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September 2017

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SERVICE IS KEY TO MAJOR DEAL SYR has secured a big new contract with Interserve which will see it triple the volume of products supplied to one of the world’s leading facilities management companies.

SYR’s commitment to on-going support and training, through our Taskforce team, proved crucial to securing the deal which will see SYR’s cleaning products used throughout all the 15,000 sites cleaned by Interserve across the UK. SYR sales and marketing director Gareth David said: “We are delighted to be growing our business with Interserve. We first began working with them around 10 years ago and it has proved to be a fruitful relationship for both businesses. “This has not just been about pricing but about us connecting with them to develop a service offering support and training. As their business has got more demanding they have looked for better products with a better service and we knew that at SYR we could provide this. “Thanks to our Taskforce team we are uniquely able to offer the levels of support needed to provide a first-class service after the sale. That is what is important – we all want the end client to be happy and confident with the clean they are getting, with Interserve confident that support is there when needed.” The hard work began at the start of the year, when Interserve announced it

q SYR sales director Gareth David: ‘delighted to be growing our business with Interserve’ was carrying out a product rationalisation programme and asked suppliers to suggest products to enable a consolidation of the range. SYR came up with a core range based on fit-for-purpose products and also demonstrated the benefits of the Taskforce support. This sees our experts providing site evaluations, training and support, and played a big part in Interserve’s decision to choose SYR. Product trials took place at many of

Interserve’s high-profile clients. The final step saw Interserve managers and operatives spend a morning at SYR, seeing demonstrations of key products and being able to try them out. This hands-on training session helped them understand how items from the core range would help them. Joining them at SYR were Interserve operations director Glen Tanswell and purchasing manager Lydia Brant. The range SYR is supplying to Interserve includes flat and Kentucky mopping, Interchange products, Combine mopping systems, Rapid Mop bucketless mop system, Multi-Surface Tool (MST) for hard surfaces, A signs and SpaceSaver trolleys. New innovations including Powr-Mop Lite, Abzorb pads,Spill Kit Response systems and the Pal-O-Mine magic sponge are also featured. Interserve works across a variety of sectors including commercial and government offices, schools, universities, retail stores, shopping centres, pharmaceutical and industrial premises, data centres, warehouses, hospitals, courts and leisure centres. Often acting as the face of the customers’ brand, Interserve’s employees are trained to consistently deliver superior standards of cleanliness, hygiene, safety and customer service. lFor pictures from Interserve’s visit to SYR, turn to pages 4-5.

Lovely jubbly day at Jangro Round Robin When you are one of the UK and Ireland’s largest independent groups of cleaning product suppliers – like the Jangro Network – working closely with suppliers to ensure customers receive the maximum levels of service and support is essential. To help make this happen, Jangro invited its suppliers including SYR to attend a ‘Supplier Round Robin’ in June. This event, at the Forest of Arden Hotel in Meriden, allowed Jangro distributors to learn about new products and innovations, promotions and initiatives. This in turn benefits the Jangro customer as they can be assured that whichever Jangro distributor they deal with across the UK & Ireland, that member will have the latest and most accurate information for them. Attended by 40 Jangro member distributors and 34 suppliers, the event also proved to be an ideal opportunity to get closer to Jangro’s £100,000 fundraising goal for cancer support charity Macmillan. Thanks to the generous support of the suppliers and Jangro membership, fundraising at the event brought in over £2,600. SYR was represented by vice-chairman Vernon Holmes and

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q Vernon Holmes meets a Del Boy lookalike at the gala dinner

q Matthew Rea (left) and Mark Tilt with Matthew’s AHCP awards / Picture courtesy of AHCP

The winner takes it all

Some say they are more Laurel and Hardy than Ant and Dec – but SYR’s healthcare double act were carrying home the awards recently, just like the Geordie duo at the BAFTAs. When healthcare manager Matthew Rea picked up two individual gongs at the AHCP National Awards in June, he needed colleague Mark Tilt to help carry the trophies. Matthew was named Individual Branch Supplier for his work supporting health trusts with SYR cleaning products.Then he was back to pick up the President’s Award, for his work as an AHCP member – Matthew is treasurer for the Midlands branch. With Midlands named Branch of the Year, it meant Matthew was actually a triple winner on the night. lFor more on the AHCP’s annual forum and awards, turn to pages 6-7.

