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THE LAW, MY PASSION We are more than just a law firm, we are more than just attorneys The idea of becoming an attorney is thrilling to any law student (the earning potential, the prestige, the intellectual challenges) but what drove me to start my firm 31 years ago was so much more. I was fueled by the concept of helping people in need, giving a voice to those who have none, being on the frontier of new ideas and helping achieve the dreams and protecting the rights of so many. I have developed a love, a passion for the various practice areas and witnessing first hand the wonderful ability to change people’s lives for the better in each. I take great pride in making a difference within the community, in the multitude of ways that my colleagues and I are able, and that’s what this magazine is about. The Legal Connection is my way of showing the residents of Southern

California exactly what we do here at the Law Offices of Scott Warmuth, and hopefully a light to be shed on the often-ignored concepts of what being an attorney truly entails. In the words of Steven Keeva, “Law is one of the great healing professions. While medicine heals the body and the clergy heals the soul, the law heals societal rifts.” Being an attorney, you have the ability to help those who have no idea what their recourse is, or perhaps solidify their creative works, or establish their life in another country. At our firm, we are about making a positive impact everywhere, giving back to the community, and growing as individuals along the way.




03 SEPTEMBER 2015 * THE LEGAL CONNECTION Law Offices of Scott Warmuth

The Law Offices of Scott Warmuth

WINNER of the SMALL BUSINESS OF THE YEAR AWARD, 2015 CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA – The Law Offices of Scott Warmuth, a civil litigation firm, was selected to receive the “Small Business of the Year” Award, representing California’s Senate District #49 by Assemblymember Ed Chau. Since 2000, this prestigious award ceremony has honored small businesses that work to enhance their surrounding communities. This year, The Law Offices of Scott Warmuth was one of approximately 80 businesses honored out of the nearly 3.3 million small businesses in the State of California. “On behalf of our district, we are very proud to receive this honor,” says Scott Warmuth, President of the Law Offices of Scott Warmuth. “This is truly a testament to our firm’s commitment to enhancing our surrounding community and we look forward to continuing to do so.” Congresswoman Judy Chu, a long time friend and supporter of Scott Warmuth, has awarded him a congressional recognition for his many years serving and defending the Chinese community in Southern California. Chu has also shown her support by attending many of the firms events, such as the grand opening of the Law Offices of Scott Warmuth headquarters in City of Industry, CA.

On July 15, 2015, attorney Yesenia Acosta was officially elected to the board of directors of The San Gabriel Valley Consortium on Homelessness: a non-profit organization that aims to increase affordable housing and educate the community on homeless issues and solutions. The Law Offices of Scott Warmuth has shown strong support for their staff who become involved in benificial causes such as this for over three decades.



Law Offices of Scott Warmuth






The first case of DNA being used to expunge...


WRONGFULLY CONVICTED How DNA reversed a tragic fate




US INCACERATION RATE Source: Bureau of Justice Statistics been served; an open & shut case with a dangerous rapist off the streets. The problem was, Crowell had fabricated the entire story. Later confessing to her church priest, she spoke of how she had been riddled by guilt for sending an innocent man to prison. Apparently, the idea to create a fictional rape had come when she became fearful of pregnancy after she’d had sexual relations with her then boyfriend. Scared and feeling shameful, she decided to invent a rape story in order to not deal with the possible ramifications of her sexual relationship. Crowell later stated that she had

05 SEPTEMBER 2015 * THE LEGAL CONNECTION Law Offices of Scott Warmuth



On the night of July 9th, 1977, Cathleen Crowell – then 16 years old – was found by police standing on the side of a suburban road in Chicago. Dirt-stained and in disarray, Crowell told police she’d been raped after 3 men pulled her into their car, with one of them violently forcing themselves onto her. “I tried to fight him off,” she said, “but I couldn’t.” Crowell showed scratch marks throughout her body, and semen stained underpants with several pubic hairs still attached. After describing her assailant to a sketch artist, police showed Crowell photos of possible suspects, where she quickly identified a photo of Gary Dotson. Later in open court, Crowell would declare, “There’s no mistaking that face.” Dotson was sentenced to 25 to 50 years for rape, and another 25 to 50 years for aggravated kidnapping, to be served concurrently. It would appear that justice had



chosen Dotson when police pressured her after noticing his strong resemblance to the picture produced by the sketch artist, however police denied this claim. In order to tell a convincing story, Crowell had told police a tale similar to a book she had been reading. Like the novel, the protagonist had been taken into a car by three men, where one of them raped her in the back seat as the others watched. Her descriptions of physical harm – which she had self-inflicted – and how the two boys watching had been “laughing the entire time,” were taken directly from the book. After knowing this, one would think that Dotson would have been immediately released considering how Crowell made the entire story up, but the sad truth is that through an unfortunate serious of events, involving mismanagement of defense

