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Scott J. Letourneau Chairman and Chief Executive Officer FAST BUSINESS CREDIT, Inc. "Hi. I'm Scott Letourneau and I started FAST BUSINESS CREDIT to help entrepreneurs get their business off to a fast start and have access to the cash and capital they need to grow. As you know 80-95% of entrepreneurs fail within the first five years, and the #1 reason is lack of cash flow! Like any field, business credit services have it share of misinformation. I am known for cutting through misinformation to provide my clients the best of the best and what really works vs. hype. Our programs will help you understand the full picture of what it takes in today’s economic environment to get access to both trade and vendor credit for your business. There is no magic pill in this area. The business credit area has changed dramatically over the last year.

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Over 7 years ago, Scott Letourneau founded FAST BUSINESS CREDIT, Inc. and 13 years ago, Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc. He is also a busy lecturer, consultant and author. He is also a busy lecturer, consultant and author. Mr. Letourneau is recognized and recommended by top professionals, such as Sandy Botkin, Attorney/CPA, and Attorney Dr. Arnold Goldstein, as the foremost expert on not only Incorporating your business but also on how to access capital to help your business get off to a fast start!! To his 5,000+ clients, Mr. Letourneau's expertise has allowed them to incorporate with confidence and "get their business off to a fast start".

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Mr. Letourneau has a BA in Finance, a Masters Practitioners Degree in NLP and is the author of " The Insiders Guide to Incorporating Your Business and Protecting Your Assets!” & “The Insiders Guide to Securing Cash and Trade Credit for Your Business”. He has appeared on CNN Headlines News with Pat Summerall’s Success Stories and has also been interviewed by Channel 8 News, in Las Vegas, and various radio stations throughout North America for his expertise and experience. Plus he is a contributing author in the new book available now from Entrepreneur Magazine’s Start Up series "Start Your Own Information Marketing Business – Your Step-by-Step Guide to Success". He was nominated for the real estate warrior of the year, in 2007 with helping real estate investors protect their assets! Scott is a rare combination of the best training from Tony Robbins, Dan Kennedy, Michael Gerber, and Jay Abraham all wrapped into one speaker (Coach) Mr. Letourneau is happily married to De Ann, an amazing classical violinist, and a proud father of three beautiful girls, Gracie, Rosie and Faith!

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15 Bonus Secrets to Help You Build Business Credit!

Bonus Secret #1: The Best Process to Obtain Business Credit! You want to be with a program where there is a process to guide you through the proper steps to build business credit and to work with a coach. This is a very dangerous process to be given tools to do it on your own.

Especially, with D & B the odds of making a mistake and not being in corporate compliance are very high which may cause your file to be “red-flagged” and put you in the costly situation of having to start over and form a new company.

It is not the cost of the new company that is the big problem, is it all the time and effort to update, your vendors, customers…with your new name.

Look for a service where you are assigned a business credit coach! You should have access through email and phone calls and it should be unlimited access to support you through the process. Typically, a business credit builder program will include a month or two with coaching and you may pay for other time separately, some charge a much larger fee on the front end to include 6 months of coaching.

The key is that the coach is not only there to answer you questions but also to help hold your accountable. I know that may not sound like fun, but the bottom line should be to help you get results! They should be there to question you on where you are at, for example; “Have you completed this step? Okay, you’ve completed that. Now we can do this for you.” It’s going to be, “We’re going to do some things for you, and you’re going to have to do some things.” It will all be outlined and you’ll have a coach that will tell you, “Okay, this is where you are. Did you get that done? Okay, let’s move on to the next step.” You should know the expected results in both cash and credit success. Most companies generalize what that means plus over promise on how much you will receive and the time frame. The results you should expect to experience during the first month, after the corporate compliance section, is some cash success. That would be in the form of a business credit card. At the same time, you would be completing applications and sending them in for vendor credit. You 5 Call within 72 hours of downloading this free guide at 1-888-313-6333 and receive a Bonus GUIDE, a 30 minute free consultation, a $200 value plus a special one time offer after you call!