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goes speed dating

How to use chemicals



hemicals remain an essential part of the cleaner’s cupboard. Although advances such as microfibre can reduce their use, we are a long way from completely chemical-free cleaning. In March this year, 22 hospital cleaners in Torquay were awarded £70,000 in damages after falling ill because they were using a chemical incorrectly. So it is important, for ourselves and the planet, that we use chemicals safely. Training is crucial, but here are our key pointers: Check out the COSHH and data sheets COSHH is the law that requires employers to control substances hazardous to health. Chemical safety data sheets describe the hazards of the chemical and give information on handling, storage and emergency measures in case of accidents. Ensure you know what you are using and how to use it. Wear appropriate PPE Personal protective equipment can include protective gloves, clothing and footwear; eye protection and respirators. Users should be trained in why and how to use it. Remember that single use gloves are just that – throw them away after use. It is the employers’ responsibility to provide, replace and pay for PPE. Look after your skin: remove contamination properly, wash your hands, dry thoroughly and use skin creams regularly. Keep the workplace well ventilated. It is an employee’s responsibility to maintain PPE and report any damage. Select the right chemical Chemicals are designed for specific uses. Not all will deal with grease, while some should not be used in food areas. At SYR we offer a range of just eight chemicals to cover all situations. There are four in our Clear Solution range – for general cleaning, non-grease areas, kitchens and bathrooms. Others are for use with specific SYR equipment, such as our Rapid Mop or ScrubClean. By offering this consolidated range, we can reduce the use of chemicals in the environment, and minimise the risk of using the wrong product. Check dosing for the size of bucket Dosing is an exact science, not a ‘pour and hope’ guesstimate. Under-dosing means it won’t work effectively. Overdosing is harmful to health, the environment

and your budget, and will leave a slippy film on surfaces – particularily dangerous on floors. According to Defra, overdosing by 20% adds 20% to all impacts in the product’s lifecycle, including manufacture and transport. It also wastes money. SYR’s unique Portion Control Pods on our buckets are a simple but effective way of dosage control. We have calculated the amount of our chemicals needed for our buckets. Fill the bucket to the line, pour the chemical into the portion control pod, and you know you have the correct dosage. Get it the right way round! Always add chemicals to water, not the other way round. This reduces bubbles and stops splashback which could be harmful to the eyes and skin. Don’t mix chemicals Products which are perfectly safe on their own can cause harmful fumes or other chemical reactions when mixed. Adding any other chemical to products containing bleach, for instance, will cause chlorine to be given off. Never store in unidentified containers You may think you know what is in the container – but others won’t. Where a chemical could cause a hazard, this information should be included on the label. Pictograms and wording are covered by law. The containers themselves should prevent the escape of the chemical, not be adversely affected by the contents, and be strong enough to withstand normal handling. Child-resistant closures are also required in some cases. All good reasons for keeping chemicals in their original, clearly marked, containers. Store safely After use, make sure the top is secured and wipe off any excess immediately. Do this before you begin cleaning. Chemicals should not be stored on a high shelf, to prevent them falling or dripping on you. The labels should face forwards. Ideally the cleaner’s cupboard should be kept locked, with access limited to trained workers. Keep a spill clean-up kit handy. Chemicals have made a significant and positive contribution to our health but we need to use them wisely and carefully. Our Taskforce team are happy to offer free advice.

SYR’s sales director Gareth David took part in a ‘speed dating’ event at Bristol City Football Club organised by United. The idea was for Gareth to spend a few moments each with members of the United sales team. SYR was one of only three suppliers invited to the event.

q Gareth David takes a break at Ashton Gate “I met with all of the sales force to explain how SYR can support them in the field to maximise success in the janitorial sector,” said Gareth. United supplies SYR cleaning equipment to Wether-

spoon pubs and hotels across the country. “We were building on that relationship and giving the sales people knowledge of our products which will in turn help them,” Gareth added.

