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January 1, 2013

OUT OF THE BOX! Ideas That Work

What are your goals for 2013?



START CREATING MASSIVE SUCCESS BY APPLYING THESE 12 LIFE PRINCIPLES As we plan our new goals for 2013, I’d like to suggest a few philosophies and ideas

think of all the doctors and lawyers you know versus how many full time artists. 2. The term "you have to that I have lived by. I hope these words will energize and want it" means not accepting any excuses, renew your hopes and dreams roadblocks or lack of for the new year. resources to get what you want. Think long term and what you can accomplish in 5 1. Be Unrealistic- create, years not just one or two. strive and design a life so Success patterns show extraordinary it would take a “overnight success” often miracle to accomplish it- this takes a decade or two of hard work. Define the word takes guts, risk and faith. “sacrifice” in new ways with Creating a full time artistic renewed effort. career is nearly impossible[1]

Set goals and set them high... Every great accomplishment is first met by a great expectation. Sometimes we are afraid to reach for success beyond what we think we deserve. Don’t be afraid to ask for more out of life.



Your great idea will face great opposition because it changes the way people think. The road to greatness is often a lonely uphill path.

3. Be a leader-people follow those who excel, innovate and make smart choices. Sometimes the only way to learn is to grow from our mistakes. Leaders are not afraid to try new ideas. It takes guts to try something new but our success hinges on showing the world our unique qualities. Every mistake makes the next idea stronger.

EVERY break we can get. Everyone can look beautiful. 8. Believe greatness is your destiny. There are so many disappointments in life, we need faith to carry us through the rough times and there will be many. Know that your life was intended for significance.

9. Be a Hero- an underdog with a calling, don't be afraid 4. Resist the sirens of of inadequate resources, be security. Â The world passionate and relentless. If programs people to believe there is a will there is that providing for your family ALWAYS a way. What do you and oneself is the end allwant to do with your life? though honorable it preys on 10. Stay in the Game. our lust for security. Your dream to impact the world Sometimes the ability to stay involves risk and huge in business another year, sacrifices from time to time. month, week, or day is a great accomplishment. It can take 5. Choose the six most five or more years to develop profitable and pleasurable a good business- I needed 15. aspects of your business and 11. Desire to serve others in do them tirelessly. Focus creates good business- it a grand way. No one follows a defines the essence of who we self centered person. Good are. 12 hour days are the business is based on how well norm not the exception. we can serve others. Gravitate to those things that make you happy and are 12. Learn to add value. highly profitable. When meeting someone of great influence that can help 6. Build your miracle club. us, our first thoughts should Achievers hang out with be how we can add value to achievers. Find a healthy this person. This is the best community with similar goals way to open doors of and aspirations. Meet often. opportunity. Everyone needs a friend and ally. Be addicted to beauty & style. Let beauty reflect in all These rules have served me well over the years and I wish I had that you do from the style of known about them early in my your website to the way you career. I hope they add to your dress. Beauty creates success in the new year! advantages and we need


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12 Radical Ideas That Work  

A collection of proven out of the box life principles that help achieve massive success.

12 Radical Ideas That Work  

A collection of proven out of the box life principles that help achieve massive success.