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Over 2,000 healthcare projects Active in over 20 hospitals

Over 125 faith-based projects New construction, expansions, and renovations



Over 1,000,000 SF of school construction Early Child Development, K-12, and Higher Education

Tranquil spaces in home-like settings Assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, and hospice



Facilities that serve, care, and support Environments for the health and wellness of our community

Offices, training, and facility upgrades Minimizing disruption during construction


Scott-Long Construction has been one of the most respected construction companies in the DC area with a seasoned staff of more than 80 professionals. Originally incorporated in 1961 as Bruce Scott Construction, the company’s driving philosophy centers on superior workmanship, competitive pricing, innovative technologies, and most importantly, trustbased relationships with our clients.

Corporate Name

Scott-Long Construction, Inc


14420 Albemarle Point Place, Suite 250, Chantilly, VA 20151

Additional Locations

9520 Berger Road, Suite 307, Columbia, MD 21046 1755 North Sector Court, Winchester, VA 22601

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John Scott, President & CEO


April 10, 1978 / Virginia Originally incorporated in 1961 as Bruce Scott Construction

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State GC Licenses

VA .............. 2701017730 MD ............. 15030989 DC .............. 410514000522


Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC) - Virginia American Institute of Architects (AIA) American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) National Capital Region Society of Healthcare Engineers (NCRSHE) Virginia Society of Healthcare Engineers (VSHE) Certified Healthcare Constructor (CHC)

Banking Reference

John Marshall Bank

Paul Bice


Bonding Agent

Hilb Group

Brian Rossi


Insurance Agent

Insurance Associates

Michael Cash, CIC


ARRIVE ARRIVE | verb | ar¡rive

to come to or reach a place after traveling, being sent, etc.

You only get one opportunity to make a good first impression. Scott-Long will make the entrance into your space a lasting one.

PERFORM PERFORM | verb | per¡form

to do an action or activity that usually requires training or skill.

Scott-Long understands that building your office with precision, focusing on all details from layout to lighting, is key to creating a work environment that maximizes productivity.

CONVENE CONVENE | verb | con¡vene

to come together in a group for a meeting.

Scott-Long has the experience to create your perfect meeting space. We leverage the latest technologies to enhance presentations, enrich discussions, and optimize results.

LEARN LEARN | verb | learn

to gain knowledge or skill by studying, practicing, or being taught.

Scott-Long has the technical expertise to construct state-of-the-art learning and training centers that are custom-tailored for your business.

DE-STRESS DE-STRESS | verb | de¡stress

to relax your body or mind : to stop feeling the effects of stress.

Scott-Long believes that providing a convenient place to burn off stress helps to improve productivity, reduce tension, and improve your company’s overall health.

RECHARGE RECHARGE | verb | re¡charge

to regain your energy and strength.

Scott-Long will create a place where your employees can take a break. Once refreshed, they will reward you with a renewed sense of purpose and greater attention to detail.

DELIVER DELIVER | verb | de¡liv¡er

to present a speech, statement, etc. to a group of people.

Scott-Long will build the ideal presentation space, ensuring that your ideas are effectively expressed by combining top quality construction with state-of-the-art technology.

ENTERTAIN ENTERTAIN | verb | en¡ter¡tain

to have a guest and exercise hospitality, often in a public space.

Scott-Long will deliver a top-shelf project allowing you to make a good impression with a client, host a corporate event, or celebrate a special occasion.

EXPAND EXPAND | verb | ex¡pand

to increase in size, range, or amount : to become bigger.

A healthy business is a growing business. Your new building will provide the optimal facility to grow your revenues and maximize your return on investment.

TESTIMONIALS & AWARDS CLOCKWORK ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN One of the greatest positive experiences that I’ve had with Scott-Long is to have the ability to work with them very early on in a project. Working together to set the table for our project and come out of the gate with a lot of shared expectations and a lot of shared goals and objectives – that really benefits the project outcome greatly. Chester Bartels Principal

STREAM REALTY PARTNERS Throughout the construction, their team paid careful attention to each intricate detail on this logistically challenging job. What I appreciated most about working with the Scott-Long team was their transparency. They were open an honest about challenges and solutions during meetings which allowed us to be open about our goals and ensure that we collaborated together as one cohesive unit, all pulling in the same direction. They were willing to make the tough decisions and stand by them while still taking into account our input and concerns. Every suggestion and action by Scott-Long was in the best interest of the project. Finally, through working together and building a mutual trust, I believe we have developed a long-lasting relationship with the team members at Scott-Long. Charlie Smiroldo Director of Project Management and Development

VIRGINIA IMPORTS, LTD I took this picture today and immediately fell in love with it. I am grateful for the team that you put on the project and you should be proud of the work they do. They have worked hard and they pay attention to detail. I have mentioned to a few people that I could not imagine going through this process without working with a company and team that I did not know and trust. Thank you for putting this team on my project! Jay Colston Owner

Scott-Long has won over 100 awards for the continued excellence of our construction and safety programs.

Excellence in Construction Awards

Excellence in Safety Awards

National Recognition Awards

Additional Recognition

DC Metropolitan Subcontractors Association Awards

Northern Virginia Building Industry Association Awards

National Association of Industrial & Office Parks Awards


14420 Albemarle Point Pl, Ste 250 Chantilly, VA 20151


9520 Berger Rd, Ste 307 Columbia, MD 21046


1755 North Sector Ct Winchester, VA 22601