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June 2017

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SIZE MATTERS IN SPILL PADS B igger really is better when it comes to the right product to quickly deal with spills.

Which is why SYR’s new Abzorb pads are 42% larger than competitors’ products. It helps these super absorbent, disposable pads deal with up to 60% more fluid – up to two litres. They also work more quickly, with other pads on the market needing up to half a minute longer to dry up spills. For domestic staff dealing with blood or urine spills in hospitals or care homes, or those tackling spills of liquids in high footfall locations such as supermarkets or restaurants, those figures can make all the difference. In fact Abzorb’s size is because users were finding that rival products just weren’t big enough to cope with real -world situations. When the Black Country Partnership NHS Trust trialled other pads and found them too small to be really effective, they asked us if we could design what they needed. The result was Abzorb, which has a working area of 54x38cm and comes in packs of 20.

q Abzorb pads on Rapid Response Cones ready for action at The Black Country Partnership NHS Trust

Using Abzorb to deal with spills such as blood or urine cuts the risk of cross-contamination which could occur if a mop was used.

But it isn’t just in healthcare where they prove their worth. They are ideal for dealing with any drink, oil and condiment spills, reducing slip-fall risks. They also prove invaluable in places with animals, such as vets’ surgeries and dog grooming parlours, and in nurseries. Abzorb spillage pads are ideal to carry on SYR’s Rapid Response Cones – our very popular safety cones on casters with clips to carry cleaning tools such as Dry Mop, Rapid Mop, squeegee brush and lipped lobby pan. This means you can create a complete spill management kit with everything kept together, and easily roll it into place when needed. Other products which SYR developed to meet specific healthcare needs include SYRScrub antimicrobial body wash which comes in cost-effective 25ml sachets as well as bottles (available on Supply Chain); K80 non-woven medical mop and Freedom Interchange disposable medical mop; colour-coded Clear Solution detergents; and Spacesaver trolleys.

Centre equipped to train

In our last edition we introduced you to our innovative new cleaning machine which is perfect for safety flooring. Powr-Mop Lite really grabbed readers’ attention, so in this edition of SYR XPress we have included a spread of pictures showing the effects PML has in schools, restaurants and hospitals. Turn to our centre pages.

SYR has helped to equip a new training centre which is unique in the West Midlands area. Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust has just launched its own on-site training facility, which has achieved BICSc accreditation. It means that as well as keeping its own staff trained in the current programmes, the Trust can also offer BICSc training to other organisations. SYR XPress was shown the premises, at The Barberry Centre in Edgbaston, by the Trust’s domestic and housekeeping manager Julie O’Connor. “We have 128 domestics, stretching from Eºrdington to Dorridge, delivering domestic and housekeeping services across 24 locations,” she said. “We, like many hospitals, did not have access

q SYR Healthcare’s Matthew Rea and Mark Tilt, with Julie O’Connor at the training centre to a specific training facility. Often, one-to-one training would have to take place at different locations. When an area at the Barberry became available, I suggested to my manager that investing in a training facility would make a considerable difference to us.” She also recognises opportunities for the future: “While we will put our staff

first and stay on top of our own training needs, longer term we will also offer training to external groups.” The Trust is able to offer BICSc training, with the team having a range of competencies to enhance services in domestic and housekeeping. Trust staff will be trained in general competencies and mandatory elements. The l Continued on p3

q Farham Sheikh with SYR Taskforce’s Matt Compson and the ScrubClean at the flagship restaurant

Success for ScrubClean

A satisfied customer is a business’s best advertisement – and the manager of a London restaurant is just that. Rooster PiriPiri’s flagship store is kept spotlessly clean thanks to ScrubClean, SYR’s revolutionary motorised brush roller wringer. The restaurant chain’s store in Kingston Upon Thames was an ‘early adopter’ of the system and three years on, manager Farham Sheikh is happy to show off its advantages to other stores. The 75-seater restaurant acts as a training centre for managers and franchisees learning how to run a successful store – and how to clean it. “SYR showed me the benefits and advantages of ScrubClean and since then we have used it very happily,” he says. “When I saw how ScrubClean cleans the microfibre I became a fan of it. “We get black patches front of house because of the high footfall and ScrubClean will take a large percentage of that up. Then every four months we do a deep clean, again using SYR equipment. l Continued on p5

Inside this issue:

