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Take the Plunge THIS WORKOUT HAS IT ALL! Are you getting sick of your old workout routine? Need a new and exciting cardio-based workout that will make you sweat, get your heart pumping, and will burn hundreds of calories in a single session? Do you want a new exercise that is generally low impact on your joints, will shape and tone your muscles, work your abs, improve your flexibility, increase your coordination, and help you lose weight? Then try water aerobics! Imagine doing jumping jacks, kickboxing, sprinting, ply metrics, and circuit training in the water. Don’t think it’ll be a tough workout? “Most people aren’t aware of the benefits of adding a water aerobics class to their routine,” Caroline Cox, the Fitness and Wellness Coordinator for CSU’s Campus Recreation Services reveals. “But aqua classes are a great way to have a rewarding workout session. It’s harder Continues on back

The Elite Show off their Skills

“Elite Skills” overthrew a dynasty, demolished Fenn Tower, and dodged some bullets to win this year’s intramural 3 on 3 Basketball tournament. Comprised of Cleveland State upperclassmen and close friends Jonathan Lamar, Merve Louis, Lawrence Edem, and captain Efehi Osayamwan, the team played in the oneday tournament on August 31 and swiftly made their way into first place. They defeated fellow competitors “Dynasty,” “Team Fenn Tower,” and ended in a final with “Shots Fired.” When asked where they got their name from, captain Efehi explains, “It’s also the name of a new basketball organization my friend and I are forming to help coach kids ages 7-18.” The future looks bright for these kids! They’ll be learning the skills that set “Elite Skills” apart from the competition.

Get Game

All Sports Championship With several intramural sports coming up this October, there’s still plenty of time to grab the spotlight and compete for the All Sports Championship trophy! Gain points and start off the month by signing up for Wii Bowling. Challenge your friends to join and show off your gaming skills in our one-day tournament on October 7! If you’re looking for something more intense, hit it off with our one-week intramurals for racquetball on October 13 and squash on October 30. Need something more team-oriented? Get a team together and compete in Volleyball on October 23, which includes a four week league and a one week playoff. Haven’t heard of the All Sports Championship? It’s a new competition at the Recreation Center that lasts the whole school year and is open to everyone with a valid Viking card! Once you sign up for any intramural team sport, your team is automatically entered. For more information, such as our point system and official rules, check out the intramural sports section on our website!

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Turn the Pages! Try something new: Spice up your workout with some

Tai Find out the Workout of the Month by one of our own personal trainers! Break the ice with Club

Ice Hockey

Tips and advice from our registered dietician What is Fest?

Family Fun

Rec or Treat is back!

CSU Breaks the Ice With a

Club Hockey Team Cleveland State is breaking into the ice this year with its new club hockey team! Though the club was officially founded this fall by senior Joe Mazzeo, a student majoring in work communication management, the team had initially started forming last semester, with tryouts last spring. The organization looks pretty serious, with a few actual coaches, practices two to three times a week, and a list of several games against other club teams on their schedule. They even participated in a hockey league this summer. The roster also consists of 18 committed players with a respectable amount of knowledge and experience of hockey. Joe Mazzeo played for two years at Toledo University, and another member, Joe Carbonaro, played for Normandy High School in Parma. Another fellow officer, Chris Spann, was on a team at Kent State University and claims, “I could skate before I could walk!” Despite not having a rink at Cleveland State, the team practices and will have their home games in Baron’s Arena at Cleveland Heights. Their first home game is October 23 at 10PM, so come out and show your support for our new club hockey team!

Spice It Up

What’s On YOUR Playlist? from our members

Playing Ping Pong: “Keep Your Hands to Yourself” by The Gregory Satellites –Max Celeste Working the Leg Press: “Empire State of Mind” by Jay Z –Tamara Medeiros Doing Squats: “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson –Alex Kariotakis Playing Soccer: “We Made History” by Jay Z – Bandar Abdulaziz

Try out our Tai Chi Classes! Make room in your schedule every Tuesday and Thursday at 7PM to join in on this FREE 60 minute class in Studio 227. Be prepared for a unique Chinese system of Martial Arts filled with a variety of graceful stances and movements, with names like “the horse’s mane” and “dancing water.” Don’t be fooled by the calm and fluid stances in the class— Tai Chi is a great workout that has an enormous amount of benefits; it will strengthen your legs, improve your balance and flexibility, increase your agility, and boost your stamina. The gentle movements of the class are also a huge stress-reliever. Our small classes offer individual attention from our very enthusiastic, friendly, and experienced instructors, Floyd Konet, Keith Berr, and Steve Zilber. With their helpful instruction and sharp advice, you’ll be able to join in the classes with no problem. So try out something new this month and take Tai Chi!

Eat This Not That

for Granola Bar’s

Advice From Our Registered Dietician, Monica Habib Eat this: Kashi Peanut Butter Granola Bar 140 kcal 5g total fat/ 0.5 saturated fat 19g CHO 4g fiber 5g sugar 7g protein

Not That: Nature Valley Vanilla Yogurt Bar 140 kcal 3.5g fat/ 2 saturated 26g CHO 1g fiber 13g sugar 2g protein

FREE Day at the Rec!

Family Fun Fest

On October 17 we are hosting Family Fun Fest in the MAC gym from 1-4PM. Family Fun Fest is a part of Viking Madness, which celebrates the beginning of the Cleveland State men’s and women’s basketball seasons. The event is FREE for EVERYONE and includes inflatables, games, a balloon artist, face painting, and more! Join us for the festivities and don’t miss out on your chance to win prizes and party with Magnus, the CSU Mascot!