will be receiving vendor cards and should use those, in small amounts, for vendor supplies your business would need. Over a 4-6 month period of time, as you follow the program properly you should be obtaining vendor lines that could be upwards of $100,000 to $200,000. Within the first month, as you get some credit card lines where you can use some cash either to use for your business, or to improve your personal credit score (you may want to pay down some of your revolving personal debt to lower your ratios). The key to maximize your ability to get access to cash lines of credit over a 3, 6 or 9 month period of time is to improve your credit score and pay down your personal revolving debt at the same time. Hopefully, through your marketing efforts in your business that will happen for you! Ideally, along with working with a coach, you have access to online tools with a back office that will lay out the process for you that you will go through. It is important that it actually guides you through the process and allows you to randomly access all the information where you are likely to make mistakes. Most want to start looking for where to apply for business lines of credit, which would be a big mistake if that was available to anyone just starting. As you know the first step is corporate compliance! The first section you want to complete is typically called, corporate conformity. This section would include a number of things including: the business ownership, the tax ID number, the business address, if you needed a phone number listed in 411, so forth. There are quite a few steps. The next step is the credit bureaus for the business world, what they mean, how we’re going to get you set up, what is required to do to get your scores, what has to happen to get your ratings. You will also need to learn how to understand those credit reports. The key is to work with your coach to monitor the reports during that time, and then move to tier 2, tier 3, and tier 4 credit. There are various steps in those and various things to do. It is very helpful and time saving to work with a business credit builder that will fill out some of the applications for you, setting up some of the vendor credit that they will report, and you’ll have those scores. Next is the bank application process. After the bank process, your company will have ratings and everything in place. Now, you are in a position to start working on credit cards that are non-personal guarantee. Everybody’s interested in what is called an EIN only business credit card. Because no matter how bad your personal credit is you will obtain one. Because it is not based upon personal credit at all, but on the levels of vendor credit you have established with D & B and your rating. These EIN only business credit card are non-personal guarantee. They typically start out at $5,000 to $10,000. Then you grow from there.

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Bonus Secret #2: Will Bankruptcy Hinder my Ability to Get a Cash Loan or Line of Credit? Introducing the Tax ID Number Only Credit Card! Unfortunately, yes, for the large cash lines. If you have a bankruptcy or a lot of negative information on your personal credit file, the banks probably will disqualify you and we’ll have to go the other routes. It depends on how old the bankruptcy is. If it’s over 2 years, some business credit builder programs will have some options. If it’s fairly new, you are looking at maximizing your vendor credit options first, then after a few months look to the EIN Only business credit card, where they don’t look at the personal credit at all. You may be able to obtain 2-3 of the EIN only business credit cards only. Those are not large cash lines of credit, but for most businesses these amount of extra capital properly invested into marketing tools can really jump start a business! The levels for the EIN only business credit cards are around $5,000 to $10,000. If you got all 3, you’re only looking at between $15,000 and $20,000 max. But that’s more than what anybody is going to be able to get if they have a bankruptcy and a 500 FICO score anywhere else, and it’s a place to start.

Bonus Secret #3: The Importance of Your Business Credit Rating! When you have a full credit profile built the way we build it and you have some of the vendors that report, and in the order that we have them put on your credit profile, and the small to medium to large, and some of the things that we do, you can get a rating. There are these credit cards, these 3 credit cards that we found that, if you have a particular rating, then you will qualify. The unfortunate thing of that is we can’t do that in the beginning. You have to go completely through and build that whole credit profile. Sometimes you can go to the banks three-quarters of the way through. You can go to the credit cards the first month. You would get the vendor credit all along. You will not be able to get these credit cards until you have the rating. That’s one of the last things you will need in place. It will be a number between one and 5, with a letter behind it. It will be based on sort of the same things that you think of for Dun and Bradstreet credit score. Payment history, size, how often. There’s different criteria that it will be based on. What you want to have when you get through with your program is you want to have a Dun and Bradstreet number, you want to have a Paydex score of 80 or higher, and then you want to have a rating of 1A, so you can get the tax ID credit cards.

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Bonus Secret #4: Does a Home Based Business Owner Need Vendor Credit? There are over 50,000,000 home based business owners in the U.S. Most of them have a very low overhead business, with no employees working in a home office. Since, they do not have an office with office supplies and employees there needs for vendor lines of credit are much lower. Typically, a home based business owner does not need a $50,000 line of trade credit at home depot. They do need cash. Although, it is very important for them to develop the vendor credit and D&B profile; not necessarily that they need vendor credit, but to build up their credit score and to build up their rating with Dun and Bradstreet. Because that, as a worst-case scenario, will allow them to get access to some cash and credit cards.