Supporting school’s Gambia campaign – p2 Impressive displays by Powr-Mop Lite – p4 & 5 Meet the new AHCP chair – p7

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Forum’s focus on learning The Association of Healthcare Cleaning Professionals holds its National Forum on 7-9 June. SYR will be exhibiting at the two-day event, which this year has the focus Learning Together Growing Strong. The AHCP prides itself on sharing best practice and knowledge, and this year’s event will take on a fresh format to provide delegates with more workshop sessions. Topics will include team-focused delivery; the changing face of employment; lean management; and applying multi-disciplinary approaches to problem solving. There will also be interactive team building exercises to understand team dynamics and how to stay motivated. The AHCP is welcoming back Dr David Bull as forum facilitator. A medical doctor, he is known for his appearances on TV programmes such as Watchdog, Most Haunted and The

Helping school support Gambia When SYR heard that a local school was doing a tremendous job helping those less fortunate in Africa, we were delighted to offer some help. Ridgewood High School in Stourbridge, West Midlands, set up Project Gambia in 2007. Since then over £100,000 has been raised, and more than 500 students, staff and parents have travelled to The Gambia. Schools have been refurbished, classrooms built, resources provided, a nurse has been employed, farms established and a solar-powered water pump installed. Mosquito nets, ‘Christmas Shoeboxes’ and thousands of items of clothing have been sent. And now two container-loads of cleaning equipment from SYR will be heading out later this year. Assistant headteacher Beverly Hodt visited SYR to see what equipment we could donate, and it was then delivered to the school. Included were mops, mop handles, mop buckets, bowls, bins, cloths and syphon pumps. Says Beverley: “We currently work in two medical centres and several schools who have very few



q Top left, assistant headteacher Beverly Hodt (left) visits SYR q Above, from top: Making the delivery to the school; Beverly Hodt (centre) with, from left, SYR operations assistant Elly Skidmore, warehouse manager Graham Hobson and (right) SYR driver Adam Kazberuk, with volunteers from Ridgewood School resources and so will make really good use of them. “Many of the communities we work with live in very basic conditions with no electricity or running water, so some of the buckets and bowls will be a great help as they will use them for collecting water and washing.” To find out more about Project Gambia, find them on Facebook or Twitter (@ rhsgambia)

Wright Stuff. He has also written books and represents a number of good causes including the British Red Cross and Duke of Edinburgh awards. Delegates will also get more opportunity to spend time with exhibitors representing over 40 leading healthcare cleaning suppliers. SYR will be showcasing Powr-Mop Lite and ScrubClean. SYR’s healthcare manager Matthew Rea, who is also treasurer of the Midlands Branch, said: “The forum is always an enjoyable opportunity for members from across the country to meet up, to exchange information and ideas. As an exhibitor, it is also a great chance to show people at the sharp end of healthcare cleaning the solutions we can provide.” The forum is being hosted by the Northern England Branch and will take place at Slaley Hall, an Edwardian mansion set in 1,000 acres of Northumberland countryside.

Two days of Brilliance

SYR’s new Abzorb pads and Spill Management Kits attracted plenty of attention at an event organised by Yate Supplies, near Bristol. John Cook (pictured) represented SYR at the Yates Brilliance Bar open days, promoting a full range of our products. He said: “Great interest was shown particularly in these new products, and following the show two Spill Management Kits have gone on trial at Roadchef sites on the M25 and M5. There were also many more leads over the two days.” Colin Massie, head of sales at Yate Supplies, thanked all the manufacturers for helping make the second annual Brilliance Bar days so successful and enjoyable. Even more businesses attended than last year, with a total of 87 leads generated. More than 50 Yate Supplies employees also received product training from all the suppliers. Next year’s event has already been planned for March.



Can be used on internal windows, mirrors, glass areas and a multitude of hard surfaces. The surface is left perfectly clean, instantly dry and smear-free. • Three styles of microfibre heads are all available to purchase separately: • Blue microfibre pads are used for laminate wood and in general areas. • White microfibre pads are used for glass, mirrors, internal windows, digital displays and stainless steel. • Performance pads are used for removing stubborn stains with tough scrubbing strips. BLUE MICROFIBRE PAD



SYR at Innovations Day An Innovations Day at the University of London was an ideal opportunity for SYR to show off some of our newest products. Steve Cannon, SYR sales manager for south-east England, was invited along by client Thamesmead Business Services. The event was organised by Cordant Services, which provides cleaning and security for the university. Around 100 visitors viewed SYR products on display, along with those of other major manufacturers. Steve is pictured with Sarah Porter of SYR Taskforce.

