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Patron Sir Jackie Stewart OBE

Scottish Motor Racing Club President Allan McNish

Birch House Duncrievie Glenfarg, Perthshire PH2 9PD

Scottish Mini Cooper Cup


tel 01577 830133

SMCC 2012 / 3

Amendments / additions are shown in bold type. They cover a new amendment in 5.3.2 approved fire resistant clothing. 5.3.2 Throughout any competition, practice or event, Drivers must wear an approved helmet together with approved flame resistant overalls. The wearing of approved underwear, socks, and balaclava is recommended. It is mandatory to wear flame resistant gloves and shoes GR Q 10.1 (c). Any type of nylon for shirts and underwear is prohibited.

Issued on 6th March 2012 by Championship Co-ordinator Chris Edwards.

Cheryl Lynch Race, Speed & Kart Executive

Date: 12th March 2012