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KNOCKHILL: September 23rd Cel ti c S peed S cotti sh Mi ni Cooper Cup – supported by Yokohama Tyres, S uperchi ps, Wheel saround Race One Kenneth Brewster sat on pole and was beaten into Seat by David Sleigh. Tim Sleigh was third with Malcolm McNab fourth as less than a second

David Sleigh took a good win in Race 1

covered the top 4, and behind them was a huge train. On lap 2 McNab demote Tim Sleigh who was in a borrowed car. Shane Stoney was looking racy in 7th, on lap 2 he dived past Kyle Reid for 6th at the hairpin, but Reid retook the place a lap later at the same corner. The top 7 running nose to tail started to break away from the pack, which was headed by Ross Wylie. McNab moved into 2nd passing Brewster on lap 5, but David Sleigh now had a second clear lead and he extended it a little on lap 6. Tim Sleigh grabbed 3rd at Scotsman then we had a safety car period. Stephanie McMurdo was beached in the gravel. After 3 laps the safety car was in and racing resumed. David Sleigh quickly opened out a 5 car length gap with McNab chasing. Tim Sleigh defended his 3rd a second back with Kenneth Brewster pressing as Steven Brewster was on his brother’s bumper. On the last lap Kenneth went wide exiting the chicane and dropped back losing places rapidly before he got on track, he was now 8th. David Sleigh won by nearly a second as Malcolm McNab got away from Tim Sleigh who kept Steven Brewster and Kyle Reid bottled up behind him. Scott McKenzie took a deserved 6th 2 seconds back holding off Kenneth Brewster. Top lady was Elaine Marshall but she had chased Fiona Wallace all race before nipping past as the last lap closed, only 2 tenths separated them at the flag. It was David Sleigh’s 6th win in 7 races, with impressive driving once again. Result: 1 David Sleigh 9 laps in 13m 27.16s (51.38mph); 2 Malcolm McNab +0.75s; 3 Tim Sleigh; 4 Steven Brewster; 5 Kyle Reid; 6 Scott McKenzie; 7 Kenneth Brewster; 8 Ross Wylie Fastest lap: McNab 1m 03.61s (72.43mph). Pole Position: Kenneth Brewster 1m 03.24s (72.86mph). Newcomers’ class: McNab. Ladies’ Cup class: Elaine Marshall. Starters: 21. Race Two David Sleigh started from pole and led until the

chicane on lap 1 when Malcolm McNab. But not for long as he slid wide at Clark 200 meters later and Sleigh was back in front. McNab dropped a few places so Tim Sleigh was now 2nd, a car length back with Kyle Reid and Steven Brewster right with him. Shane Stoney was close in 5th leading a long train of cars. David Sleigh opened out a second lead by lap 5 as Tim headed a 5 car bunch all running nose to tail. On lap 6 Shane Stoney had a half spin but continued now in 8th. By lap 7 David Sleigh had nearly 2 seconds lead then slowed 2 laps later on the last lap as a great train of 7 hustling Minis bore down on him. Tim Sleigh took over at the front late on the last lap as David held onto 2nd. The top 5 cars were covered by one second at the flag, blink and you missed them. Kyle Reid was 3rd with Ross Wylie and Steven Brewster tied together behind them. Shane Stoney was just over a second behind them with Malcolm McNab a few car lengths behind him. Elaine Marshall was top lady again in a good 9th a second back on Kenneth Brewster. Fiona Wallace was 7 cars back on her, fighting with Daniel Dreelan. Result: 1 Tim Sleigh 9 laps in 9m 50.74s (70.20mph); 2 David Sleigh +0.16s; 3 Kyle Reid; 4 Wylie; 5 Steven Brewster; 6 Shane Stoney; 7 Malcolm McNab; 8 Kenneth Brewster; Fastest lap: McNab 1m 03.96s (72.03mph). Pole Position: David Sleigh. Newcomers’ class: Wylie. Ladies’ Cup class: Marshall. Starters: 21.




David was back on track Knockhill quickly and now 6th. The lead bunch raced down to the hairpin for the final time and Malcolm McNab held them off to win by 3 tenths after a good drive. Shane Stoney who is in his first season was a fine 2nd, as Kyle Reid moved up to 3rd then Ross Wylie got past Kenneth Brewster as did David Sleigh to be 5th. Elaine Marshall was 9th top lady again this time she had no pressure running a couple of seconds

Elaine Marshall won the Ladies Cup class in all 3 rounds

behind Lewis Grant and 5 seconds clear of Michael Falconer. This time Stephanie McMurdo was 2nd in the Lady’s class in 13th holding off Daniel Dreelan and John Finlayson. Result: 1 McNab 9 laps in 9m 44.81s (70.91mph); 2 Stoney +0.34s; 3 Kyle Reid; 4 Wylie; 5 David Sleigh; 6 Kenneth Brewster; 7 Chris Reid; 8 Lewis Grant;. Fastest lap: Kyle Reid 1m 02.72s (73.45mph). Pole Position: Kenneth Brewster. Newcomers’ class: McNab. Ladies’ Cup class: Marshall. Starters: 21.

S cotti sh Fi esta Champi onshi p i n associ ati on wi th Yokohama Tyre

Kyle Reid had two good podium finishes

Race Three Tim Sleigh made a good start to lead but was spun round at Scotsman and was in and out of the gravel, dropping to 13th. Malcolm McNab now led from Kenneth Brewster and Shane Stoney with Kyle Reid 4th. The top 8 were nose to tail with Elaine Marshall a good 8th ahead of Lewis Grant. David Sleigh was 5th and took 4th from Kyle Reid at Scotsman, then Reid ran wide at the chicane and dropped a place to Ross Wylie. There were 7 cars nose to tail at the front on lap 4 as they ran round together. David Sleigh moved up to 3rd at Scotsman on lap 7 then Kyle Reid passed Ross Wylie for 5th going to the chicane a hundred metres later. On lap 8 we had 6 cars still nose to tail at the front, but David Sleigh had a quick trip into the hairpin gravel with a little help, while Tim Sleigh still in 13th also retired.

Scott Robertson leads the charge down Seat curves

Race One The cars took off towards Seat with Scott Robertson leading from George Orr and Dave Colville. Robertson slowly pulled away a few cars lengths each lap. The young borders driver was around 2 seconds clear by mid race. He was never troubled and won after a polished performance. George Orr

Stephen Emslie was second XR2 in Race 1

had Dave Colville right on his bumper all race. But George was defending and racing well and they finished in that order with 3 tenths between them. Ian Donaldson ran 4th all race dropping back a couple of seconds on Colville, he had Blair Murdoch all over him but he coped well. The top 5 were all STs. The XR2 battle saw Peter Cruickshank lead the class from lap 2 onwards. He had been beaten off the line by Stephen Emslie. Peter grabbed the XR2 lead at Seat Curves now running 6th overall. He had more pressure from Stephen Emslie then eased away from lap 4 onwards to be 6 seconds ahead by the flag. Emslie was in fine form holding off Wayne MacCauley all race. These two were very close over the closing 3 laps, but Emslie held on as only half a second separated them at the end of the race. Craig Taylor was not far behind them in his XR2 less than a second as he closed up over the final 3 laps, and he won the XR newcomers class. Mike Strong rounded out the top 10 having stuck with Taylor all race. Result: 1 Scott Robertson (ST) 12 laps in 12m 42.64s (72.50mph); 2 George Orr (ST) +4.41s; 3 Dave Colville (ST); 4 Ian Donaldson (ST); 5 Blair Murdoch (ST); 6 Peter Cruickshank (XR2); 7 Stephen Emslie (XR2); 8 Wayne MacCauley (XR2); Fastest lap: Robertson 1m 02.75s (73.42mph). Pole Position: Robertson 1m 02.61s (73.59mph). XR Newcomers’ class: Taylor. Starters: 16.

Donaldson retired on the last lap, having slowed on lap 11. Peter nipped past Blair for 4th. Wayne MacCauley was now a few seconds down and couldn’t catch Blair in time. Scott said: “It’s bitter sweet because Dave (Colville) is consistently there.” Peter said: “It’s very satisfying, I’ve been at it for 15 years, it should be easy by now.” Craig Taylor was top newcomer again in 7th just over 2 seconds behind Wayne but he had a tougher race. Mike Strong had been ahead of him until lap 7 when Craig got past, while Stephen Emslie had been on Craig’s tail from lap 2. These 3 XR2s ran nose to tail all race, and entertained.

Craig Taylor won the Newcomers Class in both races

Result: 1 Robertson 12 laps in 12m 45.73s (72.21mph); 2 Colville +4.07s; 3 Orr; 4 Cruickshank; 5 Murdoch; 6 MacCauley; 7 Craig Taylor; 8 Mike Strong; Fastest lap: Robertson 1m 03.08s (73.05mph). Pole Position: Robertson. XR Newcomers’ class: Taylor. Starters: 14.

