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It was a dry day a little breezy and we had good racing. There were some new faces in race control, as Walter Robertson an experienced Clerk of the Course took charge. The meeting ran well with a couple of safety car periods, as marshals worked quickly to remove any cars that retired.

Celtic Speed Scottish Mini Cooper Cup i n associ ati on wi th Yokohama Tyres, S uperchi ps and Wheel saround

David Sleigh won three on the bounce

Race One: Tim Sleigh got smartly away from the front row beating poleman Ross Wylie into Duffus as Stefan Di Resta grabbed 2nd at the same corner. Malcolm McNab ran wide and went onto the dirt at Scotsman dropping 2 places. The pack ran nose to tail with Stephanie McMurdo who was down the order sliding off at Clark corner and stopping in the gravel. On lap 2 race leader Tim and 2nd placed Stefan tangled at the hairpin, Tim spun and Stefan’s bonnet came up so he pitted a lap later. This meant Ross Wylie was leading with David Sleigh on his bumper. They pulled away from Kyle Reid who quickly got a second clear of a chasing pack of 8 cars headed by Steven Brewster. In the middle of them was Tim Sleigh now 8th. Ross Wylie led until lap 7 when David went through at the hairpin. He held on for a tight win as Ross was glued to his tailgate. They were 7 seconds clear of the rest who fought in an entertaining group behind 3rd placed Kyle Reid. By lap 4 Malcolm McNab was in 4th as Tim Sleigh moved up the order he was 6th on lap 5 then swapped places a couple of times on lap 6 with Steven Clarke. By lap 8 he was 4th as McNab had run wide exiting the chicane and dropped to 7th as the train rushed past him, it was close. Then on the last lap Steven Clarke took 5th from Steven Brewster. The cars in 4th to 10th were covered by a second and a half at the flag. Shane Stoney had a good final few laps as he passed Murray Muir on lap 7 for 9th, then slipped past both Hamish Brandon and Malcolm McNab on the last lap to get 7th. Michael Falconer harried Chris Reid for several laps before taking 11th on lap 7 and then closed on Murray Muir. Top lady was Fiona Wallace just over a second behind Reid in 13th with Elaine Marshal close behind her all race. Results: 1 David Sleigh 9 laps in 9m44.77s (70.92mph); 2 Ross Wylie +0.82s; 3 Kyle Reid; 4 Tim Sleigh; 5 Steven Clarke; 6 Steven Brewster; 7 Shane Stoney; 8 Malcolm McNab; 9 Hamish

Brandon; 10 Murray Muir. Newcomers’ Cup: Wylie. Ladies’ Cup: Fiona Wallace. Pole Position: Wylie 1m03.59s (72.45mph). Fastest lap: Wylie 1m04.06s (71.93mph). Starters: 21.

Race Two: David Sleigh led the field into Duffus and a big train followed him. Kyle Reid was 2nd with Tim Sleigh 3rd. On lap 2 Tim took 2nd at Duffus as David eased out a second lead. Down to Butchers the cars raced and Ross Wylie took 2nd 250 meters later at Clark he passed Tim to be 2nd while Kyle Reid demoted Tim at the hairpin, it had been a busy lap at the front. The top 4 were chased by 7 cars at their head was Shane Stoney who demoted Malcolm McNab on lap 2. On lap 3 Tim was in the wars again as he tried to get 3rd from Kyle at Clark, banging doors. Kyle went sideways

Shane Stoney has been proving heʼs a fast newcomer

and into the gravel trap, game over as he limped out and went back to the pits. Tim resurfaced 7th. Shane Stoney now ran a strong 3rd and had opened up a 3 seconds gap in a lap as the rest squabbled. Steven Brewster now ran 4th with Chris Reid and Malcolm McNab very close to him. Steven managed to break away from them after a couple of laps. McNab pressed Reid for a few laps then passed him on lap 7. Reid then lost out to Stefan Di Resta as he exited Clark a lap later. Di Resta has started 20th and was driving the wheels off his car to finish 6th. Chris Reid then held off a group of 4 cars all nose to tail to the flag. Fiona Wallace had an easier race in the Ladies Cup. She fought with Scott McKenzie for several laps before passing him for 14th. Her class rivals were led by Stephanie McMurdo who was 3 seconds back. At the front David Sleigh stroked it home for an easy win by Mini standards while Ross Wylie was untroubled in 2nd from mid race. Results: 1 David Sleigh 9 laps in 9m45.31s (70.85mph); 2 Wylie +3.51s; 3 Stoney; 4 Brewster; 5 McNab; 6 Stefan Di Resta; 7 Chris Reid; 8 Brandon; 9 Michael Falconer; 10 Muir. Newcomers’ Cup: Wylie. Ladies’ Cup: Fiona Wallace. Pole Position: David Sleigh. Fastest lap: David Sleigh 1m04.17s (71.80mph). Starters: 21. Race Three:




The top 6 cars on the grid were

Stephanie McMurdo took her first Ladies Cup win

reversed, so Stefan Di Resta was on pole, but Malcolm McNab beat him into the first corner. The pack poured down the dip and we had a big shunt at the bottom as they hit Leslie’s. Tim Sleigh in the middle of the pack tried to miss a car but got onto the grass, went sideways then rolled several times, it was a big one. He was thankfully okay but his car was a mess. He said later: “The brake pedal went solid on me. I swerved to miss my team mate, went over a kerb, it dug in and I went over and over. I just grabbed the harness and rode it out.” The safety car came out as marshals removed the wreckage. Racing resumed quickly and McNab led from Di Resta, but David Sleigh dived into 3rd past Shane Stoney on lap 4 then took 3rd a lap later. He was 2nd by lap 6 then sat on McNab’s bumper before outbraking him at the hairpin on lap 9. He had nearly a second gap at the flag a lap later as McNab defended from Stoney. These two were over 6 seconds clear of Hamish Brandon who had eased away from a frantic 6 car scrap, leaving Murray Muir to hold them off. Emma Bruce took her first Ladies Cup class win benefitting from the lap 1 scattering of cars at Duffus she drove well to be clear of her class rivals. Mid race we lost Ross Wylie and Stefan Di Resta who clashed at the hairpin fighting over 2nd and both pitted. It was David Sleigh’s day, he won all three Mini races a feat not seen before, underlining his superb form. Results: 1 David Sleigh 9 laps in 16m12.88s (42.62mph); 2 McNab +0.99s; 3 Stoney; 4 Brandon; 5 Muir; 6 Chris Reid; 7 Brewster; 8 Clarke; 9 Kyle Reid; 10 Scott McKenzie. Newcomers’ Cup: McNab. Ladies’ Cup: Stephanie McMurdo. Pole Position: McNab. Fastest lap: David Sleigh 1m03.77s (72.25mph). Starters: 21.

