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December 2009, ISSUE 4

How to Stay Fit During Winter Winter is a difficult time when you’re trying to maintain your weight and keep a healthy and active lifestyle. You're suddenly staying inside a lot more and there are now tempting holiday sweets EVERYWHERE. There is no need to worry, though. Despite the cold, there ARE a number of activities and exercises that you can do during the winter that will keep off those extra holiday pounds. We’ve come up with five activities you can do, both inside and outside, that will help you on your path for a healthier lifestyle.

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CSU’s Club Basketball

The CSU Club Basketball team is back on the court for their third year this semester! So far, they are 1-4 in their season and have played against schools:

Beginner Yoga Review Have you ever wanted to try out Yoga? The Cleveland State Recreation Center can give you your chance! With our Beginner Yoga classes every Monday at 5:45PM in Studio 227, you don’t have to worry about being a newbie around the more experienced members. The positions can be adjusted to fit your own fitness level and our instructor, Kyle Curley, is sure to guide you through the steps with his clear instruction. Kyle will teach you positions like downward dog and the corpse pose, and provide you with many other basic fundamentals for Hatha Yoga. With the semester coming to a close, you can still purchase single class passes for $3 or a monthly mind/ body pass for $12.

Workout of the month with Justin Porter!

Get to know our Yoga Instructor Kyle Curley!

winter fitness plan? What’s your

Transform mind and body with Yoga!

Why Do Yoga? Winter Fittness Continued...

1) Go shopping. That’s right, go shopping! Instead of buying gifts online, head out to the mall. All that walking and dodging other holiday shoppers will do you good. 2) Head over to the gym. Don’t let the ice and snow stop you from getting a good workout in! Use weights or take it to the elliptical to burn off those holiday indulgences. 3) Go on a run. Did you know that your body burns calories in order to stay warm in cold weather? So take your run outside and enjoy the cold crisp air!

Did you know that Hatha means “sun-moon” or “body” and Yoga means “union, joining, balancing, or marriage” in Sanskrit? That means that this form of Yoga is a type of “body balancing” exercise, which evens out and joins the strength and the flexibility in the body. Some people have too much strength and not enough flexibility, while others are the opposite. Apart from balancing and building both strength and flexibility, the class will give you the opportunity to become more self-aware of yourself and your body. The breathing exercises will calm your mind, and the positions will help your posture.

4) Invest in a workout DVD. Are the roads too icy for you to go anywhere? You can bust a move or do some Pilates right in front of your big screen TV. 5) Take on a winter sport. Try out skiing or snowboarding for the first time. If that’s too much, you can always grab some friends and do it old school with some sledding. Don't let the gloomy and cold weather freeze your workouts and prevent you from getting that body you want. Get ahead in the game and take on a new winter routine with our suggestions!

Meet Our Instructor Kyle Curley

Our Yoga instructor Kyle Curley is a native of the Cleveland area, having been born and raised in Lakewood, OH. He attended Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado for three years and is now enrolled in CSU to complete his BA in Music. Kyle’s knowledge of Yoga traces back to his freshman year of High School. He started with Kundalini Yoga, a style comprised of mostly breathing exercises, and from there, he explored the other various styles of Hatha Yoga. Kyle eventually found Sivananda Yoga and trained at the Sivananda International Yoga Vedanta Center. Since starting, he’s put about 17 years of experience under his belt. Taking his well-earned knowledge into account, we asked him a final question: Q: What is some advice you would give to newcomers interested in Yoga? continued on back

We have other yoga classes too! Lunch Yoga every Tuesday and Thursday at noon. If you’re more experienced, you can also attend the Intermediate classes every Wednesday at 5:45. What are you waiting for? Join in a Yoga class today!

Holiday Edition Eat This

Gingerbread People cookies (1 cookie) Kcal:56 Fat:0.9 Saturated Fat:0 CHO:11.5 Protein:0.6

Not That

Frosted Sugar Cookie (1 Cookie) Kcal: 190 Fat: 7 Saturated Fat:3.5 CHO: 31 Protein:2

Nutrition facts provided from our registered dietitian


Weight Loss, Body Toning, Sport-Specific Training

Certifications and Experience

Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) Certified Personal Trainer Exercise Science/Pre Physical Therapy Major Cleveland State University, expected graduation May 2011

Fitness Philosophy

When willing to display discipline and exhibit the appropriate intensity, the desired results are achieved. This translates from fitness to all aspects in life.

