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Nompton Quarterly is a new local independent publication. Our goal is to break free from the mundane, secular, environment abusing, conglomerative, intellectually-ignorant, hormone-injected, food Check out the website indulgant society that www.nomptonquarterly infects the majority of .com. We want you to our city and country submit your personal today. We hope to expressions of any kind. provide a publication Including, but not saturated If you aspire to fill limited to: poetry, with local yourself with something photography, art, independent that has a little more local music and expression. depth to it than “what venue preferences, Expression celebrity screw up did local food & drink that is what this month,� this preferences and gathered publicaa n y directly from tion is for Check out the website o t h e r you: the self you. We reflective, a r e orginality offering an avenue for way you feel appreciating local individuals to necessary to individual. express their own ideals express yourself for and thoughts about life publication online and our society; mixed and in one of our up with a heavy dose of next print issues. artistic expression and support for local bands, artists, individuals and businesses.



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Visit one of the lo cal musi venues c listed on calenda the bac r in k of this issue


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(and i'm kin

02 Intro Poetic Art/ Photog raphy


Local Music Cover Story


C alendar Miscelaneous

20 23


Notes 11



Blues s k o o L d Goo round the ming A

e’ll Be Co

m Sh (Tune fro ) Mountain

ay retty in M day to turn p y a d h e rt a a d st I a they all h y boobies m The boys, h c u to to opy They tried get me to be lo to them: is to and tried pped and said th sto but I just I could be someone’s momma by tonight I’m only nineteen, that ain’t right. Please respect my body Keep your intentions like Gandhi Love my soul till you can’t take it anymore Their faces all turned sad in dismay I didn’t think most of them would stay but none of them registered My words too absurd How should I explain this to them? p yesterday I went to the pawn sho on pay day n gu or taz e nic a Bought rty Went back to the pa d Marty Shocked Bob, Sam an right away ant me I at wh w kne y The


by: RAI FO


by: RICK


y time. wasting m ladders I’ve been n the chutes and w o d g fallin return never to ranted g taken for ing we burn ild u b is th in selling our future aw ay for this moment for today Threw me into the fire I’ll finally give in I want none of this

This is all yo Flowers fo u could give r my grav e


Soul Tre e

ur veins ip into yo I took a tr who you are t gly To find ou autiful and the u be I see the e scars r core Even all th eeper to find you und d fo d I t le a e v h I tra ny w ble to de I am una s living a w e There it r me to se Waiting fo nd the flesh What lies behi ing soul tree liv ly th al he Is a ly te ia Immed I lose control It draws me in g me close branches pullin away ll pu to e I struggl e the wound But then I notic DNA model of my It’s shape is a e ac pl Im forced into all its character Accepting your soul tree and Knowing I have no choice meant to be Knowing I’m put where I was

by: R.L. JAY




Molly Holm “Spring Leaves”


is probably somewhere right now working for the man. Why? To pay for all this damn paint. Not being gifted with deep pockets really requires you to get creative, especially when your art is taller than you. Molly paints her “Trees� series on $8 paneling and strictly with acrylic paints., and as you can see she gets some pretty amazing results. 11

“Red, Yellow, & Green”





lmes artist Molly Ho MORE mollyholm




knows where to look. His portfolio ranges from still and silent portraits and landscapes to explosive concert photography. What’s the link? He’s got the eye, and his shots tell the story.





ch m Fren n a Ev enc

esfr jam van e ORE



Chase Spivey Voice, Guitar Chris McDaniel Voice, Guitar,

Banjo, Trumpet

Tanya Felter Voice, Keys,

Viola, Percussion

Brian Adair Voice, Bass Todd Plunkett Drums



Letter To Fans Artistic Philosophy We aim for musical transcendence through lovingly crafted and

detailed compositions that remain accessable, intriguing and inspiring. The love and energy of our live performance is an addiction. The greatest compliment we ever received was that someone was inspired by our album to start creating music of their own.