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l Trust’s new centre: From p1

q Elliott Evans and Sarah Porter at the event

Key partner at conference SYR was invited to take part in a brand new event – the National Independent Distributors Conference. We were one of just 10 key partner suppliers at the event which was organised by Distributor Supplies Ltd (DSL), part of the IG Group. It gave us the opportunity to present to around 40 DSL distributors, who supply mainly into the hospitality industry. The two-day event was held at the Arden Hotel next to the NEC, Birmingham, and we were represented by SYR sales manager Elliott Evans and Sarah Porter from Taskforce. Elliott said: “The feedback from distributors has been amazing, and beyond our expectations. I believe we have jointly achieved the objective of customers realising we need to all work closer together, and as a result we will achieve more going forward.”

q Representatives of the Trust at the official opening of the training hub mandatory competencies consist of chemical competence (MU1), safe assembly of equipment (MU2) and storage of equipment and materials (MU3). A further 10 specialist units will be delivered by the Facilities team, as well as domestic assistants and housekeepers. Julie plans to extend the training throughout the Trust. “A lot of nurses have never had any cleaning training, which increases the

risk of cross-contamination, and Infection Prevention nurses have asked to go on courses,” she said. “We can also work with nursing staff on many aspects of infection, for example legionella and the importance of running water outlets.” The room has multiple uses and features three types of flooring found throughout the hospital, and a working toilet and sink. Audio visual equipment is available as

well as folding tables so that the space can be used for practical work, training or assessments. “It will make us more effective and efficient in ensuring all our staff are quality trained and compliant. “The first priority is to ensure all our staff receive refresher training and a licence to practice,” said Julie. SYR supplies cleaning equipment and materials to the Trust.

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Ask Taskforce: cleaning blog

The cleaning shift is over, your floors, walls and surfaces are spotless – but there’s one more vital task before you finish. Taking proper care of your cleaning equipment will not only extend its life but ensure it is ready to go next time. Well-maintained equipment also creates a good impression. Equipment should be stored in an orderly manner once you have finished cleaning, when the floors are dry and warning signs removed. Here are Taskforce’s top 10 tips for caring for your cleaning equipment: 1. Rinse the mop clean and invert it to air dry

2. If the mop goes to laundry, rinse it first – especially if it has had chemicals on it which may react with washing detergent 3. Empty the bucket and rinse

4. Do a visual check for any damage

5. Make sure the casters are rolling smoothly

6. Put the equipment in its designated storage area

7. Take off sleeves and check the frame and handle 8. Vacuum any dry dusting sleeves

9. Store chemicals on low levels so they will not drip or tip and pour on you; ensure tops are clean and safely screwed on 10. Ensure everything is left tidy, secure and easy to access next time.

For more advice on how to store and care for equipment, contact our Taskforce team on 01384 421421

SYR’s Antimicrobial Whole Body Wash We are now able to offer Antimicrobial Whole Body Wash in a range of cost effective sizes. Developed in the UK, SYR’s new formulation shows a significant improvement in comparison to existing products on the market. 01384 423236 Scot Young Research Ltd, Lye By-Pass, Lye, Stourbridge, West Midlands, DY9 8HG Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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Powr-Mop Lite: Drawing a line un O

ur lead story in the last edition of SYR XPress certainly sparked interest, with enquiries flooding in about our new floor cleaning machine, with its oscillating microfibre head. So we thought that this time we would share some of the many pictures we have taken up and down the country, showing how effective Powr-Mop Lite is, especially on those hard-to-clean safety floors. The pictures only tell part of the story though. To discover its ease of use, and the feel of the floor after cleaning, you need to experience Powr-Mop Lite for yourself. Email us at and we’ll put you in touch with one of our team.

