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Together, we are making a difference all over our city and state by serving alongside our local community partners. Together, we are reaching out to people in prison, mentoring children, volunteering at clinics, helping inner city families, tutoring refugees, helping single moms, and giving to make the holidays special for families in need. As you read through these opportunities, ask God where he wants you to get involved and experience the blessing of service. One of the best ways to find purpose, meet new friends, and take your walk with God to a new level is to serve others. As you impact someone else’s life for the better, God will use the experience to enrich your life as well.


NEIGHBORHOOD MINISTRIES * By representing the presence of Jesus Christ, this organization shares His life-transforming hope, love, and power with distressed families in urban Phoenix. Scottsdale Bible has supported this ministry since its inception in 1982. Through the involvement of dedicated, committed volunteers and our financial support, this ministry has been instrumental in reaching and transforming an entire community for Christ. Together, we have helped expand their facilities; refurbished a home for a transitional living program for young women;

provided thousands of Christmas gifts and hundreds of volunteers for their Christmas fiesta (Christmas in the Barrio); given thousands of new back-to-school shoes (Soles for Souls); provided children’s crafts for their Kids Club program; served dinner to hundreds of children in their Kids Life program; and provided loving mentors for kids. For more than 30 years, Scottsdale Bible and our people have helped ignite a passion for God and His Kingdom in the countless families impacted by this ministry.

SERVE OPPORTUNITIES: • Lead a Kids Life small group on Monday nights. • Mentor a child, one hour per week. • Drive students to one of the ministry’s weekly programs.

CONTACT: 602.252.5225



This clinic provides medical and dental healthcare services to the uninsured and underserved community. They also train and equip healthcare professionals to respectfully share the Gospel and love of Jesus Christ in their daily practice. The clinic was cofounded by a Scottsdale Bible member in 1999 and our church been supporting the ministry ever since. Through the volunteer efforts of healthcare professionals and interpreters, and financial donations from Scottsdale Bible, this ministry is able to provide necessary medical and dental services at a reduced cost to some of the most vulnerable men, women and children in Urban Phoenix.

SERVE OPPORTUNITIES: • Medical providers (MDs, DOs, NPs, and PAs) to see patients once or twice a month. • Dental Assistants to provide chair-side assistance to the volunteer dentists. • Physical Therapists to provide once a month care for PT patients referred by the primary care physicians.

REFUGE AND HOPE * House of Refuge and House of Hope provide shelter, transitional housing, and supportive services for men and single women with children who are coming out of homelessness. The goal is to help these families heal from their pasts and become self-sufficient. Scottsdale Bible began supporting this ministry in 2007 and our volunteers continue to have a transformational impact through weekly discipleship meetings, cooking and serving dinner, and stocking the ministry’s pantry shelves with needed kitchen supplies.

SERVE OPPORTUNITIES: • Work in the mornings in their kitchen to sort and organize donated food. •  Prepare and serve dinner to men once a month. • Become a mentor or join a family support team to come alongside a single mom.

CONTACT: 602.678.0223


CONTACT: 602.995.9484

This Arizona ministry helps disciple Christian men and women and prepare them for release from prison. Scottsdale Bible began supporting Along Side Ministries in 1999 and provides volunteers who continue to help transform the lives of hundreds of men and women in and out of prison through mentoring, Bible study, discipleship, and in-house jail programs.

SERVE OPPORTUNITIES: • Mentor a Christian man or woman coming out of prison. •  Visit incarcerated men or women in county jail to present the Gospel message. • Serve a meal once a month at our Men’s Discipleship Training Center (great opportunity for small groups).

CHRISTIAN FAMILY CARE AGENCY * Focused on meeting the needs of Arizona children and families, this organization provides adoption, foster care, pregnancy counseling, and both child and family counseling programs. Established in 1982 by several people from Scottsdale Bible, this ministry began out of a passion and desire to serve vulnerable children and families in the name of Jesus Christ. Our church has supported CFCA since its inception and many from Scottsdale Bible have opened their hearts and homes to participate in adoption and foster care through CFCA’s programs.

SERVE OPPORTUNITIES: • Perform clerical work in the CFCA office. • Help at their thrift store, The Family Attic, by pricing, sorting and displaying donations.


• Assist with planning and manpower at various events.



CONTACT: 928.537.9032

Both men and women receive assistance with making choices that remove obstacles, build strong families, and honor life through crisis pregnancy centers located in Show Low, Springerville and Whiteriver, Arizona. Scottsdale Bible began supporting this ministry in 2006 and has been able to help the ministry save hundreds of unborn babies by providing loving support and safe housing for young women who face unwanted pregnancies. We also help fill their resale boutique, Hopeful Treasures, with new and gently used furniture, household items and clothing. Scottsdale Bible members have provided the resources and skills for several building projects, including an

addition to house an ultrasound machine which has allowed the ministry to grow and serve more women, children and men.

SERVE OPPORTUNITIES: • Help pick up large furniture donations during our truck collections. •  Serve on a construction team to finish remodeling the Springerville Center to accommodate ultrasound screenings and increase the size of a classroom. •  Provide gently used furniture, household items and clothing for the Hopeful Treasures Boutique.