”There’s no mistaking that face.”

attorneys and judicial bias, Dotson was ordered to remain in prison… … It wasn’t until 1989, with the emergence of DNA evidence, that Dotson was released from prison, making him the first person in the United States to have his conviction overturned through DNA evidence. As horrible as it may sound, studies have shown that it is likely up to 10,000 people are wrongly convicted of a serious crime in the United States each year. These estimates of wrongful conviction are probably low, says C. Ronald Huff – director of the Criminal Justice Research Center and author of the study – as the sample for the study was “stacked in favor of obtaining conservative estimates.” These figures are even more troubling when you consider that it means there are 10,000 crimes – and criminals – unsolved with the guilty still walking freely among us. The reality is, many times cases are completely dependent on eye-witness testimony and what is called, “circumstantial evidence.” It has been shown time after time that in regards to memory, eyewitness testimony – even in the cases where indeed a crime was committed – can be greatly misleading. Try it now. Without looking, describe in precise terms what the last person you saw was wearing? How about defining exactly what you were doing last Tuesday? Is there an event that sticks out? Perhaps you saw a friend and spoke with a co-worker. What were they wearing? What did they say? Can you be sure? How sure? Some would argue that this isn’t fair, that perhaps if an extreme situation where to happen – one completely out of the ordinary and personally of impact – that ones memory would obviously remember it with more detail. However time after time this is shown to be wishful thinking. Then there’s the problem of cost. It cost money to investigate someone, convict them through trail, go through the appeals process, and

Source: BGA/CWC, JUNE 2011

Gary Dotson

Cathleen Crowell


Though we’d like to believe that only the guilty go to prison, the uneasy reality is that every day innocent people are sent away behind bars. Then there are those who perhaps did commit a crime, have served their time, and want to integrate back into society. Having a criminal record can make it difficult to do so. The Law Offices of Scott Warmuth can help clean your record, and get you back on track. Call Now: 626-282-6868

then continually pay for their incarceration. How much you ask? A joint project from the Hollway Advisory Services and the Chief Justice Earl Warren Institute on Law and Social Police at University of California Berkeley School of Law, the California Wrongful Convictions Project, issued a preliminary report stating that California’s 200 known wrongful convictions since 1989 has cost the taxpayers $129 million. Remember, these are 200 known cases of wrongful conviction, but there are likely thousands of in-

nocent people serving serious time in California prisons. When you consider the likely low estimate of 10,000 people wrongfully convicted in the United States every year, we are talking of potentially billions and billions of dollars in waste. These staggering numbers indicate a real problem with our judicial system. Innocent until proven guilty is something we like to say to hide the fact that there is never proof of anything, simply evidence in favor a certain possible truth. When you add up the chips, sometimes justice bends towards error.

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The sharp contrast between how crimes are interpreted in the state-based criminal penal code system versus the federal-based immigration system, and the profound connection between the two systems, has led to more confusion and statutory scrambling over the last several years than has been seen in many practice areas. With Secure Communities’ sweeping measures, which broadly strengthened the cooperation between state police officers and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the inextricable tie between criminal and immigration consequences has grown stronger than ever. This program compounded in influence under President Obama’s administration, for a few years, until it was formally discontinued near the end of 2014. Despite the recent policy change, simultaneously marking the end of Secure Communities together with the enactment of the president’s executive actions (currently embattled in federal court), the close collaboration between police and ICE generally remains systemic. An undocumented person who is arrested for driving without a license or a minor traffic violation, for example, may still be at risk of being arrested and triggering a hold by ICE pending proof that he or she maintains lawful status in the U.S. The Intersection of Criminal and Immigration Law Indigent clients are at a higher risk of losing out on their chance for obtaining immigration relief because they typically cannot afford an attorney specializing in evaluating their full immigration history, the complex consequences resulting from different criminal convictions or pleas, and keeping in mind the future immigration-benefit applications that the client may qualify for, if the case is handled properly. Public defenders (PDs) in the criminal courts are skilled, yet with an overwhelming case load, and ever-changing case law in the world of “crimmigration,” it is unfair to expect that they be well-equipped at dealing with the intricacies of how criminal pleas can impact this special category of defendants. It is common to speak with immigrant defendants who were represented by PDs and claimed they were pressured into accepting, what turned out to be, a harmful plea in order to avoid a jail sentence under PD advice. Others claim that they signed a plea document without being fully aware of the elements of the crime that they pled guilty to, and sometimes lacking awareness as to how the inclusion of an element could ultimately harm their subsequent immigration applications. After a “deadly” plea has been entered in criminal court, chances are quite high that the immigrant defendant will have to face an immigration judge to explain why he or she should not be deported from the United States. Without an attorney to argue that they may qualify for a certain exception or persuade the judge that they qualify for relief under a recent decision, the person may be swiftly deported.