S cotti sh Legends Cars Champi onshi p Heat One: Daniel MacKay led from pole as far as Duffus when Ross Mickel went through to lead. Gerard McCosh grabbed 2nd as the cars headed to Clark but before that we had a few skirmishes. John

Carol Brown ahead of the pack

Bushby went off at Leslie’s losing a wheel, Kenny Murray was limping along with a flat rear tyre then Scott Hynds dived into the gravel trap at Clark, and we hadn’t finished a lap. Ben Mason the former multi Legends Champion had returned after racing only once last season, and showed he hadn’t forgotten much as he dived into 2nd at the hairpin. Lap 2 David Allan had grabbed 3rd then he went off at the hairpin leaving Mickel to lead from Mason. Lap 3 saw more changes at the front, Carol Brown had got up to 3rd from 9th off the grid. She pounced at the hairpin diving into the lead while close behind Robbie Burgoyne was up from 11th and took 3rd at the hairpin having been 7th the previous lap. Brown led a tight 7 car train at the front. Championship leader Ross Marshall had started 20th on the grid and was working his way up the order. He was 7th on the tail of this train by lap 4. He was still there on lap 6 and ran wide at the chicane exit dropping back a few car lengths. Meanwhile Mickel had got his lead back passing Carol Brown at Duffus on lap 6. But Carol out dragged him up the hill as lap 7 began. She didn’t lose the lead again and won with ease as the cars behind mixed it up. Ben Mason was 2nd on lap 7 and as lap 8 began ran side by side up the hill with Burgoyne who took the place but a surprise to these two was Dave Newall who out braked them both to be 2nd into Duffus , but he was too quick into Scotsman and went off, though kept it on the grass and rejoined 4th. Mickel was on his bumper in 5th. Paul O’Brien had moved up a second train of cars to get 6th on the last lap a little over half a second ahead of Daniel MacKay while Duncan Vincent demoted Gerard McCosh on the last lap to be 8th. Marshall retired on lap 7 but Brown was on maximum points. Results: 1 Carol Brown 8 laps in 8m22.45s (73.36mph); 2 Robbie Burgoyne +1.74s; 3 Ben Mason; 4 David Newall; 5 Ross Mickel; 6 Paul O’Brien; 7 Daniel McKay; 8 Duncan Vincent; 9 Gerard McCosh; 10 Billy Wait. Pole Position: McKay. Fastest lap: McCosh 1m00.91s (75.32mph). Starters: 21.

Heat Two: Ross Marshall’s car had an engine change and he was 3rd on the grid. He shot into the lead and led all the way. The pack kept close for 2 laps then he was clear. Behind him we had a long line of cars fighting for places. Paul O’Brien was 2nd from lap 1 until lap 5, he held off David Hunter’s early challenge then Robbie Burgoyne took 3rd at the hairpin on lap 3. Lap 4 saw 3 cars run side by side up the hill fighting over 3rd. Carol Brown

Ben Mason returned and was on the pace

who had just grabbed 3rd along with Robbie Burgoyne and David Newall. It was Newall who emerged in 3rd at Duffus but next lap Brown was back in 3rd which became 2nd . Lap 6 Burgoyne dived into 2nd at Scotsman and held it to the end. He was only two tenths of a second ahead of Brown at the flag as 5 cars ran nose to tail in this leading group, though Marshall was home before them. David Newall was 4th as the cars shot down Railway straight but he went into the hairpin gravel on the last lap and was a dnf. O’Brien was 4th with Ben Mason 5th having lost the place early in the lap as they went up the hill. Into 6th only a second back on Ben came commentator and all round racer Duncan Vincent. He started 5th dropped to 8th by lap 3 but kept near the leading bunch. Ross Mickel was 7th edging clear of Billy Wait late on. Gerard McCosh started near the back and got up to 10th but was over 5 seconds behind David Allan. David Hunter retired mid race, Ross Marshall made up for his retirement in heat 1 with a fine win this time. Results: 1 Ross Marshall 8 laps in 8m19.03s (73.87mph); 2 Burgoyne +2.47s; 3 Brown; 4 O’Brien; 5 Mason; 6 Vincent; 7 Mickel; 8 Wait; 9 David Allan; 10 McCosh. Pole Position: David Hunter. Fastest lap: Burgoyne 1m00.64s (75.98mph). Starters: 21. Final: David Hunter was on pole and he started well. The pack was shuffling all down Duffus, cars passing and blocking so he got clear. Scott Hynds was 2nd up from 5th chased by Kevin Ketterwell,

Ross Marshall took two wins

who went into the gravel at the hairpin as lap 1 ended. By lap 2 Hunter had a 3 second lead as 10 cars chased him in single file. Dave Newall was at the trains head, Scott Hynds next, then Ross Marshall who had started 12th. Lap 3 two cars went off at Scotsman leaving Kieran Gallagher on the kerbs and Ben Mason to crawl up to the chicane and stop. They had been in midfield as Ben had started 19th. The safety car came out and 3 laps later marshals had cleared the cars so racing resumed. Hunter led into Duffus with Marshall on his tail. By Scotsman Marshall was leading but he didn’t get away. Hunter retook the lead so next lap Marshall waited until Clark before diving past, and then kept a few metres head until the flag 2 laps later. Hunter was tied to his bumper and they got a couple of seconds clear of the rest. Robbie Burgoyne came through on the last lap to get 3rd having worked his way up from 6th mid race. Dave Newall had been 3rd for much of the race but finished 5th as Gerard McCosh also nipped past him for 4th late on, after starting 14th Gerard had made good progress but was still 7th with 3 laps to go. Carol Brown got home 6th after being well enmeshed in mid field racing having started 20th. Scott Hynds got as high as 3rd then ran 4th for much of the race before losing a couple of places late in the race, Carol passing him with a lap to go. While Ross Mickel had a late charge after starting 17th he was 13th when the safety car came out and well down the line. He got home 8th passing Duncan Vincent and Daniel MacKay in the last few laps but couldn’t catch Scott


who was less than half a second ahead. It was another win for Ross Marshall but much closer than his heat win earlier in the day. Results: 1 Marshall 10 laps in 16m40.89s (46.03mph); 2 Hunter +0.42s; 3 Burgoyne; 4 McCosh; 5 Newall; 6 Brown; 7 Scott Hynds; 8 Mickel; 9 McKay; 10 Vincent. Pole Position: Hunter. Fastest lap: Brown 1m01.11s (75.40mph). Starters: 21.