S cotti sh Formul a Ford 1600 Champi onshi p supported by the Garage Door Company

second in 4th. The last couple of laps the top 3 were still very close but Ross McEwan held on for a good win. Only a second covered the top 3, Gronkowski and Gray driving well all race. Stark was a good 4th with Dow around 5 seconds behind him. Andy Paterson dropped back on the last lap and finished 9th. Paul Kopec got up into 6th around a second ahead of Mathew Chisholm, with Classics class winner Ivor Mairs 2.5 seconds behind in 8th. Provisional Result: 1 Ross McEwan (Van Diemen RF92) 12 laps in 11m 27.85s (80.38mph); 2 Jordan Gronkowski (Van Diemen) +0.57s; 3 Michael Gray (Vector); 4 Greg Stark (Van Diemen); 5 Alistair Dow (Ray GRS09); 6 Paul Kopec (Ray GR08); 7 Matthew Chisholm (Van Diemen RF92); 8 Ivor Mairs (Mondiale 84); Fastest lap: Dow 56.00s (82.27mph). Pole Position: Dow 55.63s (82.82mph). Newcomers’ winner: Stark. Classic Cup winner: Mairs. Starters: 11. Race Two Ross McEwan led the field away and was chased hard by 3 cars. Jordan Gronkowski, Michael Gray and Alistair Dow. They ran nose to tail at the front. Greg Stark was half a second back in 5th with Paul Kopec sticking with him. On lap 3 Michael Gray tried to get 2nd at the hairpin, but Gronkowski held him off. On lap 4 Gronkowski went up the inside at the hairpin to grab the lead. A lap later Ross McEwan spun at Clark with Michael Gray taking to the gravel to avoid him. This let Alistair Dow into 2nd with McEwan now 3rd as Gray dropped back a couple of places. Lap 6 saw more action as Paul Kopec spun at Clark and was collected by Michael Gray. Both cars were out and this brought the Safety car into play. After 3 laps the marshals had cleared the track and racing resumed. Jordan Gronkowski led but Alistair Dow was on his tail. These two opened up a second on Ross McEwan who had Greg Stark only a car length behind. With two laps to go Alistair Dow took the lead running on the outside of Gronkowski at Leslie’s then up the inside at Scotsman. Dow held on over the final mile to win by less than a second. Gronkowski was a fine 2nd with Ross McEwan 3rd. Greg Stark took 4rd and a couple of seconds in arrears was Mathew Chisholm who was pressed by Andy Paterson over the last few laps. Kieron Blake dropped back a little but held off Ivor Mairs for 6th.

Jordan Gronkowski took a brace of second places

George Orr was on the ST podium in both races

Race Two Scott Robertson was smartly away in the lead and quickly opened up a second lead by lap 3. He was chased by Dave Colville who had got past George Orr early on. Dave kept George at bay all race and they finished under a second apart after many laps of running nose to tail. In fact the 2nd to 5th placed STs were in close formation from the off. Ian Donaldson in 4th with Blair Murdoch on his tail. By lap 8 the 4 cars were still close, it wasn’t until lap 9 that Dave Colville opened out a couple of car lengths on Orr who had Donaldson right with him. This close racing had let Scott Robertson disappear into the distance winning well with no pressure on him. Top XR2 was Peter Cruickshank he had got past Blair Murdock at the start, but Blair went past him early on in the race. Stephen Emslie was 2nd XR2 until lap 2 when he went off at Scotsman, but restarted now well down. Wayne MacCauley took up the chase after Peter but he dropped back a second mid race, then Peter really put his foot down and benefited from Blair Murdoch slowing a little as Ian

Race One This race had a good battle at the front all the way to the flag. Alistair Dow got away well from pole and opened up half a second on the 4 cars that ran close as they pursued him. Ross McEwan was leading the chase. On lap 2 Dow spun exiting the chicane and dropped to last place. This left Ross McEwan just a few car lengths ahead of Jordan Gronkowski and Michael Gray, with Greg Stark half a second back. On lap 3 Gray took 2nd back with a bold move round the outside at Seat curves. Next lap Gronkowski reclaimed 2nd, also at Seat curves. The top 4 now had a second gap on Andy Paterson who was going well but had Paul Kopec all over him. By lap 5 McEwan was getting clear as the battle for 2nd raged with Gronkowski, Gray and Stark all close. Alistair Dow was also charging. By lap 4 he was up to 9th , and 7th on lap 6 passing Mathew Chisholm. Next lap he took 6th from Paul Kopec. Two more laps he went past Andy Paterson to run 5th but was around 8 seconds behind 4th placed Greg Stark. Up front it was interesting as Gronkowski started to close on the leader McEwan. He was taking Gray and Stark with him. By lap 9 there was only 2 car lengths in it, then lap 10 saw the top 3 running nose to tail. Greg Stark had dropped back just over a


Greg Stark took 4th in Race 2

Provisional Result: 1 Dow 12 laps in 14m 57.17s (61.63mph); 2 Gronkowski +0.80s; 3 McEwan 4 Stark; 5 Chisholm; 6 Paterson; 7 Blake; 8 Mairs Fastest lap: Dow 56.19s (82.00mph). Pole Position: McEwan. Newcomers’ class: Gronkowski. Classic Cup class: Mairs. Starters: 10.

S cotti sh Legends Cars Champi onshi p Heat One Duncan Vincent was in car 05 and had drawn pole. He made good use of it leading from Gerard McCosh on lap 1 as Ross Marshall who started on row 2 ran 3rd. A few cars took to the dirt at Seat curves on the first lap. A lap later Marshall was 2nd as Carol Brown still lay 4th after starting 2nd and

Gerard McCosh ran well in Heat 1 and the Final

dropping two places by Seat on lap 1. Billy Wait had been 6th on lap 1 but spun at Seat on lap 2, everyone avoided him though. On lap 3 Ross Marshall took the lead diving past Duncan at Clark corner. Back in 6th Ross Mickel was catching the leading cars, as the top 5 were running close. On lap 4 the safety car came out Ivor Greenwood was off at Scotsman. He’d been near the back but in a tight group of 7 cars early on. Racing resumed after 2 laps and Ross Marshall sprinted away. He led by 3 car lengths as Duncan Vincent chased him. A lap later Carol Brown had 3rd from Gerard McCosh, while Ross Mickel moved up to 5th at the hairpin demoting Daniel MacKay. The top 6 were close with Carol now 5 car lengths off Duncan who was right on Ross’s bumper. Carol also had Gerard tied to her bumper. On lap 9 Duncan retook the lead at the Seat Curves, he led for a mile then Ross was past at the hairpin. Last lap Ross barely held off Duncan for a good win but it was close in the drag to the finish from the hairpin. Duncan was on the inside only one hundredth of a second separated them, it was virtually a dead heat. Carol was 3 tenths of a second back and Gerard another 7 tenths behind. Top 4 covered by a blanket, what a finish. Ross Mickel watched this from 5th as Daniel MacKay held off David Hunter for 6th with rookie David Allan only a few lengths back. Ross Marshall said: “It was hectic.” Result: 1 Ross Marshall 8 laps in 12m 00.96s (51.13mph); 2 Duncan Vincent +0.01s; 3 Carol Brown; 4 Gerard McCosh; 5 Ross Mickel; 6 Daniel McKay; 7 David Hunter; 8 David Allan; Fastest lap: Marshall 1m 00.10s (75.41mph). Pole Position: Vincent. Starters: 18. Heat Two David Allan was on pole in the rolling start. He led from David Newall on lap 1 as Ross Marshall made a demon start and terrific first lap to go from 14th to 4th. Then red flags, the officials decided the start was not even so it was back behind the pace car for a new start. This time David Allan led from Alan Fernley on lap 1 with David Newall very close. Newall took 2nd on lap 2 then moved into the lead on lap 3. Duncan Vincent retired that lap at the chicane he’d been mid pack n a big train of cars. Lap 3 also saw Ross Mickel dive past David Allan at the hairpin for 2nd. On lap 5 Ross Marshall retired with front suspension damage, he and Daniel MacKay had spun at Clark on lap 4, and he was narrowly avoided by other cars. This made the Championship very interesting. Carol Brown was moving up

David Newall raced to third in Heat 1

through the pack and stood to score well and close the points gap on championship leader Ross. Carol started 15th and was 7th by lap 3. She moved up to 4th by lap 5. The two lead cars were side by side at Clark corner on lap 6 which let Carol get right on their tails as they slowed each other. David Newall still led, but next lap Carol was through to lead at Seat curves. She came under pressure from Ross Mickel who was 2nd by lap 8 and on her bumper, but she took the win well. David Newall was a fine close 3rd with Paul O’Brien nipping past David Allan in the final half mile to take 4th. Gerard McCosh was 6th after starting 13th and had David Hunter glued to his bumper after Hunter had moved past Paul MacKay with a lap to go. Both demoted Billy Wait on the last lap after Billy had been going well moving up from 12th at the start. Result: 1 Carol Brown 8 laps in 12m 03.68s (50.93mph); 2 Mickel +0.64s; 3 David Newall; 4 Paul O’Brien; 5 Allan; 6 McCosh; 7 Hunter; 8 Billy Wait; Fastest lap: O’Brien 1m 00.88s (75.68mph). Pole Position: Allan. Starters: 18.