X Press

nder dirty floors

Clean the floor and clean the mophead Powr-Mop Lite uses the tremendous cleaning ability of microfibre – but microfibre has its weakness. Exceptional at picking up and holding dirt, it stops cleaning once the head is saturated with this dirt. Until now, this has meant continually changing the microfibre mophead to keep cleaning to the same standard. When we developed Powr-Mop Lite we knew this was an issue which had to be resolved. So for those who don’t want to be left with a pile of mopheads to launder at the end of the day, ScrubClean is the perfect partner. ScrubClean features SYR’s revolutionary motorised brush roller wringer. Fold the head of Powr-Mop Lite, dip it into the cleaning solution in the bucket, then place it between the rotating brushes where it is scrubbed clean. The head is ready to keep cleaning, with the same ability to pick up dirt as when you started. The microfibre head, oscillating at 3,500 mini-scrubs per minute, will clean the floor; the detergent in the water is simply to clean the microfibre. ScrubClean is light and easy to manoeuvre, featuring four 360º swivel non-marking casters. It has tool holder/clips on the sides of the bucket allowing you to keep the mops and bucket together to help resolve cleaning issues fast and to make storage easier. The wringer easily clips on and off, and the bucket has a pick up and go carry handle, chemical portion pod to prevent overdosing and the heavy-duty grid traps dirts so it is not stirred up by the mop. The vase shape of ScrubClean reduces water volume used and the roller wringer removes excess moisture. The rotating brush bars are powered by twin micro motors, specially developed by SYR. The battery is recharged through a DC power socket on the wringer and an indicator lets you know the condition of your battery.

One day, three happy hospitals SYR XPress went on the road this spring with healthcare manager Matthew Rea who was training cleaning teams at hospitals around the Black Country. They had purchased PML and ScrubClean for deep cleans on safety flooring – but once the domestic teams had tried the system for themselves, they were all keen to use it as much as possible. Throughout the day, we saw a clearly noticeable difference on floors which we were assured were ‘already clean’ and the domestics could also feel the difference, with floors less slippy and dirty. Comments included: “I was sceptical but I am impressed” “I thought it would be heavy but it isn’t” “It will make our job a lot easier” “You can feel the difference in the grit content on the floor” “It’s great – better than a mop” “I love it” “It’s easy, and it’s light” “People will think we’ve put brand new floors down” Time and again PML is able to make a real difference to safety floors. Quick and easy to use, its oscillating microfibre head does all the hard work and gets into the troughs of safety flooring where traditional mopping fails. Using ScrubClean to keep the microfibre mophead clean means you can continue to pick up dirt throughout the whole cleaning shift, with no pile of laundry at the end of the day.


Powr-Mop Lite: what it does Domestics get to grips with PML and ScrubClean

A dirty mophead after being used on a ‘clean’ floor

While Powr-Mop Lite offers improved cleaning on a range of floor surfaces, it was designed specifically to solve the problem of cleaning safety flooring. Safety flooring has evolved over the years, leading to the need for a new way of cleaning. Improved PUR (polyurethane) surface coatings mean that the floor’s wear-layer can be even more finely patterned or textured than ever before. There have also been improvements in the production of crystalline aluminium oxide (corundum), which is impregnated in the floor surface to improve its non-slip characteristics. But these floors do not respond to traditional mop-

ping equipment and methods. Traditional mopping will skim over the ‘peaks’ while leaving dirt in the ‘troughs’. It fails to remove the thin layer of shoe rubber which these highfriction floors create; and leaves the stains caused by fluids sinking into the more ‘spongy’ nature of the flooring. SYR’s solution has been to build a small, light, mopping machine. Powr-Mop Lite gives improved cleaning because it vibrates, enhancing the cleaning power of the microfibre mophead. By oscillating it is able to get down into the troughs and grooves of safety flooring. Because it oscillates at 3,500 mini-scrubs per minute, it does all the hard work, simply

needing guiding across the floor by the operator. It does not rely on the ‘figure of 8’ mopping technique but allows the operator to walk forward; it is light to operate and intuitive to use. The head is attached by magnets so can be fixed either length or width ways, depending on the area to be cleaned. Powered by a rechargeable battery – simply plug it in like a smartphone – it will clean up to 400m2 off one charge. Powr-Mop Lite is small enough to use on stairs and into tight corners, but effective enough to handle corridors and even large areas such as sports halls.

l ScrubClean: From p1

Floors left visibly cleaner with PML

“We also use it in the kitchen where we have a resin floor and at the back of house, and it is very good for that.” ScrubClean’s revolutionary development is to clean the microfibre mophead at source, throughout the cleaning shift. Place the mophead between the rotating brush bars, powered by our twin micro motors, and it is scrubbed clean of dirt. This means you can keep using the same microfibre head because it doesn’t become saturated with dirt and will keep picking up and removing dirt for the entire cleaning shift. Farham said that as well as making a visual

difference to the floor, it also made it easier to maintain. As the flagship store which was used as an example to others, it was especially important that it always looked its best, he added. “When people come for training I always tell them about ScrubClean.” Rooster PiriPiri is an expanding chain of restaurants serving global street food that is healthy and uses the freshest possible ingredients. It was launched 10 years ago using authentic family recipes.