Sodexo and SYR talk global SYR welcomed visitors from Sodexo this summer to discuss how we can work more closely together globally. Sodexo is one of the world’s largest multinational corporations and prides itself on developing long-term relationships with its suppliers. SYR’s links go back seven years, when we first started supplying Sodexo with mops

and TC20 buckets. Having retained that UK business at the end of last year, we are now looking to build on that globally through our own multinational bases. Pictured are SYR sales director Gareth David, Taskforce’s Julie Brittain-Twohey, Damien Julien and Faiza Mirza from Sodexo’s global supply management and SYR sales co-ordinator Karen Woodhall.

l Lovely jubbly: From p1 sales manager Elliott Evans. Vernon commented: “The Jangro Round Robin event must be like ‘speed dating on steroids’! Each Jangro distributor member is allotted a set time of eight minutes with each supplier so it’s a very fast and furious round of questions and answers before the bell rings and the next customer arrives. “All good fun of course and very good to gather information from but not for the faint hearted – on either side of the table! “The gala dinner is a much better time to meet informally with both Jangro members and other cleaning industry suppliers, plus there is the famous and brilliant Jangro charity raffle.” Other Jangro fundraising initiatives for Macmillan have included sponsored walks, triathlons, marathons, raffles and auctions. The total raised so far is now £54,620. If you would like to donate go to: fundraising/jangro

q SYR’s Elliott Evans gets some business tips from Del Boy; below, the Forest of Arden hotel

Hard work pays off with Don’s diploma

q Graham Hobson, Don Livermore, Deb Barré and Lee Staves SYR warehouse team leader Don Livermore proved it is never too late to learn when he successfully completed a diploma with Skills Training UK. Don left school with just one qualification – in Art – but has studied for 15 months and passed numerous exams to achieve a personal goal. SYR is also benefitting, with Don more effective and confident leading his team of seven. He says: “It has been worth it. It was a personal goal I wanted to achieve. I had poor schooling and have suffered through life because of it, so this is a big achievement.” Operations and purchasing director Lee Staves persuaded an initially reluctant Don to look at training to help in his day-today role, and he quickly caught the learning bug. “He was prepared to work outside his hours to do this so we gave him all the support we could,” says Lee. “He worked tremendously hard in all the aspects of the course to succeed and we are proud of what Don has achieved.” Deb Barré from Skills Training UK said Don had studied under the Apprenticeship Framework, gaining his Leadership Diploma level 2, and Maths, English and ICT functional skills level 1. “Don’s ability was never in doubt, he just needed to believe he could do it,” she adds. “He has learned about management theories, team dynamics and motivational techniques and has implemented them with his team. His ICT work has also fed back into how the team works. He has learned how to be a leader and to delegate.” Warehouse manager Graham Hobson agrees: “He has definitely taken a lot away from the course in terms of his confidence and it has moved across to his daily workload.” Don, who has been with SYR for 15 years, concludes: “Everybody was supportive and gave me a lot of encouragement. This has given me the skills to go on with confidence.” Skills Training UK is a leading independent apprenticeships and training provider which empowers young people and adults to improve their lives by developing the skills and self-belief to progress. It designs and delivers programmes with employers to meet their business development needs.

X Press p3 Spill management kits help m-way sites’ safety out to all 22 sites.” SYR’s Spill Management Kits will be keeping customers safe John Cook said: “When I at Roadchef sites across the demonstrated at the RoadUK thanks to Yate Supplies. chef site and to their health The motorway service area and safety team, they were group saw the kits – mobile very impressed with the safety cones with cleaning simplicity of the SYR Spill equipment attached – at Management Kits from the an event organised by Yate start. Supplies to bring suppliers and “They also commented customers together. They were on the amount of time it had so impressed they arranged a been taking to clean up spilltrial, then a roll-out nationwide. ages and they could see the Yate, based near Bristol, is a immediate benefits this unit major supplier of SYR would give them, both with products along with other time saved and in preventing janitorial and catering any future accidents. supplies. In March the firm q James Wells-French of Yate Supplies (left) and SYR’s John held its second annual “They are also taking our new Cook with Spill Management Kits for Roadchef Brilliance Bar event, which Abzorb pads on all sites as part saw 25 manufacturers of the kit. They could see the displaying products for Yate’s existing and potential benefit in using these for larger spills as they will take up to two customers to browse. litres of a wide range of liquids, and this reduces slip fall risks National business development manager John Cook and cross contamination.” represented SYR and the stand included the Spill SYR’s Spill Management Kits are based around the Rapid Management Kits, consisting of a Rapid Response Cone, Response Cone – a highly visible yellow warning cone on Dual Mop and lobby spill kit. They have also added Abzorb casters which is wheeled into place. Attached to it is everything pads. needed to deal with a spill, conveniently kept together. The James Wells-French, head of regional sales at Yate Supplies, lipped lobby pan holds liquids and solids and works with the said: “Roadchef are a long-standing customer of ours and I squeegee brush. SYR’s Abzorb pads come in packs to hang off introduced them to John Cook. They were interested in the the cones and are larger than others on the market, holding up ‘giant cone’ so John talked them through it. to two litres of water-based liquids and absorbing it in less time. “Roadchef sites have heavy footfall so they could absolutely Dual Mop is a bucketless mop system with an internal reservoir see the value of the Rapid Response Cones. They identified in the handle that sprays water ahead of the mop head. Once sites where they had potential slippage problems so trialled the kits and they were a roaring success. Now we are rolling them the area is cleaned, flip the mop over to dry the floor.

