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NRTF Conference / Developing Networks 8-10 July 2013 On the 8th, 9th and 10th July 2013 the National Rural Touring Forum (NRTF) and North East Arts Touring (NEAT) will host the annual rural touring conference and showcase. This is an annual event that brings together those involved in managing rural touring networks that, together, organise some 3,143 shows delivered to 222,039 audience members. As rural touring gains prominence and the NRTF grows in size and membership, we are working with our colleagues in Scotland to bring delegates from across the UK, and further afield, to the Macrobert Centre in Stirling for 3 days of showcases, workshops, debate, discussion and networking. Showcasing is a vitally important part of the conference, enabling touring schemes, venues and voluntary promoters to sample shows, see work, share experiences with other promoters and broaden their knowledge of work available. It is also a fabulous opportunity for companies to highlight the quality and style of their work; and also gives opportunity to talk directly with touring schemes and start meaningful relationships and dialogue.

About the Showcase As Scotland will host NRTF 2013 we will be predominantly showcasing work from Scottish companies. In order to achieve this we have up to 10 showcase/pitching slots specifically for companies and artists from across Scotland. We will be seeking to showcase theatre, dance and music of all types. The showcase programme will be selected by a working group of National Rural Touring Forum, North East Arts Touring (NEAT), The Touring Network (Highlands & Islands) and Federation of Scottish Theatres (FST) and they will prioritise companies that are developing work ready to tour to UK rural venues in the next 12-18 months. In addition to the Scottish showcase programme, we plan to have an international showcase session. The aim of the showcase is twofold: •

to introduce delegates to exciting high quality work, known and unknown artists and artists whose work is moving in an exciting new direction


to showcase the work of Scottish companies to the wider rural and community touring network.

Take Part All work featured at the showcase will be selected on the basis of quality and appropriateness for the rural market. We are looking for bold and exciting work from a diverse range of artists practising NRTF / Showcase Application

across the genres of theatre, dance, music and live art who fall into one or more of the following categories: •

Emerging artists/companies keen to be introduced to the network

More experienced companies as yet unknown to the network but interested in making the connection

Companies already known to the network whose practice is moving in a new and exciting direction.

Eligibility NRTF members and scheme managers are feeding into the NRTF Conference programme and have been asked to nominate companies that they would like to see taking part in the showcase event. Companies and performers wishing to be considered must be nominated by a touring scheme or a promoter with whom a relationship exists, and partners can go to for references. The programme will include work presented as a pitch or in excerpt, no full shows will be presented. Companies and their shows, wishing to be considered must be: •

Available to showcase an extract not more than 20 minutes on 8, 9 or 10 July 2013

Nominated by Touring Scheme or Promoter who is familiar with their touring work

Suitable for rural touring – size, cost, technical, quality

Available to tour throughout the UK 2014 onwards

How to Apply No company or performer will be considered for showcasing at the NRTF conference 2013 without completing the attached application form which must be returned to no later than 28th February 2013. We ask that all submissions are clearly marked NRTF Showcase 2013 in the subject line. All applications will be considered by a short listing panel of NEAT, The Touring Network (Highlands & Islands), FST and NRTF. This collective will make the final decisions with regard to the showcase by the end of March 2013, at which point companies will be contacted directly. The consortia are keen to involve as many people as possible in the showcase; however, due to time and funding restrictions, we do not envisage being able to provide any more than 10 showcase slots. We regret that it may not be possible to follow up all companies and that we will be unable to give feedback on work submitted for consideration.

NRTF / Showcase Application

Developing Networks / 8-10 July 2013 Showcase Application In order to be eligible to apply for inclusion in the programme companies must be able to reply yes to the following:

Are you available to perform an extract of not more than 20 minutes as a







Do you have a touring scheme or promoter who is willing to nominate you?



Are you a fully professional company?



showcase on 8, 9 or 10 July 2013 at the Macrobert Centre in Stirling? Is your work suitable for rural touring? If you are not sure then we suggest you read Eyes Wide Open available from the NRTF website – bearing in mind – quality, size, technical requirements etc.

Will you be available to tour your work to rural and community venues throughout the UK in 2014 and beyond?

That is a company whose members consider creating theatre, music and/or dance for public performance as their main occupation and who pay staff a living wage in line with Equity/Bectu agreements throughout the rehearsal and performance period.

Details of you and your work Company/Performer Name: Main Contact Name: Telephone: Email: Production/Show Title

NRTF / Showcase Application

Please provide an outline of your show or performance:

What experience do you have of rural touring?

Approximate Age Guide: Please outline the technical requirements for the show. include requirements for stage size, equipment and lighting along with number of performers and length of show.

Will you be touring with required equipment?

NRTF / Showcase Application

What are your future ambitions for the show?

Approximate fee for the show?

Companies and performers wishing to be considered must be nominated by a touring scheme or a promoter with whom a relationship exists, and partners can go to for references. Please provide contact details of nominating rural touring scheme or rural promoter: Please be aware this individual must be able to be considered as a referee and have experience of either your current or previous touring product.

Name: Address: Email: Telephone: Please return completed form to by 28th February 2013 at the latest.

NRTF / Showcase Application

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National Rural Touring Fund Application form