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q SYR’s John Cook (right) caught up with Terry ‘Turbo’ Burrows at The Cleaning Show in London. The world’s fastest window cleaner (that’s Terry, not John!) challenged people to beat his Guinness world record over the three days of the show – but no-one did.


Reports reveal importance of strong cleaning industry The British Cleaning Council has released its latest report on the state of the UK cleaning industry. It was compiled by market research company Firedog Research based on figures from 2015, the latest available. Key findings are: • The cleaning industry contributed over £24 billion to the UK economy • It employed over 700,000 people, making it one of the biggest employers • Wage growth was 6.4%, compared to a national average of 2.3% • Turnover had increased by 21% since the recession of 2010 • Number of start-ups grew by 12% compared to the previous year (UK average up 9%) • 3% rise in number of businesses which ceased trading (UK average 9.4%) • 23% of workers were foreign-born (UK average 17%) • A third of the workforce did not hold a level 2 qualification (UK average 17%) The report says that growth is expected to continue with a shift towards more employees holding higher qualifications.

p Meanwhile two new reports predict growth in the global cleaning services market of 5% to 6.2% over the next four to five years. A report by Allied Market Research, Cleaning Services Market – Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecasts, 2014-2022, projects that the industry will be worth $74,299


million by 2022. That equates to compound growth of 6.2% per year. Asia-Pacific is expected to grow at the fastest pace and account for around 30% of the overall revenue by 2022. The growth will primarily be driven by upsurge in demand from China, Japan and India. The market is divided into commercial cleaning and residential cleaning services. Commercial cleaning accounted for the highest revenue of $37,217 million in 2015. Among the different cleaning services within the commercial segment, floor care accounted for the maximum revenue in 2015. This was due to increased demand from various commercial sectors such as schools, hospitals and large retail sectors. North America is currently the largest cleaning services market and is expected to continue its growth at a notable pace. But it will be surpassed by Asia-Pacific by 2019. The report says that intense competition among small and established businesses, to expand their market presence, is a major challenge for leading market players. Finally, a market research report by Technavio predicts a compound annual growth rate of close to 5% between 2017-2021. “The growth in the end-user segments such as the healthcare and retail and food service industries has led to the steady growth of the industrial cleaning market,” says Sarah Haque, a lead research expert from Technavio. It also expects the Asia-Pacific region to see stronger growth than the global average, at 6%, while the fight to reduce infections will lead to growth in the healthcare sector in North America.

SYR raised £100 for KIDS Charity in our annual raffle. From their Orchard Centre next door to SYR’s Lye base, they work with children and young people with all types of disabilities. Sadly they were broken into over the Christmas holidays so SYR was happy to donate proceeds from our raffle which is held at the start of each year and sees staff donating Christmas gifts.