07 SEPTEMBER 2015 * THE LEGAL CONNECTION Law Offices of Scott Warmuth

Controlled Substance Crimes as an Example Among the crimes that cause the most disastrous consequences are those involving controlled substances. The immigration system treats controlled substance charges unforgivingly, even if it is the first offense and even if it involves simple possession (both of which normally qualify a person for some leniency in the criminal justice system). The key in this situation is to involve an immigration attorney and criminal defender while the person is still in criminal proceedings with the ability to make changes to the plea, which could make a difference in the person’s eligibility for immigration applications in the future. It is critical to understand the defendant’s immigration history fully. For instance, the person may have a green card, triggering the rules for deportability for convictions, which can differ widely from a person who never had a green card to begin with and faces inadmissibility standards. Under the California Health and Safety Code, there are some rough guidelines to keep in mind that, again, are in constant flux, but can help a defender ask the right questions from an immigration attorney when the situation arises: • Seek alternative sentencing options or deferred pleas which do not qualify as a conviction; • Try to negotiate a non-controlled substance conviction such as accessory after the fact; • Negotiate to keep out any mention of an identifiable substance in the plea to support an argument that the crime is not a deportable offense or aggravated felony; • Avoid sale or distribute language in the conviction record, but if it is unavoidable, then a transport for personal use option may be a better option; • Leverage a lack of prior convictions as much as possible to avoid a conviction to something outside of the Health and Safety Code involving controlled substances. As a further disclaimer, even when care is taken to implement strategies similar to those above, a favorable interpretation in immigration court or by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is not guaranteed, but it is necessary

to take all steps available to protect the undocumented client’s rights. Defendants Who are Green Card Holders An immigrant defendant, with a green card, who managed to avoid a fatal conviction that would either land him or her in immigration court with the threat of losing permanent residence status, still may have other concerns for future applications. The defendant may want to apply for U.S. citizenship in the future, and all applicants must show good moral character. When applying for naturalization, USCIS requests detailed information regarding past arrests and convictions for each applicant. There are few bars to obtaining citizenship, but even arrests without a conviction will require some explanation, criminal records requests, and favorable evidence of rehabilitation. There are few clear-cut rules when a noncitizen faces criminal charges, and an immigration attorney is essential to understanding the potential consequences of any possible plea agreement. Having criminal defenders and skilled immigration practitioners working together early on in the criminal proceedings is important to analyze different scenarios that could come into play from the charges and pleas available. They also have to work with the client to properly weigh how those could impact the particular client’s immigration goals or opportunity for relief in a future application or in immigration court. Many firms, such as the Law Offices of Scott Warmuth, have begun to hire practitioners in both practice areas to work collaboratively, and more practitioners are choosing continuing education in both areas to enhance their ability to obtain the best result for the client. About the Author: Yesenia Acosta is an immigration attorney with the civil litigation firm Law Offices of Scott Warmuth. She represents clients in immigration court and in affirmative applications for family-based or employment-based immigration benefits. Contact us for a FREE consultation: 626-282-6868

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10 CAUSES OF WORKPLACE INJURIES Article by Gabriel Gonzalez



