz Ms. Kimberly D. Jamerson Mr. Thomas Everett Johns Ms. Paula F. Johns Ms. Tina L. Johnson Melissa and Pete Jones Ms. Lara C. Jordan-Morris Ms. Stephanie A. Kelley Mr. John W. Kimlinger Mrs. Kathleen A. Kitching Mr. Jasen A. Kloeppel Ms. Gail Meredith Knowland Laura Knudson Mrs. Andrea M. Koff Laura Kowalczyk Tomiko Kutyna Mr. Glenn P. Ladwig Mr. Philip M. Lambert Philip & Kathryn Lancaster Mr. Kevin D. Lane Cara M. Lashley Ms. Martha LaTour Ms. Belinda Lauderdale Ms. Rachel Witt Lawrence Gordon K. Lawyer, Jr. Jeffrey & Leeann Lee Tammy L. Lindsey Ms. Gloria P. Lipori Jeff Lloyd Ms. Patti P. Locascio Mr. Nathaniel S. Long Ms. Nicole Looney Ms. Diana Lovett Mr. Lyle Luedeman Ms. Deborah E. Lynn Ms. Janice A. Mackenzie Jeff Majewski, RRT Beth & Ken Maree Peggy Marke Mr. Robert M. McKey Mr. Anthony R. Mcloughlin Mr. John J. McMahon

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis D. McMillen Ms. Anne Meiring Deborah & Buddy Miller Mr. Matthew M. Miller Madeleine & Joseph Mills Susan Mistretta Mr. John P Mitch Lynn and Toby Monaco Ms. Terri L Monaghan Mr. Stephan J Moore Mr. Mitchell Morgan Dr. M. Liz Mosley Ivelisse Munoz Richard D. Murdock Ms. Jennifer Lee Myles Kenneth A. Niswonger Mr. Harvey Norton Jr. Ms. Theresa A. O’Connell Dana Ottaviano Mr. Michael Ouligian Jim Parker Rene and Brenda Perron Ms. Angela E. Perry Megian Pfau Ms. Marguerite M. Polkowski Jeanette A. Porro-Gough Dr. Ashley C.Post Gwen Qualizza Angela E. Raiford Mr. Mark D Ramsey Douglas W. Ray Ms. Patricia A. Rayos Ms. Mary Lynn Reeves Jeff and Amy Register Rhoden Family Tammy Rice David Richardson Mr. Dewayne Byron Roark Debbie Robins Ms. Michelle Leigh Robinson Mr. Paul M. Robinson Kimberly Anne Rose Mrs. Becky Rountree Ms. Elizabeth Barbara Ruszczyk-White Ms. Carline Saintlouis Nancy and David Saliwanchik Benjamin Sanders Mr. Dane Santiago Ms. Lori K. Scott Mr. Ronald T. Selig Joe Shaw Bill Shepherd Mr. and Mrs. Andy Sherrard Debra Sirota Ms. Nina M. Sloan Kimberly A. Slone Rachel K. Smith Ms. Amy Latrell Smith Mr. Andrew Smithson Ms. Lee Ellen Starling

Mr. John K Stephen William T. Stormant Catherine J. Summers Sue Sutton-Jones Mr. Don S. Swieter Mai Hoang Ta Dan and Dalene Tandy Adrian S. Taylor Mr. James Thackrey Jeff Thieman Ms. Jaime Renee Thomas Mr. Greg C. Thomson Mr. David W. Thompson John Varela Barb & Art Wachna Mrs. Robin P. Waite Mary Walsh Robert J Walters Ms. Dawn Watkins Mr. Brian Watson Ms. Helen Welsh Mr. Errol L. Whisler Ms. Lygia Denese Williams Ms. Tangelisha L. Williams Ms. Patricia Ann Wright Mr. Jeffery L. Wright Lynne Zirkelbach

CAMPAIGN 2014–15

UF CAMPAIGN FOR CHARITIES SENIOR LEADERSHIP SOCIETY ($10,000 AND ABOVE) Joe & Pat Alba Jeremy N. Foley David Guzick & Donna Giles Chris & Liz Janiszewski Bernie & Chris Machen Gary & Laura McGill Douglas E. & Pamela S. Soltis