Bonus Secret #4: Is Your Current Corporation or LLC “Fried” from a Credit Prospective? As the saying goes, when you go it on your own, you are on your own! This is the big concern when you build your business credit profile on your own, even with D & B’s business credit builder services online. Mistakes happen often in the compliance section which end up causing those serious about developing a business credit profile to have to form a new company! By law, Dun and Bradstreet, it’s a business, not a government agency. By law, they don’t have to remove anything. Many times, they don’t. Sometimes they will, if it can be proved and you get somebody that’s good to work with there, they’ll take a couple things off. The cost of a corporation would be less than trying to go to court. You may win, I don’t know. You may go to court and win and they would clean everything up. You spend $15,000, $20,000, and you get it all cleaned up.

But for a tenth of that, you can get a new corporation.

Bonus Secret #5: How the World of Business Financing has Changed Over the Last Two Years and What You Must Know! The finance world has changed, perhaps more dramatically in the last 1-2 years than any time in our modern history. This has affected the results to be expected in the area of business credit and what results are likely. The length of time you had to be in business has grown longer. It used to be from day one you couple apply for a business line of credit, then 3-6 months, then 6-9 months and now many 8 Call within 72 hours of downloading this free guide at 1-888-313-6333 and receive a Bonus GUIDE, a 30 minute free consultation, a $200 value plus a special one time offer after you call!

times you may need to be in business for 1-2 years. This of course is in direct relation to the amount of credit you are asking for! For example, if your company was in business for over 2 years, you’d get $50,000. If you were at one year, you could get $30,000. They’d do $15,000 or so for startups under 6 months. But those all have gone back up 2 years solid, and sometimes 3. Again, if you make it past that magic 2-year mark and you’re still in business, then they’re saying, “Okay, let’s take a look at what you’ve got.” The banks have also gotten away from a stated income. I shouldn’t even call it stated income, because it’s not. It’s a no documentation application. And now, most of those applications are “And by the way, let me see your last 2 years of taxes on your personal and business.”

The Role of Profitability in Bank Financing! If You’re Paying Taxes, You’re Making Money. If You’re Making Money, You can Borrow Money! That ties into that profitability piece. You got to make sure your accountant pays taxes. But if you’re paying taxes, you’re making money. If you’re making money, you can borrow money. Banks do not like to hear about hope; “Hey, if this guy would just give me a chance at this deal, it’d work.” But you've got to understand that the banks are in the business of loaning money to profitable businesses so they can expand and make even more money. Your job is to make your business profitable, or at least appear profitable on your financial statements, to the point that a lender’s going to say, “Okay, you have enough extra income to pay me back when I give you this money.”

Bonus Secret # 6: The Golden Strategy When You have High Revolving Debt! The number one reason why business owners get rejected for a business line of credit from a bank is because their personal revolving debt it too high! Meaning, your business is up and running, your personal credit score is close to 700 but your revolving debt is 60,70, 80 or higher! The banks do not feel comfortable giving you more money for the business when you are considered way behind personally with the amounts of revolving debt (mainly credit card debt). The key solution is to get a small loan in the name of the corporation or LLC and use that money to pay down your revolving debt to 30% or less. Then come back in 60 days and apply for the line of credit at a larger level. Ideally, the bank loan will be for 5-10 years at a small payment level.

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Bank Lending Secrets Revealed! Learn the “Answers to the Test” so You Can Determine How Much Your Business May Qualify For? A couple of years ago, a local banker in Las Vegas approached me about my company referring clients to them to set up business bank accounts. As you know, we have set up thousands of new business owners over the years; although most are out of state, the ones locally all need a local bank account. This was not unusual. In the past, many banks have wanted my client list to open bank accounts for them. I was not interested in referring my clients to their bank to simply open a bank account. I already had a couple of banks that we have been working with for years. But I did have an idea. My idea to the banker was, why don’t you give my client’s the answer to the test on how your bank lends money for business credit cards, business lines of credit and business loans and on the backend they can set up their bank account with your company. In other words, you help me UNLOCK the BANK’S CODE for lending, give my clients the ANSWERS TO THE TEST, then they will open the bank accounts for you! The bank manager liked the idea and the next 4-6 months was the hard part. To actually have the bank go through the steps to determine what their own criteria was to lend money for business owners. Of course, they had an overview of the process to lend money to business owners but when I started asking specific questions they did not know. For example, when applying for a business credit card (not a debit card) in the name of the LLC (or Corporation) what is the minimum level your credit score has to be to open a business credit card and which credit agency do you check for that score? They did not have an answer. They were not used to these specific questions. At best, the input was more like…”well, it should be over 600 or so…(again this was a year ago before the entire massive credit crisis that hit in mid and late 2008). I would say, “is 600 the minimum score to quality or is it higher? They would reply, around 600 is good. I said; please ask your underwriters, the minimum credit score to obtain a business credit card and what would the dollar range be on the credit card. They of course were not used to this either. It goes to underwriting and they will give you the final results. Almost as if underwriter was some type of underground group, private group that no one can speak to (only the banker was able). Over the next 4-6 months I continued to demand specific answers and requirements and going back and forth, back and forth. I even went through the process myself for a business credit card, business line of credit to test our results and criteria. Finally, after 6 months, the Banks Code has been Cracked!