Read all about it in new catalogue Have you seen our new catalogue yet? It’s bursting with thousands of products, including many unique and innovative solutions for all your cleaning needs.

Refreshed and updated, it features QR codes linking directly to our bespoke product videos. Items are easily displayed in colour-coded sections and for the first time, we’ve included a useful index at the back. SYR is proud to be one of Britain’s very best manufacturers and single source suppliers of top quality, professional cleaning and hygiene products. Our emphasis has always been on leading innovation, never following, and the fruits of our research and development labours can be found in

the pages of our new catalogue. Having the right tools is essential to cope with the demands of modern cleaning, but we will also work with you to ensure the products are spot-on for use in each specific working environment. We do this through our Taskforce team. This friendly bunch are there to offer on-site surveys, evaluations and then training – all free of charge. You can read more about Taskforce in our catalogue. You can find the catalogue online at For a hard copy call our customer service team on 01384 421421.

SYR products tick box for cleaning alliance Members of a trade association looking after the domestic cleaning sector were impressed by SYR products when they visited for the first time this summer. The Domestic Cleaning Alliance is the only organisation representing the UK domestic cleaning sector which sits on the board of the British Cleaning Council. It is also a member of the UK Housekeepers Association and the Federation of Small Businesses. SYR hosted a members’ meeting which included a presentation on infection control by cleaning expert Delia Cannings, the DCA patron, and a demonstration of SYR products by Taskforce. DCA director Stephen Munton said: “We were thrilled to have been invited and the venue was loved by all – both the showrooms and the auditorium, the likes of which we’d never seen before. “The products we saw were also very well liked. Our sector of cleaning has its own unique problems, one of which is that we require cleaning equipment which is stronger and more durable than we’d use to clean our own homes, but at the same time needs to be small enough to fit into a car to take from house to house. So many of the SYR products tick that box.” He added: “The DCA was set up in 2014 to represent a rather forgotten sector of the UK cleaning

q SYR sales manager Elliott Evans is pictured (right) with DCA members including director Stephen Munton (third from right).

industry which was previously not being looked after by anyone. Our meeting was well attended and it was great to see so many new members. Our member-base is increasing week after week. “We were pleased to have our patron Delia Cannings in attendance for part of the day too. Delia has worked tirelessly to help get the DCA up and running.” SYR sales manager Elliott Evans helped co-ordinate the event, and said: “SYR were delighted to host the Domestic Cleaning Alliance for their latest members’ meeting. It allowed SYR to showcase products to a different area of the industry proving we have products suitable for a wide range of cleaning tasks.” Any business insured to carry out domestic cleaning in the UK is eligible to join the DCA. Members can benefit from bespoke training units, discounted purchases, website listings, support with staffing issues and access to a forum.


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Hands-on wit SYR welcomed Interserve to our West Midlands headquarters earlier this summer for a morning getting ‘hands on’ with some of our equipment. SYR’s team of Julie BrittainTwohey, Mark Tilt, Sarah Porter and Matt Compson provided training on our core range, with focus on deep cleaning and high level cleaning. Among the products used were Powr-Mop Lite and ScrubClean, Rapid Response Cones, MultiSurface Tool and Spacesaver Trolleys. Managers and operatives from Interserve spent 20 minutes on each product group.

