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IT’S NO CONTEST! SYR is challenging the cleaning workforce to switch from using dolly mop buckets in the commercial environment to flat mopping.

Dolly mops and buckets – also known as sieve buckets – are just not fit for purpose in a restaurant, school, hospital, shop or office, says SYR’s sales and marketing director Gareth David. “Traditional household products, such as the dolly mop bucket, shouldn’t be used in a commercial environment where the footfall is 500 rather than five,” he says. “Yet I’m often amazed to see a dolly mop bucket being used by professional cleaners. It’s just not up to the job. “With the pressure on cleaning budgets, we need to be productive, and dolly mopping simply isn’t.” SYR is highlighting a number of issues with dolly mopping in a commercial setting: lThe mop stays too wet, meaning too much water is put on the floor creating a slip/fall risk lIt takes too long to mop an area, because the mop is too small lThe bucket has to be picked up and carried, with associated risks for the cleaner and also the danger of spills lCleaners risk repetitive strain injury from wringing out a wet, heavy mop lIt looks unprofessional and creates a poor image. So what’s the alternative? Flat mopping owes much of its development to microfibre, which has revolutionised floorcare. It gives fast, efficient mopping of hard floors and has many benefits: lFloors are left cleaner– the microfibre

head collects up to 8 times its own weight in dirt and moisture, with dirt pulled towards the mop and trapped rather than pushed around. lMicrofibre heads are easier to wring out so they use less water in cleaning, meaning floors dry much faster, reducing slip/fall risk lLess chemical is needed, which is better for health, the environment and budgets lCleaners do not have to lift heavy mop buckets, and flat mops are lighter to use and wring out, all of which means less strain. A microfibre flat mop can be five times lighter than a dolly mop lFlat mopping is quicker and can increase productivity by 50% lIt looks more professional, creating a better image for your business lMop heads can be laundered, or disposable lPivoting heads mean the flat mop can easily be used for stairs and back boards. SYR has a range of flat mop heads, from disposable damp and dry mops to high performance and fringed heads, so there is something for every need. The break-frame mop holder means the mop head is easily cleaned and wrung out through a choice of mopping systems, including Lady, Combine and LTS Evolve. Or you can do away with the bucket entirely with Rapid Mop. This stores water in its handle, ready to be sprayed on to the floor ahead of the Rapid Mop as you go. It’s ideal for daytime cleaning in lightly soiled areas as it gives smear free, dry floors with minimum moisture. But Rapid Mop shouldn’t be thought of as just a spot cleaner or go-to tool when there’s a

Dolly mops are fine for in the home, but not in the commercial environment, where flat mopping is the answer Right: store spare heads for Rapid Mop in our window cleaners’ pouch

Less is more

with Safe-Guard Introducing Safe-Guard, the new A sign from SYR which proves that less is more. We believe this is the lowest priced, most fit-for-purpose A sign on the market. Sales director Gareth David says: “SYR has worked to achieve what the cleaning industry needs – a wet floor sign that’s rigid, lightweight and affordable.” We’ve been able to take plastic out of the sign while retaining its rigidity thanks to the internal strengthening bars. Taking plastic out means less cost; and it’s also good for the environment. With predictions that in around 30 years there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish, we should all play a part in reducing its use where we can. Less plastic gives the heavy-duty Safe-Guard a distinctive new look, without compromising on its strength and durability. It also gives you the option of personalising your A signs, with the ability to add inserts printed with your company name, logo or message. Another innovation is the high-resolution injection moulded images. You really need to see the A sign ‘in the flesh’ to appreciate how bright and sharp the printing is. It also resists humidity and big changes in temperature. Safe-Guard is a redesign of our patented non-tip safety sign, with top clip to secure the sign once opened. Call our sales team on 01384 421421 for more information.

spill or wet patch, says Gareth David. “You can use Rapid Mop for a complete cleaning shift by taking spare heads with you. Store them in our window cleaners’ pouch which is worn around the waist – you can put the dirty mop heads in there too as you change them,” he says. From the Rapid Mop concept SYR has also developed Flat Mop, which has a break frame head, and Dual Mop, which offers a cleaning pad and drying pad at the flip of the head. “We know that a dolly mop and bucket will never do as good a job as flat mopping,” says Gareth. “We are happy to demonstrate that through our Taskforce team, who will come to your premises and help transition your business to where it needs to be. “Flat mopping is faster, gives a far superior clean and looks more professional, so if you are not using it – why not?”

