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Scottish Jazz Federation Updated Business Plan 2013 –2015 For the development of jazz in Scotland


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3………………………….. Introduction 4 – 6………………………Executive Summary 7………………………….. Key Objectives and outline costs 8 – 15……………………..Detailed Activities 2013-15 16………………………….Priorities – a Framework for Activities 17…………………………Strategic Outcomes 18-19……………………...Work in progress 20-22……………………...Key Achievements to date 23………………………….Communities of sector Stakeholders 24………………………….SJF History 25………………………….SJF Trustees 26………………………… Other Personnel 27-29………………………Finances 30………………………….How Activities deliver Outcomes (spider map)


Introduction This document contains a three-year business strategy, ambitious programme of work and budget to development the jazz sector in Scotland. As we are a development agency, it is constantly progressing. The SJF’s mission is to harmonise disparate efforts to develop jazz in Scotland and represent the interests of Scottish jazz. We bring together and channel the many and varied efforts to develop jazz across Scotland and offer challenging and exciting sector wide plans to achieve change. With substantial financial investment we will realise our key programme of work, detailed in the following pages, for the future development of jazz in Scotland.


Executive Summary The SJF was convened in 2005, with financial investment from the former Scottish Arts Council, to bring together and channel the many and varied efforts to develop jazz across Scotland and offer challenging sector wide plans to achieve cohesion. We are currently a constituted Trust and hope to become a company with charitable status in 2013. We currently have significant momentum, in a number of projects, to deliver better infrastructure, cohesion and awareness and feel it is important that this momentum is not only maintained but also increased. Our Mission is to harmonise disparate efforts to develop jazz in Scotland and represent the interests of Scottish jazz at home and internationally. We have established that jazz in Scotland is in need of development through our benchmarking audit in 2005. The audit confirmed that there were over 355 musicians playing jazz throughout Scotland with earnings of around £2.5 million. Promoters produced 1657 gigs with a turnover of just under £2 million. Of those who promote, 86% would like to promote more. In addition, 70% of current jazz attenders would like to attend more. The impact of jazz on regional and national economies is positive, i.e. jazz generates additional income through increased tourism and other demands upon the local economy. The SJF are the only body that exist to represent jazz music in Scotland at a national level across all stakeholders i.e. artists, educators, promoters and national and regional funders. We can provide the formal structure and strategy that needs to be in place in order for our sector to develop. In addition the SJF have the expertise and drive to realise an exciting, challenging programme of work enabling our sector to become a cohesive force for the future. Investment from Creative Scotland is key to that success. There has been an explosion of activity from the SJF across Scotland over the past 2 years with the introduction of our Jazz Development Officer Cathie Rae. In addition:


Our Audience Development audit and Promoters Forum confirmed the need for touring networks to be established across Scotland as well as a sharing of resources. We have plans to pilot several exciting projects and audience development initiatives over the coming months and years as a result of this research.

Our Website and social networking sites join forces with Jazz Services in London to create the biggest resource of easily accessible online information for jazz in Europe.

Our Young Scottish Jazz Musician competition is now in it’s 7 th year and offers a centre for excellence for young jazz musicians with a substantial increase in applicants year on year.

Executive Summary (cont) •

We will partner with the sector and Creative Scotland to produce the Scottish Jazz Awards on an annual basis. This is a glittering showcase of Scottish jazz talent.

Our Education audit and conferences will establish regional pathways into jazz that will inform future strategies.

Jazz Services in London are the only business similar to the SJF and are funded by Arts Council England. Our Senior Management, Cathie Rae, currently sits on their board and Chairs their touring panel. Jazz Services have been a valuable resource fully supporting the SJF and partnering on various trade events. The SJF strategy to develop jazz in Scotland and represent its interests is through the creation of infrastructure, resources, centres of excellence, pathways / education, branding and international showcasing. Our approach is to involve stakeholders and sector organisations as partners and to keep the sector informed through our website, social networks and forums. We will know we have succeeded when Scotland’s jazz musicians, educators and promoters feel they have:


The support, resources and training required to run successful creative businesses

There are pathways into jazz through education and regional jazz orchestras

Participation has increased measurably through touring and audience development

There is an ethos of inclusivity, co-operation and partnership


Jazz is recognised nationally for making a key contribution to Scottish culture and cultural history


Scottish jazz is internationally renowned

The SJF will be led by Cathie Rae, with part time administrative support. Cathie will report directly to our board. (For current board of Trustees see page 25 for full details and expertise.)