S cotti sh Formul a Ford 1600 Champi onshi p

Double race winner Ian Munro leads Alistair Dow

Race One: Ian Munro was a man on a mission, on pole and never headed finishing 4seconds clear. But it wasn’t a walk in the park. From the off he was under pressure as 4 cars ran close at the front Jordan Gronkowski was 2nd from Alistair Dow and Ross McEwan. Craig Brunton the former Champion was also back after a couple of seasons away, he was in Paul Kopec’s normal car and sitting a close 5th. He had Greg Stark on his tail but on lap 2 Greg had a dusty off exiting the chicane and went to say hello to the air fence where he stayed. The top 5 were very close and edged away from Michael Gray in the early laps. By Lap 6 the order was still the same but the group started to split. Munro had 2 car lengths gap over Gronkowski who went wide exiting Scotsman with Dow almost up his exhaust pipe in 3rd. A second back was McEwan with Brunton all over him. The next couple of laps saw Munro slowly get clear as Gronkowski defended his 2nd place. This allowed the others to close up so we had 4 cars nose to tail fighting for 2nd. Lap 9 Craig Brunton dived into 4th at the hairpin demoting Ross McEwan. On lap 11 Dow made a move for 2nd and got past at Duffus, Gronkowski tried respond but went off at Scotsman 100 metres later, he rejoined but was crawling his steering was damaged and he stopped posting a dnf. Munro won well as Dow eased a second clear of Brunton who had McEwan and Gray in close attendance for the last lap. Ian said: “The car’s going well, it was a reasonably quiet race as it was them battling rather than me being quick.” Craig Brunton added:”Thanks to Diabetes UK, my mom and dad and Paul Kopec for the car, to get a podium was mega.” Results: 1 Ian Munro (Van Diemen) 12 laps in 11m27.25s (80.45mph); 2 Alistair Dow (Ray GRS09) +4.08s; 3 Craig Brunton (Ray GRS09); 4 Ross McEwan (Van Diemen RF92); 5 Michael Gray (Vector); 6 Adrian Hamilton (Van Diemen); 7 Andy Paterson (Van Diemen RF92); 8 Ivor Mairs (Mondiale 84); 9 Matthew Chisholm (Van Diemen); 10 Barry Smith (Swift SC93F). Newcomers’ class: Chisholm. Classic class : Mairs. Pole Position: Munro 55.70s (82.72mph). Fastest lap: McEwan 56.59s (81.41mph). Starters: 12. Race Two: This was a close race, and Ian Munro worked hard for his win. He led on lap 1 from pole but as the lap closed Alistair Dow went into the lead at the hairpin. In 3rd was Ross McEwan who had outdragged Craig Brunton off the line, and Michael

Craig Brunton returned with two podium finishes

Gray was a close 5th. Lap 2 saw Gronkowski moving through the pack, starting at the back he was up to 7th. Dow led until lap 5 when Munro made his move at Duffus. Craig Brunton also took 3rd that lap from Ross McEwan with Michael Gray still with them and running well. Gronkowski was now 6th having passed Greg Stark his newcomers class rival and closed on Gray. By lap 6 he was on Gray’s tail. At the front we had 3 cars running nose to tail with McEwan a few car lengths back in 4th, this stayed until lap 10 when Gray who had been 5th but dropping slowly off McEwan as he was under pressure lost the place to Gronkowski at Clark who went up the inside. Gray went wide and lost some time as he kicked up the dust. Ian Munro held on at the front despite lots of pressure from Dow it was a fine win. Craig Brunton had a good 3rd after his lay off and kept Ross McEwan at bay over the closing laps finishing under half a second ahead of him. Gronkowski was 2 seconds back in 5th as Michael Gray had a safe 6th. Greg Stark took a lonely 7th as Adrian Hamilton got up to 8th on lap 11 repassing Andy Paterson who had demoted him a lap earlier. Results: Results: 1 Munro 12 laps in 11m 32.41s (79.86mph); 2 Dow +0.48s; 3 Brunton 4 McEwan; 5 Jordan Gronkowski (Van Diemen); 6 Gray; 7 Greg Stark (Van Diemen); 8 Hamilton; 9 Paterson; 10 Chisholm. Newcomers’ class: Gronkowski. Classic class: Mairs. Pole Position: Munro. Fastest lap: Dow 56.59s (81.41mph). Starters: 12.

S cotti sh S al oon and S portscar Champi onshi p

Gary Watson won both races

Race One: Stewart Whyte was off in the lead with the fast Escort Cosworth which rocketed up the straights. Gary Watson dropped a second on lap 1 then held on well. He kept that gap and by lap 6 had halved it. It stayed that way until lap 10 when he closed right up then took the lead a lap later at Butchers just before the chicane with his Westfield. Gary raced away to win as Stewart dropped 4 seconds on the last lap slowing a little and caught up lapping traffic at the chicane. These two were well clear of Philip Duncan pulling away at over 2 seconds per lap. Philip had grabbed 3rd on lap 1 passing Robert Drummond’s Escort Cosworth. Mario Caira was only a second back. He was out for the first time in quite a while, and now with an Evo. He fishtailed out of Leslie’s and Scotsman on lap 3 giving it plenty. Mario was chased only a second back by Gary Wait’s Escort Cosworth but it stopped

on lap 7 by the hairpin, then a lap later Mario pitted after an enthusiastic drive. This let Alex Bruce into 4th , he was safe from Paul Brydon’s BMW M3 which had stayed close until lap 5 only a car or two’s lengths behind then dropped back 2 seconds in 2 laps but stabilised the gap until the flag. The rest of the field spread out but the fight at the front had been keen. The Mazda MX5 Cup for MK1 1600 MX5s finally started with 3 cars in the class, Stuart Haston won cruising away as Norman Nicoll hit trouble and newcomer Paul Curtis learned the ropes. Results: 1 Garry Watson (Westfield) 12 laps in 10m47.98s (85.33mph); 2 Stewart Whyte (Escort Cosworth) +4.59s; 3 Philip Duncan (Westfield); 4 Alex Bruce (Mitsubishi Evo); 5 Paul Brydon (BMW M3); 6 Robert Drummond (Escort Cosworth); 7 Mark Dawson (VW Corrado); 8 Neil Robertson-Dunbar (Ford Puma); 9 Stuart Haston (Mazda MX5); 10 Paul Curtis (Mazda MX5). Class winners: Whyte; Dawson; Robertson-Dunbar, Haston Pole Position: Wylie 52.61s (87.57mph). Fastest lap: Whyte 52.55s (87.67mph). Starters: 17.

