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It’s Free! A Hardware Zone Publication Issue 15 · February 2005 Cover photo by John Cosgrove using a FujiFilm S3Pro

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Doing It Yourself How to achieve great results without a studio

Russel Wong Opens at SAM

Singapore’s top celebrity photographer on show at the Singapore Art Museum

Hands On

with the stunning new Canon EOS 1 DS MkII

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MITA permit Number (P) 033/10/2004


s e t o N s ’ r o t i Ed

From a Tragedy comes the Dawn of a New Age Photo by Kath Cosgrove

What were you doing when it struck? Once again, just like when 911 happened I was out and about and caught a glimpse of the news flashes on CNA. Rushing back home I was like many millions the world over, almost in a state of shock and yet captivated as I watched the horrific drama that unfolded daily on our TV screens. Then the phone started ringing from friends around the world who wanted to know if we were all right, they had heard that I was supposed to be in Sri Lanka sometime soon teaching photojournalism and thought that I was there now. Friends were there and yet they somehow missed the disaster, other friends and colleagues are now still today working hard in those areas providing valuable photographic coverage. Like many, I jumped online and hit the keys, surfing the web to find out more news. I visited sites like and scoured the missing files to see if there was anyone I knew there, hoping and praying that there wasn’t. But it was then that I started to experience the full power of the world wide web. Graphic unedited digital images and Quicktime movies started to appear. Not the edited overviews we are often drip fed from the usual wire and picture agency sources but horrific “on the spot” images, gritty sometimes out of focus images shot by terrified amateurs who, when internet services came back on line, quickly uploaded them into their private photo galleries, personal photo web blogs and then sadly on the websites set up for identifying the dead. News stories abound about how people living far outside these areas have identified friends and relatives

through these sites. Amateur photographers like Hellmut Issels ( used his brand new Canon EOS 1DS MkII to shoot from an upstairs window as the waves struck Phuket. His pictures were some of the first high-resolution images available on the web. Hellmut and friends later organised a charity fund raising event back in Singapore at Indochine to aid the victims. His two Phuket disaster galleries on have been viewed more than 15 million times. Right from the start, in the days following this huge disaster, more and more images started to appear online. From other resorts near Phuket and Khrabi, graphic images of the first waves striking became available as people started to use the web. These images too where quickly snapped up by the big photo agencies and distributed world-wide. The newspapers, wire photo agencies and aid agencies were all kicking into high gear , massing their forces and trying to place photographers in the centre of the disaster to help raise awareness of the sheer scale of this tragedy. Many Singaporean photographers were sent out into the region to record this sad event. Terence Tan, Desmond Wee, Aziz Hussian, Wong Wee Feng, Stephanie Yeow, Joyce Fang, Chew Seng Kim, Ong Chin Kai and Brian Van der Beek, were some of the photographers sent out by SPH. Mercy Relief sent Ernest Goh to Aceh and Darren Soh was sent to Sri Lanka. Mercy Relief are also hosting a gallery co-sponsored by Epson, covering humanitarian photography in the Mercy Gallery at The Gallery Hotel (check it out). Alphonso Chan went with Red Cross,

AP sent Wong Maye-e via the US Navy to Aceh while Ed Wray and Vincent Thian went to Sri Lanka. Luis Ascui from Reuters went to Thailand while Jonathan Drake also went via the US Navy to shoot for Time Magazine in Aceh. Unlike Magnum, the VII photo agency were quick off the ball and working with TIME were rushed onto the first plane to Phuket and Sri Lanka, and now we are seeing images by shooting legends such as John Stanmeyer and James Natchway. Many other photographers amateurs and professionals, travelled privately by themselves to Malaysia and Phuket just to see the damage and offer help. But unlike other tragic events this tragedy marked the dawn of a new age of photographic event reporting. On the spot accounts and images have flooded the web through web Bloggers. Their first hand reporting of the event and the huge number of images and survivor accounts they posted have raised the profile of digital photography to new heights. Many aid agencies will state “off the record” that the amount of aid pledged was directly influenced by these untrained news broadcasters whose speedy and timely actions of posting their images and stories online told the world just how bad it was out there. Digital photography, through its availability and immediacy, has truly become part and parcel of daily life today. Please remember to give generously to registered aid agencies like Mercy Relief and Red Cross. John C



John Cosgrove (

Deputy Editor

Kath Cosgrove (


Yian, Deanna Ng, Phua Soon Chim and Joyce Thong


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We test Canon’s awesome EOS 1Ds MkII. A full frame DSLR.

Deanna Ng travels to Thailand in the search of a great festival at Loi Krathong.


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22 Digital Darkroom Correcting white balance problems.

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PHOTOi | Feb 2005 · 01

News · Snaps


Latest News

Monkeying Around PHOTOi™ reader Bevan Stratton sent us this beauty. Dear Ed, I've read your magazine a couple of times and think it's a great read. I found myself at the zoo last month taking photos (as I tend to do just about every other weekend). One of my subjects was a couple of monkeys, one of them became interested in my camera - as it was set up on a pretty sturdy tripod (Gitzo Carbon Fibre) I didn't have any issues with him playing around with it. He looked straight down the lens and became real excited (same reaction I had when I bolted an L lens to the front of my old 10D) - he then started playing with all the

Nostalgic Scene recently conducted another of their successful FOTO SILVER events at Jalan Jalan Joo Chiat. Using the guide written by Mr Seetoh of Makansutra TV fame the team wandered the back streets of this historical area and were

Glimpses of light

The first in a series of four exhibitions highlighting the work of volunteer photographers who travelled with Mercy Relief workers to tsunami devastated sites around Asia following the disaster. Located at the Gallery d’Mercy, on the second floor of The Gallery Hotel, and supported by Epson, the first exhibition was conducted by MR volunteer Ernest Goh, who helped with the relief work in Banda Aceh. The second exhibition was by Darren Soh who travelled to Sri Lanka. Please call into the Gallery Hotel and view these photographers fine work showing how Mercy Relief is reaching out to the victims.

buttons and eventually found the shutter release, this increased his pleasure and although he never managed to take a shot I'm sure he would have if given enough time. I showed him some photos I'd taken of him and his mate and he seemed pretty happy with them. As all this was going on I asked a passing tourist named Frank Spatz to take a picture, I gave him my card and asked whether or not he could send through a copy (the real reason we love digital). Here is that shot.... Ed: Many thanks Bevan a PHOTOi™ polo shirt is on its way.

Seiko Epson pledges ¥33.5 million in Aid

As part of the global fundraising of aid for victims of the recent earthquake and tsunami in South Asia and Africa, Seiko Epson has announced that it is contributing to the relief effort by donating ¥20 million to the Japanese Red Cross to assist those suffering from the devastation. In addition, Epson Taiwan Technology & Trading Ltd. (ETT) and the Epson affiliates from Singapore, Indonesia, India, Thailand and Malaysia, operating in the affected countries have already donated a total of approximately ¥13.5 million. Epson will also look into providing relief supplies, once the needs in affected regions have been determined.

BEST SHOTS surprised at who they met in the area. Architectural photographer Albert Lim called in on his usual morning ride to say hello and later the photographers found an old shop house that still had its occupants living there after 50 years.

Photo Aid

PhotoAid for the Tsunami disaster was a fundrasing project by members of ClubSnap. Club members volunteered to be based down at the Singapore Merlion Park and for a small fee photographed tourists and visitors on digital cameras then output the images onsite. Supported by many different local companies, the teams spent several weekends down there last month raising money for the Salvation Army relief fund.

Mr Hollywood

Celebrity photographer Russel Wong has been very busy lately; following the successful opening of his retrospective exhibition at Singapore Art Museum (see page 4) Russel conducted a series of public lectures covering his techniques and experiences. First he was partnered by TIME Asia Photo editor Lisa Botos, on how to shoot covers for Time and then the next day he was back again offering listeners tips and hints on how to shoot celebrities. Russel has one more talk in the works for students so check out Happenings (Page 24) for more info.

The best local and international entrants in the Epson Photo Contest 2004 were unveiled recently at the epSITE, Epson Imaging Gallery, on Level Three of Wheelock Place, Orchard Road. Featuring 56 of the best shots from this very large international contest, which received more than of 105,000 entries. Singapore entrants did us proud with eight attending the opening to receive their prizes.

Sony and Carl Zeiss For most of January, Sony and lens maker Carl Zeiss hosted a showcase of Carl Zeiss’s Heritage Cameras and lenses at the Sony Gallery, Isetan, on Orchard Road. The display explained the benefits of a Carl Zeiss Lens and allowed customers to gain a hands-on approach to Sony Cyber-shot dCompacts and Handycams. Since 1995 Sony and Carl Zeiss have established a partnership combining the best in consumer electronics with the best in lens manufacturing. Sony digital cameras are all now equipped with either Vario - Sonnar or Vario - Tessar lenses. Also on show were a couple of old cameras from the 1920’s and before and an amazing cross section example of a CZ lens.

DigitalPhotographer o f

t h e

y e a r

2 0 0 5

“Picture This...”

Winners for January 2004

Winner Name: Lee Wei Chi

Theme: "Light" my fire! Winner

Winning photography

Name: Danny Kwan Country: Singapore

Vote Winner Name: Stephen Kee Country: Malaysia

02 · PHOTOi | Feb 2005

Vote Winner Name: Andy Teo Winning photography by Danny Kwan

News · Snaps · Openings


Latest News

“TO SINGAPORE WITH LOVE” 2nd Round due so enter soon Calls for more images to compile a world-class photo book to accompany the “TO SINGAPORE WITH LOVE” national photo art book project has gone out. The first round of submissions for the photo art book commemorating Singapore’s 40th birthday, “To Singapore with Love”, closed on 30 November and about 100 out of over 3,000 entries received have been short-listed pending further review during the final round of submissions later this month. On the whole, the panel of judges felt that while there were some very good pictures, most entries however could do with more depth and emotion. The assessment is stringent as Mr Kwek Leng Joo; chairman of the project’s steering committee, explained, “This project is not a competition. It is a demonstration of the nation's photographic talents and their feelings for Singapore. We set out to produce a photo book that will be a pride

of both the Singapore photographic community as well as all Singaporeans when it is published next June." The panel would like to encourage greater participation from all avid photographers to make “To Singapore with Love” a world-class photo art book that truly reflects the Singaporean spirit and lifestyle. The judges include well-known photographers and personalities: Russel Wong, world-renowned elite photographer of celebrities, Tay Kay Chin, 2003 Hasselblad Master and photojournalist, Sha Ying, Supervising Cameraman of a regional TV station and accomplished photographer, Tan Lip Seng, eminent photographer and Arts Advisor of the National Arts Council and Kwek Leng Joo, NAC Council Member and Managing Director of City Developments Limited. The competition is open to all Singaporeans, Permanent Residents, Student Pass or Work Permit holders residing in Singapore who wish to participate in this milestone project can download the entry forms from . The closing date for the second entry submission is 20 February 2005.

