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Curriculum Vitae


Design Project


NightGuard product design


Nessie product design


ColorVM product design


SafeFlameV product design


iTemple APP, interaction design


DailyPet product design prototyping with arduino


MISTPOEMS interaction design, discursive design prototyping with arduino



Chia-Yen Tai

(戴嘉言, Scott Tai)

1986.01.28 / Taipei, Taiwan

Phone: +886976-110-794 Email: Address: 5F., No.8, Aly.2, Ln.81, Yongli Rd., Yonghe Dist., New Taipei City 234, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Speciality Industrial Design, Product Design, Interactive Product, Interaction Design, Tangible Interaction, Interaction Prototyping, Design Research, User-Centered Design Research

Education 2011-2013

Master of Industrial Design Graduate Insititute of Innovation & Design, National Taipei University of Technology


Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Dept. of Electrical Engineering, National Central University


High School Diploma Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School

Skills 2D Software: 3D Software: Interaction Design:

Illustrator, Photoshop Rhino, PRO/E, Keyshot, Cinema 4D Arduino, Processing, ActoinScript 3.0


Work Experience

Full-Time Employment 2010.10-2011.09

Research Assistant Web Design, Website Management - Dept. of Applied Electronics Technology, National Taiwan Normal University. - National Science Council Program: “Night-vision-based Group Autonomous Robots for Patrolling the Campus.”

Part-Time Employment 2013.01-2013.04

Industrial Designer Mesh Nebulizer Design ( product analysis, sketches, 3D model, Engineering Drawing ) - National Taipei University of Technology / Livan Co., Limited (麗彬有限公司) - Industrial-Academic Collaboration Design Project


Research Assistant User Center Design Research, Design Practice - Graduate Insititute of Innovation & Design, National Taipei University of Technology. - Ntaional Science Council Program: “Design for Slow Life: A Smart Home Care Product for Delaying the Elderly’s Daily Motion.”


Industrial Designer Vacuum Massager Design ( prouct analysis, sketches, 3D model, Engineering Drawing ) - National Taipei University of Technology / Livan Co., Limited (麗彬有限公司) - Industrial-Academic Collaboration Design Project


Research Assistant Design Policy Research, Urban Design Strategy Research - Graduate Insititute of Innovation & Design, National Taipei University of Technology. - Taiwan Design Center Program: “Toward World Design Capital 2016: Research for Embedding Design in Taipei.”


Industrial Designer LED Candle Design ( analysis, sketches, 2D proposals, 3D model, Engineering Drawing ) - National Taipei University of Technology / SafeFlame LED Flameless Candles (Australian Co.) - Industrial-Academic Collaboration Design Project



Industrial Designer Soap Dispenser Design ( product analysis, sketches, 3D model, Engineering Drawing ) - National Taipei University of Technology / Big Eagle Holding Ltd. (廣鷹控股有限公司) - Industrial-Academic Collaboration Design Project


Industrial Designer LED Lighting Design ( market analysing briefing, product planning, sketches, 2D proposals ) - National Taipei University of Technology / Roled Opto Electronics Co., Ltd. (樂雷光電) - Industrial-Academic Collaboration Design Project


Freelance Designer Solar LED Paver Lights Design Concept Proposal ( sketches, concept proposal ) - Maki Solar Technologies Inc. (東育實業)


Freelance Designer Solar LED Block Toys Design Concept Proposal ( sketches, concept proposal ) - Maki Solar Technologies Inc. (東育實業)


Research Assistant Design Research, Administrative Work - Graduate Insititute of Innovation & Design, National Taipei University of Technology. - Ministry of Economic Affairs Program: “Innovative Research and Knowledge Service Platform for Children Related Business.”


Research Assistant User Interface Testing, User Research - Dept. of Early Childhood Education, Taipei Municipal University of Education. - National Science Council Program: “Development of an Electronic Teaching Portfolio for Promoting Partnership between Students, Mentors and Professors in Preschools.”