Duncan Vincent (05) took an excellent win in the Final

Final The pack rushed down to Seat (Duffus Dip) David Meiklejohn on pole was mobbed. Duncan Vincent started 5th and had a terrific run he was 2nd by Seat Curves and into the lead at Scotsman. The first lap saw Palazzo go off into the tyres at Clark. Duncan was away chased by Ross Marshall. But there was a surprise as Ross Marshall went off at Clark on lap 2, he glanced the tyre wall but continued. Duncan had built a good lead, it was 1.5 seconds by lap 4 as Ross Mickel moved into 2nd he had moved up well from 13th at the start. He had a racy Gerard McCosh right on his tail with Carol Brown similarly close to Gerard in 4th. After Duncan we had 8 cars running virtually nose to tail. I was good racing. Carol moved past Gerard on lap 6 but he didn’t drop back. She then took 2nd on lap 7 and Gerard followed through into 3rd demoting Ross Mickel, who now had Paul O’Brien and David Allan all over him. With two laps to go Duncan still had around 2 seconds lead, he was driving well and Carol didn’t close the gap, but she had Gerard a few metres behind her, and Gerard had Ross Mickel inches behind him for the closing laps. It was entertaining stuff, as O’Brien held 5th slowly getting clear of David Hunter who was easing away from Alan Fearney. Duncan’s return to racing had been a real success, the former Supersports lap record holder (when driving a Radical) had shown he still has real pace. Duncan won the final and said: “That felt pretty hot. I was worried when I had rally Dave up behind me. But it’s good fun when you get a big lead like that. Feels great to win a race again.” Gerard McCosh the fast veteran who still looks for his first win said: “The traffic was kind at the start, I made the mistake of trying to go past Carol, what we should have done was work together.” Result: 1 Duncan Vincent 10 laps in 10m 24.44s (73.79mph); 2 Brown +1.92s; 3 McCosh; 4 Mickel; 5 O’Brien; 6 Hunter; 7 Allan; 8 Alan Fearnley;


Fastest lap: Marshall 1m 00.63s (75.99mph). Pole Position: David Meiklejohn. Starters: 17.

S cotti sh Cl assi c S ports and S al oons i n associ ati on wi th Yokohama Tyres Race One The grid numbers had dropped a little from the big numbers at BTC but we still had many excellent cars. Andrew Smith had his black Morgan smartly away from pole chased by Shonny Paterson’s TR8. Shonny hung on well over the first half of the race as the two V8 cars rumbled round with only a few car lengths between them. Stan Bernard was 3rd. His 911 starts well and he was right on Shonny’s big British Leyland bumper for a couple of laps before drifting back. Stan had Robert Marshall’s rapid MK2 Escort for close company all race. John Marshall was back and in a rally Escort. He was in 6th at the start right behind Raymond Boyd’s 911 with Harry Simpson’s new Ginetta G4 on his bootlid. Harry stayed there until lap 6 then went round the outside of him at Seat curves for 6th. Harry then slowly closed on Boyd’s 911 and was on his exhaust pipe by lap 8, but then his new car slowed and retired on Railway straight on lap 9. Further back Tom Wilson’s MK2 Escort was under serious pressure from Class A leader George Leitch’s Fiesta. These two were ahead of Nic Boyes Mini Cooper which had won class A for much of the season. Leitch retired on lap 10 after a good run. Wilson had also been chasing Alex Montgomery’s MGB GTV8 but the B was getting a few seconds clear air. Andrew Smith eventually pulled a couple of seconds away from Shonny for the race and class win, but he had to work for it. Stan kept 3rd though Robert Marshal’s class winning Escort was always close.

John Marshall in his rally spec Escort Mk2

Result: 1 Andrew Smith (Morgan +8) 12 laps in 11m 57.52s (77.06mph); 2 Shonny Paterson (Triumph TR8) +2.24s; 3 Stan Bernard (Porsche 911); 4 Robert Marshall (Ford Escort RS); 5 Raymond Boyd (Porsche 911); 6 John Marshall (Ford Escort); 7 Alex Montgomery (MGB GT); 8 Tom Wilson (Ford Escort RS); Fastest lap: Robert Marshall 56.82s (77.02mph). Class winners: Smith, Bernard; Robert Marshall; N Boyes (Mini Cooper); Ian Blacklin (Ford Fiesta). Starters: 15. Race Two The Morgan of Andrew Smith got away cleanly as Stan Bernard shot forward in his fast starting 911. There was no Shonny Paterson, his TR8 not starting after a good run in race 1. Stan ran a few car lengths behind Andrew for the first half of the race. He had Robert Marshall’s rapid Escort a similar gap behind. Raymond Boyd’s 911 was 4th he was half a second off the Escort but with John Marshall all over him in his Escort. These two were tied together all race and would finish inches apart. These 5 cars were well clear of the filed led by Alex Montgomery’s MGBGT V8. The MG cruised away from Nic Boyes class leading Mini. Back at the front Stan closed on Andrew. By lap 9 he was 2 car lengths back, but Andrew responded and pulled a few lengths out by

Ian Blacklin won his class twice in the Fiesta, chased here by Cameron Gilmourʼs Austin A30

the flag, though there was less than a second in it. Robert Marshall kept Stan honest all race and was 2 seconds ahead of Raymond Boyd’s 911 at the end. Further down the field Nic Boyes slowly eased away from Tom Wilson’s Escort MK2 but only 2 seconds separated them. Christie Doran had her TR8 in 9th and got away from Ian Blacklin’s class winning Fiesta as Cameron Gilmour completed the runners in the oldest car running, a smart Austin A30 from the late 1950s. He was only a second behind the Fiesta at the flag. We lost Andy Walker’s Triumph Sport which stopped at Clark on lap 11. He had been around 10 seconds back on Tom Wilson. Result: 1 Smith 12 laps in 12m 08.83s (75.86mph); 2 Bernard +0.83s; 3 Robert Marshall; 4 Boyd; 5 John Marshall; 6 Montgomery; 7 Nic Boyes (Mini Cooper); 8 Wilson; Fastest lap: Smith 59.66s (77.22mph). Pole Position: Smith. Class winners: Smith; Bernard; Robert Marshall; Boyes; Blacklin. Starters: 12.

S cotti sh S al oons and S portscars Race One Pole sitter Gary Watson had a good start and raced away into a comfortable lead in the white Westfield. He was chased by Stewart Whyte’s Escort Cosworth but the gap was growing at half a second per lap for the first 6 laps. Whyte was hounded by Mario Caira’s Evo in the early laps then Mario slowed on lap 3, he dropped back and retired on lap 4. Philip Duncan took over in 3rd in his Westfield chased by Robert Drummond’s Escort Cosworth and Alex Dobbie who had started last on the grid in his Mallock after problems in qualifying with his

brakes. On lap 7 Drummond also slowed and dropped places he would limp home in 11th. Philip Duncan took 2nd on lap 8 but then spun at Clark corner on lap 11 letting Whyte back into 2nd. Alex Bruce who was 6th on lap 9 was smoking. Gary Wait had been running ahead of him but dropped back as well, he got home 6th. At the front Watson was pulling well clear as the others hit trouble. On the last lap Whyte who was now 2nd had a mechanical problem on the way to the hairpin but limped it home though Alex Dobbie cruised past to snatch 2nd. Phil Duncan recovered to finish 4th. The field had spread out during the race. In the Mazda MX5 Cup class, Stuart Haston held off Paul Curtis and pulled away to be 9 seconds clear of him with Norman Nicol 3rd in class.

Stewart Whyte had an up and down meeting with a class win and a DNF

Result: 1 Garry Watson (Westfield) 12 laps in 11m 01.90s (84.21mph); 2 Alex Dobbie (Mallock Mk20) +36.21s; 3 Stewart Whyte (Escort Cosworth); 4 Philip Duncan (Westfield); 5 Alex Bruce (Mitsubishi Evo); 6 Gary Wait (Ford Escort Cosworth); 7 Paul Nevill (Ford Escort RS2000); 8 Joe Shuttleton (Subaru Impreza); 9 Mark Dawson (VW Corrado); 10 Alasdair McGowan (Citroen AX). Fastest lap: Watson 53.247s (86.54mph). Pole Position: Watson 52.68s (87.46mph). Class winners: Watson, Whyte; Nevil; McGowan; Stuart Haston (Mazda MX5). Starters: 15. Race Two It was a repeat of race 1 as the Westfield of Gary Watson led from the lights and was never headed. He rapidly opened up 5 seconds lead by lap 3, and finished nearly 30 seconds ahead of the field. Stewart Whyte didn’t start the race, and Alex Dobbie

Mark Dawsonʼs VW Corrado brings welcome variety to the grid

was 2nd in his Mallock on lap 1 he was pressed by Philip Duncan’s Westfield who had 2nd by lap 2 . Mario Caira had shot up from the back of the 14 car grid in his Evo and was 4th by Clark corner on lap 1. He took 3rd at the hairpin on lap 2, but Dobbie stuck close to him. Around 2 seconds back Alex Bruce was hanging on in his Evo while slowly dropping Robert Drummond’s Escort Cosworth. On lap 4 Robert Drummond ‘s car started to smoke and he retired . A lap later Mario Caira headed for the pits to retire from 3rd. From mid race the field spread out. Alex Dobbie a few seconds back on Philip Duncan, and they finished 5 seconds apart at the end. Paul Nevill moved up to 5th in his Escort chased by Joe Shuttleton’s Subaru Imprezza that was only just over 2 seconds adrift at the flag in 6th. Mark Dawson ran close to Gary Wait early on, then Wait’s Escort Cosworth retired on lap 3 and Dawson’s VW Corrado dropped back from Joe Shuttleton, but got clear of class winning Citroen AX of Alasdair McGowan. While in the Mazda MX5 Cup class Stuart Haston had Paul Curtis on his bumper for a couple of laps. He then eased away to win the class by 4 seconds. Norman Nicol had stayed close for a couple of laps then drifted back 3rd in this class. Result: 1 Watson 12 laps in 10m 56.61s (84.21mph); 2 Duncan +29.92s; 3 Dobbie; 4 Bruce; 5 Nevill; 6 Shuttleton; 7 Mark Dawson (VW); 8 Alasdair McGowan (AX); Fastest lap: Watson 52.98s (86.96mph). Pole Position: Watson. Class winners: Bruce; Watson, Nevill; McGowan; Haston. Starters: 14. Kevin Pick