PLATINUM LEVEL DONORS ($5,000–$9,999) William A. Bomberger Zina L. Evans Mark Andrew Fenster Joe Glover Charles Wood and Maureen Keller-Wood Charles E. Lane Lucinda Lavelli Diane H. McFarlin Stephen J. Pearton and Cammy R. Abernathy Lynda Tealer D. D. Warfield Gayle and Bruce C. Wheeler Dr. Sno E. White Tim White & Mary Duryea Michael & Betty Wolf

DIAMOND LEVEL DONORS ($2,500–$4,999) Jane and Steve Adams Henry and Susan Baker Dr. Libby F. Brateman Carolyn and David Brown Kimberly Browne Martha and Floyd Thompson and family Jeannie Cimiotti Curt and Coleen DeGroff Art and Katherine Edison Kelly D. Foote, MD Dr. Frederick J. Fricker William A. Friedman Michael and Danette Good Dave and Laura Gruber Paul and Maggie Gulig Jonathan Hamilton Stephanie Hanson Ann & Marc Heft Carolyn K. Holland Ms. Leighton R. James Robert and Lisa Jerry Julie Johnson Douglas F. Johnson Dave & Judy Kratzer Marian Limacher, MD and Tim Flynn, MD Daniel Logan, MD Dr. Michael E. Mahla Melinda Jeanne McAdams Anna M. McDaniel Martin & Pamela McMahon

Sven A. Normann Winfred M. Phillips B. E. Robinson Dr. Steven N. Roper Judy Russell Linda C. Sanchez Kayser Enneking & Mark Scarborough Stephen W. Smith & Mary T. Brownell Dr. Consuelo Soldevila Pico Dr. Michael F. Weigold R. Stan Williams, MD Barbara and Charles Wingo

EMERALD LEVEL DONORS ($1,500–$2,499) Michael Arnold Sheri Austin Rod & Beverly Bartlett Rick and Lynda Bucciarelli David and Susan Burchfield Mary Kay Carodine Dr. Arthur E. Clark Jr. Philip and Lynne Collis Debbie & Mike Conlon Alan and Nicole Cooke Sally and George Dawson Betty Dunckel Prof. Ben M. Dunn Tony & Michele Dunn Mr. Larry J. Fowler Paul Gader and Libby Dunn Susan D. Gillespie John S. Gresley III Randall & Cavelle Grimes Melanie & Stephen Hagen Mary Ann Hagler Jeff and Sarah Harrison Richard and Bobbi Henken Jill & Keith Herndon Mr. Robert Michael Hill George & Marilyn Hochmuth Marion and Bruce Hoffmann Mr. Stephen C. Howard Jeffrey and Debra Jones David and Cheryl Kays Brian and Elizabeth Keith Pramod & Seema Khargonekar Dr. Charles J. Kibert Jack and Sandy Kramer Dr. Linda Lanier and Randy Batista Dr. Alfred S. Lewin Yuqing Li Joe and Lucille Little Thomas Mareci and Debra Neill-Mareci Ken Marx and Linda Hayward Greg McEachern Michael and Rebecca McKee Drs. William M. & Nancy P. Mendenhall Dan Miller Linda Morgan

Dr. Rose M. Nealis Dr. David P. Norton Donald and Virginia Pemberton Bob and Lorie Primosch Michael Riley Gail Sasnett-Stauffer & Dave Stauffer Ruth & Mark Sherwood Dietmar Siemann Patricia Snyder Brad & Debra Staats Mr. Bruce K. Stechmiller Kathryn A. Stofer Elaine and Colin Sumners Drs. Craig & Trish Tapley Dan & Karen Talham Dr. Nancy Waldron Linda and Adam Wendling Laura A. Wilson Robert McKenna & Mavis Agbandje-McKenna Sherry Ahrentzen Lori J. Altmann Doug & Linda Archer Mr. Christopher Barnett Harold Barrand Patricia A. Basa Russell M. Bauer Sherry Benton Michael W. Binford Christina & Neal Birmingham Linda Bloom David C. Bloom Dr. Michael V. Bowie Dave and Marie Brumbaugh Dr. Dale F. Campbell Frederick P. Cantrell Jane Anne Carey Catherine W. Carey Drs. Lawrence and Janet Caruso Frank and Jane Catalanotto Bonnie Cauthon Denise Chichester Jeff & Pam Chorlog Mr. Jeffrey M. Citty Stuart and Charna Cohn Kirsten Cooke Bryan Cooke Linda B. Cottler Stephen and Diane Craig Mr. Daniel F. Crisman David and Jean Day Carmen Diana Deere Mr. Richard D. Delker Dr. Erik Deumens Matthew and Andria Doty Norbert and Kim Dunkel Dr. Margaret U. Fields Timothy R. Fitzgerald Dr. Jeffrey R. Fitzsimmons Dr. Marcia W. Funderburk Ms. Claire M. Germain

