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Group Fitness Schedule- Fall 2009 August 24–December 31 Group X Classes = FREE

Premium Classes (Spinning, Mind/Body, and Dance) require a Group Fitness Pass




Spinning® with David in 112

6 am



Spinning® with Sabrina in 112

6:15 am

Cardio Sculpt

Cardio Sculpt with Tara in 229

with Tara in 229

CSunrise ancePilates® lline227 with Kimberly d

Awesome Abs with Tara in 229

Spinning® with Stan in 112

10 am

The Long Ride

11 am

12 pm

with Beth in 112

Aqua Deep

Aqua Shallow

Aqua Deep

Aqua Shallow

with Kim in the Pool

with Cindi in the Pool

with Kim in the Pool

with Cindi in the Pool

new Zumba® with Anna in Studio 229

Lunch Yoga

Simply Step

Lunch Yoga

with Antionette in 227

with Caroline in 229

with Antionette in 227

with Anna in 227

Spinning® with Stan in 112

with Nancy in 229

Spinning® with Shannon in 112

12:45 pm 5 pm


Awesome Abs

Awesome Abs

with Anna in 229

with Caroline in 229

Rock Bottom


with Amanda in 229

Beginner Yoga

Power Yoga

Intermediate Yoga

Restorative Yoga

with Kyle in 227

with Rob in 227

with Val in 227

with Amanda in 227

Awesome Abs

Awesome Abs

Awesome Abs

with Michael in 229

with Michael in 229

with Michael in 229




Scenic Spinning®

with Sabrina in 112

with Beth in 112

with Richard in 112

with Caroline in 112

Aqua Deep


with Armetta in the Pool

with Michael in 229

Hip Hop Dance

Boxing Circuit

with DeLeon in 229

Swing Dance

Belly Dance

Demo Friday, August 28 Class begins Friday, September 11 from 12–1 PM. Registration closes Friday, September 18.

Try Spin


Lunch Pilates®

Belly Dance (10 weeks)

with Beth in 112

5:45 pm


Instructional Classes- M: $35 NM: $55

with Kyle in 227

5:30 pm

7 pm

Ultimate Upper with Michael in 229

Try Yoga

5:15 pm

6 pm


Spinning® with Tara in 112

with Tara in 229

Awesome Abs

7 am


with Paul in Total Body new

Class begins Sunday, September 13 from 1:30–5:30 PM. Registration closes Sunday, September 13 The class is FREE and will meet for four, 4-hour sessions

with Jenna in 229

Tai Chi & Martial Arts

Campus Recreation Services 216.802.3200 | |

Demo Monday, August 31. Class begins Monday, September 14 from 7–8 PM. Registration closes Monday, September 21.

R.A.D. (Women Only)


with David in 227 with Floyd & Keith in 227 Class will not meet: November 26, and 27 - December 24, 25, 26, and 27 - January 1, 2, 3

Demo Tuesday, September 1. Class begins Tuesday, September 8 from 6–7 PM. Registration closes Tuesday, September 15.

Swing Dance (10 weeks)

CaAqua nceinDeep with Cindi lthe lePool d new

Boxing Circuit (10 weeks)


Tai Chi & Martial Arts with Floyd & Keith in 227

Instructional Classes - are a progressive class with a defined start

and finish date. Registration is required.

(Schedule is subject to change)

Visit for class discriptions and updates to the fall calendar.

Group X Group X Studio 229

Cardio Sculpt (B/I) 45 min 30-minutes of cardiovascular (step, high/low, drills or kickboxing) and 30-minutes of toning using bands, body bars, weights, or balls. A great way to start your day on the right foot! Awesome Abs (B/I/A) 15 min A jam-packed 15 minute class that focuses on your core. Rock Bottom (B/I/A) 45 min Tone your glutes, thighs, and hamstrings with this intense, lower-body class. You’ll achieve that rock bottom in no time! Ultimate Upper (B/I/A) 45 min Get ready to flex those biceps! This class focuses primarily on your upper body and arms to give you a toned physique that rivals the celebrities! 20/20/20 (B/I/A) 60 min 20 minutes of heart-pumping cardio, 20 minutes of sculpting, and 20 minutes of core work and stretching make this class an all-around best seller! This class has it all! Simply Step (B/I/A) 45 min Check out this 45-minute step class, perfect to get your heart rate up on your lunch break! This step class uses basic choreography, so it’s perfect for those new to step as well as seasoned veterans.