Don’t be alarmed, but your work environment may have threats looming just around the corner. Every day people around the country are injured – some even resulting in death – on the job. The more you become aware of your surroundings and common situations, the better prepared you will be in protecting yourself and other coworkers. Below we have compiled a list of common reasons people are injured on the job. Most of these rely on external factors, however many are themed around the internal processes workers may be going through that cause injury. For now, take heed of these obstructions, and save yourself a world of pain. COMMON WORKPLACE DIFFICULTIES Fatigue – Most of us have been there before. Days where you’re a bit more tired than normal and everything seems to haze over. The reality is that these are the most important times to reinvigorate yourself, for clumsy mistakes can lead to catastrophic outcomes. When the body is tired, the mind slows down, instruc-

09 SEPTEMBER 2015 * THE LEGAL CONNECTION Law Offices of Scott Warmuth

tions are missed, careless desicions are made, and you’ll find your reflexes and motor skills deteriorating. In these moments, take a 15 minute break, drink coffee, do jumping jacks; anything to get your mind and body into a state so you can perform your tasks at a responsible level. Stress – Anxiety can come in many forms. From financial stress, health issues, workload, to personal relationships are all factored into what we commonly refer to as stress. This leads to all sorts of distractions, which then leads to making avoidable mistakes and injury. Do what you must to stay in the moment. Many people breathe deeply in and out, others take a short mental break, but whatever you do, realize that most of these stresses can be dealt with at a later time, and all of them are dangerous to your work productivity. Slips and Falls – The most common areas for slips and falls are in the work cafeteria and bathroom; however slips can occur anywhere there is clutter/obstructions. If you see a potential area of risk, do your part to report it to management, or even clearing out the risks yourself. If needed, place signs that read “caution,


MOST DANGEROUS JOBS in the United States of America

Other Top Dangerous Jobs: Aircraft Pilots, Refuse Material Collectors, Roofers, Iron & Steel Workers, Farmers & Ranchers, Truck Drivers, Taxi Drivers, Powerline Installers, Police Officers, Construction Workers, Coal Miners. Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

wet floor,” for example. Anything you can do to keep your work environment safe is possibly saving yourself or others from serious injury. Toppling Objects – Usually in areas of high clutter and stacking, falling objects can pose a real threat to safety. Make sure shelves are firmly secured, and that furniture is securely anchored. Boxes that are stacked onto one another should be eyed cautiously, and be aware that objects shift with movement. The heavier and higher up the object, the greater the potential for serious injury. Hazardous Materials – Many jobs (especially those dealing in forms of manual labor) require protective gear (i.e. gloves, eyewear, clothing), so be sure to use them properly and at all times in work environments, especially when dealing with hazardous toxic waste, as not following protocol can lead to dangerous exposure. Machine Entanglement – Loose clothing, footwear, jewelry, hair, and more can quickly become entangled with objects around the office, especially in an area where heavy machinery is present. Make sure that you keep your appearance to work standards, and make sure you are aware of the possibilities of each engagement. Repetitive Motion – Activities where workers engage in repetitive motion can put pressure on your body’s nerves, causing all sorts of problems including carpal tunnel. This is common among jobs that require lots of keyboard use throughout their day. Lifting – Heavy objects that one must repeatedly lift can cause havoc on the body. Pulled muscles and back injuries are common, and poor technique (i.e. not bending the legs) can create even more strain. When lifting heavy objects, use the proper tools, techniques, and even ask for help to avoid these problems. Workplace Violence – Though perhaps not as common as other areas mentioned above, many of us have seen trouble in the workplace coming from estranged spouses, disgruntled employees, or suspicious packages. Be aware that the outside world can affect at any random moment, and it is important to take the necessary precautions to avoid violent vendettas. Collisions – People in a rush or careless movements can cause serious injury, exponentially when involving hot liquids or sharp objects. Take your time while walking through the halls and doors; be sure that you are conscious of your surroundings and movement.

”SAFETY doesn’t happen BY ACCIDENT” There is no workplace that can ever assure 100 percent safety to their employees, however if you have suffered from an injury on the job, call us at 626-282-6868, as you may be entitled to monetary compensation.

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Law Offices of Scott Warmuth


Law Offices of Scott Warmuth

Personal Injury Recently, we had a case where a tour bus with no insurance went of the road and crashed, leaving a majority of the passengers onboard seriously injured. The bus company’s attorney offered to pay for everyone’s ticket back home, and toss them each a couple thousand dollars for their injuries. Mind you, many of these people suffered spinal injuries, which may costs a minimum of a million dollars to treat.