Paper Publication


Yuan-Tai Chiu, Chia-Yen Tai, Ya-Kuan Chou, & Hung-Hsiang Wang. (2012). Adapting ZMET to Orange-Tech-based Chair Design. In Proceedings of 2013 International Conference of Innovation & Design. Taipei, Taiwan. Published in English


Chia-Yen Tai, Chih-Chung Lin, & Hung-Hsiang Wang. (2012). The design of affordance using blending theory. In Proceedings of 2012 International Conference of Innovation & Design (pp.68-75). Taipei, Taiwan. Published in English, Top 10 Excellence Award


Chih-Chung Lin, Chia-Yen Tai, & Hung-Hsiang Wang. (2012). Application of the Blending Theory in PET Bottle Design. In Proceedings of 2012 International Conference of Innovation & Design (pp.24-29). Taipei, Taiwan. Published in English, Top 10 Excellence Award


戴嘉言、陳泰利(2009)。「盪鞦韆」-參數振動原理之展具製作與影像分析。 2009物理教學及示範研討會,東吳大學,台灣。 Published in Chinese


Related Activities


Exhibitor of 32nd Young Designers’ Exhibition (Exhibited DailyPet Project)


Participant of From IP to IPO: Business Model Innovation Workshop


Teaching Assistant in Special Project of Senior Student


Exhibitor of 2012 ICID Design Joint Exhibition (Exhibited Clinic cLink project)


Participant of Yuli Town Cultural & Creative Industry Workshop


Participant of 2011 IDA Congress Young Designers Workshop


Art Editor of Hou-Quan Magzine, Da-Dao-Dheng Presbyterian Church




Industrial-Academic Collaboration Design Project Year: 2013 Company: Livan Co., Limited. Designer: Chia-Yen Tai

1.9 mm

114.6 mm

11.9 mm

19.1 mm

19.2 mm

7.4 mm

48.0 mm



1.5 mm

Mesh Nebulizer Design

18.9 mm

75.0 mm

1 NightGuard

49.4 mm





Project Brief NightGuard is a project that aimed to create a new style mesh nebulizer to the market. The knowledge and strategy behind was that we applying the metaphor of “lighthouse� to give the product a great story. Lighthouse is always caring about the sailor in the very dark. By blending the image of lighthouse, NightGuard is always beside and taking care of you day and night. NightGuard is just like a light and great partner to help you overcome the darkly disease. 16




A: groove for vapor B: filter install here C: sink for the filtered water D: PC material E: medicinal liquid tank F: volume scale G: open cap H: push button to take apart nozzle module I: green LED light up while power on J: yellow LED light up while battery is low K: 2xAA battery box (concaved to prevent water) L: charger plug-in (concaved to prevent water) M: plastic material N: brand Logo O: rubber material P: parting line Q: plastic with double injected rubber








Nessie Soap Dispenser Design

Industrial-Academic Collaboration Design Project Year: 2012 Company: Big Eagle Holding Ltd. Designer: Chia-Yen Tai

127.6 mm

177.0 mm

206.3 mm

46.3 mm

7.6 mm

12.0 mm

19.5 mm

182.6 mm


12.0 mm

Project Brief Nessie was a new soap dispenser style development project. In this case I applied the metaphor design method. By inspiring and blending the image of Nessie, the Loch Ness monster, I give the product a vivid, mysterious, and amusing story. Nessie is not only a functionally soap dispenser, but a characteristic collection of home accessory.








A: soap extruding hole B: infrared sensor (transmitter) C: infrared sensor (receiver) D: soap tank E: parting line F: plastic material G: soap pour in H: pump mechanism (inside) I: anti-slip feet J : battery box K: soap volume knob L: power ON/OFF knob M: function sign




Project Brief ColorVM was a new vacuum massager design project. After market and style research, I generated a concept about “health life, colorful life.” So the final design came out to have a strong image of serial colors. More than that, in the whole design process I made a big effort on not only just fulfilling the proprietor’s requirement, but trying to create some meaningful form or good user experience by carefully considering the using way.