The Autumn Scenery Travel Photography - The Autumn Scenery, was the subject of a recent talk at the SCCCI Photography Club by Mr Raymond Chua, Vicechairman of the Singapore Colour Photographic Society. Mr Chua kept the 40 strong audience enthralled for several hours with his expertise and experience on how to shoot great autumn

shots and general travel photography hints and tips. His demonstration photos were all shot in New Zealand, Japan and China's Jiu Zhai Gou. For more enquires on SCCCI please email, or visit

Lens Man of the Year Konica Minolta Photo Imaging Asia H.Q. Pte Ltd recently presented Mr Liew Tong Leng (right) with their Lens Man of the Year 2004 award for IYF/FF. This series of competitions were held over a sixmonth period in 2004 in conjunction with the 10th Anniversary of the International Year of the Family (IYF 2004). Mr Liew accumulated the most points in the Konica Minolta Family Festival and Family life Photography Competitions. More than 400 entries were received for both photo competitions in which Konica Minolta sponsored more than $10,000 in cash and prizes.

On the fourth floor of the Adelphi building you will find what is possibly Singapore’s only bookshop totally dedicated to the needs and wishes of photographers. Riceball Photography Bookstore is focused on serving the photography community with more than 350 titles and lots of new stock coming soon. More than 90% are good value “How To” books while the rest are photos books from some of the great photographers including Greg Gorman and

04 · PHOTOi | Feb 2005

others. Also on offer are magazines and photo books published in both English and Chinese that never appear in other local bookstores. Mr Zhong Ling and his wife have already established a strong reputation for offering great service with a smile and yes they are offering discounted prices on selected titles. They have taken a real gamble in becoming a focus point for photo book sales so please do drop by during your lunchtime or after work and check them out.

The Sail Art Gallery is the latest pioneering initiative by City Developments Ltd to contribute to the development of local art. Currently on show in this free to use gallery are the winners of the recent Marina Magic Photo Competition. This exciting new gallery is located down beside Collier Quay in the Sail @ Marina Bay show suites sales office.

Openings Golden Eyes

SAFRA Judging

A large crowd attended the public judging for the 7th annual SAFRA Photographer of the year award. The large judging panel reviewed more than 1000 images during the day at the new SAFRA Telok Blangah site.

"EYES-Golden Myanmar" is Steven Yee Pui Chung's fourth solo exhibition and it showcases his very unique style of capturing the many fleeting moments experienced during his recent trips to Yangon, Mandalay, Ava, Mingun, Amarapura, Inle, Taunggyi (Kukku and Pindaya Caves) and Bagan. Hosted at the Loke Wan Tho Gallery, The Photographic Society of Singapore at the Selegie Arts Centre the show featured 72 works all taken by Steven, who is also a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and the PSS, using a digital SLR.

Results will be coming shortly.

Eye e City -

A Visual Account of the Last 24 Hours of 2004 Rain and the sadness of the tidal waves disaster didn’t stop many hardy souls who ventured out on the very wet December 31st to shoot their impressions of Singapore for the annual Eye e City - A Visual Account of the Last 24 Hours of 2004 programme. Organisers are now hard at work compiling the entries so stay tuned for more news.

Riceball Photo Bookshop now open

The Sail Art Gallery

Xtra Wide Panorama XL is an exhibition of extra large panoramic images captured by 34 year old German photographer Sven Hafner, which opened recently at The Photographers Gallery. With images ranging from 2m up to 4m in length Sven showcased landscape and city scenes from Singapore and New Zealand that he has taken on his Canon EOS1 DS. Sven combined his large prints with an interesting audio-visual display made using Quick Time VR software on a MAC.

Quick Chat

Words and photos by John Cosgrove

A Quick Chat with Pedro Meyer He’s been called the "digital renaissance man" by some writers, but when you meet celebrated photographer Pedro Meyer (61) you quickly get the impression he is an artist who met the challenge of the digital age head on, embraced it and then developed with it, turning his photographic workflow from analog to an entirely digital operation and in the process became one of the leading lights of the digital revolution. Although he was born in Spain and grew up in Mexico, he now resides in Los Angeles where he maintains a gallery and is a founding member of ZoneZero:From Analog to Digital Photography, an online magazine and gallery dedicated to expanding the knowledge and appreciation of digital photography. In the past 40 years he had more than 125 exhibitions, worked for many big named magazines including National Geographic, taken part in three of “the day in the life of…” series of books covering America, Africa, and the digital day and he’s also published three very successful photo books of his own. PHOTOi caught up with Pedro during a flying visit to Singapore after a long world trip that included his first visit ever to Asia where he was one of the key exhibitors at the recent Chobi Mela III event in Dhaka, Bangladesh. “It’s great to be somewhere where the people are so happy to be photographed. I always travel with my digital darkroom, a laptop and digital camera and on this trip alone I have shot so many thousands of images.” “Today people don’t ask for a copy anymore, they seem more happy just to see it on the LCD monitor on the back of the camera.” “Mind you Dhaka was an amazing experince. It’s the first time I have ever printed images with mosquitos on them. It seems that when I set the printer up to output a number of images overnight that the next day several would be always ruined because mosquitos would get caught under the printer head and become part of the print. I’ve never had that happen before.” Pedros next photo project will truly be one of the worlds greatest. It all stemmed from a request by the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City to do a retrospective exhibition.

“Initially they were shocked when I declined as the numbers didn’t work out. I have more than a million images divided into 60 major themes, They wanted to limit me to just 150 images so what should I do as each theme contains more than 40,000 images, This meant I could only show just three images per theme which wouldn’t do justice to my photography because which three should I show?.” “ So I came up with a concept that when it happens in the next two years will be the biggest photo exhibition in the world.” “I asked them what were their visitor projections to the gallery over say three months? they said 15,000. I said okay I get that on my website in just three hours. So I said I wanted to do something different. All of my work is being digitised so let’s hold the exhibition opening online. The idea is to then allow 30 of the best art museums in the world access to all my images via a key code, to choose what else they want to exhibit from the 100 initial exhibition images. The highresolution files will then be made available to them to download and print out for themselves thus saving everyone a lot of money. They will also have a book for sale which will be printed in six languages and then they can invite people to attend the opening which via the web will happen all over the world at the same time. I am expecting more than 200,000 visitors to my exhibition in the first 24 hours alone. Through this I want to create value for the money that is used in art, it’s never been done before and it helps to address the growing world-wide problem of what to do with photographers archives, move them from shoeboxes to the web and let the world enjoy them.” For more on Pedro’s unique style of photography and to review his images from Dhaka please visit

News · Photo Events

Words and photos by John Cosgrove

Russel Wong:

Photographs (1980-2005) Opens More than 300 people crowded into the Singapore Art Museum recently to attend the gala opening ceremony of Russel Wong’s major solo exhibition. At the gala event proudly supported by BMW Group and TIME Magazine, the President of Singapore President Nathan was on hand to officially open the exhibition. Guests included long time friend, actress Joan Chen, many of Russel’s family and friends as well as fellow artists and photographers. As one of Asia's leading celebrity photographers this is Russel’s largest photographic exhibition ever and it is also the first exhibition dedicated solely to a Singaporean photographer and his international portfolio by the SAM. Russel Wong is famous worldwide for his exceptional portraits of sports personalities, models, musicians, politicians, designers, movie stars & directors. The exhibition continues at the Singapore Art Museum until February 20, 2005.

Canon Digital Media Hub Walk out of the eastern entrance to Bugis MRT and right in front of you is the new Canon Digital Media Hub (Canon DMH). With 12,000 sq ft of floor space, Canon DMH is dedicated to the development of digital media and filmmaking in Singapore. Designed to be a major centre for the development and advancement of digital media, and a hub for like-minded digital media and filmmaking enthusiasts to mingle and share knowledge DMH is guided by celebrated local filmmaker Tony Chow. Tony also runs the Digital Media Academy where you can learn more about digital filmmaking and photography. More than 200 students completed dedicated courses there last year.“ Many of our course graduates have gone onto successful careers in both television and movies,” added Tony. Upstairs beside the 160-seat movie and screening theatre is the Canon Digital Lab, which occupies a further 2,300 sq ft with facilities dedicated for all levels of photography, which included a photo/video studio and, check this out! - a rental scheme for equipment. At the Canon Digital Lab digital photographers can also rest, download or surf the internet on rental computers (Mac or PC) or talk to the very helpful staff there about their digital work flow issues or output on Canon Desktop or Large Format printers up to A0 size. The Photo studio is also available to rent. Users can rent Canon equipment to try it out under a unique ‘try & buy’ scheme at the Canon Digital Lab. When they return the equipment, users can receive a full refund on rental when they provide proof of purchase of Canon equipment of same or equivalent model within the loan period plus one week. Digital cameras start at $50.00 up to $80.00 rental fees, a Digital SLR (EOS 300D) from $100.00 to $150.00 and a Digital video camcorder (consumer type) - $70.00 to $100.00. Note: there is a late penalty surcharge of $100 per day. So please do call into the DMH at Bugis and check out the services on offer at the Canon Digital Lab.

06 · PHOTOi | Feb 2005

Photo Events

Words and photos by John Cosgrove

CANON PRO-SHUTTERBUG EVENT III Canon Singapore recently held another very successful gathering for Canon users. The CANON PRO-SHUTTERBUG EVENT III was held at the Asian Civilisation Museum, River Room and it was a great opportunity for more than 250 users attending to experience the highly anticipated 16.7 megapixel, full frame EOS 1Ds Mark II. While staff went around with the full range of Canon EOS digital SLRs to try out, along with the latest matching Canon lenses and accessories, top photojournalists Jonathan Drake and Ken Seet conducted the presentation which also included both indoor & outdoor shooting opportunities with Asian cultural performances and two multi culture bridal studio sets. Participants were then able to output using the Canon’s latest PIXMA printers.

One Room Flat To many elderly people in Singapore the one room rental flat is home and recently the North East CDC, together with Lianhe ZaoBao photographers Bob Lee and Lee Tiah Khee, organised a photo exhibition to raise community awareness of the realistic living conditions of the elderly. Opened at the Tampines Regional Library by Mr Yatiman Yusof, MP for Tampines GRC, the exhibition attracted many of the people featured in Bob and Tiah Khee's images. Shot in two different mediums, colour and B&W, the images portray how life really is each day for many elderly Singaporeans. “We hope it will draw attention to their living conditions and the community will step out to help the needy elderly,” said Bob.