Jeff Wong

Personal Injury Supervisor

When you’re faced with an injury, however big or small, it’s important to get the best representation possible. I’m Jeff Wong, personal injury supervisor and avid cyclist. Believe me, I know first hand how difficult it can be to receive a fair and proper settlement for your injuries. I like to provide an atmosphere where the client feels taken care of. Our office is a place of relief where the client can rest assured that all matters of their case are in good hands. As cliché as this sounds, we focus on making every case the perfect case. We thrive on our referral, that’s how we get our business, and referrals don’t just happen when, like with many firms, a client is signed up with no plan for resolving their problems. We are a business that relies on the word of mouth of our clients, and we live up to that expectation the minute they walk into our office. Every case manager goes through an extensive training, and works extremely close with the attorneys. Everyone is in the loop and on the same page in our office, including our president Scott Warmuth, who knows every case that comes in and knows it well. It’s honestly very rare to see a leader as passionate about his trade as he is. One of our major separating factors that place us apart from other law firms is our ability to negotiate exceptionally well. We are known for our strong and vigorous negotiations team that fights hard for each client they represent. We have assembled a team of experts in their respective fields to call upon when needed; top doctors, forensic scientists, auto repairmen, and other expert witnesses.

Two of the older passengers were temporarily sent to a convalescent home to recover. One of their nurses, a previous client of ours, asked them if they’ve heard of Scott Warmuth’s law firm. They called our office immediately; I jumped in the car and rushed to the two victims. After a brief talk, the clients decided to retain us. I believe in thoroughly explaining everything to the client and being genuine with them, and they can see that. They can see that I showed up in person to the hospital the very same day and made sure they knew the potential they had for a larger settlement. In the end, thanks to our aggressive and determined staff, we were able to promptly settle seven figures, which in my opinion, is a lot nicer than the couple

WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN INVOLVED IN AN AUTO ACCIDENT? So you’ve just got into an auto accident, now what? In times like these, it’s easy to let the stress and hightened emotions take over. However, there are several important steps to be taken at the scene of the accident, and immediately after. Below is a checklist of actions to be taken when you’re involved in a collision:

1. Stay at the Scene 2. Check on All Drivers and Passengers 3. Call the Police 4. Exchange Information 5. Talk to Witnesses 6. Contact your Attorney 7. Keep Track of Your Medical Treatment 8. Take Pictures It’s best to consult one of our experienced attorneys, especially if anybody was injured in the accident. Our legal team can help you maximize your recovery if you’re injured or better defend you if you’re at fault.



13 SEPTEMBER 2015 * THE LEGAL CONNECTION Law Offices of Scott Warmuth

MANAGING A FIRM FOR OVER 20 YEARS We wouldn’t be successfully handling personal injury, immigration, criminal defense, and intellectual property cases for over 30 years if it wasn’t for our hard-working, determined legal team and unified vision that we’ve carried out through the decades: to be prompt, to pay attention to detail, and to achieve the highest possible outcome to each and all of our valued clients. We understand that the legal process, especially for those who are new to this country, can be a long and confusing road, and we are here to navigate you down that road. We are more than just your legal advisors, we are your friend. We care about your health, well-being, and most of all, that you get the results you deserve. For over 20 years, I have led a team consisting of diverse backgrounds, allowing the Law Offices of Scott Warmuth to have the knowledge and the understanding necessary to work with Chinese and Hispanic clients. Whether it be a question of language or of procedure, our client can rest assured that our firm has the necessary resources to successfully develop, manage, and conclude a case. While it is our policy not to guarantee any particular case settlement or outcome, we can guarantee that our office will do our utmost in exploring and helping our clients exercise their legal rights. The Law Offices of Scott Warmuth has adapted to the changing times, but we have always kept the same level of service, integrity and commitment to our clients. Our legal team manage interactions with insurance companies, facilitates medical treatment and property repairs, and advocates on your behalf. We are honest with our clients and keep our clients informed at all times. This ideal relationship provides the greatest of helping us obtain the most appropriate resolution for our cases

Tammy Wong

General Manager


Law Offices of Scott Warmuth


2015’s Craziest



Here’s a look at some of the hottest new innovations of 2015! From hoverboards to edible food wrappers, these people have proven that even in a world of weekly technological advamcements, we can still be amazed at the few simple, genius ideas that are out there.