Micaela Gibbs Glenn E. Good Anthony R. Gregg Jesse F. Gregory Karen Karisse Hamilton Mr. Christopher A. Harle Ruth E. Harris James & Diane Heaney Mr. Rodger E. Hendricks Alice E. Holmes Dr. Lynne W. Holt Laura Barton Terrance Bernard Jackson Margaret James Mrs. Karen A. Janicki Drs. William & Carol Ritzen Kem Mr. Steven P. Kirn Mr. & Mrs. Charles Koenig Amie Kreppel Ms. Sarah Laibstain Richard and Rachel Lutz John and Lucia Madey Maria Gutierrez Martin Jeanna Mastrodicasa and Clay Sweger Nikolaus R. McFarland Sue McGorray Dr. James L. Mcleskey Silvia Menendez & Jeffrey Harman Janin Menendez David Meurer Dr. William J. Millard Mr. Dale A. Morris Mr. Steven Munger Mr. Thomas O. Munyer Dr. Ranganatha and Dr. Vasudha R. Narayanan Brad O’Hara Judith & William Page Dr. Marco Pahor John T. Patterson Elisabete & Roberto Pereira Dr. Michael and Renee Perfit Michael G. Perri Ann Progulske-Fox and William D. Fox Richard J. Rathe Michael B. Reid Mr. Curtis A. Reynolds Lori & Mark Robinson Michael Sagas Angeline Sellung Beverly Sensbach Jen D. Shaw Dr. Elizabeth A. Shenkman Toby and Christine Shorey Jeremy W Sibiski Pierre Sikivie & Cynthia Chennault Drs. Christopher & Isabel D. Silver Kim C. Simpson Paul Sindelar and Alyson Adams Karen M. Smith, M.D. Dr. Tina Smith & Dr. Ed Bonahue Venita Sposetti & Larry Rooks


GOLD DONORS ($1,000–$1,499)


CAMPAIGN 2014–15

Dr. Arun Srivastava Keith and Sarah Stone Neil & Robyn Sullivan Bob and Adrienne Thieke Dr. Deborah M. Treise Dr. Manuel A. Vasquez and Dr. Anna Peterson Deborah W. Vincent Dr. Kenneth B. Wagener David & Vangi Weiner Drs Tim and Lauren Wheeler Norris & Nancy Williams John and Fran Wingard Mary & Mark Wise Dr. Andrew O. Wolpert and Dr. Victoria E. Pagan-Wolpert Dr. Jinhong Xie Ms. Marie Zeglen

SILVER DONORS ($750–$999) Tammy Aagard David Allred and Elizabeth Dudenhausen Ms. Julie S. Baines Nina Barker Dr. B. Hudson Berrey, Jr. Tara M. Blythe Mary B. Brown Ms. Ambar Yajaira Cano David E. and C. Jeanne Carlson Jacqueline Castagno, MD Charlotte and Paul Chadik Mr. Joel Cohen Susan Crowley Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Dana Dr. Laurie K. Davies Bon Dewitt Terri Dildine Lawrence C. Dodd Walter E. Drane William T. Driebe, MD & Family Paul and Margo Duncan Elias & Michele Eldayrie Dr. Norman G. Fitz-Coy Dr. J. Bert Flanegan Ms. Alyson C. Flournoy Mr. and Mrs. John W. Freund Bill and Susan Gair Nancy and Maurice Giunta Dr. Scott K. Griffiths Ms. Maria C. Gurucharri Alice Harmon Arthur F. Hebard Erin and Matthew Hodge Michael M. Howell Marjorie A. Hoy Shehla Islam Ms. Rebecca J. Jefferson Doug and Sheila Jones Dr. Joe & Pam Joyce Dr. Gail Kauwell & Peter Johnson Mr. Thomas C. Ladun Ms. Jaime R. Little