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Ask Taskforce: cleaning blog

Meet Taskforce: Think Avengers or Justice League, but without the stretchy costumes. SYR’s Taskforce team are the superheroes of the cleaning world. But who are they, and what exactly can they do for you?

W Julie Brittain-Twohey who heads up our Taskforce team takes us through the mopping process with these 20 top tips to help you work safely and effectively. 1. All equipment – bucket, mop and handle – should be clean, damage free, fit for purpose and stored securely. 2. Select equipment appropriate to the environment: the bucket should be suitable for the area of flooring to be mopped and the mop should fit the bucket. 3. Chemicals must be appropriate for the floor type, and accompanied by relevant and accessible COSHH data sheets. 4. Use colour coding. Equipment should be colour coded for general areas / toilet areas / kitchen and food areas to prevent cross contamination. 5. Fill the bucket with water to the required level and then add the chemical to the water, using the correct dosage as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. SYR buckets have portion control pods to simplify correct dosing for SYR chemicals. 6. Replace the lid on the chemical container, wipe any drips and place the chemical, label facing outward, back on the shelf. 7. Attach the mop to the required handle. SYR’s Interchange handles fit a variety of mopheads so you only need one handle. 8. Where possible, mopping should only take place when the area is free from foot traffic or when slip-fall risks can be greatly reduced by isolating the area to be cleaned. 9. Ensure the area being cleaned is well ventilated and litter/ clutter free. 10. Place warning signs in position. 11. Begin mopping at the furthest point from the exit, working backwards to the exit area. 12. Mop the edges first followed by systematic overlapping passes. 13. Regularly re-charge the mophead when required. Don’t keep cleaning with a dirty mophead. Microfibre in particular will quickly become saturated by dirt. SYR’s ScrubClean system allows you to clean the microfibre mophead as you clean. 14. Ensure the floor is dry before removing warning signs and closing windows, vents etc. 15. Reinstate the area. 16. Return equipment to the secure storage area. 17. All equipment – including buckets, signage, mops and cloths – must be rinsed and wiped clean. 18. Disposable or semi disposable mops should still be rinsed after use, turned upside down and left to air dry in a secure location, or disposed of in an appropriate waste receptacle. 19. If applicable, laundry facilities should be used to clean and maintain mops and hand cloths. Set temperature to a minimum of 900 to remove most harmful bacteria and use suitable detergents as per manufacturer’s recommendations. Do not use fabric softener when laundering microfibre. 20. Ensure the cleaned equipment is stored correctly ready for use next time, secure the storage area. For more cleaning blogs go to the About - Latest News section of our website

hen was the last time someone assessed your cleaning programme and worked with you to ensure it was productive and fit for purpose? How much training and support do your cleaning operatives receive? Cleaning may not be a top priority for those of you responsible for a variety of operations – which is where SYR’s Taskforce comes in. This unique consultancy service should cost £200 per day but is being offered completely free of charge and can help your business improve productivity, reduce waste and deliver savings. For over 50 years SYR has worked globally with blue chip companies. But for us it is about more than just selling cleaning systems – we go that extra step to support your needs. We’ve a strong track record of impacting cleaning at global restaurant chains and top FM companies. Our ways of doing this have evolved over time, but for the last 10 years has been achieved through Taskforce. Headed by Julie Brittain-Twohey, Taskforce are consultants, not salespeople. “We are problem solvers; our role is recommending tools to do the job and reducing time taken,” says Julie. “We will never recommend anything that isn’t fit for the particular purpose. And as we don’t know the prices of the products we can be completely impartial.” From nuclear bases to cruise ships, the top of the Shard to an air ambulance – there’s nowhere Taskforce can’t tackle. QSRs, blue chip companies and food factories are among those to have benefitted from SYR’s expertise. There are five key elements to Taskforce’s provision: q Survey q Evaluation q Training q Retraining q Site support Starting with the survey, Julie says: “We don’t assume we know an environment. Each one is different and cleaning staff operate differently, even within the same company. All situations are unique, so we go in and look. “We start at the cleaning cupboard. What products are currently being used? How much storage space is there? Are there laundry facilities? These last two will impact our recommendations. “Alongside the supervisor or the cleaners, we will look at what has to be done. How many man hours do they have to complete the clean? Is it a rolling shift? Does cleaning take place over the whole 24 hours? Are facilities such as toilets closed for cleaning or are they working around members of the public and other staff? “We quickly reassure the supervisor and cleaners that we are not there to find fault, but to make life easier and more efficient. So, are there any specific issues which they identify where they need extra guidance or tools?” Having carried out a detailed survey, Taskforce then prepare an evaluation. All the findings from the site survey are documented, supported by photos where possible. “We will recommend new procedures and equipment, and this may include finding better ways of working – for instance,