Sounds Like Childhood Wanderlust

Educate yourself to make an informed choice about what you want to do with your life. Stereotypes exist only because of those who choose to believe in them. Know what you want instead of merely wanting what you know. The paths that others lay before you have been walked a million times. Make

your own way. Stand up and live the life that you deserve. Don’t believe anyone who tells you that everything has been done before. Even a casual glance at history will easily reveal the flaw in their logic. Move your body. Have no fear. You

know how to save the world. Don’t wait to be told what to do. Live like you mean it. You know the truth. You are free. No one can guide you through life. You must take the reigns for yourself. If you’d like, we could provide the background music.

Performance History Over 160 shows since April 2004 covering Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Kansas, Missouri & Arkansas. We’ve shared the stage with such notable performers as: The Flaming Lips (at Dfest 2007 in Tulsa & at the Ghouls Gone Wild parade in Oklahoma City) Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey Apollo Sunshine Colourmusic Fatback Circus Nina Nastasia Kunek Black Tie Dynasty Spoonfed Tribe Student Film The Evangelicals AM Syndicate


WEB 23


type of take one It doesn’t ost or show up at h person to ic night. It takes a m an open rent types. fe dozen dif If one person loo ks s on the the right way, he or acts just an stand ening’s rm o o or she can d v e The e th k ca p the quota for chec re fo an entire e b porch to ta o night in one pa folk qu ny rticular catego eccentric ded with too ma ry. Th at wa y, o we don’ we are flo kind. He’s got a lly in any more shor t have to let e ta m g sa n t, e hip ki py lesbians, of th , ma for example. at and pen clipboard ach artistic form th or. e o r marks fo gh the squeaky d The rest will have u to wait out side. walks thro s n o ti la u g re le y Pro mptly following ent-st rtionGovernm we have a propo of tests, an ident the battalion , ification ca make sure t of men, women ip- is issued and checked by rd ,h un ate amo hippies, homeless s, the do or man at each ev y s, ent. girls, boy nts, professors, ga ll e d ta u s, st sters, shortie straights, s, po- This system is not withou lesbians, t kinks. omedian us, Often, c s, n ia c si fault falls with th tio u n m te s, re e p n o e e doorth , le m b an . Either he is too um rted. favorable ets, the h e extrove th to wa d rd n a his y frie nds, or too good the sh at his job, creatin a g a bottled to take ire u r q e re ne ck is sw n effect. When th Everyone , pee in a cup, a is is the ca se, and he too st stringently written te m and show two ntre gu e xa lat e m l es rn , on ra e ly a ve an o f gov trickle of people ry small ) d forms o accesses approve f they have them es (i in . the actual issued i.d doorman determ . in e venue, making before th gory he/ she falls te for a brilliantly which ca eclectic, yet hardly functional atmosphere.



Everybody in his right mind



NQ’S GUIDE TO THE NTERNETS [ART] E LECTunIV L O C R E T S in 2001 to d O de O W ctive was fo le ol C r ste oo W around e Th m cities t art placed fro showcase stree of guerilla, rs ve lo r fo ust see the world. A m lpture aganda art/scu graffiti, and prop





A webcomic of sarcasm, m ath, and lang Randall Munro uage by phys e. This geeky icist comic will mak and contempl e you laugh, cr ate your own y, existence. Us times a week. ually updated a few



mp3blogs to hit Started in 2003, this site was one of the first obscure and in best the g ightin the ‘net. Other than highl n, and Dan Jorda , Sean ers ribut cont s, track indie upcoming eciation appr and share their mastery of descriptive prose dable nloa dow and le mab strea for great art. All songs are right copy avoid to ved remo are they re for 1-2 weeks befo issues.

t e ll a w r u o y p u There’s just something about that mysterious m smile that drives the wild— Next time you’re buying dinner for two at Del Ranchoand you “accidentally” whip out your wallet-sized Mona, your date will be so impressed they’ll wanna know what else you’ve got hidden in your trousers! Just cut out this miniature masterpiece and stick it in your wallet right next to your family portrait. Instant class! 29




lines suck, so we didn’t add any



formula = 5 syllable lin


/ 7 syllable Haiku’s don’t suck, try to write one. If you love it submit it to us.

line / 5 syllable line



R E V G D N A I $ I T IN Q


SE U A C )r)ates A I R r E (MAY HY$T o f XX e page e $ s $ MA


Nompton Quarterly NO. 01  

Issue NO.01 of the Norman Oklahoma publication featuring Local Indepent Expression. User submitted/driven publication.

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