Bruce & Jeannette MacFadden Kevin and Marlene Marshall Wayne T. McCormack Ms. Katherine Mcdonald Brian and Cheryl Mikell Myra F. Morgan Rebecca Martin Nagy Stephanie and Chris Nielsen Ms. Audrey A. Nowicki Ms. Elizabeth Outler Dr. Nick T. Place Scott K. Powers Karen E. Rice Laura Robertson Mrs. Melanie H. Ross Harriet and Jeffrey Roth Desmond and Nadine Schatz and Family Dr. Constance L. Shehan Elspeth Keller and Richard Snyder Mike Spranger & Karen Blyler Catherine L. Striley Dr. Patrica A. Travis Anastasia Ulanowicz Mr. Frank Varosi Dr. Peggy Wallace Dr. Stanton K. Wesson Mr. Alan West Dr. Mary E. Young

COPPER DONORS ($500–$749) Mr. Jerome Able Abi Adewumi Ms. Kim P. Ahrens Miles Albertson Anne L. Allen Wayne Archer Dr. Patrica T. Ashton Margaret Atherton Dr. Ikramuddin Aukhil Donald Duane Ault Elwood and Trudy Aust Derrick & Shelia Bacon Bala & Uma Balachandar Dr. Michael J. Barfield Dr. James E. Barrett Kirby Barrick Dr. Carol S. Bates Darren J. Baxley Kevin E. Behrns Ms. Cheryl J. Bell Christine A. Best Neel & Anu Bhattacharyya Scott & Jennifer Blades Dr. Linda B. Bobroff Steven and Marcia Bourdon David and Susan Bowles Jesse & Pidge Boyles Mrs. Heather L. Bradley Dr. Jeffrey K. Brecht Mrs. Yvonne B. Brinson Babette Brumback Ms. Dianne T. Bryant

C. Michael & Deborah Bucci Dr. Jorg Bungert Jacob and Katharine Burks Becky Burleigh Dr. and Ms. Robert Burne Robert and Margareth Buschbacher Brian D. Cain Mr. Jonathan W. Cannon Ms. Amy M. Cantrell John Lowell Capinera The Caruthers Family Jim “El Guapo” Chichester Dr. Terese L. Chmielewski Mr. Thomas L. Clanton Dr. Johanna L. Cleary Mr. Matthew J. Collins Dr. Patti C. Crawford Dan Cromer Dr. John B. Dame Eddie Daniels Ms. Ann P. Daunic Jeffrey Davis Dr. Matthew Dennis Dr. Nancy Denslow Larry & Colleen Di Matteo Dr. Richard B Dickinson Keith Diem Mingzhou Ding Ms. Linda B. Dixon Ms. Grace L. Dixon Dr. Calogero Dolce Frank S. Dowdle Dr. William P. Duff Mr. Christopher W. Easley Ms. Jane E. Ellis Mr. & Mrs Duke Emerson Dorothy L. Etienne Ms. Adrienne J. Fagan Dr. Richard L. Fearn Howie Ferguson & Family Mr. Francis Ferguson Chris Forsmark Dr. Jose A. Fortes Ms. Patricia R. Foster Ms. Julie S. Frey Mr. Henry T. Frierson Dr. Jason S. Fromm Paula and Greg Fussell Ms. Jane M. Gannon Ms. Margaret G. Gaylord Anthony W. Giardino M. Elizabeth Ginway Susan Goffman and Bill Abrams Jim Gorske Wendy Graham Dr. Ralph R. Grams Karen and Jeff Grater Linda G. Green Dr. Cynthia C. Griffin Mr. Donald C. Griffin , Jr. Dr. Marcio Guelmann & Dr. Ariela Notzer-Guelmann Freddie Richard Guyer

