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Mantra for Success: Focus on Your Objectives In my speaking events and delivering keynote speec hes, People often ask me, “what is the most import ant factor in achieving success?” Well, there is not just one – there are many, but the most essential element is consistency, – unfor tunately, it’s often ignored or underestimated. Yes, CONSISTENCY is vital, but let’s make it more specific… consistency in achieving your objectives , so defining them is the fundamental step to succ ess. Once, you know what you want to attain, thing s get simpler and you can move forward with a clea r vision. Taking one day at a time, day after day, until you achieve your success. While defining your objectives, it is important to consider a few things, so try to answer these que stions, be honest with yourself, and believe me, i t could be an eye opener: What are my professional objectives? What are my long term goals? What are my short term goals? Are they realistic / achievable? Did I plan the key steps or strategies to attain th em? What tools would I need? What’s the timeframe? How would I measure my efforts, and my success? I am sure – by now, you are aware of what you have to do and how you will do it, right? Wow that’s g

reat… you’ve laid a strong base! Now take action a nd work for your dreams – yes, yes your objectives . But don’t be in a rush, if you wish to see desir able results, the key is to focus on one piece of your vision – one set of objectives. Trying to do everything at one time will land you nowhere. So, stay focused and observe how magic comes to life! God bless you in your journey, I wish you all the success in the world, and if I can aid you in the completion of your goals, then email them me at sc, and lets arrive at your final , successful destination together. Successfully, Scott Schwefel

Mantra for Success: Focus on Your Objectives