Taskforce.. can help your business improve productivity, reduce waste and deliver savings

that desks should be left suitable for cleaning and clutter should be removed from floors,” says Julie. The evaluation report covers an analysis of the types of surfaces and areas to be cleaned, eg high level, flooring etc; potential hazards and slip/fall readings; inventory of products being used; and recommendations on fit-for-purpose products with impacts explained in terms of time and cost savings, improved cleaning, and health and safety benefits. Next, Taskforce will return to demonstrate equipment if requested, and will provide hands-on training. This includes working with non-English speaking staff and operators with learning difficulties. You have been seen “In terms of retraining, we offer “Cleaning effectively & efficiently” certification of cleaning operatives. This Recipient: Has been seen cleaning effectively & efficiently by: empowers the cleaner and also shows due diligence by the customer regarding training programmes,” adds Julie. Finally, Taskforce is always available to provide on-going site support. Bespoke method statements and training guides can be provided. It is rare to find companies which give you something for nothing, which is why Recognised by: SYR is proud of Taskforce. We believe Date: a happy customer is a repeat customer, Picture taken so we work with you to find the best SYR - Working in partnership with KFC solutions. To find out how Taskforce can help The Proud To Clean initiative was introduced for a major quick service restaurant you, call our customer services chain where Taskforce supported a roll-out of SYR products. It recognised good department on 01384 421421 or email practice by stores and individual cleaners


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SYR’s superheroes


Introducing Sarah


upporting Julie Brittain-Twohey in Taskforce is Sarah Porter, who joined us just over 18 months ago. XPress caught up with her on one of her rare days in the office to find out how she was enjoying her role. What did you do before joining SYR? I was a contract cleaner and before that I was a care co-ordinator in a home for autistic adults. I’ve also worked in shops. That has helped because I know how cleaning is tackled in those areas. People think ‘it’s just a cleaner’ but they aren’t and when you’re in that position you just want a bit of respect and for people to realise how hard that job is.

Left, above and below: Julie Brittain-Twohey works with customers on site and at SYR’s training centre

What attracted you to the Taskforce role? I’ve always been a people person so it sounded right up my street. I like variety, and it was a different target to set myself. I like a challenge and it was a challenge! However when I came here I hadn’t driven on a motorway! But we do so much travelling

I am well used to motorway driving now; the only time I don’t like it is on unlit sections at night. Has the role met your expectations? It has been more than I expected because you build different relationships with different people on different levels, for instance salesmen or cleaners. It’s great when you go out and meet with the end users and you can see the difference you can make to help them. I love meeting all those characters. Also you never know what calls are going to come in – that’s the best part of Taskforce. Even though we know our products and how to get the best out of them, every call is different because every site is different; there’s so much variety. You visit many different sites in your role with Taskforce. Which have been your favourites? The University of London – it was huge, and just brilliant. I recently went to Thorpe Park but sadly it wasn’t open when I was there and I didn’t get to stay and go on the rides!