Justin Porter

Interested in working with Justin?

Stop by the Customer Service Desk or call 216.802.3200 today to schedule your appointment!

Workout of the Month: Dumbbell Pullover Step 1 Lie faceup on a flat bench, holding a dumbbell above you at arms length with your hands cupping the inner plate. Arms should be perpendicular to the floor.

Step 2 Keep a slight bend in your elbows, inhale deeply, squeeze shoulder blades together and slowly lower the weight in an arc until arm becomes parallel with the floor.

Step 3 Pause briefly at the bottom before driving

the weight back up, keeping arms fixed throughout and exhaling forcefully at the halfway point. Pause again when arms return to perpendicular, squeezing your lats before beginning next rep.

Primary muscles: Latissimus Dorsi Pectoralis Mator

Secondary muscles: Triceps Levator scapulae

Did You Know?

Did you know that adding weight lifting to your routine will help you burn fat faster? Lifting weights increase your metabolism and will result in a much more effective method to lose fat than focusing only on cardio. Cardio tends to boost your metabolism before and after a workout, but weight lifting will not only raise your metabolism during the exercise—but for a long time after, too.

Soccer Intramurals

The league playoffs for our intramural soccer league were played on Wednesday, November 11. A total of six teams played in our 9 v 9 soccer league, but it came down to two teams in the finals—Goals Gone Wild, led by captain Adel Saad, versus Free Palestine, led by captain Zain Obeid. Though Free Palestine held most of the possession and had more shots in the first half, no goals were scored. In the second half, Goals Gone Wild picked up the intensity, and the two teams remained at a stalemate for the rest of the half. After these two twenty minute halves, the two teams went into two rounds of penalty kicks. Goals Gone Wild took the glory in the end, with their goalie, Hamad Al-Awadhi, saving the day and three goals, and Ibrahim Al-bebi scoring the winning penalty. If you missed out on all of this excitement, sign up for next semester’s indoor soccer league!

Case Closed: Food Myths Uncovered from our registered dietitian

Food Myth:

Fat-free foods will not cause weight gain.

Fact: Actually, calories are still calories, regardless of where they come from. It takes 3500 calories to gain a pound, even if those calories come from fat-free foods.

Editor’s Corner Kyle continued...

KC: Beginners should know at least these four things. First of all, any yoga teacher who does not think of themselves as a beginner in at least some way, is not a good teacher. Second of all, Yoga is similar to martial arts in the sense of the discipline involved. Everyone works hard together at every level. Third of all, there are more styles of yoga than flavors of ice cream! No matter what, beginners must pay attention to their own bodies and know the difference between hard work and potential injury. And lastly, yoga was taught in India for 5,000 years not to groups, but one-on-one. People have only been teaching group yoga for around 70 years. Every body is unique and must be treated as such. Don’t judge yourself in comparison to others! This is VERY important.

Basketball cont...

DePaul University, Notre Dame, Tri C and Lakewood. If you’re in the Rec Center on Tuesday and Thursday from 8-10PM, you might even see them practicing on the second floor. Their roster consists of twelve committed and hardworking athletes. A few key players on the team are Lawrence Edem, Ryan O’Hearn, and Vance Marbury. Lawrence Edem is a CSU senior from Nigeria that plays center—it’s also his first time on an organized team. Ryan is a sophomore from Painseville High School who plays forward for the team. Vance O’Hearn, a former OSU walkon, is another skilled player and the founder of the club. The team is coached by Efehi Osayamwen, a junior at Cleveland State majoring in sports management and exercise science. If you want to see these players in action, their next home game is on January 27 at 8PM against Ashland University. Come out and cheer them on!

Two words: winter break! Nothing’s better than seeing old friends, giving and receiving presents, sledding, seeing all the Christmas lights, and sitting by the fire with a nice mug of cocoa to keep you warm. So even if you are wishing for warmer weather, you should enjoy the beautiful winter season while it lasts. Happy holidays! Cheers, Liz Newman

What do YOU do when you come to the Rec?

“I play soccer with my international friends and lift massive amounts of lower body weights,” -Roger Tokars, grad student getting his masters in Physics

“I run a mile and I get a really good workout in.” -Merve Lours, undergraduate majoring in civil engineering

“I come to the Rec Center to play my daily dose of Ping Pong!” -Max Schaffer, undergraduate majoring in film

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