08 · PHOTOi | Feb 2005

Hands On

Words and photos by John Cosgrove

Olympus E300 Digital SLR The first thing you notice about Olympus’s new 8 million pixel E-300 digital SLR is its shape and size. Unconventional to say the least, they have replaced the traditional penta prism with a new an interesting TTL Optical Porro Finder. Leaner, lighter and slightly squarish, the new shape actually fits quite snugly into your hand. Making it surprisingly more comfortable to carry than other entry level DSLRs. It’s also very light, being between 20 to 50 grams lighter than its main competitors, the Canon EOS300D and the Nikon D70. Looking in some ways like a Leica the E300 is nice and easy to use. Olympus’s goal was to combine full SLR performance with perfect handling, at a reasonable price and they have got it, targeting the other two players as their main competition in the entry-level marketplace. To do this they have priced the E300 at $1699 with a 14-45mm ZUIKO DIGITAL lens making it a very attractive package. Based on the FourThirds Standard, this compact SLR model is compatible with the complete range

of Olympus Digital SLR-System accessories, including the high-precision lenses. The optics feature near telecentric construction to draw maximum performance from the camera's Full Frame Transfer CCD. Mind you, with any interchangeable lens digital camera, we all know that dust on the sensor is a problem, why? Because when you are changing a lens, outside dust and muck get attracted into the shutter box and onto the sensor due to the large amounts of static electricity around. The result is irritating smudges of dust and hair that need retouching, then it’s off to the repair centre to get it cleaned – again. So far Olympus are the only manufacturer at present doing something about this growing problem. Every time you switch the camera on or off, the inbuilt "Supersonic Wave Filter" kicks into gear and ensures that, should any dust and other foreign particles get in, then they are literally shaken off. The filter is mounted in front of the sensor and by making it vibrate at a very high frequency, around 30000 rpm, any dust or hairs are well

and truly shaken off. Kinda Cool don’t you think. Shooting with the E300 requires little experience, just follow the basic guide and it’s off out shooting. You have the choice of more than 10 different types of scene shooting modes, making it very easy to set the appropriate shooting mode for a variety of shooting situations! Once you’ve selected the shooting mode, just press the shutter button to take the picture. Olympus has included in common modes, which they feel most photographers will use a lot. Portrait, Landscape, Macro, Sports and Night scene shooting modes are quick and easy to use. The menus are displayed full time on the 1.8" TFT color LCD monitor and here you can make changes to modes, apertures and shutters, ISO and others. Inside the TruePic TURBO image processor further boosts picture quality and the processing speed for better colour renditions and white balancing. Overall the Olympus E300 is a well balanced well priced package suitable for entry level shooters wanting to grow out of their prosumer or point and shoot dCompacts.

SPECIFICATIONS Weight Price Lens S$1,699 Zuiko Digital, Four Thirds System Lens 580g Product type : Single-lens reflex digital camera with interchangeable lens Lens mount : Four Thirds Mount Sensor : 4/3 type full frame transfer primary color CCD Total no. of pixels : Approx. 8,880,000 pixels VIEWFINDER Eye-level single-lens reflex viewfinder MONITOR 1.8" TFT color LCD SHUTTER Computerized focal-plane shutter Shutter : 1/4000 - 30 sec. (1/3, 1/2, or 1 EV step) AUTOFOCUS TTL phase-contrast detection system Focusing point : 3-point multiple AF (left, center, right) EXPOSURE CONTROL Metering system : TTL full-aperture metering system WHITE BALANCE CCD Mode setting : Auto, Preset WB (8 settings), customized WB (4 settings can be registered), One-touch WB

HP Photosmart 8450 These days nearly everyone has an A4 Inkjet printer out there in the marketplace, so what makes the HP Photosmart 8450 different? All you have to do is remember just four things. (1) Its got eight–ink colour technology for (2) studio quality colour and black and white images and (3) it’s got a 2.5” colour LCD so that you can see what’s going on with your images as you (4) print directly from your memory card without going through a PC connection. Simple ah Lah! Today, having the capability to print glossy full colour images directly from your camera memory card, a proof sheet, or from a PictBridge-compatible camera without plugging into a PC is all the rage. The HP

Photosmart 8450 has all that and Bluetooth as well to make the whole printing experince quick and painless. Inside you can enhance and organize your photos with the HP Image Zone software to give you high-colour prints from 4R up to A4 in size. The eight-ink colour offers up to 4800 optimised dpi to get professional-quality black-and-white photos with richer blacks and multitone grays. And believe me, this desktop sized printer can really deliver the black and white images. Jumping between 4 x 6" and A4 sized paper is easy using the builtin paper trays as the Photosmart 8450 outputs 4 x 6" photos in as little as 27 seconds while printing at up to 20 pages per minute in either colour or black. As expected you can also print with or without borders on standard-size photo

papers, which HP reports that they resist fading for twice as long as most traditionally processed photos. To help the Photosmart 8450 give you fast results and superior fade resistance while using less ink, it is matched with the very capable HP's Vivera inks to give you bright and glossy images. Available now.


Weight 8kg

Memory 64MB

Print technology HP Thermal Inkjet

HP Photosmart 8450 photo printer - Print: up to 20 ppm (1200 x 1200-rendered dpi), up to 20 ppm (4800 x 1200optimised dpi) Print quality Colour: •Up to 4800-optimised dpi 1 colour with HP PhotoREt Pro Colour Layering Technology Black: •Up to 1200-rendered dpi black text when printing from a computer Media handling Input: Up to 100 sheets, up to 350 sheets of A4, up to 20 sheets (4” x 6” photo) Dimensions (w x d x h): 536 x 400.6 x 192.6 mm Interface and connectivity 1 Universal Serial Bus (USB) port, PictBridge, Bluetooth 6, 4 memory card slots and 1 Ethernet

PHOTOi | Feb 2005 · 09

Hands On

Words and photos by John Cosgrove

Canon EOS 1Ds MkII An old friend returns I’ve been a dedicated digital shooter since 1997 when I purchased a brace of Kodak DSC520 (Canon EOS2000E) DSLR cameras for the group of newspapers I was working for. Way back then it represented the pinnacle of digital technology and design, 1.8 megapixels built around the awesome EOS1 body and autofocus system. Ever since then I have lived with the APS C sized sensors only giving me a compressed view of my world. Wide angles were now only available on pricier 17 or 18 mm zooms that were resized to 26 or 28 mm equivalent. I have always loved working with a 24mm lens, it’s got to be the best lens for any true newspaper photographer to have in his kit but as we all know that changed when digital cameras became part and parcel of news photography. BUT! The other day Canon let me borrow, very briefly (it got called away to do duty up north in Aceh) their new lead item, the Canon EOS 1Ds MkII. The old Mk 1 version has been out a while now and everybody knows it as the only full frame sensor in production for 35mm DSLRs. I never got the chance to use it or even try it out but top shooters like Ken Seet and Greg Gorman swear by it. This new 1Ds Mk II really allows you to get medium format image quality combined with access to the world’s most extensive range of professional lenses, spanning from 14mm to 1200mm.

Now it was my turn. Bearing in mind Ken’s words about using prime lenses to get the best out of this beastie, I still plugged in a 17-35mm zoom and went shooting. Ah Ha! now I was back in familiar territory. My wide angles were back…! It’s all down to the new full-frame (36 x 24mm) 16.7 Megapixel CMOS sensor that gives the 1Ds Mk II the edge in the colour rendition and dynamic range domains. That and the HUGE 47 mgb uncompressed RAW Tiffs captured at 8-bit colour depth or 97mb in 16-bit colour means as a professional or serious amateur this camera really ROCKS. The new second generation DIGIC II image processor replaces the earlier series 1 DIGIC processor used in the older 11.1 Megapixel EOS1Ds, and is capable of firing at 4 fps for bursts of up to 32 frames in JPEG, or 11 frames in RAW. If you were watching the sidelines at the recent Olympics you would have seen that the optional wireless adaptor that delivers high speed IEEE802.11b/g wireless LAN and 100 Megabit per second wired LAN support is going to be very popular with the news pros. But back to the file sizes, I filled up my 1 Gb cards too quickly as I wandered around West Coast Park shooting anything that caught my eye. Then later It took a long time to download all the images, both RAW and JPEG Fines via USB1.0. But what to do, I was just so happy to have my wide angles back again. After I had downloaded the most recent Camera Raw plug in from Adobe for

Photoshop CS, I was in business checking out the RAW’s and working on the JPEG’s. My little iBook struggled (it’s time for more RAM) but I was still able to work away checking out the two file formats side by side. The end result for me was a draw. The fine grained Jpeg fine files were good enough for the A3 sized front cover of this magazine (or any mag for that matter) and so were the RAW’s when processed (just bigger). Shooting RAW allows you more control but the new DIGIC II engine really makes the jpeg images hum. Fine grained with very low noise they come from the camera as 6mgb stored images expanding out to 24.3mgb when uncompressed measuring 30cm x 20cm @ 300dpi. So what! I hear you say, my XXX 6 megapixel also kicks out 30 x 20 images @ 300dpi. The difference here is in the details. The larger CMOS sensor picks up much, much more subtle gradations with finer tonal ranges of all colours captured giving you cleaner more colourful, well saturated images. Look at the shadow areas, they just have so much more detail. The highlights aren’t blown out they are just packed with more detail – just what the doctor ordered. So there you have it - I got my sticky fingers onto the ultimate full–frame digital SLR. It has all the bells and whistles that you have come to expect Remember guys and girls, bigger is always better.