Sarah Porter supported SYR sales manager Steve Cannon when he was asked by Hygiene Systems Ltd if SYR could help with their turnaround cleaning of aeroplanes. Sarah and Steve visited the flight deck as well as the passenger areas to prepare their report and recommendations

Customers’ praise for Taskforce: Proving her superhero credentials, Julie flies during a working visit to an indoor skydiving centre. Other highlights have included seeing the Northern Lights while working in Iceland, visiting Norway and the Faroe Islands, and advising on cleaning the wind tunnel used by a major Formula One racing team

The SYR Taskforce team are fantastic with a wealth of knowledge. I’ve had the pleasure of their services on many projects and highly recommend them. Keep up the good work SYR Taskforce! Kevin Muckle, Transguard Group Julie and the SYR Taskforce are always willing to support the projects I’ve asked her to be involved in – ranging from visiting sites in Ireland to demonstrate products, to supporting mobilisations. Carlsberg Northampton

Julie’s written reports are well written and clearly presented providing a helpful ‘at a glance’ guide to improving methods and therefore standards. Kimberley Clark, Northfleet The service they provide and support given by Julie and her Taskforce team is very much appreciated by us and our customers. Alliance East Midlands Always impressed by their enthusiasm, commitment, and willingness to support Sodexo’s business. Lauren Kyle, Sodexo

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Prepare now with handle amnesty

SYR is offering a ‘handle amnesty’ to anyone wishing to switch to our products through NHS Supply Chain. We have products listed on various frameworks including mops and handles, and launderable microfibre products and systems. Included in the first category are SYR’s Freedom non-woven disposable mops, SYRSorb and Kentucky; Swop Mop for specialist cleaning such as theatres, laboratories, pharmacies etc; and dry dusting. Mop heads fit on our Interchange handles only – so non SYR customers wishing to switch to these can take advantage of our free handle offer now. Launderable microfibre products available include cloths, frames, sleeves and dust control. The contract starts at the end of January and runs for two years, however SYR is already a supplier so products are available through Supply Chain now. Email healthcare@syrclean. com to prepare now by taking advantage of the handle amnesty.

Laughter and learning 2

Get help to be CQC compliant

SYR is helping healthcare providers with cleaning issues including colour coding, ahead of inspections by the CQC. More independent healthcare providers will be rated by the Care Quality Commission, following last year’s consultation on expanding the scheme by the Department of Health. The department will now give the CQC power to inspect and rate the following services: lSome cosmetic surgery clinics lIndependent ambulances lIndependent dialysis services lRefractive eye surgery clinics lSubstance misuse clinics lAbortion clinics The department has also been consulting on rating other registered providers, including independent community health services and independent doctors. The CQC’s increasing focus on care providers other than hospitals has seen SYR provide training and advice on being CQC compliant in cleaning regimes. Equipment should be colour coded, right for the task, and staff should be trained in its use. For advice, or a copy of our leaflet ‘Are You CQC Compliant?’ contact the SYR healthcare team on

SYR hosted the Midland Branch of the Association of Healthcare Cleaning Professionals (AHCP) for their annual development day in November. More than 80 delegates – including some who are not yet members of the AHCP – attended. The day began with a Laughter Yoga session led by certified teacher Merrie Maggie. She explained the benefits of the technique and soon had plenty of volunteers laughing their way through a variety of exercises. On a more serious note, CQC inspector Merry Pearcey talked about what inspectors look for in healthcare cleaning. Key questions were whether it was safe, effective, caring, responsive and well led, including whether it supported learning. She said inspectors wanted to see how standards of cleanliness and hygiene were maintained and if there were reliable systems in place to prevent and protect people from healthcare-acquired infections. Inspectors looked at cleaning schedules, access to appropriate equipment, storage and adherence to barrier nursing principles. In terms of good leadership, she explained that inspectors were looking to see if there was a systematic programme of audits – but these should not be ‘audits for audits’ sake’ to



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1 - 4 Delegates and supplies t 5 - 6 The event provided the

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9 - 11 The SYR stand

X Press


g at AHCP development day

please the CQC, but with the aim of constantly improving standards. She stressed that cleaning was a vital link in the chain of nfection prevention, and that the CQC, health trusts and staff were all trying to achieve the same ends. Kevin Goldfinch of NHS Supply Chain updated delegates on how the framework will be changing in 2018 with implementation of 11 category towers from October. Companies will only be able to have three towers although they can buddy up’ with other companies on another three. Other topics covered by guest speakers were the importance of a professional approach to internal auditing and changes to data protection which come into effect in May. Kirsten McMurray, business manager for the AHCP, talked about the role of the organisation for health and social care, not just the NHS, and the training benefits it offered. Delegates were also given plenty of opportunity to visit stands from almost a dozen suppliers. SYR’s healthcare manager Matthew Rea said: “It is always a pleasure to welcome the AHCP here. It was a very enjoyable day and the response was very positive. The laughter yoga really got the day going, and it was encouraging to see people who are not members of the association come along.”