Rory’s report - Podium Finishes to end the 2012 Season

Rory Butcher celebrated two podiums

The Porsche Carrera Cup GB is one of the toughest sports car series in Britain where a podium needs to be earned and you have to fight every inch of the way. As per usual it was an amazing feeling to get on the podium twice at Brands Hatch in October, but as a driver you always want more. I had a good late lap to put me third on the grid for race one and my second fastest lap put me fifth for race two. I knew I could do something from there. Things didn’t exactly go to plan in the races! The change in the weather made things very tricky and

the correct car set up played a big role. I started the first race from third place in the rain, and took Richard Plant on the outside at Paddock Hill Bend. I was struggling with the car to start with and I knew I couldn’t stay with Jonas Gelzinis. The left rear tyre started overheating very early on and that meant the car was sliding when I was turning in, or trying to drive out of the corners. It was very tough and I let it all hang out in pursuit of Sam Tordoff and Jonas Gelzinas. We finished the race in third and it was another superb result for the team. The only problem was that the two guys in front of me in the race were my competitors in the fight for third overall. In the second race I had nothing to lose, I got another good start from fifth and I made up one place going into Paddock Hill Bend, then I had a run on Ben Barker as we went up to Druids. I tried to go round the outside, but the grip just wasn’t there and I had to slot into fourth. Daniel Lloyd was showing great wet weather pace in front of me but pushed the car too far and lost control in to Surtees corner, handing me third place. Everyone was pushing so hard and there was so much spray kicked up by the


cars in front which meant the visibility was virtually zero. I was actually relieved to bring the car home in one piece and in a podium position once again! Celtic Speed team keep Roryʼs Porsche in action moving forward. If we can sort our qualifying out next year, then we will be a real force. We know we can be on the front row every time and then we will have a real shot at the title. The two races provided my eighth and ninth podiums of the year and a fifth overall in the championship standings. You can’t look at that and say it has not been a hugely successful first year in the Pro class. I will take away the many positives of the season as it has been an amazing rollercoaster of emotions. I’m hugely proud of the teams progression and the support I have received from sponsors and friends alike. Rory Butcher

KNOCKHILL: October 7th



It was a sunny day as 5 of the 6 championships went down to the wire. We had good racing and some nail biting finishes as new champions were crowned and 2 champions retained their titles. We had a special guest as racing super star Dario Franchitti was in attendance.

S cotti sh S al oon and S portscar Champi onshi p Race One Drama before the start as Stewart Whyte’s Escort had a problem, his team worked on the car until 30 seconds before the cars were released onto the track. He was in a 2 car race for the title with Gary Watson. Pole man Watson shot into the lead and ran away with the race in his Westfield. Whyte had also had problems in practise and was mid grid, he then got away slowly in his Escort Cosworth. At Duffus on the first lap we had a spinner Gary Wait dropped from 5th and restarted 13th. Alex Dobie was 2nd in his Mallock on lap 1 then Philip Duncan took over. Mario Caira grabbed 3rd on lap 2 with his Evo further demoting Dobbie. Caira was charging and he closed the 15 car length gap to Duncan, blasting past on the Railway Straight on lap 4 to be 2nd. Duncan then sat on his bumper all the way to the flag. They were joined by Dobbie and we had a good scrap over 2nd. Alex Bruce sat in a safe 5th over 10

Gary Watson won both races with ease

seconds back by the end. Gary Wait made a good recovery from his early spin. He was up to 7th by lap 4 and passed Joe Shuttleton for 6th a lap later. Robert Drummond was also staging a chase back from his off at the chicane on lap 1. His Escort Cosworth moved up from last to finish 7th a place he took on lap 8. What of Stewart Whyte, his race wining car was in trouble and he limped into the pits on lap 3. In the Mazda MX5 Cup we had 4 cars, with Paul Curtis holding off former XR2 star Geriant Jones on his debut to win the class by 4 seconds, though Jones set a new class lap record. The race was red flagged after 10 laps when Alan Potts the former XR2 racer who had returned after a few seasons away went off at MacIntyres in a Fiesta ST, he had been 9th drawing away from the MX5s. Watson’s win saw him now lead the title race. Mario said he was out for a bit of fun, it certainly looked like he enjoyed himself. Result: 1 Garry Watson (Westfield) 12 laps in 8m 17.65mph (83.33mph); 2 Mario Caira (Mitsubishi Evo VI) +10.81s; 3 Philip Duncan (Westfield); 4 Alex Dobbie (Mallock Mk30); 5 Alex Bruce (Mitsubishi Evo); 6 Gary Wait (Escort Cosworth); 7 Robert Drummond (Escort Cosworth); 8 Joe Shuttleton (Subaru Impreza); Class winners: Watson, Caira; Dobbie; Paul Curtis (MX5). Pole Position: Watson 52.79s (87.28mph). Fastest lap: Watson 53.23s (86.56mph). Starters: 14.


S cotti sh Cl assi c S ports and S al oons i n associ ati on wi th Yokohama Tyres

Mario Caira got two fine second places

Race Two Gary Watson was quickly away and had a 6 second lead within a couple of laps. This rapidly grew throughout the race as he won with ease. Philip Duncan was a dns so Mario Caira had second and eased clear of a fast starting Gary Wait, who was 3rd until lap 4 when he slowed. Alex Dobbie took over 3rd at Clark passing Wait on the inside, he had been pressing Robert Drummond since the start. Drummond retook Dobbie and moved into 3rd as the lap closed. He held it with close pressure from Dobbie for 2 laps then opened out a second gap. Dobbie tracked him and was back on his tail by lap 9 and retook 3rd at the hairpin on that lap. They both started to catch Mario Caira who had raced clear in a safe 2nd, but his 9 second lead started to evaporate as his car sounded a little rough by lap 10. On the last lap Caira had Dobbie and Drummond on his tail, but he held them off. Drummond nipped past Dobbie in sight of the flag for 3rd. Alex Bruce was 5th he had chased Alex Dobbie keeping the gap to around 3 seconds for half the race, but then dropped back over the closing laps. Joe Shuttleton had 7th on lap 1 then Stewart Whyte shot past at Clark. Whyte had started 12th and looked as if he was on for a charge, but then rapidly slowed and stopped at the tri oval by the hairpin. This left Shuttleton in a lonely 6th. The MX5 class again went to Paul Curtis but this time Geriant Jones dropped back 4 seconds early on then closed him down to be just over a second back by the flag. Watson’s wins saw him

Paul Curtis won the MX5 Cup class at the final meeting

Race One This championship is class based and it was very tight, the lead being shared by Andrew Smith and Robert Marshall. Shonny Paterson was on pole his TR8 in the same class a Andrew Smith’s Morgan which lined up alongside him. Smith got away smartly and led at the first corner. He was chased by the fast starting 911 of Stan Bernard and John Marshall’s Escort. Paterson was 4th as these cars ran nose to tail. Robert Marshall had his Escort in a close 5th chased hard by Willie Robertson’s Datsun 240Z. A second back was Harry Simpson’s new

Andrew Smith won the Classics races in his Morgan

Ginetta G4 but he was demoted by Raymond Boyd’s 911 on lap 2. On lap 2 John Marshall powered into 2nd up the hill but Bernard was back in 2nd half way round the lap. Stan Bernard had his 911 alongside Smith’s Morgan at Clark, but Smith kept his foot in and held onto the lead. A lap later Shonny Paterson was 2nd by Seat with John Marshall now 3rd. The top 3 were still nose to tail with Bernard dropping a couple of car lengths back, but then with Robert Marshall on his tail after demoting Robertson to 6th on lap 2. Boyd moved up to join these cars by lap 3 then Robertson’s 240Z slowed on lap 4 and retired a lap later. At the front Smith started to draw slowly away. He was nearly 2 seconds clear by lap 6 but the gap didn’t grow much after that as Paterson kept him honest. John Marshal pitted on lap 3. The 2 leaders drew clear of Stan Bernard who held a few car lengths gap on Robert Marshall. Raymond Boyd was chasing these two and started to close, by mid race he was half a second back. He sat behind Marshall for a couple of laps then moved past on lap 9 to be 4th and now was on Stan Bernard’s tail. The two 911s ran close until the 12th and last lap when Boyd dived past at Seat (Duffus) and held on to beat Bernard by 2 tenths of a second. It was Boyd’s first class win over Stan at Knockhill and a fine 3rd. Smith took the flag and class win as Paterson had a

retain his Championship title with the rapid Westfield, and giving him his 3rd Championship in 3 years. Result: 1 Watson 12 laps in 10m 45.65s (85.64mph); 2 Caira +38.95s; 3 Drummond; 4 Dobbie; 5 Bruce; 6 Shuttleton; 7 Paul Curtis (MX5); 8 Geriant Jones (MX5);. Class winners: Watson, Caira; Dobbie; Curtis. Pole Position: Watson. Fastest lap: Watson 52.22s (88.24mph). Harry Simpsonʼs new Ginetta G4 was quick