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What you read below is the different categories and levels in each category for the three main areas: ♦ A business credit card ♦ A business line of credit ♦ A business loan The question always was, what specifically are the criteria for each category? Keep in mind, that when working with cash credit (or bank lines of credit) typically you will almost always be giving a personal guarantee. You want to minimize personal guarantees when it comes to trade lines of credit (vendor credit) but it will almost always come into play with bank lines of credit. The benefit is that the business credit card that is under the EIN number of your corporation or LLC that debt, although personally guaranteed, will not show up in the name of your personal credit report. That is very important! As, we have said many times, the big mistakes that new entrepreneurs make is to operate their business as a sole proprietorship and self finance the company with personal credit card debt.

Bonus Secret # 7: Stop Using Your Personal Credit Cards to Finance your Business! The big problem is that if you operate that way you will jack up your personal revolving debt and when it comes time to form an LLC or corporation for your business, and you apply for a simple business credit card (not debit) in the name of your new entity, 95% of the formula is your personal credit score and your revolving debt! The number one reason that most business owners got rejected from even a simple business credit card was their personal revolving debt was too high! That includes if you have a HELOC (home equity line of credit, which is like a big credit card on steroids).

Bonus Secret # 8: What is the Bank’s Model for Lending? When I went through that process to break down the banks lending model, this is what I discovered. The way I discovered this first part is, I went through the process to apply for a business line of credit. My credit score would say one thing, the bank would come back and it was like 50 points lower. I’m like, “What do you guys use for a model? What do you check? Do you check Experian®?” “Yes, I do.” “That’s what I checked on Experian®. Why are you 50 points lower?” Finally, I discovered the banks has its own scoring model that you or I do not have access to! It is called the Liquid Credit Score (banks of course may call it by a different name). 11 Call within 72 hours of downloading this free guide at 1-888-313-6333 and receive a Bonus GUIDE, a 30 minute free consultation, a $200 value plus a special one time offer after you call!

Bonus Secret # 9: The Mystery of the Liquid Credit Score! Well, guess what? They use something called a liquid credit score. Basically, long story short, I got the banks to admit, “Well, we don’t really use the same score. We have our own model.” I’m like, “Basically, you have your own model that just drops the score, my credit score doesn’t look as good, even though I pulled it yesterday. It’s going to be lower, based upon your ratio, and therefore that’s why you get to charge more interest. Is that the essence of it?” As you can imagine, they didn’t really have a good answer for that. We broke down the rest of the formula.

Bonus Secret # 10: How is Your FICO Score Involved with the Bank’s Liquid Credit Score? Is your FICO score involved in the liquid credit score? Yes, it’s half the equation. When determining your business and the liquid credit score, what level does your FICO score need to be, from the bank’s point of view? Typically, about 6 months ago, for a business credit card, it was about 600. For a business line of credit, it was about 680. Now, I would say the minimum should be around 680, 650 for a business credit card. And for a business line of credit, 720, up to 740. Will you find exceptions? Yes, you will. But these are typically what I recommend. Now, the big questions that I want you to do is if you do apply for this, or a credit card or a bank line of credit or business loans, you always want to ask the institution – or a car loan, for that matter – which credit agency are they going to pull your credit from. It’s usually never a trimerge, which a lot of people, that’s what they do. They get a tri-merge, which is an average, and you don’t want that.

Bonus Secret # 11: What Credit Agency(s) is Used to Check Your Credit for a Business Credit Card, Business Line of Credit or Business Loan? Find out if your bank or lender is use Experian®, Equifax or Transunion to pull the credit? I’ve found a lot of people don’t use Transunion, and Experian® is probably the most common. But I know some people, for credit cards, some banks use Equifax. You may be surprised to find out that your credit score, between Experian® and Equifax, could be a 40-point differential. You may be wondering how the heck is that possible.