Executive Summary (cont) Jackie Elliman, who currently offers the same service to Jazz Services in London, will carry out legal advice and Company Secretary duties on a voluntary basis. Jackie’s current job is Legal & Industrial Relations Manager for the Independent Theatre Council Ltd in England and she brings a wealth of relevant experience. We are currently seeking investment from Creative Scotland for 2 years from April 2013. With this investment we can realise our programme for the development of jazz in Scotland through the following key areas: 1. Communication & Information 2. Supporting Artistic Excellence 3. Audience Development 4. Skills & Capacity 5. International

Scottish Jazz is Unique. Scotland’s jazz sector has a tradition of fusing Jazz and Scottish folk music to create a musical experience that is unique and exciting with bands like John Rae’s Celtic Feet, the Unusual Suspects, Colin Steele’s Stramash, Graeme Stephen and Fraser Fifield, NeWt, Trio AAB and Tommy Smith with his Scottish National Jazz Orchestra to name but a few. Investment in talent and infrastructure is essential for this to continue to develop.


Key Objectives and Outline Costs Communication & Information Full time director, part time administrator, office space, website, economic impact study, running costs and over-heads. 2 years @ £108K Supporting Artistic Excellence: Young Scottish Jazz Musician and Scottish Jazz Awards, including prizes and mentoring weekends, project management. 2 years @ £91K Audience Development: Promoters network, audience development initiatives, best practice case studies, project management. 2 years @ £21K Skills & Capacity: The development online guides, women in jazz projects, musicians forum and project management. 2 years @ £11K International: Attending trade fair and showcase events worldwide, research & development of international strategy, project management. 2 years @ £22.5K 8

Detailed Activities 2013 -15


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Communication & Information.………9 – 12 Supporting Artistic Excellence……….13 Audience Development ……………..14 Skills & Capacity……………..………..14 International ……………………...……15


Personnel Cathie Rae is SJF Senior Management and will continue to drive it forward and provide support to the Board to maximise the impact and efficiency of the SJF in its current and future projects. Senior Manager 5 days a week (40 hours) @ £35 - £50K per year • Activities include International development, Awards Schemes, meetings with the sector, information seminars, education projects, touring and audience development initiatives, fundraising, Communications and Marketing, Board / Steering group meetings, Finance, Advice and Project management. Arts Administrator 1 days a week @ £3K per year • Activities include; support for Director, digital marketing and media, website updates, fundraising and general administration We will require office space at a cost of £3K per year. • Provision has been made in the budget for a shared office space in Edinburgh.


Website Objectives • A community site with relevant resources for the jazz sector in Scotland • Informative for sector stakeholders on the activities and achievements of the SJF • International shop window for Scottish jazz Typical usage • Access information on and contact musicians, bands, educators and promoters / festivals • Access resources and guidelines on how to operate better e.g. “How to organise a tour” and “Best Practice for successful marketing” • Available to national and international promoters, labels, listeners, and interested parties Partnership • We work closely with a company called Inner Ear developing the website for the needs of the jazz community in Scotland Planned activities • Full upgrade / new website developed over 6 month period April to Sept 2013 • Further development of website functionality (I.e. national and international touring) • Access to electronic Press Kit and other templates • Live Testing – summer 2013 • New, upgraded site Live Oct / Nov 2013


Communication and Information As well as our web links, we will organise and facilitate annual forums for the Jazz sector including musicians, educators & promoters in Scotland to: • Focus on common difficulties and find possible solutions • Build Networks of promoters, musicians and educators supporting jazz performance, clubs, touring throughout Scotland • Discuss possible opportunities for partnerships and initiatives • Discuss possible opportunities for joint funding e.g. commissioning new music and touring • Discuss training needs • Share information • Share best practice • Share audience initiatives • Maximise International showcasing opportunities


Direct support for musicians • Provide business guidance and resources to musicians through direct consultation and via “how to guides” on our website • Support projects that develop and invest in mentoring schemes aimed at providing future dedicated representation for Scottish jazz artists • Further consultation with the sector through annual forums and information seminars.