Vacuum Massager Design -

Industrial-Academic Collaboration Design Project Year: 2012 Company: Livan Co., Limited. Designer: Chia-Yen Tai

A: massage cup B: cup inlet hole C: colorful silicone material D: plastic material E: ON/OFF button F: recharge indicator light G: program selector H: level volume I: charge plug in J: colorful product serial






75.0 mm

41.0 mm


11.8 mm 32.6 mm

177.2 mm

4.5 mm

23.3 mm

14.7 mm

25.0 mm

52.8 mm



41.0 mm 9.0 mm



Health Life, Colorful Life. 25


SafeFlameV LED Candle Light Design


Industrial-Academic Collaboration Design Project Year: 2012 SafeFlame LED Flameless Candles Company: Chia-Yen Tai, Chih-Chung Lin, Designer: Bo-Jin Wang, Pei-Hsuan Lin

Project Brief SafeFlameV was a project that designing a new concept of LED candle light. It is mainly using by children in many ceremony such like birthday party or Christmas, so the product safety is highly demanded. In this case, we worked hard on creating a new form that not only make it more like the real candle, but also consider carefully on how to prevent accident during children using. In this project, I mainly responsible for the design of candle body, the assambly way, and maze-like screw top. The maze-like screw top could let adult change the batteries inside for repeated use, change the top parts for using in different scenarios, and prevent unscrewing by children. I took a big effort on the design of mechanism inside the candle. But it brought a great experience to me when I could overcome the challenge in this case.


A: maze-like screw top. Unscrew the top could change the batteries inside. The maze-like screw top design is for prevention of children unscrewing and eatting it by mistake.




B: C: D: E: F:

melted shape design wide top and narrow bottom to make it more elegant considering the ecology, could change battery for repeat use could change top parts for different occasions ON/OFF button in the bottom



F 29

Engineering & Assembly Drawing 10.0 mm

10.0 mm

14.0 mm

join to rib

10.0 mm

29.5 mm

17.0 mm

25.0 mm


AA battery



14.0 mm

10.0 mm

2.0 mm

16.0 mm

17.0 mm

16.9 mm

14.0 mm

LED pass hole

10.0 mm

2.0 mm

6.0 mm

6.0 mm

10.0 mm

12.0 mm

136.0 mm

draft angle 1ă‚œ

134.0 mm

18.0 mm

16.0 mm

2.0 mm

5.0 mm

12.0 mm

14.0 mm

ON/OFF button






App, Interaction Design -

2011 Young Designers Worshop, IDA Congress Year: 2011 Film: Adviser: Hartmut Esslinger, Founder of Frog Design Designer: Chia-Yen Tai, Chun-Ting Tai, Jhen-Wei Lin, Lolita Cho (Canada), Kimura Ayato (Japan)

Project Brief According to statistic from Academia Sinica, the highest academic institution in Taiwan, over 50% of the adherents believe in a religion for the purpose of entrust spiritually and mentally. Because of urbanization and the world tend of fast pace in city today, people become busier and busier. As many traditional things face on the conflicts between the old and new, the ceremony of traditional worship may also be impacted to think about a new way out. Is there any way to have even busy people who rarely visit temples to be able to worship a god also when they feel anxious? moving the gods right along us? How about… APP instead! iTemple using technology to sets “Temples” into a modern form, that is, combining and moving the temples, gods, ceremonies actually inside our mind and having only the images to display. Download iTemple, and you can worship and establish the special relationship just between you and gods anytime anywhere.

Have the Temple with You, Have the Worship with You.

Are you busy and feel unpeaceful in everyday life?

Now You Can Worship and Get Peace Anywhere!

Have the Temple with you. Have the Worship with You.

How to Use iTemple?

- Main Page & Menu


Clothing Color (red, green, blue...) Accessories (crown, ring...) Hair Style Gift

Drawing Sticks Casting Lots


Food (fruits, McDonald’s...) Flowers Golden Money Incense

Furniture (tables, lots container...) Wallpaper Roof Windows Floor Decorations

- Interactions

Fortune Asking


Casting Lots

Change Gods for Different Purpose

Creat Your Own God (ex: your girfriend)

Interaction Flow

Returning Users

(Start Here!)