Mr. Allyson G. Hall Eileen Handberg Mr. Daniel P. Hanson Dr. Nancy S. Hardt John & Alanna Haven Dr. Lynda F. Hayes Satyanarayan Hegde Dr. Susan Hegeman and Dr. Phillip E. Wegner Mr. Richard C. Heipp Mr. Gregg A. Henderschiedt Ms. Elaine M. Henjum Dr. Mary A. Herman Debra and Richard Herman Ms. Stacey J. Higgins Greg and Amanda Hodges Jeff & Kay Holcomb Mr. and Mrs. John T. Houder Mrs. Diana L. Hull Donna Rowland Dr. Ma Ingyinn Dr. Susan Jacobson Ms. Lisa Jefferson Dr. Richard D. Johnson Judith A. Johnson Dr. Pierce H. Jones Sriram Kalyanaraman Dr. Kevin P. Keating Mr. Jamie L. Keith Mary Jo Koroly Dr. Anthony J. Ladd Ms. Jan M. Large Robyn LeBoeuf Dr. Lynn H. Leverty Dr. Julie K. Levy Judith Lightsey Jim and Angela Lindner Barbara E. Lindsey Earlene and Gary Lipowski Mr. Thomas G. Livoti Mrs. Rebecca Y. Lovely Manola Luque Mrs. Susan C. Luther William C. Mann Maurice R. Marshall, Jr. Cheryl May Mr. Mark A. Mccallister Ms. Leslie E. Mcelvey Mr. Timothy E Mclendon Denis J. Mercier Jon & Beth Mills Michael and Jeannene Mironack Martha Monroe and Tom Harris Ms. Jessica E. Mrozinske Mr. John W. Munson Ms. Peggy C. Myers Chris & Maureen Needles Obrene and Annie Newman Jerelyn A. Nick Arthur & Susan S. Nimmo Alva J. Nims Brenda Noblitt Stacey Oliver

CAMPAIGN 2014–15

Linda Orfield Mr. Kris Pagenkopf Donna M. Parker, M.D. Ms. Patricia K. Perry Dr. Diane Porter-Roberts Norman E. and Margaret B. Portillo Ms. Ana I. Portocarrero Mr. John P. Powell , Jr. Lou Powers Robin E. Poynor Beckie Preston Stephen J. Pritz, Jr. and Patrice C. Moore Dr. Francis E. Putz Peihua Qiu Kenneth H. Rand Ms. Delayne F. Redding Konda R. Reddy Roger Reep John Regenfuss Isabelle Degremont and David Reitze Shayna E. Rich Kellie Ritari Mrs. Rodlee E. Ritter Daniel & Talia Rogers Ms. Janet Romrell Dr. Eric I. Rosenberg

Dr. Sandra L. Russo Ph.D. Dr. Kathleen A. Ryan R. Matthew Sailors Susan Schaffer John David Schert Ms. Tiffany M. Schmidt David J. Segura Randy E. Settle Mr. Alexander D. Sevilla Dr. Judith P. Shoaf Ms. Ellen J. Sikes Rodrigo C. Silva, MD Betsy Simpson Dr. Susan B. Sinnott Lynn and Andrea Sollenberger Harriet M. & Sam Stafford Keith and Linda Stanfill Mr. Randall A. Staples Ruth L. Steiner Ms. Marie Steinwachs Mrs. Teresa L. Stevens Mr. Donald W. Stevenson Ms. Theresa M. Sturzenbecker Dr. David B. Tanner Mark Taylor Mr. Nathaniel Terrell, Jr. Mr. James D. Thomas Ms. Michelle D. Tillander

Dr. Gladys M. Torres M.D. Ms. Jennifer M. Tucker Dr. Stanislav Uryasev Ms. Michelle V. Van Leer Dr. Thomas W. Vickroy Jose A. Villamil Mr. Vladimir Vincek Wayne & Rhoda Wainwright Mr. Craig D. Warner Cheryl Webber Dr. Bryan & Mrs. Terry Weber Ms. Diane L. Weigle Teresa & Joseph Welch Shen-Ling Xia Anthony T. Yachnis Dr. Lijun Yang Eric Young Gene & Cheri Zdziarski





CAMPAIGN 2014–15

SMALL BUSINESSES, BIG IMPACT United Way Small Business Partners give back to their community in a meaningful and easy to manage way. In total, their gifts have contributed

more than $240,000 to the Community Investment Fund. Their contributions increased the money raised by UWNCFL

in 2014–15 by 15 percent. The number of Small Business Partners continues to increase. Take a look at our growing network.