Scottish Jazz Archives – Legacy • Look at possible facilitators of archive photos from Sean Hudson, Marc Marnie, Louis de Carlo, Robert Burns and making them available on our website • Build a Scottish Jazz Archive (modelled on and linked to the National Jazz Archive in Essex) • Archive photos, written material and recordings relating to Scottish Jazz • PHD student(s) to research Scottish Jazz • Create a list of every independent record/CD release by Scottish jazz artists (Scottish Music Centre would be consulted on this as they hold an archive of music released in Scotland) • Commission the research and writing of a history paper on Scottish jazz to incorporate the unfinished manuscripts of jazz enthusiast, musician and broadcaster Gordon Cruickshank • Compile evidence of how Scottish jazz musicians have contributed to the development of jazz in the UK (I.e. a project for post graduate students).


Supporting Artistic Excellence Young Scottish Jazz Musician of the Year • Continuation of Young Jazz Musician competition • Build on the success of the past 6 years • Increase benefits and prizes to winners • Support performance opportunities for winner • Seek more partners for the event Scottish Jazz Awards • Lead and produce the Scottish Jazz Awards in partnership with Jazz Festivals and others • Engage with our audience through public voting • Secure and attract future partners • Publicise the event and create a real buzz within the sector • Develop fundraising initiatives and prizes SJF Awards / Endorsement of jazz venues • SJF to endorse venues that are considered to be the best in terms of programming, facilities, treatment of artists and management. Plaques / certificates with a star rating awarded on an annual basis using Jazz Services model. (Further consultation and research needed.) 14

Audience Development Touring Support • Based on the Jazz Services Touring model, lobby Creative Scotland to create a fund to increase small-scale touring for musicians and small groups of merit not readily promoted by the commercial sector. • Encourage new promoters and lobby for funds to help grow the number of young promoters and the audience for jazz in Scotland. • Support the creation of an established network of venues for touring throughout Scotland • Support a touring model for larger scale projects, to include International work. (Further consultation with the sector necessary.)

Skills & Capacity, research and development Research and development of education needs and opportunities • Centralised network for jazz education e.g. with creation of a possible jazz education officer post in the future • Analyse, publish and act upon results of our jazz education audit and conferences • Provide information service to the sector via our website • Act as a conduit for the sector • Look into creating the Scottish equivalent of National Youth Jazz Collective i.e. network of highly experienced jazz educators • Support the set up of regional youth jazz orchestras where there is currently no provision • Tie in with national audit of jazz education produced by Jazz Services to create an accurate “regional” assessment


• Consult with existing structures and groups as well as festivals and summer schools

International Attend and exhibit at Trade Shows and Conferences • • • • •

Showcase Scotland Jazzahead, Bremen Europe Jazz Network “Made in the UK” North America Seek other outlets and Networking events

Learn from other Countries • Visit countries successfully promoting their artists specifically; Australia, Germany, Ireland and Denmark with similar organisations to SJF through the Europe Jazz Network. Digital Marketing and Media training • Make best use of Social Networking sites • Make best use of free advertising • Make best use of our own website New ideas for branded marketing tools to include: • USB Sticks: Loaded with music samples, publicity, press from Scottish Jazz artists and distributed at showcase events and made available to European and worldwide jazz promoters via our website (updated regularly) • Central bank of YouTube footage of Scottish bands on our website via Jazz Services site (currently in development and due to go live in March 2011) • Further consultation through sector forums.