PHOENIX RESCUE MISSION * This downtown Phoenix mission provides Christcentered, life-transforming solutions to persons facing hunger and homelessness. Scottsdale Bible began supporting this ministry in 2000 and continues to be instrumental in the growth of their personal ministry programs. Members of the “As Iron Sharpens Iron” men’s group teach a powerful Bible study every Thursday evening with the men in their long-term addiction recovery program. Others from our church serve in their dining hall each Thursday night. This is a great connection point for those wishing to become involved in the ministry because it emphasizes the Mission’s basic principle that hope begins with the meal. Scottsdale Bible people actively participate in their community outreach events

that include handing out turkeys, stuffing backpacks, and praying with children and their families.


SERVE OPPORTUNITIES: • S  erve meals at the mission daily (ages 14 and over, with adult supervision for those under 18). Breakfast prep and service, 5:308am; lunch, 11:15am-1pm; dinner, 4:15-6pm. • Fill-A-Box, Feed-A-Family: Make a Thanksgiving Food Box and then deliver it to a family in need. • H elp kitchen staff with meal preparation for 200 plus people. Prep volunteers begin two hours before the meal is served.

CONTACT: 602.233.3000

MATTHEW 25 PROJECT Started by Scottsdale Bible Church members in 2006, this ministry provides meals, clothing and hygiene supplies to numerous homeless shelters throughout the Valley, sharing Christ with compassion, hope and dignity. Because of our support and volunteer efforts, the ministry has been able to expand to serve six homeless shelters on a monthly basis. Through these monthly opportunities, people from our church have had the privilege of sharing Christ’s love and proclaiming the gospel to thousands of homeless men, women and children.

SERVE OPPORTUNITIES: Feed the homeless on the third Saturday of each month.

CONTACT: 602.977.9749

HOLIDAY SEASON OPPORTUNITIES CHIEF MINISTRY TURKEY DRIVE This holiday season, we have a wonderful opportunity to be a blessing and share the love of Christ with our local ministry partner. Each November, we host a Frozen Turkey Drive for CHIEF. A turkey may not seem like much to you, but to hundreds of Native Americans living in poverty, it is a special treat. The turkeys will be given to several indigenous churches on the Maricopa Indian Reservation and then delivered to families with the greatest need. They will be given with other food items to complete a Thanksgiving meal.

NEIGHBORHOOD MINISTRIES KIDS CLUB CHRISTMAS GIFTS Throughout the month of November, we will have Giving Trees available on campus during our Saturday and Sunday services. These trees will be decorated with gift tags representing a requested gift for a child enrolled in Neighborhood Ministries Kids Club. Your gift will brighten the Christmas season for one of these children and his or her parents, who do not have the resources to purchase Christmas gifts for their family.

CHRISTMAS IN THE BARRIO In December, we will partner again with Neighborhood Ministries to host our annual Christmas in the Barrio. This is a fun-filled Christmas fiesta for the families living in Urban Phoenix. We will need many volunteers to serve with us and Neighborhood Ministries to make this a special event for the kids and families.


HELPING HANDS FOR SINGLE MOMS * This organization assists low-income single mothers while they are pursuing a college education and financial independence. Scottsdale Bible began supporting this ministry in 2006 and has been able to help serve more than 400 single-mother families. The outcome has been a 78% college graduation rate for full scholarship recipients and an average starting salary for alumni of more than $44,000 with benefits.

SERVE OPPORTUNITIES: • Adopt a family for Christmas. Provide a gift for one mom’s child/children and attend their Holiday Happiness program to meet the mom and wrap the gifts with her. • Donate professional personal services, such as optical, dental, medical, or legal. • Serve as a Nurse Mentor for a nursing student.

CONTACT: 602.475.1718


This nurturing sanctuary provides a comprehensive approach to breaking the cycle of addiction, abuse, trauma and homelessness for women with children. Scottsdale Bible has been supporting this ministry since 2008 when we began laying the groundwork for the Women’s Center. A group of women from Scottsdale Bible teach a Bible study at the Changing Lives Center to help women who are new to faith in Christ experience His love and grace. Through our church’s support, this ministry is achieving their goal to help hundreds of single mothers and their children become all God created them to be.




Provide babysitting in the Childcare Center while mothers in the program attend class. Positions are open Monday through Friday, 8am-12:30pm, 11am-2:30pm, 2:30-5pm or 3-6pm.

MENTOR KIDS USA * This organization provides Christian mentors for at-risk youth to help them reach their God-given potential and become transformative members of their families and communities. Since 1997, Scottsdale Bible has provided support and volunteers, enabling this ministry to expand to a three-tier approach that not only provides mentoring for at-risk youth, but includes their families and communities as well. Whether serving in one of their community gardens in South Phoenix, tutoring a Palomino School District child at their after-school program, helping a child improve his or her reading, supporting a refugee youth through cultural transition, leading a Bible study or teaching the fundamentals of baseball, our church members are transforming the lives of at-risk youth, their families, and their communities.