good 2nd. In 6th came Robert Marshall also winning class C as he dropped a place to Harry Simpson who took 5th at the hairpin on the last lap and won class B. Jimmy Crow was a safe 7th The smallest engine class a went to Nick Boyes Mini Cooper. Boyes spent much of the race looking up the exhaust pipe of his season long adversary Robin Benn’s Capri 3 litre, before passing him for 8th on lap 11. He was well clear of class rival Iain Sinclair who was out in Andy Walker’s Triumph Sports for the first time and set a new class lap record in it. John Marshall came back out in his Escort after a brief pit stop and raced well going quickly up the order before retiring on lap 11. The Championship was still tied. Raymond Boyd said: “That was a great race with Robert, Stan and Harry, just fabulous, and its the first time I’ve beaten Stan at Knockhill.” Result: 1 Andrew Smith (Morgan +8) 12 laps in 11m 54.96s (77.34mph); 2 Shonny Paterson (Triumph TR8) +2.11s; 3 Raymond Boyd (Porsche 911); 4 Stan Bernard (Porsche 911); 5 Harry Simpson (Ginetta G4); 6 Robert Marshall (Ford Escort RS); 7 Jimmy Crow (Ford Escort); 8 Nick Boyes (Mini Cooper); Class winners: Smith, Boyd; Simpson; Marshall; Boyes. Pole Position: Paterson 59.28s (77.72mph). Fastest lap: Smith 58.42s (78.87mph). Starters: 15.

both of them, with Boyes also demoting the Benn Capri at Clark on the same lap. Sinclair then pulled out nearly 4 seconds on Boyes to win class A. Harry Simpson didn’t get far, he was on the grid but his car had seized brakes and he was pushed away. The championship was tied between Smith and R Marshall after 18 rounds, with two 100% class win records, it was impressive racing from them both. Result: 1 Smith 12 laps in 11m 58.69s (76.94mph); 2 Paterson +2.54s; 3 Bernard; 4 Boyd; 5 Marshall; 6 Crow; 7 Sinclair; 8 Boyes; Class winners: Smith, Bernard; Marshall; Sinclair. Pole Position: Smith. Fastest lap: Smith 58.11s (79.29mph). Starters: 14.

S cotti sh Formul a Ford Champi onshi p – supported by the Garage Door Company

Ross McEwen is inches ahead of Alistair Dow

Robert Marshall won his class and was in the front running pack

Race Two Andrew Smith had the lead from the start and never lost it. He was put under pressure for 4 laps by Shonny Paterson before turning up the wick and opening out a 3 second lead by lap 8, He slowed the pace a little over the last lap but took another good win. Shonny never gave up, and had Stan Bernard for close company for a few laps, then opened out 3 seconds gap by mid race, which was nearly 5 seconds by the flag. Stan had Raymond Boyd all over him until lap 8 when the white 911 opened out a little daylight from the blue one. But Boyd closed him down on the last lap, and they were just half a second apart at the flag. Robert Marshall sat on Boyd’s tail until lap 6 then dropped back a couple of car lengths, then was right back with the 911 on lap 8, but eased up to finish a second behind on the last lap , though winning his class again. He was well clear of class C rival Jimmy Crow who was 6th all race. Crow had Robin Benn a few seconds behind in the early laps with Nick Boyes on his bumper. They had Iain Sinclair for company, who was Boyes class rival. Sinclair sat there until lap 5 then moved past

Shonny Patersonʼs TR8 took two good second places

Race One Ross McEwan led from pole and was never headed in this 12 lap race, but it was close. Alistair Dow sat on his tail sometimes 2 or 3 car lengths behind then for the last 3 laps they were nose to tail. Both drove really well as they eased clear of the pack. In 3rd on lap 1 was Jordan Gronkowski but on lap 2 Ian Munro outbraked him at the hairpin and took 3rd. Behind these two Craig Brunton was on the move. He passed Michael Gray for 5th on lap 2 then caught Gronkowski and moved to 4th on lap 3 at the hairpin. As the front two opened up around a second on Munro he in turn was over 2 seconds clear by mid race of an entertaining 4 car scrap. Craig Brunton held off Michael Gray who passed Jordan Gronkowski at Seat on lap 5 with veteran Stuart Thorburn back for his annual drive and staying in touch. Brunton eventually opened up daylight and got a second clear by lap 9 leaving Gronkowski to attack, and then pass Gray on lap 7 at the hairpin. He chased Brunton but didn’t close that gap but did get a few car lengths clear of Gray, who in turn did the same to Thorburn over the last few laps. In 8th came Ivor Mairs winning the classics class and racing keenly as he was last on lap 1. He passed Greg Stark on lap 2, then Mathew Chisholm on lap 5. Finally he tracked Scott Hynds the Legends driver who was making his FF debut, but on the last lap Ivor slipped past him. Race winner Ross said: “I knew it was going to be tense, I got a bit of a break and held it together. I was just trying to stay calm and it worked.” Post meeting Gronkowski was dq. Provisional Result: 1 Ross McEwen (Van Diemen RF92) 12 laps in 11m 18.19s (81.53mph); 2 Alistair Dow (Ray GRS09) +0.20s; 3 Ian Munro (Van Diemen); 4 Craig Brunton (Ray GR08); 5 Michael Gray (Vector); 6 Stuart Thorburn (Van Diemen); 7 Ivor Mairs (1984 Mondiale); 8 Scott Hynds (Van Diemen) Class winner: Mairs. Newcomers’ class: Chisholm. Pole Position: McEwen. Fastest lap: Munroe 55.92s. Starters: 11. Race Two Ross McEwan got away well from pole but Alistair Dow who lined up next to him didn’t. Ian Munro ran 2nd on lap 1 until the hairpin when Craig Brunton dived past. As McEwan quickly opened up a couple


Michael Gray was on the podium in Race 2

of seconds gap Brunton held off a 5 car train behind him. On the opening lap Dow dropped to 6th by Seat but made up a place on Railway Straight drafting past Stuart Thorburn. The pack ran nose to tail on lap 2. In 3rd Munro then dropped a place to Michael Gray on lap 3. Munro then had Alistair Dow all over him with Gronkowski and Thorburn right with them. By lap 4 we had Brunton opening up half a second on Gray who in turn was a second clear of 3 cars running nose to tail, Munro, Dow and Gronkowski. Thorburn started to drift back a little from this group but was getting slowly away from Scott Hynds. Up front McEwan started to stretch away. The battles behind him were still going on as Dow took 4th on lap 8 at the hairpin from Munro, but Munro fought back and retook the place at Clark next time round. On lap 10 Stuart Thorburn went off approaching Clark and into the gravel and he just kissed the tyre wall. This brought out the red flags as he went in head on. McEwan had his second win of the day. Craig Brunton was impressive in his 2nd meeting of the year. Young Michael Gray raced well into third. Gronkowski was dq post meeting. Provisional Result: 1 McEwen 9 laps in 8m 30.28s (81.27mph); 2 Brunton +3.39s; 3 Gray; 4 Munro; 5 Dow; 6 Scott Hynds (Van Diemen); 7 Chisholm (Van Diemen RF92); 8 Mairs. Classic Class winner: Mairs. Newcomers’ class: Chisholm. Pole Position: McEwen. Fastest lap: Dow 56.02s. Starters: 11.

Cel ti c S peed Mi ni Cooper Cup – supported by Yokohama Tyres, S uperchi ps, Wheel saround

Ross Wylie won races 1 and 2 in fine style

Race One The only championship that had been settled before the meeting, David Sleigh retaining his title, but that didn’t stop lots of good racing, as the other top spots were to be confirmed, as was the Newcomers Cup. David Sleigh led the opening lap from brother Tim chased closely by Malcolm McNab who headed a 4 car train, with Ross Wylie, Steven Brewster and Lewis Grant running nose to tail. On lap 3 places changed as McNab dropped to 5th then Tim Sleigh was contacted exiting the chicane and fishtailed, but held onto 2nd. Lap 4 and the pack shuffled, Tim was down in 5th as Wylie was now 2nd, but David Sleigh was over 2 seconds clear and running away. Then the safety car came out and bunched up the field. Stephanie McMurdo had gone into the tyre

barrier at Scotsman. After 3 laps racing resumed going up the hill. We had 2 cars spin at Scotsman (Finlayson and Marshall) then young Josh Baird was off at Butchers, but he didn’t restart, the others did. David Sleigh was ahead until the hairpin then Ross Wylie took the lead. Wylie got his head down and quickly opened up a second gap. But it was from Steven Brewster and Malcolm McNab as David Sleigh had been mugged and was now 4th with his brother Tim on his bumper. A second back sat Shane Stoney, he was also a second clear of Lewis Grant who had Alan Waugh and Guy Johnstone on his bumper. Wylie ran out an easy winner as Brewster defended his 2nd place successfully from McNab. Ross Wylie said: “I’ve been waiting a while, but we worked hard and I’m delighted to have my 1st win of the season. That’s what I was taught in karting, you’ve got to be committed no half hearted moves.” Fiona Wallace was 11th and won the Ladies Cup class and was on Scott McKenzie’s bumper at the end, though Emma Bruce was less than a second behind her. Result: 1 Ross Wylie 9 laps in 13m 05.03s (52.82mph); 2 Steven Brewster +1.93s; 3 Malcolm McNab; 4 Tim Sleigh; 5 David Sleigh; 6 Shane Stoney; 7 Lewis Grant; 8 Alan Waugh; Newcomers’ class: Wylie. Ladies’ Cup class: Fiona Wallace. Pole Position: David Sleigh 1m 02.94s (73.21mph). Fastest lap: David Sleigh 1m 03.58s (72.47mph). Starters: 18.