Press to Start

Press to Pop-up the Menu


Home & Icon

Main Page


First Time Users

Introduction & Building Your iTemple

Step 1 Introduction

Step 2 Choose a God

Step 3 Build a Temple for Your God

Step 4 Completion Message




Interaction Pet, Crutch Robot for Elderly


National Science Council Program Year: 2012-2013 Film: Designer: Chia-Yen Tai, Tzu-Hua Chen, Yuan-Tai Chiu, Chih-Chung Lin、Pei-Hsuan Lin

Project Brief DailyPet is not only an intelligent crutch, a robot, but also an intimate pet that accompanying the elders in their everyday life. Especially for the elders who staying at home almost all day alone. It embedded an array of camera sensors to detect the motion state of the elders, and by applied IOT technology to automatically move aside to provide a help. That could take good care of the risk of pose changing and prevent falling in daily living. Besides, by sensing the intention of the elders, DailyPet also could act like a pet through moving and light changing, to present its own emotion and develop relationship with the elders. The project of DailyPet design come from the idea of how to help the elders “aging in place” healthily. DailyPet is not enough for commercial, but it is good to arouse technology imaginations for our future life. Through the concrete imagination bring up by this design, we could step toward the beautiful future further.

Function & Concept Motion Sensing & IOT: DailyPet applied an array of 6 CMOS camera sensors to detect the moving intention of the elder. And by IOT technology it could move aside automatically to give a walking or standing assistance. For example, in the night scenario, while the elder wake up and would like to get out of bed for bathroom, the camera sensor embedded in DailyPet sensing the elder, and DailyPet would move automatically closer to the elder to provide a standing up help.

flexible mechanism


CMOS canera semsors handgrip (with touch sensor inside) light

auto-adjusting base on right or left side holding

lOT technology to move liftable mechanism

servo motor and ball wheel

Walking Helper: DailyPet will provide assistance while detecting the elder is going to stand up. The liftable mechanism in all lags will help the stand-up action and can automatically adjust to suitable height for holding. By know the elder is holding on the right or left side base on sensing data, DailyPet will turn the two front lags clockwise or counterclockwise to prevent being obstructed while walking. 40

By installing bluetooth4.0 in bulbs all around the house to achieve the orientation system and auto-move function

Biomimetic Form : DailyPet challenged the general image of “geriatric products” in the market, that is, machine-like products. If we really want machine-like products all full around us in everyday life? Or if we really want a product help us in machine-like ways of function to help us live better in old age? By creating a biomimetic shape, DailyPet rearticulate the form value stood on a perceptual view point. Through the power of form (and the design of interaction), we try to present and make the emotional relationship between human and artifacts. We believe that is a very important things in the future.

Light & Interaction : DailyPet have a spotlight in head and an ambient light around the handle. The two light not only using to light up the dark but also present its own emotion. By camera sensor and touch sensor on the handle surface mutually sensing the environment and elder’s motion, the two light will simulate the emotion and interact with the elders. The light just make it “talking” to the elder. Beside the lights, DailyPet’s head part which spotlight was installed are flexible. The flexible mechanism make it could bend and act with the light, to enrich the express of emotion.

Besides express its own emotion, the two lights give a big help at light up the dark for the elder in night. To make the elder being safe while wake up from bed and walking in the deep dark. 41

Design Process

Observation, Brainstorming: In the beginning, we went to the elder’s living space to do some observation. We took some photos about the elder’s behavior or living detail we were interesting during the observation. Then we brought those photos back to studio and start brainstorming. Brainstorming help us to find out lots of key points to generate ideas, based on the observation photos. Finally we selected some ideas worth to develop further and used AEIOU method to form them to more complete scenarios.