SERVE OPPORTUNITIES: • Provide one-on-one mentoring or small group mentoring. • Serve at the Community Garden.


• Provide youth athletics mentoring.


• Tutor or mentor a refugee youth.



Scottsdale Bible helps resettle some of the most vulnerable and oppressed people of the world— victims of religious and political persecution, injustice and war. These refugees are separated from family and homeland, deal with abject poverty, and live between moments of crisis and boredom, anticipation and hopelessness. In situations of lengthy displacement, refugee children may be born and raised in exile knowing little beyond life in a refugee camp. Our generous volunteers have helped more than 50 families rebuild and begin a new life in a place unfamiliar to anything they have ever known or imagined. We furnish apartments, teach English, tutor and mentor the youth, and celebrate birthdays and holidays. Most significantly, we love them unconditionally and share the hope that lies within us.


• Sponsor a family.


• Tutor or mentor a youth (ages 8-18). • C  elebrate holidays with the Refugee Ministry Team and refugee families. • Donate children’s clothing.

CHILD EVANGELISM FELLOWSHIP This worldwide organization reaches children with the Good News of Jesus Christ, discipling them in God’s Word and enfolding them into a local Bible teaching church. Scottsdale Bible began supporting C.E.F. in 1997 and provides volunteers to run their after-school Good News Clubs in public schools in the Scottsdale and Paradise Valley school districts. These after-school programs have been instrumental in leading hundreds of children to Christ.

SERVE OPPORTUNITIES: • Serve at the County Fair by making bracelets with people at C.E.F.’s evangelism booth and sharing the Gospel. • Help lead a Good News Club on weekday afternoons during the school year, (3-4:30pm) any day of the week. Some training and a background check is required. • Host a summer 5-Day Club in your home in late June and mid-July, 1.5 hours each day for 5 consecutive days. You invite the kids and provide a snack each day; C.E.F. leaders teach the club and give away prizes and Bibles.

CONTACT: 602.242.4243


CONTACT: 602.996.8547

This ministry’s goal is to share Christ’s love with international college students by providing American “Friendship Partners” who will help them adjust to American culture. Scottsdale Bible began supporting this ministry in 1997 and consistently provides volunteers who befriend international students while they are attending ASU or Thunderbird School of Global Management. These friendships have a tremendous impact on them and many of the students accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Currently, 64 international students have Scottsdale Bible Friendship Partners. We also provide funding for the ministry’s annual Welcome Dinner, where they

welcome hundreds of newly arrived students, and dinners throughout the year for various on-campus Bible study groups.

SERVE OPPORTUNITIES: • B  ecome a Friendship Partner by being a friend to an international student. Training is provided. • H  ost an international student or couple at your home for a Thanksgiving or Christmas meal. • P  rovide a meal for one of the on-campus Bible studies.

CHIEF MINISTRY By discipling and equipping Native American leaders, CHIEF (Christian Hope Indian Eskimo Fellowship) is helping develop the indigenous church throughout North, Central and South America. Scottsdale Bible began supporting this ministry in 2006 and our people have served on work projects, short-term mission teams, and outreaches on Arizona Indian Reservations. These and other projects have significantly helped the indigenous church reach Native Americans with the love and life-changing message of the Gospel. Scottsdale Bible also collects frozen turkeys each November to be given to some of the poorest families on the reservations.

SERVE OPPORTUNITIES: • Help with collection of frozen turkeys at our Turkey Drive. • Give out turkeys at CHIEF Center after the Turkey Drive.


• Help set up and take down for training sessions and clean up at the CHIEF Center.


ST. MARY’S FOOD BANK Founded in 1967, St. Mary’s is the world’s first food bank. Their mission is to alleviate hunger by gathering and distributing food while encouraging self-sufficiency and education. For the past four years, Scottsdale Bible has partnered with St. Mary’s Food Bank to help provide meals to some of Arizona’s neediest families. Almost 20% of Arizona residents face food insecurity on a daily basis. Only two other states have a higher percentage. During Scottsdale Bible’s annual food drive, we’ve collected food to provide as many as 50,000 meals to hungry children and families each year.

SERVE OPPORTUNITIES: • Sort, box and bag donated food. • Provide administrative support. • Donate food to the Food Bank.

CONTACT: 602.242.3663

Arizona makes it easy to support local charities through the Charitable Tax Credit! As an Arizona taxpayer, you have the unique opportunity to redirect a portion of your state tax dollars to organizations providing help to others, at no additional cost to you. Donations to qualifying organizations are returned to you not as a deduction, but as a tax credit. For most gifts, the maximum credit is $200 for single taxpayers or $400 for married taxpayers. For gifts to qualifying foster care organizations, the credits double to $400 and $800. And, starting this year, you do not need to itemize deductions to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. It’s easy to ensure your tax dollars go to a charity you are passionate about, at no cost to you. Organizations in this brochure marked with an Arizona state icon qualify for the AZ tax credit. Please take advantage of this amazing opportunity to give to deserving organizations in our community who are serving in Jesus’ name.


Outreach Brochure  

Learn more about our local ministry partners.

Outreach Brochure  

Learn more about our local ministry partners.