Weight 1.2kg inc. battery

Picture Format 16.7 MP full frame 36 x 24mm CMOS sensor

Lens Canon EF lenses

Type of camera: Integral-motor autofocus 35mm singlelens reflex with electronically controlled focal-plane shutter Exposure modes: 21-zone metering sensor, Ten white balance modes, White balance bracketing and ISO speed bracketing provided, Image-processing parameters and white balance Custom Function. Software: Digital Photo Professional v1.5 RAW processing s/ware with support for sRGB, Adobe RGB and wide gamut RGB colour spaces AF area modes: 45-point Area AF ISO rating: ISO 100-1600, expandable to L:50 and H:3200 Media: Dual high performance SD and CF/CF-II card slots (supports cards greater than 2GB) Performance: 0.3 second start up and 4fps with simultaneous RAW & JPEG shooting Battery life: approximately 1200 shots @ 20C, 800 at 0C – in accordance with CIPA testing standards

10 · PHOTOi | Feb 2005

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Latest Bites! What’s new and exciting

2> Gepe CardSafe™ Worried about storing you memory cards in your camera bag, worried about static discharges and shock or water damage, well not any more with the new Gepe CardSafe™. Equipped with the innovative MultiCard insert, each card compartment can be used for different card types without having to change or modify the insert. The special mixture of the insert material protects your valuable memory cards from being erased or damaged due to electrostatic effects. All models in the Card Safe™ programme have special viewing windows so you are able to see which card is in which space. Contact: Cathay Photo Store (Pte) Ltd, 6338 1176


[1] [4]

3> Kingston adds to it‘s card range

1> Fujifilm FinePix S3 Pro Its unique Super CCD SR II – dual pixel technology produces 12.34 million effective pixels in 6.17 locations by combining 6.17 million high-sensitivity S-pixels and the same number of low-sensitivity R-pixels to give exceptional image quality, rich colour reproduction and high signal to noise ratio. Using Film Simulation Modes, with dynamic range presets and colour space selection, photographers can produce JPEG images straight from the camera, which require no postproduction. Users can choose between smooth, extended tonality and natural skin tones, or the dramatic impact of highly saturated colour.

With two new secure digital cards (512 MB HiSpeed Elite Pro and One Gigabyte SD Cards) and a new Reduced-Size MultiMediaCard (RS-MMC) cards and a mini Secure Digital (miniSD) card, Kingston are commited to helping novice through to pro digital uses take advantage of all the great features their storage solutions offer. Secure Digital’s small form factor, faster transfer speeds, and enhanced security features makes it the ideal compact storage solution for today’s digital devices, while the release of the two new RS-MMC and miniSD cards are designed to target the expanding mobile phone and mobile digital device markets.

The suggested Retail Price is S$4,199.00


5> The World’s Smallest, 20GB PHOTO HARDDISK from ARGOSY Argosy, a leading Taiwanese R&D company has launched the innovative HD-182 “Photo HARDDISK” for the digital imaging market. Using the newest form factor 1.8” hard disk drive technology, this is a stand-alone, portable storage device for photographers with a built-in 10-in-1 memory card reader. Its USB 2.0 interface on the back that also acts as a recharger for the Li-Ion Polymer Battery. It can also serves as an external hard disk for your computer PC / Notebook. Special Promotion Price: S$378.00

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4> Imation CDRWs The worlds favourite CD-R is now available in a themeatic series with a wide selection of colourful, creative and varied designs. You get the same A-grade quality and reliability from the worlds No.1 maker of CD-Rs so safe guarding your data just got a whole lot more colourful. The designs come from 2 design school students in Singapore and are part of a new series of 14 designs based on three themes, i-Ball, i-Eye and i-Print. To view more of the fun designs visit A 10 piece puck costs just $4.50 while a 50 piece bulk is $22.50

6> QCool OTG II (Digital Photo Album) The QCool OTG II from Hong Kong based media manufacturer, Top Universal, is a Digital Photo Album that comes as a USB 2.0 2.5" Hard Disk Case pre equipped with a USB 2.0 Card Reader/Writer suitable for Compact Flash type I or II’s plus Micro drives, Smart Media, Memory Stick, Pro, Duo and SecureÊDigital, Multimedia Cards and XD Cards. It has a built-in Lithium-Ion Re-chargeable Battery driving the LCD Display to show operational status. It supports all three main platforms Win, Mac and Linux, to offer true plug and play capability. All you have to do is mount in your choice of 2.5” HDD and your ready to store images or music. AVAILABLE NOW FOR $179 from Top Universal (S) Pte Ltd, Contact: 6334 1422

7> Panasonics new Digital Video Cameras incorporate 3CCDs for higher quality movie and still picture recording


In next month’s issue check out the new GP Batteries. 12 · PHOTOi | Feb 2005

Panasonic’s three new digital video cameras, the GS250/GS150/GS75 which incorporate their new 3CCD sensors that renders accurate and detailed colour are optimised for your TV screen as well as a 3 or 2.3-megapixel still picture recording (GS150). All the 3CCD models incorporate a host of pictureimproving technologies, starting with the Crystal Engine digital signal processing LSI, which suppresses noise and enhances the resolution. The Optical Image Stabilizer system minimises the effect of handshake without losing picture quality taking of both movie (O.I.S.) and still image (MEGA O.I.S.). A Leica Dicomar lens with low-dispersion glass and Panasonic's unique quad-density pixel distribution technology achieves up to 3.1-megapixel still pictures. The GS150 is available now for $1699

Thru Kath’s Lens

The Club Scene! My new years resolution for 2005 is to dare to try instead of continually putting it off until another day - life is just too short. I’ve booked into that yoga class I have been meaning to do for years, joined the parent support group at my children’s primary school and now...maybe its time to join a local photography club - but which one???? THE PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY OF SINGAPORE Address: 30 Selegie Road, Selegie Arts centre building. Phone: 6334 3361 Email: Web Site: Entrance Fee: waived due to a current special promotion. Annual Subscription: special promotion - $80 for 2 year ordinary membership. Junior membership (below 18 years of age) is $24 per year. Overseas Membership is $40 per year. Offers Members: Talks, exhibitions, workshops, courses, outings etc. Society Journals every quarter and monthly newsletters. Membership card doubles as a discount card at some shops in Singapore. Well equipped darkroom and studio facilities. Special members rates for a comprehensive array of courses – see our Happenings section for the latest list.

ONLINE CLUBS CLUBSNAP PHOTOGRAPHY COMMUNITY Web Site: Offers Members: informative articles, online photo critiques, news, photo galleries, discussion groups, a marketplace, regular photo competitions and very active forums to discuss anything photographic. Members are also encouraged to meet off-line for kopi or casual photo shoots. OFFSTONE Web Site: Offers Members: online photo critiques, informative articles, buy and sell and active forums to discuss anything photographic.

camera i use: Nikon D100, Canon EOS 1N 1

Address: 66 Tannery Lane, #03-06 Sindo Industrial Building.

Offers Members: A half yearly photo competition plus many other competitions and personal exhibitions. Photographic outings are organised every Sunday at 8am where non-members can join the club or simply join in the activities – small fee involved to help cover outing costs. Studio shoots conducted on the 2nd and last Sunday of each month. Overseas trips are also organised each year.

Phone: 6743 1425

Facilities: Air-conditioned B&W and colour darkroom with 5 enlargers for nominal rental and a fully equipped photo studio for courses and members use. Also offers regular courses in Basic, Intermediate and Colour photography conducted in Mandarin, English and Malay. SCCCI PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Address: SCCCI offices, High Street. Phone: 6337 8381 Email: Web Site: Cost: Annual Subscription $50 for SCCCI members / $100 for non-members.

Email: Web Site: group/contaxclubsingapore Offers Members: A web group for photographers and users of Contax cameras to interact. Holds regular meetings, print critiques and outdoor shooting sessions. KRETA AYER CC PHOTORAPHY CLUB Address: 28-A Kreta Ayer Road, S (088995) Phone: 6222 3597 Fax: 6222 3762 Web Site: Cost: Annual Subscription $15 for Open and $10 for students. Offers Members: Computer usage, CD burning, Slide projection units to view work, scanning and darkroom facilities and regular club meetings. The club also offers courses for both conventional and digital photography.


Phone: 6561 4886

Hours: Monday to Friday 8pm – 10pm.

Address: Hougang Central Post Office, PO Box 121 S(915305)

Offers Members: Regular photography courses, competitions, outings, seminars and slide shows.



Web Site: seaps/index.htm

Address: 400 Paya Lebar Way, S (379131).

Phone: 6440 4857 Email: Web Site: Entrance Fee: $20.00 Annual Subscription: $30.00 Offers Members: Regular monthly slide shows, Studio Sessions, Outings and Members Competitions. A Nature course conducted in Mandarin – course fees apply.

Cost: Entrance Fee $30 / Annual Subscription: $36 for ordinary, $24 for Overseas, $100 for Corporate and $24 for Junior.

Address: 1 Preston Road, S(109339)

Offers Members: Photography competitions, talks, exhibitions, seminars, picnics, overseas trips and photography courses at members discounts. Free use of the clubhouse for slide presentations and discussion meetings. Darkroom available for a minimal fee. Expert photographic advice and guidance from senior members.

Phone: 9820 1014



Address: SAFRA Mount Faber, 2 Telok Blangah Way.


Offers Members: Monthly local photographic outings with full guidance for beginners, Web based photo critique via forums, Photo Competitions, Nature Photography courses, at least one overseas photographic shoot and an interactive website. THE PHOTO ART ASSOCIATION OF SINGAPORE Address: 76B Lorong 27 Geylang, S(388194)

Cost: Entrance Fee $30.00 / Annual Subscription: $36.00

Address: 91 Lorong J,Telok Kurau Studio RM108, S(425985)

Cost: Annual Subscription $50 for Ordinary membership and $10 for junior membership (under 21 years).




Web Site:

An award winning women and children photographer.

Web Site:



About Kath

Cost: Annual Subscription $36 for ordinary membership or $18 for those 55 years and above.

Offers Members: A range of adhoc events and gatherings including annual exhibitions, class room sessions, outdoor and indoor shooting sessions and networking.


Offer Members: online photo critiques, web based forum and shoutbox, events listing, regular club activities and outings.

Email: or

Phone: 6749 1993 Hours: (Mon, Wed & Fri) 8pm – 10pm.

Phone: 6278 6011 Web Site: Cost: membership only available to NS men. Offers Members: Photography courses, talks, slide shows, studio sessions, local and overseas outings, member’s competitions, a biennial Photo Convention and an annual ‘Photographer of the Year Competition’. KONICA PHOTOGRAPHIC CLUB Address: 401 Commonwealth Drive, #01-04 Haw Par Technocentre. Phone: 6473 1377

Address: 10 Boon Lay Place S (649882) Fax: 6265 0075

Phone: 6745 2940 or 6745 2946 KAMPONG GLAM PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Address: Kampong Glam CC, 385 Beach Road. Phone: 6295 0741 or 6298 4359 NTU PHOTO-VIDEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY Web site: NYAA YOUNG PHOTOGRAPHERS NETWORK Website: email: What: Funded by the National Youth Achievement Award Council of Singapore and operated by volunteers. For students who want to learn photography, and for volunteers with a passion for photography who wish to help. The nyaa-ypn also runs a Camera Bank for needy youths who wish to borrow a camera to further their interest in photography. Photographers can help by donating their old working cameras. This is by no means a comprehensive list of the clubs. There are many more available in schools, universities, polytechnics and community clubs around Singapore. If your club is not listed, please email me at and we will add it to our list and try to mention it in our next issue. So why not join a club this year and share the joy of photography with new friends.

