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Max Knowles’ Guide to Promoting Business Through Social Media ‘We are all social animals and if you are in the networking business, aka direct selling, the importance of social media increases manifold. So, if you’ve not yet incorporated this powerful tool to reach out to your customers and increase your customer base, you surely are missing out on a big pie’ says Max Knowles. With that said, Max shares his thoughts on how to promote businesses through social media networks. No 2 minute noodle Max says that reaping the fruits of social media is not a 2 minute noodle recipe. You’ll have to make efforts, be genuine, and offer your prospects useful information without expecting the rewards to come in early. Talk about the company and the team If you want to leverage your growth with the company, don’t promote yourself on social media. It’s about ACN Inc – the company, the team- not an individual. So, keep this in mind and stay focused. Add fresh, interesting and informative content to spread the word and gain more friends and people who are interested in who we are and what we do. Manage your social media well If you are not an old hat, then it is better to focus on one type of social media, say Facebook or Twitter, and then master the techniques of managing and relating well with your prospects before you move on to other social media sites.

Increase the basket The best way to get noticed on Facebook and Twitter is to ‘like’ posts of people who have a large number of followers and friends. Similarly, following people with many followers automatically helps you connect with more and

more people. Review their content, share it, like it and they’ll definitely ‘like’ and share your content. With this approach, you’ll be able to increase your basket of friends and followers in no time. Never stop learning Like I’ve always said, learning is a continuous process. You continue to learn and you continue to grow. So, learn and understand what clicks. Keep a tab on how your content is treated. If you’ve put up a post on Facebook and people have liked and shared it, it will definitely garner the same response from Twitter fans. Capitalize on success and you’ll reap greater benefits with minimal efforts.

Be honest and transparent The best way to build a relationship of trust and confidence is to be totally honest and transparent. Don’t make promises you can’t deliver. Never promote falsities or give false promises about your products. Be genuine and people will love you for that.

Never forget your business goals Make sure you are focused on your business goals. Once the connections are built, you’ll have to capitalize on them by introducing them to your offer. Don’t expect miracles to happen. Be consistent in your efforts. Give your fans and followers good content, ask them what it is that they are looking for and slowly introduce them to what you have to offer them. Last but not least, there is no short cut to hard work. So, work hard and you’ll reap the sweet benefits! For more information about Max Knowles visit our website.

Max knowles guide to promoting business through social media  

We are all social animals and if you are in the networking business, aka direct selling, the importance of social media increases manifold....

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