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DIGADOC TM A new bespoke plant trailer specially designed for safe transportation of mini excavators and attachments. Designed to combat the problems of overloading and inherent weakness of ratchet straps to secure plant when transporting.

TAIL GATE LOCK Rear tail gate with threaded bar and a welded-on locking handle ensures a secure tailgate position as compared to traditional simple cotter pins. No portable ramps to secure.

DIGADOC™ has been designed to make safe loading as simple as possible – with no room for operator error. A safe and legal convenient towing solution for compact plant. Any excavator movement in any direction is limited, the excavator tracks are positioned within the 2 track sized casings that cover the majority of the track and limits manoeuvrability. Mini excavators can only be loaded onto the DIGADOC™ trailer into a single track position. This provides the optimum weight distribution spread evenly over the axle, and operators must track all the way to allow the ramp to be lifted and fixed.

SIMPLE SAFE SECURE DIGADOCTM provides a simple loading and off-loading procedure for safe plant towing. Operators can’t go wrong: The tail gate / ramp allows for easy tracking positioning – Operators simply track –on and position the mini excavator within the confine of the steel canopies left and right. Operators must track all the way in as the tail gate cannot be closed and secured unless the excavator is correctly in position, they then lock the quick hitch to the headstock to secure the boom and arm. Attachments are secured in dedicated areas with a strong nylon cargo net.

FIX THE BOOM Digadoc utilises an on-board hitch locking device to secure the boom to the trailer, preventing the chance of a boom swing when transporting.

Step by Step Loading

AWARD WINNER - National Grid Safety Award 2012


EASY LOADING A semi enclosed casing “track canopy” means excavators are tracked into the most secure position on the trailer without having to use straps to secure down thereby minimising loading times. Operators must follow a correct loading sequence and track all the way before the tail-gate can be lifted and secured ensuring the excavator is correctly loaded before transporting.

SECURE YOUR TOOLS Typical on-site attachments – buckets and breakers have a dedicated compartment close to the hitch with an integral security net of tough nylon cargo net to prevent bounce-out of tools. Heavy weight breakers are positioned in a central bay below the excavator to help spread the load.


OPTIMUM WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION The position of the excavator on the Digadoc provides for optimum weight distribution spread evenly over the trailer axle, avoiding excessive tyre and axle wear, reducing tail wag and maximising braking efficiency.

The trailer bed is larger than average, extra 300mm for attachments. An open grid design so that dirt and debris can be washed away while on the trailer.


DIGADOC 2600kg Gross.

DIGADOC MAXI 3500kg Gross

Loading Height



Internal Width



Internal Length



Overall Width



Overall Length



Coupling Height



Unladen Weight





Tyre Size

Multi function/12-24v LED light units, reflective triangles and side market amber reflectors, forward facing white side lights and fog lights. Soon having reverse and running on 13PIN wiring. Rugged design with strong components, minimum service required, recessed into a steel carrier for added protection offers greater durability compared to filament type bulbs. The LEDs can also be used with 12v and 24v systems so operators can tow with vans or trucks.

Scotts Hire Ltd a specialist utilities plant hirer across the

Scotts have invested more than 18 months of research,

UK has looked to address the ongoing risks of trailer towing

investment and design engineering into the design features

especially across the self operated mini excavator market

of the DIGADOC™ working closely with leading utilities

introducing a new purpose built trailer designed for utilities

and contractors: Levens Energy Services, National Grid and

called DIGADOC™.

United Utilities to provide an industry accepted design.

SCOTTS DIGADOC™ challenges excavator transportation safety issues.

As a specialist utilities plant hirer Scotts has vast experience

A quick look at the HSE incident report has identified excavator

DIGADOC™ offers a fit for purpose solution addressing all

transporting as an on-going safety priority for the construction

the inherent issues with excavator transportation.

supplying and transporting construction equipment. The new

services industry impacting - hirers, contractors and utilities.

Don’t just take our word for it ! “The number of serious near misses caused by trailers in the utility sector coming adrift from the van is very concerning. It is something that many contractors sweep under the carpet and is therefore rarely recorded as a High Potential Incident and thus the very lesson to learn is missed. DIGADOCTM fixes this problem as the machine is easily and automatically positioned correctly ensuring the hitch is never overloaded. Like all great things, it’s simple and easy.”



provides a simplistic solution to a problem that has plagued the utilities industry for years. Our Operators find it easy to use and the trailer is a shining example of how innovative thinking has considerably reduced the Health and Safety Risks associated with the towing of excavators.” Stuart Fraser Managing Director Leven Energy Services Limited

Tel: 01270 766 421 Unit 1 Arclid Green, Sandbach, Cheshire. CW11 4SY

DIGADOCTM simply provides the safest possible load arrangements.” Martin Smithson Managing Director

In accordance with our established policy of constant improvement, we reserve the right to amend these specifications at any time without notice. Photographs shown may feature non-standard equipment.

Jon Butterworth, MBE Group Safety Director, National Grid Plc


“What DIGADOCTM does is minimise the risk involved by limiting operator loading errors. Mini excavators are automatically placed in the correct position ensuring no overloading of the towing hitch and axles.

BIRMINGHAM Tel: 01543 370 200 Collier Close, Coppice Side Ind. Est, Brownhills, West Midlands. WS8 7EU email:

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