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Yian on the Move



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“Masalama” Peace be with you As I sit in the main square (circle actually) in Ramallah, reading the column I wrote last month, I find that my opinion has shifted 180 degrees. The Palestinian “terrorists” that I had been so anxious about meeting have turned out to be the friendliest people I have ever met. It is fitting that the curing of ignorance and unfamiliarity also cures fear. In fact, the most terrorising thing that has happened to me is that four little terrors, daughters of my first host in Bethlehem, jumped on me and refused to get off. And the only people I am afraid of are the Israeli soldiers who point their guns at me when I walk down the wrong parts of the checkpoints. I am sure I will not do it any justice, but here is a brief introduction to the current situation for

Tahreer, 26, works at the Health Works Committee in Ramallah, overseeing clinics in the West Bank. Her family lives in Gaza and she has not seen them in a while. Her father passed away last night, and she is seeking permission from Israeli authorities to travel to his funeral there (from one part of the Palestinian territories to another). She will most likely receive this permission, as she has the fax of the death certificate, but only to travel for three days.

14 · PHOTOi | Feb 2005

those not following the news. Israel and Palestine (very roughly the West Bank and Gaza) have been fighting, most recently since 2000. Israeli is winning on all counts, militarily, strategically and in terms of public relations. They are building a wall, in the name of security, along a disputed “border” to seal in the Palestinians into noncontiguous cantons, while committing many human rights violations. The question I have been asking everyone’s opinion is, “in any conflict, how does the weaker side win?” And the best answer I have received so far is from a Spanish (Catalun actually) Palestinian, who told me, “If you do not stop fighting, you have not lost.” Of course it is not as simple as Israeli vs Palestinian. There are many sub-types of each side. On the Israeli side, there are three things they want – a Jewish state, a democratic state and all the land promised them in the bible. By definition, they can only have two out of three. Either (1) a Jewish, democratic state, which means they give up land to the Palestinians, which they don’t want to nor need to do, (2) one democratic state on all the land, which means

they give up the Jewish character because of the Palestinians, or (3) a Jewish state on all the land, which means they are not democratic and have to oppress the Palestinians. Because different Israelis want different things, no option has yet been decided on. The same goes for the Palestinians. Some want peace and are willing to accept a two state solution, with reduced land. Some want one state and want to hold out for all the land, including Tel Aviv, for example, and are willing to live in refugee camps until the “big intifada” comes, as one refugee in Jenin refugee camp told me. This complex political landscape makes for many interesting photos and discussions around the fire drinking strong Arab coffee, termed “mud” in their language due to the unfiltered remains at the bottom of the cup. Add to this the trivial pursuit of visiting Jesus’ birthplace (Church of Nativity in Bethleham), his tomb (Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem), and the place of his ascension (Mount of Olives in East Jerusalem), and it makes for one big learning adventure. So “Masalama” as the Palestinians say. Peace be with you.

About Yian Award winning young photographer who has been travelling throughout Europe for the past year. Has recently worked as an intern at Paris Magnum. Now he is following his dream of shooting photo stories in some of the worlds high risk areas. sThe

camera i use: Canon EOS1DS

CAPTIONS 01: Camilia, 21, a student at An-Nahjah University, the oldest in Palestine, in Nablus. Behind her is the remains of a house that had holes blown in its front and rear by the Israeli army as a tactic to avoid walking through the narrow alleys of the refugee camp. She asked me what the point was of studying, if only to end up a housewife stuck at home. I believe that this, however, is not so common an opinion amongst the young women here. 02: Morning scene in Aida refugee camp (on right). The wall on the left is the infamous separation wall or Apartheid wall, depending on who you talk to. The Israelis justify it as protection against terrorists. The Palestinians protest that it cuts between villages and isolates communities from their land, schools, health services, and family members. 03: Mahmoud Abbas, also known respectfully as Abu Mazin, or father of Mazin (his son), in Bethleham on Christmas eve. Abbas is the candidate for the leading Fateh Party for the Palestinian presidential elections on Jan 9. Christmas is celebrated three times – December 25, January 7 (Greek Orthodox) and Jan 19 (Armenian).

Zacharia Zubeidi, leader of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade in the West Bank, at a voting station in Jenin, in the far north of the West Bank. He was there to vote. Some of his henchmen showed up in flak jackets, as there is a constant fear of assassination by Israeli snipers, Apache helicopter or F16 bombs. I showed up in my leather jacket and Domke bag.

Young refugee in Nablus, one of the current hotspots in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. The city is currently closed by military order and we had to sneak into the rear of the city. The city held out for 12 days against the Israelis in the April 2002 invasion, and one consequence was the destruction of much of the city.

04: Young supporter at a political rally in Ramallah for Mahmoud Abbas. At the time of writing, he had unofficially announced his win. There was much celebration in the streets late last night, with attendant gunfire. I was tucked in bed and refused to leave my hotel room. I believe that this marks the end of my war photographer fantasies.

Readers’ Galleria

Words and photos by Phua Soon Chim

Studio Shooter Transforming Photographes Dear Mr John, I am one of your PHOTOi™ regular reader, your recent magazines have given me the motivation to share some of my works with other photo enthusiasts. Actually, I have switched to digital photography in recent years. Amongst all subjects, I enjoy the most is studio lighting product shots, which gives me the opportunity to develop my creativity, such as selection of props, arrangement of lightings for the shoots etc. Moreover, shooting at my home studio, I am free to shoot any subject at any time. Here are 8 digital photos, which were taken with an Olympus 2.1 mega pixel camera. I am a self-taught amateur photographer with more than 10 years experience. I enjoy designing props for photography shooting purposes, such as, handpainted background for portrait and designing of soft boxes for studio lightings etc. Transforming of photographs into bookmarks is also one of my interests. Most of my photographs here were shot with just one or two studio lights against an appropriate background. Prior to the actual shooting, some preparations have to be done for achieving the desired results, which include, selection of background, the placement of lightings, cleaning of objects, creating of lighting moods. Finally, with some digital touch-ups done later to obtain the best results. Thank you Phua Soon Chim

Whether it be nature, kids, sports or whatever, please Whether it be nature, kids, sports or whatever, please send us a selection of your best images of subjects send us a selection of your best images of subjects based around a common theme so that we can show based around a common theme so that we can show off your work to the world. Send prints or email off your work to the world. Send prints or email your best images to or mail your best images to or mail them to Hardware Zone Pte Ltd 20, Ayer Rajah them to Hardware Zone Pte Ltd 20, Ayer Rajah Crescent, #09-04/05/11/12 Singapore 139964, Crescent, #09-04/05/11/12 Singapore 139964, attention to PHOTOi. attention to PHOTOi.

Our OurSupporter Past Issues

Read ReadMe Me

Amateur Photographer

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Readers’ Galleria

Words and photos by Joyce Thong

A Summer Pursuit For the Love of Lotus

Whether it be nature, kids, sports or whatever, please Whether it be nature, kids, sports or whatever, please send us a selection of your best images of subjects send us a selection of your best images of subjects based around a common theme so that we can show based around a common theme so that we can show off your work to the world. Send prints or email off your work to the world. Send prints or email your best images to or mail your best images to or mail them to Hardware Zone Pte Ltd 20, Ayer Rajah them to Hardware Zone Pte Ltd 20, Ayer Rajah Crescent, #09-04/05/11/12 Singapore 139964, Crescent, #09-04/05/11/12 Singapore 139964, attention to PHOTOi. attention to PHOTOi.

16 · PHOTOi | Feb 2005

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Sometimes, a stint of sadness would hit me as I stand by the Lotus pond, seeing life fading away, petals leaving the flower even as I compose the picture. I was only joyously shooting this same Lotus bud just last week. So beautiful and yet so transient. Strangely, the first time I photographed the Lotus was in Bali. Stranger too was the fact that I had always associated the Lotus with Buddhism, Chinese culture or arts. Strolling aimlessly in the Ubud, I came across two large Lotus ponds, by the side of a café in front of a Hindu temple. It was love at first sight. Every morning in Ubud I would go to the Lotus pond to shoot. As we travelled further north to the seaside town of Candi Dasa, again I was surprised to find an even larger Lotus pond. Who would expect a resort in Bali to have a Lotus pond beside it? Perhaps it was simply because of the universal beauty of this flower. If climate permitted the prosperous growth of the Lotus in the west then who knows, she may have been the favourite subject of famous western artists there too. Like all great beauties, to admire is easy, but to pursue is an even greater challenge. From Bali to Taiwan I have sought her only to find her back in our own courtyard. Impatiently I now wait for next summer to arrive when it is shooting time again at the Lotus pond once more.

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Just Play Games.

our Life! Y p u re w o P


Words and photos by Deanna Ng

“November full moon shines, Loi Krathong, Loi Krathong, and the water's high in the river and local klong” -Loi Krathong’s lyrics

Loi Krathong

The festivities of Loi Krathong were beyond my imagination

Where do I begin? It was five A company executive who was days madcap on the Objectifs Shooting home activities for Loi programme in 2004. Deanna Krathong in travels extensively in her work which takes her to many different Sukhothai, the countries. first capital of sThe camera: Nikon D70 Thailand. From monks offering at 6am in the morning to the touring of the historical parks, parades in the afternoon and finally to the fireworks that decorated the skies every night, it was a photographer’s dream come true. There was so much to see and shoot that sleep seemed like a waste of time.

