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describe the location of a pitcher.

The Change in Baseball Terms Baseball is a broad topic and therefore, I decided to research about the World Series in different years baseball terms that used as baseball slangs in old days and how structures of the modern newspapers and articles on baseball have changed from the old newspapers and articles. The first point that I found was that the name “World Series” was not used until the beginning of 1900s. It was called “World’s Baseball Championship Series” or “World’s Series” for a shorter way to say. Although the first official World Series was played in 1903, the newspapers were still using the name “World’s Championship Series” or “World’s Series.” According to the book “The Dickson Baseball Dictionary” written by Paul Dickson, the term “World Series” appeared in the Spalding Base Ball Guide that was one of the official guides for baseball in 1917. Although the term “World Series” was used before the Spalding Base Ball Dictionary in 1917, it was not used as an official baseball term. For example, the Day Book newspaper used the term “World Series” in 1915, but it was not considered as an official term for the baseball association. Championship games between different leagues were played before 1903, but these games were called

the Temple Cup and seemed they were not organized well. The evening times in 1895 mentioned several points that could be done to have better, more organized championship games. Also, the newspapers before 1903 did not tell many stories about the baseball championship games. The stories usually had one or two paragraphs that contained only a simple fact such as a game score and sometimes weather.

This article is published in 1897 by The Saint Paul globe and it has a lot of information about baseball. In the section “Rules of the Game”, it says two changes were made in baseball rules in 1897 and it also says “there were not many changes made in League rules this year.” This sentence shows that baseball in 1890s was still trying to structure the rules. It is rare to see a change in baseball rules nowadays. In the bottom of the article explains new baseball terms. I have noticed that most of the terms are still used today such as “balk,” “battery,” “dead ball,” “wild pitch” and so on. However, there is one term that has a different name now. The term “box” in this article says “the box is the little square in the center of the diamond where the pitcher stands and delivers,” but there is no square or the box in the center of the ground in modern baseball ground. Instead of the box, there is a pitcher’s plate. Although the box was replaced by a pitcher’s plate, this term “box” is still used to

The newspapers did not cover much about baseball in the beginning because baseball was not a popular sport yet. For example, news on baseball was in a small section of a newspaper without any picture or visual resource before the 1900s. The news was short and simple that only told the fact. People did not care much about who played in a game and how they played. There were not many newspapers that talked about the feature of a baseball player. However, newspapers and articles on baseball got more detailed with both sentences and pictures as people got more interested in baseball. The newspapers began to write more about baseball and its players when baseball got more popular and stars players began to play in a baseball game. Also, there is the official baseball website MLB. com that contains numerous baseball news and feature stories with pictures and videos. Now, baseball is one of the biggest sports in the America that the newspapers write about the winning team of the World Series with more details and pictures. The structure of newspapers has changed through the history and new technologies have made journalists to write their news easier and faster, but also the audiences’ interest has changed the newspaper structure.


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