2 College Brothers, Wade Swikle A Personal Elf, Erica Castano Advanst Technologies, Kim Wolfmeyer

Gainesville Medical Centers, Tony & Jen Hernandez Gainesville Television Network, Amanda Pool

Quality Designworks, Bryan Nazworth Quality Plumbing, Bryan Nazworth Rad Wear, Radley Ruland

Advantage Publishing, Scott Costello Alachua Self Storage, Heather Fields All Construction & Renovation, Steve Padgett Allison Ables Real Estate, Allison Ables Ambience Salon, Heidi Reichardt Backstreet Blues Catering, Ed Lyons Banks Carroll Group, Ashley Banks Barre Forte, Brinn Strange Blu Dove, Lisa Renshaw Bogin, Munns & Munns, Phil Kabler Brightway Insurance, Blair Janes Cartridge World, David DiEugenio Celebrate Primary Care, Della Tuten & Lisa Magary Coldwell Banker M.M. Parrish Realtors, Ralph & Bonnie Cameron Comfort 4U, Robert Frazier Conference Catalysts, Chris Dyer CordaRoy’s, Byron Young Crash Technicians, Nirav Shah Crosslinear, Bill Dorman David Greenberg Communications, David Greenberg Dermacare, Jennifer Barkley DL Hulse Consulting, Dwight Hulse Drotos Ryals Group, Dan Drotos Earthwise Pet Supply, Jeri Banta Eat the 80, Carlee Daylor Edward Jones, Cathy Aull Entercom Communications, Dick O’Neil Evergreen Lawn Care, Diane Scianimanico Express Employment Professionals, Julieanne McGuinness Folds & Walker, Alison Walker

Garden Gate Nursery, Riley Blitch Gateway Bank, Darleen Morgan Gator Air & Energy, Richard Schollenberger GatorTec, Zach Thibeaux & Charlie Fehrenbacker Gift Certificates & More, Edward Lavagnino Giggle Magazine, Nicole & Shane Irving Heckard Door Specialties, Heather & Barry Heckard Katsu Dojo Karate, Debbie Sorgi Keller Williams Realty, Anna Olcese KMS Media Solutions, Kim Snell Landmark Mortgage Planners, Fritz Reichardt Lang Jewelers, Matt & Stacy Lang Leonard Sprague Construction, Lenny Sprague Life Settlements of North Florida, Laura Hook Liquid Creative, April & Scott Schroeder Lovin’ the Light Photography, Linda Bainter Lowry Financial Advisors, Joe Lowry, Jr. Modern Capital Solutions, Doug Pratt N2 Publishing, Anne Aulisio Nature Coast Insurance, Reese Rowland New Scooters 4 Less, Collin Austin Northwestern Mutual, Joe Belgrade Northwestern Mutual, Rod Whited Northwestern Mutual, Randy Persad Parent Dental Goup, Rick Parent Paychex, Brenna Delony Pet Paradise, Michelle Wilkerson Pomodoro Café, Paul D’Alto Powell Chiropractic Health Center, Dr. Geoff Powell Power Production Management, Jason Gonos ProCare Janitorial Services, Steven R. Camps, Sr.

Raintree Graphics, Brian Knepp Re/Max Professionals, Coleen DeGroff Re/Max Professionals, Gary Thomas Reggae Shack Café, Omar & Arpita Oselimo Sandy’s Savvy Chic Resale Boutique, Sandy Thompson Schneider & Associates Insurance, Paul Schneider ServPro, Becky & Mark Raymond Seventh Compass, Matt Donovan Sexton & Schnoll, Marc Schnoll Start Marketing Me, Tracy Shank Stategists, Inc., Debbie Mason Sunbelt Moving & Delivery, Marty Goodkind Sweetwater Branch Inn, Cornelia Holbrook Targeted Training Solutions, Kurt Morauer The Best Restoration, Jorge Villalobos & Susie Ulloa The Brentwood Company, Brent Taylor The JAG Agency, Tricia Garzon The Little Cleaning Fairy, Stephanie Hall The Master’s Lawn Care, Rusty Thompson The Sustainable Design Group, Mary Alford The Walter Agency, Walter Rubiera Treweek Insurance, Tim Treweek Tucker Chiropractic, Dr. Charles Tucker Two-Head Video, MaryBeth & DJ Head UF Mover Guys, Brad Stumpff VeneAuto Cars, Luis Giraldo Waymaker Communications, Tracy Bachmann West Farms, Tammy West Cooper


CAMPAIGN 2014–15



Campaign Pledges Receivable, net


Other Assets Land, Building and Equipment TOTAL ASSETS



3% 2%


MONEY RAISED $4,020,201



LIABILITIES Accounts Payable


Partner Program Investments Payable


Designations Payable










Community Impact Grants


Sponsorships & In-Kind


Investment Income, Administrative Fees & Other TOTAL SUPPORT AND REVENUES

Donor Directed Allocations


MONEY INVESTED $3,802,187 3% 20% 31%

1,194,920 280,940

Program Expenses


Management and General



n 60% – United Way Workplace, Residential, & Small Business Partners Campaigns n 25% – University of Florida Community Campaign n 10% – Grants n 3% – Sponsorships and In-Kind n 2% – Investment Income & Other