About Deanna

“Loi Krathong” is held on the full moon night of the twelfth lunar month. This year, it fell on 26 Nov 2004. ‘Krathong’ – a banana–leaf cup – is intended to float away ill fortune as well as

to express apologies to Khongkha or Ganga, the River Goddess. There are different variations to the festival. In the Chiang Mai, Khom Lois, balloon- like lanterns, are floated into the sky. The festivities of Loi Krathong were beyond my imagination. There was a full programme for all 5 days. At the crack of dawn, locals prepared themselves for Loi Krathong by giving offerings to the monks as an act of good deed. Half a day was spent taking in the sight of the Historical Park. Before we dived into the festivities, we decided to pay a visit to Si Satchanalai-Chaliang Historical Park, a quiet ruin set among hills. In the night, the park was transformed into a wonderland as it came to life. Laser and firework shows telling the story of Sukhothai and Loi Krathong were staged at Wat Mahathat. You could also watch it from the side of the Wat for free. Sticky rice in bamboo sticks, grilled and

cuttlefish, freshly made pomelo salad, beef noodles from the hawkers made a hearty picnic in the park. Women folk gather and made Krathongs that they sold for 10 baht to 40 baht. There’s also the thrill of selecting your first Krathong and floating it into the river. Beautiful girls came from all over Thailand for the Miss Loi Krathong Competition. It was held at the main stage and the winner was paraded in the procession the next day. But nothing prepared us the magnitude of the festivities on the actual day. The riverbanks were lined up with people by 7pm. The countdown for Loi Krathong was at 12 midnight sharp. That is when they float the King and Queen’s Krathongs into the river. Fireworks lighted up a huge “Loi Krathong 2004” signboard and it was followed by a 30 minutes display of fireworks. It was crowded and I couldn’t set down my tripod to get a decent shot of the fireworks but I was happy. A family had just set aside a space for me so that I could sit down with them to enjoy the fireworks. By Deanna Ng

Details How to get there If you’re on a shoestring budget, fly to Bangkok via the budget airlines and take an 11pm night coach from the northeastern terminal to Sukhothai. A bus ticket would cost about 256 baht (abt SGD$12) and arrive in Sukhothai at 6am in the morning, saving you 1 night’s accommodation. Where to stay Book your accommodations early, as Sukhothai is one of the most popular locations for both Thais and Tourists to celebrate Loi Krathong. Sukhothai is divided into old city and new city. Sukhothai Historical Park is in the Old City. Thai Village Hotel is located 1 km from the Historical Park. Great when you’re walking to the park at 5am in the morning for the monk offering. For reservations, go to Where to go Rent a bicycle and cycle around the park. For 20 baht per day, it could save you a lot of walking and bring you to the monuments that are further out. Bike rentals are readily available outside the park. Most bicycles have a basket in front. Save yourself from carrying those heavy camera bags Head out to Si Satchanalai-Chaliang Historical Park by taking a public bus from Sukhothai Bus Terminal in the New City. It’s about 1 ½ hrs to 2 hrs ride. Bike rental is available at the bus stop right outside the park. Sawngthaew is a lorry converted into a public bus by putting planks across as seats. For 5 baht per person, it could bring you to the historical park directly from anywhere in the old city or to the new city for a 10 baht. If you’re planning to head anywhere in the morning, take the Saamlaw (a modifed tuktuk) because the Sawngthaew are packed with students heading to school. It cost slightly more at about 20 – 40 baht per person. For more information about the festival, visit

18 · PHOTOi | Feb 2005

Masters of their Craft

Words by John Cosgrove, all other photos by Russel Wong

g n o W l Russe

It’s a long way from Pioneer Magazine to the cover of Time magazine, but for one of Asia’s leading celebrity photographers, film maker, award winning TV director, fashion photographer and now accomplished printmaker and artist, Russel Wong, it was just another step in his remarkable career. It all started when he was just 19 and still studying science at the University of Oregon, USA. His shot of Sebastian Coe, world record miler, graced the cover of Track & Field and this kick started his career. Later while still at school he started shooting high profile athletes for NIKE. Upon his graduation he returned home for NS and spent it as a photographer at Pioneer. But you couldn’t keep this talented shooter down and while there he also shot his first ever fashion cover and it later won the cover of the year award for Her World Magazine. Once NS was completed he was off again. This time to the prestigious Art Center College of Design in LA to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, majoring in Photography. Even in his first year, he began photographic work for Elite Modelling Agency and the Los Angeles Times magazine, who assigned him to photograph fashion, spreads of Hollywood celebrities. Top celebrities including Joan Chen, Isabella Rossellini, Oliver

Stone, Paloma Picasso, Michael Jackson, Andrew Lloyd Weber, Glenn Close, David Lynch, Bruce Willis, Jackie Chan, supermodels, designers, musicians and other creative individuals soon populated his portfolio. In LA Wong started to develop a signature style as he strove to distinguish his work by re-defining and re-styling the images of these glamorous figures with greater depth, texture and imagination. In 1989, Russel returned to Singapore to launch his own photographic studio with his first solo exhibition at the Hilton Hotel. With Joan Chen gracing the promotional poster for this exhibition, Wong signalled a new and more ambitious approach to local photographic shows. Still, it was his commercial work that secured Wong’s positioning as a leading photographer in the region. With accounts that included Raffles Hotel, Singapore Airlines, Cartier, American Express, Nike, British Airways, Sony, Visa, Compaq, Four Seasons Hotel, Nokia, The Ritz Carlton Hotel, the Development Bank of Singapore, Singapore Tourism Board, Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore Telecom and Apple – it was difficult not to frame Wong as a successful commercial photographer, as opposed to a fine art photographer. Within the short span of just 5

years leading publications sought the studio out for their covers. The debut cover of Vogue Singapore, and the covers of international magazines including Time, Fortune, Elle, GQ, Marie Claire, New York Times and Los Angeles Times were all shot by Wong. In 1996, Russel was commissioned by Time magazine to photograph pop icon Faye Wong for the cover. He has since photographed ten more covers including one of action star Jackie Chan, Chow Yun Fat and Michelle Yeoh for the Oscar winning movie “ Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. “ His latest cover is of Aishwarya Rai, the Indian movie star. Always keen to expand his horizons Russel started to dabble in movie projects and television. Russel recently attended the famous New York University (NYU) Film Program as he is planning to direct his first feature film soon.

Also referred to as ‘The Richard Avedon of Asia’ by many, he was recently commissioned to photograph a set of portraits for the Prime Minister of Singapore.

He has gone on to direct commercials and his Breast Cancer spot won the New York Festivals Grand Award, a winner at the London Festivals and was the only commercial out of Asia to win the prestigious CLIO Award that year, the advertising industry’s equivalent of an Oscar. He has since directed commercials for the Discovery Channel featuring Joan Chen, Michelle Yeoh and Tony Leung, which picked up Promax Awards.

2. Make sure the lens is focused

Finally in its millennium issue, a top regional magazine voted Russel as one of the Asians to look out for in the next millennium. The artist within Russel Wong has been released and as well as his solo exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum (Jan 7 – 20 Feb 2005), he also has an exhibition of his art at the renowned Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI) where he is exploring the art of printmaking. Five tips for great portraiture 1. Don’t put the subject in the centre of the frame 3. Try cropping differently, like maybe crop the side of the face out or into the top of head 4. Make sure your background is not busy; throw it out of focus with a long lens if you can. 5. Experiment as much as you can as now everyone is using digital so there is no excuse now not to try and use things.

19 · PHOTOi | Feb 2005


Text and photos by Phua Soon Chim

Doing It Yourself

How to achieve great results without a costly studio

Lesson 1 - How to illuminate backgrounds or your subject with an LED torch Light.


>> TECHNICAL DATA Camera - Olympus C-2020 Z Exposure - f 5.6 slow shutter speed Lighting - one Soft Box and a LED Torchlight

Lesson 2 – How to create multiple shadows with one light. (Placed a piece of white drawing paper cut with multiple holes on the Barn Door to create different contrast of shadows.)

>> TECHNICAL DATA Camera - Olympus C-2020-Z Exposure - f 5.6 1/80 sec. Lighting - one flash head with Barn Door and white drawing paper cut with multiple holes.

20 · PHOTOi | Feb 2005


>>>> >>>> >>>> >>>> >>>> >>>> >>>> DIY Lesson 1 – Soft Box TOOLS & MATERIALS


Frozen food or fast food containers


Tracing paper


Circular cutter


Rubber bands


Utility cutter

> Steel or brass rod about 1- 2mm dia.


Epoxy putty

1: Find a suitable size the container to match your AC slave flash head or battery operated portable flash. 2: Cut a hole that corresponds with the profile of the flash light at the bottom of the container.

3: Cut a hole in the container cover, leave the ring intact.

5: Fix 2 hooks on either side of the container with epoxy putty.

4: Place a piece of tracing paper over the container and compress the cover ring over it to achieve uniform tension on the tracing paper.

6: Use rubber bands to hold the container onto the flash light.

>>>> >>>> >>>> >>>> >>>> >>>> >>>> DIY Lesson 2 – Flash Reflector Clip TOOLS & MATERIALS


1mm thick acrylic sheet


Utility cutter


Steel ruler


Double sided tape


Alcohol lamp or gas burner


White PVC sheet or white paper card

1: Cut a piece of acrylic sheet to match the flash head size, say 2” wide and 4” long.

5: Cut a piece of white PVC sheet or white paper card to desired size.

2: Heat up center portion of the cut acrylic sheet, when it is soft, quickly fold it into half with one side slightly longer than the other.

6: Slot the improvised reflector into the acrylic clip.

3: Compress both surfaces till the acrylic sheet is hardened. 4: Stick the acrylic clip on the flash head with double sided tape.

7: The reflector can be laminated with silver or gold foil to your liking.

About Phua Soon Chim A self-taught amateur photographer with more than 10 years experience, who enjoys’ designing props for photography shooting purposes. sThe

cameras I use: Olympus C-2020 Z

PHOTOi | Feb 2005 · 21

Digital Darkroom

Words and photos by John Cosgrove

A Quick Guide

Fixing White Balance Problems Now despite the manufacturers best intentions even the best camera white balance sensor can be fooled and occasionally you will need to correct the images i.e.: return the whites to white. Setting your camera to Auto White Balance mode (AWB) usually works very well, in fact some cameras AWB modes are so good you don’t need anything else but occasionally they will return a less than perfect image reading. To fix this mistake you will need to know a couple of things. 1: is there


01 making sure the eyedropper tool is set

to 3x3 average (1 pixel sample is the default and it’s too narrow) as this 3x3 average allows a better colour sample to be taken.

any white in your picture that you can use as a guide? And 2: how do I keep the quality there? Using Adobes new PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS 3 it’s actually a very easy job for the vast majority of us to correct the white balance mistakes in our pictures. After reading many books which often dedicate pages and pages of type on how to correct white balance issues, my good friend, Canadian Digital Guru, Rob Galbraith, several years ago showed me a simple and easy technique that works From the top menu bar select

03 Enhance>Adjust lighting>levels or

(Cmd/Ctrl L), when the window opens double click on the right hand eyedropper icon which represents white. (you can also use the black eyedropper as a last resort if you know what is proper black in a picture that has no white visible there)

very, very well, and it’s easy to remember too.

Shooting Hint:

The techniques explained in this lesson are cross platform and work well in either PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS 3 or PHOTOSHOP CS.Those seeking higher or more critical white balance corrections might consider using adjustment layers or instead of using the RGB numbers, use the L, A & B channels under the colour picker window and return whatever numbers in the A & B columns to zero for the same effect.