Shane Stoney was on the podium in the final race

Race Two A mass charge into Seat saw Tim Sleigh lead from Steven Brewster with pole sitter Ross Wylie 3rd. There were 14 cars running nose to tail on lap 1, one make saloon racing at its best. David Sleigh the champion took 3rd at Clark as Wylie went wide. Then we had the safety car out on lap 3 as a car was off on the grass at Scotsman, but in the queue that formed we had a crash. Elaine Marshall and Stephanie McMurdo were involved by the bridge, Red flags came out, the race stopped. Once it was sorted out by the marshals the race restarted. But Elaine and Stephanie didn’t take the restart as their cars were damaged. Ross Wylie did a better job but Steven Brewster led to the first corner Seat, then Wylie passed him going down the Dip and led. Wylie then motored away opening up a second lead in 3 laps as Brewster held off Tim Sleigh and Malcolm McNab. But McNab passed Tim on Hislops on lap 2. Brewster had his hands full as he held off McNab with Tim and David Sleigh on his boot. Shane Stoney was only two or three car lengths back on the final lap after closing them down once he worked free of Lewis Grant, who was dicing with Guy Johnstone. Fiona Wallace was top lady and beat Scott McKenzie to 9th by half a second. The cars stayed in close order until the flag as Ross Wylie took win no. 2 of his Mini career. Sometimes race wins are like buses, you don’t see one for a while then two come along together! Result: 1 Ross Wylie 6 laps in 6m 27.46s (71.35mph); 2 Steven Brewster +1.71s; 3 Malcolm McNab; 4 Tim Sleigh; 5 David Sleigh; 6 Shane Stoney; 7 Lewis Grant; 8 Guy Johnstone;

Newcomers’ class: Wylie. Ladies’ Cup class: Wallace. Pole Position: Wylie. Fastest lap: David Sleigh 1m 03.44s (72.63mph). Starters: 16.

Malcolm McNab won Race 3 and the Newcomers Cup

Race 3 The reversed grid race and David Sleigh led lap 1 from Tim Sleigh and Malcolm McNab at Seat. McNab charged past Tim Sleigh at Scotsman to be 2nd then hunted down David. By Seat on lap 2 he was leading as he scythed past the new champion. Behind the top 2 Tim headed a 5 car train with Shane Stoney on his bumper. Up front McNab was under pressure, David Sleigh sat on his tailgate all the way lap after lap but McNab was cool and won by less than half a second this result also gave him the Newcomers Cup title, as he won that class as well. The battle over 3rd was also tight as newcomer Shane Stoney drove well. He nipped past Tim Sleigh on lap 6 going up the hill side by side with Tim before taking 3rd at Seat. Ross Wylie chased them and closed to within 2 car lengths by the flag after holding off mid race pressure from Steven Brewster. Lewis Grant and Guy Johnstone had quiet races in 7th and 8th. In contrast Josh Baird in 9th fought past John Finlayson on lap 5 and they ran close all race as Fiona Wallace sat on Finlayson’s bumper from lap 2 when he nipped past the lady’s cup class winner. Emma Bruce stayed with Fiona from the start and held off Michael Falconer. Result: 1 Malcolm McNab 9 laps in 9m 39.09s (71.61mph); 2 David Sleigh +0.47s; 3 Shane Stoney; 4 Tim Sleigh; 5 Ross Wylie; 6 Steven Brewster; 7 Lewis Grant; 8 Guy Johnstone; Newcomers’ class: McNab. Ladies’ Cup class: Wallace. Fastest lap: Stoney 1m03.29s (72.80mph). Starters: 14.

S cotti sh Legends Cars Champi onshi p We went into the meeting with Carol Brown only 10 points behind Ross Marshall and a maximum of 600 points to be won today. It turned out to be a thriller.

David Allan was top Rookie

Heat One Colin Atkinson had drawn pole and dropped to 2nd at Seat as Chris Hynds raced past him. Then Carol Brown zipped through to 2nd going down the Dip. She started 4th and was leading by Clark corner on lap 1. It was then an easy race for the former Champion as Carol ran away from the pack to win. From lap 2 Atkinson was heading a 4 car train with Daniel McKay on his bumper in 3rd by lap 3. In the pack of 6 cars that formed a second behind him was Ross Marshall. He started the race 15th and by lap 3


was 8th. By lap 4 he moved past 4 cars to 4th, the last of these being Gerard McCosh at Clark. He then chased after the top 3. By lap 7 he was up to 3rd demoting McKay. On the 8th and final lap he pressed Atkinson who went off into the gravel at the hairpin giving Ross 2nd. Paul O’Brien had 4th with Ross Mickel who demoted Gerard McCosh in the final half mile on his bootlid. David Hunter got up to 7th on the final lap passing two cars to get there beating Kieran Murray by a few hundredths of a second or blink and you miss it. Atkinson got going to finish 9th just ahead of David Allan. Carol was now 5 points ahead in the championship. Result: 1 Carol Brown 8 laps in 8m 17.51s (74.09mph); 2 Ross Marshall +3.82s; 3 Daniel McKay; 4 Paul O’Brien; 5 Ross Mickel; 6 Gerard McCosh; 7 David Hunter; 8 Kieran Murray; Pole Position: Atkinson. Fastest lap: Marshall 1m 00.64s (75.98 mph). Starters: 21.

Ross Marshall finished in the top 3 all day and won Heat 2

Heat Two Ross Marshall was 2nd on the rolling grid and led into Seat. He was pressed hard by David Newall and David Hunter. Carol Brown started down in 15th. Ross couldn’t shake of his pursuers as Newall sat on his bumper lap after lap. Hunter was right with them as behind them 4th was held by Paul O’Brien. He was a second down by lap 3 as Ross Mickel pressed him, but these two closed the gap to the three leading cars by lap 5 and were joined by Carol Brown. She had shot through the field and had got to 8th by lap 2. By lap 5 Carol was 6th right on the tail of this 6 car train contesting the top places. On lap 6 Carol took 5th from O’Brien as Mickel had moved past him earlier on the lap. Mickel grabbed 3rd on lap 7 and Brown took 4th at the hairpin on the same lap. Ross Marshall still led by a whisker. It was down to a last lap shoot out. By Seat on lap 8 Marshall had dropped to 3rd as Newall led from Mickel. The two new leaders touched as they exited the chicane and both went off. Newall restarted as did Mickel, who then went into the gravel at Clark, damage to his steering was suspected. This had given the race lead back to Ross Marshall with Carol Brown on his bumper, but he held on to take a tight win. David Hunter was just over half a second behind Carol in 3rd. Paul O’Brien came home 4th only 1.5 seconds back. David Allan got 5th, he had diced with Kieran Murray mid race before passing him on lap 5 as Murray ran wide exiting Clark. They were still close at the flag 3 laps later, with Colin Atkinson right on Murray’s bootlid in 7th. Gerard McCosh had gone off at Scotsman on the opening lap, restarted but then retired a lap later. Lap 2 had also seen 3 cars off at Scotsman with Daniel McKay limping back with a puncture to retire. It had been an action packed race now Ross was back leading the Championship by 10 points. Result: 1 Marshall 8 laps in 8m 18.26s (73.98mph); 2 Brown +0.28s; 3 Hunter; 4 O’Brien; 5 Allan; 6 Murray; 7 Atkinson; 8 Palazzo; Pole Position: Newall. Fastest lap: Brown 1m 00.30s (76.41mph). Starters: 21. Final Dave Meiklejohn had pole and led into the first

corner then 5 mid field cars took to the gravel on the outside of Seat and all ploughed on to rejoin the track. By lap 2 the pack had a new leader, Ross Mickel was there with David Hunter on his bootlid after passing Paul O’Brien at Clark, as 7 cars ran nose to tail at the front. Dave Meiklejohn had retired. Carol Brown was fired up, she had started