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Bonus Secret # 12: How is it Possible that Your Credit Score could be 40-50 Points Higher Between Credit Agencies? The algorithms that the credit scoring agencies use is the same algorithms. The distinction is what data gets reported. Some banks might just report data to Experian®. They don’t put in the labor to report to Equifax and Transunion. Well, guess what? If you apply for a credit card at the bank and they only report to Experian®, and that revolving debt shows up at Experian® but not at Equifax, that may be the reason your score is higher at Equifax and lower at Experian®. Now, if your bank uses Equifax, in my example that may be to your benefit. You’ve really got to know what you’re getting yourself into. And if they don’t know, just ask them to ask their underwriters to please find out and call you back.

Bonus Secret # 13: Always Ask the Banker, “When You Check my Personal Credit for a Credit Card, Line of Credit or Loan, What Credit Agency do You Pull From?” But again, most people are never armed with this information, because banks and financial institutions just got away with being lazy, in my opinion, and saying, “Well, that goes to the underwriters. We don’t really know the formula.” Again, you’re the consumer. I would make sure that you’re armed with the best information. If the bank doesn’t want to work with you, there’s lots of other banks – although, it’s getting less and less all the time. But go work with somebody else. You want to take that into play. I will tell you that Corporate Experian® has become more and more popular, even over Dun & Bradstreet, when it comes to business credit. There’s a couple of key areas that, even if your credit score is very good and your revolving debt is low, that could cause you to get automatically rejected, at least from a bank. You may have some opportunities, and we’ll talk about a merchant account cash advance. But if you have these derogatories, you really do have some challenges. Some are more severe than others.

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Bonus Secret # 14: Derogatories Can Cause Your Business Request for a Business Credit Card, Line of Credit or Loan to be Rejected! Credit Counseling to the Rescue?? One derogatory is excessive late payments. Most banks say you can miss only one 60day late payment, and any more you’ll automatically become rejected. They look at that very closely, which is very important when you get into some people that are going to be looking at losing their home, there actually are better strategies to do it where you may only have to have one late payment and you can go into bankruptcy, if that was the worstcase scenario. On this course, we do talk about that in great detail, how to take a look at it. Derrogatories are very important. With the late payments, one tip you want to be aware of, some people may have friends who go to credit counseling, they may call those 800 numbers in the commercial, they sound like these wonderful, nice companies that will help consolidate your debt and your credit card debt. Keep in mind most of those are owned by the banks and the credit card companies, and they’re designed for you to fail. They may negotiate with you to pay off some of your debt or do a lump sum settlement, but it’s going to severely hurt your credit score and they don’t evaluate that. Obviously, if you have no way to get that paid and you’re not developing any money, it might be a consideration. But we at least want you to understand the long-term ramifications, especially with credit counseling, 90% of the people fail. And only the 10% that make it through the program, they could have been paying it down for 5 years, consolidate some debt, they don’t realize, when it’s done, it turns out to a 30-day late payment every month. A late payment shows up every month, in their credit report, that just destroys their credit score.

Bonus Secret # 15: A Personal Bankruptcy is an Automatic Rejection when Applying for Credit with Banks! The second common category of derogatories is bankruptcy. If somebody has a BK or is facing that, that’s not going to work well with the banks. You’re automatically going to get rejected, typically, from a bank. You may have some other options. You may want to look at some vendor credit, just to free up some cash flow. Other areas that are problems when it comes to derogatories is open liens or judgments. If you have an open lien or judgment, it will cause your application to be automatically rejected. That’s another reason somebody should never be a sole proprietorship and get a judgment because their business was sued. You should always have a separate legal entity.

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How About Five More Extra Bonus Secrets!

Extra Bonus Secret # 1: How Many Liens Can You Have Personally Before You are Rejected by the Bank! Typically, you can have 2 or less liens in the previous 5 years, that have been released or paid off. If that’s the case, typically, most banks will work with you.

Extra Bonus Secret # 2: Another Problem: Do You have Any Large Collection Items that Were Settled in the Past? A lot of people fall into this fourth category, which is not good, which is large, collection item settled. That’s the situation where you’re not able to pay off the creditor, but it was settled. This would cause you to get rejected. Why is that? Well, the banks say, “Well, you rang up this debt before, you weren’t responsible, you couldn’t pay it down, and more than likely because you had to get it settled, we think that pattern may repeat.”