Steve Logan

Schedule a session with one of our personal trainers, Steve Logan. Steve does one on one training and can help YOU lose weight and transform your life! Steve attended the American College of Sports Medicine and specializes in weight loss, body building, and strength conditioning. Stop in at the front desk or call the Rec Center to schedule an appointment with Steve!

Workout of the Month: Lower Back Extensions

by Steve Logan

How to do it:

Step 1: Enter the machine by placing your thighs

on the front two pads and having your feet flat on the base. Your legs should be straight except for a slight bend in the knees and your calves should be backed up to the pads above the base. The height should be adjusted so that the top of the two pads on your thighs sit just barely below your hips.

Step 2: Keeping the legs straight, place your arms across your chest. Bend at the hips all the way down as low as you can. Step 3: Keeping the muscles of the legs as relaxed as possible, flex the lower back so that it slowly pulls your upper body back up. Step 4: Move up until the body is straight from the knees to the shoulders. Step 5: Be careful not to extend too far backwards to avoid injury.

Benefits of Lower Back Extensions: The Lumbar Spine

The 5 or sometimes 6 vertebrae that constitute the lumbar region of the spine, or the lower back, are crucial to one’s overall health. While the entire spine is put under duress throughout the day every day, your lumbar region, being the base of the spine, is the most involved. One’s posture is extremely dependent on the strength and health of the lumbar spine. Often those that sit at desks slumping in their chairs all day can experience lower back pain over time. Inside each of the vertebrae is contained part of the spinal cord within the spinal canal. This serves as a nerve base for much of the body. Injuries to this area of the spine can therefore paralyze someone from the waist down because all of the nerve endings to your lower body are channeled through your spinal cord that runs through the lumbar spine. Between each of the vertebrae are cushioning discs called intervertebral discs. These cushion and distribute stress to prevent grinding of the vertebrae. Many people feel numbness or tingling in the lower body because of the bulging of these discs that press against the spinal cord. Another deteriorating factor on the lower back and spinal column is fat content on the body. For every pound of fat lost, you are taking pressure off of the spinal column and increasing stability. Thus the lumbar region of the spine is extremely important to keep healthy and strong in order to ensure lifelong health throughout the body and avoid any sort of lower back pain or paralysis.

Take the Plunge


...Continues on front. the resistance of air. The benefits don’t end there! Water aerobics allows you to adjust the size and speed of your movements, which means ANYONE of all fitness levels can do it. The low impact on the joints is another plus, especially for overweight individuals who can’t handle as much stress on their body, or for injured athletes who need to sustain their conditioning while they’re rehabbing. Additionally, you don’t even have to know how to swim to attend the classes, due to the flotation belts used in Aqua Deep-- though our Aquatic Coordinator, Cindi Bartko, recommends you “at least be comfortable in the deep end.” To take the plunge and try out water aerobics, attend our Aqua Deep classes every Monday and Wednesday at 11AM and 6PM or our Aqua Shallow classes every Tuesday and Thursday at 11AM. With a wide variety of exercises and various tools from webbed gloves and noodles to kickboards, the classes are always new and interesting!

Monica Habib Case Closed: The Right Food Myths Uncovered


Person, for from our registered dietician the Right Food Myth: Diet Nuts are fattening and you should not eat

Editor’s Corner This is the second e-newsletter you’re reading! We’re slowly improving it and trying to get our members more involved! So if you have comments, ideas, or anything YOU want to hear about, email me at Have a good month and dress warm for that cold Cleveland wind! Liz Newman.

What Do YOU Love Best About Your Sport? by our members

them if you want to lose weight.

“I had a dietician help me through my weight issues, and I wanted to impact other peoples lives like he impacted mine.” Our registered dietician, Monica Habib, knows the hardships when it comes to losing weight, which is why she can help YOU succeed. With her personal experience and her knowledge in the health and wellness field, which includes a Masters in Dietetics, a certification in Adult Weight management, and as her job as our registered dietician, Monica can put you back on the right path towards a healthy lifestyle. Stop in at the front desk or call to schedule an appointment with Monica today!


In small amounts, nuts can be part of a healthy weight-loss program. Nuts are high in calories and fat. However, most nuts contain healthy fats that do not clog arteries. Nuts are also good sources of protein, dietary fiber, and minerals including magnesium and copper.

“Racquetball gives us a chance to insult each other in accordance to the rules!” –Tom Brule and Allan Eva


Enjoy small portions of nuts. One-half ounce of mixed nuts has about 84 calories.

“I like my teammates and being able to come to the gym anytime to play basketball!” –Edeltha McGee, undergrad majoring in Social Work.

Rec-or-Treat Looking for a trick AND a treat around Halloween? Join us in the Mac gym on October 30 for a fright-filled evening of fun, food, and games at our second annual Rec-or-Treat! The candy and the Halloween activities will be provided, so you can play it safe with the family fun games or dare to enter our

terrifying haunted maze. Best of all, the event is FREE of admission, but don’t forget to donate a canned food item for every child attending. All donations will be given to the Cleveland Food Bank. The event will be held in our MAC gym from 5:30PM to 8PM, so put on your best costume and be there or be-ware!

“Ping Pong doesn’t take up much space. It’s easy to learn, and it’s a really fun activity for me.” –Vaishal Shah, grad getting his masters in Public Health

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