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You. Your values. Your Legacy. Sustainable Investments for a Prosperous Future. BOARDWALK C A PI TA L M A NAG E M E N T C A PI TA L M A NAG E M E N T

Re-think What it Means to Invest. For today’s investors, it is about something more than just returns: It’s about how those returns are achieved. Your investments reflect what is important to you. Does your current portfolio reflect your core values, or encourage the type of world you would like your children or grandchildren to experience?

Finding the best with E.S.G. & F. We care about how returns are achieved. And our global research process analyzes more than 3000 companies to uncover true Best-in-Class firms that we can be proud to say we own. Here’s how it works:

Environmental We invest in companies that lead their respective industries, going beyond regulatory requirements to demonstrate leadership in environmental strategies, policies, incident response and disclosure. We want to see annual improvements in resource efficiency, declining carbon intensity, and lower overall emissions -- and a management-level commitment to meeting specific environmental goals.

Social We evaluate how companies treat their workers and communities, how their products impact society and how they promote diversity, training, safety and regulatory compliance. We demand robust supply chain policies to ensure that outsourced activities meet the same high standards.

Governance Investors rely on corporate leaders and board members to properly manage the companies we own. So, we insist on boards that are diverse and independent. We demand high standards of ethical behavior, transparent disclosure and policies to prevent bribery and corruption.

Financial We incorporate financial indicators into our analysis to ensure that potential investments are wellcapitalized (not too much debt) and have reasonable prospects for future profitability. We also examine spending on Research and Development, believing that R&D sows the seeds for future products and services.

A Portfolio Tailored to You Commodities & Metals

An investment plan is a roadmap to your financial destination.

Other Illiquid Impact Bonds

Other Equity

Boardwalk Core Other SRI Equity

Triple bottom line & Private Equity

Micro Lending

The mix of assets that are incorporated into your plan depend on your specific needs, objectives, investing experience and attitude toward risk.

Everyone is different! The only rvight answer is the one that fits you.

At Boardwalk, we can include a variety of asset types in your plan – both conventional (stocks, bonds, cash) and less-conventional (commodities, microlending, “triple bottom line” private equity). Wherever possible, investments will seek to serve a broader purpose beyond the financial – to improve lives, our planet or our communities.

At the core of every investment plan is our Global Best-of-Class equity strategy. This diversified portfolio is comprised of the world’s sustainability leaders. We call this a “high information” investment, meaning that the constant updates will make you will feel that you own the whole company! No longer will you be disconnected from your investments. In the end, it’s about achieving your goals. Lets achieve them while leaving the world little better than we found it.

Join us, as we do well while doing some good . . .

Inspire . . . Honor . . . Secure . . . "An investor initiative in partnership with UNEP FI and the UN Global Compact".

Boardwalk Capital Management is an activemember of the Green Chamber of the South.

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Sustainable Investments for High Net Worth Individuals  

An overview of the sustainable investment process at Boardwalk Capital Management.

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