Concept Generating with Conceptual Blending, Sketches: Conceptual Blending is a newly design method based on cognitive sciences. It combines and blends two individual concept to generate a new one. Continued with the scenarios we got in previous step, we used Conceptual Blending to construct design concepts and draw sketches. (Design with Conceptual Blending was my master degree research topic, the more detail could be seen in my master's thesis.)












扶手 椅座 扶手




A:保護 E:汽車 I:充氣緩衝 U:駕駛員

A:久坐起身,怕跌倒 E:客廳 I:扶沙發起身 U:年長者 Sensor

椅背 含氣囊的 椅墊








身體 四肢


A:陪伴主人 E:家中 I:與生命體的互動 U:主人

A:在身邊隨時輔助 E:任何地點 I:機能,抓握行走 U:使用者


椅座內裝 扶手 幫浦機構

主 體








sensor 握把 光 (眼睛) 觸控 主 身 sensor 體體


A:日出日落 E:戶外 I:了解時間 U:人


A:開車轉向 E:駕駛座 I:旋轉方向盤 U:駕駛員

A:鬧鐘響起床先做做運動再下床 E:臥室/床 I:關鬧鐘/扶床起身/簡單活動 U:年長者



握把 鐘面 光(日冕)

接件 旋件


A:久坐起身受到保護 E:客廳 I:沙發充氣幫助起身 U:年長者 混成空間

A:在身邊隨時陪伴與輔助 E:家中任何地點 I:與寵物互動也能幫助行走 U:主人/使用者

A:轉盤向太陽般升起發光/ 光像鬧鐘把人叫醒/ 起床先轉轉方向盤做運動/下床 E:臥室/床 I:告知時間/轉方向盤關鬧鐘/起身 U:年長者

混成空間 混成空間

Sketches Evaluation: By evaluating the sketches and doing brainstorming again, we integrated and regenerated the valuable points to one concept.


Lo-Fi Prototype Testing (with Arduino): We quickly drew 3D model and made lo-fi prototype to test our concept rapidly. We used a small-scaled PU mock-up to examine the form and 1:1 foamcore with arduino to test the using scenario and several function. By research from those lo-fi prototype, we found out several problems that can’t be seen in 2D sketches.


Concept Modifying, Hi-Fi Prototyping Testing (with Arduino): Based on the problems found from lo-fi prototyping, we modified some detail of our concept. Here we got the final design concept DailyPet. Then we quickly examined DailyPet through 3D model and started to make hi-fi prototype built in with arduino.


The light interaction testing with arduino could be seen at


Scenario Film: We made a scenario film with the hi-fi prototype to help us communicating our concept with the others. The film also used in post-test of user research.

The scenario film could be seen at

Research through Design(Film): At the end of this project, we invited several real users to watch our scenario film to get research data. By the approach of research through design, the scenario film is seen as a media that could arouse the user’s technology imaginations and inspire them to form some further concrete idea about the future life that they really wanted. This film is now still acting as a stimulus that inspiring the one who have seen it to see the possibility and dream about our better future living.


205.0 mm

760.0 mm

1087.0 mm

187.5 mm

193.5 mm

R75.0 mm 518.0 mm

R19.0 mm

R7.5 mm

318.0 mm


MISTPOEMS Design for Urban Interactions

7 MISTPOEMS Design for Urban Interaction

- Year: 2012-2013 - Film: - Designer: Tzu-Hua Chen, Chia-Yen Tai

Project Brief MISTPOEMS is an urban interaction design project. This design stood on a critical discourse viewpoint, to reframe the question about how to create meaningful experience in our daily routine. Today as computers move beyond the desktop and start to wave into our daily lives, the role of technology is not enough just a problem solving instrument in working setting status. Thus, what is the form of technology may be like to create new experience in non-working setting in urban life? MISTPOEMS is a case we present to articulate the possible face that technology may be in enhancing the social interaction and experiential quality of our daily urban living. This kind of technology concerns about how we experience the world around us. By not looking technology upon an efficient tool for working, MISTPOEMS provides a concrete technology imagination to inspire and invigorate more thought about the possible better future.