take part in the Laughter Yoga sessions chance to meet up with friends

the presentations

atthew Rea and Taskforce’s Sarah Porter give a product




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‘Aladdin’s Cave’ has new home in town A long-standing supplier of SYR products has moved to new premises – only its third home in its 31-year history. CCP Supplies has been based in Guildford since being established by Brendan Cluskey in 1986. It has relocated to Guildford Industrial Estate where it has recreated its hugely popular ‘Aladdin’s Cave’ of cleaning, catering and workwear products. Brendan said they prided themselves on being a onestop shop, and the only business of its kind in the area. They have recently launched an in-house embroidery and print service which is proving very busy. “Customers enjoy Top, from left, SYR’s national business development manager John Cook, Lorraine Hadley, Doug Simpson, owner and MD Brendan Cluskey, front Carolyn Manley and Alan Gallacher. Left, CCP Supplies’ new premises, and right, the SYR display

shopping with us and are very loyal,” he said. “We have knowledgeable and friendly staff, most of whom have been with us for a very long time. We’re known as the Aladdin’s Cave of Guildford and I’m frequently asked ‘what don’t you do?’” Before moving into the supply side of the industry Brendan had worked as a specialist cleaner, particularly in fire and flood damage, and restoration work. He has

stocked SYR products from day one. “I look for quality first,” he said. “Products have got to do the job. The quickest way to lose a customer is to give him something that’s poor quality.” Among SYR products available through CCP Supplies are Ladybug mops, buckets and wringers; spray bottles; Rapid Response Cones; mopheads and Safe-Guard, the new A sign.

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To Gambia, with love from SYR


leaning equipment donated by SYR to help communities in Gambia arrived at its destination in early October and was immediately put to good use. The story began back in the early spring, when SYR teamed up with a local school, Ridgewood High in Stourbridge, West Midlands. Ridgewood set up Project Gambia in 2007 and has raised more than £100,000 for less fortunate communities in the West African country. More than 500 students, staff and parents have travelled there, schools have been refurbished, classrooms built, resources provided, a nurse employed, farms established and a solar powered water pump installed. Hearing about the scheme through a staff member with a child at the school, SYR offered support. Assistant headteacher Bev-

erly Hodt visited us to see what products we could donate. Two container loads, including mops, handles, buckets, bowls, bins, cloths and syphon pumps, were then sent to the school. A few months later the equipment, along with other Project Gambia items, was shipped to Africa. SYR was delighted to receive photos from Beverly showing the cleaning equipment arriving at medical centres and villages. Says Beverly: “Many of the communities we work with live in very basic conditions with no electricity or running water, so some of the buckets and bowls will be a great help as they will use them for collecting water and washing.” SYR is continuing to support Project Gambia with more products being donated. For more about this great cause, find them on Facebook or Twitter (@rhsgambia)

Delivery to the health centre in Sintet, on the southern border with Senegal. Sintet is a 1,000-strong farming community but the centre has 4,000 patients from across the region

Above, equipment arrives at Kotu Silo village; right, Project Gambia partners sort the donations ready to go to the communities

Inventions cornering the market SYR’s collaborations with flooring giant Tarkett led to a link-up with the inventor of a patented coving system. SYR XPress learns more from Steve Alford of Cutting Corners.


