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Scottish Swimming Sponsorship Opportunities About us As the national governing body for swimming in Scotland, Scottish Swimming represents our clubs, swim schools, aquatic disciplines and thousands of talented and committed volunteers across the entire swimmer pathway from development and participation through to performance. Our vision is to ensure that everyone in Scotland can swim. Swimming is the sport for all – the sport for life. Our strategy is to take advantage of the natural inclusiveness of our sport, developing quality initiatives that help people enjoy swimming to their full potential no matter which aquatic activity they pursue. Our key areas of business are as follows: •

Development & Participation – to improve the delivery of swimming in Scotland through the development of learn to swim, school swimming, clubs, participation programmes, volunteers, teachers and coaches and community partnerships

Performance – to improve the performance results of Scottish swimmers through better coaching and education, supported by our continuously evolving performance programme

Services – to lead a cutting edge organisation that supports and promotes our participation, development and performance initiatives, including the attraction of resources to invest in our sport

While our organisation was originally founded by our members, it has grown significantly over the past few years. With new products, services and target groups emerging as well as commercial opportunities for sponsors and income generation streams, we have come a long way and would like to take you on the journey ahead of us to the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, a unique opportunity for our sport and partners alike. Scottish Swimming currently has a membership in excess of 20.000 people, with over 160 clubs affiliated to us. Our products and services reach a far wider audience through our relationship with all 32 local authorities. Currently 18 local authorities operate our learn to swim programme, reaching over 40,000 children across Scotland through our awards and certificates. Our new school swimming programme Triple S – Scotland Safe Swimmer has benefitted over 10,000 children in a 3 month period. Just Add Water our participation programme has engaged over 10,000 adults in water based fitness activities such as aqua zumba and swimfit and has provided 2000 pre-school children living in some of the disadvantaged areas of Glasgow the opportunity to learn to swim. We embrace new communication channels like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Soundcloud, YouTube and Flickr, reaching far wider than our membership while positioning us on the top of sports governing bodies in use of social media. To find out more about our activities, you can watch a short video on YouTube here: We would like you to help us ensure that everyone in Scotland can swim. While we are good at what we are doing currently, being recognised as the leading sports governing body in Scotland, we would like to get better. We have a lot of ideas on how your support could improve our current programmes or help us to establish new initiatives.

Scottish Swimming Sponsorship Opportunities Performance Here are some ideas how you could make a positive difference. 

Additional investment could convert more swimmers from learning to swim into club swimmers (with the use of talent scouts etc.), which means an increased number of swimmers in clubs in the future. This is a key legacy target of the Commonwealth Games and can be linked in with the activities of local authorities and or private learn to swim providers.

Additional investment into clubs can help to professionalise them in their operation (manpower and financial resources). Clubs could be more efficiently run, focus on increasing the number of volunteers and swimmers.

Additional support for our District Regional Development Programme could support performance swimming on a grassroots level. 50 clubs are currently involved in this programme across the whole of Scotland. Additional support would ensure the programme, a first step for swimmers into the national programme, is linking performance with development even better.

Additional support for our squads could mean more training camps and additional support for athletes.

Additional support could help funding more competition opportunities in form of Grand Prix Events in Scotland.

Additional funding for athletes through the Back A Rising Star Programme will support them on their journey to 2014.

Services Here are some ideas how you could make a positive difference. 

Additional support could help us streaming our national events live, reaching people in all corners of Scotland and beyond. It would also help to raise the profile of swimming in the public eye.

Additional support could help us becoming the most cutting-edge and leading governing body in Scotland in using digital technologies, while also using the enthusiasm of skilled staff and volunteers to achieve that goal.

Additional support would help us to develop our own Scottish Swimming mascot.

We would like to make sure that all our young swimmers are properly trained to use publicity channels in their best benefit. Additional support in form of expertise and funds could help us to reach that.

Scottish Swimming Sponsorship Opportunities 

Additional support would help us to upskill volunteers in all disciplines to help them promoting the sport they live for as good as possible.

Additional support would help us developing mobile apps to engage with members and the public like.

Additional support would help us providing unique opportunities at events to celebrate the success we have in and outside of the pool.

Participation Here are some ideas how you could make a positive difference. 

You could help us providing additional equipment and training resources for our preschool programmes, help to upskill teachers and provide quality pre-school programmes in socially deprived areas.

With funding from the Scottish Government we have developed Triple S – Scotland Safe Swimmer – as the new National School swimming standard. With additional resources we could roll the programme out to more areas, train teachers to level 2 and provide additional swimming equipment. The more funding we get, the more children have the opportunity to gain an essential life skill.

You could help us rolling out the Top Up Programme to include other aquatic disciplines like diving, synchro or water polo.

You could help us develop a central online video portal for education 50k.

Our swimming leadership programme - Swim 4 Change has proven successful, training young people not in employment, education or training to become swim teachers and lifeguards, 40% of the young people who have been through this programme have gone on to secure either volunteer or paid employment. You could allow us to deliver the programme in more areas of Scotland and get more local authorities on board, launch it officially and give it the public support it deserves.

You can help us to make our first Adult Learn to Swim campaign a success to meet our vision of ensuring all adults have opportunity to learn to swim and/or improve their swimming technique across Scotland.

You can help us developing an audience and additional marketing resources for all our participation activities.

Scottish Swimming Sponsorship Opportunities And here is the space to develop your own ideas to help Scottish Swimming and your organisation becoming great partners on the journey to Glasgow 2014 and beyond.

If you would like to get or stay in touch, please email Markus Stitz, Marketing Development Manager, at or call 07895250508.

Scottish Swimming Sponsorship Opportunities  
Scottish Swimming Sponsorship Opportunities  

While our organisation was originally founded by our members, it has grown significantly over the past few years. With new products, service...