Always remember why you are taking the picture, if you got up real early and went down to ECP to shoot in the lovely golden light there at 7.30am or later at 6.15pm then switch your white balance to cloudy to keep that light reading as a warm golden light in your image otherwise the AWB mode will add blue or magenta to try and return your whites to white.

Now REMOVE your hand from the

05 mouse, as you do not want to bump

mouse away from the sample area causing a colour shift when you later resample the image.

Now you can touch the mouse again and

07 without moving it just click it to resample the same 3 x 3 pixels again. When the set new target color box comes up always select no.

There you have it; your picture should now

08 resemble a correctly white balanced image. Sometimes you may have to lighten the image slightly to see the results.

Open your offending picture and then

02 Cmd/Ctrl J to create a copy layer (That’s the one you are going to work on. Always leave the background layer to act as a master before and after layer).

Using the keyboard, tab down to the R.G.


This will open up another window called Color Picker. Select a non-highlight white area (that is one that isn’t reflecting a bright amount of white, near a shadow on a white shirt often helps) and sample the area with your eyedropper. (I have even used the whites of an eye or a persons teeth to achieve the same effect)

06 and B boxes and copy what ever amount

that is in the Red box into both the Green and the Blue Boxes so that all read the same value as RED. Then hit the enter/return key still using the keys.

For the more experienced users the use of Adjustment Layers then allows you to fine tune the white balance in different parts of your image that have been affected by stray or mixed lighting sources. The trick is to know what was white originally and then remember to REMOVE your hand from the mouse as you tab around the menu window inputting in those RGB values. >> Next month Black and White Part One

22 · PHOTOi | Feb 2005



Closing Date: 30th of each month. Organised By: PHOTOi and NIKON Entry Forms and Rules: Subject: A series of monthly themes where prizes and points are awarded each month. The photographer with the most points at the end of the competition wins the title of Digital Photographer of the year 2005. Open to: All except those working or residing in Europe, North America and South America. Prizes: Grand Prizes: 1st prize- latest top of the line Nikon Professional DSLR with AFS18-70mm lens. 2nd prize – D2H DSLR the AFS 18-70mm lens. 3rd prize – D70 DSLR with AFS18-70mm lens. Plus monthly prizes of Nikon Coolpix cameras.

“TO SINGAPORE WITH LOVE” PHOTO PROJECT Closing Date: 20 February 2005. Organised By: Mr Kwek Leng Joo, Managing Director of City Developments Ltd. Supported By: MICA, NAC, SPH, The Photographic Society of Singapore, Singapore Colour Photographic Society, PhotoArt Association of Singapore, SAFRA Photography Club and Boon Lay CC Photography Club. Entry Forms and Rules: Subject: Be part of a photo project in celebration of Singapore’s 40th Birthday in 2005. Submit images for any or all of the three categories: 1. Love for Nature – landscape, elements of Nature, human interaction with Nature. 2. Love for Arts & Culture – Places or activities pertaining to performing and visual arts. 3. Love for the People – People of all races, professions and ages. Unique Singaporean hobbies, lifestyle and hangouts. In line with the theme, images should illustrate sentiments of warmth and possess a personal touch. Open to: All Singapore citizens, PR’s, ST, EP/WP holders residing in Singapore. Prizes: Selected images will be published in a memorable pictorial book entitled ‘To Singapore with Love’ which will be distributed both locally and abroad.


Closing Date: 1 May Organised By: Celebrate the Sea Marine Imagery Festival 2005. Entry Forms and Rules: /cat&con05.htm Subject: An International Underwater Imagery Competition. Nine Categories: A – Documentary. B – Slides. C – Colour and B&W. D – Digital Portfolio. E – AG/ONE Environmental Award. F – Slide Show. G – Book of the Sea Competition. H – CD-ROM – DVD. I – Web Site Competition. Open to: All Prizes: Over USD$ 50,000 in prizes to be won.

THROUGH THE EYE CAPTURE OUR FESTIVALS FROM THE HEART PHOTO COMPETITION s.html Subject: The touching and light moments of family life. Three categories: a) Children – under two years old. b) Family – two generations. c) Family – at least three generations. Open to: All residents of Singapore. Prizes: First Prize: $1,500 + trophy. Second Prize: $1,000 + trophy. Third Prize: $500 + trophy. Also five merit prizes of $100 each.


BEST IN PHOTOGRAPHY AWARD Closing Date: 25 February 2005 Organised By: IFRA Asia Entry Forms and Rules: Subject: Newspaper or magazine photographs shot or published between January 2004 to February 2005. The 6 categories include: News Photography, Feature Photography, Sports Photography, “A Week of It”, Magazine Photographer of the Year and Newspaper Photographer of the Year. Open to: All Professional Photographers working in Asia and Oceania. Cost: Euro 50 per entry. Prizes: Ifra media awards. EXHIBITIONS


When: 7 January – 20 February 2005 Hours: 10am - 7 pm Daily. Extended hours on Fridays: 6pm – 9pm. Where: Singapore Art Museum, 71 Bras Basah Road. Featuring: The largest photographic exhibition dedicated to a Singapore photographer. Striking and exceptional portraits of personalities and movie stars and a rare look at some of Wong's own personal works. Admission: $3 Adult, $1.50 Student or Senior Citizen. Free for extended hours on Fridays. Enquiries: Tel 6332 3222


When: 15 - 28 February 2005 Hours: 12 p.m. - 7 pm daily. Closed on Tuesdays and Sundays. Where: The Photographers Gallery at MICA, 140 Hill Street, #01-02. Featuring: Inspired by his beginnings as a photojournalist, Lance Lee gate-crashes the fashion scene with his spontaneity and surrealism with his vibrant images. Admission: Free Enquiries: Tel 68373886,


When: 3 December 2004 – 26 March 2005 Where: Singapore City Gallery, on the 2nd and 3rd storeys of The URA Centre, 45 Maxwell Road (next to the famous Maxwell Food Centre). Hours: 8.30am – 7pm weekdays, 8.30am – 4.30pm Saturday. Closed on Sundays and Public holidays. Featuring: An exhibition organised by the URA. “Achievements” - 188 photographs of Singapore 2004 as seen through the eyes of 19 Photojournalists from Singapore Press Holdings. “Aspirations” - a glimpse of the next 30 years to come through exciting audiovisuals. Also, entries from the “My City” photo competition will be displayed. Admission: Free Enquiries: Tel: (65) 6321-8321.

Closing Date: 18 February Organised By: Southwest CDC Entry Forms and Rules:

When: 14 February 2005 Where: The Cube, SAM Featuring: Russel Wong shares his experiences as a rookie photographer – from his ‘pilgrimage’ to the mecca of fashion photography – Milan, Italy – to his later move to New York and finally to the fast paced work-style of major magazine cities around the world. Limited to 30 students aged 16 and above. Admission: $3.00 per person. Enquiries: Tel 6332 3220 or email


When: 12 February 2005 Where: National Junior College. Featuring: Three speakers who will be touching on Photojournalism, Performance Arts Photography and Sports Photography. Also, view entries from the competitions ‘Young Eyes 2004’ and ‘Eye the City’ and also works by Loh Eng Hong, a former student of NJC in a Mega Exhibition to be held concurrent with the seminar. Admission: $3.00 includes goody bag. Enquiries: National Junior College.

A SHOT AT MOTHER NATURE - ZOO TALKS ASP/Event.asp “PHOTOGRAPHING ANIMALS IN THE WILD” by Graeme Guy Date: 12 February 2005 Talk Time: 3pm –5pm (includes a 1 hr hands-on session) Place: The Singapore Zoo Auditorium @ Learning Centre. Admission: Free but Zoo admission applies. “MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY” by Tan Boen Hian Date: 12 March 2005 Talk Time: 3pm – 5pm (includes a 1 hr hands-on session) Place: The Singapore Zoo Auditorium @ Learning Centre. Admission: Free but Zoo admission applies.

THE PHOTOGRAPHERS’ GALLERY COURSES MICA Building, 140 Hill Street #01-02. Basic Practical Photography Commencing: 13 February Outdoor Portraiture Course Commencing: 16 February Studio Portraiture Course Commencing: 17 February Nature Macro Photography Course Commencing: 15 February Enquiries for all Objectifs courses: Tel: 68373886. Email:


Courses: 12A Liang Seah Street Basic Photography Commencing: 12 February and 15 February Documentary Photography Commencing: 17 February B&W Photography I Commencing: 15 February Digital Capture Commencing: 23 February Digital Printmaking Commencing: 12 February Photoshop for Photographers I Commencing: 3 February Enquiries for all Objectifs courses: email or phone 6339 3068

THE PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY OF SINGAPORE Courses: 30 Selegie Road, Selegie Arts Centre Building. Conventional Basic Photography Commencing: 7 February and 14 March. Digital Basic Photography Commencing: 23 February. Glamour and Nude Photography Commencing: 15 February Travel and Creative Photography Commencing: 22 February. Wedding Photography Commencing: 22 February.

Black and White Printing Photography Commencing: 15 February. Flashlight Photography Commencing: 25 February. Night Photography Commencing: 17 February. Nature Photography Commencing: 24 February. Conventional Infra-red Commencing: 25 February. Enquiries for all PSS courses: email or phone 6334 3361.

SONY DIGITAL WORKSHOP Sony Gallery, 435 Orchard Road #04-01 Wisma Atria. Courses Include: Basic Digital Still Camera Techniques, Creative Baby Photography, The World of Night Photography, Photo Editing using Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0. Enquiries: Home

NATURE @ WORK – WEEKEND PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS Workshop leader: John Arifin Msc.ARPS. Weekend 12 hour workshops in small group on: Basic for absolute beginners, Intermediate, Macro and Creative Photography. Enquiries: or phone 6235 0021.

PHOTOGRAPHY COURSES BY FRANCIS LEE Foundation Photography: Course comprises of 10 sessions with 2 field trips. Basic Studio Photography: Course comprises of 2 sessions (Sat/Sun) for 3 hours. Enquires: Francis Lee at 947 96311 or email

BLOCK 43 STUDIO GALLERY Creative Photography: 8 week course / 3 hours per week Enquires: Tel 647 11359 or Hp 9684 8215 or email or

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When: 15 January – 7 March 2005 Hours: 11am – 9pm daily. Where: epSITE, Epson Imaging Gallery, Level Three, Wheelock Place, Orchard Road. Featuring: 56 of the best shots from the Epson Photo Contest 2004, which received a total of 105,033 entries. Admission: Free Enquiries: Tel 6736 4986. Website:

Closing Date: 15 March Organised By: Singapore Ann Kway Association. Entry Forms and Rules: Konica Minolta Photo Express Stores Subject: Singapore multi racial festivals from November 2004 until March 2005 such as Hari Raya, Deepavali, Christmas, Lunar New Year, Chingay etc. Open to: Anyone residing in Singapore. Prizes: 1st prize: $2000 cash + Konica Minolta Dimage X31 Camera. 2nd prize: $1500 cash + Konica Minolta Dimage X31 Camera. 3rd prize: $1000 cash + Konica Minolta Dimage X31 Camera. 15 Merit prizes of $300 cash each.