utting Corners’ patented system includes a range of preformed seamless coving for internal and external use. Alongside the standard siteformed ‘cap and cove’ system, Steve has created the Tri Mitre three-way cove. This is for use in clean air and controlled, sterile environments, where sheet vinyl is a requirement for walls, floors and ceilings. It provides an easy-toclean internal corner in what Steve says is arguably the most critical area of the room. All of Cutting Corners’ coving can be cleaned with SYR’s Pal-OMine cove cleaner, designed to perfectly fit the coving at 35mm. “I was working with Tarkett’s technical consultant Dave Brown, looking at preparation, installation and maintenance, when I visited SYR to see the Tarkett installations there,” explains Steve. “The preparation is the coving, the installation is Tarkett’s vinyl, and the maintenance is SYR’s Cove Cleaner. “This enables us to offer clients the complete package, particularly in highly sterile areas. “Our patented Tri Mitre three-

way cove is currently being used in a large senior care home in Canada, in all the corners of a wetroom project. Wetrooms are significantly being used in care homes, hospitals and other similar facilities where personal hygiene and cleanliness are paramount. “What I like about SYR is that they are not just a cleaning company; it’s not all about mops and buckets, they are inventive. “I always personally recommend SYR Cove Cleaner with Pal-O-Mine as the correct tool for maintenance. “A lot of products fail because of poor installation and maintenance. This combination of Cutting Corners, Tarkett and SYR is the solution.” A Cutting Corners display area forms part of the Tarkett centre at SYR’s headquarters, where the link between the products can be seen and tested. SYR’s Cove Cleaner is one of six heads for Pal-O-Mine, all compatible with SYR’s Interchange handle. Pal-O-Mine works like an eraser on dirt and is ideal for spot or deep cleaning.

The Cutting Corners display area at SYR, featuring Tarkett vinyl

Above: Floor mitres, capping strips and cove formers, ready for the vinyl to be laid on top Right: SYR’s Cove Cleaner and Pal-o-Mine sponge

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Vernon welcomes CHSA standards SYR’s vice-chairman Vernon Holmes has welcomed the CHSA’s continuing drive to push up standards in the industry. Members of the Accreditation Schemes were surveyed by the Cleaning and Hygiene Suppliers Association on their reasons for membership, and universally cited their commitment to standards. They particularly welcomed the launch of the Accreditation Scheme for Distributors last January as a significant step forward. Vernon Holmes told the CHSA: “It built on the work the CHSA had already done to drive up standards. Now, more than ever, end users can be confident they get a quality product from CHSA members.” He added that employees were also proud of membership: “it recognises their hard work in producing a quality product.” The CHSA operates four Accreditation Schemes, one for distributors and three for manufacturers – one each for soft tissue, plastic refuse sacks and industrial cotton mops, of which SYR is a member. Through the rigorous auditing

process the schemes ensure each label accurately reflects the contents of the box, product is traceable to batch and manufacturer or distributor, dimensions and weight are as specified and cotton mops and refuse sacks are fit for purpose. Members’ quality systems are also reviewed to ensure they are vigilant with their own systems. SYR’s sales and marketing director Gareth David, operations and purchasing director Lee Staves and vice-chairman Vernon Holmes grab a spot of lunch on a recent road trip. Can you spot the 10 differences between the two pictures? Answers bottom left.

Our friends at EcoManagement in Russia again did SYR proud with their stand at CleanExpo in Moscow. General manager Andrey Kobzev (centre of picture) and his team promoted exclusively SYR products at the show, held at the end of 2017. Andrey has distributed SYR products throughout Russia and the countries in its customs union since 2012.

Playing our part for the environment SYR attended an event with Interserve at S&P Global in central London to discuss our sustainability programme and how using SYR products can make a difference and reduce plastic waste in the environment.

Take a closer look at...

Abzorb pads


qPictured: SYR sales and marketing director Gareth David meets delegates

Answers to the Coffee Break picture puzzle

l Absorb up to 2 litres of a wide range of

liquids – blood, urine, water, grease, oil etc

l 42% larger than competitors’ products l Absorbs up to 60% more in seconds l Reduces slip-fall risk and cross-contamination

l Antimicrobial whole body wash l Formulation shows a significant improvement to other products on the market

l Comes in 25ml sachets, or bottles of 125ml, 250ml, 500ml. Sachets reduce waste

1 Gareth’s teeth removed 2 Gareth’s sleeve rolled up 3 Ring added to Lee’s finger 4 Mobile phone on table by Lee removed 5 Colour on lorry changed from red to

green 6 SYR logo reflection added in window 7 Logo missing from cup 8 Vernon’s watch removed 9 Colour changed on Vernon’s tie 10 Colour of ceiling panel changed

Profile for Scot Young Research Limited

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SYR Xpress January 2018  

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