HOVERBOARDS THEY’RE HERE! Look more fly than McFly on tomorrow’s skateboard!


Bend your phone like Gumby! Samsung has confirmed that the technology to create a screen that bends in half will be available sometime this year. Gimmicky? Maybe. Have we reached an impasse with phone advancements?

Back to the Future fans still have a while before flying cars emerge, but we can all settle for the next best thing until then: the hoverboard is finally here! American startup company Arx Pax raised $510,590 on Kickstarter in December, 2014 for its Hendo hoverboard, with plans to ship the first in October to 11 backers who each pledged $10,000 for one of the first. The device uses magnetic-levitation technology: four disc-shaped “hover engines” induce an opposing magnetic field in a special surface, enabling the Hendo to hover an inch above the ground. The idea is that they’ll be one of the first to explore Arx Pax’s patented “magnetic field architecture” (MFA) technology.


Recently just a rumor; it’s here! An iPhone for your iWrist! Dubbed “the billion dollar watch,” The Apple Watch has been one of 2015’s hottest items. Wrapping up its first quarter on store shelves, it is estimated that the Apple Watch has made over $1.4 billion since spring, and has already captured over 75% of the smartwatch marketshare.

GOOGLE GLASS (PART DEUX) Letter from Michael Scott from Scranton

15 SEPTEMBER 2015 * THE LEGAL CONNECTION Law Offices of Scott Warmuth

From the moment it debuted in 2012, breakthrough eyewear had the makings of a technology that was ahead of its time. This second iteration will be powered by an Intel chip rather than processors, a shift that should result in longer battery life.



Your little sidekicks for those long bike rides! Didn’t think riding a bike could be more convinient? A pedestrian from Cambridge has figured a way: A 350 watt electric motor, 48 volt lithium-ion battery, WiFi, navigational sensors — all packed tightly into the back wheel’s hubcap!

ALL-IN-ONE BLOOD TESTER This brick-sized device utilizes a range of lasers to pinpoint specific biomarkers which can detect a wide array of diseases, including Ebola and HIV. All that’s needed is a single drop of blood and reliable results are displayed within minutes on the screen.

SELF-TYING SHOES! Nike designer Tinker Hatfield confirmed a new line of self-tying shoes to be released this year! Another McFly concept made real! “Are we gonna see power laces in 2015? To that, I say yes!” Hatfield said.

Intellectual property is the creation from one’s own mind; an idea that is your property, and must be protected. Intellectual property law handles the rules of securing and protecting the rights for said ideas, such as:

•• ••





What makes intellectual property (IP) law so unique is that it’s a legal safeguard for intangible objects, unlike personal property or real estate. The purpose of these rules is to encourage people to develop, invent, and create brilliant ideas that can better our society. IP law allows peace of mind for creative individuals, knowing they can profit from their own works without having to worry about misappropriation from others. With a combined experience of over 30 years, we have handled several areas of IP law including: Our patent professionals offer a full range of services in patent prosecution and litigation in the technical fields of biotechnology, software, electronics, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, nanotechnology, semiconductor and mechanical/ medical devices.

FUTURE-PROOF SMARTPHONES Smartphones with interchangeable hardware components frees us from buying a new phone every year and replacing only what needs replacing.

Our trademark team handles the trademarks of many companies, large and small, emerging and established, in the US and abroad, in every industry and in both the retail and commercial markets.

There are advantages to use a copyright notice since it advises potential infringers that the work is protected by copyright, and it can be used to show that the infringement was not an accident. A copyright notice includes (1) the symbol ©, the word “Copyright”, (2) the publication year, and (3) the owner’s name. Registration requires filing an application and a copy of the work with the Copyright Office.