Carol Brown was in the thick of the action and drove brilliantly all day

17th but lap 1 offs had helped her speed through the pack, and she took a amazing 4th from Billy Wait at the hairpin as the lap closed. Ross Marshall had started 16th and was right behind her on lap 3 as 4 cars now were in a breakaway group at the front. Ross Mickel led from Gerard McCosh then came Carol and Ross. A second back was Billy Wait with Paul McKay on his bumper and they changed places next lap round. Lap 4 saw Carol in 2nd with Ross right behind her, and she dived into the lead at the hairpin. Ross was 2nd on lap 5 with Gerard McCosh now 3rd and on Ross’s bumper with Ross Mickel right with him in 4th. Around 2 seconds back came Paul O’Brien who had shot through from 7th on lap 4. Lap 5 also saw Kieron Murray pass Paul McKay at the hairpin for 6th, and he was only a couple of car lengths behind O’Brien. Coming up the field was Colin Atkinson, he passed Billy Wait for 8th on lap 6 and also moving fast was David Hunter now in 10th on lap 6 after being dropped to the back of the 21 car field on the opening lap. Back to the title race, 4 cars were at the front running nose to tail, Carol Brown led by a few metres over the last 6 laps. Ross Marshall was right with her, as Ross Mickel regained 3rd at Seat from Gerard McCosh. On the last lap Brown and Marshall were side by side at the into the first corner Seat( Duffus Dip) and down into Leslie’s then at Scotsman but Ross Mickel dived past Ross Marshall at Butchers after Marshall ran wide. Mickel was now 2nd and held on to the place. Carol won the race and the title in a fantastic last lap scrap. Gerard McCosh was 4th as less than a second covered the top 4 cars. Kieron Murray got home 5th a few feet ahead of Paul O’Brien with David Hunter passing Colin Atkinson on lap 9 then Billy Wait on the last lap to finish 7th. Atkinson took 8th on the last lap and was inches ahead of Billy on the line. Carol said: “That was amazing, I had to keep it together at Duffus and MacIntyres (Scotsman). A big thank you to Stevie and all the boys. There’s 6,000 points available in a year and to come down to this is outrageous.” Carol won the title by 20 points. Ross Marshall said: “It was a tough race, the start was a bit wild, we got to the front and Carol made it wide, and she’s been consistent all year.” Result: 1 Carol Brown 10 laps in 10m 23.52s (73.90mph); 2 Mickel +0.34s; 3 Marshall; 4 McCosh; 5 Murray; 6 O’Brien; 7 Hunter; 8 Atkinson;. Fastest lap: Mickel 1m 00.69s (75.91mph).

S cotti sh Fi esta Champi onshi p – i n associ ati on wi th Yokohama Tyres The two class title races were down to the last meeting. The XR2s were between two drivers, the STs had three possible winners. Race One Dave Colville was leading the ST points and had

pole. But he was slower away than George Orr and Scott Robertson, his tight rivals. Orr led at Seat passing Scott Robertson with Dave in 3rd. But Dave wanted his first title and passed Scott at Clark on the opening lap, as 5 STs ran nose to tail at the front. In 5th Blair Murdoch retired on lap 3 at the bridge leaving Ian Donaldson who was 4th to concentrate on Robertson’s bumper. George Orr led and slowly opened out a second lead as Dave came under pressure from Scott. On lap 5 these two ran side by side at Butchers but Dave held 2nd through the chicane. Lap 6 Dave was sideways exiting the chicane and Scott and Ian Donaldson went past him by Clark. Scott opened out a second on Ian on lap 7 as Dave pressed him. On lap 9 Ian ran a little wide at Scotsman and Dave was through into 3rd. He eased a second clear by the flag, but was over 2 seconds behind Scott. George Orr had taken a good

Dave Colville took the ST Cup scoring well all year

win. In the XR2 battle, veteran Peter Cruickshank was after his first title and led the XR2s from the off. He was 6th on the road on lap 1 which became 5th when Murdoch’s ST stopped. Wayne MacCauley was 2nd in the points but he was behind Craig Taylor on lap 1. He outbraked him at the hairpin to be a few car lengths behind Peter. He chased Peter slowly closing him down. By lap 7 they were nose to tail and he took the XR2 lead on lap 8 at Seat. Peter stayed close and nipped past late on. These two pulled well clear of the XR2 pack. Craig Taylor was 3rd XR2 for 4 laps with Alex Shaw on his tail, then they dropped back after a moment and Grant Anderson took over and got a few seconds clear. Stephen Ward in an ST was next up with Mike Strong glued to his bumper all race, so Strong was 4th in XR2s. Peter finally had his XR2 title, its been a long road but he deserved it and has been a front runner for the last 8 of his 14 years in XR2s. The STs would not be settled until the last race. Peter said: “At long last, made it harder for myself, I made a stupid mistake on the 1st lap. Its been my curse for the last 8 years there has always been another quick guy.” Peter had won 7 XR2 classes in a row with this victory.

Peter Cruickshank the new XR2 Champion, was quick

Result: 1 George Orr (ST) 12 laps in 12m 42.81s (72.48mph); 2 Scott Robertson (ST) +1.93s; 3 Dave Colville (ST); 4 Ian Donaldson (ST); 5 Peter Cruickshank (XR2); 6 Wayne MacCauley (XR2); 7 Grant Anderson (XR2); 8 Stephen Ward (ST); XR Newcomers’ class: Anderson. Pole Position: Colville 1m 02.57s (73.64mph). Fastest lap: Robertson 1m 02.87mph (73.28mph). Starters: 16.


Race Two George Orr led the race into Seat chased by Scott Robertson and Ian Donaldson with Dave Colville right behind him. STs were the top 4 cars as Peter Cruickshank’s XR2 lay 5th a second back with

Ian Donaldson raced well in his ST

Grant Anderson right with him. Scott Robertson took the lead at Clark diving up the inside of George Orr. On lap 2 Ian Donaldson went off the road at Scotsman but regained the track now down in 9th. Dave Colville closed right up on Orr. Robertson was now a second clear and Orr slowly pulled away from Colville. The top 3 stayed in this order to the flag. Robertson taking the win despite Orr closing on him late on, but then Scott pulled away on the last lap for his seventh ST class win of the year. Colville’s 3rd gave him the ST Cup. Blair Murdoch in his ST started last and was charging. He was 8th on lap 2 and took 5th a lap later, sliding his car out of the chicane, he was on it. But so was Wayne MacCauley, he stayed with Blair and passed him into Clark on lap 5, but Blair fought back and outbraked both Wayne and Peter Cruickshank’s XR2s at the hairpin a lap later to grab 4th. Blair then raced clear of the top XR2 battle.

Wayne MacCauley took the XR2 class in Race 2

Ian Donaldson was not far behind them and he was on the two XR2s by lap 8. These 3 cars ran nose to tail for 3 laps. Ian passed Wayne at Seat on lap 9 then Peter a lap later going up the hill, with Wayne also taking the XR2 class lead. Wayne kept Peter at bay to finish 3 tenths of a second ahead of him at the end. George Runcie in an ST was next up 1.5 seconds back having demoted Grant Anderson’s XR2 on lap 11. Mike Strong completed the top 10 after getting past Alex Shaw on lap 6 and getting a few seconds clear. Shaw was passed by Stephen Ward on that lap and these two stayed close to the end. Dave Colville said: “Its been a hard season but really clean racing with Scott and George all year, but I’ve loved it. A huge thank you to Iain Cowie and the ICR team.” Scott said: “It’s a good way to finish the season. We missed 2 rounds earlier in the year with work commitments. I brought it back from 40 points deficit, found form mid season, then its pin your ears back and go.” The XR2 Newcomers title went to Craig Taylor, despite Grant Anderson winning the class both times today. Result: 1 Robertson 12 laps in 12m 42.73s (72.49mph); 2 Orr +1.60s; 3 Colville; 4 Blair Murdoch (ST); 5 Donaldson; 6 MacCauley (XR2); 7 Cruickshank; 8 George Runcie (ST); XR Newcomers class: Anderson. Pole Position: Orr. Fastest lap: Orr 1m 02.73s (73.45mph). Starters: 16.

Dalziel Clinches World Endurance Title Touring Cars Ryan Dalziel and Florida-based Starworks Motorsport clinched the inaugural FIA World Endurance LMP2 class title at Fuji in Japan.

Well done and Congratulations to Gordon Shedden, 2012 Champion

The Scot and team-mates Enzo Potolicchio, from Venezuela, and French star Stephane Sarrazin knew they only had to better the result of their Pecom Racing rivals.They managed to bring the #44 Starworks HPD Honda home two laps clear of the #49 car, in second place behind the ADRDelta entry. That was enough for the celebrations to start in the Starworks garage as they added the world title to class wins at Sebring in Florida, the Le Mans 24 Hours in France, and Brazil. They were also on the podium at Silverstone although Ryan missed their third place in Bahrain. Ryan said: “This has been the best year I have ever had in racing. It is good for me. I have a good reputation in America, but I was able to come and be up against someone like Stephane. People have seen I can run with him. It has been a big eye-opener for me. We finished second in Grand-Am’s Rolex championship, we won the North American Endurance Championship as a team and driver, then we have won this as well. It is a shame there is not an individual award, but everyone involved in this deserves to call themselves a world champion.” Ryan on the final race: “It was one of the most aggressive races I have ever done. I went through the whole of Le Mans without getting touched by a car. Here it seemed people kept bouncing off us. When you look at the outcome and what you need to do to win a championship, it puts pressure on you. All the drivers made mistakes, the crew made some mistakes, but we rebounded well and showed the

The Scottish racer won the BTCC title after over 6 years in touring cars. He is first Scottish Champion since 1995 when John Cleland last won it. Gordon has won the most Touring Car races this year 98 in total). On a wet track on Sunday October 21st with a 5th then 2nd in his Honda Civic he secured the title before the final race of the day. “What a dream come true, thank you Honda and Team Dynamics,” said Gordon as he was interviewed in-car on the slowing down lap of race 2. There had been 3 drivers in with a chance of the title, Gordon, Matt Neal and Jason Plato as the day began, but Gordon was cool and drove smoothly to the title. “He’s been the best driver this year,” said commentator and former BTC champion Tim Harvey. His team mate Matt Neal had won the opening race of the day, but Gordon eased past him in race 2 to follow first time race winner Aron Smith’s Focus home. In the final race the Toyota of Frank Wrathal won, it was the first time a Toyota has won in BTC since 1993 when Julian Bailey won at Knockhill. He was followed by 3 Honda Civics, Neal, Shedden and Andrew Jordan. Gordon Shedden took this prestigious title by 21 points from Matt Neal with Jason Plato 3rd in his MG. Gordon has driven superbly all year, and wins the Championship after being runner up to Matt Neal last season. The Honda racing team also retained their team title.

