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`BRISTOL TOWNSHIP Office of the Township Manager ____________________________________ 2501 Bath Road · Bristol, PA 19007 · (215) 785-0500 · Fax (215) 785-2131

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Bristol Township Manager authorizes the release of the following statement in order to keep township residents fully informed: Township Manager Bill McCauley thanked residents for their input into the 2013 Milling & Paving Program. “Residents are obviously paying close attention to the list of roads to be paved in 2013 by the amount of feedback we have received,” he said. “We already learned from residents that Good Turn Road had been resurfaced in the mid-2000’s, so we removed it from the paving list,” McCauley pointed out. McCauley said that the Township was addressing 40 years of neglect, mismanagement, and incompetence in the area of highway maintenance as evidenced by the Township Engineers’ determination that 88 of the 177 miles of Township highways are in need of repaving. “We have great needs in this area; we paved over eight miles in 2012 and will do another 25 miles this year, but we are playing catch-up to say the least,” he said. “I am amazed that 62 miles of original Levitt constructed roads have never been resurfaced for 60 years,” he stated. The Manager said he hoped to resurface all 88 miles in the next five years. In addition, there are some challenges presented to the annual paving program by the major reconstruction project taking place on Route 13. “Many residents questioned why we were not paving Haines Road this year, but it does not make any sense to pave roads connecting to Route 13 while the heavy trucks are using our roads to get to the construction project,” he said. McCauley said that these Township highways would be reconstructed after the Route 13 work was complete. McCauley said any residents with questions, comments, or suggestions are welcome to contact him at 267-812-2888 or by email at “This is an enormous undertaking and we can use all the help we can get,” he said. ### Contact: Bill McCauley, Township Manager (267) 812-2888