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Scott MacLeay Scott MacLeay (born March 25, 1950) is a Canadian photographer, composer and new media artist. His images, like his music, often deal with juxtapositions of fragmented elements in multilayered environments. He began his career in Vancouver, B.C. Canada in the later 1970s, moving to Paris in 1979. In 2010 he moved to Florianópolis, Brazil.



Scott MacLeay earned an Honours B.A. degree with a major in economics from Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario in 1972 and a Masters of Science degree in economic theory specializing in development economics and project analysis from the London School of Economics and Political Science in 1974. He left his doctoral studies at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada in 1975 to pursue a career in photography.



He gained notoriety in the early 1980s for his color series Attitudes incorporating detail-free, graphic figures in flat two-dimensional fields, first exhibited in 1980 at the Space Gallery of Pete Turner, Ernst Haas, Jay Maisel in New York. In 1981 he began collaborating with the Fresson family for the printing of his work. The luminosity of the pigment-based, Fresson charcoal process[3] was ideally suited to the texture-free, color palette he was exploring. In 1982 his work was included in the Life Library of Photography in the volume dedicated to the Art of Photography and he was named Rockefeller Foundation/ American Centre Artist in Residence at the American Center for Artists in Paris. His work has been exhibited widely in Europe, N. and S. America and Japan and was represented by the Galérie Ufficio dell’Arte / Créatis in Paris and the Marcuse Pfeifer Gallery in New York where he exhibited both quadrichrome and dichromatic work during the 1980s. He participated in both solo and group exhibitions for the Biennale Mois de la Photo de la Ville de Paris in 1980, 1982 and 1988. His photographs are in included in private and museum collections worldwide and his work has been widely published and analyzed in periodicals and contemporary art magazines worldwide: Art in America, Arts Magazine, Zoom, Clichés, Camera Arts, among others. In 1980, he founded the Photography Department at the American Center for Artists in Paris becoming Director of its Center for Media Art and Photography in 1985 following in the footsteps of founder Don Foresta and Anne- Marie Stein.

He was responsible for undertaking co-production projects in collaboration with institutions such as the Georges Pompidou Center and with festivals such as the Festival d’Arles and the Festival Video de Montbéliard, in addition to organizing seminars and encounters with international artists and a complete program of courses/workshops in photography, video art and electronic music. In 1987 he created the MMAP (Music / Media Art / Photography), a confederation of private audio-visual production houses such as progressive video producers Ex Nihilo and independent photographic artists such as Jeanne Hilary and Serge Picard to develop new pedagogical experiences in the technological arts for young artists. MacLeay remained Director and taught there until 1999. In 1982 he had begun composing experimental music for contemporary dance for t h e w o r k o f American and French choreographers including Robert Kovich, Ruth Barnes, Marc Vincent and Jean-Marc Matos in collaboration with French choreographer François Raffinot. Musical composition became his principal activity by the end of the 1980s and in 1988, he formed Private Circus, an informally structured musical research group, that made two CDs on the French independent label Sordide Sentimental: the contemporary cabaret opera Les Petites Foules (SSCD004, 1990) and a compilation of music created for contemporary dance La Moitié de L’Histoire (SSFP99, 1994). He also composed and sound designed for special format cinema projects (360° cinema and simulators) incmuding the first 360° film produced in Europe “La Tour de France en 360° in 1989. In the 1990s he divided his time between musical creations and audio and AV production work on international projects in Europe and Asia. He returned to photography and new media work in 2004/2005 and in 2010 he settled in Florianópolis, Brazil where in addition to returning to photography and new media work, he also curates exhibitions of young Brazilian new media artists and writes on conceptual approaches to photography. He has directed workshops / portfolio critiques at various events such as Floripa na Foto (2011 / 2013) and the Festival de Fotografia de Tiradentes (2013 / 2015 / 2018) as well as at institutions such as the SESC Santana and the SESC 24 de maio, São Paulo (2014). His book of essays on conceptual thinking and processes in photography Pensar, Sentir, Ver: Percepção e Processo em Fotografia (Thinking, Feeling, Seeing: Perception and process in Photography) was published in 2015.