Race Two: Whyte’s power again told off the line, but Watson stuck to his bumper never more than a car or two’s length behind round the twisty bits, though the gap would open down the straights. The

Mario Caira drove the Evo with enthusiasm

Westfield was back on the Escort’s tail by Scotsman every lap. Then on lap 5 Watson was through at Butchers and into the lead. He zipped away as the Escort slowed a little and in 5 laps was 10 seconds ahead. This let Philip Duncan also in a Westfield catch Whyte and overtake him on lap 10 for 2nd. He was still dropping time to Watson but Whyte was now cruising in 3rd and had a safe class win. Robert Drummond came up from 6th with a good start to be 4th on lap 1 and drew away from Paul Brydon who was on his bumper for 2 laps then lost 5th on lap 2 to Mario Caira. On lap 4 Caira and Brydon retired leaving Alex Bruce in 5th, he had 2 seconds gap for several laps on a tight battle behind him as Gary Wait was under pressure from Graham Wait’s old but effective Sierra Cosworth. Graham got past on lap 9 and soon opened up 10 seconds gap. Back at the flag Watson was miles clear. Further back Mark Dawson won class B1 his smart VW Corrado was lonely for much of the race as he got away from Neil Robertson –Dunbar’s class C wining Puma. The Mazda MX5 Cup class again went to Haston who dropped Curtis by 3 seconds in a couple of laps, then Curtis held the gap and did a decent job against the more experienced Haston. Norman Nicol’s MX5 got tied up behind them battling the MK1 Scirocco of Tim Dodwell. Results: 1 Watson 12 laps in 10m49.93s (85.07mph); 2 Duncan +14.85s; 3 Whyte; 4 Drummond; 5 Bruce; 6 Graham Wait (Sierra Cosworth); 7 Gary Wait (Escort Cosworth); 8 Dawson; 9 Robertson-Dunbar; 10 Haston. Class winners: Whyte; Dawson; Robertson-Dunbar,


Haston Pole Position: Smith. Fastest lap: Watson 52.92s (87.07mph). Starters: 15.

S cotti sh Fi esta Champi onshi p i n associ ati on wi th Yokohama Tyres

Ian Donaldson raced well in the STs

Race One: Poleman Scott Robertson was beaten into Duffus (or Seat curves) by George Orr. Ian Donaldson out in a new black car was 3rd chased by Dave Colville and Blair Murdoch, as STs were 1-5 and nose to tail at the front. Close behind came the XR2 hordes led by Peter Cruickshank with Mike Strong, Michael Jenkins and Craig Taylor in a tight bunch. Wayne MacCauley usually up at the front with Peter in XR2s was surprisingly at the back having qualified last and stayed there, so he probably had car trouble. We had a startline accident, Stephen Ward in an ST went into the wall. This brought out the safety car on lap 2. The racing restarted 3 laps later. Orr held it until Clark corner then Robertson outbraked him on lap 5. Donaldson charged into 2nd up the hill on lap 6 but Orr retook the place at Duffus. George then opened out half a second gap as Donaldson came under pressure from ST Cup leader Dave Colville. On lap 9 Dave took 3rd at the hairpin. Donaldson was by now over a second clear of Blair Murdoch so held 4th to the end. In 6th all race was Peter Cruickshank he eased away from the XR2 pack quite quickly but couldn’t hold onto the STs finishing 5 seconds behind Blair. Mike Strong lost a couple of places on the lap after the safety car went in so Michael Jenkins followed Peter and pulled clear. Strong repassed Craig Taylor on lap 9 leaving him to fend off Alex Shaw, on the last lap these two only 3 tenths apart at the flag. The race win went to young Scott Robertson who missed the last meeting, but he was back and on top form. Results: 1 Scott Robertson (Fiesta ST) 10 laps in 13m25.53s (57.20mph); 2 George Orr (Fiesta ST) +1.99s; 3 Dave Colville (Fiesta ST); 4 Ian Donaldson (Fiesta ST); 5 Blair Murdoch (Fiesta ST); 6 Peter Cruickshank (Fiesta XR2); 7 Michael Jenkins (Fiesta XR2); 8 Mike Strong (Fiesta XR2); 9 Craig Taylor (Fiesta XR2); 10 Alex Shaw (Fiesta XR2). Class winner: XR2, Cruickshank. XR Newcomers, Taylor Pole Position: Robertson 1m03.17s (72.94mph). Fastest laps: ST - Robertson 1m 03.50s (72.55mph) XR2 Cruickshank 1m 05.22s Starters: 17. Race Two: George Orr again beat Scott Robertson into Duffus chased by Dave Colville and Blair

Peter Cruickshank coping well under pressure

Scott Robertson holds off George Orr

Murdoch. Ian Donaldson started at the back as he changed car now out in a white ST. Robertson was soon past Orr, this time as they went up the hill as lap 2 started. He kept a gap of around a second until mid race then eased away to win by nearly 3 seconds. George Orr also grabbed Dave Colville, 2 seconds by lap 6 but Dave closed late on but was still over a second back at the finish. Blair Murdoch similarly followed Dave and was a constant second back. The only ST on the move up the order was Ian Donaldson. From the back of the 16 car grid he blasted past XR2s. He was 9th by lap 2 as Peter Cruickshank led the XR2 class but was under non stop pressure from Mike Strong early on. Donaldson went past Cruickshank on lap 4 into 5th but didn’t get any closer to the top 4 as Murdoch kept the gap at around 3 seconds. Cruickshank defended all race in 6th and top XR2. He backed the train up behind him as 7 XR2s ran nose to tail until mid race. He had Michael Jenkins on his bumper from lap 4 as Mike Strong dropped a place and had Craig Taylor all over him, Craig getting past on lap 6 and these 4 slowly got clear of Struan Robertson and Alex Shaw. On lap 10 Strong passed Taylor exiting the chicane having run side by side up the hill earlier in the lap. But on lap 12 the final tour with Peter

Escort. Marshall also lost a place to Raymond Boyd’s 911 in the dash down to turn 1. Shonny Paterson hung on to these 4 so it was a close group on lap 1. Marshall demoted Boyd on lap 2 then chased after Stan making up a second in 2 laps before taking 2nd at Duffus on lap 4. The lap previously Paterson had grabbed 4th also at Duffus. Marshall held the gap to a second from Smith keeping him honest. Paterson slowly closed on Stan Bernard being on his bumper by lap 6 then passing

Smith 58.68s (78.51mph). Fastest lap: Paterson 59.93s (76.88mph). Starters: 18.

Defending champion Stan Bernard returned

him up the hill as lap 7 began. He was over 2 seconds behind Marshall but couldn’t close the gap in his TR8. Stan kept 4th easing out a 3 second gap to Boyd’s similar car. Way behind the top 5 came Kieron Baillie, but he was winning class B in his Escort. He started in 7th then lost a place to class A leader Roger Motherwell’s Alfa on lap 2 before retaking him on lap 3. He was then pressed by Bruce Weir who moved up in his Lotus Sunbeam. These two were nose to tail for a few laps then Weir dropped back a couple of seconds on lap 8 and was passed by Jimmy Crow’s Escort which had come up the order. Weir fought back and got 7th back on lap 11. Crow had suffered a slow start leaving him 14th on lap 1 but made up ground well after that. Class A developed into a late battle as Motherwell looked as if he had it in his pocket, well clear of his class

S cotti sh Cl assi c S ports and S al oon Champi onshi p i n associ ati on wi th Yokohama Tyres

Race One: The fast black Morgan rumbled off the line as Andrew Smith led the cars into Seat curves (Duffus Dip) chased by a fast starting Stan Bernard. His 911 had rocketed up past Robert Marshall’s

