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Love our planet: Earth friendly Spring Cleaning Spring is blooming all over the nation and it’s time to clean those winter skuzzies out of your home and industrial equipment. Maintenance Equipment and Chemical Inc (MEC) offers a wide selection of environmentally friendly products for all your cleaning needs inside and outside the home and factory. Our full line of ultrasonic chemicals combines the power of ultrasonic science with ecofriendliness and supplies plenty of power for all your cleaning needs. The power of Ultrasonic Cleaning Developed in 1990s by two knowledgeable chemists, MEC’s Ultrasonic cleaners are earth friendly and completely non-toxic and biodegradable. Ultrasonic cleaning chemicals attack grime, grease, rust, and scale,on a diverse range of products in the residence, on the farm and in the factory. Using a specific set of safe liquid cleansers, MEC products can clean a wide variety of plastics, metals, and other substances and offer additional protection from future damage. Contact MEC today for a free consultation. We can help you find the correct product to clean any of the following items and more: - Residential items inside and out (including decks and siding) - Dip tanks - Rust - Metal items including vintage cars, trucks, motorcycles, farm equipment and more - Industrial heat exchangers, hydrolic cylinders, electric cables - Molds and dyes - Interrupter assembly parts - Fiberglass items

MEC’s safe, ultrasonic chemicals offer a non- toxic green alternative to clean the nastiest industrial and residential mess. Finally, MEC offers industrial chemicals that are safe for the environment and for people!

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Love our plant earth friendly spring cleaning