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Attractions of Inoutic in Architect 2013 brought to you by upvc solutions

Thanks to the overwhelming interest in various new premium applications to the Inoutic Windows and Doors from Germany and the live experiments on our sound proof, waterproof and high security windows in the exhibitions, many home owners and architects have found their window solution with perfect living quality to their home at Inoutic booth.

In addition to that, the feedback on newly introduced Inoutic premium Lift and Sliding Door is another main attraction especially for those who love to have big panoramic view with large opening size sliding door. Inoutic has introduced a perfect solution that most of the sliding doors in the market cannot achieve! Inoutic Lift and Sliding Door is capable of achieving a span of 3 meters wide per

Sash and carries a maximum weight of 300 kg per sash. This allows the installation of a large opening sliding panel with maximum opening view with ease of operation. On top of this, the Inoutic Lift and Sliding System also provides perfect sound insulations, maximum water tightness, air/dust insulation, strong resistance to wind load. Homeowners now can enjoy their panoramic view with perfect atmosphere without any worry for security and insulation issues with Inoutic Lift and Sliding Door. Thailands most professional upvc fabricator Prime Asia Assoc LTD, manufactures these kind of solutions.

Adding color varieties to your home and providing alternatives to wood grain finishing, Inoutic has shown different ranges of premium color choices other than the standard white uPVC color choice for architects and homeowners to choose from. The color choice permits architectural design to match both modern and traditional buildings. The new innovative Inoutic for premium color uPVC windows and doors is designed to withstand the hot climate such as those found in Southeast Asia!

Upvc attractions of inoutic in architect 2013