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Cupboards & Cabinets

CASE STUDY: Worked with a yacht fitment company on custom built yachts THE CHALLENGE(S): • From the captain’s bridge the customer required the ability to secure all openings instantly in rough waters • Customer was looking for a locking system to fit a variety of different sized and shaped openings • Required to operate on a 12VDC marine system THE SOLUTION: • Provided the 9320 Stand-Alone Proximity Reader pre-programmed to control a large number of 3513 cabinet locks simultaneously. • The flexibility of the 3513 cabinet lock installation and operation allowed the Customer to use one standard lock for all openings BENEFITS of SOLUTION IMPLEMENTED: • The 9320 reader interfaced with the 3513 cabinet locks provided immediate securing and visual status of the locks operation • Ensuring items remained secure and safe in cabinets and drawers during rough waters



Case Study 1  
Case Study 1  

Worked with Yacht fitment company to find a locking solution for cabinets in high end Yachts