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se P Fo are r T nts he Dis Asso ab cia led tio n

F Ass ounde o ma ciatio d in 1 ke 99 ING n S I m em the liv for the 0 by 8 RA T D b e c N hes ers o s of Disa fami li FU VEN s b e f s e ssio , Tai-Ch socie ach in led (C es of t E t d n disa s o i ex y. O ivi PAD he g the bilitie n how ercise n a w dual p ) now reater the Law O s. In a to im s and meekly b roduc boasts Los An the attend ffices fundra prove usic asis, C tive an over geles tion organ ees w of Sco ising e their s therap PAD o d insp 250 fa area, t and izati as C tt Wa ven kills y cla ffer iring milie he C wha on h hine rmu t hos in ca sses draw , wh s, all hine t yo as be se ac th p ted ring , whi ing, ile b of w se P ar ei b ai le u ca en d fo h t n d grea ress, si d hom y the T r fam paren ancing ng full om aiments o to ily n ak y t a t , helply app ger an ge to t Lau C mem s can a rhythmintegr to at: w reciat d com his w harit bers rrang mo ated ww ed. L edia ond y Fou who e for vem e e .cpa ear h n n t n m , Nanc rful org datio ave le rainin nt, a n g ore y Si m r a , abo t, w nizati mem ning ber ut t hos on. s his e am dedic Amon of azin g a g o tion t o rga niza -


pro ve t h



e qu



EED of life f or S IN DIV IDU AL


19 SEPTEMBER 2015 * THE LEGAL CONNECTION Law Offices of Scott Warmuth

Y OUTREACH tion a T z i H N T E rgan O U l l YOVELOPM ukes Baseba


te Monll. This l E e a e o th seb te D 00 t uth ba rage th rrow. n 0 o 5 ou mo of $ f yo El M ion port o and encrs of to t you an t u b p r i e is ontron in suto buildhe lead suppo rs and , t c t r o s u a ye us r Sc rm t uou r yo izati ill Dea u fo Organ ill allowt will fo contin ver the r. o we w y l t o o k l e a a w v a y n h h a h t Tha Baseb nation ship t le of t muni ende t and t s p o is ip, a m s en es orsh our Duk erous dnd citizan examf our co nt to thyour tru e. s n gen d, sou tion is outh o mitmeeciate ood us our spo tinuing’s most goos dona n the y ur com e appr n to g e for y to con r team Thi e give of yo that w onatio ratitud rward ith ou hav ressione sure t your d cere g look fo tion w exp can b to pu our sin rt. We r affilia You rk hard ccept suppo er you wo lease aur past consid P s yo and p la ivity t c wel tionshi sset. a al rela able a min i r u l c a v in y, erel on age g Sincn Weld n oe Ke ely t


su n u ft

le s n Tee lik

d e s i erv



sm time


D U.S rce:

rtm epa


of Ju


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Law Offices Of Scott Warmuth

EVENTS Scott Warmuth



hether it’s attending an annual gala or helping on a student film project, the Law Offices of Scott Warmuth has immersed themselves in the community. We financially support many causes and events, hoping to enrich the people that we serve, with an aim in creating a place where we can all come together to share ideas. This year we took part in many varies events, some of which are displayed in the collage below. At these events, our mission was to communicate our services with the populace attending, while also building relationships with other community leaders and businesses. We are proud to call many of these people friends, some of whom include politicians, community organizers, business owners, and everyday families. Through these connections, we build a better platform in which we can communicate our services as the trusted firm that we are, and hope to assure our clients that whatever the circumstances, we’re with them all the way.

21 SEPTEMBER 2015 * THE LEGAL CONNECTION Law Offices of Scott Warmuth

MISSION STATEMENT Our role in the community

At a young age, I was taught the importance of helping those in need. I began my law practice with a commitment to give voice to those who are under-represented in the pursuit of justice. I have made it a mission to make people in need aware of the resources we provide to get them the settlements they deserve. We’ve adapted to the changing times, but we have always kept the same level of service and commitment. For more than 30 years, my commitment to my clients can be summed up: “We’re with you all the way.”

SO FAR THIS YEAR We’ve actively participated in many events throughout the year, and would like to thank everyone involved for their support and commitment. These events include:

•• •• •• ••


- Scott Warmuth



red u t p a C otion




atents we v e e h t me of ge of so d this year. a t! ll o c A re even u t tende u f a ou at to see y e p o h We

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Law Offices of Scott Warmuth OC IA L







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Law Offices of Scott Warmuth

The Legal Connection - Issue 1  

Brought to you by the Law Offices of Scott Warmuth, magazine "The Legal Connection" is a collection of news & articles that deal with a vari...

The Legal Connection - Issue 1  

Brought to you by the Law Offices of Scott Warmuth, magazine "The Legal Connection" is a collection of news & articles that deal with a vari...