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Patron Sir Jackie Stewart OBE

Scottish Motor Racing Club President Allan McNish

Birch House Duncrievie Glenfarg, Perthshire PH2 9PD

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Scottish Saloons and Sportscar Championship 2012 Bulletin SS 2012 / 2a Amendments / additions are shown in bold type No aerodynamic devices are allowed above a cars roof line unless homologated or fitted as standard by the manufacturer. Aerodynamic rear wings below the roof line may be fitted, but must comply with MSA blue book 2012 regulation (J) 5.2.7 . Such devices can be homologated items or after market sourced. Maximum width must not exceed the width of the car measured across the rear wheel arches. They must not overhand the rear bodywork longitudinally by more than 10cm. They must be securely fixed to the car and be a maximum length of 20% of the wheelbase. No aerodynamic devices fixed to the roll cage of open cars.

Issued on April 20th 2012 by Championship Co-ordinator Chris Edwards

Cheryl Lynch Race, Speed & Kart Executive

Date: 24th April 2012