Race Two: Andrew Smith raced away from pole with Stan Bernard again starting fast. He was up to 2nd from 4th by Duffus. But this time Robert Marshall moved quickly and out braked him at Clark to get 2nd. He chased Smith all race, getting to within half a second by lap 8, but the Morgan was never headed and Marshall began to come under pressure himself late on. Shonny Paterson had run 3rd on lap 1 then lost a place to Raymond Boyd on lap 2 as Stan Bernard pitted his 911. Paterson stuck close to the blue 911 then was side by side with him at Leslie’s and went round the outside at Scotsman to take 3rd on lap 5. He then was 3 seconds down on Marshall. The TR8 closed on the Escort over the next 5 laps then sat close for 2 laps before pouncing on the last lap coming out of the final corner in a drag race to the line to take 2nd by a tenth of a second. Smith had eased 2 seconds clear over the final two laps as he won. Boyd was over 12 seconds back in 4th then another 30 seconds later came Jimmy Crow. The Escort driver started 8th an was 5th by lap 2 then pulled clear of the rest. Behind him

Shonny Paterson (TR8) dices with Raymond Boyd (911)

Craig Taylor ahead of Mike Strong

holding off a train of 6 cars Taylor outfoxed Strong to get 8th. Peter said: “That was the hardest one I’ve had for a while, for constant defensive driving that takes the biscuit, great race though.” Scott Robertson who won said: “That’s the easiest way to win a race, once I got that gap I just got it home.” Results: 1 Robertson 12 laps in 12m56.07s (71.25mph); 2 Orr +2.76s; 3 Colville; 4 Murdoch; 5 Donaldson; 6 Cruickshank; 7 Jenkins; 8 Taylor; 9 Strong; 10 Struan Robertson (Fiesta XR2). Class winners: XR2, Cruickshank. XR Newcomers, Taylor Pole Position: Robertson. Fastest laps: ST Robertson 1m03.62s (72.42mph). XR2 Strong 1m 05.19s Starters: 16.

Andrew Smith was a double race winner in the Morgan

Kieron Baillie was a double class winner

rivals chased 4 seconds back by Class B Ian Blacklin’s Fiesta. Then on the last lap he dropped back. Class A’s unusual Triumph Sport special driven by Andy Walker was through. George Leitch had been under pressure for a few laps before Walker swept past on lap 11and took the class by half a second. Motherwell dropped back behind Nic Boyes previously all conquering class A Mini which not on top form, a mechanical problem slowing him a little. Results: 1 Andrew Smith (Morgan +8) 12 laps in 12m09.7s (75.77mph); 2 Robert Marshall (Ford Escort) +1.11s; 3 Shonny Paterson (Triumph TR8); 4 Stan Bernard (Porsche 911); 5 Raymond Boyd (Porsche 911); 6 Keiron Baillie (Ford Escort); 7 Bruce Weir (Lotus Sunbeam); 8 Jimmy Crow (Ford Escort); 9 Ian Blacklin (Ford Fiesta); 10 Andy Walker (Triumph Sport). Class winners: Smith; Marshall; Bernard; Baillie; Walker. Pole Position:


in 6th Kieron Baillie had Bruce Weir all over him until lap 7 when Weir got past then dropped back 3 places a lap later before recovering back to 7th on the last lap. He demoted Tim Reid’s Marcos on the last lap. Reid had started 17th and last but moved steadily up the field, 9th by lap 4 he passed George Leitch’s Fiesta which would win class A on lap 5. George had taken his class lead at Clark two laps earlier passing Walker’s Triumph. Reid then closed on Kieron Baillie and sat a few tenth’s behind him for a couple of laps before Bruce Weir nipped in between them on the last lap. Nick Boyes was 2nd in class A, the Mini still not running as well as it had all season. Results: 1 Smith 12 laps in 12m11.04s (75.63mph); 2 Paterson +2.08s; 3 Marshall; 4 Boyd; 5 Jimmy Crow; 6 Baillie; 7 Weir; 8 Tim Reid (Marcos GT); 9 George Leitch (Ford Fiesta); 10 Nick Boyes (Mini Cooper). Class winners: Smith; Marshall; Boyd; Baillie; Leitch. Pole Position: Smith. Fastest lap: Paterson 59.57s (77.35mph). Starters: 17. Kevin Pick

Knockhill BTCC August 25/26th

SMRC SUPPORTING THE TOURING CARS The circuit had mixed weather as rain appeared on Saturday and it was wet on track, but Sunday was fine with big crowds. They saw good racing and a fantastic 2nd Celtic Speed Mini Cooper Cup race. The Touring cars were good as well, though there was mixed fortune for Scottish drivers in supporting races.

S cotti sh Cl assi c S ports and S al oon Champi onshi p i n associ ati on wi th Yokohama Tyres

Robert Marshall ahead of Andrew Smith in race one

Race One: A big grid of 28 cars assembled and Graham Millar led them from pole in his TR8. Raymond Boyd slipped into 2nd with the blue 911 and Robert Marshall’s Escort fell down a place to 3rd. Willy Toye had his TR8 in 4th as Andrew Smith started slowly dropping 2 places to 5th. Charging up to 6th was Willie Robertson’s Datsun 240Z and another car not seen this year was up to 7th from 13th on the grid. It was veteran Olly Ross, he had his Europa flying, he loves the rain and it was showing. The top 8 were covered by 2 seconds with Shonny Paterson’s TR8 close behind Olly. We had Christie Doran spin mid pack on lap 1 and retire the TR8. Laps 2 , 3 and 4 saw Millar lead but a car’s length behind was Boyd and Marshall sat on his bumper. They opened out a second on Willie Robertson who had the same gap to a strangely subdued Smith. The safety car came out on lap 5 as Tim Reid’s Marcos was stuck in the gravel at the hairpin having been in mid field chasing Alex Montgomery’s MGB GTV8. Nic Boyes Mini sounded a little rough as well and was near the back. Racing resumed after a couple of laps and Boyd took over at the front. He opened out a second on Millar who had Marshall on his tail. Roger Motherwell was leading class A from George Leitch in mid field but George took over later in the race. Robertson held 4th with Smith close as they eased a second clear of Olly Ross who was leading class B. On lap 8 Marshall took 2nd at the hairpin from Millar who then had Smith on his tail after the Morgan had also moved up a place. Smith had started to motor and grabbed 3rd on lap 11 going up the hill. By lap 13 he was 2nd and hunting down Boyd who was a second ahead. Smith was leading by lap 16 and eased away over the final mile . Boyd had a fine 2nd with Marshall top saloon and a good 3rd. Well behind these 3 came Shonny Paterson who got past Millar late on. Olly Ross was a deserved 6th passing Willie Robertson on the final tour after sitting half a second back for several laps. Willy Toye dropped back 20 seconds from these two and just managed to keep Barry Riddell’s TR8 at bay. They were half a second apart at the flag and only just over a second ahead of Kieron Baillie’s class B Escort. Results: 1.Andy Smith (Morgan +8) 17 laps in 20m 25.14s (63.5mph); 2 Raymond Boyd (Porsche 911) +1.55s; 3 Robert Marshall (Ford Escort); 4 Iain (Shonny) Paterson (Triumph TR8); 5 Graham Millar

