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Greetings! January 28, 1962, marks an important date in the history of Scottsdale Bible Church. On that Sunday morning, approximately 30 people met in a home and held the first congregational worship for what would become Scottsdale Bible Church. Over the next few years, this small gathering moved from homes to halls as it grew spiritually and numerically until its first home was built on five acres at McDonald Drive next to Kiva Elementary School. From the beginning, God poured out His blessing on this small church as the commitment to excellent worship and Bible teaching caused the congregation to outgrow their new home, leading them to a huge step of faith: buying 20 acres at Shea and Miller…for $212,000! Much happened over the ensuing years. The church grew in number, expanded its ministry, extended the gospel around the world, and increased in eternal impact. God’s faithfulness has brought us joyfully to January 2012, as Scottsdale Bible Church launches a year-long series of events celebrating our church’s 50th anniversary. As we commemorate this hallmark event, it is important that our celebration be focused completely and clearly on God–His faithfulness and provision. This 50th year will not be a yearlong party of self-congratulation. Instead, 2012 will be a year of praise and celebration of how God has used the people of Scottsdale Bible Church to further His kingdom over the past 50 years. More importantly, this yearlong celebration will help further the vision for what Scottsdale Bible Church will be for the next 50 years–a community of Christ-followers marked by unwavering faith and unconditional love. In the pages that follow, you will get a glimpse of the plans for 2012, as we celebrate our 50th year —a year to remember, rejoice, and renew! Your Friend and Pastor,

Jamie Rasmussen




First organizational meeting • Jim  Borror called as senior pastor

In search of a permanent home: Moved four times until the purchase of five acres at McDonald Drive & 68th Place


Scottsdale Bible Church is what it is today because God alone has blessed this congregation. This yearlong celebration will reflect on God’s goodness and commemorate the faithfulness of God’s provision over the past half-century as we offer an ongoing, sustained prayer of thanksgiving. We give thanks to God always for all of you, constantly mentioning you in our prayers, remembering before our God and Father your work of faith and labor of love and steadfastness of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.

(1 Thessalonians 1:2–3)




First services held at McDonald Drive

Sherrill Babb called as senior pastor

Don Sunukjian called as senior pastor

(the first facility owned by Scottsdale Bible)


In its 50th year, Scottsdale Bible Church is providing the congregation many opportunities to celebrate our great God and how He continues to use the ministries and people of our church– as we pray together, worship together and serve together–to change lives

personally, locally & around the world! Glory in his holy name; let the hearts of those who seek the LORD rejoice! (1 Chronicles 16:10)




Darryl DelHousaye called as senior pastor

Planted North Ridge Community Church

Planted Mosaic Bible Church

(now Old Town Bible Church)

renew Most importantly, 2012 will be a singularly God–focused time of prayer and renewal as we look to the future of Scottsdale Bible. Even while we look back and celebrate what God is doing now, much of what is scheduled throughout the year will help us look forward to the next 50 years. We will be a people who follow Christ with an unwavering dedication to God’s will to faithfully and graciously serve others. In our fiftieth year, we

renew our commitment to love and serve Jesus and all people. We do so with a vision toward 2062, when our children, grandchildren and the following generations will similarly celebrate the mighty works of God in and through His people of Scottsdale Bible Church!

Restore us to yourself, O LORD, that we may be restored! Renew our days as of old—(Lamentations 5:21)



Planted Desert View Bible Church

Larry Anderson called as senior pastor



Jamie Rasmussen called as senior pastor

Planted North Bible Church


The 50th Anniversary of Scottsdale Bible Church offers you many blessings through a range of opportunities. Highlights of the opportunities to Remember, Rejoice & Renew will include: • Honor the contributions and ministries of the six Senior Pastors who served so faithfully. Each former Senior Pastor has been invited back to participate in a sermon series based on the seven churches of Revelation (see schedule for dates and topics).

• Celebrate God’s goodness in blessing the ministries of our church – from the start and growth of our local and international missions to the planting of new churches and parachurch organizations throughout the Phoenix Metropolitan area.

• Construct an “Ebenezer” (memorial) commemorating the church’s first 50 years, to be designed by artists from Scottsdale Bible Church and constructed during 2012.

• Provide renewal efforts throughout the year, beginning with “50” hours of continuous prayer, “50” short term missions trips, and launching “50” service opportunities aimed at making a difference in the communities where we live. The renewal celebration culminates on October 28—a special Sunday morning where we will meet offsite in one united service and together, we will humble ourselves before God, seeking His will for our church now and in the future.

• Celebrate the contributions of our former Worship Pastors as we bring them back to unite in one glorious night entitled “A Journey of Worship” featuring choir, orchestra, contemporary bands and a special tribute to the contributions of longtime member and past elder, John W. Peterson.

One of the most exciting aspects of our Anniversary celebration is the publication of a special 50th Anniversary Scottsdale Bible Church Devotional–365 daily devotions that have been written by our current and former pastors, staff, elders, missionaries, lay leaders and teachers. In addition to the church-wide events, the various ministries of Scottsdale Bible will be planning ministry-specific events to celebrate God’s goodness in their ministries over the past 50 years.

Check out the 50 th anniversary video with Pastor Jamie at... SCAN QR CODE W/ PHONE

Worship, Connect, Serve: Each week, participate

in an engaging worship venue that will nourish your soul and build your faith. Grow closer to God in these weekly encounters with Him and with others. Develop your relationships further by connecting with a small group of friends. Together, learn more about God, care for one another, and do things that make a “real-world difference” in Scottsdale and beyond. As you serve, you will see how you are God’s plan for changing the world. Worship, connect and serve through Scottsdale Bible; be amazed at how God works through you to impact eternity!

c a l en da r o f e v en t s January 8

“State of the Church”– Pastor Jamie Rasmussen shares the strategic initiatives for the coming year

January 15

50th Anniversary Kick Off Celebration. Jamie Rasmussen, Senior Pastor: Church in Ephesus

vision to extend its ministry across the Valley through a multisite strategy. This humble approach will plant video venues of Scottsdale Bible Church in locations that will attract people who would otherwise be too far away to attend worship at the Shea campus. These venues will feature live contemporary worship, a campus pastor, top-notch children’s ministry, and hi-definition video streaming of Sunday’s preaching. The first of these venues is slated to launch in November 2012 as we strive to reach all people using all means available.

February 5

Dr. Jim Borror, Senior Pastor 1962 –1969: Church in Smyrna

February 24

Journey of Worship, featuring former Worship Pastors

March 11

Dr. Sherrill Babb, Senior Pastor 1970–1972: Church in Pergamum

April 8


April 13-15

50 Hours of Prayer

May 20

Dr. Don Sunukjian, Senior Pastor 1972–1979: Church in Thyatira

Vision 51: As Scottsdale Bible launches into its next

September 30

Dr. Darryl Delhousaye, Senior Pastor 1981–2006: Church in Sardis

October 7

Dr. Larry Anderson, Senior Pastor 2006 – 2007: Church in Philadelphia

October 28

50th Anniversary Summit Jamie Rasmussen, Senior Pastor: Church in Laodicea Single offsite service to be held at WestWorld of Scottsdale

Multisite: God has given Scottsdale Bible Church a

50 years, we are renewed in our commitment to press forward to claim new victories for the glory of Jesus. Envision a Shea campus that has improved facilities for worship, discipleship, outreach, and ministry. Imagine incredible preschool, children, and student facilities that welcome newcomers and reflect an ever-increasing commitment to excellence. Expect a bold thrust to continually try new things, plant new venues, establish new partnerships, start new ministries, and take fresh steps of faith so that all may know that Jesus is Lord!

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