Closing Date: 15 February Organised By: PDN Photo Annual Entry Forms and Rules: Subject: An International Photography Competition. Categories include: Advertising, Editorial, News & Sports, Corporate/Design, Student Work, Photo Books, Photo Web Sites and Personal Work. Open to: All Prizes: Winning shots are printed in the PDN Photo Annual.


When: 18 December 2004 – 27 February 2005 Where: Sculpture Square Hours: 11am – 6pm weekdays, 12noon – 6pm weekends. Featuring: A video and photo based time sculpture by French artist and Singapore PR, Gilles Massot. Taking the train line that links Singapore and Johor Bahru as a theme, Mr Massot will explore the intricate relations that define time and space. Admission: Free Enquiries: Tel 6333 1055.

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M.S. Colour, Blk 102 Yishun Ring Rd, #01-129

In House Studio Professional Photo Service, 30 Bali Lane

Sinceretech Centre, Blk 505 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 #01-2680

Jason Photo Studio, Blk19 Toh Yi Drive #01-123

CENTRAL Foto Fast Digital Centre, Midlink Plaza #01-10 Superior Photo Laboratory, Change Alley, Aerial Plaza 35

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Jvonne Arts, 11 Unity St. #01-26 Robertson Walk Magnificient Snap, Marina Square #02-246 Memory World (S) Pte Ltd, Sim Lim Square #04-12, Funan The IT Mall #05-17 M S Color Service, Blk 711 Ang Mo Kio Central #01-3501C NextByte, Lucky Plaza #02-95 New Experience, Blk 80 Lorong Limau #02-195 NTUC Testing Services, International Plaza #34-14 Out of the Box Design & Photography, Millenia Walk #01-103 Parisilk Electronics & Computers Pte Ltd, 15A Lorong Liput ( Holland Village) Pic And Pixel Singapore Pte Ltd, Funan The IT Mall #04-12/13

Success Photo Centre, Blk 538A Bedok North St 3 #01-577A

Photo Wonder Colour Centre, The Woodgrove #01-09

The Way Colour Centre & Services, Blk 631 Bedok Reservoir Rd #01-960, Blk 740 Bedok Reservoir Rd #01-3157

Pro Photo, Plaza Singapura #04-13

Picture Me Digital Technology, Suntec City Mall #03-47/49 Pro-M Photo, Peninsula Plaza #02-62 Riceball Photography Bookstore, The Adelphi #04-17

TPS Photo Centre, Blk 445 Pasir Ris Drive 6 #01-100

RGB Color Pte Ltd, Premier Centre #01-01


Ruby Photo, Peninsula Shopping Centre #01-01

Good View Photo Studio, Blk 106 Jln Bukit Merah #01-1870

Sinvision Pte Ltd, Sim Lim Square #05-06

Kim Yong Photo Service Centre, Blk 302 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4 #01-715

SingPost Post Office Bedok Central, Kent Ridge, Killiney Rd, Robinson Rd, Singapore Post Centre

Photo Mark, Blk 533 Choa Chu Kang Street 51 #01-31

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John 3:16 Photo Supplies, Funan The IT Mall #03-37

Photomega Professional Lab & Trading, Blk 89 Bedok North Ave 4 #01-121

Lee & J Trading, Blk 133 Jurong East St 13 #01-303

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George Photo, Blk1 Changi Village Rd #01-2000

Kim Sheng Photo Express, #B1-02, Thomson Imperial Court

Zodiac Colour Finishing, Blk 305, Woodlands St. 31, #01-79

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Francis Studio Classic, Peninsula Shopping Centre #01-20

JEP Trading, Hougang Green Shopping Mall #02-27

Kaity Colour Centre, Blk 304 Ubi Ave 1 #01-123

Plus One Trading Enterprise, Blk 320 Clementi Ave 4 #01-19 Teban Lucky Bridal Colour Photo Centre, Blk 37 Teban Gardens Road #01-301 Yokohama Photo & Music Centre, 245 Holland Avenue

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SAFRA Photographic Club, 5200 Jalan Bukit Merah

Express Photo Colour Centre, Blk 125 Toa Payoh Lorong 1#01-535

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Republic Polytechnic, Tanglin Campus 1 Kay Siang Rd

The Photographic Society of Singapore,30 Selegie Rd Selegie Arts Centre

APS Photo Centre, Blk 119 Aljunied Avenue 2 #01-K1

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Raffles Junior College, 10 Bishan St.21

da Vinci Picture, Sembawang MRT #01-08


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Raffles Institution, 1 Raffles Institution Lane


Tradeleader Enterprise, 472 Tampines St 44 #01-53

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NUS Photographic Society, Yusof Ishak House, 31 Kent Ridge Rd

Temasek Polytechnic, Visual Central, 21 Tampines Ave 1

TPS Photo Centre, Blk 201C Tampines St 21 #01-10



Nan Chiau High School, 20 Anchorvale Link

Swiss Cottage Secondary School, 3 Bukit Batok St.43

Photo Inn, Blk 802 Tampines Ave 4 #01-19

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Nature Photographic Society (Singapore), 1 Preston Rd

St Andrew’s Secondary School, 15 Francis Thomas Drive

GP2 Colour Lab, #01-21, Tampines Mart

National Junior College Photographic Society, 37 Hillcrest Rd

Vivid Photo Productions Centre, Blk 18 Toh Yi Drive #01-111



LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts, 90 Goodman Rd

St Andrew’s Junior College Photographic Society, 15 Francis Thomas Drive

Pro-M Photo, #02-62 Peninsula Plaza

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Style Photo, 2 Pandan Valley #01-207

OIS Colour, Isetan Scotts Basement 1



Konica Photographic Club, Haw Par Technocentre #01-04

Spot Color, Jurong East MRT Station #01-11

Mega Fotofinish Digital Zone, Crosby House #01-00


ITE Yishun Photographic Club, 20 Yishun Ave 9

NTU Photo-Videographic Society, Students Affair Office, Nanyang Ave

Chinatown Colour Centre, People's Park Centre #01-05



Hai Sing Catholic School,9 Pasir Ris Drive 6

Ngee Ann Polytechnic, 535 Clementi Rd

U First Departmental Store, Lucky Plaza B1-01


Damai Secondary School, 4800 Bedok Reservior Rd

Photo Finish, Anchorpoint #01-09, Bukit Panjang Plaza #01-01/02, Cold Storage Jelita #G-07, Holland Shopping Centre #01-05, IMM Building #01-100, King Albert Park #01-06, Jurong Point #B1-27, Tiong Bahru Plaza #B1-01/02


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Chua Chu Kang Primary School, 20 Chua Chu Kang Ave 2

Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Design, 180 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8

KT Photo, Singapore Zoological Garden Entrance Plaza


Contax Club Singapore, 66 Tannery Lane #04-01 Sindo Industrial Bldg

Nets Imaging Pte Ltd, Ikea Building #01-05

Standard Photo, Blk 152 Serangoon North Ave 1 #01-301-304


Catholic Junior College,129 Whitley Rd

Patmos Photo & Gifts, Blk 21 Ghim Moh Rd #01-157

Kim Photo Studio, Upper Thomson Road 246K

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Anglo-Chinese Junior College Photographic Society,25 Dover Close East

Nanyang Junior College Photographic Society, 128 Serangoon Ave 3

Le Bans (S) Pte Ltd, Bukit Batok MRT Station #01-07

Konica Minolta Digital Photo Express

Photo Finish, Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1#B1-43B, Compass Point #B1-32, DBS Tampines Centre #01-05, Siglap

Anglican High Photographic Society, 600 Upper Changi Rd

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, 38/ 80/ 151 Bencoolen St.

Speed Graphic Colour Lab, Blk 253 Jurong East St 24 #01-225

Outstanding Color Centre, Blk 201C Tampines St. 21#01-17

Anderson Junior College, 4500 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8

KC Ginza Lab & Studio, Ginza Plaza #01-58

Siren Colour Lab, Blk 961 Jurong West St. 91 #01-204

88 Fastspeed Photo Svc, Blk 301 Ubi Ave 1#01-235


Ideamark, Singapore Polytechnic FC5 Co-operative

Railmall Colour Lab, Blk 283 Bukit Batok Ave 3 #01-275

CPL Foto Services Pte Ltd, Blk 180 Toa Payoh Central #01-576


Colour Collections, Blk 253 Chua Chu Kang Ave 1 #B1-18

King's Express, Sim Lim Square #01-33

MS Photo King, 146 Market St, Multi-Storey Carpark #01-15


Photo Finish, Funan The IT Mall #01-K7, Great World City #B1-18/19

Choice Photo & Gifts, Blk 283 Bukit Batok East Ave 3 #01-275 Double One Colour Centre, Blk 442A Clementi Town Centre #01-47, Blk 328 Clementi Ave 2 #01-208, Blk 130 Jurong East St.13 #01-225

Instant Digital Services, OUB Building #01-00

Kodak Express

Mach Photo, Blk 87 Marine Parade Central #01-501

Sin Soonly Photo Express Trading, Blk 95 Aljunied Crescent #01-493 Siren Photos, Blk 68 Geylang Bahru #01-3217 Pte Ltd, Suntec City Mall #02-050

Mach Photo, Jurong Point #B1-29

Plus One Colour Centre, Blk 741 Bedok Reservoir Rd #01-3079

Standard Photo Pte Ltd, Millenia Walk #02-25B Tan Union Pte Ltd, People’s Park Complex #02-111 The Camera Workshop, Peninsula Hotel Shopping Centre #01-31 The Reel Thing Pte Ltd, 51 Geylang Lorong 17 #07-02 T.K.Fototechnic, Shaw Towers #02-45 Wow Studio Pte Ltd, Tan Boon Liat Building #04-06

Photo credit: Nguyen Huyen Vu Winner of december 2004 Theme: Curves and Lines

PHOTOi - Issue 15 (February 2005)  

PHOTOi - Issue 15 (February 2005). Doing It Youself - How to achieve great results without a studio; Russel Wong; Canon EOS 1DS MK II

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