How technology could be woven into our daily practice to reflect our lived world?

MISTPOEMS changes our urban daily life from current state to a preferred state.


Current State

Preferred State

We are all individuals even if we are crowded in a small space. We are all strangers.

Passengers start to sense that they are not separate existence. The invisible perception linked each other start to emerge. The implicit social interaction occur to change the spatial experience former. The people linked by an implicit way creating the new meaning of urban living life.

Interaction Flow






又飛走了 而那無歌的秋黃落葉 只飄落一聲嘆息

到我窗前唱歌 夏天的漂鳥來 又飛走了 黃落葉 而那無歌的秋 息 只飄落一聲嘆


窗前唱歌 又飛走了 而那無歌的秋黃落 葉 只飄落一聲嘆息

在尚未意會前他 們在海底繼續 患失憶症的人坐 在海邊聽到了 而喚起的第一個


夏天的漂鳥來到我窗前唱 歌



又飛走了 而那無歌的秋黃落葉

又飛走了 而那無歌的秋黃落葉

碰到的字 因意外而 於是我們 奇怪 據生長但 就開始佔 吻和吻 不會搞錯 我們永遠

於是我們 就開始佔



又飛走了 而那無歌的秋黃落葉

在尚未意會前他 們在海底繼續 患失憶症的人坐 在海邊聽到了 而喚起的第一個

有些事情就 像把一架彈 奏中的鋼琴 連同鋼琴師 高速捲進海 底


Concept & Scenario

In Taipei MRT carriage, “Hanging up� the umbrella in the partitions is an unanticipated behavior but it occurs very often in rainy day. We set this point as a trigger to start the interaction system. When interaction begin, the windows start to mist. The poems start

to emerge between the mists. The poems and the urban scenes out side he windows are interweaved to change the instant context of carriage. Reframing the relationship between people and the city.

The partition that does not hang up umbrella starts to lighting. To attract others to interact. The lighting partition, the mist, and the poems form the rich contents of the interaction.


When the lighting partitions attract someone to hang up his umbrella, an implicit cooperation relationship established. The more umbrellas hang up on the partitions, the richer the poem contents emerges. Several implicit social interaction start to occur during the whole interaction context such like eyes contact, being attracting to hang up umbrella, reading the same poems at the same time, and so on. Everyone in the carriage will directly or indirectly involving in the new created spatial experience.

When an involver is going to leave and take up his umbrella hanged before, the poems will disappear. Until the next one who gets on the carriage and hangs up his umbrella, the new interaction circle begins.


Design Process

User-Centered Design Research: In the beginning, we took “Culture Probes” as an UCD method to explore the special issues and human behavior happened in MRT carriage. Culture probes uses a tool kit including a diary, camera, and so on, to record the interest things that may inspire us generating design ideas.

Workshop: We hosted a workshop to deal with the issues found through Culture Probes. We invited other two designers to work with us. In this workshop we took “Annotated Portfolio” which is a design method proposed by Bill Gaver to help us conclude some design guideline.

Generating Design Concept: By the guideline we concluded from workshop, we generated several ideas and formed 3 design concepts in sketches. Finally we converged the concepts to one we named MISTPOEMS.


Prototyping (with arduino): We used film prototype to present MISTPOEMS. MISTPOEMS has tangible parts and virtual parts. I was responsible for the tangible parts. So I first using Rhino to design the model and define the dimensions. Then based on the function we need I wrote the arduino program to accomplish the tangible interaction parts. And finally designed the hardware layout that could install the circuit into our model.


Prototyping (film): We used the model in MRT carriage to make the film. Tzu-Hua Chen was responsible for the visual design, film script, and accomplishing the virtual parts using After Effect.


Critical Discourse by Film: MISTPOEMS is a discursive design that aim to arouse the viewers to reflect on the technology using in daily life. And by this film we communicate a concrete technology imagination to inspire people generating more thoughts about our future.

The film could be seen at


Thank You !


Chia-Yen Tai Portfolio  
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