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Anyone with an interest in the future growth and success of renewable energy in Scotland should attend this event! Book now to get involved.

19 MARCH 2014


Capital is the fuel of the renewable energy sector. But with unprecedented investment required in wider energy

the risks to be addressed, the various public sector

infrastructure how do we finance the capacity required to

interventions to support key sectors, and the long term

meet our 2020 targets, and what are the main barriers to

energy and investment climate. It will also assess the

be overcome?

impact of the still-developing Electricity Market Reform

The first ever Scottish Renewables Finance Conference will look at the latest trends in renewable energy finance,

→→ Threats and opportunities →→ Electricity Market Reform and Renewable Heat Incentive

process, the success of the Renewable Heat Incentive and other government-led initiatives to speed up the flow of capital - and development.

→→ The next challenges →→ Innovations in investment new ways of doing business

The Renewables Event Of The Year  
The Renewables Event Of The Year