Also attending were oper director Glen Tanswell and purchasing manager Lydia and a representative of Dive discuss chemicals. Pictures: P4, top: Mark Tilt was in char trolleys Middle row: Getting a handle equipment; Julie explains the Response Cone options Bottom row: Flat mopping; PM ScrubClean P5, top: Gareth talks sleeves; out a deck scrubber; MST Middle row: trolleys; PML in a Mark and Sarah Bottom row: Gareth and Glen

th Interserve


Brant, ersey to

rge of

e on the e Rapid

ML and

; trying


n; PML

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p3 p5

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Learning to



q SYR healthcare team Matthew Rea and Mark Tilt at the exhibition


q Training provider Delia Cannings and president David Bedwell made presentations to the first recipients of the Healthcare Cleaning Professional Certification. Pictured with them are Deborah Sharrens, Tracey Hawksworth, Caroline McGleave, Jeff Bank, Sue Shew, Jamie Williamson-Graph, Lesley Davis, Kelly-Louise Smith, Julie O’Connor and Bernie McDermott

q The event was hosted by the Northern Branch


q From left, past chair Simon Sharpe, national treasurer Lesley Davis, chair Lee Peddle, HefmA chair Paul Fenton, IPS chair Neil Wigglesworth; front, president David Bedwell

X Press


ogether at AHCP forum Members of The Association of Healthcare Cleaning Professionals (AHCP) gathered in Northumbria this summer for their annual forum. The three-day event focused on Learning Together Growing Strong, with keynote speakers and workshop sessions. Companies including SYR also attended, with delegates having plenty of opportunities to learn more about products on offer. SYR healthcare manager Matthew Rea said: “It was very well attended and a great networking opportunity. There was a lot of interest in our products, particularly Powr-Mop Lite, Abzorb and Pal-O-Mine, with 61 leads and trials arranged. “It was also a chance to get updates on what is happening in the industry, for example which hospitals are taking cleaning back in-house, new policies and procedures for cleaning, and trust mergers.”

National chairman Lee Peddle said: “The Northern Branch and H20 did the association proud by delivering another fantastic forum. The blend of information, interaction and networking was excellently judged, and it was so great to see so many quality speakers covering a diverse set of subjects which aligned with the theme. “We know how much hard work everybody put in to making the event a success and I cannot thank them all enough. “Roll on 2018 where I am 100% confident the Midlands Branch will give us another memorable forum. The plans are very exciting.” The AHCP annual awards also took place, with the winners being: Best branch of the year: Midlands Cleaning Services manager of the year: Tatiana Blagorodnova, Sodexo Individual branch supplier of the year: Matthew Rea, SYR Outstanding branch member of the

year: Kelly Louise Smith, Environmental Excellence Training & Development Supervisor team of the year: Sam Richardson and Paula Ribero, Sodexo at Stoke Mandeville Hospital Working in Partnership award: Julie O’Connor, Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust President’s Award: Matthew Rea, SYR Matthew’s President’s Award was presented for his ‘dedication, enthusiasm and commitment to the association, branch and place of work’. He was praised for working with members ‘to develop products to improve cleaning standards and make the job easier for staff’. This year’s chosen charity for the raffle was the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation, which works to find more effective ways to detect and treat cancer. £1,590 was raised. The forum also raised £60 for Blood Bikes. Pictures courtesy of the AHCP

q Delegates at the opening session

q Above: The Midlands Branch was named Branch of the Year q Left: Outstanding Branch Member Kelly-Louise Smith receives her award from the award sponsor and Dr David Bull

q Tatiana Blagorodnova (Cleaning Services Manager of the Year) and Paula Ribero (Supervisor Team of the Year)

q Julie O’Connor won the Working in Partnership Award. She is pictured with David Bedwell, sponsors Tork and Dr David Bull q Left: Former chair Simon Sharpe receives a Lifetime Achievement Award from current chair Lee Peddle and Phil Columbine from Ace Janitorial q Centre: Tork was named Best Exhibitor Stand q Right: National Administrator Judith Hudson welcomes delegates

q SYR’s Matthew Rea receives the President’s Award from David Bedwell, award sponsors Synbiotix, and forum host Dr David Bull

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Having a ball for charity The Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association (CHSA) raised almost £10,000 for the RNIB at its annual gala ball. The annual ball, held again this year at Heythrop Park, Oxfordshire, saw members and sponsors enjoy a sumptuous dinner and entertainment including a comedian, silhouette artist, close-up magicians, live band and dancing.   The event raised £9,950 for the Royal National Institute of Blind People which is the chairman’s charity for 2017. The RNIB offers practical and emotional support to people who are losing their sight or are blind or partially sighted, helping them face the future with confidence.

We’ve lined up a few of our products for our brainteaser this time. Can you spot the 10 differences we have made to the picture below? Answers are at the bottom of the page.