Ryan on the podium with team mates Enzo Potolicchio and Stephane Sarrazin

character. A lot of our success came from having a reliable car – not necessarily the fastest car.” Ryan and Starworks Motorsport started the FIA World Endurance Championship with an LMP2 class win and third place overall at Sebring in Florida and a class win in Brazil as well as winning their class at the Le Mans 24 Hours, where Tom Kimber-Smith was in the car with Ryan and Enzo. They also came second at Silverstone with Sarrazin replacing Kimber-Smith. Ryan also grabbed an LMPC class win and third place overall in the CORE Autosport car at Long Beach in California, as well as a third place in class at Mosport in Canada. Ryan came second in Grand-Am’s Rolex Sports Car Series. He was second in the Rolex 24 At Daytona and third in the Sahlen’s Six Hours of The Glen, then had his first Grand-Am win of the season at Watkins Glen. He was third at Laguna Seca. Find out more at

Dario at Knockhill

Dario Franchitti with Graham Brunton

The club were very pleased to welcome Dario Franchitti to Knockhill. Thanks to Graham and Heather Brunton’s efforts the marshals and spectators had a chance to meet a real racing star, who hails from Bathgate. Dario Franchitti is four times Indycar Champion and 3 times Indy 500 winner. He had his 1999 Reynard Honda Indycar singleseater, with which he won at Surfers Paradise, on display in the paddock. The SMRC honorary member posed for photographs as well as signed autographs. When interviewed at the circuit he said that, “ was really good to be back at Knockhill.” He spoke about the car that was on display and how he won and set the fastest lap in the 1,000bhp race car. Dario also took some SMRC marshals for a quick couple of laps around the


circuit in an Aston Martin at lunchtime. He then took his mom for a quick drive. She said it was good and interesting to see the track from a driver’s perspective. Dario also said: “It’s a cracking little track, it’s not so long since I drove here as I did a track night with an Atom. It’s a great track, it flows really well.” He went on to say: “My favourite memories as a kid were going to Ingliston. Doug Niven’s Beetle did it for me. I will be going to the SMRC dinner, Paul (Di Resta) is coming as well.” Dario said it was nice to finish second in the last Indycar race and that he was looking forward to racing with his brother Marinio at Petit Le Mans in a couple of weeks time in sportscars. (Dario has had success in Sportscars winning the Daytona 24 hour race in 2008).

Dario stands and chats to marshals with Mike How


Hi Kevin We’d just like to congratulate Peter Cruickshank on winning the Fiesta XR2 championship thoroughly deserved after years of trying hard. I had some great clean races with Peter over the years, and I remember how much winning the title meant to me - 7 YEARS ago - how time flies!! We keep an eye on the SMRC race results over here in sunny Brisbane so hello to everyone from down under. Have a great awards do - a bit too far for us to travel tho... Racing in Oz - The V8s are superb - the BEST saloon car racing in the world in my book. Team Vodafone are based quiet close to our apartment so I get to Nick Sanderson (left) catch up with Jamie with Jamie Whincup Whincup and Craig Lowndes from time to time. I’ve attached a photo of me with Jamie after doing a 100km charity bike ride here in Brissy. Hope someone remembers me! The V8s are sometimes supported by the ‘Aussie Racing Cars’ which are more-or-less Legends (same idea). V8s are changing next year with Mercs and Nissan joining the Ford v Holden battle - should make for some great battles! Cheers and all the best, Nick & Natali Sanderson

• NEWS • NEWS • NEWS • S MRC Annual Di nner and Awards Ceremony December 1st. Sheraton Hotel, Festival Square, Edinburgh Saturday 1st December the club’s gala night with championship trophies and special awards presented. Racing celebrities including Dario Franchitti and F1 driver Paul Di Resta should attend as should former F1 star David Coulthard and new BTC champion Gordon Shedden. Ticket application forms have been mailed to members.

Dri vers Meeti ngs The Competition Secretary Graham Brunton, Club Chairman Hugh McCaig and committee member Sandy Denham, were on the panel along with scrutineers that got feedback and answered drivers questions in the 6 evening meetings held at the Dakota Hotel and at the Knockhill media centre in October.


Mazda MX5 Cup Stuart Haston who led the points chase was a dns at the October 7th meeting after having been in a road accident on Saturday 6th. Paul Curtis took advantage winning the class twice and is the first cup winner. There are now 6 cars and more should be on the way.


BMW Compact Cup This 750MC series has grown down South from 12 cars in 2011 to nearly 30 in 2012. The club are looking at a class for them in the Saloons and Sportscars next season.

Cl assi cs Shonny Paterson was awarded driver of the day in October. He dedicated this to the memory of his young mechanic Mark Rickets, who sadly died in a road accident two weeks before the meeting.

Last issue the car was a Formula Libre driven by Bob Leckie, McLaren M10 racing at Ingliston. Only correct entry & winner - Sandy Denham. This month it’s 1999 - who is driving these cars and what are they? Bonus point name another car the driver of the sportscar has raced. Entries to your editor by December 10th email or ansaphone 0131 332 8287 The editor’s decision is final.

To t a k e a d v a n t a g e o f t h i s e x c e l l e n t o ff e r y o u m u s t o rd e r v i a t h e t e l e p h o n e o rd e r line on 08435 070 858. Yo u c a n a l s o re q u e s t a n e w G P R a c e w e a r catalogue. Check out the latest items o n l i n e a t w w w. g p rd i re c t . c o m To g e t y o u r 1 0 % d i s c o u n t o n a l l i t e m s except Hans devices and carbon h e l m e t s q u o t e re f e re n c e S M R C a n d y o u r c l u b m e m b e r s h i p n u m b e r.


019686 76406

(Chairman - email:

Russell Paterson

07979 911 111

(Vice-Chairman - email:

Graham Brunton

07778 169512

(Competition Sec - email:

SMRC Club President Allan McNish racing for Audi in the World Endurance Championship

Kevin Pick

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(Wheelspin Editor - email:

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(Club Clothing - email:

Sandy Denham

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Allan McNish at Mount Fuji, Japan

Allan McNish raced well but was unable to snatch the FIA World Endurance Championship title from his Audi Sport team-mates, despite taking second place in his hybrid diesel Audi in the eighth and final round of the series in Shanghai on October 28th. This result followed Allan and Tom Kristenson’s 3rd place in the 6 hour race in Japan at Mount Fuji 2 on October 14th. In China Allan and Tom finished 58.57secs behind race winners Alex Wurz/Nicolas Lapierre (Toyota) in the 647.49-mile 6 hour race. But with the ‘sister’ Audi R18 e-tron quattro of Marcel Fässler (CH)/André Lotterer (D)/Benoît Tréluyer (F) finishing third – 44.24secs adrift of the McNish/Kristensen Audi – it was the 2011 & ‘12 Le Mans 24 Hour race winning trio who claimed the 2012 World Championship Drivers’ title.

McNish and Kristensen, who scored one win, three seconds, three thirds and a fourth placing in this year’s WEC, ultimately finished 13.5-points behind their Audi Sport team-mates. “Second position was the best we could have achieved today,” reflected McNish. “Tom and I extracted the maximum out of our Audi. Congratulations to Marcel, Ben and André on winning the WEC title. Tom and I knew a win was required and even then, it would need to be bad fortune on our ‘sister’ car for the title to come to Tom and I. That is unlikely to happen driving for Audi as our cars are ultra reliable.” Allan also said: “Tom and I were pretty strong. We had a good set-up on our Audi and we were as fast as we could have been, but on this occasion the Toyota was faster. Nevertheless this race marked probably one of our best performances for Tom and I in the latter half of the season. We’ll all be working very hard over the winter. Audi Sport is very aware of the level of competition required to be competitive in sportscar racing at this level. We’ll be optimising many elements for 2013.” The McNish/Kristensen Audi won the Michelin Green X Challenge for a seventh consecutive race to top the season-long standings in recognition of being the ‘cleanest, fastest and most efficient’ in the LMP1 sports-prototype category.

Nic Boyes Bernard Buss 01361 882322


Gareth Davies Kate Haston 01324 556541


Andrew Morrison

GO MOTOR RACING IN SCOTLAND MOTOR SPORT NIGHT Thursday 29th November 6 - 10 pm at Alex F Noble and Sons (Nissan Dealers) Swinton Place, Straiton EH20 9FB (On the A701 a couple of minutes from the Straiton turn off on the Edinburgh By-pass, head towards Bilston). If you want to go racing next season this is for you. Come and meet SMRC drivers, see the cars and get tips on how to start, find out about the classes, some have Newcomers Cup competitions etc. Gordon Shedden the new BTC Champion is attending and will be interviewed on stage. Knockhill circuit also have a stand and provide information on taking an ARDS course to get your racing license.

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