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Practicing Speech Before a Virtual Audience Helps Boost Confidence Levels Public speaking can rattle even the bravest of all. And in case a public speech is not delivered as expected, it can deflate and corrode one’s confidence level. However, at its core, it is all about the right mental attitude and frame of mind. However, one can be trained to be a good public speaker and a person can be groomed to become a good orator. There are countless examples where a timid person has gone on to deliver the most impressive and exemplary speeches ever. According to Ni Kang, a Ph.D. student at the Delft University of Technology, the fear of public speaking can be overcome and one can practice the art of public speaking. One can either imagine an audience or enlist a few friends or acquaintances even though these scenarios are a far cry from what reality could be, which would comprise real people, emotions, and interests, suggested Ni Kang. Virtual reality helps in mustering courage for public speaking When Kang tried the method with a group of students to check the results of the technique, she found that those who practiced using virtual reality found it easier to do so in reality and had more confidence in dealing with the audience. “Students were divided into two different set-ups: One group had to practice in front of a virtual audience. The other group practiced in front of an empty screen, on which they had to imagine the audience,” said Kang. For her study, Ni Kang observed the behavior of a group of people listening to speeches and thereafter, developed a virtual audience for speakers to practice with. She asked the audience well in advance how they would describe their personality (introvert, extrovert, open or closed), how they felt at that moment (positive, neutral or negative) and whether they had a positive or negative attitude towards the subject of the presentation. After observation, she concluded that there were five types of audiences. Thereafter, she created a virtual model for the students to practice with. The model was built in such a way that practitioners could choose their audience type to practice with, apart from choosing the setting such as a theater, lecture room, seminar room or a small group.

Dealing with mental problems Usually, a person whose confidence is at rock bottom will always be scared of delivering a public speech. Though a lack of confidence is not a mental health condition, not having the minimum level of it to thrive in this world needs attention. Too little confidence calls for some amount of pep talk or counseling. Poor mental health conditions can imperil one’s existence and can make it difficult to carry on with life. Mental problems need immediate attention, lest symptoms exacerbate into more complicated issues. However, with intervention at the right time, most of the mental illnesses can be managed and one can lead a normal and happy life. Seeking help from experts is the ideal way to address mental disorders. If a loved one is suffering from any mental condition, contact Sovereign Mental Health Services, a leading mental health treatment organization in the United States. Our treatment centers for bipolar disorder in Los Angeles are among the top in the country. Call at our 24/7 helpline number 866-9737164 to know about bipolar disorder treatment facilities in California or depression treatment at a facility closer home.

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Practicing speech before a virtual audience helps boost confidence levels  

Public speaking can rattle even the bravest of all. And in case a public speech is not delivered as expected, it can deflate and corrode one...

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