Grant Payments

Provision for Uncollectible



ALLOCATIONS AND EXPENSES Volunteer Process Allocations


25% 21%

128,017 3,802,187

n 31% – Investment in Community Programs by Donors n 21% – Direct Programs, Initiatives & Services (211, Success by 6) n 25% – Investment in Community Programs by Volunteer Process n 2 0% – Fundraising & Ops (Fundraising & Mgmt/General) n 3% – Uncollectibles




2014–2015 SPONSORS SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR ACADEMY SPONSORS Academy Sponsors provide ongoing support of $10,000 or more per year. We thank the following companies for their generous support!

EVENT SPONSORS Best Western Gateway Grand Hotel BBI Construction Management, Inc. Florida Food Service Gainesville Regional Airport Gateway Bank John Spence Parrish McCall Pepsi PNC Bank North Florida Regional Medical Center





Deborah V. Bowie, President & CEO Rhonda Johnson, Director of Operations Mary Broadfoot, Executive Assistant

Dana Clayton, VP Resource Development Chris Wells, Director of Small Business Partners Jessica Stephens, Development Manager, Individual Giving and Retirees Britt Pearson, Development Associate, Affinity Groups Sylvia Waldman, Director of Database Systems Anna Hochberger, Campaign Associate Nabila Rahim, Campaign Associate Jacquelyn Tartaglione, Campaign Associate

COMMUNITY IMPACT TEAM Jennifer Stojkovic, Director of Community Impact Norinda Rosario Yancey, Education and Schoolbased Initiatives Manager Angela Hutchings, ReadingPals Coordinator Barbara Brady, Check & Connect Specialist Annetta McCloud, Check & Connect Specialist Stephanie Burke, Check & Connect Specialist Jason Giancarlo, VITA Coordinator

COMMUNICATIONS & MARKETING TEAM Amy Azoulay, Senior Manager of Communications Nailah Summers, Communications Specialist



Kay Ayers, AvMed, Chair

Tracy Bachmann, Waymaker Communications Bill Gair, University of Florida Sam Goforth, Community Voluteer Jennifer Hunt, CAMPUS USA Credit Union Jackie Johnson, Alachua County Public Schools John Jopling, Dell Graham Shaney Livingston, Alachua County Library District

Nick Banks, Front Street, Vice Chair Carolyn Lukert, Dementia Education, Inc., Past Board Chair Dr. Ed Bonahue, Santa Fe College, Member-At-Large Dennis Gies, Community Volunteer, Member-At-Large Kenneth Kurdziel, James Moore & Company, Finance Chair Melanie Ross, UF Health, Member-At-Large

2014–2015 CAMPAIGN CABINET Brad Pollitt, Chair, UF Health & Shands Rory Causseaux, Causseaux, Hewett and Walpole, Inc. Robert Deese, SunTrust Bill Gair, University of Florida Monica McMillen, Law Offices of Steven Miller John Power, Alachua County Tax Collector Jason Shank, Enterprise Rent-A-Car Jay St. Pierre, North Florida Regional Medical Center

Greg Moraski, Nationwide Lisa Patton, Publix Brad Pollitt, UF Health & Shands Todd Powell, Plum Creek Doug Ray, Gainesville Sun/Ocala Star Banner Dr. Jen Day Shaw, University of Florida Andy Sherrard, O2BKids! Dr. Patricia Snyder, University of Florida Adrian Taylor, Gainesville Chamber of Commerce Scott Thomas, Infinite Energy Jenna White, Enterprise Holdings, Inc.



Please cut out, photocopy and share the FamilyWize Prescription Drug Program Card Follow three easy steps to use your FamilyWize discount card: 1. P  rint your card and take it to any one of the 60,000 participating pharmacies. 2. P  resent your card with a valid doctor’s prescription for medicine. 3. Receive the discount from the pharmacist.


6031 NW 1st Place Gainesville, FL 32607-2025 (352) 331-2800 www.unitedwayncfl.org www.facebook.com/unitedwayncfl www.twitter.com/UnitedWayncfl www.instagram.com/unitedwayofncfl

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Fy2015 annual report final  

Fy2015 annual report final  

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