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In the hot seat: Lee Peddle Tell us about your career history For me moving into healthcare cleaning was a big career change. Prior to that I had spent over 10 years in the retail sector, moving from the shop floor into store management and then into Quality Assurance Management. In 2006 I decided I wanted to move out of retail and try something new. I saw an opportunity for a Domestic Services Manager post in Milton Keynes and decided to apply for it. Unlike many managers within the industry I did not have any cleaning experience, so they definitely took a chance on me. The service had just been brought back in house having previously been managed through SLA by another Trust so to a certain degree I was starting from scratch. Once I was in post I made it my goal to learn as much as I could. In June 2010 I was asked to also lead on waste and cleanliness for the Trust, and at the same time we planned and managed a move of the service to align under the IPC team. This was a very unique way of working, but for the duration of the arrangement it was one that was really beneficial as the two agendas were so interlinked and we all worked together so well. In April 2013 Milton Keynes Community Health Services merged with Central & Northwest London NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL) and we became CNWL-MK, part of a much larger and diverse Trust. In December 2014 I was asked to take over the management of the Facilities team within Milton Keynes, in addition to my current role. I was also made Trustwide lead for waste management and compliance. At the same time the team moved back out of IPC, which again was the right move for us as we were able to align ourselves with the wider CNWL Facilities function. In August 2016 I was appointed Facilities Manager for all Soft FM services across the whole Trust. CNWL are one of the biggest NHS Trusts in the country, providing over 300 different health services across over 150 sites, including 20 inpatient settings, and employing over 7,000 staff. My portfolio includes both contracted out and in-house services and in addition I lead on the Trusts PLACE programme. Describe a typical day in your current role Working in the NHS you don’t really have a typical day, which I have to say I absolutely love. My main base is at our HQ near Euston Station. Our FM services are outsourced across most of the Trust and they are very diverse. One day I could be chairing a contract review meeting and the next day I could be training clinical staff on waste compliance, visiting a site with the contractor to develop a contract specification/quote, undertaking a managerial audit or working with my team and/or the contractor on an identified project. Currently PLACE is taking up a lot of my time, it is always a very busy time of year. Also, we have a number of services who work out of premises where we do not provide the FM services under our CNWL contract (ie prison healthcare, premises owned by third parties etc) and we need to support those services too. It is certainly never boring. I also make sure I spend one day a week at our Milton Keynes HQ linking in with my team who run Facilities in Milton Keynes and our in-house Domestic Services team. I am very proud of both the outsourced and in-house services we run and I think having two types of service provision gives us added value and strength. When did you get involved with the AHCP and have you served in other capacities? I have been a member of the AHCP for 10 years and an active member for nine years.

that are too often undervalued or not understood. The AHCP has a role to play in this by being a voice, by continuing to raise the profile of cleaning services and by offering a support network to our members. Additionally, we need the innovation, creativity and value of our suppliers to help our NHS members find answers to their problems. Another massive challenge coming over the horizon is Brexit. What does it mean for the NHS? What does it mean for cleaning services? We can make some informed assumptions, but we won’t know the true impact for some time. We are already seeing some degree of impact but I am sure this is just the start. As an association we are committed to being ready to support our membership with the challenges, and opportunities, that lie ahead. We will look to work with our partner associations and our membership to understand, and where possible influence, the impact of Brexit. One of the more industry specific challenges we have identified as an association is around succession planning, training and qualifications. We need to develop the Cleaning Services and Facilities leaders of tomorrow. We know training funding is more restricted than ever but our needs remain the same. The AHCP are doing a lot of work around this, developing sector training workbooks and aiming to be a key leader in training and development. What would make the biggest impact on healthcare cleaning?

Lee Peddle, new National Chair of the Association of Healthcare Cleaning Professionals, tells us about his career and his hopes for the AHCP During that time I have held a number of committee roles within the Southern Branch including two years as National Council Representative and three years as Branch Secretary. Through the AHCP I have been involved in a number of national projects including representing the association on the PLACE and PAS5748 review working groups and contributing to the Revised NHS Cleaning Manual. I have been involved in the organisation of a number of successful Branch Study Days and was part of the committee which organized the 2016 AHCP National Professional Development Forum (formally Conference). What are your hopes for the AHCP under your chairmanship? What should its priorities be? I have very specific personal views on what the association’s priorities should be. The AHCP should be seen as the national leader and the go-to expert association for the cleaning industry in all types of healthcare settings. We should be the voice of the sector. We should continue to look at diverse ways of increasing membership, identifying gaps and embracing the changing face of the NHS. We are already working on a marketing strategy that is targeting some new avenues for us. We also need to look beyond acute, mental health and community healthcare. We can be a support to GP practices, private dentists, private providers and social care, to name but a few. But we must not run before we can walk. The bigger we are, the more powerful our voice. We must continue to look and listen to our existing membership to ensure they continue to feel the value of the AHCP. Ultimately the role of National Chair is not about my personal views. The agenda I am working to is the agenda of the membership. We are busy looking at various ways to engage even more

with our existing members. We will shortly be launching our updated three-year strategy and linked to that we have a number of project workstreams identified, many of which are in progress or about to be launched. It is going to be a very busy year ahead. What are the main challenges facing the NHS (and cleaning within it) and what part can the AHCP play in addressing these? Unsurprisingly, for me the biggest challenge facing the NHS, including cleaning services and Facilities, is the ongoing financial and budgetary constraints and efficiencies we have to work with and meet. We tend to be services where there has always been very little, if any, fat on the bones, and unfortunately we also tend to be services