Priorities – a framework for activities Provide sector infrastructure and cohesion • Website; Materials for Regional Orchestras; “How to” guides for promoters, educators and artists; forums to encourage partnering and cooperation; Skills support; touring and networking Build awareness • Speak for Scottish jazz nationally and internationally; Run awards; Build links to other jazz bodies; Attend conferences and tradeshows; Lobby and inform policy makers and funders Gain mandate from sector stakeholders • Run forums; Do research; Represent the sector; Regular open communications to sector stakeholders Protect legacy


• Support the building of Scottish jazz archives and links with National Jazz Archive in England.


Strategic Outcomes We know we will have succeeded when: • Everyone has access to jazz tuition within, and outside of, secondary and tertiary Scottish curricula • Scottish jazz musicians, educators and promoters feel they have the support, resources and training required to run successful creative businesses • Participation in the Scottish jazz sector – by players, learners and listeners – is increasing measurably • • There is an ethos of inclusivity, co-operation and partnership among jazz promoters, educators and artists • Jazz is recognised nationally for making a key contribution to Scottish culture and cultural history (and is funded accordingly) • Scottish jazz is internationally renowned


Work in Progress Productivity at the SJF is at an all-time high since the arrival of Cathie Rae as manager. We plan to make her Senior manager of our constituted charitable organisation and an employee of the SJF. No momentum is lost between Trustee meetings because Cathie is able to push forward on the actions that were agreed; she also acts as whip for the Sub Group meetings where much of the practical work is done to organise research, make awards competitions happen and the development of our website. Our key project is the SJF website. All of the Trustees regard this as an essential resource – it will provide the central Scottish Jazz database for local as well as international stakeholders and be the embodiment of our priority to have a more cohesive and co-operative sector. Our site is scheduled to be functioning to full capacity and benefit to the sector by Oct / Nov 2013.


Work in Progress (cont)


Audience Development

Education conferences underway and first residential conference scheduled for September 2013. SJF Education steering group formed from large geographical and genre specification Audience Development Audit “Jazz Now” completed and published in 2011. SJF Audience Dev steering group established and renewed. Two pilot projects, resulting from our Audience audit, due for completion May 2013 – Further research & development planned for 2013 - 2015

Awards Young Scottish Jazz Musician (YSJM) now in its 7th successive year with continued support from Creative Scotland, BBC Radio Scotland and new supporters: Scottish Government (minister for Children& Young People), Aberdeen International Youth Festival, Shell Oil and from the Scottish Jazz Sector in general. Former winners gaining worldwide recognition I.e. Alan Benzie who received the Billboard Magazine Endowed Scholarship at Berklee College of Music. Alan was our first Young Scottish Jazz Musician back in 2007. Other finalists now in their final years music study at Birmingham, London and Glasgow. The Scottish Jazz Awards will return to Glasgow in 2014 to celebrate the Commonwealth Games.


Business Strategic Planning


Now live and about to be upgraded in line with the needs of the Scottish Jazz Sector Shared investment and resources Will offer a major resource for musicians, promoters and educators for touring, contacts, “how to” documents as well as a international shop window for Scottish Jazz. FY2012 – 2015 business plan updated including detailed costings Based on long established SJF focus and strategy and agreed with the Trustees Steering group of Rob Bruce, David Francis (chairs of the SJF), and Cathie Rae, senior manager.

Key Achievements 2005 – 2012 The shining light in the SJF’s achievements is the Young Jazz Musician Awards which we run with the BBC. The awards are now in their seventh year and they've had a great reception providing a platform for excellence for young jazz musicians. The 2012 final attracted in excess of 600 people to Beach Ballroom in Aberdeen (many of whom wouldn’t normally attend a jazz concert); was broadcast live on BBC Radio Scotland. The winner was presented by Aileen Campbel, Minister for Children & Young People. The awards continue to receive private sponsorship from the various sources including; Shell Oil, BBC Radio Scotland, Glasgow International Jazz Festival and additional prizes from Yamaha Education and the Scottish jazz sector but, best of all, they demonstrate the quality and ambition of young jazz musicians in Scotland.

