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Client Care Survey Summary 2010 – 2011

Customer Feedback... At Scott Rees & Co we strive to ensure our team are professional, pleasant, and that every single case we handle is delivered with 100% confidentiality. The results of our Client Care Survey can be found below. The survey has been conducted over the past 12 months.

Call related questions: •

98% of our customers were happy with the speed of returning telephone calls

98% or our customers were pleased with the speed of answering incoming telephone calls

Customers experience with our team: •

99% of all our customers found our staff to be approachable and proactive

98% of customers were pleased how our team kept them informed about the progress of their case

100% of customers found all our letters and other documents to be understandable without all the legal jargon, with a further 99% of customers being completely satisfied with our verbal advice and explanations

How the customers rated us: •

46% of customers rated us 10 out of 10 with a further 41% rating us between 7 – 9

95% of our customers said they would go on to recommend our services to family, friends and colleagues

Client Care Survey Summary 2010 – 2011

Additional comments made about our team and our service…

“I was more than pleased with your service. Thank you” “Please just keep up the same things your doing now.” “Michelle McMahon has been very helpful - Thank you Scott Rees” “The solicitor who went to court with us was lovely and made may daughter and I feel at ease.” “I found the staff very helpful and friendly.” “I was very surprised how quickly my claim got sorted.

Scott Rees and Co

Solicitors are very committed and friendly.

“I must say that Scott Rees

& Co have very professional and competent staff.

“No need for improving cause the service is excellent 100%” “Very good service from the firm. Please keep up the good work. Thank you very much.” “Everything you did was of the highest standard.” “I have already recommended you”

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Client Care Survey Results  
Client Care Survey Results  

Our Client Care Survey Resuts 2010 - 2011