Premium Classes

Tai Chi & Martial Arts (B/I/A) 60 min Achieve stress reduction and improve balance and flexibility through the gentle movements of Tai Chi. The Dragon system is a style of Kung Fu, a more rigorous form of practice conditioning and strengthening techniques with self defense and the Okinawa Karate system of Isshin-Ryu a belt ranked self defense system. Together, these classes can form a better rounded individual, spiritually and physically. Classes vary by week. Aqua Shallow (B/I) 60 min Get ready to take the plunge. This class will get your heart pumping while using the resistive properties of water to kick your cardio up a notch! Swimming skills not required. Aqua Deep (I/A) 60 min Challenge you water workout by taking it to the deep. Even less tension on the joints with more resistance. Jogging belts provided. Aqua - Classes will take place in the Busbey Natatorium

Class Levels B - Beginner A - Advanced

I - Intermediate B/I/A - All Levels

Fees All of our Group X classes are FREE!!

SPINNING® Studio 112-Level 1

Spinning® (B/I/A) 60 min One of the most popular Group Fitness classes in the industry, Spinning brings you a low-impact class that burns a high amount of calories. Gear up for the ride of your life with our unique, challenging Spinning Classes. Scenic Spinning® (B/I/A) 60 min Take a spin down the coast of California or ride along the outskirts of Yellowstone National Park with our virtual rides! This visually stimulating class will keep you on the edge of your seat as you tackle the Grand Canyon and beyond. The Long Ride (I/A) 90 min Can’t get enough of Spinning? Try our Long Ride- a jammed-packed 90 minute ride that pushes your endurance limits to the max. Mind/Body - All Classes are 60 min Studio 227/Multipurpose room A

Beginner Yoga (B) Learn the fundamentals of Hatha Yoga.The focus will be on introducing beginner’s level yoga poses and breathing techniques to increase mind and body awareness. Intermediate Yoga (I/A) This class will help the participant progress in their current yoga practice. Some experienced recommended.

Restorative Yoga (A) Relax and breathe deep with this calming class. A perfect way to head into the weekend as you move through gentle poses and deep breathing exercises. Iron Bar Yoga (I/A) This class focuses on building strength, increasing flexibility, and finding balance with the use of weights, balls, and bands. Pilates (B/I/A) Develop a stronger core with this challenging class. With modifications to all poses, this is the perfect class for all levels that are looking to increase flexibility, improve muscle symmetry, and create a tight, toned body. Dance Studio 229/Multipurpose Room B Zumba (B/I/A) 45 and 60 min classes One of the hottest classes to take right now! Join the party with this fun class that uses simple Latin-inspired dance steps to work your core and tone your body...all while having a blast! Hip Hop Dance (B/I/A) 60 min Shake your groove thing and bust a move with our Hip Hop Dance class. Learn challenging choreography and funky dance moves sure to impress your friends at the club.

Not sure if Spin or Yoga is for you? Check out our Try Classes on Mondays and Tuesdays for a shortened version on the real thing! These classes are free! SPINNING ®, Dance, or Mind/Body Pass




All Class Pass

Member Non-Member

$3 $12

$12 N/A

$30 N/A

$60 N/A

Instructional Classes Belly Dance (10 weeks) - $35 M, $55 NM

Demo Friday, August 27 Classes begin Friday, September 11. Class length is one hour (12pm-1pm) Registration closes Friday, September 18

Boxig Circuit (10 weeks) - $35 M, $55 NM

Demo Tuesday, September 1 Classes begin Tuesday, Septemer 8. Class length is one hour (6pm-7pm) Registration closes Tuesday, Sept 15

Swing Dance (10 weeks) - $35 M, $55 NM

Demo Monday, August 31 Classes begin Monday, September 14. Class length is one hour (7pm-8pm) Registration closes Monday, September 21

R.A.D. Program (Women Only) - FREE

Class begins Sunday, September 13. Class length is 4 hours Registration closes Sunday, September 13 Class meets for 4 consecutive weeks, ending on October 4.

216.802.3200 | |

Fall Fitness Calendar  

Fall Group Fitness Class Schedule

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