(Triumph TR8); 6 Olly Ross(Lotus Europa); 7 Willie Robertson (Datsun 240Z); 8 Willy Toye (Triumph TR8); 9 Barry Riddell (Triumph TR7); 10 Keiron Baillie (Ford Escort). Class winners: Smith, Boyd; Marshall, Millar; Ross; George Leitch (Ford Fiesta). Pole Position: Graham Millar (Triumph TR8) 59.24s (77.24mph). Fastest lap: Smith 1m06.95s (68.35mph).Starters: 28. Race Two: Andrew Smith led away chased by Ramond Boyd and Shonny Paterson with Robert Marshall and Graham Miller close behind. On lap 2 Shonny Paterson half spun after contact. The pack shuffled and by lap 3 Graham Millar’s TR8 was 2nd and a second clear of Raymond Boyd and half a second behind Smith. Lap 3 saw Olly Ross spin at the hairpin he had been 9th on lap 2, but he got beached on the inside kerb. Marshals pushed him onto the grass and he retired the Europa. Up front Smith kept Millar at bay as they opened out a second gap on Boyd who had Robert Marshall close with Wlly Toye right with them. Further back in mid field was a great battle as Robin Benn’s Capri held off Ian Blacklin’s Fiesta, Grant Allan’s Porsche, Nic Boyes Mini and Ian Daltrey’s Alfa. Though class A was led by Roger Motherwell’s Alfa which was a couple of places ahead. There was another good scrap a few places up the road as Kieron Baillie headed a five car train with Tommy Gilmartin’s

Rainmeister Oly Ross in his Lotus Europa

Capri a car length behind him and Jimmy Crow tied to his bootlid. They chased Mike Connon’s fast starting Lotus but Mike retired on lap 13. The top two started to pull away from Boyd the gap was 3 seconds by lap 8 then the safety car came out so Olly Ross’s car could be moved. Lap 13 was when racing resumed, Smith kept Millar a second behind then opened it out to 2 seconds by the flag. Boyd lost 5 seconds over the last 6 laps as he had Robert Marshall all over him who was followed closely by Sonny Paterson. Paterson took 4th on lap 17 . The next few cars spread out as Willy Toye spun out of 6th on lap 15 at the hairpin. He only lost a place recovering to chase Barry Riddell’s TR8. Back in 11th Motherwell was safe leading class A as Tim Reid moved up to 12th. Behind him was a good scrap. Nic Boyes got home a few tenths ahead of Robin Benn’s Capri, Grant Allan’s 911 and Ian Blacklin’s Fiesta. Smith took the win and said he preferred Saturday’s race which was more exciting, but this was still a very good race with action all down the field. Results: 1 Smith 18 laps in 20m07.82s (68.2mph); 2 Millar +2.18s; 3 Boyd; 4 Paterson; 5 Marshall; 6 Riddell; 7 Toye; 8 Tommy Gilmartin (Ford Capri);



26 AUGUST 25 Knock hil l Kno ckh ill

9 Baillie; 10 Bruce Weir (Lotus Sunbeam). Class winners: Smith, Millar; Boyd; Marshall; Baillie; Roger Motherwell (Alfa Sud). Pole Position: Smith. Fastest lap: Millar 58.37s (78.40mph). Starters: 27.

Celtic Speed Scottish Mini Cooper Cup i n associ ati on wi th Yokohama Tyres, S uperchi ps and Wheel saround

Elaine Marshall took the Ladies Cup class twice

Race One: It was very wet almost monsoon conditions as the Minis came out to play. David Sleigh had pole and slowly drove away from everyone into the spray and rain. He was in control and won by nearly 10 seconds, almost cementing the title as his nearest challenger his brother Tim had not entered following his car wrecking roll in August. David was the master in the rain. Malcolm McNab had 2nd all race, but he had to defend and for several laps as Kenneth Brewster was right behind him. By lap 5 McNab got half a second gap then slowly opened it out to 3 seconds by the flag. Further back there was off circuit action as Alan Waugh spun exiting the chicane on lap 1 when in the top 10. George Orr was again proving competitive in Minis. He is usually racing a Fiesta ST but from 8th on the grid was up to 4th on lap 1. He stayed there all race holding off Hamish Brandon who was tied to his bumper from lap 4 after he passed Steven Brewster. Steven Clarke ran 7th close to Brewster for much of the race then lost a place to Kyle Reid on lap 11. These two were being hunted down by Ross Wylie. He nipped past Reid for 7th on lap12 then took Reid at Clark a lap later. Murray Muir ran behind Lewis Grant early on then got past mid race only to have Chris Reid chase up behind him , but Muir opened out a second in the closing laps. Elaine Marshall won the Ladies class, always keeping a car or two between her and Fiona Marshall. There was a celebrity driver, TV presenter, former F1 and now BTC commentator Louise Goodman who has rallied in the past raced Kenny McLeod’s car. Louise came in last after a spin and kiss of the tyre wall, but 4 other cars failed to get home so she didn’t do too

George Orr showed he can drive a Mini quickly

bad in the poor conditions. In fact Louise was past 3 cars by lap 4 after starting at the back. Results: 1 David Sleigh 15 laps in 17m58.92s (63.62mph); 2 Malcolm McNab +9.18s; 3 Kenneth Brewster; 4 George Orr; 5 Hamish Brandon; 6 Steven Brewster; 7 Ross Wylie; 8 Kyle Reid; 9 Steven Clarke; 10 Murray Muir. Newcomers’ winner: McNab. Ladies’ Cup: Elaine Marshall. Pole Position: Sleigh 1m 03.37s (72.21mph). Fastest lap: Wylie 1m10.49s (64.92mph). Starters: 26.

