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May 26, 2009


Picasa is a free image program by Google, available for Mac and PC. Download it here.

How to Create a Photo Montage in Seconds with Google’s FREE Picasa By Scott Robert Lim

Picasa is now available for Macs and PCs. Picasa is like iPhoto but has a few unique features like this cool collage maker. Create a montage in literally seconds! A presentation by Scott Robert Lim

Download and install program Choose an album or create one with photos you want to make your collage with Select specific photos you want to make a collage with Select the “Collage� button

Select photos

Collage button

Choose the type of collage you want to create

Select Page Style

Adjust spacing

When finished select “Create Collage”

Shuffle pictures for desired layout

I used an all black image as part of the collage to create a blank space to add a title

more about Scott Robert

Create a Collage with Picasa  

How to create a montage image in seconds with Google's Picasa picture program

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