Key Achievements 2006 – 2012


BBC Young Jazz Musician Awards – 2007 - present (year 7)

J-Word touring pilot for small & medium scale touring (funding secured 2012)

First ever Jazz Education Conference produced (August 2012)

Jazzahead! trade stand features the best of Scottish Jazz (2010/11/12)

Made in the UK Showcase North America (2012)

Scottish Jazz Awards produced (2011 & 2012)

Jazz Now Audience Development audit completed & published (2011)

Benchmark Activity and Economic Audit (October 2006)

SJF Forum for sector stakeholders (Tolbooth, 2006)

Scottish Parliament Showcase (2006) Awareness-raising presentation of Scottish jazz talent for MSPs

Pressurised SQA on jazz representation/terminology (2007) Letter & article in The Herald

Contribution to quality of jazz DVD for secondary schools (2008) Learning & Teaching Scotland/SQA

Scottish Jazz Academy backing (2009) The SJF gave support to this first jazz degree course run by Tommy Smith

Presence at Showcase Scotland (2010 and 2011) Represented at the trade fair and attended “Scotland on Tour“ meeting for promoters, venue organisers from Scotland and internationally

Support for Jazz Venue Circuit (2010 to present) Attended meetings with Bill Kyle (Bridge Music) and offered letter of support

Petitioned Strathclyde University to keep the Applied Music course (2010) Letter published in The Herald and letter sent to principal

Jazz Promoters Forum (November 2010) Facilitated the first jazz promoters forum in Scotland attended by over 27 Scottish based promoters plus guests, at the CCA in Glasgow, resulting in 2 pilot touring networks being set up and tested from March 2011 and further testing of audience development initiatives over the next 3 years.

Speaking for the sector (2010 to present) Consulted on behalf of the sector by Katie Stuart on national touring for jazz.

International Work (2010 to present) Presence at Jazzahead! Bremen, European Jazz Trade Fair (2010 and 2011) Shared trade stand with Jazz Services, showing a united UK jazz presence, in 2010 and will do again in 2011 with a more focussed approach on the stand for the Scottish jazz sector. SJF will feature 5 Scottish bands in addition to Dr Raymond Macdonald and the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra Jazz Services International Panel member Successful promotion of Scottish jazz and its practitioners to international markets in a manner that demonstrates the quality, diversity and professionalism of the Scottish and UK jazz sector.


Identified, coordinated and supported showcase opportunities for Scottish jazz artists at international festival in Rochester NY, Munster and Catalonia for 2011. Development of a shared resource of international contacts through Jazz Services and accessed through our own website, supporting our sector, building a network of international contacts to enable international career objectives to be built.



Completion of Audience Development Audit (2011) Successfully worked on a 5-stage plan with The Audience Business and Hi Arts with guidance and input from voluntary steering group of professional Scottish based experts. Results to be published towards the end of February 2011. Two pilot projects to be rolled out before April 2011 to test touring initiatives.


Education (2011 / 2012) Education Audit Successfully tendered an education audit which is now underway and due for completion April 2011. Information Seminars Successfully ran two free information seminars for the sector on Jazzahead, Bremen, European jazz trade event. In conjunction with Creative Scotland, Culture Enterprise Office, Jazz Services, Basho Music / Jazz CDs and Glasgow Jazz Festival. Successfully presented training in Social Media & online marketing.

Communities of sector stakeholders

Musicians There are approximately 355 jazz musicians playing professionally and semi-professionally in Scotland. Source: SJF Benchmark audit 2006

Promoters There are 1600 gigs annually across Scotland. Activity is mainly in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen although there are also regional festivals throughout Scotland in all styles of jazz. Source: SJF Benchmark audit 2006

21% Indie, 27% folk and 36% classical music regular attenders said they would be likely to attend a jazz event in the future. 65% of audiences attend jazz at arts centre / theatres 80% currently attending festival / non-festival jazz events want more. 45% of those surveyed said that collaboration with artists from other genres would encourage them to go and see jazz. Source: SJF Audience Dev Audit 2011


Educators Musicians also make a living as teachers. An audit of Jazz Education in Scotland is currently underway and due for completion and publication 2011. Scotland has had a jazz degree course, run by Dr Tommy Smith, at the RSAMD since 2009. West Lothian, Aberdeenshire, Edinburgh and Midlothian Councils have been recognised for their high standard of jazz education through Jazz Services Will Michael Awards 2008 to 2010. (Note: Will Michael was Richard Michael’s brother. This award was set up in his honour after his death. Richards is a highly regarded, Fife based, jazz educator.)