Honors / Awards • Gowan Award (1971) for Best Undergraduate Economics Essay for a paper on Business Cycles and Comparative Economic Systems, Queen’s University • Canada Council Doctoral Fellowship 1974/75 • New York Art Directors Club Award (1982) for the photographic work featured in the Stephen DeGange article « Cool Conceits » Camera Arts (March/April 1981) • Rockefeller Foundation Artist in Residence at the American Center in Paris for the project «Fragments Cycles Sons»: multi-media photographic exhibition for the 1982 Biennale Mois de la Photo de la Ville de Paris


Selected Photography Exhibitions • Gallery Royale, group exhibition, Vancouver (1976) • Queen Elizabeth Theatre Gallery, group exhibition, Vancouver (1976) • Photographer’s Studio, solo exhibition, Vancouver (1979) • The Space Gallery : solo exhibition Attitudes, New York (1980) • Galérie Ufficio dell’Arte / Créatis: group exhibition Avant-Garde, Paris (1980) • Gallery 3, Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art: solo exhibition, New York (1981) • Mido Gallery : solo exhibition, Vancouver (1981) • Deja Vu Gallery : solo exhibition, Toronto (1981) • La Maison de la Danse, solo exhibition, Lyon, France (1982) • Equivalents Gallery : solo exhibition, Seattle (1982) • AO Gallery : solo Exhibition, Tokyo (1982) • American Center for Artists : solo exhibition Fragments Cycles Sons, Mois de la Photo, Paris (1982) • Marcuse Pfeifer Gallery : solo exhibition Fragments, New York (1983) • Marcuse Pfeiifer Gallery : group show, New York (1983) • Gallery 1, University of Arkansas : solo exhibition, Little Rock (1983) • Maine Photographic Workshops, group exhibition, Rockport (1983) • American Center for Artists : group exhibition, Paris (1983) • Turman Gallery : group exhibition Figurative Contexts, Indiana State University (1983) • Galérie Créatis : group exhibition, Paris (1983) • Münchner Stadtmuseum, group exhibition, Munich (1984) • Mido Gallery : solo exhibition, Vancouver (1984) • Gallery Ton Peek : solo exhibition, Utrecht, The Netherlands (1984)

• 10th Tokyo Video Festival (1987): Special Merit Award for the excellence in musical composition for the videodance « Josette Einstein » (co-production : Centre Georges Pompidou, Daikiri,, American Center, Blizz’Art) • Video “She (Plural)” in the Official Selection of the 2017 Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival (June 2017), of the 2017 Experimental Forum Festival in Los Angeles (screening: November 18th, 2017) and of 2017 Canada Shorts Film Festival, New Brunswick (November 2017).

• American Center for Artists : group exhibition, Paris (1984) • Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans: group exhibition A Unity of Visions, New Orleans, USA (1985) • French Cultural Center: group exhibition, New York, USA (1985) • Marcuse Pfeifer Gallery: solo exhibition Primates 1s, 2s 3s, New York (1985) • Amsterdam National Contemporary Art Fair: group exhibition, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (1985) • Frankfurter Kunstverein: group exhibition, Frankfurt, Germany (1985) • Museum des 20 (since 2011, 21er Haus): group exhibition, Vienna, Austria (1985) • Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe: group exhibition, Hambourg, Germany (1985) • Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris: group exhibition Splendeurs et Misères du Corps, Paris (1988) • Le Parvis, solo exhibition, Tarbes, France (1988) • Museum für Kunst und Geschiche in Freiburg : group exhibition Glanz und Elend des Körpers, Freiburg, Switzerland (1989) • Fundação Cutural Badesc: solo exhibition Cores Corpos e Coros, Florianópolis, Brazil (2011) • Museum of Fine Arts, Houston: group exhibition of Permanent Collection, Houston, U.S.A. (2012) • Museu de Arte de Santa Catarina: group exhibition Fotografia(s) Contemporânea Brasileira, Florianópolis, Brazil (2013) • Galeria Lindolf Bell, CIC : solo exhibition in the context of large group show Interferências: Scott MacLeay e Convidados, Florianópolis, Brazil (2014) • ArtigoRIO, group exhibition, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2014) • Galeria Boiteux, group exhibition, Florianópolis, Brazil (2016)