My pie in the sky answer would be for the powers-that-be to stop moving the goalposts for the NHS. This impacts on everyone. More realistically (I hope) I think wider understanding and appreciation for how specialist and technical healthcare cleaning is would go a long way. We within the sector know it is a skilled profession, but that isn’t appreciated widely enough. At the AHCP one of our aims is to help raise the profile of healthcare cleaning wherever we can. And finally, how do you relax outside of work? My wife and I love going out for meals, to shows and going to the cinema. We are both keen film lovers and own way too many DVDs. I am also a huge music fan, especially rock, Muse are my favourite band. My favourite TV show of all time is Only Fools and Horses. I am definitely a huge sports nut. I am a long-suffering Spurs fan, although things are going surprisingly well for them at the moment. I am a season ticket holder at Milton Keynes Dons, mostly because I can’t afford Spurs’ season ticket prices. I love most sports really, but particularly football, rugby, ice hockey and basketball.

q Lee receives his chain of office from outgoing national chair Simon Sharpe. Lee was elected at the EGM of the association, held at SYR

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70th birthday for federation

q SYR’s John Cook is pictured with Beryl Murray, general secretary of the FWC, at the London Cleaning Show

SYR sends congratulations to The Federation of Window Cleaners, which celebrates its 70th anniversary this year. The FWC was set up in 1947 as an independent, non-profit making organisation to support the needs of window cleaners in the UK.  It aims to maintain and improve the window cleaning industry and to represent its membership, who can benefit from everything from free advice through to discounts on a range of business requirements. It is also known for its training courses, and health and safety work. As part of the birthday celebrations the FWC is holding a trade show in Blackpool on 25 May. The event will include more than 20 exhibitors – including SYR – a free seminar programme, and the Guinness World Record window cleaning competition. There will also be a gala dinner.

Bursary scheme extended The Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association (CHSA) has expanded its bursary scheme for undergraduates to three lucky winners in 2017.  The bursary is open to the sons and daughters of CHSA members who on 1 September will be 18 years or over and beginning their higher education studies this year. The successful applicants will be awarded a maximum of £4,500, receiving the bursary in three installments at the start of each academic year, or for the first three academic years if the degree is four years or longer.  Applicants are assessed according to need, worthi-

ness, endeavour, and overall performance.   The scheme was reintroduced last year and the inaugural bursary went to Adam Jackson. With a passion for his subject – chemical engineering – and an intent to also study languages at university, Adam, the son of Helen Jackson who works for Deb Ltd, used the bursary to buy textbooks and support his studies. He is now averaging over 80% in his assignments. David Garcia, treasurer of the CHSA and chairman of Polaris Plastics, said: “Our employees’ members work hard and this bursary, by giving something directly to

their children, is a perfect way for us to say thank you for their contribution and ongoing commitment. “Higher education is incredibly expensive. For many the cost is off-putting. Our bursaries lift the pressure a little, giving the lucky winners the resources they need to, for example, buy their books.” Applicants need to submit their completed form, which can be obtained from Linda Belcher, secretary of the CHSA (secretary@chsa., by 30 June.  Those shortlisted will be interviewed in July by a selection panel to be led by David Garcia.  

Maintaining mop standards SYR is proud to be a member of The Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association’s (CHSA) manufacturing standards accreditation scheme for industrial cotton mops, which maintains standards in the industry. Membership guarantees the weight, absorbency and cotton content in cotton mops. Every label on accredited products clearly indicates this important information, making it possible for buyers to be certain ‘what’s on the box is what’s in the box’. All labels also include information that means every product is traceable to manufacturer and batch. Buyers of industrial cotton mops can trust the Accreditation Scheme logo because every




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member is regularly and rigorously audited by the CHSA’s independent inspector. Making at least two visits a year to every member, he selects product from the warehouse and occasionally the production line, checking the labels comply with the scheme’s specification. Members’ quality systems are also audited to ensure they are as vigilant with their own systems as with the products audited by the inspector. During 2016 members achieved excellent results. Overall, 98.6% compliance was achieved in the mop scheme, with every member attaining 100% compliance during their second inspection of the year.



SYR Xpress June 2017  
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