SJF History • Convened in April 2005 by Nod Knowles, the then Head of Music at the Scottish Arts Council • November 2009 the SJF was constituted as a Trust • It has operated as a steering group made up of 11-15 volunteer members most of whom have now become Trustees • In early 2009 a Jazz Development Officer was introduced to push ahead projects and provide operational support • Now meets at least four times per year to guide strategy and monitor progress (Creative Scotland often attends) • In the process of applying for charitable status as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation.


Current SJF Trustees / Members  Dave Francis

(Joint Chair) Founding member of Trad Music Forum & musician  Rob Bruce

 Adrian Harris

Director Queens Hall Edinburgh, Promoter  Corinna Gregory

(Joint Chair) former director of Caber Music  Susan Farmer

(Finance Manager) Qualified Book Keeper  Jill Rodger, Artistic Director

Glasgow International Jazz Festival  Richard Michael

Renowned educator & musician  George Duncan

Audience representative & jazz enthusiast  Lorna McDonald

Musician and bass trombone with Scottish National Jazz Orchestra  Lindsay Robertson

Manager, Scottish National Jazz Orchestra  Norrie Thomson

Edinburgh Jazz Fest volunteer, accountant


Orchestra Manager National Youth Jazz Orchestra Scotland

 Alan Steadman

Jazz @ Hospitalfield, 28 years presenting Jazz Waves on Radio Tay AM, DAB Digital Radio.  Ryan Quigley

Musician, Educator and composer

Other personnel involved Senior Manager • Cathie Rae – Communications and Marketing, Education, Audience development, Touring, Board/Committee Meetings / Steering groups, Jazz Awards, Financial Control, Advice and Consultancy, Fundraising • Admin Support – providing much needed support for director and with digital media, fundraising and admin skills Creative Scotland • Ian Smith – Lead officer for SJF at Creative Scotland • Tamsin Mendelsohn – Development Officer Creative Scotland Additional Sub Group Contributions • Isle of Bute jazz festival • Aberdeen Performing Arts • Aberdeen International Youth Festival • Bridge Music • Jazz International • Jazz @ Hospitalfield House, Arbroath • Education experts from across Scotland • Promoters from across Scotland • Managers of National jazz and youth jazz orchestras


Finances FY2013 – 15 The SJF is seeking a significantly greater level of funding over the next 2-year period compared with previously. The Trustees feel confident that this is appropriate because: • Continuing managerial and additional administrative support will allow us to maintain and improve on the excellent progress made to date • The SJF has never had clearer and more ambitious programme of work and this has been prioritised by a refreshed, representative and well-regarded group of trustees • Scottish Jazz needs help: development in the sector is still fragmented and some aspects of the scene are under threat • Our close links with Jazz Services in London, proposed touring initiatives and awards, means we do not have to reinvent ourselves in order to succeed.

Historic funding o £60k initial funding to March 2007 Of which £12.5k for Jazz Devt Officer 2009 o £30k for Audience Development Audit 2008 o £10k for Education Audit 2009 o £5.5k for Jazz Development Officer 2010 o £30K for Jazz Development Officer and programme of work April 2010 – April 2011 o £294K Programme of work April 2013 – 2015


Projected funding Funding being sought from Creative Scotland 2011 – 2014 Source Funding FY11-13 Funding FY13-14 Funding FY14-15

Amount £188,000 £66,000 £66,000

Status Received Awarded Awarded

Three Year Funding forecast from Partnerships (actual, Potential & in-kind) Source



Trusts & Foundations



Own Resources





Fundraising & Philanthropy TOTALS



How activities deliver outcomes1


Scottish Jazz Federation Strategic Plan  

Scottish Jazz Federation strategic plan update from 2013—2015

Scottish Jazz Federation Strategic Plan  

Scottish Jazz Federation strategic plan update from 2013—2015