Selected Musical Compositions / Sound Designs • Musical creation for Solo Version d’un Ballet…, choreography : Robert Kovich. Soirée Solos, Centre Georges Pompidou, (1983) - compositional collaboration with François Raffinot • Musical creation for Long Distance, choreography : Ruth Barnes, Nadège MacLeay. American Center for Artists, Paris (1984) - compositional collaboration with François Raffinot • Musical creation for Cité 1 (Eveil & Transport en Commun), choreography : Jean-Marc Matos. Biennale de Danse du Val-de-Marne (1985) compositional collaboration with François Raffinot • Musical creation for Josette Einstein (videodance), video artist : Jean-Bernard Pouchous / choreography: Jean-Marc Matos. Production : Centre Georges Pompidou, American Center, Daikiri, Blizz’Art, KDanse. Paris (1986)

• Musical creation and sound designing for Antirouille (pilot for a TV programme on contemporary architecture and design): Direction: Michel Jaffrennou and Odile Fillion. Production : Ex Nihilo, Centre Georges Pompidou, UMT (1990) • Musical creation « Windy » for Futae, choreography : Nadège MacLeay. Dix-Huit Théâtre, Paris (1992) • Musical creation for Le Grand Manège de la Forêt (installation video), Video artist: Michel Jaffrennou for the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie – La Villette. Production: Ex Nihilo. Paris (1992) • Musical creation for 2 Minutes d’Arret, choreography : Nadège MacLeay. Lantaren Venster Theater, Rotterdam (1992) • Musical creation for White Water (Solo pour L / Tales of White Water), choreography : Nadège MacLeay. Le Regard du Cygne, Paris (1992/93)

• Musical creation for La Pièce Voisine, choreography: Jeanette Dumeix et Marc Vincent. Théâtre 14, Paris • Musical creation and sound design for Dissimulation (fiction), video artist : Hervé Nisic. (1987) - compositional collaboration with François Production: INA - La Sept ARTE (1993) Raffinot • Musical theme for Video Création (générique Canal+), video artist : Hervé Nisic. Production : Ex Nihilo, Paris (1988)

• CD Compilation of musical creations for contemporary dance La Moitié de l’Histore : creation pour la danse contemporaine, interpreted by Private Cir- cus : Label : Sordide Sentimental SSFP99. Rouen (1994)

• Musical creation for 13 modules of Vidéopérette (live vidéo performance and vidéo art programme), • Musical creation for Passage Oublié (Portées Disparues /Procession-Suspension), choreography : video artist : Michel Jaffrennou. Production : La Nadège MacLeay. Festival 13, Theatre Dunois, Grande Halle-La Villette, Ex Nihilo, Canal+, Paris (1994) Centre Georges Pompidou, Ex Machina, CDN productions, Duran, UMT, Mikros Image, Pandore, Pipa design, Ministère de la Culture (Direction du • Musical creation for L’Europe en Multicoque (360° special format film for the Futuroscope, Poitiers) théâtre et Délégation aux arts plastiques), CNC nouDirector: Jean-Michel Destand. Production : Les velles technologies. (1989) Productions du Futuroscope. Paris/Poitiers (1995) • Musical Creation for Tour de France en 360° (first • Musical creation Siegfried for C’est Ça le European 360° special format film for the Paradis ?, choreography : Nadège MacLeay. Futuroscope, Poitiers), Director: Marc Sator. Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Production: Bakelite, Paris (1990) Seine- Saint-Denis, Maison du théâtre et de la Danse, Épinay-sur-Seine (1996) • Musical creation for Longueur(s) d’onde (Le Prologue/Navigation/Le Feu), choreography : Nadège • Musical creation Fenêtre(s) choreography : Nadège MacLeay. l’Espace Jacques Prévert, d’Aulnay sous MacLeay., Vivat d’Armentières (1997) / Maison du Bois / Théatre Chatillon (1990) Théâtre et de la Danse, Bruay la Buissière (1998) • Music and lyrics for the CD Small Crowds (Les • Music and lyrics of a series of contemporary works Numb (including I am Blind, But I Can See Saigon / Petites Foules), contemporary cabaret opera Flat (E) / Suite: Am, Was Not, Might Be,…). interpreted by Private Circus. Label : Sordide Florianópolis (2014-2015). Sentimen- tal SSCD0004, Rouen (1990)


Selected Writings / Photobooks • G.D. Truc : The Man, the Book, Robert Scott MacLeay (Florianópolis, Brazil 2011) • 19 articles/ 2 interviews on the art of photography for the bi-monthly Photo Magazine. Editora Photos, Balneário Camboriú, Brazil (year 7, N° 40 - year 9, N° 59)


• Quadrichromie 1978-1988 : Creative Process, Florianópolis, Brazil (2018)