Race Two: This was a terrific race. The top 5 were reversed on the grid. If you saw it on ITV4 it was the race of the day. It had non stop action, cars running wide, lots of overtaking and the two Brewster brothers on the podium for the first time together. George Orr started on the front row, beat Hamish Brandon into Duffus and led for 5 laps. Hamish led 7 cars chasing him in a tight train. Steven Brewster was 3rd early on with brother Kenneth right behind him and a car length ahead of Malcolm McNab, the Newcomers Cup leader. David Sleigh sat behind McNab in 6th. By lap 4 we had 10 cars nose to tail at the front, and at the hairpin

Steven Brewster took the second Mini race

Kenneth Brewster took Hamish Brandon who got squeezed down the order. Then Steven Brewster got the lead on lap 5 but George fought back. The top two ran side by side from Scotsman to the chicane on lap 6 but Steven held on. Cars were sliding off at Duffus but rejoining at the bottom of the Dip as the top 10 were still close. By lap 9 Steven had half a second gap as Orr was under pressure, which saw Malcolm McNab dive past into 2nd at the hairpin. By lap 11 Orr still had 3rd as David Sleigh got mugged at the hairpin and dropped to 8th. Lap 12 saw Kenneth Brewster pass Orr who then had Ross Wylie on him but George fell no lower and was

running very well with the regulars to come home 4th. David Sleigh got back to 6th on lap 12 only to loose a place to Kyle Reid on lap 14. Then he had Steven Clarke on him who in turn saw Murray Muir on his bootlid. But Murray dropped a place to Shane Stoney on the last lap. Top Lady was again Elaine Marshall in 13th, 5 seconds back on Hamish Brandon who had a few hairpin dramas in the race as he was doorhandled . Elaine was well clear of Fiona Wallace who got home 17th as Emma Bruce pressed her. Kenny MacLeod came back for this race starting on the last row, and had a few close battles as he got up to 16th passing several cars as 23 finished with 3 dnfs as well. The podium saw Steven Brewster first , newcomer Malcom McNab 2nd and Kenneth Brewster 3rd they all looked pleased. Results: 1 Steven Brewster 15 laps in 16m11.49s (70.66mph); 2 McNab +2.63s; 3 Kenneth Brewster; 4 Orr; 5 Wylie; 6 Reid; 7 Sleigh; 8 Clarke; 9 Shane Stoney; 10 Muir. Newcomers’ winner: McNab. Ladies’ Cup: Marshall. Fastest lap: Kenneth Brewster 1m03.53s (72.03mph). Starters: 26.

Knockhill Touring Car Report

Gordon Shedden pleased the home crowd with strong drives

Robert Collard and Scottish driver Dave Newsham shared the wins in the three Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship races at Knockhill circuit. The meeting was attended by huge numbers of people including Olympic cycling gold medal winner Sir Chris Hoy MBE. The main title challengers – Matt Neal, Gordon Shedden and Jason Plato all experienced a number of highs and lows. Reigning Champion Neal increased his advantage at the top of the table as the title race nears its conclusion. Plato started the day in pole position after setting the fastest time in Saturday’s qualifying session, only to crash out of the opening race after a tangle between his MG6 and Aron Smith’s Ford Focus. This left the way clear for Collard and Tom Onslow-Cole to finish first and second in their BMWs. Gordon Shedden took third in his Honda Civic while teammate Neal was a lowly seventh. It was the same top three in the second race as reigning Champion Neal this time finished eighth. Plato was only 11th, his car struggling with turborelated problems. Inverness’s Newsham, high in confidence after his maiden win at Snetterton a fortnight earlier, then

took victory in the third race in his Vauxhall Vectra. Jeff Smith followed in his Honda Civic for the first podium result of his BTCC career as Neal took third. Shedden and Plato, though, both retired. Hampshire racer Collard said: “It’s just been a fantastic day for me and the whole team with a pair of 1-2 results and our other car driven by Nick Foster also very strong.” Newsham said: “I really didn’t believe a podium result let alone a win would be possible here, but I banged in some really fast laps at the start of race three, and that clinched it for me. I’ve had a new sponsor on board this weekend and I’m chuffed to bits.” Matt Neal appeared surprised to still be leading the standings. He commented: “I have no idea how I am still in front. It’s been a horrid weekend for me, but Gordon’s retirement in that third race plus a bad day for Jason as well have saved my skin.” Gordon Shedden said: “This was meant to be one of our stronger circuits and the next three, Rockingham, Silverstone and Brands Hatch require good straight line speed which is where we are lacking. We might still be in front but the truth is we are struggling.” Jason Plato had also expected more from Knockhill, particularly after his pole position lap. The double

Champion reflected: “It’s an opportunity for us to take more points out of the Honda drivers and even take the championship lead gone begging. We’ve clearly got the performance – we’ve just had rotten luck but it’s certainly not over yet.”

John Clelandʼs Cavalier leads the David Leslie / Anthony Reid Primera in the 20 year celebrations

Race 1 1 Robert Collard BMW 2 Tom Onslow-Coe BMW 3 Gordon Shedden Honda Civic 4 Aron Smith Ford Focus ( Matt Neal 7th Jason Plato dnf) Race 2 1 Robert Collard BMW 2 Tom Onslow-Coe BMW 3 Gordon Shedden Honda Civic 4 Paul O’Neil Toyota Avensis (Neal 8th Plato 11th) Race 3 1 Dave Newsham Vectra 2 Jeff Smith Honda Civic 3 Matt Neal Honda Civic 4 Andrew Jordan Honda Civic (G Shedden not classified 19 laps, Plato dns) BTC points (at 26th September) 1 M Neal 287 2 G Shedden 277 3 J Plato 251 4 A Jordan

Aaron Smithʼs Focus attacks the chicane


Kevin Pick

The circuit also celebrated 20 years of Touring Car action. There was a parade of cars and many Scottish drivers who have raced in BTC took part in the celebrations.

Porsche Carrera Cup GB - Rnds 13/14 - Knockhill Racing Circuit Rory Butcher’s report... Rounds 13/14 of the Porsche Carrera Cup GB were certainly action packed and we scored a podium finish in front of our home crowd. But that only tells a small part of the story as it shaped up to be a difficult and very frustrating weekend which pushed us as a team. Qualifying was tough and proved really difficult to get any space to put together a clear lap. A tenth of a second can drop you three or four places on the grid. I made a good start in race one and passed Daniel Lloyd for fifth heading in to Clark curve and tried to stay with Gelzinas and Tordoff but I could feel my rear tyres going off very early, and I was settling for the position with a good gap back to sixth. The last thing I needed was the safety car to be deployed. I tried to get a good exit at the Hairpin but I had a big slide on the restart. That gave Daniel Lloyd the chance to get right in behind me. As we came over the crest, Andy Meyrick made a move on Daniel and he outbraked himself. He got past Daniel but clipped me going into the first corner and the damage was done, spinning me off down Duffus Dip and in to the path of Richard Plant. Sadly he was caught up in the accident and we were both forced to retire with damage. I was so worried that the weekend was over as the front took a big hit. We knew we had to make the car totally structurally safe or else Porsche would not let us out. The team had to rebuild the car, but they also found time to make some adjustments to the set-up. It was an amazing job and we gathered a big crowd as they worked away! But we made it back on to the grid. I was starting in fifth, but the first lap was so hectic. There were cars going off everywhere and there was radiator fluid spilled on the track, but I had a real fire in my belly and took advantage of the tricky conditions. I made the cut back on Gelzinas at Scotsman corner on lap two to take third, and then darted up the inside of

Lloyd at the hairpin on lap three which promoted me up to second. Ben Barker was ahead in the lead and the safety car was deployed for a beached car. The car was on rails and at the restart I challenged Barker for the first few laps but he slowly opened up a lead and took the victory.

