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Davidson Titles, Inc. Opening Day Collection Services

The Difference is Quality... The opening of a new library is a monumental task and the selection of an Opening Day Collection is one of the biggest concerns of the new staff. Davidson Titles’ aim is to ease the burden by offering excellent, diverse Opening Day Core Lists that will provide you with the balanced, comprehensive collection to guarantee your new school or library will be the best for your students and faculty.

Above Average Discounts Mean More Books You can be assured of receiving a fair and reasonable price for all your requested titles. Our regularly discounted library edition prices reflect an average of 25% discount off list prices (prices lower than many companies’ special opening day collection prices) and equal to or better than ordering titles directly from the publisher. Your order receives these benefits without the hassles of multiple vendors, multiple purchase orders, or processing charges or inconsistencies.

Superior Bindings Every title will be in the publisher’s best available binding. The great majority (85% or more) of your titles will be reinforced library bound editions with guarantees on binding and workmanship.

The Most Up-to-Date Collection Possible

Davidson Titles is pleased to provide Opening Day Core Lists customized to your specifications. Our core lists have been compiled by certified Media Specialists who have used the lists and recommend them to others. Davidson Titles will not give you a list of titles that we think you should have, we will work with you one on one to choose your specialized collection. This does take a little more time, but it guarantees you will not be spending money on out-of-date or inappropriate titles. “There is nothing more effective than to physically look at a variety of nonfiction books on a certain topic and to compare the actual text, reading levels, and illustrations to find the perfect title to fill a hole in a collection. The resources and services that Davidson Titles provides to our schools have been valuable and I look forward to working with this company in the years to come.” Jackie Pierson Program Manager for Library/Media Services Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools Winston-Salem, North Carolina

It is our hope that the following information provides you with a clear indication of the difference in quality and service that can be expected when you choose Davidson Titles. We will provide you with the best possible value for your money, allowing you to focus your attention on activities that involve your students and help them become better readers and learners. Here is how:

Particularly date-sensitive parts of your collection (reference & non-fiction) deserve the most current information available for your chosen age group. Your non-fiction and reference titles will have an average copyright date from within the past two years.

Free Shipping with Inside Delivery and Free Storage There will be no charges for shipping or handling. This includes inside delivery to the library, if needed. If your library is not ready to open as scheduled, we will hold your shipment for as long as necessary until you are ready to accept delivery.

Free Cataloging and Processing Every one of your titles will arrive fully cataloged to your exact specifications. Our high-quality MARC records are

The Difference is Service... guaranteed to work with your software system and will be included with your order. 100% of your order will arrive fully processed to your exact specifications at no charge. This includes: • Barcode labels applied with label protectors. • Spine labels applied with protectors. • Mylar covers on jacketed books (taped or glued). • Other processing items as needed or requested.

No Hidden Fees or Charges Your costs will be known on the front end and include only those products and services that you have requested. There are never any hidden fees, service charges or additional costs with Davidson Titles.

“Liberty's varied and sought after collection is a direct result of Pauline Huck and Davidson Titles. She and Davidson Titles have earned my strongest recommendation.” Kandice Mickelsen Librarian, Liberty High School Peoria, Arizona

Free Exact Dewey Sorting and Shelving Assistance Your book collection will arrive in exact Dewey shelf order with each box clearly numbered and color-code labeled with the classification numbers of the contents making it very easy to shelve. In addition, your local sales consultant will be available, under your direction, to help unpack boxes and shelve books. These services are provided at no additional charge.

Timely Delivery and Top Fill Rates

Your Books and Processing Guaranteed

Continued Services After Your Library Opens

All books are guaranteed to hold up under normal school usage. Books damaged in delivery, or defective from the publisher will be completely replaced as well. Should you find any item that does not meet your expectations, we

Davidson Titles will deliver your order on time with a fill rate of 95% or better. Davidson Titles will never substitute any title without prior authorization. After your library opens, we will continue to offer all of our opening day services and collections for two additional school years. In addition, we can offer lists of supplemental non-duplicate titles to help continue building your library. At no charge, we will do a collection analysis to help you determine additional titles you might consider adding as you develop your collection. “Everything went very well and super smoothly. The people that we dealt with were friendly, easy to work with and attended to all of the details with efficiency.” Connie Booher Hardin Valley Academy Knoxville, Tennessee

Discover the Davidson Difference

will promptly replace the book at no charge or provide full credit if that book is no longer in print. In addition, Davidson Titles further guarantees the workmanship of all cataloging and processing materials as well.

Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions or concerns, we look forward to assisting you and are here to make opening day of your new library as easy as possible. Call us today at 1-800-433-3903 for more information or to make a personalized appointment with your local Davidson Titles sales consultant. You may also contact us via e-mail at

The Difference is Davidson Titles "What Librarian Would Not Prefer to Hold a Book in Their Hands Before They Make a Decision?" Lisa Tucker, Media Specialist Middle Fork Elementary Walkertown, NC

In the spring of 2004 I was asked to open a new elementary school in our district. I considered this a once in a lifetime opportunity. Building a collection of materials that you get to choose is every librarian’s dream, but that initial excitement gradually began to diminish when I realized what a daunting task it was going to be. I was overwhelmed with vendor proposals and suggested opening day collections. I was determined to try and support as much of the elementary curriculum as possible. Rather than choose a suggested collection that many vendors offer, I decided I would like to personally select each title based on criteria I developed. I felt a real responsibility to choose titles that our new population of students could not only relate to, but could benefit from. Yes, it was more difficult, but I wanted our collection to be what our students and teachers needed. I opted to use a combination of vendors. Out of all the experiences I had, Davidson Titles stands out as the one vendor that impressed me the most. I was given the opportunity to travel to the Davidson Titles warehouse in Jackson, Tennessee, with our regional rep, where we spent two full days. I was literally presented with a huge shopping cart, and several customer service representatives who were at my disposal. I was able to stroll through the stacks in my slippers and hand-pick each title, turn through the pages, read excerpts, and analyze the illustrations and pictures to make sure my students could relate to it. Each book and video I selected was immediately sent to a designated area for cataloging and processing. It was wonderful to see the many steps it takes to get a book from a warehouse shelf to your library. I left Tennessee knowing exactly what I was getting and I had a good feeling about what was going on my future shelves. Catalogs of books are a necessary piece to collection development, but what librarian would not prefer to hold a book in their hands before they make a decision? Every aspect of the journey with Davidson Titles was a joy. From the regional rep, and the customer service representatives, to the owners themselves; the entire staff was friendly, helpful, and they treated me as if we were life-long friends. Davidson Titles maintains their tradition of trying to get books in your hands so you can make a more educated choice about what you purchase. They are still just as dedicated to friendly, efficient service. After almost five years my experience with Davidson Titles continues to be nothing but positive and I would highly recommend their services to anyone.

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Davidson Titles, Inc. Opening Day Collection Services  
Davidson Titles, Inc. Opening Day Collection Services  

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