Curatorial Work • Photographic exhibitions for the Dept. of Photography of the American Center for Artists in Paris at the Arles Festival (1981 – 1986). • Interferences - Scott MacLeay and guests: Gallery Lindolf Bell, CIC, Florianópolis (2014) • Perspectiva(s): group show at the Helena Fretta Galeria de Arte, Florianópolis, Brazil (2014) • Hotel Esplêndido: Lura Fonseca at the Museu Inimá de Paula, Belo Horizonte, Brazil and MuMA, Curitiba, Brazil (2015) • Definindo Tempo: Marco Giacomelli at the Helena Fretta Galeria de Arte, Florianópolis, Brazil (2015)


• Pensar, Sentir, Ver : Percepção e Processo em Fotografia. Editora Photos, Balneário Camboriú, Brazil (2015)

• Ondas de Luz: Marco Giacomelli for the Curitiba Biennial at MuMA, Curitiba, Brazil (2015) • Sobre Aguas: Marco Giacomelli at the Museum of Image and Sound (MIS) in Florianópolis, Brazil (2016) • Metamorphosis IV: Marco Giacomelli at the Instituto Juarez in Joinville, Brazil (2016) • Artistic Coordinator and Curator of the Contemporary Art Prize of the Alliance Française for the State of Santa Catarina, Brazil (2016 / 2017) • Transborda: Juliana Stringhini at the Instituto Juarez in Joinville, Brazil (2017) • Transborda: Juliana Stringhini at the MESC in Florianópolis, Brazil (2018)

Audiovisual Consulting and Cultural Project Feasibility Audiovisual Project Evaluation / Market Feasibility Studies for Regional Development Projects • Project in Valmy for the SMPAC: Syndicat Mixte de l'Argonne Champenoise, (2000) • Project in Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises for the Conseil Régional Champagne Ardenne (2001/2002) • Project in Chateauvillain for the Conseil Général de la Haute Marne (2002) • Project in Aix en Othe for the SMPO (Syndicat Mixte du Pays d’Othe (2003)

Audiovisual Consulting on special format cinema and video installations • Collaboration with Dr. Tao Ho (Tao Ho Design Architects, Hong Kong) and Patrick Besenval (XLargo France) for the concept plan for the Ocean Park Redevelopment Project (2000) • Audiovisual consulting to Tao Ho Design Architects (Hong Kong) on project conception for tourist promotion installations for the cities of Hong Kong (Kowloon and North Point) (1999) and Guilin, China (2001).


Teaching Work

• Professor of Photography: Focal Point, Vancouver BC (1977) • Professor of Photography: Continuing Education Department, Langara College, Vancouver BC (1978-1979) • Founder and Professor of Photography: Photography Department, American Center, Paris, France (1980-1987) • Director (production, event programming and pedagogical program development in photography, video art and electronic music): Center for Media Art and Photography, American Center, Paris, France (1985-1987) • Founder and Professor of Photography: MMAP (Music, Media Art, Photography), Paris, France (1987-1998) • Founder and Professor of New Media Art / Photography: The Creative Process, Florianópolis, Brazil (2011- present)

• Professor of New Media Art / Photography: Advanced workshops on conceptual themes in portraiture, abstraction, interactive story-telling and digital media in various national institutions and festivals in Brazil including: 1. Floripa na Foto (2011, 2013): Photographic Festival in Florianópolis, Brazil 2. Foto Em Pauta - Festival de Fotografia de Tiradentes (2013, 2015, 2018): Photographic Festival in Tiradentes, Brazil 3. Workshops BH (2012, 2013): Private Photographic workshops organized at Studio Helena Leão in Belo Horizonte, Brazil 4. ICP - International Center of Photography (2012): Transmedia Workshop “Different Worlds in the Same Place” in collaboration with Professor Jeanne Hilary, ICP, New York, USA 5. BC Foto Festival (2014): Photographic Festival in Balneario Camboriú, Brazil 6. Casa da Ladeira (2013, 2017): Photographic Association, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 7. SESC Santana (2014, 2017): Visual Arts Department, SESC, São Paulo, Brazil 8. SESC 24 de Maio (2018): Visual Arts Department, SESC, São Paulo, Brazil

Scott Macleay  

Summary of photographic exhibitions and musical creations of Canadian Artist Scott MacLeay

Scott Macleay  

Summary of photographic exhibitions and musical creations of Canadian Artist Scott MacLeay