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Benefits of going for a trust deed Are you also among the millions who have lost their jobs due to the looming financial crisis. Such a situation can be very taxing for your entire family. If going bankrupt is not the option that you are considering, then a trust deed is the only other feasible route that you can take. This is a special financing option that is available only to Scottish residents and helps the borrower by enabling them to repay a large part of their unsecured debts over a period of three years or more. Trust deeds allows you to pay off a major part of your unsecured loans in regular and fixed monthly installments going on for a period of three years and writing off the remaining unpaid part. The benefits of trust deeds are not limited to just repaying your debts. In fact the benefits of trust deeds are too many to count. Some of the top benefits that you will get when you go for a trust deed are: 1. Repaying your debts: By entering a trust deed you will be able to pay off your debts in a fixed period of time. This enables you to live a stress free life as you don’t have to pay off your debts immediately. So you can plan a worry free life as a large part of the debt is written off and this is in your interest only. 2. Get it rescheduled: In case there is some financial emergency at your home and you are unable to make the monthly installment, you can talk to your trust deal investor and can take a installment free break. The only difference such a break will make is a little increase in the duration of the payback but the total number of payments that you have to make will remain the same. 3. Easy monthly payments: The Deed maker keeps in mind your monthly income and the household expenses before finalizing a monthly installment to be paid by you. This is done to ensure that you don’t face any difficulty in making payments. In case fortunes change, you can easily end the ongoing trust deed and get a fresh one with better terms. 4. No loss of property: As opposed to bankruptcy, a trust deed may not result in the loss of your property. Even though, the investor shares the title to some of your assets, you still have the control to your property . You need to be very careful while you go for a trust deed as there have been cases where the borrowers have been left in worse conditions and have lost their properties and assets due to non compliance of the deed terms. Trust Deeds are prepared keeping in mind the interests of the borrowers but the process is not that easy and requires you to be extremely committed and regular in making the monthly payments to the investor. You should go for this arrangement only when you feel bankruptcy is the only other option left as this is going to have a huge impact on not only your current credit score but your future credit scores as well. So don’t forget to involve a professional consultant who has all the requisite knowledge to guide you throughout the process.

Benefits of going for a trust deed  

A Scottish Trust Deed is granted by a new form of government legislation that has been introduced to help individuals that are having proble...