A Reality Check! The bottom line is your business didn’t work or the marketing didn’t work, or you didn’t get the right traffic, or the positioning on the product. And that’s really the reason. It’s not necessarily that you were irresponsible. It’s mostly that, obviously, you didn’t generate enough profit. But, again, that’s how the bank looks at it. If you’re applying for a business line of credit, which typically now you have to do that pretty much about a year into business – some banks are waiting 2 years. They used to do it about a year ago, from even day one, Wells Fargo used to give you an application to apply for a business line of credit. And now, you have to wait. In many cases, they won’t allow you to do that. Or at least you won’t qualify. Sometimes, they still give you the form, but they don’t realize everybody gets rejected. Then they hit your credit score and it drops it about 7 to 15 points. You really want to be able to ask these questions. But I would say you’re going to plan on waiting about a year for that, to get a business line of credit.

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Extra Bonus Secret # 3: How Much Money will Your Business Qualify for with a Business Line of Credit? A lot of people are wondering, “How much money do I qualify for? What’s the formula? How does that work?” These things are important to know, as you’re growing your business, because once you map out your goals with gross revenue, net profits, you have a personal budget in place, you’re more than likely to achieve things. And whether you believe in the law of attraction or just putting your outcome out there, the more specifically you map these things out the more likely you’re going to be able to hit your numbers. To give you an idea when it comes to a business line of credit, typically the banks will look at 15% of your annual gross revenues, if you’re in a low-risk category. Each bank has a list of what that’s considered. In other words, let’s say you do $1-million a year in gross revenue. Well, 15% is a $150,000 business line of credit.

Extra Bonus Secret # 4: Is Your Business Line of Credit Due in Full After One Year or Not? I will caution you, when you talk to the banks, if you do get a $150,000 business line of credit, and I’ve made this mistake before, I had one with B of A where I set up the business line of credit, I’ve had it for 7 or 8 years, I’ve never heard from B of A in 7 or 8 years about anything about it. Then, I set up one with another bank, about an $80,000 line of credit. I used $40,000 or $50,000, then the anniversary date came around and I get this letter that says, “Oh, it’s been the first year anniversary of your business line of credit. You have a $40,000 balance. We’d like you to pay that by Tuesday, please.” I called the bank and said, “What are you talking about, pay it by Tuesday? I thought this was a revolving line of credit that’s open and goes up and down, until I shut it down.” “Well, actually, it was an open line of credit with a one-year term.” “I don’t remember the one-year term part.” “Yeah, we kind of evaluate it after each year, so we’d like you to pay it down to zero.” I said, “Well, it would be nice to know that upfront.” As you can imagine, those things create problems. If you do get a business line of credit, make sure you find out if it’s open for one year or if it’s open continuously. Obviously, these things can create problems in your cash flow, as you can imagine. If you’re in a little higher risk category, you can get 10% of your annual gross sales. There are actually a couple categories where the banks aren’t going to give you any lines of credit, you want to ask them about that. And, of course, if your business is in that category, maybe you need to start another business, break off a different division that’s not in that same category. 16 Call within 72 hours of downloading this free guide at 1-888-313-6333 and receive a Bonus GUIDE, a 30 minute free consultation, a $200 value plus a special one time offer after you call!

Typically, the banks can look at your last 3 months of bank statements to determine what your consistent sales are, to make a projection if you’re in your first year of business, obviously. If you’re in year 2, 3 or 4, they’ll look at your last 12 months of profit and loss and look at your numbers to determine how much you’re likely to qualify. The banks typically like to see personally you have 3 trade lines open, means 3 credit cards and at least 2 years of recent activity. In other words, some people have a very high credit score, but they’ve only had recent activity, and that’s a problem.

Extra Bonus Secret # 5: Another Surprise that May Cause You More Frustration! I’ve had the fortune to talk to a couple of different underwriters. One was from Bank of America. You have to understand this is really a difficult task, because underwriters normally do not like to talk to the consumer because most people get rejected for a bank loan or business line of credit, and usually it’s one thing and they met all the criteria except for one little thing. And they’re not rational about it and they don’t like to hear, “Well, everything looked great, but you sent in your tax return late one year. And since you sent it late, we’re going to reject you, so you don’t get your $150,000. But if you would have got it a month earlier, we would have sent your $150,000 to you.” But the underwriters don’t like to talk to you because they know that’s going to be a losing argument. You’re not going to want to listen, and get upset about it, which I don’t blame them. That’s why it’s almost impossible to talk to these people.

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21 Call within 72 hours of downloading this free guide at 1-888-313-6333 and receive a Bonus GUIDE, a 30 minute free consultation, a $200 value plus a special one time offer after you call!

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