Going strong at seventy

Stickers a sign of standards More than 100 cleaning and hygiene distributors have applied to join the Cleaning & Hygiene Association’s Accreditation Scheme for distributors since its launch in January. Companies which have passed the process are beginning to display the brand new Accredited Distributor status stickers on their vans to show their commitment to standards. Mike Stubbs, chairman of the CHSA accreditation schemes, said: “We produced the new van stickers to help our accredited members celebrate and shout about their status.”

Answers to the Coffee Break picture puzzle: • Green grout brush added on floor • Wet floor sign man missing • Colour changed on Pal-OMine tool on trolley • SYR logo missing from left hand poster on wall • TC20 changed to TC30 on middle poster • Caster missing from blue mopping combo • Sponge colour changed on mop leaning against cone • Black support struts from underneath table top removed • Lucy sticker missing from waste bin • Mop added to top of bin

The Federation of Window Cleaners celebrated its 70th anniversary with a trade show and gala dinner in Blackpool. The FWC has a long and distinguished history. Former army officer Albert Townsend established it in 1947 as an authoritative organisation to represent the window cleaning industry and its members. While the federation has obviously adapted to reflect industry changes, it remains true to its original principles. It has developed IOSH accredited safety training courses and a bespoke Safety Accreditation scheme (SAM). SYR was happy to support the trade show and John Cook is pictured with FWC members including general secretary Beryl Murray (right). John said: “The show was extremely well attended by window cleaners from all over the UK from Scotland to Cornwall. In fact the window cleaning competition was won by a window cleaning husband and wife team who had travelled up from Cornwall to be at the show. She won the competition and he was runner-up. However no-one managed to beat the current Guinness Book of Records time which is held by Terry ‘Turbo’ Burrows. “After the exhibition we all had a very enjoyable evening at the gala dinner and danced the night away to ‘When I’m Cleaning Windows’!”

LTS Evolve

SYR Abzorb

Powr-Mop Lite

Ultra X



Special 4-page feature Want to know more?

01384 421421

PowrMop Lite For the ultimate in deep cleaning, look no further than PML. With a head that oscillates at 3,500 mini-scrubs per minute it removes layers of ground-in dirt effortlessly, even getting right down into the grooves and troughs of safety flooring. Because it is powered by rechargeable battery, it does all the hard work for you – restoring floors to an as-new condition. The secret’s in the multi-directional vibration and the power of the microfibre with over 6 million split-end fibres.


Think deep cleaning means lots of laundering of flat mopheads? Think again! With ScrubClean you can keep going with just one microfibre head that won’t get so saturated by dirt that it stops cleaning. ScrubClean features SYR’s motorised brush roller wringer. The rotating brushes scrub the microfibre clean in seconds, time after time – allowing you to keep cleaning without changing heads or any loss of cleaning ability.

Ultra X When we named it Ultra, we meant it.

Our miracle surface cleaner works on diesel, oil and grease, stubborn marks and adhesive tape residue – all those things which have most surface cleaners beat. Use it straight from the bottle with no need to dilute and simply wipe clean with a microfibre cloth. This is the Daddy of surface cleaners!

Safe-Guard Safety Sign Less is more with our new A sign – just the thing to keep people safe while you’re deep cleaning. We’ve redesigned our patented non-tip sign to give you a heavy duty, fit-for-purpose, low cost wet floor warning sign. Less plastic, less cost equals more style, more savings. The high-resolution injection moulded images resist humidity and big changes in temperature. You can even add personalised inserts.

LTS Evolve Flat or Kentucky mopping? Why not have

both? The oh-so-clever LTS Evolve takes one of our best-selling mopping buckets to a whole new level to provide both types of mopping in one unit. By adding a soft touch pad insert, our Long Tall Sally bucket and Kentucky wringer combo now works with flat mopping too. LTS Evolve gives the best wringing method for minimum moisture mopping. No wonder we call it the Flat and Kentucky Mopping King.

SYR Abzorb When you’re dealing with a spill, you want to know you can get it all up in one go.

SYR’s Abzorb pads are 42% larger than competitors’ products and absorb up to 60% more liquid. Place the pad on the spillage and it will absorb up to 2 litres of a wide range of liquids including blood, urine, water etc. Reduce slip-fall risks and cross-contamination.

SYR Xpress September