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THE PATINA STORY Exclusive collections inspired by the Santa Fe

curators love it? That’s the Patina promise –

Opera and Performance Santa Fe will validate

curator to collector, a commitment Patina has

again in 2017 the Patina Gallery promise to

kept for two decades. Patina is often described

present only the best in fine craftsmanship.

as Santa Fe’s most beautiful gallery. What does

Patina features some of the most soul-stirring

that mean? Patina Gallery exhibits like no other

contemporary jewelry, fine art and design in the

an aesthetic sensitivity and pacing that creates

world. Before it is staged in the gallery, each

a sensual experience when pieces of art fit the

handmade Patina piece passes a rigorous test.

larger design that is the gallery.

Does it have soul? Is it the best? Do the gallery

WORLD-CLASS ARTISTS Patina presents soul-stirring works from more

compelling creative story. The impressive roster

than 100 renowned American and European

of artists ranges from Claire Kahn, a classically

artists. The Smithsonian, the New York Museum

trained designer who turned to using glass

of Arts and Design, the Metropolitan Museum

beads to create intricate necklaces, to Harold

of Art, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Art

O’Connor, the inspiring Colorado maker and

Institute of Chicago and other major museums

teacher drawn unexpectedly to metalwork while

feature works by Patina artists. Each artist has a

a student at the University of New Mexico.

Images L-R: xxx, xxx, xxx

+001. (505) . 986.3432 | 131 W. Palace Ave. Santa Fe, NM 87501


COLLECTIONS CURATED BY ARTISTS FOR ART LOVERS For owners Allison and Ivan Barnett, Patina

Allison works closely with Patina’s patrons

Gallery is the expression of their creative vision.

and associates, and shares responsibility for all aspects of the gallery with Ivan. Allison

Ivan is Patina’s gallery director. He is first and

holds a BFA in metalsmithing from Syracuse

foremost an artist. Ivan has enjoyed a successful

University and is an authority on artist jewelry.

career of 40 years creating his own work. His

For collectors, a visit to Patina is an interactive

work is featured, among other places, in the

experience. Allison creates that because of her

Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe.

ability, unmatched in Santa Fe, to articulate the

As a boy, he began drawing and making art

relationships between makers and their pieces.

under the watchful eye of his father, Isa Barnett,

Allison’s sense of style began when as a child

the renowned Philadelphia illustrator and art

she listened and learned from her grandmother,

professor. Ivan realized at a young age that he

whose fashion boutique was a trend setter in

was leading a different kind of life, surrounded

New Orleans. Allison’s grandmother earned

by makers of all kinds who came to his father’s

clients’ trust through her instinct for catering

studio. Ivan was enchanted by New Mexico at

to their personal tastes. At Patina, Allison and

age five when he joined his father on an artistic

Ivan collaborate and curate exhibitions that are

exploration along Route 66. By 1980, Barnett

seductive in the way they time and again invite

was constructing weathervanes, collages and his

art lovers back to the gallery. Allison, possessing

favorite, mobiles. The first mobiles were quite

intimate knowledge of the art and artists, offers

basic, featuring silhouetted folk elements from

clients a deep connection to makers and their

his time spent in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Making

unique creative processes.

art is a reminder, he explains, “that the love remains unfettered for my true self.”

Images L-R: xxx, xxx, xxx

+001. (505) . 986.3432 | 131 W. Palace Ave. Santa Fe, NM 87501


HISTORIC LOCATION & A COMMUNITY PARTNER Patina Gallery is the keeper of a legacy that is

In the mid-70s, internationally known art dealer

uniquely Santa Fe. A trading crossroads from

Elaine Horwitch moved into the building of the

the time of the ancient Anasazi, Santa Fe recalls

present-day Patina Gallery and transformed

El Camino Real and the craftsmanship of the

West Palace Avenue into a destination for

Spanish Colonial period, and the Santa Fe Trail

contemporary fine art. She opened eyes to

and the spirit of the Old West.

artists the likes of R.C. Gorman and Fritz Scholder, now considered giants. The Horwitch

Accordingly, in the 1930s, the legendary

Gallery showcased pieces unappreciated at

Leonora Curtin established the Native Market

the time – primary-color images on canvas and

in today’s Patina Gallery. She first created a

painted wooden figures, for example – that

workshop for local Spanish Colonial artisans

became the very signature of Southwestern

and then opened a market that would sustain


200 families during the Depression. Curtin was deeply involved in the artistic, literary and

Patina Gallery works in partnership with

archaeological communities of Santa Fe. The

prominent Santa Fe organizations to encourage

dream of the Curtin-Paloheimo family to honor

creators, to strengthen the arts and to build

Spanish Colonial heritage led them to create the

community. Today Patina proudly collaborates

living-history museum known as El Rancho de

with, among others, the Santa Fe Opera,

las Golondrinas.

the International Folk Art Market and Performance Santa Fe.

Images L-R: xxx, xxx, xxx

+001. (505) . 986.3432 | 131 W. Palace Ave. Santa Fe, NM 87501



Baharal & Gnida

Jack Parsons

Disa Allsopp

Barbara Heinrich

Audrey Peck

Maude Andrade

Thomas Hoadley

G. Phil Poirier

Lucia Antonelli


Carla Reiter

Boris Bally

Hilde Janich

Gustav Reyes

Ivan Barnett

Ewa & Piotr Jankowska

Alexandra Rivera

Michael Bauermeister

Claire Kahn

Cheryl Rydmark

Isolde Baumhackl-Oswald

Ulla & Martin Kaufmann

Kayo Saito

Nicholas Bernard

Kay Khan

George Sawyer

Jacek Byczewski

Taikyun Kim

Lauren Schlossberg

Claude Chavent

Christy Klug

Oliver Schmidt

NaMu Cho

Daniel Kosharek

Ursula Scholz

Christine Clark

Tia Kramer

Biba Schutz

Petra Class

Daphne Krinos

Mike Shuler

Kate Cusack

Stephen Kris

Salima Thakker

Harris Deller

Merete Larsen

Julia Turner

Arthur Drooker

Hilde Leiss

Myung Urso

Emanuela Duca

Nel Linssen

Karin Wagner

Susanna Duenne

Terri Logan

Suzy Wahl

David Ebner


Kiwon Wang

Helen Ellison-Dorian

Enric Majoral

Alexandra Watkins

Sandra Enterline

Patrick Malotki

Debbie Wetmore

Gretchen Ewert

Brooke Marks-Swanson

Gill Galloway Whitehead

Larry Fielder

Robin Martin-Cust

Andrea Williams

Liam Flynn

Jack & Alice McLean

Jeff & Susan Wise

Pat Flynn

Nancy Michel

Michael Wisner

Ford & Forlano

Harold O’Connor

Erich Zimmermann

Clay Foster

Joan Parcher

Atelier Zobel

Doerthe Fuchs

Tod Pardon

+001. (505) . 986.3432 | 131 W. Palace Ave. Santa Fe, NM 87501


CONTACT Ivan Barnett, gallery director

Allison Barnett, co-owner

Rob Dean, media relations

+001 505.986.3432

+001 505.986.3432

+001 505.986.3432

LOCATION 131 West Palace Avenue, Santa Fe,

Gallery is situated in historic downtown Santa Fe

New Mexico. 87501

between the New Mexico Museum of Art


and the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum.


Images L-R: xxx, xxx, xxx

Artist Petra Class, creator of the Rhythmical Arrangements collection +001. (505) . 986.3432 | 131 W. Palace Ave. Santa Fe, NM 87501


Patina media kit 2017  
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