Rory Butcher back on his home track his car rebuilt after the first race

I was taken aback by the noise and flag waving from the Scottish fans as I ended the second race of the Porsche Carrera Cup at Knockhill in second place. There is no better feeling than standing on the podium in front of your home crowd. The sea of faces and the cheers at the podium was something else even if the “See You Jimmy” wig left me a little red-faced!! The Porsche Carrera Cup has 3 classes, Rory is in lying 6th after Knockhill’s rounds in the main championship.

Carrera Cup - Barker completes double at Knockhill

There was action all the way in round 14 of the Porsche Carrera Cup GB at Knockhill (Sunday 26 August) as Ben Barker led from the start to complete a perfect weekend. The action began at the first corner when Sam Tordoff tagged the back of Michael Meadows. With Barker ahead of them both, Meadows

spun to the tail of the pack and Tordoff retired with a damaged radiator. Through into second went Daniel Lloyd from Rory Butcher (Celtic Speed) and Butcher then grabbed the place at the hairpin on the third lap. Barker was able to control the race from the front as Butcher, Lloyd and Jonas Gelzinis filled the next places. Meanwhile, Meadows set about fighting his way back up the order. Barker had a scare when the safety car was deployed on lap 10 for the removal of the beached car of George Brewster (Celtic Speed), but the leader was quickly able to regain control of the race. However, Meadows’ dramatic race took another twist on lap 16 when Oly Mortimer tangled with Derek Pierce for second place in Pro-Am1 at the hairpin. Meadows was right behind them and had to take to the grass to avoid the spinning Mortimer and dropped to last once again. Up front, Barker rattled off the remaining laps to score a resounding double win and earn himself the ‘Driver of the weekend’ award, while Parr Motorsport took the ‘Team of the weekend’ award. Butcher was delighted to take second after retiring from the first race and paid tribute to the hard work of the Celtic Speed team in repairing his car for the second race. “That’s what we should be getting at Knockhill,” said Butcher. “I just kept pushing right to the last lap.”

Pro-Am 1

In Pro-Am 1, Ahmad Al Harthy took his second win of the day with fourth place overall. Pierce had been hunting him down until being delayed in the incident with Mortimer at the hairpin. Then, Richard Plant clipped Pierce into a spin, which further delayed Meadows as he tried to pick a way through the field. Plant worked through to fifth overall, while Meadows took sixth after a remarkable race of near misses, avoidances and potential disasters.

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Nick Clarke leaves SMRC Committee

One of the stalwarts of the SMRC has stood down from the club’s committee after well over 20 years service. Nick was Chairman of the club for 2 years over 10 years ago, and is an International Clerk of the Course. He ran many SMRC race meetings for well over a decade, and is a well known figure in UK clerking circles being one of only two International Clerks in Scotland. He regularly clerked at Cadwell Park and many other circuit’s across the UK in the 90s and early into the millennium. He was also Scottish Chief Marshal and has also stood down from that post. He devoted a great deal of time to SMRC. His sons are carrying on the family tradition in marshalling, and Nick says he will continue to be involved with race meetings. Recently he has been getting back to his roots marshalling on the bank at Oulton Park and at Le Mans this year, but has also Clerked at some SMRC meetings as the senior Clerk.


Scottish Mazda MX5 CUP

This Cup started at last in August. There is a class for these very affordable MK1 1600 cars in Saloon & Sportscar Championship. They run to virtually the same regs as the national Mazdas which are the most popular one make Championship in the UK with around 100 cars racing. Tuning is very limited and they are fun to drive. Iain Cowie’s Knockhill based ICR Motorsport team are involved and are helping to build more cars. Several potential racers have got cars in various stages of preparation, and 6 entered the final meeting of the year, more should appear next season. Donor road cars are readily available at around £6-900 try ebay, and turning one into a racing example will cost around £3,000 - £3,500 for the roll cage, tyres, race seat, shocks etc, this cost can be increased or decreased depending on the parts sources of course.

2012 Season Finale

SMRC Annual Awards Ceremony and Dinner, Saturday 1st December, Sheraton Hotel, Festival Square, Edinburgh. It is the club’s gala night and Championship cups and trophies are presented as are special awards. There are always motor racing celebrities in attendance. Club President Allan McNish and Chairman Hugh McCaig will be on stage at this prestigious evening event. Log onto the SMRC web site for details and a ticket application form.

Ingliston Cars: Where are they now?

If anyone has similar notes (see Letters below) on where ex Ingliston race cars have ended up let me know email For instance what happened to Walter Robertson’s DFVW special saloon or some of the fast Imps or Davrians that were around in the 70s and 80s? Where is Robert Thomson’s Road Saloon Nova that won every race outright in the late 80s but he missed out on the title as it was class based. What happened to Glen Mortimer’s Avenger Tiger road saloon or Howard Fowler’s X pack arched Capri?


To t a k e a d v a n t a g e o f t h i s e x c e l l e n t o ff e r y o u m u s t o rd e r v i a t h e t e l e p h o n e o rd e r line on 08435 070 858. Yo u c a n a l s o re q u e s t a n e w G P R a c e w e a r catalogue. Check out the latest items o n l i n e a t w w w. g p rd i re c t . c o m To g e t y o u r 1 0 % d i s c o u n t o n a l l i t e m s except Hans devices and carbon h e l m e t s q u o t e re f e re n c e S M R C a n d y o u r c l u b m e m b e r s h i p n u m b e r.


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Nic Boyes

Gareth Davies

Bernard Buss

Where are they now? Bonus point - who is driving Hillman Imp No.90?

Hi Kevin Just spotted the February issue on line and was intrigued by the 2CV ‘who, what and where’ picture on the back page. I would be intrigued as to the ‘official’ answer since I cannot find the March issue online. I think it could be one of 3 drivers who all looked remarkably similar behind the wheel (Norry Taylor whose car it is, Cameron Ritchie who worked for Norry, and Roger Lott who joined us for the 24 hour races). Incidentally the car now resides in the Lane Motor Museum, Nashville, Tennessee! Neil McDonald (former 2CV racer). Editor’s note; The next issue was April/ May and Jim Moir says it was Norry Taylor, that stalwart of 2CV racing who prepared the cars in his Edinburgh Garage. He doesn’t race these days but his daughters did compete in karts for a while.


0131 334 2000


Kate Haston

01361 882322

01324 556541

Andrew Morrison

Last month we had a Lotus Sunbeam road saloon driven by Ian Bruce chased by a Vauxhall Chevette. The only correct entry came from Ann Crow. This issue who is driving this single seater libre car at Ingliston in the 70s and what is it?

Entries by email to or ansaphone 0131 332 8287 by October 20th. The editor’s decision is final.

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